Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's A March Miracle!

Dear Blogger User,

This week, you received an email telling you about some changes we were making to the Blogger Content Policy. In that email, we announced a change to Blogger's porn policy stating that blogs that distributed sexually explicit images or graphic nudity would be made private.

We've received lots of feedback about making a policy change that impacts longstanding blogs and the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities.

We appreciate the feedback. Instead of making this change, we will be maintaining our existing policies (

What this means for your blog: Commercial porn will continue to be prohibited. If you have pornographic or sexually explicit content on your blog, you must turn on the adult content setting ( so a warning will show.

If you don't have sexually explicit content on your blog and you're following the rest of the Blogger Content Policy (, you don't need to make any changes to your blog.

Thank you for your continued feedback,

The Blogger Team
Wow, I wasn't expecting this! That's a great move; I had no idea there was a movement afoot to reason with Google. I think it's a great move on their part and a sense that free, open, internet might be important to Google, or at least to their bottom line.

Thanks to all of you who contacted me directly to request being added to the private blog; it was nice to hear from you all! :)

Conversation Between Stupid People

I really hate double-standard arguments like this one that claim girls look good in spandex while guys look one's opinion is the only one that matters. Some people disagree.

Oh wait, it's a girl...that's the way they generally think. Their opinions ARE the only one that matters.

Actually by the four-minute mark Gio's making some good points. Spandex DOES require some humility. That's something that a lot of guys lack, unfortunately. As as gay guy, I don't mind seeing through the material, BUT, hey, you're in public dude... skintight okay, see-through, not-so-much...unless your in a gay space of course! ;-)

Everyone wearing tights in the gym SHOULD be wearing something underneath, male or female.

I like Lu...he's defensive of guys in tights and argues points FOR men wearing them since he's worn them personally...and he says guys look cute in tights too!

Some people like them, like how guys look in them, and wear them for comfort. The discussion's pretty funny by the end. They agreed that guys and girls should be wearing something underneath to cover the ugly bumpers.

OMG if you watch any more of Bart's videos, they are a pretty fucking funny group!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Here is a sampler of the Rubber Interrogation performance we did at the Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2014 Military Ball


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stomping Grounds

Man, I sure miss my old racing track, team and colleagues....the summers of racing and training at Glenmore Velodrome were some of the most enriching days of my life!

Rubbout 25 Design Contest

We are looking for artists with a bit of a bend to conjure up some imagery for Rubbout's 25th anniversary in 2016! We are looking for submissions by the end of March so they can be shown during Rubbout 24 for a vote on the most popular. Expect the winner's artwork to be prominantly displayed until Rubbout 25: Silver April 1-3, 2016!

We would like to present the designs/art to the attendees of Rubbout 24 on Easter Weekend to determine a winner!

PSD format strongly encouraged. I think this is what we need for Rubbout 25: Silver:

A Photoshop vector graphics cmyk .psd file that renders to:

48"x72" x 300ppi minimum for our main event banner.

We typically render these poster dimensions
12" x 18" with bleed 400ppi TIFF files
18" x 24" with bleed 400ppi TIFF files

and various other web banners, other renderings from the .psd file layers in various dimensions and orientations in .jpg, .tiff, .pdf and .png files.

Other renderings are utilized in Illustrator to generate a weekend program.

Sticking to Photoshop should be good since it's a suite that we have copies of to manipulate the main .psd files later.


Hot condom breathplay pics from breathplaybln from thebreathcontrolnetwork.

I'm really intrigued by the visual deprivation/blackout aspect of this....what would be best to use? I will ask the man in the pics! :)

WEFetish Winner!

Sly Hands won the WeFetish contest for best fetish image of 2015! :)

Well done and congratulations, Sly!


Belgian Rubbermen