Friday, June 19, 2015


Mr P and I are off to the Vancouver Men in Leather Retreat in Whistler this weekend. It's going to be fun....a bunch of young guys that haven't been to the event are going, hopefully that means more late-night playtime and less going-to-bed-before-11 nonsense.  It's always a good time, I'll take some pics!

Cocksox Rulez!

I'm taking the sling (there are plans to set, like, five of them up in the rec room!), the vac-tower and bed, sleepsack and palletwrap and ducttape. Let's just say that I plan to do a lot of Dom Top work this weekend due to a few, er, medical conditions that will be preventing me from bottoming a lot this weekend. I think I should still be okay to get fisted, however the Latexskin will be on for the rest of playtime this weekend! LOL

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