Friday, October 30, 2009

Rubber Bondage

This is still one of the horniest scenes I've ever gotten myself into. I'd love to revisit this again soon. The rubber balloons I've tried to date are just so, erm, fragile? I'd like to try some of the bigger sized ones like those available through Kink Engineering or something similar and see how they work...

I'm also hoping to get into a Hogsack at MIR to see how I like that. I've been in situations with someone else inside a Hogsack but never been in one myself.

A question for you bondagephiles out there. What is the best rope to use for bondage? Presumably nylon rope is not good.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

O Rubber, Where Art Thou?

Mr. International Rubber changes digs.
By Jason A. Heidemann
TimeOut Chicago

WINNER TAKES ALL Mr. International Rubber champion from 2008, Stephane Donaldson, will attend this year’s festivities.

Straight people love latex, and we’re not talking Trojans here. “The straight women’s community is probably the biggest consumer of latex gear in the world,” says William Schendel, co-organizer of the 13th annual Mr. International Rubber 2010 (MIR, happening November 6–8. “It’s straight men who are driving that. They like to see these women in tight, form-fitting, shiny outfits. It’s kind of a way to turn your woman into Barbie with really sexy gear.”

Of course, many gay men love rubber, too. So much so that the pageant-style competition—which includes presentations, interviews, live demos of rubber play and an audience vote—has ditched its old digs at Cell Block, where more than 600 rubber fetishists annually have taken part in the event, for the more spacious Center on Halsted.

In 1997, MIR, a.k.a. Rubber Blowout Weekend, began under the ownership of Cell Block. Much like its counterpart, International Mr. Leather, the weekend includes a competition, vendor market and after-hours events. But according to Schendel (or “Rubberwilli”), who won the pageant in ’03, while the event may have boosted drink sales, it also cost a lot for the bar to underwrite. And Cell Block’s cramped quarters meant it couldn’t properly accommodate MIR. Holding the vendor market each afternoon while the competition and after-parties happened each night was a logistical nightmare, Schendel says. “The vendor would have to set up then tear down, then set up then tear down,” he says. “It was really just a mess for them.”

At last year’s event, Center on Halsted executive director Tico Valle, who served as a competition judge, suggested the Center as an alternative venue: Its Hoover-Leppen Theater and Billie Jean King Recreation Hall could better house the competition and market. Valle’s offer inspired John Jacobs, also a judge last year, to purchase the contest from Cell Block and form MIR Contest LLC with Schendel.

This year, visitors will travel, via free shuttle, between host hotel Days Inn Chicago in Lincoln Park and the Center on Halsted as well as venues such as Cell Block, Steamworks, Jackhammer and Touche, which will host after-hours parties including the Rubber Ball and Full Fetish MIR.

Granted, the shiny Center on Halsted might seem a strange place to peruse rubber undies and hand-crafted chastity belts or to watch a contestant creatively integrate Cheez Whiz and a plunger into rubber play. But Schendel says the Center’s message of inclusion extends to the fetish communities as well. “The Center is there for the entire community, which includes kink and fetish,” he says. “We’re planning on bringing the aesthetic as much as possible. There will be bar service available, [but] we follow the local ordinances and rules. There’s no nudity.”

This may all seem like a lot of fuss given that International Mr. Leather already has the fetish community covered. But there’s a common misconception that leather and rubber fetishists are one and the same, Schendel says. “Leather has this hypermasculinity to it,” he notes. “Rubber is more of a sensual and sexual look. It’s thin and skintight; it transmits temperature very well. If you were to take your fingertip and set it on someone’s chest while they were wearing rubber gear, that heat and that sensation would be transmitted through the gear and to that person. It just has a different feel, texture, smell and taste than leather.”

Schendel hopes MIR’s expansion will draw upwards of 750 to 1,000 patrons—who may include rubber’s aforementioned aficionados: straight people. “We’re always open to anyone who’s interested in the weekend,” Schendel says. “It’s International Mr. Rubber, but we’re not going to turn away people in latex, spandex, sports gear or pup outfits. If you’re kinky and want to have a good time, welcome to our event.”

Mr. International Rubber Weekend happens November 6–8.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Zooks! YouTube has already taken down Latextim2's latest video, in a vac bed with gasmask and rebreather. Not sure why? There are other vids easily accessible that show erections through latex and rebreathing. Maybe too many 'inappropriate' flags? Maybe Tim will have to move to XTube?


I love my new fedora. I wear it as often as I can; I think it looks good plus it hides any, erm, discrepancies on the crown of my head.

All I need now is a chorus line, a cane, and a good pair of tap shoes!

Ta-da! Jazz hands!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sometimes straight boys get all the luck...

That face straddling, though...only for the straight boys.

Thanks to Rubberedstud for pointing to LatexTim's newest vacbed video...


Online rubber clothing purchasing

3XL has posted a good entry on the Love Lust Latex blog about the trepidation most rubberists have about committing to buying latex online. He is encouraging feedback from people with online buying experiences.

This is a personally interesting topic since I had a conversation with a good friend recently about the concern many people have specifically about this and his desire to see a more physical presence of bricks and mortar fetish retailers here in Vancouver. We thought the possibility of getting into an exclusivity contract with a European haute-couture latex retailer might be a way to get product into the city and get people in the door to look/try/buy said inventory. Reason would have it that this would require a focus on female rubber clothing since this is the largest portion of the latex fetishism market. It might be possible to cater to more men if more imaginative latex creations were available for them to see. Latex has more possibilities than just black wrestlers!

Like him, many people are more comfortable buying stuff they can touch and try on. This particularly applies to clothing, an issue online clothing retailers have tried to overcome since the advent of online retailing. We theorized that going to a physical storefront might be something that would help in getting more people into the fetish scene here on the West Coast since other North American cities that have physical fetish retailers tend to have larger fetish scenes...Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Montreal. Is this a chicken or egg scenario though? Right now, Vancouver has no serious retailers like this except for Priape which targets gay males with a very limited latex line and a few boutique stores that are more targeted at the alternative scenes and aren't focused on latex or leather inventory.

I've found that for those of us that do buy online, once you find a retailer that does a good job of making custom stuff to specific sizing measurements (and you're willing to pay for the customization) or one that makes off-the-rack stuff in a size that fits you, you tend to stick with them for your future purchases as well. This would also apply to a local retailer who would have your measurements on file and could basically create anything you wanted, limited only by your imagination and pocketbook.

My friend has been in the scene in Vancouver for a long time and feels that there are lots of people out there that would come out and support local stores and events only if opportunities would be presented to them to do so. Lots of sheep, not so many shepherds as in most aspects of social life.

For those of you that live in cities with physical fetish stores, what do you think? Is this a good idea or a bad one?

Fall in rubber

Fall is definitely here. It's been cool and rainy for a week or so and snow is predicted for the middle of next week. This time of year always signals the change from lots of outdoor activities to a lot more indoor ones...including rubber play.

Obviously little has been going on the past couple of weeks reflecting on the lack of posting new entries on the blog. I have been preoccupied with career change details, downloading music, and doting attention on the new know, priorities...;)

Saturday night was Black Saturday at Pumpjack. M and I dressed up in rubber - he in the Invincible catsuit and harness, me in latex jeans and top with Sam Brown belt. A few leathers guys were out, but that was about it...pathetic. We hopped from Pumpjack to Numbers to do some dancing then to the baths to chase down a top or two, but things went slightly awry. Long story short, I ended up at home at 6am with M showing up shortly afterwards without a lot of sexy stories to show for it. A bit of rubberplay Sunday morning did help out things, though...

Next weekend is Halloween. We are planning to attend a house party. Instead of spending big bucks to head to a club, we thought doing the intimate thing and going to a house party would be a much better option. There will be lots of friends at the party and hopefully some guests that we wouldn't normally see out on 'the scene'. The house party theme is military (yay!) so I'm planning to wear the pewter catsuit out again. If M doesn't want to go as SWAT commando (my Plan B...he wants to go as 'golden boy') I might have another costume option and I may wear that instead. We're trying to clamp down on expenses prior to the Chicago MIR trip so there won't be much money spent on getting a new Halloween costume ready.

It's hard to believe that MIR is only two weeks away. I talked to Rubberchris on Saturday morning. It sounds like everything is in place as far as us all meeting at O'Hare and taking the train downtown together. M is still not 100% sure he is going to go since the direct flights to Chicago aren't cheap and he's trying to save money.

I will try to post some more interesting stuff this week.

Rubberstud of the Week #78

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I never thought this number would ever be reached, but thank you rubbermen and rubbermen supporters for this milestone! I truly enjoy working on this blog; I've learned a lot about rubber fetishism, my own likes and dislikes and met a lot of great people through working on this project. I enjoy it mostly because you guys enjoy it, and for that I'm grateful. Here's to another 100,000, eh?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Black & Blue

The weekend in Montreal was fun. Saturday night was the Military Ball with pre-parties at L'Aigle Noir and Le Parking. Our crew went to the Eagle first, then went to Parking where DJ Ana Paula was playing -- $25 to get in. We decided to head downstairs to The Tunnel and K-Lub instead, but there wasn't much going on. The first night out in rubber was kind of a bust.

Sunday I went shopping with TORubber at Simon's. If you're ever in Montreal, you must go here to shop; every good gay has to check out Simon's at least once on a trip to Montreal or Quebec City. I dropped a bunch of money there on some new fall fashion, then went back to my friends' place for a disco nap prior to heading to Le Palais de Congres du Montreal for the Black & Blue party.

We got there around 12:30. I had to traumatically take my 30-hole Tred-Airs off to go through security then lace them up again on the other side. The shows were great, the highlight being the John Digweed/Sasha set which went from 2-8am. I left just before they were finished, when Dave Seaman took over. I realized around 6:30am how I've sort of moved past trance to other dance music forms like electro; the loops that were playing for 5 minutes without variation were starting to wear. And I must be getting old - if you've been to one circuit party, haven't you been to them all, drug enhancement or no enhancement?

Regardless, there were LOTS of gorgeous boys and girls in the crowd, most half-naked. I figured out that in order to 'mingle' with the boys in the crux of the crowd, wearing rubber pants and shirt probably wasn't the best wardrobe choice. Next time, I'll just go nearly naked.

Kylie picks

Some shots from the Kylie concert in Toronto October 9. She has always had a knack for picking über-hot dancers and costumes for her tours!

Everybody swoon over Marco and Jason *pant pant*
Photos courtesy Alan Steven.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Goomnicks? A series of humourous cartoons created by German artist Arakis. They're cute and from the feminine perspective which makes things interesting. The men in the scenes are all gimp subs, so it's not like most of us can't relate to these situations, straight or gay! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Giving Thanks

As some of you may or may not know, the upcoming weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, coinciding with Columbus Day weekend in the U.S. The difference is Canada gets a stat holiday on Monday!


My plans? Well, I am a huge Kylie Minogue fan (almost as big as Ruff) who is in the middle of her first-ever North American Tour. I think every gay man on the continent is attending at least one of the shows in six cities (Ruff is going to four!) and my turn comes on Friday in Toronto. I am flying to Toronto Friday morning, taking in the concert, and the pre- and post-concert parties with Nicemuscles and friends...heading back to the incomparable Fly after the show. Maybe Kylie will show up for the Grapefruit-Club Kylie party? Her gorgeous dancer Marco da Silva is playing Fly on Saturday...could happen...wishful thinking....:)

My friend TORubber and I are heading to Montréal on Saturday for the legendary Black & Blue weekend. We are planning on attending the Uniform and Military pre-parties on Saturday night, visiting with friends, then the main Black & Blue party at Le Palais des congrès on Sunday night.

I fly back to Toronto on Monday afternoon, then back to Vancouver Monday night. We are planning on rubbering up for the pre-parties and the main event. I will most likely take my pewter catsuit and gear for the Saturday parties, and thematically wear black and blue on Sunday! I'm so looking forward to a stimulation-filled weekend!

Have a good one, everyone! For those affected, Happy Gobble Gobble Day. I'm so thankful for everything I have including my health and happiness and all of you. Be in touch next week.

Get Hot with Rubber
By Kirk Bromley | Friday, September 25, 2009 4:05 PM ET

Face it. You don't wear enough rubber. Sure, when it rains you might slip on a pair of boots, but why wait for a downpour to wrap yourself in fashionable industrial synthetics? Nothing says, "I'm bouncing thru life" like a sexy rubber get-up.

One great place to get all your rubber needs is They’ve got rubber outfits for men and women, with everything from dresses, lingerie, skirts and pants to catsuits, hoods, gloves, and hats. For the truly daring, the catsuits are fetching. Who could resist asking you about your petroleum-product feline number when you prowl into the club? But there's more standard stretchy stuff too, like a twist on the traditional latex glove, functional tops, and bespoke clothing.

If you're a bit shy about suiting up like a tire, don't be. First, it's not for all occasions, and chances are when you wear it, folks will find it fun. Second, you're going to get a lot more smiles than scowls. A frequent rubberizer, Brendan Rune, of Columbus, OH, says of his elastomere fetish: “At first, people are like, 'Whoa, rubber.' But then they get used to it, and many really dig it. Lots of my friends are now wearing it after they see the positive responses I get.” What’s not to like about a wardrobe that doesn’t get soggy when you fall into the punch bowl?

So next time you go out, just remember what mom used to say: "Wear your rubber!"

Some more positive media exposure. Is fairly new? Their site is okay, but seems that their offering is a bit lacking at the moment, especially in the mens department. But check out the James Kilt! Hot! I'm going to get one for Hogmanay and Robbie Burns Day! ;)

Isn't is a great quote?

"Nothing says, 'I'm bouncing thru life' like a sexy rubber get-up."

I'm going to make this my new mantra.

Music meets Fetish...again

"I get very turned on when I put on my latex. Actually, Jim puts it on for me! It takes us about a half an hour to get it on. He gets so excited when he lubes me up to slide me in... Sometimes I have to use the Jawbreaker Ball Gag as he gets too noisy - don't want to wake up the kids!"

- Lita Ford

In a First, Metal Queen Lita Ford Breaks Song from New Album on Leading Fetish Site
Lita and Husband Jim Gillette Reveal Details of Their Love Life
Business Wire, September 28, 2009 11:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In an innovative music marketing move, heavy metal queen Lita Ford will release a single from “Wicked Wonderland,” her first album in 15 years, on, the world's leading fetish site, starting Monday, September 28th. The album will be released and available for purchase at Amazon and at stores across the country on October 6th.

It is believed to be the first time an important music release has been launched through a website catering to the alternative fetish lifestyle.

Wicked Wonderland's erotic song "Bed", which explores themes of bondage, kink and power exchange in a strong and highly artistic style, will be available exclusively on prior to the album's release.

"My husband Jim Gillette and I have carved out our own path to develop a wonderful and close family life", said Lita. "Though we're a long-married couple, we both have very active imaginations, including being kinky with each other, and that's what this album is about. It's sort of a sexual autobiography. We've partnered up with because it's our favorite outfitter for kink products."

While previewing "Bed", fans of Lita and Stockroom will also be able to view and order from "Lita's Collection", ( special selection of some of the fetish gear that Lita and Jim have enjoyed, along with her personal choice of Syren Latex fashion styles.

The first 100 orders on to use the source code "LITA" at checkout beginning Monday, September 28 will receive a free "Wicked Wonderland" CD as well as an additional 10% off their entire Stockroom purchase, a discount offer which will be extended through December 31.

"Wicked Wonderland" is being released on the JLRG Entertainment label, which is owned and operated by the couple. Lita and Gillette (formerly with the band "Nitro") are touring together with QUEENSRYCHE in October and November. To see tour dates visit

Lita started playing guitar when she was 11 years old and joined the all girl rock band “The Runaways” as lead guitarist when she was 17 in 1975. The band split in 1979 and some of Lita's solo hits have included "Kiss Me Deadly", "Close My Eyes Forever", "Gotta Let Go", "Back to the Cave" and "Shot of Poison" which was nominated for a Grammy in the best Female Vocal category as was "Kiss Me Deadly".

About Stockroom:

Joel Tucker founded Stockroom, Inc in 1988 and took it online in 1989. The company is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year operating out of a 30,000 square foot three-story workshop and retail space on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. The vertically integrated facility combines leather and latex production, shipping, receiving and warehousing with design, executive and sales offices and a retail boutique that was awarded "Best Fetish Store" by Los Angeles magazine. The company's main retail site, was recognized as Web Retailer of the Year in the 2009 XBiz Awards.

About Syren:

Syren has a long history of film credits including costumes for The Matrix, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Men in Black and most recently, Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno, but the latex atelier is best known for the sleek super heroine suits fashioned for Malin Akerman's Silk Spectre II character in Watchmen and for Michelle Pfeiffer in her role as Catwoman. Pfeiffer's iconic cat suit was recently on display at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute's "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy" exhibit. When asked on The Today Show which of the costumes on display was her favorite, famed Vogue editor Anna Wintour said: "Catwoman every time, absolutely!"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eerie Coincidence?

Is it just me or does the "Baby Squeegel" rubber doll from Level 26 bear a striking resemblance to the album cover baby of one of Underworld's "Born Slippy" re-releases last year?

I think I like the Born Slippy baby better...the stitching adds something, especially the stitched mouth. Maybe the resemblance to Catwoman's catsuit??? Not sure.


Found this pic on Flickr this weekend, I haven't been able to get it out of my head since then. Fuck this is hot! A hard dick under tight shiny rubber, nothing finer.

...And god created codpieces.

Codpieces are the best thing to happen to kink since bondage became sexual...:)

How's that for marketing?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Something to contemplate...

From Wet Speedos on the Brain this morning:

Wet Speedos on the Brain is moving to The new address is

I am abandoning Blogger, since they appear to have no loyalty to gay bloggers who have made a home at Blogger and Google for many years. In the past two weeks I have watched numerous wonderful blogs vanish with no warning. So, even though Wet Speedos is not and never has been an adult site (although some people continue to blanch at the thought of a hot butt in wet blue lycra), I am taking no chances.

I have no intention of allowing Google to arbitrarily wipe away two years of work for no reason. And there is a matter of loyalty to friends and blogging colleagues to consider.

So, to all of you who are still on Blogger, I say enough is enough. Toss ‘em overboard. They would do the same to you without thinking. Besides, I like Nibblebits’ WordPress functions. They're pretty sophisticated.

If you have any doubts about what I'm saying, take a look at this new blog dedicated to following what Google has been up to recently: I think you will be as shocked as I was, and still am.

If you decide you want to stay with Google and Blogger, take the advice of this blogger over at, and remove your top banner bar on your blog -- as I have here. This banner bar contains the "flag" function that appears to have caused so much consternation for so many gay Blogger bloggers lately. Apparently, someone, or some group, with an "agenda" has been repeatedly flagging gay blogs to disrupt our fun, and Google has been falling for the trick.

So, farewell Blogger, hello Thank you loyal readers. Please follow Wet Speedos to it's new home.

Again, the new address is

I have contemplated what I would do if Blogger suddenly removed my blog for whatever reason. I had thought that I would simply just stop blogging...probably a good move in relation to my life and the amount of time I spend online, however I have found this blog to be such a labor of love and something that gives me a stiffy from time to time, that I would hate to just let it go. I am going to try to move the content of the blog somewhere else as a backup just in case Blogger does decide to do something like this. The disappearance of good blogs seems to be happening with increasing frequency so I don't want to take any chances. Good luck, fellow bloggers.

Rubberstud of the Week #75

Friday, October 2, 2009


Another great contraption by Kinkrubber....this is a torture to watch, must be even better to be locked into!

Instigator Open Call!

Instigator Magazine - OPEN CALL PHOTO SHOOT!

Instigator Magazine is putting together their 20th Issue and are doing an OPEN CALL for submissions! Knowing these perverts...pretty much anything fucked-up & HOT in way of writings/photographs will get their attention. Photos need to be taken with a high-rez camera (8+megapixels) for print and you'll need to sign a release. Great opportunity for any of you sizzling exhibition-type pigs looking for some KILLER exposure! If you haven't discovered this publication yet, don't be left out... This is by far the BEST magazine for HARDCORE perverts anywhere on the planet. Hit them up at for more details.

Level 26

Have you seen this one yet? It's a digi-novel by Anthony Zuiker (of CSI fame) called Level 26.

Level 26 takes the best features of books, film, and interactive digital technologies and rolls them all into a unique storytelling experience and calling it the world’s first “Digi-Novel™.”

Level 26: Dark Origins features Steve Dark, the ultimate crime scene tactician on the tail of a killer so brutal law enforcement has invented a new classification of evil to account for him. will take you beyond the pages of the book, first with digital cyber-bridges—three-minute motion picture scenes with A-list actors you might’ve seen in blockbuster films and award winning TV shows. Before your eyes, the characters will spring to life, crime scene details will explode off the screen, and the Web site might even ask for a phone number—where the killer can reach you directly. For an even deeper level of immersion into Level 26, you can create a profile, interact with other users, view exclusive content, write your own blogs and respond to Anthony's.

The main protagonist in the digi-novel, a serial killer named "Sqweegel", wears a head-to-toe white latex suit as a "forensic-proof bodysuit" and not as a fetish. The interesting thing is that Sqweegel (and the actor who portrays him) is a contortionist, which plays an important part in the creation of the Sqweegel character.

Jeffrey Gent is a costume designer who has done some work for CSI: NY and CSI: Miami, as well as movies such as Bruno, Watchmen and Batman Returns. Recalling Michelle Pfeiffer’s uber-sexy Catwoman costume from Batman Returns, you can imagine why Anthony thought Jeffrey was the perfect person to craft Sqweegel’s murder suit. Take a look at the quote below to see what Jeffrey has to say about creating the suit, and check out his website to see more of his work.


I’ve been making Latex Costumes for sixteen years now so I’ve had all kinds of crazy requests. When Orlin Dobreff, producer of Level 26, called me and told me that Anthony Zuiker wanted me to make a full latex suit for a serial killer, I thought, well that’s something no one has asked me to do before!

Over the years I’ve done several costumes for the various CSI shows, but Orlin informed me that this was going to be something completely different and new. At our first meeting Orlin brought me four very creepy illustrations of the Sqweegel character wearing a white latex full body suit and hood. All of the illustrations were beautifully rendered, but very disturbing. There was one sketch of Sqweegel looming over a young girl asleep in her bed, which reminded me of the 1922 German Expressionist horror film Nosferatu, one of my favorites.

Orlin and I discussed the technical and aesthetic issues of the costume such as the stretch factor of the latex and how easy it is to stain the white latex. The original design stayed pretty much intact, except that a circular zipper at the crotch had to be switched to a straight zipper. They wanted the suit to be form fitting, but not too tight; in the sketches it’s a little wrinkled and gathered in areas. A fitting with the actor was scheduled for the next day.

The first actor that was hired for Sqweegel was extremely skinny! I tried a standard size small body suit on him that hung off of his frame like a wet dishtowel. He definitely was not short enough to fit an extra small, so the suit had to be custom made. I took over 50 measurements from the actor to be sure that the fit on the completed suit would be perfect. It’s a tedious process, but accuracy is extremely important. Then I drafted a paper pattern based on his measurements, made slightly smaller so that the latex would stretch and fit tightly around his frame. The patterns were then traced on to bolts of white latex sheeting and carefully cut out with rotary cutters. The process for gluing together latex sheeting is a closely guarded secret, so that’s something I won’t be revealing to anyone unless I plan to kill them afterwards!

Working with white latex is not fun. It stains very easily and the glue that is used to bind the seams tends to pick up little bit of dust and dirt, so I had to keep my work area as clean as a hospital operating room. Because latex has a chemical reaction with metals, if someone were to handle loose coins and then touched the suit, small brown spots would appear a few days later in the shape of their fingerprints! I had to wash my hands constantly and keep my nosey coworkers at bay.

A custom hood and booties were the final items that I made for the costume. The gloves had to be special ordered from a small European company that produces molded rubber items for the fetish community. There were at least two more fittings and lots of photographs and emails passed back and forth before the completed suit was ready for pick up.

Then there was a long period of silence. It was several months before I heard another word and so I figured that the project had been put on hold while Anthony worked on his many television series. One day, out of the blue, I got a call from Orlin telling me that Anthony wanted to meet with me to discuss the project. Meetings with famous costume designers and even fitting with famous actors are commonplace in my industry, but I had never had a meeting with a famous screen writer/producer before. Costuming is usually placed very low on the priority list with most directors and producers, so I was surprised and curious that Anthony wanted to meet with me.

A few days later I sat down with Orlin and Anthony in a small dark conference room in Silver Lake. Anthony’s story is the stuff of Hollywood legends and I was a little intimidated to meet him. Anthony’s stylish but casual attire and his friendly demeanor instantly put me at ease. What really stood out about Anthony was how extremely enthusiastic he was about the project. As he explained to me the concept of the digi-novel and how the costume that I had created was going to fit into the scheme of things, his enthusiasm was contagious! I thought it was a brilliant idea and was instantly excited to be a part of a newly evolving form of publishing! Anthony opened up his laptop and asked if I wanted to see some of the footage. Did I want to see it? Of course! I was dying to see what the suit looked like on screen, but also curious to see what the project was going to look like. (I do love some of the perks of my job, like getting to see top-secret projects before anyone else!)

A week or two later Anthony, Orlin, E. Dee Biddlecome, the costumer, and Andy Grant, the prop guy, showed up with a surprise. The original actor had been replaced, and so we needed to have a fitting with the new actor, Danny the Amazing Rubberboy! Daniel Browning Smith was very close in size to the original actor so he was able to fit into the suit. Danny was a little concerned that he wouldn’t be able to do all of his amazing contortions while wearing the suit so we had him do a few moves for us in it. Wow! It was pretty cool getting to see what he could do with his body even when wrapped in a skintight rubber suit! I instantly understood why Anthony would want him to play Sqweegel; he looked so damn creepy. There were concerns about how well Danny would be able to fit into this tiny Plexiglas box that was part of the plot. Luckily Anthony had the box in the truck of his Maybach so we were able to see Danny climb into this amazingly small box like a human pretzel! The only other concern was getting rid of all of the sharp edges on the box and masking the metal hardware so that it wouldn’t stain the suit.

We ended up making a new custom pattern for Danny after he ripped the original suit on set one day. I received a call from a very panicked E. Dee wondering how quickly they could have a replacement. I was able to make a custom pattern and a new suit in time for their next day of shooting, so the problem was solved with no drama at all. I’ve lost track of how many suits I ended up making.

In the next call I received from Orlin, he had an even more bizarre request: could I make a scaled down copy of the Sqweegel suit for a newborn baby?! I had to ask: “you aren’t really going to put that on a baby are you?” You just never know until you ask in this town. Once I was assured that it would be on a life-like baby doll, I said that I could I do it. I’ve made latex for movie stars, midgets, drag queens, hunchback… you name it, but never for a baby! The big issue that came up with the baby was that the doll that they wanted to use was cast silicone. Unfortunately, cast silicone causes a strange chemical reaction with latex and the makes the latex swell and ripple so we had to find a cast rubber doll that was just as realistic.

You can only imagine how tricky it is to scale down a rubber body suit and hood patterns to fit something so tiny and still have it fit skintight. There was no way to make the baby gloves out of the latex sheeting; the hands were just too tiny! Luckily I knew of a company that made a liquid form of latex in white. When it arrived, the liquid latex was too thin and watery to use to coat the hands. I had to cut the hands off of the doll, which I found very unsettling to do. Then I went to a paint store and had them cut match a quart of latex paint to match a swatch of the white latex sheeting. I carefully dipped each dismembered baby hand into the white paint and let it dry before dipping it in the white liquid latex several times to give the hands a thick enough coat of latex to resemble gloves. It turned out great, but took forever. I think it took longer to make the baby suit than the suit for Danny!

When my other customers came in for fittings I had to hide the Baby Sqweegel so it wouldn’t scare them away. Everyone found it deeply disturbing. I’m so glad that I took photos of it while it was still in my workshop. I hear that Anthony is planning to have it displayed in a glass case in his office. It was a great experience working with everyone on this project. Just the little bits that I have seen of the project have me very excited. I think Anthony Zuiker has taken a bold leap in creating a new form of publishing and with his talent and Midas touch it’s sure to be a huge hit!

There is some comment on the Rubberzone discussion boards about the cyber-bridge clips questioning how once again the media generally portray anything fetish-related and male-oriented as deranged. When women put on latex, it's done as sexual objectification, but when men put on latex, it's done as creepy perversion. Some think it is better to have no exposure than the kind of exposure we do get. It's about time there were positive, reaffirming, revealing, sexy portrayals of men in latex and that Level 26 is the wrong image for our scene. There are calls that Zuicker could have done some research into his characters. He describes the killer repairing the suit wrong. He uses a sewing machine. And to make it worse, he uses butter as a lube. But at least he shaves before getting into the suit (yes, he describes it in detail for those that like that).

female + latex = sex object
male + latex = deranged/evil creep

Others re-affirm that it's just a movie done in Hollywood-style (that is, once again, inaccurately for the sake of being tantalizing) and that removing " + latex" from the equation above holds true as much as latex being in the equation does.

What do you think? Personally, I am of the 'horror + fetish = cool' camp; it is just a project of an author; anyone who knows of Zuiker's CSI roots knows the inaccuracies of that show are the rule not the exception, and shouldn't be put out by the fact the protagonist in the movie is portrayed inaccurately as well. Chill out, it's only a movie...and not a good one at that. On top of that, really, what murderer/fetishist would wear white latex as a 'forensic-proof suit'? If he did, it wouldn't be for long. I mean, the blood spatter stains would never come out of the latex, and wouldn't black be better to skulk around in anyways? ;D

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guyzingear Update

Email from Rubber Rebel:

Hello all

I would like to thank the few that have donated to the site, again that number is under 20 members of 26,000 registered members of the site.

I have given this much thought and against my own personal feelings I MUST announce the following, realize this is not been a easy choice for me, but Starting Next Monday Oct 5th after 9pm NYC Time, Guyzingear will become like sites such as manhunt and all, a membership site.

You will be able to sign up and log in for free, But many of the features will be only for members, after all many of the members that upload the media you have been enjoying are current paid members. So for $8 a month (Which is not a lot, less than 2 cups of Starbucks) you can enjoy every feature of this site, and with the growth I can invest in making this site much better for you the members.

Such improvements are adding additional servers to handle the loads to keep the site fast, and many other features that eat up the bandwidth that we are using and on the development list.

Thanks for your support


Guyzingear is a great resource for gay pervs worldwide; there aren't many sites out there for us, and even fewer charging at the rates Rubber Rebel suggests. Help out and keep GnG going!

Saturday night pimp-out

M and I have been finding lots of excuses to wear rubber and leather out on weekends lately. Last Saturday was 'Black Saturday' at Pumpjack, so we and a few friends dressed up and went out. We ended up at the dance club later on as we have the past few weeks, where there is no shortage of mouths agape and touchy-feely gropes on the latex! ;)