Monday, September 15, 2014

Gorgeous Weekend

As the summer is wrapping up, I'm finding the weekends are getting even more fun-filled. I think part of the reason this past weekend was so amazing is because I know that I'm working all of next weekend so the intent to make this one extra-special was palpable for me.

To top everything, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous the past couple weeks. I think it got up to 30C on Sunday....despite the forecast changing this week, this beautiful weather extending far into September is well-received!

Even before the weekend began, Wardog came over on Thursday night. We did some mushrooms, played in spandex for awhile, then had sex and play until 1am when he went back to his Sirs' place for the night. I wanted to ask him to stay overnight but Mr. P doesn't like having a third sleeping in our bed, typically.

It was a bit of a tired day at work on Friday since Mr. P was out and didn't get home until 1:30am after Wardog left (he had expected us to be still playing and wanted to play with us but I told him on school nights he needs to be more disciplined like the rest of us ;)).

Immediately after work on Friday, Mr. P and I went to a wedding reception for two of our good friends. We didn't make the actual ceremony but spent the rest of the evening enjoying the company of our rag-tag group of friends that we know through the grooms. Our lives are all very busy but we were all very happy to get together to celebrate the love of two men that we all consider very good friends.

Mr. P and I got home around 1:30am from this insane wedding reception. Mr. P even got up and danced! God did I ever laugh as he was attempting some spins on one leg, then seemed surprised that he actually didn't fall down! LOL Lots of great memories from that night.

When we got home, we made this stupid decision to go to Pumpjack for last call. I didn't expect anything to be going on, however we ran into some of our friends hanging out with the group of guys we hung out with at Shadow Falls on Labour Day long weekend so a lot of laughs were to be had.

KK in his first full rubber experience...
I got up late in the morning, made breakfast and went back to bed. Mr. P went to Meat Draw however I stayed home and cleaned up and moved furniture in preparation for the rubber play party I had planned that evening with M, our regular hot fuckbuddy and a friend of mine, KK. We have talked about getting together for a long time and we were finally going to do it.

M showed up around 7pm, we chatted for awhile. Mr. P got home around 8pm. M and I set up the vac-cube. I went in first, M fisted me for awhile, and I was just finishing up there when KK arrived. M went into the cube next to show KK how it worked and I worked on his ass while he was in the fist cube.

KK linked up to M's electro program.
Next was KK's turn. I worked on his butt again while Mr. P and M worked on his face. Once we pulled him out of there, the four of us retired to the bed and had sex for an hour or so before we decided to put up the sling and get some rubber on.

We did electro on each other, including using M's big box with the pattern programs until midnight. We started doing fisting turns on each other. KK left to go home as he had a modelling gig on Sunday morning and had already been at the gig all day Saturday so was tired. I think he was leaving pretty happy and I hope he will come back again as he was a lot of fun and a great giving fuck. We gave him a taste of rubber and play, I want to show him a lot more.

M and I did our thing, as usual and worked on each other for the rest of the night. We decided to crash around 6am. M crashed in bed with us until 11:30am; we had planned to get up and continue where we left off at 6am, but M decided to go home, which was probably the smart thing to do.

Mr. P and I met up with friends for dim sum in Chinatown, then went home, rested for a couple hours, and got up and headed to Rogers Centre for the Elton John concert.

We tried the Wheelchair Section for the first time. The view is pretty good, though pretty far away from the stage, however there is lots of room to stretch out which is more than can be said about the regular seats.

Elton John was awesome. I loved the concert, the man is amazing!

Anyways, after shedding a tear or two at the concert, we went home and crashed.

Wardog and his fuckbuddy Phuckbuddy (go figure) are coming over Tuesday evening. I have another date Saturday night with a fisting bottom that I'm hoping to work around the work shifts on the weekend. Whew! When it rains, it pours!

More updates to come....

Rubberstud(s) of the Week #334

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


People in the Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood were doing double-takes Tuesday morning after spotting a statue of satan erected along Grandview Highway near Clark Drive, set on a pedestal near the VCC/Clark Drive SkyTrain station.

Commuters have definitely taken notice, not only because of the statue’s size, but because the male figure is depicted with a large erect penis.

The large red statue, complete with horns and a tail, is anatomically “complete.”

The City of Vancouver says it’s aware of the statue, but did not commission it. City crews arrived just after 3 p.m. to remove the statue.

“The statue was not a piece of City commissioned artwork and consequently it has been removed,” says City of Vancouver spokesperson Sara Couper.

The site was previously home to a bronze Christopher Columbus commemorative statue, installed in 1986. The statue was moved to the Italian Garden in Hastings Park 10 years ago.

Monday, September 8, 2014

First Glimpse

After another awesome weekend of camping at the Shadow Falls gay campground, I was able to finally try on the new transparent blue Hypershine custom catsuit in an 'proper' inaugural rubberfest last night.

The suit has been custom-sized to fit me perfectly, and it certainly does. It is possibly the best-fitting latex catsuit I've ever had...I think I have a new favorite!

I had had several fittings with James and Rheannon at Hypershine over the past couple of months to get the fit just right.

The entire suit fits like a glove, and given that I wanted to create something that is specifically for solo enjoyment / topping, there is a minimum of access points available other than a small rear zip to get into the suit and the fly front in the crotch.  My mandate was to create a suit without any zippers to ensure no stress points were being created in the crotch and butt area; as we all well know, the spot above a rear zip in pretty much any suit I have ever owned is the first place to get a tear or rip. The other spot always seems to have been in the armpit/shoulder area of any suit as this can become a stress point in a suit that doesn't have optimal fitting. It seems that suits that have a standard shoulder cut/width will start to split at the seam where the shoulder and back join; others will actually start to tear where the torso and arm pieces meet in the armpit.

I think we've addressed both of these issues in this one. The arms and legs are sized perfectly, there is no slack in the armpit areas, and of course, no butt zipper means no stress point in that area.

The rest of the suit is skintight and stretchy .4mm transparent blue latex. It has attached feet to catch my drippings and also extended sleeves with thumb loops that keep the sleeves securely in place.

When in the suit, Mr. P has been calling me 'Jellybean', though I think the color is more akin to a Jolly Rancher or one of those Gummy Blue Whales.

Once I slipped into the suit, I spent a good couple of hours simply enjoying the fit and comfort of the latex on my body, I tried a couple of hoods with the new posture collar, then went ahead and attempted another total encapsulation effort with the transparent molded Eurocatsuits hood and condom and tubing. Add another posture collar and gloves over the hand loops, it was head-to-toe latex ecstasy. The fly front allows for nice packaging of my junk and then easily lets it hang out when necessary.

I had had plans to do some other things this evening, but I'm very tempted to have another session in the suit after work today :)

I'm looking forward to getting some better pics of the suit in better lighting very soon. possibly tonight if all works well.

Meanwhile we had a lot of fun camping this weekend, KSG and M in addition to a couple other friends camped with us on our site, they kept pretty low-key this weekend. Mr. P and I went a little crazy, playing around with a few guys over the course of the weekend, making new friends and playmates, hopefully.

I'm happy because KSG and M want to come over next Saturday night for a rubberplay session, something we haven't done since Vancouver Fetish Weekend in July. I am looking forward to assuming an aggressive top role in my new suit, at least for one or two scenes! :-D

Rubberstud of the Week #333

Friday, September 5, 2014

Rubber Mummy Revisited

So, it's been quiet on the rubber front this week. It's a short work week, busy with several initiatives this week...including a visit from Wardog on Tuesday afternoon for a nice flip-fisting session.

Last night I went out to Hypershine and got ALL of my rubber back from the repair shop! It was quite the chore to haul 25 lbs of latex in my courier bag on my back all the way from Port Moody back downtown, but hey, we all pain for our passions.

I also tracked down my missing gasmasks and found my lost posture collar, so everything's looking on the up-and-up.

I am also very excited to announce that I also picked up my new trans blue custom-sized catsuit! It looks and feels terrific; unfortunately I won't be able to take any pictures of it until next week....Mr. P and I have decided we're going camping again this weekend given the weather is forecast to be 30C tomorrow. How can I pass that up? Last weekend we had a great time at the camp...basically with all of my regular fuck buddies from the past 18 months all in one campsite. Despite the coolness of the weather we had a terrific time in the clubhouse slingroom and the big long weekend pig roast (actual food!) was amazing!

This weekend we are going out again with M and KSB plus a few other kinky friends so I have no doubt more hi-jinks will result.

Alas, no pics until next week but in the meantime I figured I'd repost my fantasy vids from Encased. Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Hotel arrangements and flight bookings are done! I cannot at all afford this trip but I'm going to redeem all the flight rewards I scrounge up to get this and the Christmas flights done this year. 

I land in Chicago early afternoon Friday October 31 and flying back to Vancouver the evening of Tuesday November 4. On the morning of Wednesday November 5, Mr. P and I will be flying to either Calgary or Edmonton for family Christmas in Red Deer once again, returning to Vancouver on Tuesday, November 11 (statutory holiday Remembrance Day here in Canada).

I'm staying with Torubber in Chicago and I hope to get reunited with everyone! It's been a tumultuous year, but I'm looking forward to seeing the rubber gang in Chicago! :-D

What's Your Fetish?

European profile site Planet Romeo did a (very unofficial) profile data collection of their members on August 20.

Underwear is the #1 gear/clothing fetish. 480,000 of our Romeos love to see a guy in boxers, briefs or thongs. Jeans comes in second, with 440,000 fans. And sportswear is in third place with 368,000 fans. Leather and skins & punks were mentioned a few times in the comments, but these were less popular, coming in at 7th and 10th place. Maybe we're not as kinky as we think?
Underwear and jeans are fetish? REALLY?

To answer that last question whether we are actually kinky as much as we thought we were, I knew the answer to that one a long time, we are not. 

The porn industry might make it appear differently, but gay men in general are pretty contemporary and boring. 

Trust me, I've tried to pervert hundreds of them over the years and they either end up looking like deer in headlights and running in the opposite direction or claim that they are something that they really aren't. How many of you have had this conversation?:

Me: So, according to your profile, you're into rubber and bondage. What do you have for gear? What are you bringing over?
Him: Well, I actually don't own any rubber, but I'm very intrigued by it and how it looks.
Me: Oh, so what you mean is that you're interested in rubber?
Him: No, I mean I'm really into it, I just don't have any.
Me: Uh-huh. I see. I assume that means that I'm dressing you then?


I actually enjoy the fact that we are a small unique community in the sea of deck shoes, tribal house music playsets and hair highlights. Gays are becoming just as lame and consumer-driven as the straight community and I find that culture something I have no interest of being involved in. 

I'll keep my perverted actions, playroom, and sexy entourage of horny rubbermen active and vibrant, thank you very much! ;-)

Spandex Explosion

Can I get into this picture somehow?
If only to replace the three women in the picture! LOL J/K

Friday, August 29, 2014


I am loving Latex101's new Textured latex line. What do you think of the 'Armour' look?

Nice stuff! Off to the Shadow Falls campground this weekend with the boys. The weather forecast isn't looking that great, but when you're camping with a bunch of sexy men, does it really matter?

Have a great long weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Folsom 2014 Rubber Party

vice: vīs/ (noun)
morally depraved habits or behavior.

This is your chance to let the rubber pig inside loose.

Come out and share your rubber vice with RMSF!


Polish Beasts

RankinSF's Icebucket Challenge

Trust Si Hands and Rick to challenge each other to the ALS Icebucket Challenge by adding a perverted twist to the activity! #icelubechallenge

Tuesday, August 26, 2014