Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lower Half

Photo by Kaz James - Rope Wolf Photography

Catsuit: In Memoriam

A number of my rubber catsuits seem to be coming close to end-of-life these days, unfortunately. Fortunately, I am looking to start to do some replacement (exciting!), but in the meantime, I want to reflect lovingly on the fun and adventure I've had in my tight rubber that has given me so much pleasure as I've evolved into the rubberman I am today. Particularly, I'd like to wax poetic on my Invincible black neck-entry catsuit, one that I've had and kept alive for six years through a lot of wear and tear. I brought it out of storage on Saturday for the Drill Night party, recognizing that it might be the last time this suit sees public light and I wanted to give it a proper retirement party!


We had so much fun together
Alone with you as my second skin
Entwined together with another rubberman
Or dungeon suspended, zippers locked, toys held in.

You arrived so shiny, odor so heavenly
Pristine latex shaped into masculine form
Slipping in through your stretched hole
With codpiece aligned; deviant transformation born.

Hours upon hours realizing rubber possibilities
Ending sessions in lube piss and cum
At countless parties, my layer of protective safety
Hot men caressing you, stimulating me, wanting to get some.

The day you showed your first tear
Flawlessness gone, unfortunate signs
So much I desired to keep together forever
So must start an inevitable watch of your decline.

I reset you, repaired you, altered you
Integrity continuing to sour
Wanting to retain you as part of me
Your fleeting existence being a part of your power.

One last time, my sexy catsuit
Let the essence of my second skin entertain
Everyone to enjoy your beauty and power
Before only the amazing memories remain.

Thank you for all you've given me.
RIP sexy Invincible catsuit. It's time to replace you with another. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and pleasurable experiences. You were pivotal in my evolution as a rubberman.

Pups @ IML

Taken by Max Saumauth, Mister International Rubber 2015 in the lobby of the Congress Hotel IML weekend in Chicago with a 14-24mm lens. It's an excellent shot!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Zentai Dating

New Pole Poll

So, this morning coming into work, once I locked my bike in the bike cage, I came into the locker room and ran into Hot Guy. There are a few sexy guys that I run into in the lockerroom semi-regularly, but I think this guy is the most handsome of them all.  He rides a Trek road bike (+1 for him), he's good-looking, hairy, very fit, and always wears great cycling gear to work. Despite the fact he's not overly friendly or cheery in the morning...actually he comes across as stand-offish, I do like to watch him in his gear....what red-blooded homo wouldn't?

If this is any insight into the uptightedness of this guy, he takes his cycling gear off in the shower stall after he's drawn the curtain. No public nudity for this guy, apparently. It would be hilarious if it weren't so weird...oh well, each to his own.

Anyways, back to my story. He wore a beautiful (and expensive) Craft bib cycling knickers. After bringing it back from the shower, he hung his gear out in the open and didn't bother locking it up like everyone else does...presumably to let it dry more quickly? He got ready and left the lockerroom before I did. So there was his sweaty cycling gear hanging there...

For a second, I thought about undressing again and trying the knickers on for size as I'm sure they would feel and look great, plus I'd get some of the fluid and scent on me that he left behind. Oh my god, am I a depraved pervert or what? I was tempted, but didn't follow through....had I came into the room five minutes later and he left while I was still en route or coming out of the shower, I probably would have.....also in the back of my mind for justification; I know that my Castelli knickers at home are actually hotter and sexier than his black Craft ones are anyways, so that helped to get the perverted thoughts out of my mind.

So, the question posed today in the Pole Poll is whether you would follow through with the thoughts I had; would you consider it and pass as I did; or would you not even consider the idea for whatever reason? I guess this is a pervertometer poll when you think about it! LOL
sooooooo worth it.

Recharged As Tightly As Possible

WOW...that's fucking tight and hot...I'd love to see the front. Is this a custom Under Armour design?

More from Rubberboy


The weekend was pretty fun. I had to work Friday evening until 10 or so, so I just stayed in. I got up very early on Saturday to bike marshall at the Lee's Trail Triathlon in Stanley Park Saturday morning. Afterwards I headed home, cleaned up, shuffled off-site storage lockers around, then had a nap. Suddenly it was the evening, K55 came over, we rubbered up in military outfits, then us two along with Mr. P went to Drill Night at 8x6.

The guys put a lot of effort into the configuration, decorations and set up; unfortunately this party was also not that well attended. VML seems to have a couple of issues: 1) the general membership is older and definitely not that supportive of VML events so the membership attendance is never that great - VML definitely needs a makeover or an infusion of new blood; 2) there seems to be some animosity in the community towards the group, what they do, what they are about, or who they are that prevents a lot of guys from coming out to their play events. I'm not really sure what it is - it does seem to me that there is a lot of hesitation in this city for guys to be outwardly slutty, and I'm not really sure why? Are there reputations to uphold or something ridiculous like that?

Anyways, for the 30-40 or so guys that attended, things did get pretty sexual into the evening as one would expect at this party. I spent a lot of time socializing (surprise!), and got the opportunity to get fisted by R near the end of the party....wish I'd gotten more into cocksucking and fucking but I knew I was going to get opportunities for that later anyways....(!)

Afterwards, Mr P, K55 and I got some food then went home. K55 and I put up the sling and spent the rest of the night getting fucked up, fisting, assplay, pissplay and sounding. It was a very fun and very late night in gear. I slept in until mid-afternoon, cleaned up, Mr. P and I went for a couple drinks at PJ in the evening, got groceries and crashed.

We're heading to Shadow Falls again this weekend. I'm looking forward to getting a bit more action this weekend! I think our friend RK is staying on our site, as is M, so it should be a good time. I'll take some pics, I promise.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Ode To IML

Cum-covered sluts and warm golden showers
Black whips and paddles and fisting for hours
Bad bottom cocksuckers restrained to slings
These are a few of my favorite kinks

Restricted breathing and huge anal toys
Suspension bondage of innocent bois
Leathermen edging rubbergimps to the brink
These are a  few of my favorite kinks

When the poppers hit
When the electro stings
When I'm feeling mad
I'll remember to apply some of my favorite kinks
And then I don't feel so bad