Tuesday, October 30, 2007


What better day of the year for all the freaks to come out? Especially those of the latex persuasion! If you're a rubberman and you stayed at home this weekend, then you missed the primo time to get out there in your hot gear and strut your stuff.

The official day is tomorrow, but we went out (as most adults did) on Saturday. The bf and I and a group of our friends went to the Eagle. I got my gear together and dressed up as "Corporal Punishment" wearing the pewter military gear. It was a hit! I got lots of compliments and stares (of course), but - long story short - I didn't end up in the costume judging. Maybe I should have, but whatever. I was wearing my rubber for me, not really for anyone else!

The guy who won had a hot body completely wrapped in gauze with a bit of rubber 'over the parts that couldn't be gauzed'. I must give him credit for the amount of work required to get all wrapped up...I wonder if he's into mummification other than on Halloween night? ;-)

To my shock and amazement, other than the mummy and myself, we weren't the only rubbermen there either!

My riding crop didn't fare so well. Halfway into the evening, it was in two pieces, having been overused on the ass of a couple of friends by the bf! What do you expect for a $20 prop from Priape?

Doug had talked about starting a rubberman group here in Calgary. I have talked to a few others and I think it's a great idea! That was the fourth time I've worn my rubber out in Calgary and I'm really starting to like it!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The motherlode

Eep...I went a little crazy online today and bought a whole BUNCH of stuff from Blackstyle and Skintightrubber.


1 42058040104 Latex toe socks
Black, 0,60 mm latex, Size L
EUR 42.86 EUR 42.86

I've wanted a pair of these toe socks for a long time now. I think they will make my feet feel sweet, with the thought that each body part is individually shrink-wrapped in black latex.

1 49004999975 Adhesive for rubbersheeting
Content:1 l
EUR 20.17 EUR 20.17
Yeah, poor old Latexa needs some TLC. I have some plans for some of the other new gear as well!

1 41015050102 Danish gasmask with hood and filter
EUR 83.19 EUR 83.19

Here is another encapsulating number that I've thought of getting for a long time, a mask/hood combination!

1 40561060102 Anatomical mask with zip and nose tubing
1 50516999998 Eyes Open
1 50520999998 Mouth Open
EUR 74.79 EUR 74.79

Now, this is the mask that gets me hard. It's got inch-long nasal tubes, and with the inflatable gag, should provide some nice face bondage. I am trying to find a set of lenses that I can glue over the eye holes for a fully enclosed effect, much like the rubberman on the cover of Instigator #14. Any ideas? I might have to create my own!

1 43705990198 Gag, inflateable with tube
EUR 53.78 EUR 53.78

Self explanatory. I want to get trained on gags, and this seems like a great place to start. With the breathing tube, this will also be excellent for the vac-rack!


1 x Rubber Latex Catsuit (Shoulder Zip) (STR0050) = $350.00
Size M - Medium
Latex 0.45mm Black
Neck Height 75mm (3")
Zip Option Crotch All Round Zip (4 way)
Zip Colour Black

So, Skintightrubber comes so highly recommended to me, I had to try out one of their suits. I'm still not sure about the traditional zippers vs. a codpiece in the front, but this should provide some 'modesty' nonetheless if I ever decide to wear this suit out! I'd love to go out enclosed in the Latexa suit, for instance, but the CB sheath on that one would probably get me arrested!

1 x Rubber Latex Bag = $60.00
Latex 0.45mm Black

...and for those evenings out in skintight latex, a prepared rubberman needs a funky place to stash money, silicone lube, cigs, phones, and whatnot...might as well be rubber too!

I'm so excited to get encased in all this new rubber gear (and fix some of my other stuff -- the poor Latexa fullsuit is getting more repairs by the month...

Justification? It is all an early rubbery Christmas present to myself!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I was given a link to a rubber fetish fantasy story called "Fable" by my friend Jim several months ago. It was the hottest gay rubber fantasy story I've read, ever. I've printed it off and bound it so I have a good copy in the bedside table. It is the description of a weekend-long intense rubberslave indoctrination written by someone that knows a lot about anesthetics, medical play, breath control, bondage, long-term wear and a multitude of other incredible fetish and play scenes. One technique that really enthralled me in the story was full intubation. The thought that every orifice is plugged, your system is entirely cleaned out via enema and urethral flush and you are only fed food and air via tubes through an impervious rubber suit while immobilized makes my head spin.
The story describes how experienced rubbermen would swallow down feeding and breathing tubes in the esophagus and nasal cavity while bound and completely rubberized. You are completely shut off, yet completely wired/hosed up to machines for your existence. You would truly be at the mercy of your master for everything that keeps you alive, and that would be the definition of full rubber enslavement, to me. Has anyone tried this or have any information on it?

A couple of exerpts:

Turning to Hans, who had finally got all his tubes under control, Richard asked for the mask. Tom's eyes widened when he saw the mask. It was identical to the one Karl wore strapped to his face. A big black rubber anesthetic mask with a large inflated rubber cuff round the outer rim, it had all the tubes sprouting from it that Karl's had, but it was the tubing inside the mask that had excited Tom. First there was the red rubber feeding tube, then two slimmer red rubber tubes and two slender smooth black rubber tubes. There were also two wires. While Richard held the mask, Hans connected the two smooth black rubber tubes to connectors at the front of Tom's gag, then carefully inserted the feeding tube into the gag as before but leaving the tip in the gag itself.

'We're going to intubate you now Tom, and this may be a little uncomfortable for you for a few seconds. Can you remember how to swallow the feeding tube?'

Tom nodded to Richard that he could. 'Good, well we're not putting that down just now, but we are going to fit you with your nasal tubes.' He indicated the two red rubber tubes sprouting from inside the mask and passing on through it. You must breathe normally through your nose, I realize that at the moment you have no choice about that, but even so, don't attempt to breath through your mouth. As you feel the tubes moving in, try to sniff them up right into your higher nasal passages. As the tips of the tubes pass into the more sensitive areas of the passages you will want to 'gag', you can overcome this by rapid swallowing over and over again; keep this up until the tips of the tubes have passed the sensitive area, and then you will feel comfortable. You will still be aware of the tubes, but hopefully it will become a nice sexy feeling. Are you ready?'

Tom nodded, despite the fact that the prospect of his head, throat and upper chest being invaded by rubber tubing in this way filled him with as much apprehension as it did excitement.

Richard moved away and took up position behind the console, telling Hans to begin inserting the rubber nasal tubes. He watched the monitor carefully. There was a small X-ray camera behind the monitor trained on Tom's head; Richard switched it on. Because the tips of the tubes each had a small dab of barium paint on them, Richard was able to observe the passage of the two tubes into Tom. Hans moved with his customary dexterity and Tom obeyed Richard's instructions, making it unnecessary to make a second attempt or for Richard to intervene. Despite the expected moment of extreme discomfort and near panic by Tom, the procedure was accomplished within seconds and Tom began savoring the feeling of having these rubber tubes in his body.

Richard switched off the camera and returned to Hans who handed the mask to Richard. Working slowly, Richard began moving the mask toward Tom's rubber face, allowing Hans time to pull the surplus lengths of tubing out through the body of the mask, pausing only to allow Richard to reach into the mask and slide a rubber grommet along each of the nasal tubes and locating them just inside Tom's nostrils thus packing out the space between the tubes and the nostrils themselves, ensuring that Tom breathed only through the tubes and not around them. Finally, Richard was holding the mask firmly to Tom's face.


Karl, unlike Tom, who was fully intubated and who during his time under Richard's rubber guidance had learned to overcome the reflex action of his throat muscles and had achieved conscious control over them, swallowed repeatedly against the tubes in his throat, in effect caressing the tubes with the muscles. For him, this area of his body had become a highly erogenous zone and the rubber invasion of this area of his body - a sensation unknown and probably also repugnant to most rubbermen - was symbolic of the totality of his rubber needs. He fantasized about sharing this wonderful feeling with Tom, who he knew had yet to acquire his own skills in dealing with this unusual aspect of rubber. He thought how wonderful it would have been to have shared the double mask with Tom while both were fully intubated, their sensual rubber lips locked together but impeded slightly by the invading feeding tubes, around which each would entwine their tongues, feeling and tasting the rubber as they felt and tasted each other. The mere thought of such a prospect sent a thrill of added excitement through him. He knew, of course, that Tom was nowhere near ready for such an experience yet.

If I could find someone that would offer to do set up this play scene for me, I would immediately drop everything and be on a plane today!

***For those of you looking for an alternative link to the story (which appears to have been gone for some time), I found another copy of at least the first chapter here.

Hot rubber session

This is the other Matt, from Toronto. What a hot scene - him dressed head to toe in tight black latex, his play buddy in a Greyland mask and leather! What a hot stud!

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Seeing Red

My friend Jim was kind enough to let me 'test drive' his new red rubber catsuit before he gets to try it on. It's a pretty hot little number, made with .39mm rubber - the thinnest I have tried on to date. There are numerous panels that comprise the suit and are cut to allow for the best shaping possible. This one is probably a size larger than I would buy for myself, but it is still tight and shiny enough to provide a hot sexy look!

There are more explicit pics of the red fullsuit (with harness and gasmask) available at DirtyRubberPig.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Project Latexland Revisited

Here is a behind the scenes look at Martin Perreault and Gil Peron's fantastic latex wonderland of erotic art come to life, Project Latexland. If you look carefully in a few scenes, my friend Brian is playing pool.

There are some cool behind-the-scenes photos currently also loaded on the Project Latexland website.


Here are some pics of my new 501 latex jeans with accoutrements!

Totally covered...

Skintight like a Fox

Once again courtesy the hottest latex export from Manchester and the hottest rubber retailers in the UK are another couple of tight videos. FoxZatt and SkinTightRubber are meant for each other! Hope you don't mind me posting them here, Fox -- your look and display of latex are second to none! You're the poster boy for skintight latex!

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Friday, October 19, 2007

Men In Rubber

*Sigh* How I'd love to get to Chicago in a couple of weeks for the rubber party of the year. MIR 2008 goes from November 9-11. I have found out from such hotties as JocknSpeedo, CdnCyclist and Latxboy that the party is a wild time and many that go are subsequently hooked.

I wonder why Chicago is such a hotbed of latex perversion??? All those healthy Midwest boys in skintight rubber, ummm.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Not much rubberiness going on....

I've been so busy with the new job that I've hardly had any quality rubber time the past few weeks. I've noticed that even the rubber fetish sites have been quieter than usual. Maybe it's just an introspective time of year; everyone's sobering up from the summer and the days are getting so short that the reality of winter is imminent.

I had posted this question to some rubber friends and discussion boards -- what is the best glue to use for rubber repair, and is there anything worth buying in North America? I had read that European glues were better because there were some compounds in it that couldn't be put in N.A. glues. Weird. Despite everything, the only response I got was a suggestion to buy from Blackstyle in Germany, since they will sell as much as you need instead of only selling in those tiny tubes. So that's on the must-get list as well in addition to those kick-ass Blackstyle rubber toe socks! Hot!

I had run out of glue a few months ago while fixing yet another tear in the Latexa catsuit. As it happened, I ripped another hole in the crotch and ass ("the other cheek") this past weekend while donning the suit, lubed up with silicone lube and bodyglide lubricant. Apparently this wasn't enough -- and strangely enough, previous tears have happened when slipping in lubed up with the same concoction. I believe the silicone lube doesn't allow for enough movement of the rubber - especially in moulded rubber items such as the catsuit. I've never had any situations like that when the suit and body are well talced. That is certainly a lesson I need to remember. At any rate, I won't be wearing the fullsuit again until I can get more glue to repair the tear. Thinking about it, I've gotten more than enough wear out of that suit than I paid for it, so even though it will never get worn out in public once repaired, it will certainly stand up to some rough play sessions for a while yet!

I had also posted a question about a company whose name had eluded me that manufactures latex theatrical masks. I had been on their site once before but had lost the link. I finally found out who it is (and now - who I'm going to buy a mask from) -- Greyland Films!

I did go out in rubber on Saturday. It was the annual Mr. Calgary Leather competition at the Eagle, so I decided to don my TMRA rubber tights and Polymorphe tank top along with the Tred Airs and PVC cap. I was a hit! Even though the vast majority were dressed in leather, the polished rubber stuck out of the crowd. There were a few other rubber guys there, including Doug who I had talked to a few times online and who carried the Rubberist flag at the Calgary Pride Parade this year. He was suggesting getting all the rubbermen in town together for an inpromptu rubbery night out, maybe once a month or something. I think the idea is pretty cool! Any excuse to get dressed up in skintight rubber and go out.

I won an eBay auction a few weeks ago for a pair of 501-style rubber jeans. I didn't really pay attention to the auction, and inadvertently won a pair in size small (32" waist). I had been concerned all week that they would be far too small and that I'd have to return them since I wear about a 33" now, but they showed up today and actually fit pretty well. The hips and ass are snug, but I honestly don't fit into many slim style jeans with the cycling legs I have without having a sizing problem. I had been thinking of buying some skinhead rubber jeans anyways, and those fit slim as it is. I'm dreaming of getting this new polo shirt from Invincible (royal? olive? - shown with the skinhead jeans)and wearing the two out together with the new rubber Sam Brown belt that I also won on eBay!

My friend Jim in Florida is in the process of buying a full-body red catsuit that he wants me to try out and critique first, so I'm excited to be trying that new suit on soon! Fortunately, it's tailored with glued latex, so it shouldn't be ripping apart like that moulded stuff!

If I like the suit, I may buy one for myself. It's imported by a tailor in Chicago. We'll have to wait and see. I'm going to be patient for my next rubber purchases and make sure I'm confident I'm buying exactly what I want. Stu - the hottest British bloke in tight latex, IMHO - has now convinced me that SkinTightRubber is the only place for me to buy a new catsuit from, so that comes in as a very strong option!

I also found out from Tim that there is a rubber tailor in Calgary named Kelly who runs Dark Side Creations. I am quite curious to call him and have a conversation about creating something for me too.

So many options, and so many great suggestions from so many new friends! Pics of the new outfits will be coming soon!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rubbermen as Art

Have you heard of Monica Majoli? She is an L.A. artist, who in the past few years has painted a watercolor series called "Rubbermen". Very interesting study.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Rubber 55

Propaganda stretches and flexes its creative in latex
This latest work for latex clothing and accessories brand, Rubber 55 offers a seductive yet humourous window into the fetish scene.

The company approached Propaganda with a brief to raise awareness of their web site and increase product sales. With the web site their only channel to market and a target audience that consumes high levels of online media, Propaganda decided to exploit the power of social media sites such as YouTube and Google Video. The 150 second, short film showcases Rubber 55’s merchandise in the form of a spoof of MTV Cribs, the reality TV programme that gives tours of celebrities’ houses.

Steve Dixon, executive creative director at Propaganda comments: “We wanted to create something that was highly entertaining whilst also reflecting the quality of the merchandise. If you look at the marketplace as a whole, although there are some big players, the quality of Rubber 55’s products is unrivalled. So mirroring the production values of a fashion broadcast clearly communicates where this brand is positioned.”

He continues, “Content is king on these social media platforms - if you have the right content, people will find it and share it. We’ve tried hard to balance humour with the inherent eroticism of the fetish scene and I believe the viral potential for this short film is massive.”

Posted on selected web sites, the short film set in suburbia demonstrates what can go on where you would least suspect it and follows the strap line ‘What goes on behind closed doors is our business’.

The star of the show and owner of Rubber 55, Andy Newby opens the door to his home, kitted out from head to toe in a rubber suit. Andy then goes on to give viewers a tour of his three bed, two toilet, 12 dildo and one gimp house and introduces us to his friends and family who have similar fetish tastes.

Andy Newby explains, “Fantasies and fetishes are supposed to be fun and I think we get that across. I mean introducing my mum who’s wearing a strap-on whilst making a cup of tea and scolding me for my mucky boots definitely communicates a sense of humour! As well as being an entertaining piece of film I think it also shows what our business is about. There’s no point in taking yourself too seriously when you’re in this market, but that’s not to say we have the same attitude towards our products, which are hand crafted and made to measure from only the highest quality materials.”

Commenting on the choice of purely online media for this campaign, Steve Dixon says, “Despite the fact that our budget was as tight as the latex clothing showcased, online is very much the right medium for this community. Research shows that those with a fetish persuasion have a thirst for information and innovation – they are always looking for the latest development. So online channels are the natural place for them to operate.”

He concludes, “The work for Rubber 55 proves that whether it is sex, religion or politics, Propaganda can penetrate deeply into the hearts and minds of a target audience and find an insight and approach that really vibrates… I mean resonates. I think that yet again we’ve demonstrated that Propaganda consistently out thinks, rather than outspends the competition.”

Rubber Trouble

Here is a funny promo for the City of Westminster's waste department.

Could this be a reference to the Westminster-based showroom of world famous suppliers of fetish gear, Skin Two?

Someone needs to tell Westminster County Council that the global hub of rubberwear has moved to Vauxhall.

Rubber Gimp

Here is a glimpse of the first villian of Speed Grapher, Rubber Gimp. I love the evil supervillain aspect!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Special treat

I found this gem in my library. I had forgotten that it even existed!

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