Monday, May 30, 2011

Post Drought

Man oh man, we got back from Las Vegas on Wednesday (a day later than originally planned and booked...don't ask...what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas), and between a birthday party and my best friend from Calgary visiting on the weekend, it appears that the party in Vegas didn't end with us physically leaving the city. So many stories, good and bad, but nothing really relevant to what's going on here. I wish I had been able to go to Vegas AND IML but it was not to be this year. I am having a lot of issues at work right now and I hope that I'll be able to get the rest of the vacation times I've requested this year when I want them, and that includes MIR.

I now have a bunch of friends going to Folsom, I haven't made up my mind whether to go or not. I am sort of getting travel burnout, I'm looking forward to spending the summer on the beaches in Vancouver (except for a week in July when I have to go HOME home for my dad's milestone birthday).

So, that being said, I don't really have a lot more to say at this particular point in time. I'm tired, and parched, my brain is injured as much as my liver. Summer's almost here, I'm looking forward to getting on the bike and shedding a few pounds and enjoying the late evenings, trying not to let work get me down too much.

I still have some pics to post from the Rubbout Volunteer Appreciation Party and a few events coming up in the next couple of months I need to announce yet. I will get on that shortly; I need a few more days to detox and get caught up on work before then.

Ciao for now.

More GaGa in Latex

I know it's a few weeks ago, I'm behind, okay? ;)

Rubberstud of the Week #161

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Mr. P and I are off to Las Vegas tomorrow for a four-day getaway. I'm super-excited; I've never been to Vegas before, this is the first trip Mr. P and I are taking together, and we're taking in the Kylie Minogue AND Sheena Easton concerts! I'm such an old flamer! Mr. P is just humouring me and coming along for the ride. :)

This will be the first trip I've taken in a very long time with no rubber or spandex in the luggage. It seems a bit weird, honestly. Oh well, lots of shorts and tank tops and poolside will be in the plans, hopefully. I'll be in touch after we get back. xoxo

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mr. American Rubber 4

Mr. American Rubber 4
**MAR ROCKS Columbus Day Weekend!!**

date: Saturday, October 08, 2011
time: 10:00 PM to 03:00 AM
where: Rockbar
address: 185 Christopher St., NYC
cost: $10 in advance, $20 at the door.
dress code: leather-uniform-rubber-expected!

Recon and Vex Clothing Present the 4th annual Mr. American Rubber Contest, Sat. Oct. 8th, 2011, at Rockbar, 185 Christopher St. in NYC. Admission is $20. Door open 10PM, contest at 11:30PM sharp! MAR contestants can compete in rubber, latex, neoprene, spandex, vinyl or lycra. For prize and contestant info, please visit:


facebook: []

Latex Spidey and Destruction

Here's the latest vid of Rubberskin's latex Spider-Man suit!

I freaked out a little bit watching this one:

Shiny and tight

Here is an older video from SpandexforFun. He puts up a lot of great video and images online. I love the fit and glossiness of this latex!

Simply nice to look at!

Here is a video of the Priape Latex fetish fashion show at Toronto Pride 2010.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The REAL Ambiguously Gay Duo!

Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon play Ace and Gary in this weekend's SNL skit! :) Lots of great cameos in this one by Ed Helms, Stephen Colbert, etc.

Rubberstud of the Week #159

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rubber boy pile

Have a good weekend! We gotta thank Blackshinyrubber for all of his amazing rubber play videos!

OMG Who Designed this Skinsuit?

I understand the practicality behind the waffle textured lycra, but is this the right place for it? Not that I'm complaining or anything...;)
Looks to be an Aussie skinsuit, too...

A (Slightly Cranky!) Primer to Lube and Shine

Posted from Fetlife:
by MissFuzzyBunny 11 months ago

Please note these are my opinions after selling, making and wearing latex for many years. I realize I may ruffle a few feathers with my anti-Armor-All stance, but I really dislike the idea of a car product in close proximity to my skin and body!

Hope this is helpful!*

I've reached the end of my endurance on the repeat questions in every forum about shining latex or getting into it.

So, without further ado, I present a no-nonsense guide to getting into your shiny latex.

Shine: Use silicone oil*, Pjur Cult Ultra Shine Spray, Pjur Cult dressing aid (apply with a sponge) or ViviShine. Period. Don't be a loser and try and cheap out with a household or car care product.

Expect to pay a bit. It's sad, but that's just the way life is, best to spend your valuable time doing something else instead of searching for the mystery cheap miracle fluid.

Note: Silicone sprays in aerosol cans are annoying and disgusting and coat everything in your house and clog your lungs. Walk right by them. Seriously, only old losers worth avoiding still bother with this shit. Harsh, but very very true. (Cult spray is a different animal altogether, it's non-aerosol and easy to control!)

Silicone oil can be purchased by the drum if you use a lot of it. Something like this, below. Please use your Google skills to locate the same product in your country.… This comes in a gallon! A gallon! We use this at the latex store where I work to polish everything. Pour some into a smaller bottle, pour onto a sponge or use your hands, and go to town. You can also get thicker grades if you like, it's up to you.

Dressing: Pjur Cult dressing aid, ID Millennium, ViviDress, or again, pure silicone oil. Silicone is the key word here, are you sensing a trend? If you're a nerd, you can chlorinate your garments, but nobody except die hard latex fetishists have the energy or the patience, it seems, so let's not even discuss this possibility, okay?

Essential: There is only one place where you should never use silicone as a dressing aid, and that is in socks or stockings. Have talc on hand for this clothing item. Silicone will make walking very dangerous!

Unscented talcum powder is necessary for getting into stockings, but should be avoided for other garments because your sweat turns white and things get very messy.

Do not, whatever you do, listen to anyone about using corn starch. Corn starch is an absolute no-no, and anyone suggesting it is probably someone with a very smelly collection of dull and rotting latex. Corn starch can promote latex allergies, and even worse, it will rot your latex if not properly cleaned off afterwards. It's a food. Food spoils. Imagine what rotten food will do to your nice latex! Save your corn starch pennies for thickening sauces and custards. Keep it the fuck away from your latex.

Good, concise advice from Miss Fuzzy Bunny. Any experienced rubberists will tell you that trying to cheap out on latex AND it's maintenance is an exercise in futility unless you have lots of money to play with. I am a firm believer that maintenance is just as if more important than where from and what you decide to buy. I'm a big fan of Vivishine and Vividress when I can get them. Eros or Pjur will work in a pinch. I have heard good and bad with Silicone lubes...that excessive use breaks down the glue holding seams together, but it sure shines nicely. I don't use silicone lube as a dressing, I find it too sticky. As for talc, I get people asking where is the best source. I use Billiard Powder, which is available from any pool/billiard supply store and works excellent.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Better Than A Blindfold

Well, I never thought of this... ;)

From the MEO site:
* *1A TOTAL ISOLATION - colored black contact lenses

TOTAL ISOLATION = POCKET DARKROOM - colored black contact lenses

Give in to your partner, submit to your wildest fantasies.

You can feel greedy hands roaming your body, you can hear excited soft moaning and quiet voices, you can smell the scent of lust, taste the salt on your tongue - but you can't see a thing. With all your other senses in overdrive, you're guaranteed a much more intense experience than ever before.

The slightest touch, the quietest whisper, even the subtlest scent becomes incomparably intense when blindfolded.

But blindfolds are usually not strong enough to allow you to live out your boundless fantasies. Some light comes in anyway, or you catch a fleeting glance out of the corner of your eye - ruining the mood and the moment.

Our solid black contact lenses promise intense experiences that far exceed the possibilities of a blindfold. Total isolation, total darkness guaranteed.

MEOTEAM's "TOTAL ISOLATION" contact lenses make this possible. It makes no difference whether your eyes are open or closed - utter darkness is guaranteed. They are comfortable to wear, and easy to insert and remove.

High quality, long term lenses, CE and ISO certified.
Curvature radius 8.6 mm - 14.5 mm diameter, water content 42%

A special opaque surface guarantees maximum darkening. For care and disinfection, we recommend the standard products for normal contact lenses available in any drugstore.
Crazy, eh? I bet they would look amazing with the right rubber hood too, of course you might have problems seeing yourself that way :)

Meet Your Master

Here's an interesting vid from the hot Germans (Gregkinky, Fang and others!) that I found this morning.

Rubberstud(s) of the Week #158

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If I Designed Hockey Team Uniforms....

Okay, the layers of protection provide a purpose, but what if this were the norm?
I might be more inclined to watch the game and not yawn so much....and then the game would be more inclined to be less violent, I think. You can't tell me that part of the violence in hockey isn't caused in part by the fact the players are ensconced in layers of polycarbonate plastic and Kevlar.

Can you imagine those giant, muscular hockey hotties in something more, um, skintight?

The Vancouver Canucks are 2 wins to 1 against the Nashville Predators in the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. The only reason I know that is because as a Canadian I'm expected to know these things. Walking to Mr. P's last night I could tell what was going on in the game just by listening to all the reactions from apartments, bars, cars as I was walking down the street! :)

Tight Athletes

Here a couple of track and field pics for the day:

I am trying to find more reasonable-quality pics of track and field guys wearing Nike Swiftsuits or something similar like this guy....boy, I'd sure like to find a larger higher-res pic of this guy! Any pics of Athletics guys in spandex would be wonderful. If you can help out, I would appreciate it!

I've posted pics of Tyler Christopher in his Canadian track team Swift suit in the past. I haven't seen any other national team athletes in full-body Swift suits so if you know of any pics out there, please let me know. The pic on the left of the guy in the orange Swift Suit could either be from a (presumably) American college team, or perhaps Holland? :)

I love the look of a nice tight waist coming off of a nice big muscular ass and legs...skinsuits do it nicely!

Men's Class

Pacific Northwest Ballet's men's summer intensive class

Awww...the guy in this instructional video is so cute!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seeing Red

Well, I still have a couple of Rubbout items to wrap up, and I'm certainly taking my time on that. I was relieved just to take a couple of weeks off after Rubbout and do nothing other than hang out with Mr. P and friends. However, this past weekend, I was lucky to have a visit from Higher Lycra and we had a great night rubbering out and having fun.

My new E7 fisting suit showed up on Friday (pics forthcoming!) coincidentally so we initiated the evening with some total rubberization play with some shared breathing and wrestling. I put him in the vac-coffin next, then we took the vac-coffin latex bag, filled it with lube and we climbed inside. It was a breathless, hot, sweaty, slippery way to end a great evening!

We are having our Rubbout Volunteer Appreciation party on May 14, so I hope to wear the new suit then and have some fun there too.

Mr. P and I are off to Las Vegas on May 20 for four days of fun. The main reason for the trip was to take in Kylie Minogue at Caesar's Palace, but as luck would have it, Sheena Easton is playing at the South Point Casino on Saturday night. I found out about the show the day after it was announced so I managed to get stage booth seats! Woo! I'm excited about the trip; I've never been to Vegas before so that will be a first, it's Mr. P and my first trip together, which is a second!!

Unfortunately May 21-22 is the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada and of course there are great events planned in Vancouver as well. We are missing HARD 2 on Saturday night, which makes me sad but the Vegas trip is going to be one of those once-in-a-lifetime things, so I'll be sure to take in HARD 3 when it comes around!
We're also planning a fetish Cruisey-T party on July 24th, the weekend before Vancouver Pride and the weekend the athletes start arriving for the 2nd North America Outgames, starting on July 25th. We hope to get a big crowd out for the cruise, and then move to the VML Underground Party immediately after! It'll prove to be quite the evening!

Taken and Probed

Yes, I know I am way behind....Bound God's latest installment looks HOT! Holy anal abduction!!!  I really wish that had been me that was abducted, sort of a fantasy come true, perhaps?  Fisting, double penetration, some flogging, toys, and fuck, really?

Get your subscription. They make fantasy become reality! :)

BoundGods movie page here.

Beautiful, Dangerous People! LOL Thanks Rubbergimp for posting this. I am so far behind in posting it's pathetic. This is a cool video. Ellis, I must find out more about this band; they seem to take to subversion well.

Monday, May 2, 2011