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Real Red

I think I've posted this one enough for an encore.

Workout Eyecandy


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Stretched and Wet

F*ck Yeah


Love This Regulation London Ad

Torso and Legs.

Jeebus! Look at the size of this dancer's quads! Thick and stretchy!

This guy just exudes muscular perfection to me. Yum!

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Sin City Takes Over the Waldorf

Nice! I'm SO going!

Rubbout Images

I always get a kick out of hearing stories and seeing pics from Rubbout weekend. It makes the event more real to me when I hear stories of guys hooking up or creating interesting bondage scenes in the host hotel. I always miss out on so much! Here are a few pics from Bill from the crew in the Inn on False Creek.

Pics from the weekend have been posted at the Vancouver Men in Leather Flickr page. Check them out via or!

Friday Night pics
Saturday Afternoon pics
Sunday brunch pics

From the Lifestyle Section

If you're looking for some points to use in a 30-second commercial to promote latex fetishism or lifestyle, there are a few good soundbites here. When someone comes up and asks a question like, "why?", I usually go into how latex barrages the five senses, how it oozes sexuality (among other things), the compression and restraint, and the empowerment I get and ability to become someone else I feel when I put it on.

Latex fetish
Doctissimo – Tue, Apr 16, 2013 00:00 BST

From condoms, sex toys, gloves and clothing, latex is the material that screams 'sex' above all others. The classic image is the full-body catsuit – shiny, black and skin-tight, with openings only over the eyes, nose, and mouth. But classic's not the only way to go, today people are getting creative and even making latex costumes based on manga characters. According to our expert Octavia Delvaux “The costumes evolve with the rubberists' imagination.”

Latex and fetishism

Latex is often associated with fetishism. “It's the ideas of exhibition and sensations (touch, hearing and smell), that take precedence. Latex beautifies the body, highlighting its shapes and curves,” says Delvaux. We've seen it in today's music scene – think Rihanna, Britney and Gaga, who've all seemed to master the erotic codes. “It's fetishist because the desire is directed towards the garment rather than just the body of the sexual partner who wears it,” explains our expert.

Latex and S&M

When most people think of S&M, images of a black latex-clad dominatrix with a rubber whip are often the first to come to mind. “When the mistress wears latex, it's her way of becoming a character. A 'second skin' bodysuit gives the dominatrix a certain confidence and definitely ups her sex appeal, all for the greater satisfaction of her submissive fetishist,” says Delvaux.

Latex fetishism relies on the idea of compression, moulding, squeezing and enclosing.There are also full-coverage bodysuits with doll-faced masks, which completely erase the identity of the subject and relegates them completely to the status of “object”.

It should be noted that fetishism and S&M don't necessarily go hand in hand. While S&M plays with notions of submission and dominance, fetishists often are more drawn to aspects of exhibitionism.

The erotic virtues of latex

Many aspects of the material create its strong erotic allure: the sight of the body compressed or moulded by the latex, highlighting certain parts or curves; the smell and feel of the rubber; even the sound of two latex-clad bodies coming together can drive fetishists to buy latex sheets.

According to those who wear latex, it's the feeling that prevails. The latex way of life varies from one individual to another: some appreciate the smell, the smooth texture, the warmth it provides, while others are drawn to the idea of being “imprisoned” in their clothing, and prefer full bodysuits. “Even the feeling of being menaced by their garment is alluring for some,” adds Delvaux. Sweating (since latex is definitely not breathable material) can equally add an exciting element to the punitive experience.

Catherine Maillard

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Another Rubberf*ck

Can anyone tell me what movie this is from? Is it from one of the RubClub videos? Which one?

Nice Bondage

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Into the abyss

The diving suit that turns men into fish

Humans have proven themselves remarkably adept at learning to do what other animals can do naturally. We have taught ourselves to fly like birds, climb like monkeys and burrow like moles. But the one animal that has always proven beyond our reach is the fish.

The invention of scuba diving has allowed us to breathe underwater but only at very shallow depths.

Thanks to our inability to conquer the bends, diving below 70m still remains astonishingly dangerous to anyone but a handful of experts. Ultra-deep diving is so lethal that more people have walked on the moon than descended below 240m using scuba gear.

Now an inventor in the United States believes he has solved the riddle of how to get humans down to serious depths – by getting us to breathe liquid like fish.

Arnold Lande, a retired American heart and lung surgeon, has patented a scuba suit that would allow a human to breathe “liquid air”, a special solution that has been highly enriched with oxygen molecules.

The idea immediately conjures up the terrifying spectre of drowning but our lungs are more than capable of taking oxygen from a solution.

“The first trick you would have to learn is overcoming the gag reflex,” explains Lande, a 79-year-old inventor from St Louis, Missouri. “But once that oxygenated liquid is inside your lungs it would feel just like breathing air.”

Lande envisages a scuba suit that would allow divers to inhale highly-oxygenated perfluorocarbons (PFCs) – a type of liquid that can dissolve enormous quantities of gas. The liquid would be contained in an enclosed helmet that would replace all the air in the lungs, nose and ear cavities.

The CO2 that would normally exit our body when we breathe out would be “scrubbed” from our blood by attaching a mechanical gill to the femoral vein in the leg.

By using oxygen suspended in liquid, divers would no longer have to worry about decompression sickness - the often fatal condition known as “the bends” which occurs when nitrogen dissolved in the blood under the immense pressures of deep water bubbles out as we rise. It could potentially allow them to descend to far greater depths than is currently possible.

Liquid ventilation might sound like science fiction – it played a major role in James Cameron’s 1989 sci-fi film The Abyss – but it is already used by a handful of cutting-edge American hospitals for highly premature babies.

Children born before 28 weeks have huge difficulties breathing, often because their lungs are not developed enough to comfortably adjust from the liquid environment of the womb to inhaling gaseous air. Immature alveoli, the final branchings inside the lung that feed oxygen into the blood, lack vital surfactants which stop the tiny cavities sticking together when we breathe out.

In response doctors have begun experimenting with highly-oxygenated PFCs with remarkable success.

Professor Thomas Shaffer, a paediatrics specialist from Delaware, has experimented with liquid breathing since the late 1970s. He spent much of his early career testing various animals in oxygenated PFCs.

Place a mouse in oxygenated liquid and instinct immediately kicks in as the animal flounders wildly. Everything the mouse has ever learned screams at it to avoid inhaling a solution it thinks will kill it.

Yet when we drown there comes a moment when the instinct not to breathe liquid is overridden by a stronger instinct to take in one last breath. It is a desperate final attempt to get oxygen into the blood. If the liquid we are in contains oxygen molecules that happily cross from the solution into our blood stream, life will return. After all, it is not water that kills us when we drown. It’s our inability to take oxygen from the water that condemns us.

By the mid-1990s, Shaffer and a handful of doctors had begun using liquid ventilation techniques on premature babies and were stunned by the results.

“A lot of the children I see have less than a 5% survival rate,” he explains. “But when we get them on to liquid breathing we see close to 60% going on to lead fully healthy lives.”

The technique remains rare, however, because of a chronic lack of investment.

“Liquid ventilation is not used widely because there is very little funding from the drug companies,” he says. “Unfortunately premature babies don’t have a voice. They don’t bring in money, so no-one really wants to invest. But it does work. Physiologically, liquid ventilation is very do-able.”

The recent oil spill in the Gulf may change that lack of interest. Although drug companies are reluctant to fully explore liquid breathing, the Deep Water Horizon disaster has reignited the debate over how to get divers safely down to extreme depths.

Currently the only way divers can work for long spells in the deep is either from the safety of robotic vessels and submarines; or by using saturation diving, an incredibly complicated technique where divers have to be brought up to the surface in a pressurised container over a matter of weeks.

With saturation diving, the deepest anyone has gone is 701m. Using scuba equipment the record is 318m, set by the South African diver Nuno Gomes in June 2005. It took him 14 minutes to descend and 12 hours to come back up to the surface.

The reason for these slow ascents is our reliance on compressed gasses to breathe in water. Under the incredible pressure exerted by billions of tonnes of ocean, gasses like nitrogen and helium dissolve into our bloodstream, much like CO2 is dissolved in a soda bottle.

Ascending towards the surface is like opening that soda bottle - the gas comes out of solution and into our bodies. If we don’t give our bodies enough time to expel those gasses by ascending slowly, we die.

“The beauty of doing it all from a liquid is that you don’t have to use these highly compressed gasses in the lungs that are going to dissolve into the blood,” says Dr Lande, who recently presented a paper on his patent to the first International Conference on Applied Bionics and Biomechanics in Venice. “You have a liquid that you can infuse just as much oxygen as you need.”

Shaffer has previously experimented with animals and PFCs at depth and found the technique to work. “I have personally put mammals down to a simulated depth of 1000 feet and then decompressed them in half a second and they have no decompression sickness,” he says.

The US Navy Seals also reportedly experimented with liquid ventilation in the early 1980s according to Shaffer who says he met a former Seal turned doctor that was on the team.

“This paediatrician never really revealed why they were doing it,” he explains. “Other than going very deep I don’t know what the point was. But they tried it. The Navy pushed them to the point where they did it several times a week.”

Being so much more viscous than air, liquid is difficult to breathe. Some of the Seals reportedly developed stress fractures on the ribs cause by the sheer force of trying to get a liquid in and out of the lungs.

But Lande envisages using a cuirass, a ventilation device named after a piece of medieval armour, which compresses the diaphragm and makes it easier to breathe liquid.

Now all he needs now are developers and a fresh set of human guinea pigs willing to test his ideas.

“I’m sure someone out there would be willing,” he says. “We’ve climbed the highest mountains, sent people into space. It’s time to find ways of exploring the deep oceans.

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All Day, All Night

I think I've posted Rubberloki's video before, I just like to watch these two blokes get dressed up!

Rubbout 22 Review

Well, another Rubbout is mummified and stored away. Being Rubbout's biggest critic, here is my take on how everything went.

Planning this year ended up being a pretty lonely experience. I was feeling pretty low over the past month as the demands on my time and brain were incessant. I was also trying to juggle a new job and a technical writing course so as each deliverable was completed, I was breathing a bigger and bigger sigh of stress relief. I think the biggest problem I had was that a lot of the decisions I was making myself without any consultation or collective decision making, so I was feeling the weight of responsibility in everything I was doing. I have a hard time with criticism so knowing that if things were going to be falling into failure mode, the blame laid entirely on my shoulders. I didn't like this very much for something I am so passionate about and devoting a lot of my free time and energy to.

As we went into the weekend, I was a lot more mentally prepared than last year but I still found I went a bit stressballs when things were really out of control. I know I'm getting better at this with every Rubbout iteration but I still have a ways to go. All I have to say is that I was blown away how everyone that volunteered, everyone from Vancouver Men in Leather that attended, and Rob, Doug, Mitch and Marc all stepped up on the weekend to amazing heights to ensure our attendees and guests were well taken care of in all senses of the effort.

A large chunk of assistance I got leading up to the weekend was from my graphics and web assistants. Michael and Hans were more than generous with their time and talents getting the marketing materials, and the imagery and posters together. I got a lot of compliments from people about the design of Rubbout 22's poster, some even saying it was the best one yet. Michael seems pretty excited to work on the design stuff next year so one can only predict what we will come up with. Hans went above and beyond all my expectations. He was amazingly generous to let us use his images, then additionally he volunteered for me, helping out all weekend. He and Chris were my heroes at the Play Party, working gear check and front desk the entire night. Marc really went all out on the website the two weeks leading up to Rubbout and by the final week the website was looking content-rich and accurate(-ish?)! ;)

Everyone seemed blown away with what was capable at Pumpjack on Friday evening with a few lights, a hazer and a great DJ (Taffi Louis) playing on a new podium that made him much more accessible to the crowd. There was even some dancing going on, holy shit! The back rooms were apparently quite busy but I heard from a few that the rooms were freezing cold (it was also quite a cold evening and the back doors in those rooms are paper-thin), and that the lineups were ridiculously long.

That was (and is always) my big issue with Pumpjack. My biggest concern about Friday night was that we were going to have untenable lineups outside the door. The reason why I suggested a club invasion later in the night was designed to provide a stress release to the lineups...if we could get 10 or 20 rubbermen to head out to a club at 11:30, it would release 10 or 20 into Pumpjack. As it turned out, the lineups started around 10pm and at the most were an hour or so long. At 11:00 however, the lines had pretty much died down, the party inside was still going strong so I made the decision not to go ahead with the club crawl as that would have just drawn down the vibe of the crowd at the party in progress.

The capacity of Pumpjack is simply getting too small to handle what we want to do with Rubbout now, and with what happened this year, my thoughts are confirmed. I think next year we are going to get the "Greet the Meat" Friday night party - if that's the format we take - into a bigger venue. 150-175 would be a perfect capacity, I think. The Registration and Package pickup still seems to work very well at Pumpjack. I would love to team up with Vancouver Men in Leather again next year to do the Friday night party, as their group brings a great dynamic and welcoming sluttiness to the entire event! ;)

Things died down at Pumpjack around 1:30am.

Shameless rubber whore!
It was great to get into bed at 2:30 or so then get up at 9:30 to go pick up bondage furniture and devices and drop them off at the Red Door before heading to the Gear Swap and Puppy Party for the afternoon. I got down to Davie Village just before two; I stopped in at Junction briefly to see how the set up for the Puppy Play Party was going before heading to Pumpjack to see how the Gear Swap was progressing. Things were busy but not busy enough. I did some raffle ticket selling, visiting with a few people and the volunteers, and then went back over to Junction. The Pups were just starting to Romp after 2pm, so I took a few moments to sell tickets there, make up a placard and head back to Pumpjack. It was busier in both places now; I donned my black hood and gloves (I was already in my catsuit), and walked up and down Davie Street in the Village. I did this again at 4pm; I'm not sure if it did numbers any big boost at either venue but it was a hoot for me to traipse around the village in head-to-toe latex. Several people I know, once they recognized me, had to stop me to talk or take pictures. A lot of passersby were certainly intrigued and now know that Rubbout was going on this weekend.

Doug was continuing to sell additional weekend passes and Saturday night play party passes way beyond our original capacity plans and that worried me a bit since I had collectively agreed with the owners of the Red Door of numbers around 100 attendees and we were already upwards of 130 in sales. I asked Doug to stop sales but requests kept coming in. We had a bit of a disagreement on how to proceed; I felt bad at the time telling guys that we had no tickets left to sell but they could try at the Red Door door at 10pm, when as it turned out, the Red Door could have held 150 guys comfortably. We could have sold more tickets though we had some door sales but we didn't have to turn guys away as we did, so misfortune for this year becomes fortune for next year. This is good to know for capacity planning and ticket pricing next year. I would rather fill the place with 150 guys at $20 a piece rather than under-utilize capacity at $40 a piece. Good to know for next year. I already discussed this with the owners of the Red Door and considered renegotiating pricing structure and accessibility so I guess we'll see which businesses are still around and which one's pop up in the next 10-11 months or so.

We did an interview with Outlook TV/OutTV at 5pm in both venues. This will be coming up on Cable Access in Vancouver (on Shaw) and also nationally in a weekly events segment on OutTV!

Pupwalk 2013 (to the Puppy Play Party from the host hotel)
I helped the guys at the Gear Swap wrap things up. I got to talk to our lone retailer at the Gear Swap, Lori from Ware's and Wears/ and she said she was very happy with how things went that afternoon. I am not sure what that means about interest to return to Rubbout as a retailer again next year but we'll see what happens. I got home around 6:30, just in time to pack bags, change clothes and head over to the Red Door to set up. As the setup crew got there, we discovered that the place was so unprepared to receive guests we had our work cut out for us. The place is six weeks overdue of their opening date, and it seemed that there was still a long way to go as we got there we discovered that construction materials and sawdust had to still be cleared out of the main playroom, none of the rooms were properly set up with mattresses and sheets, the electrician who had been scheduled to finish tooling in all the electrical hadn't shown up so we only had random power in random sections of the facility. There were also not many lights piped in (which we had to string and hang from working outlets) and no TV monitors. At 8pm we were still not even close to being ready to go, so some of the early arrivals (as you would expect, mostly the slutty VML guys ;)) all chipped in and we had the place relatively functional by 9pm or so and fully put together by 10:15. I had to take a break to de-stress and eat and got back around 11 to discover that the party had just peaked, my volunteers were manning the entry door and bag check and there were still a lot of guys having sex and playing in the playrooms we had set up. Some counts had total numbers through the door at around 110 though I think that's probably pretty generous, but even then if it was 90 I think it was still good. As it turned out, there were lots of glitches but everyone was generally happy with the experiences they had there.

I got back to the party, did a bit of cleanup on the electrical and vacuum manifold hack job, checked out the bondage harness play going on in the back room, watched a bit of the lube wrestling competition in the watersports area, then got asked if I wanted to get fisted, which of course was an offer I'd never pass up! After that the numbers had quieted down but there were still a group of guys playing with the vac-equipment, sex was going on in the main playroom, and Mr. P was in a cocksucking circle that I gladly joined. Slurp! The last guys left around 1:45am, we got out of there at 2, went home where I tried out my new catsuit that I bought at the gear swap, played with Mr. P for awhile longer and crashed out around 3:30.

So, obviously there were some issues with the Red Door, which I basically wrote up to 'shit happens', and the owners were apologetic enough. It didn't seem to kill the vibe that much and everyone seems happy with the outcome. I am still amazed how everyone pulled together to get the place set up. It was overwhelming to see everyone just pitch in, take control, problem solve, and just get things done. People at the door when they arrived were basically asked to either help out or to come back in an hour when everything was done and most if not all decided on the former option. There were other issues; towel service was missing until late into the evening, we ran out of beverages, and had we known how things were going to unfold, I would've brought in some beer even though it most likely have been an issue for the owners though I think it would have placated the guys who showed up early and stood around waiting for set up to be done so things could start. There were a lot of toys and extras I wanted to hand out for use that never happened due to the fact I was setting up two hours longer than I had originally planned, but luckily a lot of the guys brought their own stuff and just started using it and getting the party started as soon as they arrived. The vac room was well used and attended, a lot of the rooms where there were slings were well visited as was the St. Andrews cross area, the suspension harness area and the lube wrestling/shower room. I paid a bunch of money to rent a bondage chair, stocks and fisting bench and none of these got the use I would've liked so that will probably be revisited for next year. Maybe it was just me that really wanted to try out the bondage chair? ;)

DJ Richard Priest blew us all away with his playlist throughout the evening and everyone was completely satisfied (as was I) with the ambience created with a real DJ in the space as opposed to canned music in the rooms...which most likely wouldn't have been fully functional anyways!

Sunday morning was the traditional brunch and prize draws. The food and staff at Junction were great, the event went pretty flawlessly. We like this event and will probably stay at Junction next year. A reminder for myself next year: post the food service times and times for the draws. Some people showed up late expecting to eat when unfortunately we were already going into prize draws and the food was gone. Food is always served first around 11:30 and has been the routine every year so people who attend regularly know this but newbies don't. FYI...everyone is supposed to show up on time!

So, beyond the relatively small glitches everyone was raving about the quality of the event and things like the new twist on old tired themes like what we did to spruce up Pumpjack. Everyone was also very satisfied with the proximity of all the venues. I think most would say they got good value for the price of the passes; I personally think we had the price set too high on the one-off events, but that is something that was a huge unknown when decisions and commitments needed to be made so of course I erred on the side of caution.

It looks like my gamble may have paid off. We made a record amount of money at the gear swap (so at this point it looks like having the gear swap when out-of-towners can participate is a good thing), and we made a great amount of money through pass and ticket sales. I am hoping there is enough to pad the coffers enough to give us a healthy amount of money to use when venue shopping for next year. I guess we will see what happens. I am also curious to see what numbers were like at the host hotels and what we might get in commissions from those agreements. I am not sure how effective the advertising and marketing tools were, there were lots of clicks and impressions with the Facebook ads but it will be impossible to see how that translated in sales unless we get some indication through a survey down the road. I'm blown away by the interest in the event from the Seattle and Portland guys. It almost seems that the numbers were even between Canadians and Americans at the event this year. Thanks for coming guys!

It would have been nicer to have more 'knowns' when it came to capacities and pricing but that is just some of the adversity that needs to be dealt with as a production planner. I'm happy with the interest that was garnered from people that want to run with sponsorships and product placement...I have one guy super-keen on connecting us with a lube sponsor, another that wants to exclusively work on a more long-term sponsorship deal with Recon, and another that wants help us establish closer connections to local fetish retailers than I have been able to achieve to date, so we'll see how everything turns out!

I'm happy with the attendance numbers, feedback so far, and the results of the weekend. Are you? I'd like to hear from you! I'm looking forward to seeing pics from the weekend :)

Rubberstud(s) of the Week #259

Looks Like Fun

Looks like the last few West Coast Rubber weekends I've been at! ;)

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Black Legs, Part 4

Here is the fourth installment of the thrilling visual feast that is muscular men's legs covered in skintight latex. Yum. Enjoy!