Story #4: Michael Part 2

[Michael part 2] The lights of the evening city skyline gave way to a bright early morning sunrise and filled the bedroom with its warmth. Waking up together in our rubber tread suits was a sobering reality check for both Anthony and me. It was 6:18am and we were awake no longer than a few minutes when Anthony’s iPhone chimed with a text. “Get the heck up, you horny fucks and meet me for breakfast at Manatus Restaurant in the West Village at 7:30am on the outdoor patio,” Ignazio messaged. Anthony laughed, “Iggi wants to meet us for breakfast in an hour. Aaugh, I just want to sleep-in with you.” He rubs his eyes and runs his hand through his hair and flops back down on the black latex pillow. “Let him know we are on,” I kissed his cheek and jumped out of bed and headed for the shower. “He probably picked that restaurant because the sportbikers are known to have brunch there in their leathers outside on the front terrace,” I heard Anthony respond as I entered the bathroom.

I got out of my outer tread suit. I stepped into the shower wearing my innertube suit and watched the water bead up on its surface. I unzipped the back zip and allowed the warm water to enter the suit before stepping out of it as well. The tire treads on the bottom of the shower stall felt different but good on my bare feet. After a quick shower and shave, I walked naked back into the open concept living room to find Anthony on the couch with one foot up on the coffee table. I walked around in front of him and he was sitting there totally in his element. His large treaded boot displayed the red Pirelli logo, while his other leg opened up exposing his wide inner thigh. His cock and balls laid up on his lower stomach off to the left side and he had his arms opened up across the back of the rubber sofa. His hair was a bit messed up. He slightly opened one eye before giving me his half smile grin of contentment on his handsome Italian face. I took a picture of Anthony as the bright sunshine was showing off his Tyranosuit it its full glory. That photo said it all. Antony was content in his new full rubber tread suit.

“The bathroom is all yours,” I said as I grabbed the toe of his boot and shook it enough to get his attention. “Common, Antony, we’ve got just over 45 minutes to meet for breakfast.” He stands up and stretches his arms above his head before strutting his cute ass into the large bathroom. Finishing toweling off, I get the innertube suit, spray it down inside with lube again and slide it back on. I then towel off the outside of the wet rubber before combing my hair and bushing my teeth. I can hear Anthony getting out of his innertube suit, so I reach inside the shower and hold my hand to take his rubber suit from him. I lube up the inside for him and towel off its outside surface. The sound of the water soon stops and I hand Anthony a soft cotton Pirelli towel. I change out the battery packs on each of the helmets as Antony comes out of the bathroom and sits down on the couch. “Are you ready to get suited back up?” I say as I place my rubbered hand on his shoulder. “Gee, do I really have too?” he looks up and questions be sarcastically. I bend down and kiss him, “Only if you want to be seen with me.” Anthony and I get jocked up in our Tyranosuits and I turn to him and joke in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation, “I want to pump… you up.” He laughs. “I know we won’t be able to keep pressurized long before we eat breakfast, but I like riding when I have air in my suit,” I comment. “Don’t forget your wallet this time.”

We get onto our dual matching red Ducati 1199 Panigale R sportbikes and rev up the engines, warming them up, before dropping them out of neutral. We take off from the garage at the same time and start heading south to the restaurant. The drive was only about 12 minutes. As we arrive outside and park our sportsbikes amongst the multitude of other sportbikes aligning the curb in front, Anthony finds two spots directly in front of the entrance. Letting out the pressure from the chin of the helmet, I pull it off and place it on the seat before looking over my shoulder to see Ignazio sitting at a table in his stunning blue racing leathers waiting there for us. We walk over to greet him. Anthony throws his hands around him in delight to see his good friend as they pat backs before breaking their strong embrace. Then Ignazio and I hug as we take a chair near the sidewalk and sit down. “Great to see the newest road warriors out on the prowl,” Iggi says with a smile. “I know you two had a night full of wonderful rubbersex, and I have the compromising digital pictures to prove it. Now, tell me how you scored these amazing tire tread suits?”

“Well, Mr. Sexy here impersonated a trade student for and on-the-job training class and picked me to be his mentor,” Anthony turns to me and winks. “While winning my heart, he worked with the great guys at HBO’s new reality show, Pimp My Fetish. He assisted giving them the vital intel on me while assisting with making my dreams come true.” The handsome waiter comes over to take our order. “I ended up owning a 1225 sqft loft condo right smack in the heart of Chelsea, minutes from my work,” Anthony boasts. I feel from behind my chair, Anthony’s little finger circling around mine as we interlink our pinky fingers. I listen as Anthony tells his version of the story to his good friend Ignazio as he soaks it up like a sponge. The waiter returns with a stack of wild blueberry pancakes, eggs, bacon and hash browns for me; banana macadamia nut caramel for Anthony, and strawberry black raspberry for Ignazio. While eating, we are getting some looks from other sportbikers as they enter and exit the restaurant. One of the guys comes over to our table and asks Anthony where we got our tire tread suit motorcycle suits. “Custom made by the Pirelli Tire Plant in Milan, Italy,” he responds, “not really for sale, more of a one of a kind set.” The patron then compliments us, “I just want to let you guys know that you look extremely sharp, tight, and over-the-top sexy.” He grabs his leathered crotch and says, “Hope to see you guys around,” as he and his partner walk together back to their sportbikes and give us a salute before taking off.

We pay the check and get back on our 1199’s. “Where to next?” Iggi asks. “Well, I don’t know about you, but my first stop is to get some air back into my suit. There is a BP gas station down off of W. Houston St. & Lafayette St. just south of here.” Ignazio gets on his blue Yamaha YZF-R1 and says, “Okay guys, I will follow you there.” We take off down Bleecker St. Anthony and I can talk to each other through our intercom helmets, but Ignazio can’t, so he just follows close behind us. We get to the gas station and Anthony makes a B-Line to the tire pump. He undoes his naval valvestem cap and inflates his suit to 33psi before walking over to my bike and topping me off as well. “You guys are too much,” Ignazio says shaking his head, “my best friends ride better under pressure.” Tony makes a gesture offering Iggi some air as well. “We are going to take the Long Island North Shore Tour starting in the Glen Cove area and riding along the water on over to Port Jefferson where we will stop for lunch.”

The scenery starts with a ride through some affluent suburban neighborhoods of Lattingtown and Locust Valley. Then we get to slalom through some well paved twisties lined with beautiful homes and foliage. Riding slowly along the waters edge of the Long Island Sound, we make a pit stop at the Tiki Bar where local bikers are hanging out. Iggi goes and does his own pit stop before we regroup and head out towards Oyster Bay. Hugging the road around the sound and admired the beautiful boats moored along the coastline. We ride past Teddy Roosevelt’s home in Sagamore Hill and then open up for some faster open air riding along route 25A. We cross through Caumset State Park for some great views of nature and people enjoying the picnic areas along the shoreline. We get to a location known as Target Rock which is a large boulder perched at the entrance of Huntington Harbor which was used as target practice during the Revolutionary war by the British. Then we go to another biker hangout called The Shack to make our appearance. We end in Nautical Village where a much larger group of bikers congregate. This small town is called Port Jefferson and there is a biker friendly restaurant named Vincenzo’s which gives a 15% discount to all motorcyclists.

We park out front amongst the motorbikes and Ignazio says, “You guys get the table and I will order the food.” We depressurize the suits via the helmet button and place them on the seats of the 1199’s. Just as we walked up to the outdoor dining area, some guys were getting up and offered us their table in the shade. Word spread quickly about our arrival as Ignazio returned with the tropical fruit coolers. The cook came out to greet us. “My regular, Sam, said I need to come outside to check you guys out,” he says as he extends his hand to introduce himself. “Hello, I am Milo, welcome to Vincenzo’s. I gotta say, I have never seen something so cleverly done for a racing suit before.” We get our picture taken with Milo out next to the bikes. He is so happy he informs us that our lunch is on the house. It is a really nice restaurant, warm and friendly with some great food. We need to gas up and repressurize for the ride back to the condo loft, so we stop at the Firestone Complete Auto Care Store on the corner of Terryville Rd. You should have seen the looks on the mechanic’s faces when Anthony pressurized his suit with their airhose. Then I had to step up behind him and get the same treatment before shaking hands with everyone working in the garage before leaving.

We finally returned to our home around 5:30pm after a wonderful full-day ride. Ignazio parked his Yamaha in the garage next to our bikes and Anthony’s Jeep Rubicon. “I can’t wait to see what you guys have up there in your rubber lovers loft,” Iggi says as we close the garage door and round the corner. As soon as we open the front door I hear, “Tony, this is totally sick!” Ignazio starts commenting on the great job in making this condominium look like a rubberized garage for tires and sportbikes. He enters the large master bedroom and immediately goes over to the identical Tyranosuit on the mannequin standing next to the rubberized bed. “You mean you guys have more of these suits?!?” Ignazio says in disbelief. “Yeah, Pirelli made a total of five of them. Two for each of us and one as a spare as a display. Always got to have a spare, is my motto,” Anthony explains. Ignazio runs his hand over the tread on the pec of the suit. “Do you want to try one on?” Iggi reluctantly says no. “Common, man, you sure?” Iggi steps back and mulls it over in his head in hesitation. Anthony uses this silent time to go into the walk in closet and grab his spare suit. He pulls out the innertube suit and lays it on the bed. “Take a look inside. The construction inside is just like a real tire.” Anthony holds it up for his friend to inspect. “Ok, Tony, you talked me into it. I gotta see what you guys are finding so intriguing about being a human tire.” Ignazio unzips his blue Yamaha Speedblock Dainese racing leathers and steps out of them. Wearing a black pair of UnderArmour shorts, he says, “Is this ok? Can I wear just the outer suit?” Anthony shakes his head, “No, you won’t experience the tight feeling without the innertube suit pressing the rubber all over your body. What, Iggi, are you pee shy? You need to drop the shorts and get naked.”

Ignazio grabs the elastic on his shorts and drops his spandex shorts to the ground before standing back up. “Ok, now can I try it on?” Anthony sprays lube inside the innertube suit and holds it up in front of his friend assisting him with getting into it. “Wow, the lube makes it feel so cold,” Ignazio slips into the rubber suit and turns around allowing Anthony to zip him up into the suit. The innertube suit actually fits him pretty well. Turning back around, Iggi is ready to put on the outer suit next. Anthony says, “You really have to be more aroused before you can slide into the outer shell suit.” Ignazio grins, “Okay, Tony, but I am not going to be responsible if I end up shooting in your suit.” He starts slowly stroking the outside of the rubber over his cock. “Damn, this feels good, like a full body condom,” he states as his penis starts growing with a mind of its own. Pretty soon, Iggi is standing there with a full erection ready to get into the tread suit.

Anthony mists the interior of the Tyranosuit with lube and holds it up in front of Ignazio. He helps his friend get into the suit and slide his cock into the treaded erection. Zipping the suit up the back he then takes the codpiece and sides it in between his legs and snaps each side to his hip bone. “Next the helmet. It is a (HUD) head up display linked to Google glasses and will let you link to the web,” he tells him. “Now the helmet; hold still while I put it on correctly,” Anthony says. “Now, step over here and let me get some air pressure in there.” He takes his hand and reaches out to the valve cap on Ignazio’s erection. “Trick, just kidding, I will fill you up through the naval valve Iggi.” You hear the air pressure start to escape the sides of the stem before making a secure connection and change to a hollow sound as it starts filling his suit. “Tell me when your gauge hits 33psi,” Anthony says. Ignazio puts his hand over Anthony’s and signals that he has reached the level. Anthony then replaces the cap before hugging his friend in acceptance for trying out the suit. “There, how does that feel? You look awesome. Now you are a human tire.” The LED lights on the suit start glowing red and he responds, “I no longer have to worry about low flying aircraft.”

Ignazio walks around the bedroom breaking in the feeling of wearing a Tyranosuit. He sits down on the rubber couch and then gets back up again. “Yeah, I like it. I can see why you guys enjoy your fetish,” Iggi concedes. “Let me give it awhile to soak in.” Anthony suggests we throw in a movie while we order Chinese from the Golden Wok restaurant down the street. We go into the main living room and sit down on the wrap around couch to watch the 72” HDTV. Anthony and I sit in one corner together resting my head on his shoulder as Ignazio sits on the chaise down at the other end. We settle on the movie ‘Moon’ with Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey about a guy on a three year contract, lives alone on the back side of the moon. Oddly enough, he ends up running into himself two weeks before his mission is over. Ignazio depressurizes his suit and removes his helmet getting ready for the food. When the Chinese food arrives, we start chowing down on the chow mein. As it gets dark outside Iggi comments on the great views of the skyline the new condo loft offers, “You have some stunning views of New York, what an awesome score you made here.” After the movie, we start watching a Bruce Willis flick on television, and before we know it Ignazio is passed out asleep on the end of the couch. “Look who is ‘tired’ and is tired,” Anthony nudges me and points to his good looking friend.

We decide to leave him sleep there in his suit. We turn off the lights and head off to the bedroom. I carry his motorcycle leathers and his UnderArmour briefs and place them on the coffee table next to him. When I return to the bedroom, Anthony wants to spoon together in bed as we fall asleep. He removes our cod pieces and then detaches our rubber tread sheaths exposing the innertube suit underneath around the anodized aluminum cockring. Rolling a lubed condom over his tubesheath, I can tell he wants to shoot his load before falling asleep tonight. He unzips the rear zipper on my tread suit and slides his manhood inside. Throwing his arm over me he pulls me closer and presses his cock to the entrance of my anal sheath. I feel his engorged manhood press further inside me as he slowly and quietly starts fucking me from behind. Trying to be as quiet as possible, it limits how fast he can fuck me. He must concentrate on his thrusts for stimulation. This leads to a new level of desire, a much slower plateau of excitement. To gain more control, he wraps his hand around my manhood and starts jacking me off. The extreme levels of pleasure build inside me as my moans must be stifled to keep silent. Anthony continues his slow piston thrusts as he whispers in my ear, “I love you so much.”

He concentrates on my sensitive spot underneath my cockhead at the top of my shaft. The feeling drives me wild as I struggle to remain silent. Like a trigger point, I can slowly feel the pleasure start to build from deep inside me. He recognizes my impending orgasm and he slowly milks my cock. Within moments I thrust forward, triggering the flow of semen into my rubber sheath. My muscles contract, clenching his cock buried deep in my ass. Sperm rushes out of my balls and fills the rubber sheath making it more slippery inside. That sent Anthony over the edge as well, and within moments he follows suit, cuming hard himself. The silent orgasm we share is very intense. Then being spent, we drift off to sleep together still locked in our couple’s embrace.

I awaken and it is still dark. Anthony’s morning wood again fills my anal sheath. He is throwing an occasional slow thrust into me from behind. My cock starts to grow hard within the confines of the filled rubber sheath. Slowly I reach back and grab Anthony’s wrist and guide his hand back over to my growing cock. Knowing I am now awake he squeezes me from behind with his large muscular arm. So quiet we can hear the ticking of the Pirelli clock on the wall across the room. Then from the living room we can hear the stirring of Ignazio on the couch. As Anthony thrusts deep inside me I hear him whisper ever so softly, “I think we are not the only ones with morning wood.” Concentrating on the sounds around me, I can hear Ignazio moving about on the couch and it sounds like he is pleasuring himself. Anthony continues fucking me from behind as he begins stroking my hard cock again. Soon I can hear a soft moan of pleasure escape Ignazio’s throat as it sounds like he is edging himself in the other room. Anthony pokes me signaling he heard it too.

Anthony continues silently thrusting inside me as we hear, “Oh Fuck,” ever so silently as if Iggi is fighting back the urge to shoot his load into his encasing rubber tread suit. Very slowly, Anthony withdraws and then glides back inside locking open his hips at the end of his thrust to gain maximum penetration. We keep listening for sounds from the other room, only to hear an occasional shifting of weight on the couch. Then Anthony starts swirling his thumb underneath my cockhead and I bite my lip in pleasure to remain silent. Then another breathy intense, “Holy Fuckin’ Shiiiit,” comes from Ignazio as his intense feelings slipped through his lips in a tad above a whisper. Wondering if he had just came, Anthony continues fucking me from behind in slow motion. Then we can hear the rubber squeak a bit and we know Ignazio is still going at it; he must have just edged really hard. Anthony takes another swooping thrust as he rolls his weight a bit more over the top of me. Another breathy moan comes into our room. Knowing Anthony, he is waiting to hear his long time friend climax and trigger our orgasm at the same time.

The very first light starts to enter the large window as the sky outside starts to brighten a bit. Sex with Anthony feels so right. More movement comes from the living room. Then we hear Ignazio clearly beating off, and we can hear him concentrating on the intense feelings as he lets out little moans, sprinkled in between the rubber squeaks. Anthony starts thrusting into me much harder and faster. All of a sudden more movement sounds come from the living room and then, “Yeah, Oh Fuck... Oh my god… Huh, Huh, Huh, Ooooh,” just above a whisper as we know the morning edging session from Ignazio has ended in a complete rubber orgasm. Anthony thrusts deep inside me and sides to one side as I can feel his cock start to pulsate delivering his load into his slimy rubber cock sheath. He grips my hand hard making me aware he is climaxing in silence as ropes of sperm get released in rubber bliss. The intense tingling sensation in my cock releases its grip on me as my body takes over and delivers my load right behind his.

Anthony kisses my cheek as we start to doze off again to sleep. Morning sex was the perfect ending to a night linked together as a couple. We awaken about an hour later as Anthony rolls off of me and gets out of bed, heading to the bathroom to shower. Getting out of his Tyranosuit, he walks into the living room to greet Ignazio and help him out of his suit. “Good morning stud, how well did you sleep?” “Quite comfortably actually,” Iggi responds, “remember that part about not being responsible for spunking in your suit? Well… my bad.” We all meet up in the large bathroom and get into the oversized shower wearing only our innertube suits. Anthony pulls back the neck seal on Ignazio’s rubber suit and allows water to enter the suit. He then takes some bodywash and squirts a liberal amount inside, washing it down with the warm shower spray. Anthony then does the same before handing me the bodywash. Rubbing his hands over Ignazio’s suit, he swishes it around making sure it gets really foamy inside. He then unzips the back allowing more water to hit his tan skin. “Alright, Iggi, you can now start getting out of your suit,” Anthony says as he assists him with its removal. Rinsing out the black rubber skin, he hangs it on a rod on the black slate wall before removing his as well. We all shower up together before stepping out one at a time. “I have some clean clothes for you guys, Pirelli T-shirts and shorts,” Anthony says, “I’ll start some breakfast. How does a nice Denver omelet, fruit and a cappuccino sound?”

The following week we had Ignazio over for dinner. We are going to catch HBO’s series, Pimp My Fetish to see Anthony’s debut on television. We gather around the big screen television just before it starts. Anthony sits in between us. The previews of the new episode start with the opening music. “Whoa, there is our unsuspecting star, slaving away at Big O Tires,” Ignazio announces pointing at the screen, “look at him work those tires like a pro.” Then the scene turns to the loft condo and the total gut job and redo. “That is what my place looked like before?” Anthony says with astonishment, “Holy shit, I hardly recognize it. Cass and his crew did a great job.” Next the scene where I show up acting like the curious college student looking for a mentor. “Love at first sight,” Anthony proclaims. “Really?” I respond. “Heck yeah, you have a handsome face, tight body and a super cute ass. Rrrrrrr,” Anthony says as he leans over and kisses me. “Who the heck wouldn’t want to tap that super attractive guy?” he says with an open palm pointing to the screen.

The next scene cuts over to Milan Italy, home of the Pirelli Tire Plant as the Tyranosuit starts to take shape. “Yeah, we are going to be there in person in ten more days!” Antony declares. There stands a mannequin with the steel belted cording mounted around an aluminum skeletal frame. We watch as the tire suit assembly starts taking shape. In the small of the back, the engineers place the sidewall thick rubber piece with the prominent Pirelli logo in red. Then the camera peers inside the hallow rubber suit and looks at the concave torso, exploring down the inside of each tubular leg. It then zooms in on the overly tire treaded big boots and the gloves which will soon be attached making the suit all one piece for pressurized purposes. Then there is a scene with them attaching the custom made cock and ball sheath made out of motorcycle racing tread. It shows the guy adding valve stems to the naval and cockhead for future inflation. The camera man then shows all Pirelli logo locations on the suit, from the lower back, to the front neck seal, to the underside of both boots to the outside back of the helmet. “Pirelli, Fuck Yeah!” The following scene is an athletic guy wearing a Speedo getting into the suit and walking around for the audience. “Yeah, there’s my bad-boy suit is coming to life,” Anthony claps his hands together with a loud thud.

The innertube suit goes through a laser cutting process made from a large Caterpillar innertube. Each panel of rubber conforms to the male anatomy with large panels for pecs and sweeping large panels for the back aligning with the curvature. It is then radio welded, fusing the pieces together in a one piece airtight male curvature black rubber form. The large stem valve rubber circle is used to be placed at the anal sheath area and the cock and ball attachment giving it rigidity. Then you see them attaching the BlackStyle cock sheath and then anal sheath, followed by the Trelleborg Viking drysuit rubber zipper down the spine. “They did an excellent job on making the innertube suit fit very conforming and functional,” Anthony says while running his hands over his chest.

It was time for the big reveal. Cameras show Anthony and I walking into the condo loft and the surprised look on his face. “Look at you, Anthony. You had no idea what you were walking into.” I said with my hand on his shoulder. The camera man pans the new look of the condominium starting with the half bath by the door to the open concept large kitchen, dining room and living room, all dressed in a tire tread Pirelli tire garage theme. Dull black rubber contrasts against shiny black rubber infused with pops of red and yellow accents. Moving on to the large master bedroom with a large walk-in closet, oversized on-suite bathroom with expanded walk in shower, and large sitting area over by the floor to ceiling windows dressed in latex curtains bearing the Pirelli colors and logo. Then the crown jewel to the room, the master bed, dressed in black shiny latex with the name Pirelli running down the side. The Pirelli mantra runs across the area above the headboard -- ‘Power Is Nothing Without Control.’ Overstuffed latex pillows up to a checkerboard tire tread headboard with overhead lighting accenting the feature wall behind it.

Now for the rubber fetish itself. The camera zooms into the tire tread suit as Anthony emerges out of the master bathroom for the big reveal. Showing the red LED lights as he places the helmet over his head and starts talking in a mechanical voice. The naval valve cap is removed as the assistant pressurizes the Tyranosuit and the camera zooms in to see the musculature of the suit expand slightly as it is pumped up like a tire. With such an anatomical suit, the audience wants to see the male goods too in order to fully understand the sexual aspect of our tire tread fetish. Anthony unsnaps the side of the codpiece and reveals the motorcycle racing tire pattern of his full cock and balls standing erect under pressure. The valvestem cap shows as a nipple end at the top of his rubber shaft, revealing the way to urinate and have sex while still in the high-tech suit. “Yeah, Tony, that’s it,” Ignazio yells at the screen, “you love your fetish because it gives you a perpetual rubber hard-on.” The show ends with Anthony and I riding off together on our red Ducati 1199 sportbikes.

After dinner, Ignazio states with a smile, “Well before I go, I wanna see you two get suited up to put you into the mood for a wild night of bump and grind.” Anthony looks over to me and raises his left eyebrow. “Common guys, I wanna see my best friend is happy before I go back to my pitiful life above the restaurant.” We get up from the dining room table and head to the master bedroom and strip down naked. Anthony allows Ignazio to assist us in getting into the innertube suit. He sprays lube into the suit and holds the cocksheath like a handle assisting him to slide his manhood into the rubber confinement. “Come over here, Michael, you are next,” he waves me closer. Ignazio assists me in slipping the sheath over my penis as I stand still and allow him to do all the work guiding it in. Then he pulls the suit over my shoulders and zips me tight inside. He then says, “You guys look great.” He grabs us both for a group hug, “I love you guys and I am so happy for you.” Holding on to us in a huddle formation, he extends the hug a little long which emphasizes that he really means it. He then assists Anthony into his Tyranosuit. Holding my suit squarely underneath the arms, he assists me into the body armor before zipping it up. “Ok, gentlemen, enjoy your night together and I will see you next week when I take you to the airport.” We see Ignazio to the front door and wish him well.

Anthony closes the door, “Ignazio has really taken to you, Michael. He has even told me so. He really respects you and sees you as someone really good in my life.” He leans in for a strong kiss, “and I could not agree with him more.” Holding my hand, he leads me back to the bedroom as we lay down together and start to make out. Running our hands over our suits, Anthony sticks his tongue deep into my mouth. I slowly work my way on top of him. Tonight I want to hump him from the front. I reach over and get his iPhone and take a picture of my cocksheath at the entrance of his anal sheath, clearly showing his balls and erection. “I thought I should tease Ignazio a bit,” I say with a smile typing in a text to accompany it. “Hello Ignazio. This is Michael. This is me on top about to dive in.” I attach the photo and then with a swoosh it is off into cyberland. “That man has a strong bromance going on with you, I hope it does not make him too jealous.” Anthony chuckles, “Yeah he does, but he is straight, trust me. Besides, he is married. Iggi is more of like a male faghag. Something about male bonding intrigues him.”

I want to enjoy sex with Anthony while my suit is under pressure as it gives me a snug rubber skin feel as it presses the lubed innertube suit firmly against my skin. After making out more with Anthony, I get up and put on my helmet and enjoy the feeling of repressurizing my suit. Returning to the bed, I undo the valve cap on the end of Anthony’s cock and insert the valve tool and twisting it to completely remove the stem valve. Pulling the soft rubber nipple end of the inner cock and ball sheath through the hole I clip the end off allowing some of the lube to leak out onto his abdomen. “You are pretty hard in there, stud,” I say as I release his cock allowing it to fall back and then lift up again away from his body. I roll a black latex condom over my tread textured cock and align it up again with Anthony’s anal sheath. I squirt some jelly lube and push it in with the head of my cock. Repositioning my weight over his torso, I slowly push deeper inside him. He runs his hands over the exterior of my tire tread suit as I start fucking him. “Oh, that feels so good,” I say as I run my hands over his pecs. “I like how I move around ever so slightly inside the suit while its pressurized.” Our fetish is quite obscure. I run my hand over both of our suits feeling the tightness and compression and relish how much enjoyment having this fetish has given me.

Anthony starts to moan as his prostate is massaged. That is a real trigger point for him. Our bodies rock together to their own rhythm. He gets increasingly excited as he moans, “I am getting close, real close.” I grip onto his inner thigh, “Yeah? cum for me,” I say as I continue my thrusts. He closes his eyes and enjoys the pleasure he is receiving. His breathing increases and he lets out a sigh telling me he is right on the edge of no return. “Don’t stop. What ever you do don’t stop,” he says as his climax builds. He arches his back and makes it more difficult to fuck as waves of pleasure rush through him and he clenches his legs together. I continue entering him as best I can as he finally lets out a loud moan of pleasure, “I’m gonna cum!” as he rolls over onto one shoulder and pushes both arms down into the mattress. “Fuck, Yeah, I’m cuming!” he lets out at the same moment a large rope of white semen escapes his cock and shoots out across his tire treaded chest. Then another quickly follows and lays its self down right next to the first. “Ooooh, Fuuuuck!” he exclaims as I continue to thrust inside him as a third, forth, fifth and sixth smaller rope get milked out of him. An intense orgasm ripples through his body and he falls back down to the mattress and lets out the last bit of spent up air from his lungs.

I pat his ribcage and congratulate him on a successful orgasm as he slowly relaxes and I stop thrusting into him. “Oh, man, was that intense,” he proclaims as I am still deep inside him. I take the iPhone and snap a picture of his cum, freshly laid across his treaded chest pattern from his pecs down to the end of his cock where it emerged; and get his whole cock and balls down to me entering his suit. “Oh, this is a good one,” I say as I type a text to Ignazio. “Anthony just exploded all over himself while I fucked him fully pressurized.” I hit send knowing it is going to drive Iggi wild with jealousy. I place my hands into his and slowly start my pistoning movement inside him again. I can see he is quickly getting aroused again. This time I was feeling the intense pleasure as well and started pacing myself for a longer ride. Anthony starts moaning again as I press against his prostate. This man is one of those guys who really gets off being a bottom, even though he prefers being a top. “I’m gonna cum again,” he says as he starts jacking off to intensify his pleasure. “Yeah? You want me to slow down?” I ask. “No, keep going, I’ll ride it out,” he says as he closes his eyes and concentrates on his pleasure. “I’m getting close,” he says as he strokes himself, “real close. Uh, uh, uh, fuuuuuck, here it comes!” He clenches up again thrusting his hips into the air and shoots another large load across his belly. “Oh, my god! This one is intense!” he says as I continue fucking him. He continues stroking himself while riding out his orgasm.

“I had no idea anal sex could be so intense,” Anthony says, “my climax started down in the root of my cock and worked its way up. Jacking off made it feel twice as strong.” Ready to enjoy more sensations myself, I lift him up higher and get my legs underneath him more as I start on a deeper power stroke. “God, I love you,” I inform him as I increase my rhythm. I start my edging session as intense feelings start moving through my cock. Taking it as far as I can, I quickly stop as to not shoot quite yet. “Power is nothing without control,” I exclaim referring to the Pirelli tagline. Anthony smiles and leans up and kisses my helmet. I start fucking him again and soon the intense feelings return. Like riding a wave, I stay just ahead of it making sure it does not overtake me too soon. Moaning I allow myself the intense pleasure being just a few strokes away from cuming. Slowing to a crawl, I feel my orgasm teeter on the edge again. After a few moments I continue humping Anthony and the intense feelings quickly return. “Do you think you can cum with me?” I ask. Anthony nods, “I’m right there with you. You call it when you are ready.”

“Rubber has a way of assisting the edging process, it must be its gripping slickness that gives you an element of control,” I say as I slowly start up again after my last plateau. Anthony starts his stroking again. “I love being male,” I state as I feel the beginnings of pleasure return. Moaning I can hear Anthony letting out his mirroring moans of pleasure as well. We are syncing up together as I ride him from below. “I’m getting close,” I release as I reach that great part of sex where anything more intense will take me beyond control. Moaning more heavily, I start fucking harder welcoming the intense pleasure I know will soon follow. “Yeah, Anthony, I feel it deep in my balls, I’m getting closer,” I update him as I can see he is getting close himself. Each additional stroke took me one step closer and I did not want to stop. Moaning harder I let out, “I am gonna cum.” Pushing in hard I let out a gasp and release as my cock starts pumping the muscles inside. Next I feel the cum rush past my cockhead and fill the rubber sheath making it more slippery and desensitizing it just enough to allow me to thrust some more without getting over stimulated. Anthony cums in unison with me as we climax together before relaxing completely spent. After a few minutes I pull out of him and roll over on my back. “Damn, that was good. These suits really assist with our fetish. Anthony pulls off my condom and unscrews the valve cap and turns it over and presses on the valve stem releasing the pressure from the suit. “I can’t wait to kiss you, Michael.”

The week goes by quickly and Ignazio drops us off at JFK airport for a direct flight to Rome, Italy. Our luggage is a bit large as the Tyranosuits have to have their own cases and don’t compact too well. The setting sun casts its light through the small portal windows and falls across Anthony’s face as he rests. Our nine hour flight will place us there in the morning and we will have a full day planned visiting ancient sites like the Colosseum. The Pirelli Corporation wants to film some commercials while he is there and sign some contracts making him the spokesperson for the company for the next three years at $500k per year. This means he will make appearances at all of the major events such as motorcycle and car races along with seminars and conventions around the world. All in all he will be spending about 8 weeks out of the year being their mascot and spokesman. This is a unique concept, as most all icons for the company have been beautiful women showing off their sports tires. They like Anthony because he is a young handsome Italian man; a man with a Pirelli tire fetish. Anthony is looking forward to his new celebrity.

We land in Rome and we are escorted to Splendide Royal Hotel in the center of the ancient city. Anthony is quite excited as he feels he is returning to his ancestral roots. The hotel has Baroque style décor with large marble terraces with sweeping views over the city and the gardens of Villa Borghese. Our suite is located on the forth floor and our bellhop, dizionario inglese-italiano, named Vincenzo carries our bags to our room. Anthony tips Vincenzo and says, “Si prega de portare i sacchi de grandi dimensioni,” which means; Please bring up the large bags. “Michael, look at this room! I feel like I have been transported back 500 years. This is incredible.” We check out the large room, bathroom and stunning views. Soon there is a knock on the door. It is Vincenzo with Anthony’s suit secured in its large hard case. “Posizionarla sopra accanto al letto,” which means; Place it over next to the bed. Anthony tips the young handsome bellman again. “Can you believe we are here, in the center if Rome?” he questions as he comes closer to kiss me. Anthony opens the case containing his Tyranosuit to check that it made it through customs okay. The bellman knocks on the door again before entering with the case containing my suit. Seeing the suit displayed in the open case Vincenzo remarks, “ Bello molto maschile,” as he smiles in admiration. Anthony tips him again, and just before he puts his wallet away, he reaches in and pulls out another €20 and gets Vincenzo’s attention, “Grazie.” as he hands him the gratuity letting him know he really appreciates his assistance. “Si prega di effettuare la prenotazione per due questa sera al ristorante Mirabelle alle 5 del pomeriggio,” Anthony tells him to make reservations for two tonight at Mirabelle Restaurant for 5pm, “Antonio De Pirelli.”

We go on tour of the ancient city of Rome starting with the Colosseum before enjoying some Italian gelato at a local café. Then off to the Pantheon and St. Peter’s Basilica before ending the afternoon at the Trevi Fountain. Anthony and I head back to our room and get dressed up in some sharp Italian clothing before going to the seventh floor to have dinner and catch a sunset. While getting on the elevator, we run into Vincenzo exiting, “Ciao Signore Pirelli!” Anthony gives a wide smile back, “Aaah, Vincenzo!” The two hug as if they were long lost brothers. As to not hold up the elevator, they quickly part, “Boun Appetito, Ciao,” the bellman says with a smile as the doors close separating us as we rise to the outdoor rooftop restaurant to dine al fresco. We are guided over to the edge of the railing, giving us stunning views of the city expanding out before us to the west. Enjoying a five course dinner, we watch the sunset and sip espressos by candle light as the stars start to fill the sky, one by one. The next morning we were slated to fly by helicopter to Milan to meet with the guys at the Pirelli plant.

Suddenly there it was, the tallest building in Milan Italy, the Pirelli Headquarters; a tall thin wide mirrored structure of modern architecture. Our helicopter lands on the rooftop of the superstructure and we are escorted to the office of engineer Matteo Savini. “Good to meet you Antonio, you too Michael,” Matteo says with a firm handshake. “I am excited to share with you some new developments in the Tyre Suit. You had mentioned you wanted to be able to enjoy the pressurization of the suit without having to use the helmet. We have designed a smaller neck yoke which will take the place of the neck helmet valve so you can wear it instead of the helmet. It is less intrusive and will serve the same function. Now when filling the suit, the pressure will be displayed along the neckline. The pressure release button has moved just to the right side underneath the chin. The next thing you requested was more of a challenge; being able to urinate while under full pressure. This required a more complicated valve system and a redesigning of the innertube suit sheath to allow it to function properly. In doing so, it now anchors the interior rubber sheath to the outside of the suit, so sex in the suit will be and feel a bit different. Instead of the sheaths sliding past each other, your penis will now slide more within the fixed innertube suit. Because of this, we added a series of raised ribs for your pleasure down at the end, directly under the sensitive cockhead area. Over the corona, we added a ridge, which will secure the cockhead each time it reaches the end, giving stimulation around the raised coronal edge. Basically it looks just like an erection and when the two parts align up, they match. When they don’t they will offer stimulation, with the most just before they pop together and match. That is why we added these raised ribs to intensify the stimulation at the end of each stroke.”

Matteo walks over to the newly designed innertube suit. “The end has this ring system which affixes to the interior valve stem of the outer suit, so when inflated, the interior pressure pushes it into place to the valvestem and secures it successfully. This allows direct access from the penile sheath to the outside while under full pressure. Once the pressure is released, the two suits easily separate. It is as simple as not employing the interior stem, just twist on the valve cap. Lastly, you requested an anal sheath which could function also under pressure. That required a bit more engineering. We came up with this adaptor tube which has a flexible cage allowing it to hold back the pressure when inserted. It reverse zips to the existing waterproof diving zipper built into the back of the suit and is curved to comfortably contour the anal cavity. The sides are made of a series of flexible rubber panels which will press inward under pressure, gripping your partner’s penis sheath allowing it to get the most contact without collapsing under pressure. On the outside where the device touches the prostate underneath, we added this raised bump to apply a rubbing pressure during intercourse.”

Matteo holds up a black dildo type hallow rubber sheath that is rigid and looks like a penis pump. He points to the six panels running down the sides which are soft allowing them to push inward under pressure. “Now to make a compartment on the suit to store this sheath. This was almost as difficult as the design of the unit itself. What our engineers came up with is the ability to slightly collapse the open end when twisting it. This allows just enough space for us to store them under the trapezius muscle section between the shoulder and the base of the neck.” He then walks over to a mannequin wearing the Tyre Suit. “This screw on the shoulder blade can be replaced with one similar to the valve stem screw system, so the same tool can be used to access it. I will send you home with many spares incase you lose them. Once it is removed, it can be lifted allowing the cavity inside this section to be accessed for storage. The last modification we made is a white LED light system giving you a bright beam replacing the red lights found underneath the visor in the cheek bone area.”

“Gentlemen, your task is to test out the adapted anal sheath while you are here in Italy to see how well it functions under pressure,” Matteo says as he hands the device over to Anthony. “Looks like we are going to get it on tonight,” Anthony winks at me while handing me the sheath to check out. “I will have a portable tire pump delivered to your hotel in Rome once you return,” Matteo says. “Now, the PR agent, Giorgio is going to want to see you down in the lobby for some signatures and appointments for photo shoots in the upcoming days. They also are going to want to shoot some commercial shots down by the track near our tent.” We meet with Giorgio and get a tour of the Pirelli Headquarters and the Tyre Plant. Anthony signs some documents making it official. He is now the Pirelli mascot with a new payroll to match it. We are to meet again in two days at Monza race course for a photo shoot on some superbikes. That afternoon we make our way back to the rooftop and get flown back to Roma.

At our hotel room Anthony is anxious to get into his Tyranosuit and try out the newest additions Matteo has implemented. Lounging on the bed, there is a knock at the door. I open it and there stands Vincenzo with the red portable air tank pump with the Pirelli logo displayed on the side. “Vincenzo! I greet him, come on in,” I motion as I open the door wider. He sees Anthony lying on the bed propped up watching television in his tire tread suit. He can’t take his eyes off of him as he walks in and sets the pump down next to the bed and plugs it in. Anthony swings around and stands up and gives him a brotherly hug. “Il vostro pene è esposto…” Vincenzo says as he looks down at Anthony’s exposed cock and balls. “Pirelli uomo. Mi piace il vostro vestito battistrada del pneumatico. Magnifiche!” he says to Anthony with open arms, complimenting him on his suit with a big smile on his face. Anthony holds his finger up in a gesture to hold on a second. He steps over to the air pump and turns it on. Grabbing the air hose, he unscrews his naval valve stem and starts filling his suit with air, visibly expanding the suit surrounding him. “Pirelli Uomo! Pirelli Antonio, Pirelli Uomo!” He then looks and sees Anthony’s large protruding cock.

I open my wallet to tip the young bellman. “He likes your suit, I think he wants to touch your cock to make sure it is real.” Anthony leans his hips forward and pulls his shoulders back allowing Vincenzo a better access to look at the anatomical tread suit. Vincenzo reaches out and touches Anthony’s manhood, “È vero!” Anthony then shows him how the codpiece covers up everything and snaps together at the hips. He takes the helmet, puts it on, giving the bellman the full demonstration. “I think he wants to see you without the codpiece again Anthony,” I say after he removes his helmet. Anthony then pushes his pelvis outward and brings his shoulders back and takes Vincenzo’s hand and assists him in unsnapping the codpiece releasing his pressurized erection and balls again. This allows the young man the ability to feel more comfortable touching it better the second time to quench his curiosity. “Il tuo penne è bello… magnifiche!”

Vincenzo reluctantly leaves the hotel room after spending more time than he should. “I think I want to see you without your codpiece too,” I say to Anthony leaning in for a kiss. “I think you made a young man happy and maybe awakened a future fetishist.” “That depends if he masturbates to it tonight or not,” Anthony replies with a grin, returning my kiss. “I have some homework to do. Matteo said we need to test out the new modifications and hinted we do it tonight. Well, I am definitely in the mood,” Anthony says as he sits down on the bed. “Why don’t you get jocked up and we will explore these suits together.” Anthony inserts my anal adapter and zips it up tight before pressurizing my suit. The unforgiving dildo definitely gives me a full feeling as I walk around the room. Anthony removes the valve cap on his erection, inserts some lubricant inside the open end, and rolls on a black condom which clearly shows the tread pattern underneath as it conforms to every grove. “The end is open, so when I cum, it will shoot out now to fill the condom.”

I jump in bed and start making out with Anthony. As we kiss we can explore each other’s inflated tread suits; a much appreciated improvement. We rub our cocks together, getting ever so hard in the process. The moment gets really steamy and Anthony replies, “I want to be in you so badly.” Knowing Anthony likes to ride my back when he is more frisky, I slowly roll over as he prepares to mount me. Inserting lubricant at the head of his cock, he pushes it deeper inside me. I can feel him enter the tube as he claims his territory and positions himself over the top of my legs. I can tell he likes the feeling much better and enjoys the full feeling of our fetish being pressurized during sex. He slowly starts humping me. I can feel the pressure of the raised bump slide directly over my prostate. “This feels so good. Much better, Anthony confides, “With each thrust it is rewarding; then at the end you get this intense feeling. Just when you think that is exhilarating enough, you hit the ridges at the very end which gives you that added kick, sending intense pleasure back down your cock.” He then continues moaning in pleasure.

I can see why Anthony enjoys anal sex and came three times when he first tried it. This adaptor is really stimulating my cockroot making me feel more engorged and aroused as it milks my prostate on one end as my cock slides in its own sheath on the other end. “Michael, this feels so fucking incredible,” Anthony says in a breathy tone, “I have to slow down and pace myself a bit more. I definitely have more control. Just like riding a motorcycle, I will get much better at cutting the curves and dragging my knee in the future.” Only Anthony would use a tire reference when having sex in a tire tread suit. “Oh, my god, that last one was intense!” Anthony says as he continues humping me through his edging plateaus. More at his mercy, his next wave of thrusts is too much for me. “I’m going to cum,” I say as he continues invading me. “Oh, Fucking Yeah!” I let out as wave after wave burst through me as I shoot into my rubber sheath filling the end with my seed. Anthony rides me through my orgasm knowing what it feels like to have an anal climax.

“How was that, my love?” he says as he feels proud of his accomplishment. “Now I am going to focus on mine,” he states as he kisses the back of my neck. “I have already held back a dozen times, let’s see how many more I can do before it overtakes me.” Anthony humps me from behind pushing my body slightly forward with each thrust as he moans in lust and enjoyment. “I’m getting close. This feels so good I don’t know if I should continue through it or back off and savor it some more.” He obviously decided to go longer as he thrusts hard and stops. “Oh, fucking yeah,” then continues to moan and tenses up hard, “I started to shoot that time but was able to back off and hold it. That row of rubber ridges at the very end is incredible, it kicks you into high gear of intensity.” He slowly backs up until he is almost out and then holds it there for a moment. “I don’t know if I am going to be able to hold back next time, so I am going to ride on through it as slowly as I can, just allowing it to happen.” Anthony soon starts slowly pushing into me again and lets out a long intense moan. He picks up the pace and then says, “I’m gonna cum,” as he humps, “I’m gonna fuckin cum.” Anthony starts quickening his rhythm and moans loudly as you could tell it was seconds before he was gonna shoot. “Fuck….Fuck…Fuuuuuuck,” he wails out as he starts shooting into the condom and sneaks in a quick thrust between each burst if cum. His intense orgasm lasts a long time as he keeps up his smaller, slower rocking pushes. He finally collapses, spent with content.

The next morning, after brunch, we go out to the pool for some sun worshipping. Sporting some new black Speedos, Anthony and I take our place around the marble pool surrounded by Cypress trees and fine marble statues. Rubbing on some suntan lotion, Anthony puts his sunglasses on and props himself up on his canvas pool lounge chair. Running his fingers over the top of his Speedo, he makes sure it is taught and in place, before adjusting his package below. I start reading my eReader and relish the warmth of the sun with the occasional cool breeze which tickles my skin as it rushes by. I then feel Anthony’s little finger swing itself around mine. After a half hour, Anthony gets a bit warm and decides to dive into the pool. He swims around a bit before he tries to coax me into the pool as well. A few minutes later I look up and there is Vincenzo holding two poolside drinks; Raspberry Italian sodas garnished with lemon and mint, with floating berries inside. “Grazie, Vincenzo,” I respond as he lifts the drink off of his serving platter. I point to Anthony in the pool. Anthony swims to the pool’s edge and lifts himself out of the water, standing up next to Vincenzo as they share a welcoming smile. The bellman goes back to the lounge chair and offers a towel to Anthony. “Antonio Pirelli, qui è un asciugamano fresco.” He then hands a photo of himself riding a yellow Aprillia in matching Dainese racing leathers.

“This is you?” Anthony questions pointing into the picture. “Si,” Vincenzo nods. Anthony explains to his new friend that we are going to Monza Raceway tomorrow and he wants him to join us in a photoshoot in the morning. Let me speak with your boss for approval. Tell him I want to hire you as a chaperone he explains in Italian. Vincenzo leaves grinning ear to ear, happy like a kid going to Disneyland. Twenty minutes later the manager comes out to the pool and speaks with Anthony. I see them talk for about five minutes before he nods in agreement and hands him a voucher to sign. “We got ourselves a cute bellman for hire to carry our baggage and tour guide to assist us around Monza,” Anthony says finishing his drink. “He was really happy, Tony, you did a good thing,” I respond with a wink. “Now, we came to enjoy the pool, I’m going swimming!”

The next morning, while Anthony is shaving, we get a knock on the door. He answers it wearing just his underwear. “Vincenzo, Ciao!” he smiles as he invites him in and reaches out for an Italian hug. Being a bit early, we get ready while he waits next to the balcony. I put our suits next to the door and go sit with our guest. Even though I do not speak Italian, I get a majority of what Vincenzo is trying to tell me. We all grab a bag and make our way down to the waiting minivan. The crisp morning air feels good as we start seeing the sun coming up as we depart the Splendide Royal Hotel. Anthony and Vincenzo chat like good friends during the 5hr drive to the raceway. We get there around 11am and the two carry the suits over to the Pirelli Tent on the side of the tarmac. They have a spread of assorted sandwiches and fruits to snack on. Soon the cameras arrive and we are getting ready to shoot the Pirelli commercial. Anthony is to ride the Ducati into the scene and stop in a large display of Pirelli Zero race tires.

Vincenzo follows Anthony into the dressing room and watches him strip down naked. Anthony soaks up the attention as he allows Vincenzo to help him slide into the innertube suit. Knowing he always gets hard putting on the suit, I could imagine the thoughts going through his protégé’s mind as he put the first suit on. I am sure he is getting the full overview of the suit, including the obvious question everyone has… how to go to the bathroom. Next the Tyranosuit itself, that suit of rubber armor with male treaded musculature, that is easier to get on with someone’s assistance. Vincenzo helps Anthony into his second skin before putting on his yellow set of Dainese racing leathers as well. The two emerge holding their helmets underneath their right arms.

Anthony makes the perfect Pirelli spokesman. As he walks in his suit, he has this hard to describe sexual strut; like he ‘owns’ his masculinity and is proud of his now out in the open tire fetish. It subtly says, look at me. Look at my virility, my manliness. Full of confidence he rocks his hips ever so slightly as he walks around shifting his weight from foot to foot. He has that gentle charm and likeability that draws you to him like a magnet. Then when you get to know him, you see his warm hearted nature and sensitive side. You never see his handsome face without a smile. Observing him, he is loving life and his bright aura of confidence is infectious. HBO could not have picked a better person to make their wishes come true.

He starts with the commercial segments standing around the stack of Pirelli tires. Next he is showing off their specialized Zero series with the open track behind him as several race bikes speed by. Then they have him sitting on the Ducati surrounded by a wall of racing tires. Finally ending up with many shot of him riding the Ducati into the camera’s view stopping as it zooms in. There are shots with him wearing and not wearing his helmet, so soon his face will be synonymous with the Pirelli brand. Next come the rest of the still camera shots, more than likely used for calendars, magazine ads, computer wallpaper graphics, and some sexually hinting shots for the ladies showing off his tire tread physique covered in Pirelli logos. Zoom in shots of his large lower back logo and rounded ass, to his Pirelli neck logo and handsome face under the bright sun. They get every aspect of the Tyranosuit in close up as if he was displaying his body like a bodybuilder.

Between shots the red bikini Pirelli girls surround Anthony with overly large umbrellas to keep the direct sunlight from getting him overheated. Then the superbike riders surround him for some Pirelli group and individual shots. The cameramen take several 15 second shots of Anthony saying Pirelli’s tagline: ‘Power is nothing without control’ in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and the tough to get right Japanese. Finally it is around 3pm and we get some time to ourselves to enjoy the track. I get into my Tyranosuit and Anthony, Vincenzo, the Pirelli Race Team Riders and I all get to take some laps for ourselves and enjoy the freedom of not worrying about traffic and getting an adrenaline rush, pushing speed to its limits, as we take it at our own pace. The two hours on our own goes by quickly as Anthony and Vincenzo have similar riding skills and are rarely seen taking the laps apart. We pack the minivan up and start the 5 hour trip back to Rome stopping in Bologna for some original bologna sandwiches on the go.

Getting back to the hotel after a long drive felt good. Anthony and Vincenzo did more male bonding as I was left out of a majority of their conversation in Italian. It was good to see them happy knowing their time together was limited. The next day was a day to unwind and had nothing planned until evening when we were to be guests at a Pirelli black tie function around 7pm to midnight. We slept in a bit until 9am cuddling together until we could not lay in bed anymore. Anthony wanted to go to the pool to spend a bit more time on his tan. So we ordered brunch poolside underneath the date palm trees. Vincenzo had to work, but would pop out to visit us as much as he could, checking up on us and making sure we were taken care of by the rest of the staff. “We need to buy Vincenzo a parting gift,” Anthony says as we move from the dining chairs over closer to the pool to the lounge chairs. “Good idea. What do you think we should get him?” I ask as we choose our space by the poolside. “I was thinking some racing tires for his sportbike,” Anthony grins. I smile and shake my head, “You are too much. I suppose he would enjoy that but we really should get him something more personal.” We settle on another set of racing leathers.

Anthony jumps into the pool and emerges on the other side. He looks back around and smiles waving me closer wanting me to follow him in. “Michelo, come to me.” I dive in and pop up next to him hesitating a kiss as not to show pubic affection. He reads me and gives a half grin knowing my thoughts. We swim around on the surface and down to the deep end both separate and together before exiting to warm up again in the sun. Anthony perfects the poolside pull-up, lifting his slim, but muscular body out of the water in one graceful move. Still dripping of water, he sits down on the lounge chair and meticulously adjusts his black Speedo for the perfect tan before donning his wide Italian sport sunglasses. The breeze gives him some goosebumps until he quickly dries off in the direct sunlight, before applying sun tanning lotion. Walking around the pool I join him. We look good together in our matching black Speedos. While laying there with our lounge chairs inches apart, I feel Anthony’s little finger touch mine and then encircle around it.

After swimming and lounging for several hours, Anthony and I decide to head back to our suite. Once we arrive I start kissing him behind our closed doors. I work my way down his pecs and over his six pack abs before following his treasure trail to the top of his black Speedos. I undo his drawstring with my teeth, pulling it away from his body until it releases. Pulling down and off his swimsuit, I run my tongue down his perfect male penis starting at the top of his shaft and work my way down one side to the tip. There I stick my tongue out and cup his cockhead, resting it on my tongue before enveloping it into my mouth. I suck it down deeper and pull as much of his manhood as possible into my mouth before slowly releasing it. As I pull away, I start to watch his penis start to engorge and swell. It expands and starts to lift skyward and I coax it along by licking the underside on its way up. “Oh, that feels good,” Anthony responds as I continue pleasuring his tool. Then grab the back of his ass with one hand and take a testicle into my mouth with my lips and pull it down and away from his body. He throws his head back in enjoyment.

“We need to finish trying out our suit modifications for Matteo,” I remind him as I stand back up and kiss him some more. “This time, you get to try out the new anal adaptor piece.” We suit up and I reverse zip the new hollow dildo into Anthony’s suit before we pressurize ourselves again. Standing behind him, I align my cock up and shoot some lube on top before slowly pushing deep inside him. Sure enough, the six flexible pressure strips provide just enough resistance to firmly grip my cock. We stand there paired up as I run my hands under his arms and up and down his pecs, abdomen and cock. I start thrusting up inside him while enjoying his tire treaded skin. “Oh, I can really feel that raised bump on my prostate,” Anthony says in an agreeable tone. We stand there locked together as I hump him from behind. As predicted, he starts moaning in pleasure as he is an anal man. It does not take long before he states, “I am getting close, fuck that was fast.” “Don’t touch yourself, I want to do it all myself,” I inform him.

Using his moans as my guide, I control my thrusts to keep him as close as possible to the edge. I then unscrew the valve cap because I want to see him cum on the pool towel below. “I can’t hold it back any longer, I am gonna shoot!” I take my hands from both sides of his hips and slide them together gripping him hard as I continue to thrust through his orgasm. “Fuuuuck,” he lets out as ropes of white spunk arch out of his cock onto the toweled floor below. I take some lube and squirt some down his tip before replacing the cap on the end of his cock. We work our way over to the bed, still locked together. Anthony bends forward over the side of the bed and spreads his legs out on the floor. Giving me some stability to push, I start humping him again. This time I reach around and hold his cock in my left hand allowing my pelvic thrusts to jack him off. This stimulation from both sides builds as Anthony starts acting like he is going to cum again. “Holy shit, don’t fuckin’ stop,” he says as I get triggered along with his excitement and we climax together on the side of the bed. Waves of pleasure race through me as I feel myself fill the end of my rubber sheath.

That afternoon our tuxedos arrive as Vincenzo delivers them to the door. We greet our Italian friend and he sticks around as long as possible before returning to work. They are black Armani Collezioni with tails and silk accents to the cummerbund to the pocket handkerchief and ascot tie. Anthony’s color is solid bright red with a tire tread pattern to it, as mine is identical in a shiny golden yellow. Anthony looks completely stunning in a tux and tails. He sprays on some Trussardi Uomo cologne and puts on some Pirelli cuff links. He adjusts his pocket square and takes a second look at his short hair in the mirror. “If I did not make love to you hours before; I would suggest staying home tonight, as you are so hot and sexy I would want to jump you all over again.” We kiss and start for the lobby. Vincenzo sees us in the foyer and compliments Anthony and me on how well we look all decked out for the evening.

Our black Maserati Quattroporte limousine arrives and takes us to an riverside open-air party on Tiber Island. When we arrive the perimeter is made up of backlit white canvas curtains stretching up 12 feet high with alternating red and yellow silk panels every 16 feet. The white table clothes dominate the large area with seating for around 180 people. The Pirelli flags are found at the four corners and logo banners are displayed prominently near the entrance. We are escorted to the front of the stage area where they had a slide show being shown on the canvas curtain behind the podium. We dine on a five course meal of filet mignon, haricots verts, blistered tomatoes, roasted garlic potatoes in a white truffle sauce. Anthony says, “I could get used to this. We are going to another dinner party in Venice on Saturday.”

A dessert of tiramisu drizzled in white chocolate sauce accented with red and gold raspberries is served while the speakers for the Pirelli corporation take the stage. A five minute video segment of starting with the Pirelli commercial taken at Monza followed my a collage of other highlights of the day showing off Anthony as their new spokesman for their brand. [in Italian] “The French have their Michelin man. Now we Italians have our answer with a much more defined, handsome and debonair, tyre suited man for the 21st century. I would like to introduce to you a young guy from New York City who was just signed on as our first mascot. Let me introduce to you, 21 year old Anthony Carrino!” The audience applauds as he walks up on stage to accept his new position. Several photos of Anthony wearing his Tyranosuit are displayed on the backdrop with it ending on him sitting on the red Ducati surrounded by the racing team. He introduces himself to the audience, thanks them for being their choice, and looks forward to his next three years as the symbol for the company. After a long elegant evening we return to our room to a gift of spa tickets in a basket full of handmade soaps, lotions, shaving gels and Italian colognes in a masculine packaging. In it was a hand written note from Vincenzo: To make you guys feel as great as you have made me feel.

Matteo emails Anthony and wants some input regarding the suit and the new modifications he had implemented in order to make sure it best fits his fetish. Additional modifications can be made at any time but I need to know how the current ones are working out for you or can be changed. “Hello guys, now that you have had a chance to try the suits out and try out the new modifications, I am ready for some of your feedback. Rather than a questionnaire, I have narrowed this down to just one question. In detail, tell me how do you prefer to cum, and why?”

[Michael’s response] I prefer to cum inside a rubber sheath; face to face, feeling my sperm flood the end making it slippery so the second thrust is as intense as the first when I continue to shoot. As I do, I enjoy tongue kissing Anthony as we climax together. The bonus is he is an anal guy with a sensitive prostate. It does not take much to send him over the edge, so I can usually get him to climax two or three times before we then cum together. I especially enjoy having sex while pressurized as the suits move inside each other plus allowing me to enter my partner while pumped up.

[Anthony’s response] I prefer to cum in Michael’s ass from behind with my legs apart on top of his, holding him close as I shoot my load outside my suit, delivering my seed into my partner. I enjoy rolling on a black condom first, as it allows the outside to be slicker and conforms to the racing tread underneath, signaling the enjoyment that I know will follow. The control at the end of each stroke is great as it allows a much longer edging session and just when it gets good, the ridges placed at the end boost the sensitivity to a higher level. I enjoy falling asleep inside Michael directly after I climax, waking up to morning wood and doing it again only much more slowly. Lastly, having sex while in a pressurized suit takes my feeling for the fetish over the top as I feel my inner suit moving around inside the outer suit making me feel more masculine.

Saturday we end up flying to Venice, the city of bridges, to the Hotel Bauer Palazzo area for our second Pirelli dinner on the north end of the rustic country. This party is more intimate with half the crowd found in Rome. We check in at the lobby and get a key to room 318 and head upstairs to get our penguin suits on for the event coming up in over an hour. The outdoor dinner is located right on the canal with the gondolas moored off in the distance. Classical music fills the air as we arrive in our tuxedos for the black tie event. Anthony notices the effigies are actually real people painted up as marble statues. He likes the one standing there looking like Michelangelo’s David, with a real nude man with has male anatomy to match his muscular physique. The next display is the wrestlers, also nude, is a famous statue of the original found in Florence, Italy. Then there is a stunning statue of centaur with a real bodybuilder making the front portion of the mythical horse creature. After that is the nude winged helmeted Perseus holding the snake-haired head of Medusa, the gorgon whose glance turns men to statues of stone, followed by an awesomely muscular mythical Minotaur. “They picked the right male model for the bull, check out the size of his balls,” Anthony says, knowing he is a ball connoisseur.

The then waits until the crowd walks by and hands his iPhone to me to take a picture of him with the Minotaur who is standing up on a pedestal in an action pose. He positions himself by the mythological creature with his right hand just below his testicles. The model is obviously a bodybuilder with very wide pronounced muscular white marble painted legs. “Ok, smile on three… 1... 2... 3... flash, flash, click.” Just as I said three, Anthony slides his hand up and behind the Minotaur’s balls and holds them for the shot. Then, seeing what he has just done we start laughing silently to ourselves. Anthony says to the Minotaur, “Exuse noi, mento niente di male, hai testicoli belle.” We look at the photo and sure enough, there is Anthony in a tuxedo holding the Minotaur by its balls.

During the first course of dinner, the previously frozen figures were now able to stretch their legs and reassemble around the dining area as they would change places around the piazza every 15 minutes. “Nothing like eating fine cuisine while staring at the ambiance of marble penis,” Anthony said with a slight grin. “No complaints here,” I respond. Anthony then gets a bit nervous as the Minotaur switches places with the discus thrower and ends up posing next to our dinner table just feet away. He turns to see the nude statue finish his pose and freeze again in place. Anthony says under his breath in Italian just loud enough for the actor to hear him, “I’d like to get lost in his labyrinth without my ball of thread and no way out,” giving reference to the skillful Theseus. “Let’s get one more picture of you with him before he moves,” I suggest as I lift up the iPhone again, turning off the flash. Anthony leans over so I can get both of them in the frame as he raises his thumb and sticks out his tongue for the perfect shot.

Delivering the main course, our Minotaur leaves and gets replaced by the athlete Kreugas standing with his legs apart and his left hand high above his head as if he is in motion throwing something. Anthony lifts up a small piece of paper that says 8½. Next comes the winged helmeted Mercury with small wings attached to his ankles in a pose as if he is ready to take off towards the sun. Scratching out the number, Anthony writes 9 and flips it up to show his approval. As the plates get cleared from the table, Anthony is asked to join the rest of the Pirelli executives, for their announcement of his new role with the corporation, at the front of the piazza.

When the dessert arrives along with the coffee, the maitre d’ drops off an plate with an envelope on it. Anthony opens it and there is a blank card with the hotel’s logo inside. Inside it is a long red string with a tag attached to it with Room 312 attached to it. No written note, no signature, no correspondent as to where it came from. “No friggin way… I don’t believe it,” Anthony says as he looks down shaking his head. “The Minotaur is inviting me up to his room.” “You have got to be kidding,” I respond, “You should go. Seriously, Anthony, how often do you get the chance to get it on with a mythical Apiserian creature.” Anthony gets up from the table and says, “I’ll stop by our room and pick up some condoms. I’ll be back soon.”

About an hour later Anthony returns with a smirk on his face and sits back down at the now candle lit table. “I saved you some dessert, chocolate panna cotta with fruit and a cannoli,” I inform him, “Now tell me how it went.” Anthony hesitates like he does not know where to begin. “The Minotaur has a fetish as well; Pygmalionism. The desire to be a statue or to turn to stone.” He explains, “All fetishes have a sexual component. His comes from the ancient King of Cyprus who was a sculptor, Pygmalion. He created a beautiful statue of his ideal of womanhood. He then fell in love with his own creation. An answer to his prayer, the goddess of love Aphrodite brought the statue to life. You often see people kissing statues, well his desire was to be a statue and have an admiring man give him some affection. Seems it was me who could fill his desires.” Anthony continues, “He stayed in character the whole time. His bull headpiece was secured by straps underneath his arms. Keeping his mask on helped him maintain his anonymity, so he could become the real Minotaur. I set him at ease telling him about our fetish as well.”

“He is a bodybuilder who is very much into maintaining his physique. And just like all muscular bodybuilders, they love attention. He wanted me to do whatever I wanted to do to him while he stayed a statue, and in doing so, it was to bring him back to life; turning him from a statue to the real mythical beast. So I removed my clothes and started playing with his bull-sized balls, idolizing them for their masculine power. Just like the Apis bull, I put them into my mouth one at a time, worshipping them. As I sucked them down away from his body, he started to get erect. Man, his erection just kept growing and growing, it was the largest cock I have ever seen. Then I lubed up a condom and slowly rolled it down over his cock with my lips. Then I slowly started jacking him off, as I lubed up a condom for myself and put it on. Now the excitement of anything goes hits as we are both protected for sex and couldn’t kiss has his head remains covered in his bull headdress. The more pleasure I gave him, the more he started coming to life. Then as he started to moan, he became active and stepped down off of his marble pedestal. We put our cocks together and got some serious frottage going on before he got so aroused that wanted to take me. He mounted me from behind until he got off and powerfully came. Then he wanted me to mount him and push him into the floor, dominating him in a wrestling like scenario and overtake him to claim my prize by dumping my load into his muscular butt.” Anthony concluded with the excitement of the scene.

“He wanted to thank me as I got dressed for assisting him with making his fantasies come true. He removed his bull headdress and revealed a stunningly handsome 25 year old man. I kept it short, but informed him I knew exactly how he felt, having his fetish fantasy fulfilled.” Anthony said with a wink, referencing how I fulfilled his fetish fantasy. “Let’s get changed out of our tuxedos and go for a tour of this wonderful city.” I agreed and we got changed in to some refined evening wear back in our room. The night was young and we decided to go for a gondola ride. Anthony and I walked down the boardwalk until he found a gondolier he felt comfortable with, and asked him for the rate for his fare. “€100 for 40 minutes; €50 for each extra 20 minutes,” the gondolier said. Anthony took out his wallet and handed him €200, “Make sure you show us a good time.” We got inside the gondola with a red interior accented with blue canvas cloth. “My name in Marcucio,” the gondolier introduced himself knowing how to speak some English. “I am Antonio and this is Michelo,” he said with a handshake.

The blue and white stripped shirted Marcucio took his pole and pushed us away from the dock. “I am going to give you guys a great tour, explain the great history of Venezia and point out key landmarks we will pass over the next hour.” Marcucio turns on a blue LED strip lighting that runs down each side of the gondola, “Is this a special night for you gentlemen?” Anthony responds, “Yeah, I suppose you could say that,” and turns and kisses me. “Grazie. There is some champagne in the bucket, shall I open it for you?” I reply, “Yes, Marcucio, we would like that.” We toast to each other as we drink from our champagne flutes. We sit next to each other and Anthony puts his arm around my shoulder. “You make a good couple,” Marcucio says, “and I am no just saying that. How long have you been together?” We look at each other and then Anthony says, “About a month.” Marcucio smiles and replies, “Young love. The most beautiful kind. I can see you guys were meant for each other. I can sense you lovers share something more unique and special.” Anthony leans in for another kiss.

Our gondolier continues with his tour as his starts singing his gay version of ‘That’s Amore’ inputting our names and his and him personalizing the song to us. Then it goes quiet. We listen to the traffic as we float through the city. Anthony motions to Marcucio to stop the gondola as he says, “Marcucio, can you please stop here under this lantern for a moment?” The boat comes to a crawl before it stops completely. Anthony get’s down on one knee and takes my hand, “Michelo, my love, over the last few weeks we have done so much that it feels like we have known each other forever. You have made me so happy… I know I have found my true soul mate. With that kind of love, I want to capture it, cherish it, and not let you get away. I want you to know how I truly feel, how much I love you, and just how special of a person you are. Michael, (taking a gold ring looking like a mini motorcycle tire out of the box and placing at the end of my finger) Michael, Will you be my knight in tire tread, my partner through life, be my everything… Michael, will you marry me?”

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