Thursday, May 29, 2014

IDOL - June 15

This is burning all around Facebook this morning. I think it's a great idea! I already have friends scheming to go out for beers on Sunday wearing rubber. Incidentally, this is the day after the Rubbout volunteer appreciation party, so there's a good chance we'll still be wearing our rubber from the night before...

New Gear

I went over my allocated budget at the IML Market (surprise surprise!), but I'm very happy and excited to try out the gear I got:

A new set of padded leather wrist and ankle restraints with red piping

Electro gear: the ElectraStim Tadpole and a urethral/corona stimulator, Oxballs Pig Filler.
Good times coming this weekend....YES!

Sharing Air

From john6823 on The Breathcontrol Network
Sharing air

During an easy hour's rebreathing in a GP-5 mask and 5L bag, my fantasies included considerations on sharing air. The most basic arrangement would be to connect two rebreather gas masks with a hose, but this would not last long at all.

Another arrangement would be to connect two regular gas masks to a single canister, perhaps by a " T " connector, and if two gas masks can share a canister, then two rebreather gas masks could share a big 6L rebreather bag at 100% rebreathing or some lower percentage to make the experience last.

Another set-up would involve a perfectly straight gas mask ( with two intake ports ) and canister, hose-connected to another mask modified so that all the air, in and out, goes through the hose which is secured to the first mask, with the result that two people are really sharing the same mask and the air in it. If, at the hose connection a " T " connector were introduced and a rebreather bag attached, that would be yet another playtime accessory.

Pull on a canister attached gas mask with a 6L bag sealed to the exhaust port. Attached to this collector bag is a hose to a partner's mask, with the consequence that the partner can breathe nothing but your used air.

For the next exercise, at least one all-rubber dry suit modified with two gas mask hose fittings is necessary. Also required, are two gas mask rebreathers and hoses. The user ( preferably catsuited ) pulls on the drysuit and a rebreather gas mask and connects it to the drysuit, and a partner, similarly outfitted also connects his hose to his buddy's drysuit, now a super rebreather bag for two. It might be possible for both players in identical outfits to cross-connect the breathing hoses so that each exhausts his air into his own suit and draws " fresh " air from his playmate's suit.

These are the fantasies of one intoxicated with his own air, but perhaps others have realized these experiences.
What are some of your experiences on sharing air? The most advanced multiple player experience I have is two guys sharing air to their gas masks with a t-connector with either an intake at that point for poppers or a rebreather bag. I would like to expand on this, and I really like john6823's idea of using environmental or dry suits and connecting the air supply between suits and masks.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Oh my gosh, what a weekend. I just got home this morning at 2a.m. off a delayed flight from O'Hare and commenced work this morning at 8....tired but happy.

What a great adventure IML was this year! I hadn't been since 2010 so wasn't sure what to expect but the event exceeded my expectations...could've been the great network of friends I was surrounded by all weekend. I had a lot of fun and didn't come home to too bad of shape.

Gay men never cease to amaze me at their propensity for sleaze, depravity, brotherhood and fun all at the same time.

A blog entry on the shenanigans will be coming soon!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Room O' Sexy

MIR @ a little gathering at Hamburger Mary's Berlin over Easter weekend 2014. Wow, gorgeous rubbermen!
Speaking of roomfuls of sexy men, I'm looking forward to IML and the Chicago Rubbermen Meet and Greet Friday night! Two more sleeps I'm getting excited!! :-D

Friday, May 16, 2014


LOL cute!

Recon Photoshoots

Um, have I ever posted these before?

This Sucks

Happy Friday and Happy Victoria Day long weekend :-D

Off to Vatican Party at 8x6 tomorrow night, Bearracuda on Sunday...and IML next Thursday! Getting excited!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Rubngum looking super horny in full self-containment
More RubnGum and RubBiker (just a great hot image)

Catsuits on Display

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Party Invitation by Default

Stephan! You're welcome to my party anytime! :)

Really Red

I'll Take Two, Please

U.S. Army's Creepy Sci-Fi Helmets Come With Built-In A/C
By Kyle Stock  May 13, 2014, BusinessWeek

Army design for the next-generation protective mask

If the U.S. Army greenlights a radical new helmet design, its soldiers may have a harder time winning hearts and minds overseas. Quite simply, the thing is frightening—think motocross storm trooper.

Functionally, however, the helmet unveiled Tuesday marks a major advance. The same features that make it look so fierce—a full face mask and eye shield—filter out chemical attacks and biological pathogens. The screen over the eyes will populate with real-time data, like a sort of G.I. Google Glass.

The real masterstroke is a lightweight fan that cools the head and runs off batteries attached to a soldier’s hip or back. The next version will “sense,” using body sensors, when the fan needs to turn itself on, according to the Army’s Edgewood Chemical Biological Center.

Helmets are a fairly hot and controversial design category these days, as scientists increasingly find that even mild brain trauma may be more harmful than previously thought. Both the U.S. military and the National Football League have been putting sensors in helmets to flag potentially serious impacts.

The Army said recently that, among other findings, its headgear has traditionally been great at stopping shrapnel but less effective at handling blunt impact and shock waves from explosions. Plus, old brain-buckets such as this one were terrible at displaying data.

Army R&D units have been developing a new kind of padding that is essentially a cluster of glass “microspheres” that break to absorb impacts. That technology—as well as the Mad Max helmet unveiled today—may not see action for a while. The Pentagon is in the midst of outfitting all its soldiers with a new “enhanced combat helmet,” which replaces Kevlar from Dupont (DD) with lighter polyethylene fibers from 3M (MMM). Those cost Uncle Sam about $1,000 each, but they don’t stop chemical attacks or check e-mail.

These definitely won't come cheap. I wonder how much they'll cost? It would be a blast to be able to gear up in these in the playroom for hours and hours without overheating...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rubbout Photos

The photos ShinyCreature took exclusively for Rubberzone are now up on the site! Check them out here in the latest Rubberzone issue "It's All About the Boots".
Image from Friday Night's Grand Slam Party @ Heaven's Door

I've also got copies of all of ShinyCreature's photos plus the images taken at the photo booth on Friday night so we will surely get those posted up on the Rubbout 23 website soon. The Rubbout 24 website is already in design stages!

Monday, May 12, 2014


I wore my new Invincible Rubber PIG pants and tank out on Friday and Saturday night this weekend; I got a lot of great feedback on Friday at Pumpjack. Saturday I got to the Explicit Party at 8x6 very late (close to 1am) knowing that the party had already peaked, however there were still enough guys around that I was able to get some action in in the back room before the entire place vacated. Still not many guys getting out for these events; I hope that the buzz the Vatican Party has had the past couple of months at Heaven's Door will transfer over to the event's new digs at 8x6.

I intend to wear the PIG pants and tank out again next's treated me well so far!

I can't believe IML is 10 days away!!!!

Future of Fetish

Dayne Henderson Design based in Newcastle, UK

Rubberstud of the Week #316

Friday, May 9, 2014


So, there's #TBT Throwback Thursday and #PF Pantless Friday but I am proposing for the perverts out there #TCF Total Coverage Friday.

Check out that ass in green....that reminds me, I tried on the new Invincible PIG gear last night, it looks great. I washed and vivishined it overnight, planning on wearing it out this weekend as some point, so I'll be sure to take some pictures.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

What Happened Next?

I See You

Though I can't see a zipper anywhere on this encapsulating wonder. Can anyone spot the opening? It's not on the shoulder, or the back or the front, so I'm assuming entry is via a zip on the RHS? Source

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rubbout 23 Review

Rubbout 23 was fun. We felt that it was the best-executed and 'party-est' one to date. The logistics ran very smoothly, and there were a few different challenges this year compared to others in addition to some disappointing mechanical breakdowns that weren't anticipated.

There was some feedback that came in of a lack of 'quieter' social opportunities earlier in the weekend, some comments about the host hotel and a few other things but overall feedback was pretty good. There were lots of kudos on the fun that was had, we really were happy with the outcomes of the Gear Swap, Pup Mosh, Tight End Play Party and the brunch. The numbers were a bit disappointing for the Grand Slam Dance Party and the Watersports party, numbers were down 30% overall for weekend pass sales, which was probably the biggest disappointment of the weekend, we lost my vac-tower in a catastrophic explosion at the play party and ended up buying a rental CD player that one of the DJs hung a 100W lamp over top of and went away for awhile before realizing the top plate melted.

We feel there was a lack of proper promotion of the event locally and we started promotion continentally too late. There is an initiative to push this to be completed by mid-year this year in preparation for 2015's event so that we can be promoting in San Francisco, Chicago, east Coast in the fall of 2014 and early 2015 instead of waiting until February/March 2015. We want to have a website up and running by Vancouver Pride in August 2014.

Rubbout 23: Gear Up!, the 2014 installment of the annual rubber and fetish event for men in Vancouver, BC, once again attracted a great crowd of rubbermen from all over North America to attend. This year there was a great presence of rubbermen, gearheads and pups from the entire Pacific Northwest region.

Friday, after early Registration at Pumpjack, the action started at Heaven's Door with the Grand Slam Greet the Meat Party at 9:30pm. Approximately 175-200 locals and out-of-towners mingled, flirted, played and danced the night away to DJ Del Stamp with great fanfare and energy.

All in all, the parties were great. The Grand Slam on Friday evening had 175-200 attendees and everyone said they had a lot of fun.

Saturday the Gear Swap intake kicked off at 11am at Pumpjack and the sale at 1pm while the Puppybowl hosted by VAN-PAH started across Davie Street at Junction at 2pm. The Gear Swap generated the most money for Rubbout ever and despite the rain, there was great attendance at both events. Saturday evening, the Tight End Play Party at Club 8x6 assembled 125 frisky guys into one room where they could circulate between a lounge, dancefloor, play area and bondage demo area. Excellent music was provided by DJ Marc Tattoo. Despite the sad loss of a vac-tower due to 'monitor over-enthusiasm', this party was great and one of the most active play spaces we've seen in a long time!

We had our most money made at the Gear Swap EVER and most raffle ticket sales EVER on Saturday; it appears the pre-raffle contests we ran had some positive impact. the Tight End Play Party at Club 8x6 on Saturday was excellent, bringing out 125 guys which resulted in an extremely active play area which was great to see, a fun rubber bondage demo area, and kudos from the Club for the best party they've hosted since they opened.

Sunday morning collected everyone at Heaven's Door once again for the traditional Rubbout brunch. This year we were treated to the comedic stylings of David C. Jones immediately after a great brunch selection. There were some fantastic prizes raffled off over the weekend and awarded at the brunch. The raffle draw generated a record amount of sales for Rubbout this year as well! Sunday night the last event of the weekend was a new one for Rubbout. In the sports theme, the Shootout Watersports party was held in the shower area at Steamworks Baths. Approximately 25 guys enjoyed the watersports area and particularly the lube-wrestling competition in the lube pool! The entertainment at Brunch on Sunday was a great addition and something to build on in the future. Events with water, lube and piss are a must and we will try to augment this event more in future versions.

Some of the things I'd like to see change for next year:
1. We still didn't have enough people on committee to properly deal with all the work. Once again 90% of the work in the months leading up to the weekend fell on Rob and I. 100% of the wrap-up work once again fell on me. It's just too much. Luckily it seems three guys are keen on joining the executive in big roles which should help distribute the work and result in better outcomes in the areas we thought were lacking. The younger guys on the team got good exposure to the scale of logistics for putting such a weekend-long event on and hopefully they will want to get involved more as time goes on.
2. Promotion was too scattered, too broad and too late. We are working to rectify all of this for Rubbout 24 and hope to have some promotional stuff available for IML, Folsom, MIR, Toronto and Montreal Pride, etc. A well-definited promotion and marketing plan is required, as well as a dedicated resource to implement it.
3. The Host Hotel will be moving to a more central location for 2015. We hope to utilize it more for Rubbout-related events in addition to being a convenient crash place for out-of-town attendees.
4. Catering for brunch will be done by a more professional organization (maybe even hopefully the host hotel).
5. We are hoping the renovations of Pumpjack will allow for the Gear Swap and the Pup Event to take place under the same roof for the first time.
6. We are hoping the renovation of Pumpjack will allow for more social opportunities as opposed to party opportunities...we'd like to have a proper Great the Meat followed by a dance party in the same venue.
7. Club 8x6 is a great venue for sex parties and we hope to capitalize on it for several Rubbout promotional events over the next 10 months leading up to next year's event.
8. Website MUST be up this year and a functional mobile site MUST be available.
9. Thinking about more a-la-carte event ticket availability versus weekend passes?
10. Since Thursday is going to be a rubber invasion day, maybe we will think up something completely unique and the theme of Industrial Revolution, perhaps?
11. Sponsorship plans will be simple and more tailored to each potential sponsor.
12. We potentially need to re-engage or further integrate local groups such as VML, the YVR Sisters, and Van-PAH more into the execution and volunteerism required for Rubbout in future years.
Thanks to everyone who attended Rubbout 23. Mark in your calendars the dates for Rubbout 24 in 2015. April 2-5 (Easter long weekend) will be a period of 'Industrial Revolution'!!!

Pleasure Saturdays

This past weekend I had another great opportunity to spend an evening with M. We went to the Abduction Party at Club 8x6 Saturday night in rubber playsuits and hoods. It was sparsely attended but we made good use of the facilities, taking turns on each other at the slurp ramp, eating out his ass on a fuckbench while he sucked a couple cocks, getting fucked by his big rod in the sling. We got home around 1:30 and then set up the sling for many more hours of fisting and sitting on either end of the double-ended dildo with the occasional interruption by Mr. P. I don't think he went home until 11am, after which I spent the rest of Sunday asleep.

M is now away until the end of the month. I have a couple weekends including the Canadian Victoria Day long weekend to relax before heading to Chicago for IML; I had thought I would probably be eschewing a lot of play over the coming weeks as I only have a few regular fuckbuds I like to get together with and they all happen to be out of town for the month, however a cute young couple that we know messaged me last week asking whether Mr. P and I wanted to get together with them for some play and exploration. We have decided on this Saturday coming up however we anticipate starting early in the hopes of ending early and not impacting other weekend events so much, especially writing off Sunday as I have the past couple of weekends.

The guys are young, eager and dirty so it should be a lot of fun, though the intent is to expose them to the pleasures of rubber encapsulation, bondage, and toy and electro play so I will definitely be in my element thinking up scenarios to put them in. They have shown interest in getting to know us better (and us, likewise of them), so this will be a great opportunity to establish a relationship with them that will hopefully be ongoing! If things end early we may go to the Explicit Party on Saturday night otherwise me might just stay in and continue to explore.

Unfortunately, there are no pics from last weekend. I am sure there will be some from this upcoming weekend. The guys are young and adorable, I'll be looking to take some posterity pose pics of them in various states of gimp-ness.

Mr. P has been feeling pretty decent the past week after his second round of chemo finished last Wednesday. He hasn't been feeling as bad post-round this time as last time, though we've been warned that each subsequent treatment is more wearing on the body. Of course, everyone's chemo reaction is different, I am hopeful that he will get through them all without too much trouble though there are still three to go. In between treatments his libido hasn't been too bad as has his energy levels and state of mind.

In the meantime, the weather has turned for the spring-like better after a bit of a mini-heatwave last week; I have been in my glory riding the new road bike to work everyday and being able to (finally) don exposed lycra after what seems like many months of covering up with water resistant, poorly breathable winter cycling gear. Considering the volumes of cycling lycra I have accumulated from a decade of racing, I will never run out of things to wear, which gives me some creativity as I obviously secretly enjoy picking out the outfits to wear every morning.

I got to wear my grey Castelli knickers on Monday; I forgot how comfortable and exposing they know those Italians secretly love showing off their junk and butts in lycra, luckily for the rest of the world. Today was a long-sleeve skinsuit and sleeveless wind jacket en route to work. It makes me so happy to be on the bike in the spring again! I've lost a lot of weight since last fall, probably close to 20lbs, 30lbs since my heaviest last spring. Hill climbing (actually, anything gravity-related) is much much more comfortable than it was a year ago.

I am getting through tax season again, once again deciding to submit Mr. P's and my taxes separately as everything has been left to the last minute (damn you, Rubbout!). I submitted my own on Monday, since Mr. P's is small business we have until June 15 to get his done, though the outstanding bill makes the submission deadline a little moot for us. At any rate, most of the disability paperwork is done and some of it is submitted, other than the income tax work, the outstanding payments, and Insurance Claims, everything is pretty much caught up now.

Other than a great six days in Chicago planned for IML, I have tickets for the Royksopp/Robyn tour at the end of June that will hopefully coincide with Seattle Pride that weekend, and I just got Elton John tickets for Mr. P and I in September, the Sunday of the weekend my good friends N and M get married.

I am anxiously awaiting the new Invincible Rubber order. I have also put in my order for a new catsuit from Hypershine. This one I might keep a bit of a secret for my readers until I get's going to be mostly a model and 'play-by-myself-at home' piece, but it's going to be beautiful and have a few twists.

I have requested a quote from a local metalworker for a floor bondage stockade, and I have committed to buying the transparent latex fisting cube from Mitch (which M is pretty keen to try ;) ). This was anticipated to be replacing the vac-tower which exploded at the Tight End Party at Rubbout, however I am starting the search for new PVC tubing and options for repair/replace of the vac-tower latex sheath in addition.

I've been putting my shopping list for IML together - slowly. I am really keen on getting some more advanced electro accessories. Hopefully I can find some that will work well with my particular stim-box...looks like all they need is a banana-to-pin adapter. I'd like to find a deep anal e-stim piece plus one specifically for the corona and glans of the cockhead....maybe even some e-stim sounds, like these ones:

I'm looking for stuff that can be put deep into a boy before being put into vac-bondage that I'm not going to have to worry about putting pressure on vacuumed latex, thus the desire for insertables that only have cords sticking out.

Also some enema play gear would be nice to find. I suspect I can find a double bardex enema kit locally but I will certainly keep my eye out for a kit at the IML Market too.

Wow, big update! I know I haven't done a Rubbout one yet, I don't know if I'm going to do one now (Ok. Nevermind. Look up!). We are still planning the Volunteer Appreciation Party for June (hopefully on the 14th) so stay tuned....

Great Butt

I think this is least by the looks of that beautiful bod and butt it is....wearing his incredibly tight latex as usual, but this time as a total rubber fuckhole/fuckthing.

A thing of beauty; can you imagine violating that hole with no consequences whatsoever?

Friday, May 2, 2014


How fun would it be to parkour in a Spider-man unitard? Free to fly!


Is it wrong that I'm turned on by the implications of the name of this new circuit board cleaner??? That's quite the imagery conjured up by IT nerds inhaling and overdosing on their cleaners! Be careful out there, boys....

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sly on #MRMW5

A capture of the interview Sly did with Billie Jean on Canal Street Radio just before Manchester Rubbermen 5th Anniversary Weekend in April.


This set will be here in time for I need to find black rubber suspenders.

This is a hot item (at least on this studly model), but I anticipate it will be as horny to wear on this tired old carcass too, particularly with the suspenders and 20-hole boots.

Market Forces

Rubber Falls to Four-Year Low on Fears of Oversupply, China Slowdown
Southeast Asian Cartel Refrains From Cutting Supply

By HUILENG TAN, Wall Street Journal
Updated April 24, 2014 12:10 p.m. ET
Rubber prices are feeling the effects of oversupply and slowing growth in China. Above,aworker at a rubber plantation in Thailand last year pours raw latex into molds. Bloomberg News
The price of rubber has tanked to the lowest level in more than four years, a selloff that has accelerated in recent days as the Southeast Asian cartel that controls the majority of production has refrained from acting to support the market.

The commodity, used to make items from tires to latex gloves, is a politically charged crop, and the market is prone to government intervention to support prices. Price declines in the past have sparked widespread protests by farmers in Thailand.

The rubber market—valued at more than $30 billion a year—is suffering as a result of concern about oversupply and slowing growth in China, the world's biggest importer and buyer. At their low point this week, in after-hours trading on Monday, rubber prices in Tokyo were down 30% from the start of this year and down 5% from Friday's close. Benchmark futures on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange closed Thursday at ¥203.6 per kilogram.

But this time, the International Rubber Consortium, the cartel that accounts for more than two-thirds of global output, is staying out of the action.

The group, which comprises Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, the major producing countries, hasn't issued any formal statements about the situation, although IRCo Chief Executive Officer Yium Tavarolit told The Wall Street Journal Thursday that the group has discussed the selloff and is "monitoring the situation closely."

It will consider action "if and when necessary," Mr. Yium said.

On Monday, Mr. Yium said "macroeconomic uncertainty" underpinned the decline, and that member countries were urging producers to manage output and sales in the current market.

The group's stance is less aggressive than in February, when the cartel publicly urged members not to sell the commodity to help stem a plunge that reduced prices by more than 7% in the first 10 days of the month. Even that didn't stop prices from extending their slide.

The cartel also pushed for a cut in exports in August 2012, when prices had fallen to a three-year low, prompting Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia to reduce sales for six months. The move boosted prices, though the market slipped back early in 2013.

Over the past two years, Thailand has introduced price-support measures for rubber, which have included buying the commodity at above-market prices, but no more purchases are expected. The strategy helped absorb burgeoning supplies from new producers like Vietnam, which has overtaken Malaysia as the world's third-largest producer of the commodity.

"It's unlikely that the three countries will buy rubber now to support the market because it is the low-production season, so there isn't very much to buy or to export," said Ryuta Imazeki, Tokyo-based analyst at Okachi & Co., one of the top rubber brokers by volume on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange. Mr. Imazeki also said the decline in prices early in the week triggered additional orders to sell, which sent prices to multiyear lows.

The Singapore-based International Rubber Study Group predicts a production surplus of 428,000 tons this year, a forecast that is also weighing on the market. Stockpiles in major consuming countries like China and Japan are already high.

"Given the extremely poor market sentiment, I don't think anything the three countries say right now will make a difference," said Chiaki Furui, chief executive of Agrow Enterprise, a Bangkok-based commodities brokerage.

Still, China is continuing to buy. Trade figures show the region's biggest economy and world's largest consumer of natural rubber imported more last month. Imports of natural rubber rose 15.6% from a year ago to 270,571 metric tons, suggesting that buyers are taking advantage of the slump in prices to build up stockpiles.

"Supply is very tight right now in producing regions as it is the low-production season," said Mr. Yium, who also noted that weather forecasters see an increasing likelihood of an El Niño weather pattern this year. In Asia, El Niño typically brings drier weather, and prices tend to rise in the dry season from March to May, when the output of latex from trees slows to a trickle.

Write to Huileng Tan at

I wonder what implications this will have for fetish latex? Probably not much, though it's interesting to see how a natural product like latex is a victim of global market supply and demand forces as much as any other commodity.