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Very trippy

Can anyone credit this picture for me?  I found it on somewhere, lost the credit. I think it's an awesome pic.
meet the beetles
arena homme+ a/w 1996
ph. nick knight

Friday, July 29, 2011

New Poll

I've added a new poll I would appreciate you guys to look at that'll be open for the next couple of months.  I am interested to see what dressing aids everyone uses to get into their latex.

I used to be almost exclusively a powder guy in my early days.  I even used J-lube for a year or so until I discovered silicone-based dressing aids like Vividress.  I am a hard-core fan of these lube-based conditioners/dressing aids/lubes now.  I still powder my 'looser-fitting' suits sometimes, including playtime suits, but to go out in public or to put on the really tight stretchy stuff it's silicone all the way.  It's cleaner, your sweat doesn't leave white traces all over your suit, and any excess on your hands, etc. can easily be used to polish up the exterior of the suit.  The silicone stuff works for me primarily because of the hair factor; I used to shave my body hair to squeeze into powdered suits; but after time I got tired of that and looked for alternatives (funny how the older you get the need for as little hair as possible moves down the priority list).  Silicone lube gives you a lot of movement in a suit right from the start and there is relatively little hair pulling inside the suit compared to talc.  Sure, it costs more to dress but it's SO much more comfortable.

I am curious to see how many people don their latex in the shower.  This was something that never really appealed to me since you're soaked in your suit right from the get-go and if you end up in a situation where you don't start generating sweat right away (at an air-conditioned stand-up bar, for example), it starts to feel sorta clammy inside a suit.  There's also the hair factor in play here; I find that without some 'wet' lubrication inside a suit, the hair still tugs when the latex is being stretched.  I know it sounds ridiculous that water would feel different in a suit than sweat, but that's just me.  I think for some suits exposing a lot of skin like surfsuits, trisuits, etc. this may be a good option but is not a preference for me for fullbody catsuits.  What do you think?  I'd like to see what the numbers look like in a few months!

UPDATE: I want to thanks those of you who mentioned chlorination.  I honestly forgot to put that as an option on the poll but then thought that there can't be many that do in fact get their latex chlorinated.  If you do, I would also love to hear from you, and possibly convince you to write a short piece on your experiences with chlorination?

Is This Rubbermen Fashion Week?

News comes in today that two of my favorite online latex retailers, Breathless UK and Invincible Rubber are both unveiling new additions to their men's lines and also sporting some nifty sales.

Breathless UK has produced some new exciting menswear in addition to hosting a 20% off sale only for this weekend. I like Breathless UK's stuff because it's fun and unique and the quality of their latex and craftsmanship is excellent.
Invincible Rubber is claiming some new styles (on some hot new models!) but I haven't seen any significant updates to their website, only the newsletter information that came out today. They are also hosting 20% off until August 8. I like Invincible because their stuff is affordably priced, well-made with durable high-quality latex and their off-the-shelf sizes fit me like a glove.
In addition Invincible has a sale on Vivishine, the best latex polish/conditioner on the market IMO. I think I may participate in this sale if only to stock up on Vivishine. I've recently found out that Priape is no longer carrying Vivishine or Vividress and Deadly Couture has a silicone-based dressing aid/polish but isn't Vivishine. I bought a bottle yesterday and will test it out tonight getting ready for the Tom of Finland Party. If it works as well, I may just stick with the stuff I can buy locally otherwise I will put in a big order for Vivishine. Oh yeah, and possibly a new catsuit ;)
Ooh! Pretty and shiny new model! ;)

Early Influences

Here is the Halloween fight scene from the original Karate Kid movie. I remember this scene SO well, I couldn't keep my eyes off the cute karate team members all wearing the same skintight lycra suits. Ah, memories!

Thanks for capturing, rendering and posting RubberSkin!!!!

Here is one of Rubberskin's latest for some extra titillation:

Up Your Alley

Don't forget the 2 RMSF events this weekend for Up Your Alley/Dore Alley Fair San Francisco!

Special Friday July 29th "Meet & Greet (& Squeak...)": 7pm to 11pm

==> 1229 Folsom Street, San Francisco, 415-621-6294

Local Fetish Photographer Mark I Chester has invited us to congregate at his studio. Mark, for those of you not completely familiar with his work, has been part of the BDSM community here in San Francisco for a few decades and is known for his photography featuring bondage and other fetish related subjects as well as facilitating fetish drawing groups. Each year during Dore Alley and Folsom Street Fair Mark opens his studio for tours of his latest projects and offers commemorative portrait sittings. His studio exhibit opens to the public on Friday evening preceding the respective street fair and he has been gracious in extending an invitation to RMSF to use his event for our official Dore Meet and Great gathering. Mark will provide some refreshments and as always there is BOUND to be opportunities for documenting the event and our favorite gear so dress to impress (assuming you are a showboat like me when it comes to gear). There is a suggested donation of $5 to $20 so please be prepared to show our appreciation and respect. This is a GREAT way for out-of-towners to meet, rub-up against, and get frisky with locals. Please spread the word far and wide!
And, of course: Saturday of Up Your Alley (Dore Alley) Fair weekend, at the Powerhouse Bar on July 30th, 2011, 5pm to 9pm (1700h-2100h, grunts!)

Come join us at The Powerhouse the day before Dore Alley Street Fair for our annual Dore Alley Rubber Party. Come dressed to impress in your flashiest, hottest rubber gear. Don't have any rubber? Not sure if it's your thing?.. Come anyway and try some on at our 'sample booth.' We guarantee you'll love it. ;-)

$5 at the door. Includes live demos, door prizes, games, drink specials, and giveaways, and the opportunity to squeak against the hottest rubbermen in San Francisco!!!

The Powerhouse is the place to be July 30th (5pm to 9pm)
==> 1347 Folsom Street (at Dore Alley, duh..., btwn 9th and 10th Streets).

**If you are interested in volunteering to help with the event please contact Seven Mitchell (Facebook, or
Stay tuned to the website for updates, or even better -- contribute & discuss ideas and volunteer opportunities via the Google Group or The Rubber Men of San Francisco page on Facebook.

Saturday July 30th, 2011 at Powerhouse : The Rubber Men of San Francisco Bay party!

Wish I could be there guys! Have a blast!

FABLE: Chapter Seven

Part 7

When puberty came, he began to recognize that the feeling he got from smelling the rubber coat was associated with his sexual awakening, although he would not have been able to express it in those terms then, even to himself.

Nevertheless, he was able to link the two. He smuggled the coat into his room and secreted it at the back of his own cupboard, and at night he wrapped himself in it while he sampled the delights of early masturbation. During this period he had also discovered that the sight of soldiers, pilots and divers in anti-gas, high altitude or underwater equipment made of rubber and bizarre in appearance fascinated him in the same way when he saw them portrayed on Television or in photographs. He longed for the coat to be black now, and he wanted more than anything in the world to be covered completely with rubber; to wear a tight fitting mask through which he could breathe rubber smells. He longed for one of those big servicemen whose pictures he had seen dressed in this exciting equipment to take charge of him. From then on his rubber fantasies knew no bounds, and they became ever more fantastic and improbable - but they remained fantasies only.

The demise of Karl's parents, and the consequent need for him to live under the care of the local authority brought about an interregnum in his modest rubber activities. Night time privacy was minimal; he and the other boys slept in a dormitory, with only thin partitions between the beds. The other boys had the partitions around their beds festooned with female pin-ups, and Karl took his cue and followed suit. He would sometimes hear another boy masturbating at night, but so far as he knew, there was never any sexual contact between any of them. He listened to their ribald jokes and remarks about gays. Once or twice he froze when one of the better-informed lads made some crack about 'weirdoes' who liked 'kinky' sex and dressed in rubber or leather, or about men who liked dressing as women. It was in this crude and unsympathetic atmosphere the Karl finally learned that he was not alone in his love of rubber. He kept his ears pricked whenever that particular lad started to sound off about gays, just in case he said something that would enlighten him further. All Karl could find out was that down on the Reeperbahn, if you had the money, in terms of sex, anything you wanted was available, including, thought Karl, a whole range of diseases. His parents had warned him that it was a part of town best avoided, and about the only sex education they gave him was to spell out for him the dangers of AIDS, VD and the rest, quite graphically.

Karl had heeded the warning. With his sporting instincts, and the success he was having in body-building contests, he was very health conscious; to the point, in fact, that he passed through a period when there was great inner conflict between his love of health and exercise, and his need for sexual relief, which he eventually resolved when one of his body-building companions suggested they go on a double-date with a couple of very willing girls he knew. Karl managed to avoid the date, but it taught him that body-building was no bar to sex if he wanted it.

When he began work, and went to live at the hotel, he soon discovered that because of his good looks and fine physique, he was a target for the attentions of all the other gays who worked in the hotel. Karl was devoid of any mannerisms that would betray his sexuality, and it was an easy matter to charm his way out of any proposition; even the more persistent were intimidated by his size and strength, and soon he was left in peace. There was one guy, older than Karl by about eight years, to whom he felt drawn. He was a quiet-spoken man, who had witnessed the onslaught upon Karl by the other gays, but who had not himself taken part. Karl had to work with him sometimes, and Horst had taken him under his wing. They spent some of their off duty time together, occasionally going out for a drink or a meal. Eventually Karl felt that he could trust Horst well enough to talk to him about his innermost feelings. Although Horst had never made a sexual approach to Karl, he knew that Horst was active on the local gay scene and was a member of a couple of gay clubs. Eventually Karl got up enough courage to confess to Horst his love of rubber, begging him to keep it a secret. Although not a rubberman himself, Horst was sympathetic to Karl, asked him several questions, and promised to have a word with a friend who might be able to help.

The next occasion when both were off-duty in the evening, Horst told Karl he was going to see a friend for a drink in his apartment, would Karl care to come along, because he thought that his friend would interest Karl; they had interests in common. He would say no more than that. Karl trusted Horst, and knew without being told that he was going to meet another rubberman at last.

Horst's friend lived in a suburb. Heinz was in his late twenties, a tall thin man, undistinguished in appearance. He had a shock of jet black hair, and the bluest eyes Karl had ever seen, but ill- fitting glasses, and a straggling and drooping moustache robbed him of what little sex appeal he may have had. He received his guests with quiet courtesy, produced some beer for them and they settled down to chat once the introductions had been completed. It emerged that Heinz was a lecturer, and had it not been for the pictures on the walls of his room, and the illustration on the front cover of a magazine that lay on the coffee table, Karl would have settled down disconsolately but politely for a boring evening. The pictures were all of men in various rubber outfits. Almost all of them showed men in gasmasks, and those that weren't gas masked at least wore rubber hoods.

Karl was dying to get up and inspect them closely, but was too polite and shy. Horst and Heinz chatted their way through three beers, after which Horst excused himself to go to the toilet. The conversation so far had been about one or two mutual friends, and some gossip about a recent gay event in the city, none of which meant anything to Karl. Heinz, who had been carefully primed by Horst, and had noted Karl's continual covert glances at the pictures now said, glancing to one wall upon which hung four of the pictures, 'You find them interesting?' Karl nodded, and Heinz invited him to have a closer look. Karl rose, embarrassed by the fact that even from a distance, the sight of the pictures had given him a mighty erection, and which closer inspection of them did nothing to diminish. Karl could hardly believe his eyes when he examined the pictures in detail; the figures depicted represented so much of what he had fantasized about for so many long lonely hours. Heinz remained silent while he examined every print in the room. Karl said, 'You know these people?' 'Some of them; those three over there are of me.', replied Heinz, indicating the opposite wall. Karl went back for another look. Suddenly, in Karl's eyes, Heinz immediately became a more interesting character, and he began to warm to the quiet, studious teacher.

Horst returned, making Karl realize that he too needed the toilet. As he made his way to the bathroom, Karl had to pass a bedroom. The door was open, Karl gaped when he looked in; the room was softly lit with red light, the effect of which was accentuated by the fact that the walls and ceiling were black. There were racks and shelves crammed with every conceivable garment in black rubber. There were suits, coats, gloves, boots, waders, hoods and helmets, and most fascinating of all to Karl, masks of all descriptions. In the centre of the room was a king- sized bed covered in black rubber sheeting, and on which were laid out two pairs of waders, two pairs of long black rubber gloves, two black rubber hoods, two gasmasks with long hoses, and a one piece black latex suit. The smell in the room evoked memories of his father's old rubber coat. He stood spellbound for several minutes, then made his way to the bathroom, where, hampered by his huge erection, he eventually relieved himself and returned to the others.

Horst had his coat on and was preparing to leave. 'I am on early shift in the morning, but its your day off, if you would care to, Heinz has invited you to stay. He will run you home when you are ready to leave.' Karl signified his willingness, and as the two old friends went out into the passage to say their farewells, Karl settled down to browse through the rubber magazine he had spent the last couple of hours longing to pick up and open. It contained many rubber pictures, all with captions describing the gear displayed; there were a couple of short stories, but before Karl could begin on them, Heinz returned with more beer. For an hour they chatted, at the end of which Karl had unburdened himself of his rubber feelings, and so far, rather limited experience. Heinz interjected occasionally with a question or sympathetic remark, and by the time they had consumed several beers, Heinz had reassured Karl that his feelings and experiences to date were by no means unusual, and that far from being unique, Karl's case was classic for a budding rubberman. Heinz told him something of his own early rubber history which was similar to Karl's.
The effect of the beer and the quiet, unhurried manner in which Heinz was unfolding the world of Black Rubber before him had allowed Karl to relax. For the first time in his life he felt able to regard his love of rubber as the gift that it was, instead of the burden it had sometimes seemed to him to be, and by the time Heinz rose and asked him if he had seen the bedroom and invited him to join him there, Karl was able to respond with a wide grin that left no doubt in Heinz's mind that his guest was really enjoying his visit.

'Give me twenty minutes, then come and join me in the bedroom', Heinz told him. Karl grinned again and nodded. He picked up the magazine when Heinz had gone and began to read one of the stories in it about the rubber adventures of two young rubber guys on a big motorcycle, and Karl was just able to finish it in twenty minutes. He got up and went to the bedroom. Heinz had transformed himself from a rather unprepossessing professorial character into a rampant black rubber sexual being; he had become the living embodiment of some of the pictures in the other room. Clad in a rubber latex suit, waders, long black rubber gloves, a full face rubber hood, and gas masked, he stood tall and slender, legs apart, hands on hips, a huge rubber-covered erection protruding from his crotch. Karl stood in the doorway enthralled by the transfiguration that Heinz had wrought upon himself. Heinz moved not a muscle, he understood the effect he was having upon Karl. From his own experience he knew that for Karl this was a moment the lad would remember always, he appreciated that for Karl there was a virginal quality to the moment, and sensitively, he allowed him his moments of magic before lifting a gloved hand to beckon him right into the room. Karl could hear this rubber entity breathing into his mask, he could see the mask move slightly as the mask momentarily gripped him a little tighter every time he inhaled.
Karl thought, this is not just rubber, this is living rubber. When Heinz spoke, his muffled voice from within the mask emphasized to Karl the extent of the man's isolation from the outside world, and Karl's excitement quickened. Heinz bade him strip and don the waders and gloves, then the older man helped Karl put on the latex full face hood, made sure it fitted snugly, that there were no wrinkles, and then he took the gasmask into his hands, slackened the harness straps and fitted it to Karl's head and face. He tightened the straps evenly, pulling at the sides of the mask to seat it securely and airtight over Karl's face as he did so. As the mask tightened and he began breathing through it, the real effect of the mask became apparent to Karl. There was a small non return valve inserted into the far end of the hose. This 'loaded' Karl's breathing and he could feel the pulling-in of the mask with every breath he took. For years he had imagined how it would feel to be like this, and he was not disappointed. There was a full-length mirror mounted on one wall, and Karl drank in the sight of himself, playfully striking a body-builder's pose, and turning to view himself thus from every angle. Proud of his body ordinarily, Karl considered that his new rubber accoutrements did nothing to diminish its masculinity. Behind his reflection he saw Heinz approach, his rubber hands went one to each massive shoulder, caressed and moved down over the pectorals, brushing the firm young nipples as they passed down over the hips and jointly grasped Karl's throbbing dick in a cool, firm grip. Karl could feel the rubber form of Heinz brush gently along his back, it was too much, and yet too little, he turned from the mirror, commuting the reflection into the real, and seized Heinz in a grip of iron as he pressed himself against the rubber; he wanted to bury himself in it. Heinz responded, gripping Karl with a strength that the latter would not have believed his host capable. Then the gloved hands moved up and down Karl's back, around the firm rounded buttocks while Karl continued to press his body against the rubber, drinking in the sensual sounds of both of them as they breathed harder and deeper in their masks. Eventually they drew apart, and Karl turned back to the mirror again to assess his new image and, pleased with what he saw, he followed as Heinz led him over to the bed. He lay on his back, sinking into the cool folds of the heavy latex sheeting. Through his mask he could smell the rubber as it warmed to his body. Heinz drew the edges of the heavy sheet up and over Karl, enfolding him completely, and as the sheet was drawn up over his head, Karl felt himself sinking into the blackness of total rubber enclosure. Heinz caressed and explored Karl's body through the rubber, while Karl writhed with sensual pleasure among the black rubbery folds, sometimes putting his hands up to his head to feel his mask and to press it tighter on to him. He felt a cool rubber hand grip his dick with gentle firmness, it throbbed within the rubber grasp, then release, and the rubber fingers began tentatively to explore Karl's anus. Karl stopped his writhing, threw off the rubber sheet and arched his back a little and gripped his buttocks, pulling them apart to invite a deeper invasion. Two pairs of gas masked eyes met and locked in feline unblinking gaze; one pair enquiring, the other imploring.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cruisey-T, Outgames, Pride

Leather & Denim Cruisey-T: Ship To Shore Event July 24, 2011

Around 200 pervy guys boarded the MV Britannia for a four cruise up Indian Arm on Sunday afternoon in the sun and heat of one of our rare summer days to date. DJ Marcus Purnell kept everyone moving and Mantra did a great routine to Goldfrapp's "Strict Machine". I worked most of the cruise; set up, ticket taking and greeting of passengers, 50/50 draw sales while en route, then teardown. Despite the low-than-hoped numbers, we had a blast and I think everyone else on board did too. Mr. P had a horseshoe up his ass again, winning not just the 50/50 draw but also one of two raffle prize packages! We now have tickets to basically every Pride and Outgames event happening this weekend, he'll definitely have to find people to take some of those tickets off his hands since we will certainly not be making everything.

I got an opportunity to wear my Hypershine latex bathing suit again. It was once again a huge hit for those that had not seen it yet.

The party continued onto the Vancouver Men In Leather Underground party at FiveSixty. I have been to a couple of these before and they weren't well attended, but this one was busy busy busy and devolved into a big sex party by the time it ended at 11. This was a work night for most, and I should've heeded the call of responsibility, yet Mr. P and I took home an eager out-of-towner in Vancouver to compete in the Outgames and showed him a good time until the wee hours of Monday morning.

Vancouver Pride July 29-August 1

Last week during the photoshoot for the new Rubbout image, Shane took some pics of me in the suit and sailor hat in the studio too. I am supposed to be getting some enhanced images from that shoot this week or next. I'm hoping to at them to my portfolio, in addition to giving some to the Hypershine folks for their forthcoming retail website. I also did a couple of photos that were Rubbout-related, so who knows, maybe some of those will surface as promotional materials for Rubbout 21?

The Rubbout image is at the printers right now being generated into promotional cards and posters for the Vancouver Men in Leather/Rubbout booth at the Sunset Beach Pride Festival immediately following the Parade on Sunday. I hope they get all the printing done by Friday *fingers crossed*

So, as for Pride, my goal is to wear latex all weekend. We have the VML Tom of Finland Party on Friday night followed by a Bearracuda at FiveSixty, so I should be able to get away with a lot of latex then. Saturday I would really like to go to Rapture:Dominate at the Commodore Ballroom since this is the main fetish event of the weekend and should be some sexy fun. Sunday is the Parade and Booth volunteering so I should be able to get away with a bit of latex that day too.

What I really dislike about this time of year is that there is SO much going on; it is impossible to attend everything you want to so you have to triage, yet for the rest of year we're complaining that there is never enough going on. 'Tis the reality of Gay Christmas, I guess.

Piled on that is all the events going on for the 2nd North America Outgames which kicked off in Vancouver on July 25 and runs until July 30. There are apparently a thousand athletes in town for the event. I'm doing a couple of Frontrunners events this week and volunteering at the Outgames/Frontrunner competition on Saturday morning (yes, guaranteed to be tired and/or hungover, as will most other volunteers ;). There are a couple of huge closing parties going on during Pride weekend so we're planning on hitting a couple of those as well.

Oh my gosh, so much going on. I will try to capture as much of it as I can with my new swanky smartphone camera :)

Why I love Obsessive-Compulsive Bloggers

...they create the most bizarre, yet strangely interesting blogs with ridiculous amounts of content that make you wonder if these people do anything else but obsess over a particular nichey topic.

I have seen a lot of fashion critic blogs; obviously there are a lot of them out there, but here is one that I never expected to find, Fashion It So.

So goes their tagline: "Charlie (@chozzles) and Anna (@ajlobster) are revisiting Star Trek: The Next Generation. In a big way. And we've noticed that the clothes on that show are AMAZING. And not just 1987 amazing, or 24th century amazing, but BOTH, SIMULTANEOUSLY.

We celebrate those fashions here."

And that's only The Next Generation. I am scared to search for, yet confident of their existence, fashion blogs for all the other Star Trek shows.

Of course, being an obsessive personality myself (ahem), I had to see if some of the outfits I remember fitting snugly on certain alien bodies would make it into the entries, and of course they are there.

LOL but I don't have the fortitude or (honestly) interest to browse the entire blog, but I did find this in an episode critique on page 2:
Gotta love their comments:
- "I don’t even know what to say. This is glorious. Is it made of liquid latex? I sure hope so. The color is a delightful shade of blue, bordering on lavender, and it includes a shiny cummerbund and collar that would not look out of place in Visions Exotic Dance Club’s Salute to King Tut"

- "Liquid latex disco ball"

- "so he goes back to his true form, a form that has the ass Bev should have had earlier"

- "Anyway, their butts look amazing in these jumpsuits, is what I’m getting at. I am not so much a fan of the flat boots they have on because they sort of look like they might be Crocs."

It amazes me how much time and effort some people put into these blogs, hoping someday they start a meme which sends them to blog superstardom. I love blogs, they are the good, bad, ugly, strange, weird, wonderful, remarkable, unremarkable extensions of our personalities. I thought I put a lot of effort into the Rubber Canuck blog until I saw the obsessiveness of some others. I mean, really, review and critique EVERY Star Trek: TNG episode for fashion statements? OMG that's a LOT of work!!!

Rubbermen of San Francisco Interview

The new president of RMSF, Se7en, was e-interviewed by his friend Leland (Girls of Leather and the Leather Alliance) about RMSF for her website, The interview is below :)
Rubber Men San Francisco

Se7en is a super hot boy who works in the latex department at Mr S Leather. He just recently restarted Rubber Men San Francisco (RMSF) and I wanted him to tell us all about it!


What is your vision for what this group will be? Can you give us an overview? Do you have a mission statement?

My vision for RMSF is for it to become the center of the rubber community. Every rubber enthusiast I talk to says the same thing, “how is there not a stronger rubber scene in San Francisco, of all places!” We are going to change that. Our mission is to provide a safe space for male-identified rubberists to socialize and explore rubber.

How long have you been into rubber and how does your interest in it manifest in your life?

I am actually really new to rubber. But my passion for it brought me to SF in search of the lifestyle I could not find in (*shudder*) Florida. That search also led me to Mister S Leather, where I serendipitously landed myself a position designing and making latex fetish gear.

How many members does this new incarnation of RMSF have so far?

Four. Just kidding. The Google Group is ever growing, now almost 30 I believe. That is probably the best indication of our ‘size’ since those people have joined within the past few months. The listserv, which consists of over 500 addresses, is undoubtedly full of inactive members. Our hope is that the transition to the Google Group will help to weed out some of those useless addresses.

What challenges have you faced in restarting the group?

The toughest challenge has actually been getting people to join in the development process. My co-[insert authoritative title here] Rick Holte and I are very interested in the collaborative process. We believe the group must be built BY the members. We wish to foster a sense of ownership in every member. Of course we know that this will take time, but keeping that in mind has probably been the biggest challenge for both of us.

How is this version of RMSF different than previous versions of the group?

Probably the biggest difference is the structure. Perviously RMSF was not run collaboratively. The previous [insert authoritative title here], Terry, jokingly admits to running the group as a dictator, so I think it will take time for the community to notice the change. Also, over the past few years, the group’s activities have consisted only of a Dore Alley (Up Your Alley) party and a Folsom party. Our goal now is to have events year-round. We are also hoping to come up with some fun, hot ideas that take us out of the bar scene. As much fun as the bars can be, some of the members, including myself, are sober, so we would like to expand the possibilities and add some variety. Any ideas?

How is the group structured?

Like I mentioned earlier, the group is mostly myself and Rick making the ‘hard decisions’ and sort of keeping the group informed and organized, followed by the members who really have as much say in the group’s structure and function as either of us. We would like to group to resemble a close family, built on cooperation – and who share a hardcore passion for latex and kink… just like any normal family. ;)

If someone is interested in becoming a member, how do they join?

I am glad you asked! Any interested parties can join the Google Group and/or visit us on Facebook

Technically RMSF does have a website: – however, it is badly in need of some updating. For now the group primarily relies on the Google Group and the FB page. Membership is free and open to any interested parties (so long as they show mutual respect and contribute positively to the function of the group – meaning: just don’t be an asshole).

Are there any guidelines for membership (gender, orientation, etc?)

The group is intended for male-identified individuals who have a latex fetish/fascination and typically enjoy sex with other male-identified individuals (at least some of the time) — so post-modern, I know. But calling it a gay men’s group would not be accurate anymore (I personally identify as queer), so we leave the identifying up to the individuals and simply open our arms to anyone interested in seeing what it’s all about. A very important issue for me, in reshaping this group, has been that it be trans-friendly. This needs to be a space for all of our queer brothers to feel safe and welcome. Any members with objections to our policy of inclusion are frankly not welcome. The days of checking under someone’s pants at the door are over, thankfully. While we do maintain that we are a group for male-identified individuals, I do look forward to the possibility in the future of joining up with other rubber groups (if you’re out there, let me know!) and possibly co-hosting parties with differently gendered individuals. (Can you tell that I studied queer theory and gender identity in college?) We also encourage everyone from first-timers to lifelong rubberists to join us. For instance, at our Dore Alley party this Saturday (7-30) at The Powerhouse, we will have a booth for guests to can try on different latex pieces to see what they feel like. So even if you have never worn latex, or ESPECIALLY if you’ve never worn latex, you should come on Saturday and check us out. We look forward to meeting you.


Huge thanks to Se7en!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome to the 21st Century

I just got my first Android phone today! One of the first apps I downloaded was the Blogger app. Posts on the go! Whoo!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rubbout 21: Invasion

Here is a glimpse of the first promotional images we've consigned for Rubbout 21, April 5-8, 2012. Comic book artist Stephen Sadowski and his web designer/photographer husband Shane Rooks put this amazing piece together for us. With the help of model Brian and some of Rob and my latex, this really looks amazing! We expect you will see a lot of this image throughout 2011 and into 2012 :)

Rubberstud of the Week #169

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Feast

Here's a nice 12-minute latex posing/rubbing video you might like. It appears to be a young guy (looking at the body shape) in a nice tight latex suit, just the way it should fit!

Mr. P is officially out of the hospital now, and it's forecasting SUN this weekend! OMG...being the only part of North America NOT involved in this heatwave has left us feeling a bit disconnected. It's the start of Pride here, this weekend is Pride Picnic in Stanley Park on Saturday, and of course the Leather and Denim Ship to Shore Cruisey-T Cruise on Sunday. I am involved in setup, reception, ticket sales, raffle sales and tear down; I also have to work on Monday so I'm not sure whether I'll be going to the play party afterwards although it does sound like it might be fun as long as a large sexy crowd goes. We'll see; I'll definitely have pictures!

Word of the Day

I saw this term on an article about audio recording processing ("The Loudness Wars"): hypercompression, referring to the recent trend to overcompress digital recordings because of the belief that in the short term, louder tends to sound better. Overcompression (or "hypercompression") is commonly used to squeeze more and more loudness into the recordings.

Of course, as soon as I hear 'hyper' and 'compress' my mind wanders to other things. I think I am going to start calling vac-beds 'hypercompressors'!!!

FABLE: Chapter Six

Part 6
Richard meanwhile had connected the free end of the feeding tube to the steel vessel containing the food supplement, and pressed a button on the console. The feeding of Tom began, the rate and quantity of soupy liquid fed would be electronically controlled.

As he lay there Tom could look along the length of the tube, and he could also see the twin corrugated black rubber hoses leading from his mask. The sight gave him a thrill as he appreciated deeply the fact that his own body was connected to all this gear and was functioning through it. He could feel the slightly warm substance flowing into him. His hunger pangs abated and he began to regain his inner strength.
He felt that he could now endure anything, and at this moment he was feeling better than at any time he could recall throughout his entire life. Karl had recommenced fucking him and he noticed that while the recorded sound in his ears had now diminished so as to be barely audible, the pulsating of his rubber cock rings had increased both in frequency and intensity.

Hans gently turned Tom's head so that he was once again facing straight ahead. He could look directly at Karl who was wielding the dildo with some gusto now, the effort he was making forced the big black rubber bladder on his back to expand and contract wildly, the sight of which added to Tom's excitement. Tom was responding internally, using his muscles to get as much erotic sensation as he could from the rapid, deep and vigorous fucking that Karl was treating him to.

Richard tightened Tom's mask so that once more it bit deeply into his face; the added constriction only added to Tom's pleasure. His dick was driving him crazy and he thought nothing could now stop him from coming to frenzied orgasm. Once again he had reckoned without the resources of Richard, who gave him an unexpected blast of gas. The pulsating cock rings were now vibrating so quickly that Tom's Dick was literally dancing about as Karl kept up the action in Tom's rubber butt. The effects of the gas prevented Tom from coming, and all the various sensations he was experiencing seemed to merge one with the other in a fantasy kaleidoscope of rubber ecstasy at one moment, and the next the whole thing seemed to become a procession of sensation; Tom fought to hold his head up. He could see the Gas masked rubber figure of Karl over the rim of his mask. As if by some secret signal, at that very moment Karl looked up.

To Tom, in his somewhat hypnotic state, the silvered eyepieces of Karl's mask seemed to glow; his gaze was riveted to them. In that instant he knew he wanted more than anything to be alone with Karl; never had he felt such longing for another man.

He was so intent upon Karl that it was some seconds before he noticed that the gas had stopped, and that the breathing sounds in his ears had again become loud, this time almost deafening. The noises rasped with orgasmic desperation, the moans that interspersed the breathing sounds had taken on a pleading note. They were the noise that highly sexed men make when they are at the limit of their tolerance of sexual stimulation. Tom's own breathing was now taken over by the machine; deep, slow and full breaths. Hans and Richard had moved right to either side of the table, each took one of Tom's rubber nipples and began gentle manipulation, quickly working up to really painful tit torture. Vapors of amyl flooded into Tom's mask, and as he soared yet again in the grip of male sexual joy, he felt the pulsating of the cock rings cease; they locked tight in a grip like contracting steel. At the same instant Karl rammed the dildo home to its full extent and held it with one hand, while with the other he gripped Tom's rampant dick and began a series of slow strokes up and down along the whole length of the hugely swollen rubber dick. Tightly though Karl gripped it, he could not suppress the throbbing that Tom felt was going to shake him apart.

The pain in his nipples was now intense, he felt his balls leap within their constriction and from deep within him began a surge of sexual ecstasy that seemed to take hours to fight its way upwards through his body. Despite the internal cataclysm that was building within him, Tom was still locked in the strange communion with Karl, and then his dick erupted. Karl kept up the pressure and movement. Stream after stream of rubber-inspired spunk leapt from Tom's dick as his whole body strained against his remaining bonds and the pressure of the dildo. Gradually the paroxysm subsided, and Tom closed his eyes, allowing his rubbered and masked head to fall back onto the table; he felt utterly spent.

Richard moved rapidly; he returned Tom's breathing to normal, and with practiced care, quickly removed the tube from Tom's stomach; there was an instant of horror for Tom as the tip passed through his throat, but it was fleeting and caused him no prolonged distress. Within a further minute Tom had been relieved of mask and gag, Karl had allowed him to slowly expel the dildo naturally, and now Richard and Hans were releasing the last of the bonds from Tom and freeing his legs from the stirrups. Hans operated the hydraulics of the table causing it to move beneath Tom and assume the contours of a chair.

Tom opened his eyes again, he could not take them from Karl, who was now carefully wiping away the remains of the lubricant. He moved away, but not before he had given Tom's dick a final affectionate squeeze before he was joined by Hans over by the chairs while Richard remained with Tom. Richard's voice came, low and musical as ever, 'Well done, Rubberman!' Tom could not speak, uncharacteristically, his eyes welled up with tears, he knew not if they were tears of gratitude or just sheer exhaustion; something of both, perhaps, or were his tears for love of Karl, he could not tell. Richard saw one tear slowly make its way down Tom's rubber cheek before Tom quickly wiped it. Tactfully he moved over to the other two to allow Tom to compose himself. He knew Tom was drained emotionally as well as physically. He had presided over many such sessions, and when newcomers like Tom had an emotional reaction, he regarded it as a good sign; his psychological training had taught him that a sensitive reaction to experiences like those to which Tom had just been subjected was an indicator of a mild Endorphin reaction, and that Tom would come through the rest of the weekend without trouble, whereas there were some candidates who reacted aggressively, others who reacted sullenly; these never made suitable candidates for ongoing sessions, Richard had found.

Alone now, Tom fought to pull himself together. It was difficult; his mind was in turmoil over his feelings for Karl. He had not bargained for this at all, yet he knew from Hans' taunts in the ante-room and from Karl's own reactions, that the blond German returned his feelings. How strongly he could not know, but at least there was something there, and the thought brought his own natural high spirits back. He lay back and rested with his eyes closed, his rubber lips curved in a gentle smile of absolute contentment, all thought of tears now vanished.

Richard inspected the preparations Hans had made for his own and Karl's feeding and nodded his approval. He glanced over to where Tom lay resting, noted that he was all right and returned his attention to the other two. Tom was now out of circuit and could not hear Richard's conversation with the two Germans.

'Good session, he's a game lad, what do you think Hans, any comments?'

Hans was always defensive when Richard had praise for another. 'No comment, Doctor, he is good.'

Richard knew that he would get no more out of Hans on the subject; from past experience he knew that Hans' brief response was high praise anyway, and he was content with that.

He turned to Karl, 'You have worked hard, ready for your food are you? Well, Hans is in the chair first so help me to get him ready, then you can have yours too.'

Richard removed the small gold padlock from the nape of Hans' neck, and with Karl's help, divested Hans of his breathing gear and gasmask. Hans got into the chair which Karl tilted back, and Richard fitted Hans' feeding gag and strapped him in the chair. He prepared the tube exactly as he had for Tom earlier, and strapped an anesthetic mask to Hans' face and put him on Entanox from another machine by the chair. He had not put the tube down Hans' throat yet, and Hans lay back in the chair drinking in what to him was the divine gas. He was oblivious to all but his own pleasure. Richard added to it by stepping up the activity of his cock rings and butt plug. He needed Hans to be completely distracted for a while; he wanted a word with Karl.

For some time Richard had been concerned about Karl, who had now been a part of Richard's household for almost four years. He smiled inside his mask as he recalled the occasion when the blond lad from Hamburg arrived, and the effect his arrival had had upon Hans. Prior to Karl's arrival, the household had consisted just of the two of them. There had been a daily woman who cleaned the house, shopped and did a little cooking for them, but as Richard began to expand his rubber activities further into the realm of extremism, her presence was found to be somewhat limiting to that side of their lives. Hans was working full time assisting Richard with developing the rubber exercises, as well as acting as Richard's medical secretary. Richard was also teaching him a lot about anesthesia, which meant that Hans had to spend a lot of his time reading text-books. There was also the need for them to have space and privacy together to consolidate their personal relationship. There just was no time for either to deal with the basic matter of looking after themselves domestically.

Plainly there was a dilemma, made worse by the fact that Richard had determined to build and equip the operating room. He could not trust outside labor, so it was a job they had to do themselves. The woman was in the way, yet they could not do without someone to perform the services she was rendering.

To Richard the solution was obvious; find a gay rubberman who would fit into the household, and who would not mind taking over the household duties in return for some rubber excitement plus his wages. It took only a little thought for Richard to realize that finding such a person would not be so easy. Whoever came would need to live-in, therefore had to be congenial, but above all, he would be privy to some secrets that for Richard just had to remain secret. For several weeks he kept his thoughts to himself before discussing them with Hans, who at first objected, seeing such a fundamental change in the day to day running of their lives as a potential threat. However, knowing of Richard's plans for expanding their rubber activities, he had to admit that the existing arrangements were impossible if their plans were to go ahead, and eventually, facing that fact, together with repeated declarations from Richard of his undying devotion to Hans, the big German was eventually persuaded.

Richard began his quest by advertising in the gay rubber contact sheets. He met many rubbermen over the following weeks, some quite personable, many quite capable of, and eager to perform the necessary domestic duties, but somehow none seemed to be what Richard really had in mind. He was on the point of abandoning the whole idea, and shelving some of his more ambitious rubber plans for the time being when he had to fly to Hamburg to attend a week long seminar.

Whenever he was way from home for more than a day or two, Richard always took with him a portable resuscitation set. It was a prototype which had never gone into production for reasons of cost. Officials at frontier customs would not know that, and if challenged, which was rare because his passport told anyone who needed to know, that Richard was a medical man, he had only to say he was bringing it into whatever country to demonstrate it to professional colleagues. The ruse never failed, and in the event it was the airlines that always made more fuss about it than customs.

The apparatus consisted of two small cylinders, one charged with Oxygen, the other with Entanox, and apart from one or two innovative features built into the reducing valve and the demand valve which amounted to miniaturization, thus added portability and increased versatility, the whole thing was very basic and otherwise standard. He carried it for his own recreation in his room alone at night. There was sufficient duration in the set to give him five sessions of about twenty minutes each on gas when he wanted to relax after a tedious day's business. He always left the set in his hotel room during daytime absence.

On this particular trip to Hamburg, Richard put up at one of the many first class hotels to be found in the centre of the city. As was his custom, he asked that breakfast be served to him in his room each morning during his stay. The first morning he was up early; he had a paper to read at the conference, and was taking a last look through it and some notes, when he heard a knock on the door, followed by the clink of keys. The door opened and a large, very athletic-looking blond wheeled in the breakfast trolley.

He grinned broadly, 'Good morning, Herr Doktor. You have slept well?'
'Very well, thank you.'

The lad hesitated, Richard wondered why, but did not mind being interrupted for it was not usually his luck to receive the attentions of such an attractive young man in these circumstances, and there was no doubting that this lad was one of the most attractive guys he had ever seen.

He thought perhaps the lad was waiting for a tip which would be counter to custom on the first morning of a four- or five-day stay in a hotel of that quality, but within seconds the lad spoke again, 'I am Karl, I hope you enjoy your breakfast, Herr Doktor. Is the Herr Doktor in Hamburg for the conference of the Doktors?'

Richard replied that he was, whereupon Karl smiled broadly, gave a slight bow and withdrew. For a few moments Richard savored the physical and personal charms of Karl, then, turning his attention to his breakfast and his papers, dismissed the lad from his mind.

Late that afternoon Richard emerged from the conference hall to find a heavy rainstorm in progress. On the opposite side of the busy street he spotted a cab-rank, he walked to the nearby pedestrian crossing, waited impatiently for the light to change, cursing the rotten weather. When he eventually got the green light he noticed that the first vehicle to stop was a big Japanese motorcycle. He also noticed that the motorcyclist was clad entirely in black rubber. Richard's practiced eye could not be wrong about that, despite the fact that rubber had long been superseded by other materials for motorcycling wear, even in Germany. His mind raced as be began to cross the wide thoroughfare; he knew instinctively that the rider was a rubberman, well, thought Richard, he must be.

His musing was sharply interrupted when, as he drew abreast of the big bike, the rider grinned and called out, 'Good evening, Herr Doktor!'

Staggered by this discovery, he said aloud, 'Christ! Its the bloody floor waiter!'

Automatically he put up his hand to acknowledge the greeting and went on his way.

Before he reached the curb he half-turned for another look. His eyes went to Karl's hands as the big rubber-clad lad gunned the engine. Even his gloves were of rubber. For Richard, that clinched it, the guy was definitely into rubber. He found a taxi, told the driver the name of the hotel, and sat back trying desperately to get his heart rate back to normal. Back at the hotel, he showered, pulled on a rubber jock-strap, set up the portable gas machine and breathed deeply on the relaxing Entanox. He fantasized, as he always did on gas. Inevitably some of his fantasizing centered around Karl. He was absolutely certain that the lad was a rubber guy. Whether he was gay or not hardly mattered; Richard knew from his own experience, both as a rubberman and as a student of psychology, that if Karl had explored the world of rubber in any depth, then he would already be aware of how difficult it was to find fulfillment in rubber among women, whereas with men it was relatively easy. He decided upon his strategy to try and find out. The situation intrigued him and he was determined to find out if his assumption about the attractive waiter was correct; something, he told himself, to liven up an otherwise rather tedious week.

The second morning when Karl arrived with the trolley he found Richard up but not dressed. The first ploy that had occurred to Richard was to allow Karl to find him nude except for his rubber jock. He rejected it was being a little too obvious, after all even if the lad was into rubber, he might not welcome the attentions of an older man, even one who was only about twelve years or so older. He also reasoned that he himself had no knowledge of the shifts operated by the hotel staff, and there was a high probability that his breakfast this day may well be brought by someone else.

He wore his jock, but over it was a bathrobe. If Karl arrived, he could allow it to fall open and show the hint of rubber, if not, then no waiter would be surprised to find a guest in a bathrobe at breakfast time. Soon after eight the discreet knock came, followed by the jingle of the keys. In the second or so before the door opened, Richard realised with annoyance that he was quite worked up, his heart was racing, and then there came the trolley followed by Karl, grinning cheerfully as usual. Richard spoke first, 'Good morning, Karl, and thank you.' 'Good morning, Herr Doktor. Good sleep?' 'Thank you - yes.' Richard replied almost tersely, he was mildly irritated by Karl's habit of addressing him as 'Herr Doktor'.

Karl's features clouded for a second, Richard cursed himself, for allowing his irritation to show, especially now. 'I hope the Herr Doktor did not get wet last night.'

This was Richard's moment, he saw it and plunged straight in, 'No, thanks, I got a taxi. You were well protected against the rain I noticed.' As he spoke he allowed his robe to fall open, conscious that the whole performance was a bit hammy.

'Yes, I was very dry.' As Richard's Robe fell open, revealing the black rubber jock, Karl's gaze went straight to Richard's crotch as Richard intended. The effect upon Karl was dramatic; there was a split second of stunned surprise upon his handsome features, followed by an equally brief flash of his customary grin which in turn was replaced by a look of confused embarrassment while he quickly pushed the trolley to the side of Richard's bed.

'Doktor...' Karl began, but hesitated, Richard knew more or less what was coming, but took advantage of the moment again. Pitching his voice at its most persuasive he said, very quietly, 'yes, Karl, what is it? By the way, just call me Doctor, no need for the Herr bit, now how can I help you.' Richard picked up a slice of dry toast and nibbled it while he waited for Karl to answer. The lad was plainly uneasy, scared even. 'Doctor, it is hard for me to say...'

Karl had lost his natural cheerfulness, and as he fought to find the right way to say what he wanted, his eyes never left the rubber jock strap worn by Richard.

Richard was not a gambler by nature, though he had taken a gamble at the time he began his association with Hans, and that had paid handsome dividends. Should he, he wondered, take a chance and make it easy for Karl. He gave it only an instant's thought before deciding, sensibly, that attractive though the lad was, there was no justification in risking his professional reputation just for the sake of a glamorous rubber pick-up. He closed his robe, and was thinking of dismissing the whole incident; just something to tell Hans about and laugh with him about when he got home, nothing more.

Karl, however, had found his courage and his words. 'What is the type of doctor are you?', he began.

'I beg your pardon,' the question startled Richard, then he remembered the nuances of language. 'Oh. I see, you mean what branch of the profession do I work in.'

Karl; had regained his grin and was nodding, 'Yes, are you a doctor who puts people to sleep?'

'Yes, I am an anesthetist, why do you ask?'

'Ah, almost the same word in my language.'

Richard sat on the bed and inspected his breakfast, waiting for Karl to continue, but the young waiter's courage had failed him. 'Have good breakfast, bitte schoen.' Then he fled.

Richard could only toy with his breakfast. He wanted to curse himself for mishandling the whole episode, and yet, he told himself if the lad is really into rubber, what had he done to frighten him so much? He had no answer, except perhaps that the lad was more nervous and highly strung than he had thought. Maybe he feared that Richard would report him to the hotel's management and he would lose his job for being over-familiar with a guest. He pushed the trolley from him, dressed and left the hotel for the day's session of his conference.

Karl's hands shook as he returned to his pantry at the end of the corridor. Richard was only partly right about the reasons for Karl's sudden flight. One of the reasons he fled was because he had eight other rooms to service, and he was already running late; the management did not like that. The other reason was as Richard had surmised, sheer terror.

Karl was alone in the world. When he was fifteen his parents had died in an Autobahn pile-up. He was an only child, and most of his older relatives had either died in the terrible air raids inflicted upon Hamburg in the war, or had moved away and lost touch with the family altogether. The family had had no money, and for a year after he lost his parents the city authorities had housed Karl. By then his schooling was over; although the lad was intelligent, he was not studious. Naturally athletic, and devoted to sport of any kind, Karl had no interest in books. Even before calamity had befallen the family he had taken to working-out in a local gym, and soon began winning body- building contests locally. His good looks and cheerful, open personality made him a popular figure in the gym, and he made a number of friends among the local body-building fraternity. After leaving school, the guardians at the city home where he had been in care secured him his job in the hotel, where, to begin with he lived-in.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ticket Sale for Leather and Denim Cruise

Sunday July 24th. The Leather & Denim Cruise “Bring a Buddy Sale” 2 tickets for sixty dollars online at Produced by
Cruisey-T Productions presents a Leather & Denim Cruise - Ship To Shore Event on Sunday July 24th, the weekend before Vancouver Pride and the day before the opening of the North America OutGames in Vancouver. Rubbout is a co-sponsor; we are excited about this event and hope you will join us for some sexy cruising! :)

The Cruise is followed by the Vancouver Men in Leather Dungeon play party in the basement of FiveSixty, AND THEN, the after party is at Steamworks Vancouver!
Currently there is a "Bring A Buddy Sale" where you can get 2 tickets for $60 or one for $40. Tickets boatside will be $50 once the limited number of sale tickets are gone.

Tickets are on sale now at Priape, Little Sisters and online at

Rubbout 21 Photo Shoot

I am relieved to say that Mr. P finally got out of the hospital. It's been a stressful exhausting week. He's still on day passes for the next couple of days since he needs to get antibiotics three times a day, but at least he's not stuck in a noisy hospital room and we got to sleep together last night for the first time since Friday.

In addition to hospital visits, I had another job interview yesterday...admittedly I was poorly prepared for it. Looking back on it now I think I did okay but it might have been the best plan to delay the interview a few days since I feel it could've gone better.

My rubber play buddy from NZ was in town this weekend but I wasn't able to get a play party planned out...Tuchus and I have been chatting for some time to finally get together again. I haven't played with him since Portland in March, we'll see if I can't reschedule something with him in the next week or so.

I was feeling pretty despondent on Monday night and was almost ready to postpone all my appointments for the week, but last night I was able to go over to S and S's condo for a Rubbout photo shoot, and this made me feel a LOT BETTER. S is an illustrator and we have hired him to create a couple of poster images to promote Rubbout 21. He had a very buff handsome ginger model over in some transparent blue latex and he is supposed to be the centerpiece of the new poster series. The theme as some of you know, is 'Rubber Invasion' for 2012. The model was dressed in some sci-fi holsters, guns and goggles, and looked awesome once I had him polished up. Next, S's husband S donned my white Libidex catsuit, hood, gloves and white gasmask. His image is supposed to be multiple background, like an army of invaders behind the 'captain'. S looked great in the suit once polished up and he filled it out beautifully.

S's plan was also to give me an opportunity for some professional photographs. I decided to finally get some pics done of the Hypershine bathing suit, while also promoting Rubbout weekend with the beach balls that were around a couple of years ago. We had fun with that, and I'm excited to see how the pics turned out. I'm more excited to see how S's illustrations turn out! The intent was to have at least a sketch together so we could do some Rubbout promotion at Pride in a couple of weeks, he says it'll be no exciting! I will post pics and posters here as they come available.

So yeah, busy looking for new work, covering my ass at the current job, and doing all that other shit. I'm tired but thankful everything is as it could all be a lot worse, right?

The Leather and Denim Cruisey-T is on Sunday, and Pride events start this weekend. The North America Outgames start on Monday and finish next weekend, smack in the middle of Vancouver Pride. It's going to be a fun exhausting week. I just wish the weather would give us even a bit of a taste of summer. It's creating a lot of bummed out people and low attendance at summer events. I can only hope the weather heats up as do all the Pride events!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dore Alley Event

RMSF parties are always a good time :)

Rubberstud of the Week #168

Friday, July 15, 2011

Have a good weekend!

All you rubberpervs should be aspiring to have as much fun in rubber as these two young studs!

Newsworthy Tightness

Just as we're heading into another summer in Vancouver, we're two weeks to Pride and just over a week to the Outgames. The city is going to be hopping! The weather - meh - not so much. I feel for the poor folks enduring the heatwave everywhere else on the continent this weekend, but we would really appreciate it if you would send some heat and sun our way up here in the Northwest.

Entertainment Weekly released photos in today's magazine of Andrew Garfield and the cast of the new Spider-Man movie. I hadn't really appreciated the look of the suit in the filming candid shots that were all over the Internet, but the stylized professional photos do it some justice. I'm not all swoony over Garfield, but I'm sure the movie will be awesome.
Also alerted to me this morning were pics of Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants, Wednesday night in Hollywood at the ESPY Awards, and nobody made a bigger impression on the red carpet than the San Francisco Giants closer. San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson loves to push the boundaries. The eccentric All-Star showed up in a one-piece spandex tuxedo. "It's a onesie, so it has built-in gloves that are a little dirty because I've been getting a little awkward here on the carpet," Wilson said. To complete the visual image, may we also note that Wilson had a gold bow tie, custom socks sent to him by a fan as well as a "Cougar" cane. This guy's a freak and we should love him for showing his inner-nut in such a public way. I think I need to get one of these for all my future formal engagements.

FABLE: Chapter Five

Part 5
Tom lay secure in his rubber cocoon, aware now that all fluid had drained from his bowel, and for the present at least, there was no sign of refilling. His breathing was back to normal and his consciousness at that moment was dominated by the intense pressure being exerted by his mask. Aware of an apparent lull in the proceedings, he had a sharp but brief sense of anticipation, and almost immediately he felt a slight constricting sensation in all his major blood vessels, rather like a non-smoker would experience if he inhaled on a cigarette. There was a distinct ringing in his ears. He felt intoxicated.

Despite Richard's advice, he felt the onset of panic. He felt really 'high', and knew that he would be utterly useless if called upon to perform any task. Momentarily he almost regretted his situation, and then as suddenly as they had appeared, his symptoms subsided, and he realised that he was once more breathing pure oxygen. Quickly he worked out Richard's strategy, and before he had time to really think about it he felt once more the same tensing in his limbs and his ears rang again.

This time, without panic, he drew deeply on the gas, secure in the knowledge that its effects wore off almost instantly. He felt as if he were descending into a deep black rubber void. There was chaos and confusion all about him, all was black; there was nothing in his consciousness but blackness. The sensation of falling gradually gave way to one of floating. Erotic images began a procession through his mind. He felt totally liberated from all the usual tensions and stresses normally associated with modern life; he was really happy, joyful even. All sense of time had gone, each succeeding erotic image was more exciting than the last.

Another sensation began to insinuate itself. For a few moments he could not work out just what it was that was happening because the gas allows the patient to feel only sensation, but not pain. For example, if Richard pierced Tom's skin with a needle, Tom would be aware of the needle breaking through his skin, but it would not hurt him. The water had begun to flow back into Tom, and it was not until he began to feel a sense of fullness that he realised what was happening. The disorienting effects of the gas made the process of refilling seem to Tom an interminable one. He felt fuller and fuller until he felt he must burst, and the weight and pressure of all the rubber on him only increased the sensation of fullness.

Tom had reached the point where he could now no longer tell for certain if the water was still flowing into him or not. He had not long to wait to find out; the gas had stopped and he regained, with surprising swiftness, total awareness of all his physical sensations, the chief of which at that moment was his very distended fluid-filled abdomen. He felt the mask biting into his face; it was now quite painful. His arse had never felt so full. He could no longer flex his anal muscles, but that did nothing to detract from the wild sensation of anal pleasure he was experiencing.

Another blast of Amyl made him soar again with physical delight, and while thus soaring he felt his now semi flaccid dick gently caressed by a rubber-gloved hand.
The well-lubricated catheter slid through the length of his dick easily, but when the tip reached the sphincter, further progress into Tom's bladder was impeded because of the internal distortions caused by the volume of fluid in Tom's bowel. Karl had been well trained by Richard in the art of catheterization, and with a few deft maneuvers, the tip of the fairly large gauge Foley catheter was into the bladder. The pressure of the enema caused urine to spurt from the outer end of the catheter. Karl allowed the entire contents of Tom's bladder to drain into a steel kidney dish, and then he closed off the valve of the catheter just before the final few drops of Tom's piss could drain away, thus preventing any air from entering the thin rubber tube arching provocatively from the eye of Tom's now rigid dick. Karl turned his attention once more to the enema which he allowed to drain away yet again.

The easing of the pressure inside him gave Tom a brief respite, though he was still aware of the tightness of his mask from which it seemed he was to have no relief. The catheter in his dick felt really good, and now that all the fluid pressure had eased, he could once again flex his anal muscles against the huge nozzle in his ass. He felt good. Then when he came to inhale his next breath, there was no oxygen. His hungry, empty lungs pulled and pulled. He felt the mask so tight on his face that his efforts to pull more oxygen from the vacuum that now existed in the mask could tighten it no further. Then suddenly - oxygen! But only a trickle. Richard had once more taken control of Tom's breathing. The oxygen flowed into Tom slowly until his lungs were expanded to their fullest extent. There was a pause, and then just as slowly the machine emptied his lungs, really sucking the last vestiges of oxygen from him. Another pause and the cycle recommenced. It was several minutes before Tom became accustomed to breathing in slow- motion. The machine was also forcing him to inhale and exhale to the limits of his capacity.

While Tom was adjusting to a new and very unusual breathing pattern, Karl had equipped himself with a large syringe containing distilled water heated to blood heat. The contents of the syringe equaled the capacity of Tom's bladder. Karl fitted the mouth of the catheter to the spigot of the syringe, and opening the valve on the catheter, he began very slowly to fill Tom's bladder with the water. He carried out the procedure with care.

Karl was not a man given to great depths of thought; to him the world was a playground. To a man with his sunny disposition, profound emotion was something that affected others - until the advent into his life of Tom. He had been attracted to Tom the moment he set eyes on him, and because he had himself undergone the same experience now being endured by Tom, he felt a bond becoming established between them. Karl was devoted to, and had the greatest respect for Richard, who he knew respected his own capabilities as a technician in advanced rubber scenes. He suspected, correctly, that Richard was fond of him. He knew, of course, of the relationship that existed between Richard and Hans, and although Richard was careful not to make Karl feel like an outsider, Hans exercised no such scruples.

Despite being unable to think it out clearly, Karl knew instinctively that although his rubber life was fulfilled to a point that most rubber guys can only fantasize about, emotionally there was a gap to be filled. While he worked he gazed at Tom's rubber-encased form, and he hoped with all his heart that the gap in his life might now be filled. He could feel Tom's rampant dick throbbing in his hand as he gently depressed the plunger on the big syringe. He became aware of his own dick, also erect and straining within its rubber second skin. He licked his rubber lips inside his snugly fitting gasmask, and involuntarily flexed his body muscles against his double outer rubber skin. It was, he told himself yet again, wonderful to be a rubberman, and now that Tom was here he hoped that it would be even better.

Tom was still trying to accustom himself to the very slow breathing cycle that Richard had imposed when he became aware that his bladder was being filled. He felt that it was never going to stop, and that his bladder would give way under the strain, so great was the tension on it once the filling process was nearing completion. He had never felt so desperate for a piss before, and yet there was a delicious tingling sensation which accompanied the feeling of intolerable fullness. Tom guessed the filling of his bladder was complete when he felt Karl release his dick and allow it to stand free; he could feel the catheter along the entire length of his dick. He could also feel the water being pumped into his bowel yet again. This time he felt a twinge of apprehension. He had already experienced the intense fullness in his gut caused by the whole enema, and he was able to anticipate what it would feel like now that his bladder was also full.

Tom was conscious that he was becoming a little tired; lying there and adjusting mentally and physically to the constantly changing sensations he was experiencing was, he realised with mild surprise, quite hard work. Now the internal pressure was building, and he felt very uncomfortable. Matters were made no easier by the continuing intense pressure his mask was exerting, nor by the extremely slow breathing cycle the machine was forcing upon him.

The sudden tensing in his blood vessels alerted him to the fact that he was once again breathing gas. This time, because of the slow breathing, his descent from full consciousness into the twilit semi- conscious, trippy state induced by the gas took longer, and was tantalizingly gradual. Richard, by clever manipulation of the gas flow was able to drag it out still further. The gas brought Tom immediate relief from his abdominal discomfort, although he remained aware of the sense of being very full; indeed the gas seemed to intensify that fullness. Although the flow of water into Tom remained constant, the effect of the gas was to make it seem as though there was an ebbing and flowing of the water. Tom was aware of floating gently downward toward a black vortex; he felt himself spinning slowly downward, and all the time filling and filling until he believed that explosion must be imminent. It was at this point that Tom realised that he was fighting to remain conscious.

Richard was gradually increasing the proportion of Nitrous Oxide within Tom's breathing mixture, so that Tom was beginning to breathe true anesthetic now in place of mere analgesic. The totality of gaseous anesthesia engulfed Tom in its final blackness, and he slept without awareness.

Richard brought Karl back into circuit, 'he's right under now, and he's taken everything well. His heart and BP are normal for the circumstances, so we can retain the fluids in him for half an hour, after which you can drain him and we'll give him a rest. He can have a drink, and while he regains his strength you and Hans can provide him with a little entertainment while he watches me feed you two.'

Richard was busying himself with the anesthetic machine while talking to Karl. First he returned the rhythm of Tom's breathing to normal, and once he was satisfied that Tom had settled into the pace, he gradually returned his breathing to manual.

Hans had moved over to one of the large dentist-type chairs and was laying out a series of long red rubber tubes on a trolley alongside the two chairs, which faced each other. Karl, after carefully securing the phallic nozzle in Tom's ass, and his catheter as a precaution against involuntary expulsion by Tom under anesthesia, meanwhile was preparing a special glucose and high-nutrient drink for Tom, which was formulated for rapid absorption into the blood, requiring little or no digestion and leaving a minimum of residue. Richard was making adjustments to the anesthetic machine to lighten the anesthesia for Tom.

Awareness began to return to Tom. His first impression was of the overwhelming fullness in his gut, closely followed by the realization that his mask was still crushingly tight. He also took in the fact that his breathing was back to normal. Because he was still breathing a small percentage of gas, full consciousness did not return, and Tom lay in a silent black half-world of rubber and water. He could not be absolutely sure, because in the condition in which he was being kept, nothing could be defined for certain, but he thought that very faintly sounds were drifting down to him. It was probably just his own breathing he thought, it was so difficult to concentrate, and why should he make the effort, when his arse and his mask, despite the discomfort, really did feel so good. And it was really just great to lay here and get high and intoxicated on all the rubber and the gas, and not to have to worry about anything. But, wait, there is a noise, someone moaned gently and there is someone breathing, and now he could swear he heard a second person breathing. He strained to hear, but it was so faint, and it was so difficult to concentrate and think. Not to worry, thought Tom, I'll just lay here and enjoy all this gear on me.

But the sounds grew louder, the breathing became faster, more intense, deeper. A voice whispered softly, 'more, please, more.', and there was a long contented outlet of air, while the other carried on breathing frantically as if approaching a sexual climax. The two breathed on, sometimes moaning with some pleasure unknown to Tom, but guessed at, at other times becoming excited and agitated. In fact what Tom was hearing was a tape made by Richard during an earlier session involving others. It would become louder in Tom's ears, the sounds of the breathing and excitement would gradually intensify; Richard would use these sounds as a partial distraction for Tom from what was to come next.

For Tom it seemed as though he had spent many hours in that half-conscious state of suspended animation, in fact it was exactly thirty minutes as Richard had decreed. Karl had noted the time carefully and warned Richard that the time had come for draining Tom. Richard responded, 'OK, I'm going to bring him right out of anesthesia now, just hold him there until he's back and you can start draining, but do the bladder first.' Karl nodded as Richard once more turned his attention to the machine. He put Tom back onto Oxygen, but left the level of sound in his ears as it was, tantalizingly low so that Tom continued to concentrate hard on what, as full consciousness returned to him, he now knew for certain that he was hearing. Richard waited for a minute to be certain that Tom had regained full consciousness, and brought him back into his own circuit. He could hear Tom breathing, while Tom could still hear the recorded sounds, he now also heard Richard's low voice, 'How do you feel now, Tom?' Tom drew breath to reply, discovering with some surprise that it was an effort to breathe and speak while so full.

He gasped out one word, 'Great!'

'I think you must be rather tired, and somewhat full by now, Tom', Richard suggested to him. Tom admitted that he was just a little fatigued, and yes, he did feel as if he would burst. He was loath to admit just how knackered he really felt for fear of an adverse reaction from Richard. Richard knew that Tom had eaten nothing, and had been without a drink for many hours and that consequently his blood sugar was at a very low level, which was now making it difficult for Tom to sustain the degree of stress to which his body was being subjected without feeling very low. 'Yes, you will be feeling the strain by now, but so far you have done very well. The boys are going to relieve the pressures for you soon, then I have a little treat in store for you, but before that you have another hurdle to overcome, so gather your strength again, and when I come back into circuit you are to do exactly as I tell you when I tell you.' Tom replied that he would, wondering just what was coming next.

Hans had now completed his preparations over at the chairs and approached Karl from whom he took the prepared food supplement. He had with him one of the long red rubber tubes, which he laid over a nearby trolley, then placed the slightly thickened food drink in a steel container located among the nearby bank of electronic equipment. He made one or two adjustments and went over to Richard at the head of the table.

Together they began folding the heavy rubber sheet down Tom's body and then when it was manageable, lifted it from Tom, who realised afresh just how heavy it was. The two rubbermen began releasing the straps securing the rubber pad over Tom's body, then removed it altogether. Tom felt the blessed relief of pressure on his abdomen only momentarily, for as the fluids within him adjusted to the lack of pressure from without he felt as if he was swelling up, and again feared he would burst. Hans and Richard returned to the head of the table, and Richard told Karl he could proceed with the draining. Very gradually Karl opened the valve on the catheter. The pressure within Tom was so great that despite this precaution, the sterile fluid from Tom's bladder shot out with great force as Karl directed it into a steel bucket. As Tom's bladder emptied, Karl opened the valve further, and within two minutes the stream of warm clear fluid diminished then ceased. Tom was grateful for the partial release of pressure, and really enjoyed the sensation of the expelled fluid leaving his body, although that was nothing compared to the sense of relief he felt when Karl almost immediately opened the enema valve to slowly drain Tom completely. The draining took several minutes; Karl knew he had to do this slowly, or Tom's natural muscular reaction would be to force the liquid out too rapidly and maybe cause him to injure an internal muscle against the great bulk of the huge phallic nozzle locked in his bowel. As the pressure lessened within him, Tom experienced renewed awareness of the big phallus; it still felt good to him, and almost involuntarily he flexed his muscles against it once more. Despite his weariness his dick was once more rampant and throbbing, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the other three.

The draining completed, Karl now deflated the head of the phallus, holding it in place manually to prevent Tom's muscular contractions from expelling it. Slowly, using both hands, Karl allowed the phallus to emerge from Tom's body. Tom suffered withdrawal symptoms in more than a strictly literal sense. As soon as the phallus was clear of his body he felt an uncontrollable need for something to be in his ass. It was like a dreadful hunger. He knew there was no solid matter left within him and yet he felt an overpowering urge to defecate. This was only slightly ameliorated by Karl's efforts to dry the area and clean away any old lubricant remaining there.

Finally, Karl deflated and slowly withdrew Tom's catheter, and began clearing away the enema equipment which he took away to the side of the room, where he also had other preparations to make.

Richard's voice came back into Tom's ears over the recorded sounds still playing very quietly. 'I expect you feel better now we've got rid of all that water.' 'I need fucking', said Tom, whose anal region was now driving him to distraction after accommodating the giant phallus for several hours. Realizing his error too late, the rebuke from Richard surprised him by its mildness. 'I am here to make those decisions for you.' he said with icy quietness, 'and you may be sure I shall do that when appropriate.' Silence, apart from the breathing sounds. Tom cursed himself, and resolved not to speak again without thinking.

As he lapsed into rueful silence he was startled by the sudden removal of his rubber blindfold. Richard had been careful to subdue the lighting so that Tom would feel no discomfort after being deprived of light for so long. Tom looked up to see Richard's gas masked face above him. He blinked and accustomed himself to the light within seconds, realizing the Hans was nearby also. Richard slackened, and then removed the mask, allowing Tom to move his facial muscles freely for the first time in hours. He licked his rubber lips, and became aware of how thirsty he felt. As if reading Tom's mind, Richard produced a pair of surgical clamps within the jaws of which was gripped a piece of gauze which had been dipped in the food supplement Tom was soon to receive by a very different method. Tom needed no telling what to do. He opened his mouth, allowing Richard to swab the inside of his cheeks and give Tom an opportunity to suck some of the heavy liquid from the gauze. Meager though it was, for Tom it felt like a feast. Richard removed Tom's head harness. Tom took advantage of the release to move his head about to relieve the strain on his neck muscles. For the first time in hours he was able to look about him briefly, and although the light was subdued he was able to see that Hans was hovering nearby, and that Karl was approaching the table from the far side of the room. Richard's voice came once more into Tom's ears, 'you must be hungry now, Tom.' Realizing that this was indeed the case, Tom nodded his assent.

He was ravenous, and the thought of eating took his mind of his ass and his dick. 'Well, we have some refreshment for you now, so open your mouth and we'll soon be feeding you', Richard went on. Tom complied as Hans handed to Richard what appeared to Tom to be a piece of moulded black rubber. It was a gag which had been moulded from impressions taken of Tom's mouth. To Tom it looked enormous, and he doubted that it would ever fit into his mouth.

It was however, in two sections, one for the upper jaw, the other for the lower. Richard fitted the lower part first, it fitted exactly over Tom's lower dentition, and there was room for his tongue to lie snugly in its natural position beneath the central piece of rubber. Richard inserted the upper section and this also fitted perfectly. The two separate pieces were like elaborate gum shields, and when placed together there was a narrow channel running from front to back between the two parts of the gag. The effect on Tom was that his mouth was now full of semi hard black rubber, his mouth was forced slightly open by the bulk of it to the extent that he could not quite get his lips to meet. He moved his lips over the outer flanges of the gag to make it feel more comfortable, and indeed it fitted perfectly and felt very snug. The outer end of the channel was blocked with a small rubber plug so Tom had to breathe through his nose. He was surprised to see Richard with a screwdriver in his hand. Richard applied this to one of two small rubber screw heads built into the upper part of the gag and gave it half a turn. He did the same to the second, and by a clever arrangement of catches and grooves running through the gag, he was thus able to lock the two portions together, and there was no way that Tom could expel it, even if he had wanted to, which he did not because he found wearing it to be quite a turn on.

Tom became aware that Karl had begun lubricating his ass, probing with rubber fingers; the feeling was good and Tom flexed his anal muscles against the gentle pressure being exerted by Karl's fingers. Noting the response, and realizing that Tom was now able to move his head, he lifted a long slender dildo with a substantial head so that Tom could see it, at the same time Karl clenched his other fist and bent his arm up from the elbow and shook his rubber fist to indicate to Tom that he was about to be well-fucked with the big rubber member. Tom wanted to grin back at Karl in happy anticipation but the massive black rubber gag in his mouth prevented him; he had no way of knowing that the grin Karl wore under his mask was big enough for the two of them. This distraction prevented Tom from noticing Hans handing the long red rubber feeding tube to Richard, who removed the plug from the opening of the channel running through Tom's gag. When Tom saw the tube he realised just what was in store for him. He had never before had a tube inserted down his throat, and he reacted with horror. Richard noticed on the monitor the expected sudden surge in Tom's blood pressure, indicating his alarm. Richard's voice came quietly into Tom's ears, 'Now, Tom, take it easy. Nothing to worry about so long as you do just as I tell you. I'm going to put this tube into your stomach. I know that your reflexes will make you want to reject it, and you will want to heave it out; that is only natural. You must believe me now when I tell you that once the tip of the tube has passed beyond your throat the urge to vomit will pass, and although you will still feel the presence of the tube, the main discomfort will have passed, and the longer the tube is in place the less you will notice it. Now I want you to wait until your mask has been replaced, and then turn your head so that you are looking to this side. When you feel the tube begin to enter your throat begin to swallow and keep swallowing all the time and the tube will go in much more easily and quickly. You'll be back on oxygen in a few seconds and will feel better. Now just settle down, and remember what I have said and remember also that you are in the process of becoming a very advanced Rubberman. You've done fine so far so don't spoil it now.' Richard came out of circuit and stepped up the volume of the recorded sounds, which had taken on the quality of urgent intensity, and now filled Tom's head with their exciting and stimulating Rubber breathing sounds and occasional moaning.