Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Breaking Wind

This is probably as aerodynamic as I've ever been...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Styles

I'm liking the looks of some of these new styles by Simon O. and Young Action.

I think, however, that I am going to try Latexcatfish first. I am just too intrigued by what I've seen from them so far. 

First of all, I really REALLY want to get a hood entry men's suit with attached feet, condom and anal condom much the same as AjLatex's suit. As much as I'd like to get .25mm latex, reason dictates that I should go for .4mm.
Latex Face Entry Catsuit
CF-CANV655 Face entry catsuit
Selected options:

Gender: Male
Finish: Silicone inside & out
Gloves: With Gloves (maybe?)
Socks: With five-toe socks
Penis Option: With attached common size penis (14cm length and 3.3cm diameter), without anal zipper
Anal condom option: With anal condom
Color: Black (B)
Thickness: 0.40mm
Size: L
I can try the .25mm latex on something else.

I'm also considering the looser thicker fullsuit with attached gasmask, industrial gloves and steel-toed boots. I wonder how much that heavy item will cost to ship???


It looks like fun was had by all at the great parties in London for Fetish Week 2014. I truly enjoyed seeing all the pics of the rubbered up sexy British blokes! WOOF!

Crunch Time

Things are very quickly coming together for Vancouver Fetish Weekend and Vancouver Pride Weekend. Cards are being printed, artwork is being designed, visuals are being edited, servers are being built and web sites being created, costumes are being assembled and rubber suits are being glued.

I am due to pick up a couple of my repairs on Saturday. I believe Hypershine still have the peacock blue Libidex catsuit and the Rubellion catsuit that fits James; the former should do to dress him on performance night on July 25. The Libidex catsuit I simply just want to get home as I miss it.

The Invincible play catsuit and the black Libidex catsuit are in need of some minor repairs; a few small patches on the pressure points on the shoulders and crotch; I'm going to take them over to CJRos to do on Thursday as I don't have the time to get them to Hypershine this weekend and have them ready by the following Friday.

I am also going for my fitting with Hypershine on Saturday for the new suit. I know I haven't told you much about this one as I wanted to keep it a secret, however you will all see it soon enough! Given that they took measurements of me and I've already paid a deposit on the suit, I hope to have it in time for Pride; wouldn't that be amazing? Hint: it's going to be transparent blue with a fly opening!

I've got some big repairs left for Hypershine to tackle; these include the Polymorphe transparent black catsuit - the rotting rubber down the chest finally gave way; there is a split along the center torso seam from the crotch to just below the tits. I hope this repair will be straightforward.

On Saturday night the guy that came over to play with Mr. P and I wore some of my latex. He is a considerably bigger guy and while wearing the new Invincible surf suit the ass split all the way down. This item is pretty pooched but I'm hoping it will be salvageable as it is not even six months old. I am starting to grow weary of lending my rubber out to guys bigger than me. M is about the max of who I will lend to as he and I are pretty much identical in size and stature. These bigger guys are just going to have to find their own stuff to wear, I think.

The repairs are getting out of hand and now that my main repair crew have moved out to Port Moody, getting to them is going to be an even bigger challenge. This makes for a good initiative to get doing more repairs with CJRos and I think he wants to learn more about repairing and have something to work on as well. I've done enough repairs that I can get minor ones done and with him living close by it might be worth just doing small repairs quick and dirty.

I am also going to finally get the press studs on the Polymorphe club pants reset. The pants are still in great shape but the codpiece/asscover tend to pop off and out since the studs aren't set in the beds created for them in the latex.

I also need the stud reset in my Syren bondage mitts too.


For those of you wondering what we're up to as our performance piece at the Vancouver Fetish Weekend Military Ball, he's a synopsis of what we're going to do. There will be five of us on stage, including myself, M, KSG, Slickthrob and James.
So, here's what I envision going on on the stage.
Rubber Commander (Reid or M) - wearing the military catsuit and commander hat, boots, and soviet trenchcoat, sunglasses
Rubber Private (Reid or M) - wearing the transparent green pig suit, boots, private cap and sunglasses OR white gasmask
Prisoner (Slickthrob) - head to toe rubber, boots, blindout mask or perforated eye mask, though open mouth is required.
Sentinel #1 (James) - black rubber, black gas mask
Sentinel #2 (KSG) - black rubber, black gas mask

The Private has to do a lot more work but the Commander gets to wear the fabulous Soviet trenchcoat and boss everyone around!

Lights fade in. Procession of rubbermen enters the stage, with the bondage chair and a small table center stage, light directly above the chair illuminates the focus of the scene.
Lead by the Private, carrying a bag of torture items, which he puts on a table beside the chair.
Followed by the prisoner, in shackles, wired for electro (wires clearly visible to audience), shuffling slowly across the stage,being guided on each arm by a sentinel and followed by Commander who has a gun in the back of the prisoner.

Commander points to sentinels to place blinded prisoner in the chair. The sentinels proceed to take a side and strap the prisoner into the chair, slow, deliberate, adding to the tension of the scene.

Meanwhile the commander is overseeing the operation, arms crossed, and the private is pulling the electro box out of the bag and wiring up the prisoner for electro - torture.

Once the sentinels are done strapping the prisoner in place, they move into the shadows just outside the main lighting of the chair and remain there until near the end of the scene when they are instructed by the commander to 'leave the room' while he does a private interrogation.

The commander will then point instructions to the Private to begin the electro torture. The prisoner will writhe and fight as much as he can against the restraints...should we have a ball gag or gag of some sort put in the prisoners mouth to fake prevention of biting tongue? This would be kinda hot. Require a red or black ball gag?

The prisoner will stop writhing once the electro is shut off, the Private can do this once or twice again so long as the intervals are short. in the end, the Private removes the ball gag, and the Commander grabs the prisoner by the head, implying a question of whether he is going to divulge information. The prisoner nods 'no'.

The commander, visibly annoyed, instructs the Private to pull the breath control latex hood out of the bag. He steps back to observe again, arms crossed while the private proceeds to put the bag over the prisoners head, He holds the bag closed with vigor while the prisoner feigns suffocation...the bag will never be on Slickthrob's head long enough, for visuals only. So long as the private allows air in once in awhile and Slickthrob writhes and sucks the bag against his face a couple times, this should look really good.

Eventually the private removes the bag, the commander approaches once again, grabs the prisoner's head, implying a question of whether he is going to divulge information. The prisoner nods 'no'.

The commander visibly annoyed, removes his trenchcoat, hands it to the Private, implying now that he means business. He points to the Private and the sentinels to 'leave the room' while he applies personal interrogation. The private and sentinels move off-stage or near off-stage in the shadows.

The commander approaches the prisoner, pulls his gun from the holster and while holding the prisoner's head points the gun to the prisoner's temple. A bit of shaking of the prisoner's head and alternating the gun between the temple and the mouth scares the prisoner, but he still nods no.

Frustrated, the commander puts his gun back in the holster, and proceeds to kiss the prisoner passionately for a few moments. He pushes the prisoner away, backs up, takes target and spits on the prisoner.

He signals the private and sentinels to come back, release the prisoner and carry him away in shackles again back to his cell. The Private returns the coat to the commander and helps him put it back on while following the sentinels and prisoners off-stage.

Fade to black.
In the meantime, the visuals above on screen should be of rubber and kink torture scenes. I went through a bunch of old war archive footage and I just think fetish visuals will work better. I have a ton of them, Slickthrob and I went through a lot of them on Sunday and I think we picked the best of the lot.

The scene (and visuals and music) should last 3.5-5 minutes. At the end and hopefully coordinated with the end of the scene on the stage, the visuals will also fade to black, and on the screen will be the announcements of the Rubbout Pride Party the following weekend, Rubbout 24 in April 2015 and Rubbout contact information.

Sounds pretty good eh?

I'm hoping to have a wrap party at my place after we're done at the Imperial Club...if you know what I mean ;)

To Beard or Not To Beard

With its fancy wind tunnel, Specialized is equipped to answer the big questions of bike and rider aerodynamics – and one of those is the drag coefficient of a beard. It’s a question that keeps us awake at night too.

Leaping past the perennial question of whether shaved legs are faster (please, please put that question to bed for us too, Specialized) the Californian company’s aerodynamicists, Chris Yu and Mark Cote, put a fuzzy subject – Joe Self – in the tunnel before and after he’d had a shave, to check out what happens to the drag coefficient.

According to Yu, beard or no beard makes a negligible difference – over 40km there would be about a one second difference in favour of the smooth shaven Self. It means riders in the real world – hipsters, Luca Paolini and Bradley Wiggins – can rest easy that their beard is not really affecting their marginal gains.

Some other vids from the Specialized WIN TUNNEL:

Monday, July 14, 2014

Rubberstud of the Week #325

Ian Thorpe

I'm glad to hear he came out. He was always the trendsetter in the swimming community. I wonder if he still wears his tight Adidas bodysuits now that he isn't competing professionally anymore?

He's always been a pleasure to watch in and out of the water.

Petty Offense

German police are looking for a seriously hot motorcyclist who is riding around the streets of Münster, wearing nothing but his gloves and helmet.
The man, who goes under the name “Ballerboyz” on Facebook, said he would pull this nude stunt if he got 1,000 likes on his post. Apparently naked joyrides are frowned upon in Germany and the police are now “attempting to identify the rider for potential charges” for this “petty offense.” If Ballerboyz gets away with this, we would like to suggest changing his name to “Not So Petty Offense.” Get it?…We’re talking about penis size, here.
Watch the NSFW video below:

Not rubber-related (except for the tires), but nice to view nonetheless.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Another great image from German Fetish Week fashion show (latex by Fantastic Rubber).


Praying for some rubber action this weekend....if I can find the time...
Sometimes I wish I was working from home again so I could wear lycra and latex all day as my work uniform instead of stupid business casual...

All is quiet on the Western Front ha's summer, there is so much going on; 'tis the reality of Canadian summer...all the events of an entire year get squished into three or four months.

Last weekend I went to the VML Den 4 Men at 8x6 on Friday night and got into trouble with a sexy Brit named Scott, Saturday I went to Meat Draw then out with friends to the club, Sunday Mr. P and I went out with some friends in the afternoon. I went for a ride out to Horseshoe Bay after work on Monday, an invitation to go to the New Order concert last night, checking out the Gastown Grand Prix circuit race tonight, a meeting for getting the website set up tomorrow night...right now there's nothing planned for Friday night but I'm sure something will pop up (Gear Night at Pumpjack, perhaps?). I'm supposed to be riding out to Hatzig on Saturday then an Australian Christmas Party, who knows after that?

I've met a sexy Brit lad who's just moved to Vancouver and is into rubber...I'd love to invite him over for a session at some point on the weekend.

I am very busy getting stuff ready for the Vancouver Fetish Weekend and Rubbout @ Vancouver Pride. The concept I want to put on display for our prisoner interrogation scene onstage at the Military Ball on July 25 just keeps getting more and more complex. I just found out we also have access to a bondage equipment onstage in addition to the bondage chair and the option of putting visuals mixed with audio on the big display screen above the stage. I need help! I've been asking for it, but so far all I hear is crickets chirping.

When it's summer in Canada, there's no shortage of things to do, that's for sure!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Rubberstud(s) of the Week #324


Another hot image from Si's archive. I bet it smells and tastes heavenly down there.

Friday, July 4, 2014


of Peter Enslot! Check out Peter's new Tumblr at

Peter owns Cover4u, which makes the body condoms so many of us hard-core rubbermen crave to get into. It's high on my list of must-gets, I hope Peter and I can work together soon.