Thursday, March 9, 2023

Going Medieval

 I've been waiting to see some great "erotic" content coming out of the AI image generators, it appears Flickr User Athly has hit the mark with these hyper-masculine hyper-thighed European princes caught in portraits wearing their sheer hose. God, what a gorgeous set of imagery.

Just seeing these creations wants me to try and get image generation producing similar homo-erotic visuals...

Monday, February 27, 2023

Rubber Daddy

I got my super tight black catsuit back from repairs this weekend, so obviously I spent most of Saturday and Sunday in it along with plugs, chastity, hoods and condoms.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Wearing tights at the gym

 Cesar posted a great blog post on how to conduct yourself in situations where your gym approaches you about complaints about your attire *sigh*...the hypocrisy (may) continue...

Navigating Pushback Against Men Wearing Tights in the Gym: 3 Tips

by Cesar Torres, owner,

So, you put together a cute gym outfit that plays to your strengths and expresses who you are. You selected some great sneakers, a well-fitting workout t-shirt, and your favorite pair of gym tights. But as you get started with your workout, you are approached by one of the gym staff, who mentions that someone has complained to the staff about men wearing inappropriate clothes, and they ask you to cover up your tights with shorts, or to not wear tights at all.

When this happens, you feel shocked. After all, you pay your dues on time, and you come to the gym to train hard. And as you look around, you wonder why it is that they have singled you out. After all, there are other people at your gym who are training in skintight, form-fitting gear besides yourself.

This is a situation can happen to a male-presenting person who chooses to work out in tights, otherwise known as men’s gym leggings.

The pushback against men in tights tends to be most severe in the United States, where the culture rejects the display of the male body. However, this type of situation can happen pretty much anywhere. And the irony is that men began wearing tights since the 16th century, as part of their attire for activities such as horseback riding, fencing and other athletic pursuits. Men, in fact, wore tights before women did.

The tights you choose do matter. Most men’s gym tights, including the tights made by LED Queens Fitness Apparel, are designed so that your genitals can be supported and comfortable as you perform vigorous activities such as cardio, weightlifting, dancing and other fitness routines.

However, not all tights are made the same. Some brands make tights with fetish-oriented features, such as codpieces, bulge pouches , translucent fabric, or seams to enhance the cleft of the buttocks. Nothing wrong with those products, but they may not be your smartest choice in a dedicated fitness space and community. If you’re in doubt, pick up a pair of gym tights by a company that specifically makes their products for sports and fitness.

Underwear matters a lot. At LED Queens, we celebrate whatever choice you make for underwear beneath tights. But because gyms are shared spaces, with people from various cultural backgrounds, we recommend pairing tights with a good thong, jockstrap or dance belt to give you support and also make sure the details of your genitals are not too revealing. This way, you will not be hiding your bulge with shorts. In fact, you’ll look natural and presentable, if you have chosen the correct undergarment. For more info on this topic, check out our underwear recommendations blog post. Now let’s get on with the tips!


If you’re approached by a fellow gym member or staff, and they want you to stop wearing tights, they will often approach you one-on-one, isolating you from other gym members. They most often will say that what you’re wearing is making other gym members feel “uncomfortable”, “unsafe”, or they will keep it even more vague and just say your clothes are inappropriate.

When this happens, ask, “Can you point me to a clearly printed sign on the walls of this gym where I can find a rule that says men can’t wear tights or leggings?” In most cases, there is no such sign, because the franchise or the individual gym owner has not gone into the level of detail (or policing). If the sign is vague and recommends “proper gym attire”, be sure to ask the person who exactly gets to decide what proper gym attire is. Is it the manager? Or is it a gym patron who made the complaint? Explain that the factors that make a piece of clothing appropriate or inappropriate are subjective, especially in spaces like gyms, where people are free to express themselves.


Men being asked to not wear tights in the gym is a double standard, plain and simple. In most gyms, you will often find plenty of women wearing sports bras as tops, crop tops, skintight leggings, short spandex shorts, bodysuits and other skintight garments to train. So if you’re asked to stop wearing tights, you can just say, “Sure, I’ll stop wearing tights to the gym the day you ask women to stop wearing them as well.” You can also ask, “Why is this rule applicable to men and not women?” If they can’t come up with a good answer, just be aware that you’re confirming the fact that they don’t have a solid argument for what they’re asking you to do.


Some folks in the LGBTQ+ community find it gender-reaffirming to wear specific kinds of garments to the gym. Does that mean that if they are male presenting, they don’t have a right to wear those garments? If that were so, that would be a type of discrimination. If your gym’s member base has a a visible queer customer base, mention that when you explain that you war tights because you choose to express yourself that way, and that if they believe in inclusion and tolerance of LGBTQ folks, they should allow people to exercise their own self expression, regardless of gender identity or sexual preference. And if they are singling out LGBTQ folks in this fashion, remind them that you belong to a community that often discusses what spaces are safe, and that among us, we make recommendations on businesses that are worth patronizing.


It will not always be easy for you to be able to express yourself. But you have as much of a right to inhabit fitness spaces as other people. And if you do experience further discrimination because of what you wear, you can always take your business elsewhere. Enjoy your training, stay self aware, be kind, and keep it queer.

About the Author

Cesar Torres is the founder and designer of LED Queens Fitness Apparel. They launched LED Queens in 2017, and they run the company from Chicago.

Monday, December 19, 2022

My Rubber Emojis 2

My emoji is in different latex, this time in a spiffy blue and red it

My Rubber Emojis 1

For today's work distractions, I bring you my Rubber Canuck emojis, first one in black latex catsuits and swim caps

Friday, June 17, 2022

Rubber Pride 2022

This weekend, Vancouver Rubbermen are going to resuscitate the monthly Meet + Play events, 2-5pm at Pumpjack (on the third Saturday of the month, generally). This is the first event since February 2020! Everyone seems really keen and excited to get things moving again; I can say it's symbolic at least that community groups are starting to host events that get everyone close and squishy together. 

This is good timing for this, since the July event on the 23rd will tie into Vancouver Fetish Weekend; I've already been in touch with the VFW Producer and he's keen to have VRM get involved with VFW much the same as we did a few years before. This is a pretty cool progression. There will be pics to come of the upcoming event on Saturday. We'll also be raising a toast to our brothers in Manchester, who will be hosting the 11th Manchester Rubber Weekend at the same time as we're sucking each other into vac-beds and sleepsacks.

This past Wednesday - June 15 - was International Day of Latex (IDOL, or in Spanish as I discovered, DIDL). A few of the rubber guys joined me with the Vancouver Men in Leather group who do a weekly Wednesday dinner at Junction and drinks/karaoke at Pumpjack. It was pretty fun and the best IDOL event we've pieced together to date. I'll be sure to encourage a bigger better IDOL next year.

So there is lots for our club to consider. I lost a good portion of the equipment I previously brought to the events and let everyone use, thus there is less now to do demonstrations with. I think it's a good time for me to start considering sliding out of the lead on these groups; as much as I am older and have more money for my own gear and equipment, I don't think it's right that I should be responsible for all the cleaning, repairs and organizing anymore. I don't have time for it anymore with everything else that's changed in my life over the past few years. It's time for the torches to be passed and it's time for the younger guys to step up and assume responsibility for their own destinies and outcomes and create visions for the future of what they want group fetish organizations to be and what they are meant to represent. I would like to see more guys donate their own equipment more, but ultimately that the Vancouver Rubbermen start to build their own inventory of equipment - that there be processes around what gear to get for everyone's use, who gets to use stuff when, who is responsible for its upkeep, where is it stored (a huge consideration in Vancouver!), and how it is shared.

I've had a few chats around this, and a few think that annual membership is the way to go, but I still think there is more to be discussed around the who, what, where, when just listed.

I feel it is the right time to get things started again, then step out. These guys need to realize that everything they had before the pandemic isn't the case anymore and they have to be more accountable for the fun that they want to have. I am hopeful that I'm going to be pleasantly surprised by what happens next. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Switch Visit

I had a very fun, intelligent, handsome rubber guy come visit me on Boxing Day. We tested out the vac-tower...unfortunately another piece of rubber equipment that didn't weather pandemic storage very well. That means two our of four vac-bondage devices are going to require appreciable replacement/repair....this spring is going to be a season of reckoning indeed. 

Regardless we got him in the vacbed for a good session then I had some fun teasing, breathplaying, and torturing him in the sleepsack. We did some final bondage in the straightjacket and gear before I set him free. This one will also be coming back to turn the tables a bit and try some new uncompromising positions!