Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Moon Bodies Video from QuinnCJaxon on Vimeo.

Hot 'n' Sexy

Two great photo shoots by Sly Hands.
One for BnBWare, the other for purely aesthetic reasons(?)
No, I just found out the second shoot in P-Town was for Mr. S
Si's getting lots of good work due to his eye for the sexy! :D

More Rubber Bondage Images

Me in the vac tower and straightjacket restraints.

It was a bit unfortunate for demonstration purposes that I was wearing my blue catsuit for the afternoon....transparent latex vac-towers really show off stuff best when the victim inside is naked. We did show that with the next victim that went in after me.

Thanks for taking the pics, Kinx!

On the Christmas List

Want to see this TRENCH BUTT PLUG by Oxballs in action?

Watch the video HERE: http://ow.ly/EPJGY


No more need for syringers or applicators! :-D

Monday, November 24, 2014


How do I find a lab (and a Dom) like this one????
Another great photo from Sly Hands. Wish I could see all the shots from this photoshoot....


The Vancouver Men in Leather 10th anniversary celebration was a great success! Three days of friends and frolicking....the turnout was impressive and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Things started on Friday with the Registration and Meet and Greet. I didn't get to Pumpjack early enough for Registration but when I arrived around 9pm, the guys were already gathering in the new section of the bar at the back. There was a new set of privacy curtains up, and apparently they are now a permanent addition to the bar. It was great to see so many familiar faces and I had a great opportunity to connect with a bunch of new guys and not-so-new guys from Vancouver but also from Seattle (a great contingent came up for the weekend) and a few other places.

I got home and crashed at a relatively good time. We had to have our stuff to the Pumpjack for Saturday afternoon's Fetish Fest at a reasonable time. R, J and C helped me haul stuff over. We set up a play area with mats, build the new and improved vac-coffin on it, put the sleepsack and a couple of masks on the covered pool table while the VML guys set up a bondage bench, a sling, and two St. Andrew's crosses and the Van-PAH crew set up mats on the dancefloor in preparation for the Mosh.

Things started to get busy around 2-3pm. There was a Violet Wand demo on the bondage bench in addition to some rope bondage later, a few guys got on the crosses, and the sleepsack was pretty busy all day. I took to putting on the straightjacket and spreader bars while J chained me up to a platform and gimped me by connecting the straightjacket arms to my ankles with retraints. I hobbled around for awhile like this:

Pics taken by J, one on my phone, the other two on his.
My leather buddy also took the opportunity to give me some rubber spanks with his leather gloves...always such a nice sound to hear! 

Most of the guys were more curious to observe our booth rather than participate. I don't think a lot of guys still haven't seen vac-bondage (alas, my work is still not done ;) ), so after I took a turn in the vac-coffin, we only had one more guy that wanted to try it....a friend who I know loves latex so it wasn't a big move for him to try the vac-bondage....and he absolutely loved it. We had quite a few guys come around and feel it, take turns abusing myself and the second guy, and ask a bunch of questions.

The afternoon flew by. We eventually took everything down around 5. I was planning to head home for some rest afterwards, but as it was J's birthday a bunch of us hung around for some more drinks. 

Now it was 9pm, I had to haul all the shit home myself and very hurriedly get ready for the Hard Again party at 8x6.

Mr. P and I showed up around 10:30. The place was already hopping. I got a chance to talk to a bunch of people I haven't seen in awhile....had a bit of fun but by the time I got around to getting into some serious play, Bottom Hour had struck and the Tops were no where to be found LOL

It was also unfortunate that some of the guys who I like to play with who said they were coming to the party ended up not showing up...I had had these ideas in my head for some possibilities but alas they did not pan out. Oh well, next time :)

I lost my phone in the cab on the way to the party so I was a bit distraught about that at the end of the night and so I walked home with K who had been the model for a great Fireplay demo.

I got up around 10am and got ready for the Decade Brunch at Junction. I showed up shortly after 11. The group had mostly gathered, there were some short announcements, then food, then a program including several presentations, thank yous, and a history of the club. Afterwards there were several games to play designed as if we were at a 10-year old boy's birthday party. There was a pinata, a photo booth, cockring toss and of course Spanky the Clown taking everyone over his lap for 10 spankings. Lots of fun and laughs.

As my friend and Rubbout co-producer Rob stated:
In contemplating and celebrating Vancouver Men in Leather's ten years this weekend I have had a lot of fun and reunions. As a founding member, being part of the weekend, all was as it was meant to be as per the vision of the first board. VML was meant to be a social and welcoming club for men with similar interests in just having a great time in the company of other like minded men. I congratulate those who put this weekend together. Congratulations also all those who have been part of and worked over the past decade to bring forward a section of the gay community always (happily) a bit on the fringe. With the insertion of Rubber and Puppies and everything in between it easy to imagine a great future for the club. Thank you to all that came out this weekend. Kinky Men you do Vancouver proud.
Great weekend! Thank you to all who organized and volunteered! It was so great to see all of our clubs working together this weekend to pull off an amazing event.

After the brunch was done, I headed over to CJRos' place to have a visit and do some rubber repairs in preparation for my hard-core rubber trip to Toronto on Thursday. We had a great afternoon catching up.

I got home, I was still horny so I had a solo rubber playsession to cap off a great weekend.

More pics to come as they trickle in...especially of Spanky the Clown. Stay tuned.

Rubberstud of the Week #344

Thursday, November 20, 2014

...and tonight in Toronto

The TORN guys have been busy!

Moar Images

Slickthrob and M onstage at Vancouver Fetish Weekend Military Ball July 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Vac-Tower

With the help of a lot of guys, including Dire at Rage Rubber, the guys at Rubbout, and my friends H and D getting the equipment up from Tacoma, I now have a replacement vac-tower (vac-coffin) for the one that busted at Rubbout 23. It is a new transparent clear latex bladder along with a new 60" PVC pipe to replace the one that busted. In addition it is an airtight one, therefore one can suck the air out, shut off the vacuum and the unit will hold the vacuum suction long after once the valve is closed. K and I tested it out on Saturday night; I timed that I wasn't really able to move any limbs within it with full air evacuation until 20-25 minutes after shutdown and valve closure.

I can hear a tiny leak of air somewhere around knee level on one side, however this is most likely a spot where the air is leaking through a seam.

At any rate, the tower will get its public debut at Fetish Fest this Saturday at Pumpjack! :D

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thanks Abe


Saturday, November 15, 2014


...all bundled up on a cold winter's night. Neoprene!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mortal Kombat

Si Hands and Alex Rubbaman up to their usual hi-jinks...

Don't Be A Gimp

I think I've posted this before, but it's so cheeky, worth a repost. It's been around for quite awhile so I'm pretty sure I have posted it before.

You'd never see anything like this played in North America, EVER.
I like her style...despite losing piles and piles of latex to escaping gimps, it would be a fun role to have...and the punishment is sublime. I guess the idea is to scare people into not littering? How about those of us that would enjoy it? Ha ha