Monday, June 1, 2015


Wow, Latexskin continues to show us their amazingly well-tailored custom suits on sexy purchasers. After seeing this set, I can't wait for mine to show up!


Phil said...

I ordered a catsuit there and was a bit disappointed.
As I received it, the body part and legs were far too long, so I had wrinkles everywhere (they didn't reduce the length measurements). After I had a talk with them, they kindly send a new one and at first sight it looked good.
But then I wore it to the GermanFetishBall and it didn't take long until I noticed that the body part is still too long because it was always sliding down and wouldn't holp up tightly in my crotch producing lots of wrinkles on the legs.

Here is a picture of the first catsuit I received!

Rubber Canuck said...

Sorry to hear that Phil....most of what I've seen from them is pretty tight and well-fitting. Do you attribute your problems to incorrect measurements, measurement recordings, or an actual issue at Latexskin? It sounds pretty amazing that they just sent you a new suit; I don't know many companies that would do that. I've found my communications with Renata and the Latexskin team to be absolutely top-notch, and I can't wait for my new suit to show up!

Phil said...

The communication is very good and they are very kind.
I think it might be a general problem with their designs because they also told me, that they normally don't reduce the length measurements that much, mostly the circumferences.

For example my 'neck to neck through crotch' measurement is 165cm and the first suit came with 168cm (which happened by mistake and they were very sorry).
The second suit I received measures 164cm.
I could always pull the suit up in the right places at the GFB, but it didn't take long and it was sliding down again, producing wrinkles.

I think it is not that visible on the many pictures because most of the suits are made in 0.25mm and mine was done in 0.4mm, so it is a bit more rigid and the bigger wrinkles come faster.
There are also a few images on their fb page where you can get the idea of what I mean (both suits in 0,25mm and you can see, that they do not fit that tight hence the horizontal wrinkles).

I sent them the measurements I already used for many other items (libidex shirts, fantastic rubber suits etc), where the measurements worked just fine.

I am hoping for lots of pictures, when your suit finally arrives
and I am pressing my thumbs for you! :D