Friday, February 28, 2020

Support the Creative Class!

This is why you should support the small designers and your local rubber creators!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Containing the Contagion

...because we're naturals at this type of thing.

VRM February Meet + Play

This was such a fun afternoon! 34 guys showed up for our Valentine weekend, Inflatable Rubber-themed Vancouver Rubbermen monthly meet. We implemented some of the improvements to the event space at Pumpjack Pub - having the entrance at the other end of the divider wall, with stanchions and a door greeter to control flow of people into the event area. We extended the area of playmats, where numerous performances and demos went on. Sem Folego put several of the attendees into the bondage balloons, the vac-bed was busy with some guys trying vac-bondage out for the first time, and IvyHole and I had an inflatable buttplug competition on the mats. We had guys in the crowd roll a dice which translated into pumps of the buttplug. I ended up winning over Ivyhole, 36 - 34! LOL

We enjoyed the extended hours, with most of the guys hanging out until 6pm instead of our regular 5pm, and an orgy broke out after 5pm that was a lot of fun! This event can only keep getting sexier and better! :)

The March VRM Meet + Play takes place at Pumpjack Pub on Saturday, March 21 2pm-6pm. More details to be announced on the website, Twitter and FB. This month's theme is Industrial Rubber and is also the Rubbout 2020: Bonding Kickoff  Party! Expect some bondage to happen ;)

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Strange Wonderful Creature

Posted by Northbound Leather in Toronto for this event!

Sneak Peek of one of the amazing performances happening this Saturday at the 30th Anniversary of Fetish Night! Art by the internationally renowned Strange Wonderful Creature-Ess Hรถdlmoser

Now that's how you use a vac-tower!

Update: Mr. West Coast Rubber 2020

I'm excited to share the news that I've been asked to judge at the Mr. West Coast Rubber 2020 15th Anniversary weekend in San Francisco! I'll be heading there on March 6 - I'm very honored to be involved with this organization and helping to choose the next Mr. West Coast Rubber to represent our region proudly.

I'm only going to be around for just over 48 hours, but it will be so nice to get together with Greg, Christophe and the crew :D

I am fortunate to be on the panel with this lovely set of men....

I so happy Alan from SFBAR (San Francisco Bay Area Rubbermen) reached out to me when I was inquiring about the weekend. It's going to be so nice to see some familiar and new faces and start to build a West Coast dialog again. And I get to be on the judge panel as the Nostalgia Judge! LMAO

Mr. West Coast Rubber 2020 (Facebook)
West Coast Rubber
Rubbermen of San Francisco Bay Area

Exquisite Enclosure

I got into my new face-entry suit (yes, I AM addicted to these things!), and applied condom breathplay for a completely rubberized existence. Fuck I could stay like this for hours if I didn't overheat so easily with no way to vent the heat generated by my high metabolism! It gets so sweaty and sloshy in my full rubber suits so quickly, particularly when I get my head covered in a layer or two of latex. Regardless, it makes for such a horny time, I keep craving more of it.

Friday, February 14, 2020


Squares of Nine

Happy Valentine's Day to all my chosen lovers! This is great great imagery, love it.

squares of nine
being my own valentine (thanks for sharing, Dylan!)
Jungle Photo Club
HDGimage Photography

Monday, February 10, 2020

Live and Let Kink

Leather: That's a shame - Live and let kink
by Race Bannon, guest columnist to the Bay Area Reporter
Wednesday Jan 29, 2020

Within the radical sex and relationships communities in which I navigate, there are few things that spark my anger more than shaming. Whether it's coming from within the leather, kink, polyamory or gay men's sex cultures, or from external sources, shaming is far too prevalent.

I'm sure shaming comes from within and without women's sex cultures too, but I don't pretend to understand that fully enough to comment. Still, this likely applies across the gender and orientation spectrums.

Shame as a noun describes a feeling of guilt, embarrassment, humiliation or disgrace due to awareness of a misstep or impropriety. The thing is, virtually none of the things kinksters and other sex and relationship adventurers are accused of is something for which they should feel any negative emotions at all.

Shaming as a verb is to engage in actions that try to instill a sense of shame in someone else, and this is where the greatest problems lie in our communities.

Misguided people consider shaming a viable way of trying to modify someone else's behaviors or views. Some inappropriately use shaming to express disagreement with another's choices or actions.

While you can only feel a true sense of shame upon perceiving that others' disapproval is valid, when you already play on the edge of societal norms and might be struggling with self-acceptance you can fall prey to accepting shaming regardless of the validity of the source. This is why shaming marginalized people like kinksters and other erotic rebels can be particularly damaging.

Instances of shaming are sadly plentiful.

Just last week at Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, a friend overheard two leather-clad men in the lobby of the host hotel shaming a young guy who wasn't dressed in what they considered "appropriate" gear. That happens a lot. A young guy might walk into a bar on a leather/gear night wearing nothing but the harness he excitedly scraped together every disposable cent to buy only to hear a snide comment from someone else in the bar about his attire.

During Folsom Street Fair I observed a BDSM scene taking place in one of the designated play areas. A fetish-clad kinkster made a comment about how that kink "went too far." What was taking place was a moderate flogging, an activity countless people do all the time and it brings them joy and fulfillment.

Body shaming is common. It happens within the leather world for sure, but interestingly I think in many ways we deal with this a bit better than some mainstream folks.

However, within what I refer to as gay sex culture, I've seen it happen often. One non-sexual illustration of the prevalence of body shaming is how some people (gay men mostly) comment that if the nude guys walking around the Castro were hotter, they'd be more comfortable with it. If that's not overt body shaming, I don't know what is.

Orientation-shaming happens. Bisexuals are still too often besieged by comments that they should make up their mind one way or the other. I could point to mountains of data that attraction orientation resides on a spectrum and these folks would likely ignore it all and remain resolute in their misguided bias.

Polyamorous people are often shamed for the evils of promoting non-monogamy or being a bad example amid the LGBTQ set that's decided only parroting the heteronormative two-person monogamous relationship is acceptable. It doesn't matter to the deriders that the people in these relationships might be supremely happy. Their 'one size fits all' mindset fails to see the joys of the diversity of experience.

Entire leather events have been shamed because of a real or imagined misstep of some sort. Shamers rarely approach such situations as an opportunity for correction, refinement or dialogue. They would rather trash the entire event outright.

Highly sexual people are shamed by those who perceive their own level of sexual activity and the way they do it as the only correct or proper way. Anyone who deviates from that is a slut, a whore, or a spreader of disease.

Bottom-shaming happens frequently. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard "Oh, he's a bottom," said in a dismissive or elitist tone, I'd be a rich man.

None of this is helpful. None of this is productive. None of this makes life better for anyone.

Shaming takes place in all venues, but social media of course provides an easy-access megaphone to blast the shaming out to the world to be amplified by those who like to shame too.

In a Psychology Today article, 'Why Shaming Doesn't Work,' psychology professor Krystine I. Batcho, Ph.D. points out some of the damage shaming can do. Since I contend that kinksters, the polyamorous and sexual adventurers are engaging in what feels genuine about themselves, I think this applies since it points out the stress and depression shaming can elicit.

"Shaming someone for what they cannot change places them in an impossible situation that can yield nothing beneficial. The absurdity and futility of such interactions are clear when a parent admonishes a young child to grow up.

"For people who are able to conceal a stigmatized identity, shaming can increase the 'divide' between public and private dimensions of their self-concept. Research has shown such separation to be associated with greater social stress and depression."

Please don't shame. Please gently point out shaming when you see or hear others do it. Let them know why it's not helpful. Much of shaming is sadly built into our competitive and sometimes screwed up culture, but that doesn't mean we should tolerate it.

Race Bannon is a local author, blogger and activist.
For Race's previous columns, and leather-kink events, go to

Seeing Red

So, it's been an interesting few days...

Starting on Wednesday when I finally got together with jjenner....we've been chatting and meeting up at various events, and he's even been up to Shadow Falls once to hang out with me for the day, however, we've never played together! This is strange considering he's a fisting top, I'm a fisting bottom, and we've talked about it for years but it simply just didn't happen. Anyways, it really really did happen on Wednesday!
 We've played with the daddy-son dynamics for a long time, he's really into animal anthromorphism when it comes to depraved sexual scenarios. We have a lot of fun swapping fantasies, etc. On Wednesday we agreed that I was going to transform into 'rubber daddy puppy sub' and get knotted by his canine cocksheath, my two knotted dildos, pop in my XL puppy tail and generally destroy me with his nice collapsible hands. We only spent two hours together, one hour with me in the sling and another hour on the bench, but he really accomplished a lot! I managed to take his doubles deep and singles even deeper, hitting a high mark on his forearm tattoos only a few inches from his elbow. Fucking WOOF. He's a very talented fist top, I was very very happy and he really enjoyed himself.

I don't expect we'll be able to hook up that often, but I certainly do look forward to the next opportunity to have him get deep in me and rearrange my guts again. And we also promised next time to bring out his GoPro and actually take some vids and pics.

Thursday was date night with Mook. I finally got to fuck him again after a long hiatus, due to many reasons why the last few weeks of us together has been hanging out or him fucking and fisting me. This week, however, it was my turn to finally ravage him again, so Mr. P and I fucked him, then I spent the remainder of the evening stretching him out. He wants to get back on the Journey to Fisting (J2F) program, so we're going to start that again, and eventually bring his boyfriend Codeness in to do some of the legwork as well.

Friday I had Wardog over after a very long hiatus. There is a lot of messed up history as to why we haven't played together in a couple years - some of which I've gotten into here - but generally I'm ready to let the past go. I think he got a bit uncomfortable part-way through, as if he had some expectations and didn't want to go past what he was expecting what was going to happen, however we did get some good scenes in. He made excuses that he was tired as he had been up since 6am, but so had I, so I was calling it a false excuse. Regardless he left shortly after midnight which was a bit disappointing, however we did get some good hole work in in the meantime.

I started in the sling where he fisted me, though as a reminder I feel a lot more comfortable getting fisted by him on my hands and knees, and the second scene on the fuck bench for me as bottom was much much more satisfying and horny. I managed to get him in the sling for awhile for a good fuck and some stretching. We'll do it again, but we will never get back to the frequency we used to fuck at - things have just simply changed, he has changed, I have changed.

He did bring over a sizeable amount of rubber for me to clean and sort, which wasn't a bad thing - after he left I spent a few more hours washing, Vivishining, cleaning and drying rubber, and sat on some more big toys and got off a few more times, eventually crashing around 4am.

Another big exciting point of the evening for me was trying out a new rubber outfit idea I had had for the VML fisting theme social on Saturday night - my Red Valentine's Day outfit. I didn't wear it out on Saturday (you'll find out why later), but I am planning to wear it to the Vancouver Rubbermen Meet + Play this upcoming Saturday.

Check it out, I think this combo is fucking HOT!

I also found the key on my lock for my metal chastity cage, so I also put that on late night, with the urethral insert fully locked in....I miss this cage soooo much! I may even wear it on Saturday too!
Saturday, I got up at a decent time, and prepped for another friend to come over for a long-overdue visit and play. I still consider CPFFucker a really good friend - I'm even invited to him and his fiance's wedding this June - however he and I haven't played in years, partly due to the fact he has a primary man now, partly due to his crazy work schedule, partly due to his years of recovery required to unwire his previous addictions and re-wire a healthy sexuality back in its place.

Needless to say, I have always really liked the guy - we have a lot of fun, good conversation, and laughs when we get together, but he had hinted to me a year or so ago that he wanted to get back into fisting - without the drugs and the wrong scene - and that he wanted me to help him with it as we always had a great sexual chemistry. He came over around noon, we sat and talked for awhile, and I got him into the sling around 1pm. Spent some time eating him out, fucking him, getting him warmed up, then proceeded to a very slow, deliberate, sensual hole opening. He didn't think he had it in him to take fists so soon, but I took an hour to warm him up and eventually the fists just started slipping in. It was a lot of fun! He was very grateful and very happy, and it sounds like he wants to do it again sometime soon. I'd be happy to oblige.

He left around 4, I had a nap, then Mr. P and I had a rubber friend's birthday party to attend. It was originally scheduled for 6pm, but then became, 6:30, 6:45, and finally 7pm before they showed up.....we didn't get out of the restaurant until 9, the guys headed to Pumpjack, I went home thinking I'd still have time to rubber up, but I frustratingly gave up on that idea, so I proceeded to roll a couple joints and as my guts weren't feeling 100% I decided to give up on my anal aspirations for Saturday night.

I went out for the VML Red social, but I wasn't feeling particularly sexy, sociable or fisty, so I had a beer and went home. Mr. P was home an hour or so after me. I was a bit disappointed but no matter; once again, knowing better, I blew my weekend quota on Friday night, got a good rest on Saturday night and got a lot accomplished on Sunday.

It's not the end of the world either, I'm planning on wearing my slutty Valentine's outfit to the VRM meet on Saturday - theme is inflatables, SemFolego and I are planning some games and prizes, including balloon busts and inflatable betting - my bottom is going to be plugged with inflatable buttplug and gag - winner will throw dice to determine number of pumps in either inflatable, and without going over (i.e. the bottom spits out either the plug or the gag) gets closest to maximum inflation! As we had that great discussion with the Pumpjack management on what we want to accomplish in our meets going forward, I'm hoping my ass will get some dicks and possible even some fists into it on Saturday before moving the post-event party back to the condo for the rest of the evening. Here's hoping!

Next week is the start of the Just For Laughs Northwest comedy festival....I have tickets to standup performances this Friday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday next week so I'll be super busy with that! The following week, Mr. P is planning to go to Palm Springs with a friend for a week or two, and I've been asked to judge at the Mr. West Coast Rubber Contest on the March 6-8 weekend. There's the possibility of a hell of a lot of things going to be happening very soon, including lots of sling time (hopefully)!

Right now my focus is getting through the next couple of weeks. I ordered silicone oil and base chemicals to make a bulk load of silicone lube. I have products arriving in Point Roberts this week that I have to go across the border to get - I am hoping to save ridiculous amounts of money on retail, and beyond my personal use, be able to contribute a bunch of this to future Vancouver Rubbermen events.

Rubbout planning will be kicking into full speed starting in the next couple weeks too. Bowen isn't back from Puerto Vallarta until the last week of February - after that, everything will start to fall into place for the 29th installment April 3-5. Much much more to come!