Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Hairy Bitch

Looking back at all my follicle overproduction gloriousness.....this pic was taken by Boy Spence at one of the VRM Meet + Plays in 2019. I just thought I'd share it here.

Monday, January 20, 2020

VRM January Meet + Play

Wow, what a turnout on Saturday! I think there was some pent-up demand for a rubber event; the number of guys that showed up exceeded all expectations! Thanks to all you pervs, thanks to the guys that stuck me in the vac-bed and proceeded to stimulate me to within an inch of my being! haha

Here's hoping we can keep the energy going in February and (possibly) enjoy the fruits beared by a new venue and a new time. Stay tuned.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Pose, Drone Rubberdom!

Here are front and back views of my 'Drone Hypno Rubberdom' look.....just before being returned to the docking wall, where the Rubberdom will remain until requested back in service to receive commands from the trusted Rubbermaster. Once instructions are received, the Rubberdom is expected to execute the commands given. Of course the command mask needs to be added to complete the package.

New Rubber!

SemFolego and I are hosting (possibly our last) Vancouver Rubbermen Meet + Play for January at Pumpjack Pub. We have a meeting with the managers at Central Studios tonight to see what opportunities there are to utilize that sex-positive space for our future VRM events. We see the exclusivity of the space and the possibility of securing a better regularly-scheduled time to be the best options for our growing club and foster its improvements and growth into the future.

We partnered with Rubbout to purchase a set of foam play-mats for exclusive use by the rubber groups; instead of borrowing the mats from Van-PAH or the leather men, we can abuse ours all we want and not have to explain why everything is covered in lube to anyone!

We are also looking to re-brand Vancouver Rubbermen; the banner that I created with Sly Hands for the club is beautiful, traditional and symbolic, but for future branding, marketing and printing, a newer simpler logo has been suggested. SemFolego has been working on several iterations of a new logo - some utilized the traditional look of the city flags, others implement the Rubber Pride flag, others still are unique in their own way. What do you think? We're going to present these to the Meet attendees tomorrow for some feedback.

Also, we are implementing 'photo rules' at the meets, and asking everyone to wear a wristband to indicate whether they can be photographed at the events or not, as we really want to increase the volume of photography in order to have more content to market the club with. The Meets are now going to have a regular rotating theme in the hopes that we can encourage more of the rubbermen with particular niche fetishes to feel more engaged and hopefully get everyone to experience other facets of rubber fetishism they may not normally see.

Yesterday, SemFolego, Mook and I went to Shawn at Sinners and Pervs latex. We are planning a team outfit for Rubbout 29 in April, so we were in Shawn's workshop getting measured and planning our outfits. There are four of us in this initiative, we are very excited about what we're putting together. It's a fun plan to dress up as rubber Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi...

.....with shirts and jumpers that will be modifiable enough for different outfits, looks and also durable enough for play. I anticipate looking similar to what the real Mario (@thedoctorpuss) looks like in his awesome rubber Mario outfit below (how appropriate!):

Here are Mook and I getting fitted yesterday at Sinners and Pervs!!! The final results will be very exciting!

Monday, January 6, 2020

The Hole-idays

Well, despite what was generally considered a 'tame and chill' holiday season by most of my friends and lovers, I did manage to get a few nights and days of depravity in over the holidays.

I think for any of you that follow my Twitter, you have seen the results of many of these debaucherous pigfests, particularly with IvyHole and N33dfulthings. I love pigging out with these two, they are smart, handsome, fun, with experimental streaks. I also got a few sessions in with SemFolego, including my birthday sex party/fistfest which we had on the 28th. Mr P was off and on during the season, so wasn't really dependable, and unfortunately Mook worked the entire holiday season, and on top of that, he and his boyfriend, and a few other friends of theirs that are occasional fuck buddies of mine, were all on antibiotics! Merry Christmas, sluts! LOL

Some of the things I/we got up to between Dec 25 and Jan 5:

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Party Season

Literally 'sauced' LOL

Hypno Dom

Mr. P and I hosted our Kristmas Kaftan party on Saturday night, I woke up all horny and frustrated on Sunday, and with no one to play with, I took matters into my own hands. I haven't donned full rubber for some time, so today was the day.

My custom 'blue jellybean' fullsuit hadn't been out in awhile, so that was going on first. I put on a chastity cage and a nice big buttplug before putting the suit on; as the suit has no zips, this was a perfect predicament to put myself into for the afternoon. After I lubed the suit up, slipped it on and got fastened in, I knew that I was going to be in for a fun day.

For some reason, I was thinking that this would be the perfect outfit to Dom in - for the reason that I was plugged, locked and zipped in meant that I was kinda useless to anyone other than to perform Dom activities, therefore I pulled out my rubber apron, donned latex gloves and my posture collar and captain's hat for the first hour or so. It was just nice to fantasize that I was a drone Dom - ready to accept commands and perform on someone's request for their pleasure. I would be programmed to be an incessant fisting top, for example, and not shun from my duties until given further instructions not to do so.

The fun continued, I tried to imagine how to look more anonymous to the sub(s) receiving treatment - either the closed-circuit Russian gasmask or the Black standard issue, and then fully rubber-enclosed with the transparent Latexskin hood. All the while, I had to remain focused on my tasks and instructions as my cock and ass were totally inaccessible for any other utility.

Finally, I let the sub in me slip in again, feeling like I had completed satisfying results for my Commander, therefore my reward was some submissive response. On came the condom over the head with tubing and collar, and remained in this configuration until I was satisfied with my session.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Monday, December 2, 2019

Surprise Reveal

Daddy Vibes

I was really laughing at James Newland's last two series of animation because these ones really speak to me! LOL

Just add Muir cap and thick beardy beard....and PRESTO! 

Oh that beard was freaking epic.....I may grow it back again just to fit in with the rubber and Muir cap Daddy role again! I'm kidding, I'll probably never grow that lustrous amount of face hair ever again 不