Monday, July 30, 2012

Family Feud

Vancouver LGBT community groups and businesses vie for quiz supremacy at Family Feud, hosted by Jeff St. Germain at Junction Pub, 1138 Davie Street tomorrow night Tuesday July 31 at 8pm. Come out and cheer Rubbout on for the win!!!

We'll be rubbered up and everything! ;)

Rubberstud of the Week #222

Friday, July 27, 2012

Rubbout Website Update

The Rubbout website is still down since the retirement of Mobileme. We are planning to (possibly temporarily) move it to Intuit until we can get a permanent hosting contract in place. Please be patient, we'll have a new home for the site in the next few weeks!

Let The Games Begin

The Games of the XXX Olympiad start in a few hours in London. I am looking forward to watching the track and field, cycling and swimming events over the next few weeks to catch glimpses of sexy man muscle in tight kit...oh yeah, and appreciate athleticism and personal drive too. Who will you be watching? Here's a good preview!

The Men's Road Race takes place tomorrow Saturday, July 28. Men's Time Trial is on August 1. Track cycling runs from August 2 to August 7. Men's Triathlon is on August 7. Athletics run from August 3 and end with the marathon on the 12th. Men's swimming runs from July 28 to August 4.

This Saturday, the Honda Celebration of Light starts in English Bay. The event typically draws 250,000 people downtown to watch the competition. Vietnam, Brazil and Italy are in the competition for 2012. It seems that it has been many years since Canada has not been in the event? At any rate, I'm sure the fireworks displays will not fail to entertain.

It's hard to believe but Vancouver Pride Week starts next week too. I have tickets for a few events, but I think we may skip some of the main events. I'm looking forward to opportunities to rubber up, like Gear Night at Pumpjack on Saturday, Family Feud at the Junction on Tuesday (Rubbout has been asked to submit a 'family'), and the various parties on Pride Weekend like Ruff:Pride, and private parties on Saturday and Sunday. Should be fun!! :)

From the Kiki Institute of Mental Instability

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Florence + The Machine - Spectrum

Pushing lots of buttons

DJ with the Kink Engineering Micro-breathe hood. Hot from many perspectives!

Mr. Midwest Rubber 2013

Congratulations to Ohioan Collin Wood for winning the Mr. Midwest Rubber 2013 title! I'm sure you'll represent elegantly at Mr. International Rubber in November :)

Friday, July 20, 2012


From gayfetishgoth:

The latex fetish is one that is often misunderstood. True, latex fetishists are often aroused and by the look, feel, sound and smell of rubber, but that is not necessarily where the intoxication comes from… Consider that a latex shirt in the closet or on the floor, and it might elicit some desire or trigger memories of past enjoyment, but that is not the overpowering floor of eroticism that makes it such a powerful fetish. Rubber needs a body inside to complete the package. Rubber traps his scent and his sweat. The heat of his body activates the scent of the latex, and the scents combine into a uniquely erotic musk. The glossy black (or colour of your choice) stretched taut across the countours of his body, his muscles, resisting as they strain against it, rippling and shimmering as he moves. Yes, latex hides the flesh, yet it also accentuates it by being highlighted and countoured by the membrane of gloss which cradles each countour, crease and shape of the body beneath; given weight by the reflections of light and shadow on the glossy surface. Put a man in rubber, even an androgynous man, and he is very clearly masculine. The latex accentuating his body, his shape. It is an ideal cumulation of the senses, making it raw eroticism; the masculine made more so.

Put a man in latex, and his sensuality and masculinity increases tenfold.

This is a great description of the perception of latex by those who love and appreciate it. I have been thinking more about where my latex addiction comes from, and this will be something I will post about in the near future.

Insertable Friday


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Red Hanky

Hey Man Nice Shot

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July in Pictures

I finally got copies of M's pics that I wanted to share here. Stretching from Seattle Pride June 22-24, SEA-PAH in the Seattle Pride Parade on June 24, to the play party on July 12 and RUMPUS weekend in Seattle on July 13-15.
Introducing the rubber twins: Pissy and Fisty
Demonstrating total coverage to a newbie
Stepping out for the evening!
The SEA-PAH entry in the 2012 Seattle Pride Parade
The Vancouver pack!
Ooh! Another bondage victim!
Sliming around in a tub of Vivishine
Just another Saturday afternoon.....2012 Seattle Rumpus weekend
Blissed out
Dreadfire enjoying himself in straightjacket bondage...
...and the breath restriction hood.
Post SEA-PAH puppy mosh @ the Cuff Seattle
The attendees of the inaugural RUMPUS weekend @ the Cuff Seattle

RUMPUS ended up being a lot of fun.  We didn't really know what to expect heading down there.  Friday night was the Tribal Instinct education session (this month happened to be fisting) and then the CockCircus play party.  I got to watch some of the fisting session and demos and reunite with a few friends, however I had work to do.  We had set up the vac coffin and vac rack in the breezeway of the Center for Sex-Positive Culture and spent three hours putting hot guys into vac-bondage.  We finally wrapped up around 12:30 and realized that most of the crowd had already played and left already!  So we disassembled everything and headed back to the hotel.  We decided to head out in the rubber we were already wearing to have a few drinks at Diesel, where we got asked lots of questions by interested people before we headed back to the hotel to crash.

Saturday morning we went for brunch.  I was feeling a bit frisky so put on my Spexter suit in anticipation that Dreadfire was coming over to the hotel for a play date.  One of the attached gloves ripped just as he arrived so I only wore it for awhile longer after I got him into the rubber straightjacket and stimulated him for awhile. Then he laid on the bed while I got out of the suit in the shower and put on a crotchless wrestler.  We played with breath control for awhile before a fisting session.  We finished off there with a big smile on my face and quickly headed to the Cuff for what was left of the SEA-PAH puppy mosh.  

The gang at the Cuff headed to Boom Noodle for Rubber dinner, back to the hotel for a costume change and back to the Cuff for the Seattle Men in Leather 'Pervertibles' demo and social.  We spent the rest of the night there and brought a few guys back to the hotel room afterwards for drinks, a jacuzzi and some fun.

Sunday morning came early.  We packed and checked out and headed to C.C.Attle's for SML Brunch and decided to head north to Vancouver since we were tired and M had a migraine coming on.  It was a great weekend!!!!

Pup Gadget is in town for the week and wants to play a bit, especially considering he brought Bigkid's new puppy cage up from Seattle.  Hopefully that will work out.  There is a lot on the agenda the next few days, including The Price is Right at River Rock Casino tomorrow night and then I'm heading to Vancouver Island for a weekend of cycling from Vancouver to Tsawwassen and Victoria to Sooke on Friday, Sooke to Lake Cowichan on Saturday and Lake Cowichan to Nanaimo and then Horseshoe Bay to Vancouver on Sunday. Wish me luck! Big mileage!  Yay for summer!

Pup finds his mate - XTube Porn Video - islandboys

My friend RubberMELT is a videographer here in British Columbia.  Here is a glimpse at some of his HD work!

Pup finds his mate - XTube Porn Video - islandboys

Mr. Midwest Rubber

Friday, July 13, 2012

Off to RUMPUS!!!

Hello!  Thanks for registering for RUMPUS, the first Seattle rubber weekend.

If you haven't done so in the past few days, check out for the schedule of events.

The weekend kicks off with a Meet & Greet at the Cuff Complex at 6 pm.  I will have a RUMPUS registration card for you at the M&G.  It will be honored for free entry at Tribal Instinct that night.  Cards can be picked up at Tribal Instinct, too, or later in the weekend.

At 7 pm, we will see who is planning on going to Tribal Instinct at the Center for Sex Positive Culture, which starts at 7:30.   Carpooling is recommended.  This is Seattle Men in Leather's education forum, with this month being on Fisting.  Tribal Instinct is followed by the CockCircus men's party, which will have three slings available, and Reid and Mark from Vancouver will be bringing some rubber vac bondage gear, too.  If you are a member of CSPC, SML, Border Riders, NW Bears, or VML, you get a member rate for CockCircus, of $15 (before 10 pm).

If you won't be attending events at the CSPC on Friday night, we will see you for some of the events on Saturday, I hope!

-- Jim Drew
    Producer of RUMPUS
    Northwest LeatherSIR 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Something Old...

Thanks for finding this, Jeff!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


How much is that doggie....???? He's sure a lucky pup to have such hot studs handling him! ;)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Laugh


Jim has updated the RUMPUS page with more information and a registration page. If you're going, he'd appreciate you taking the time to register! There is also a Facebook info page here.

I've been asked to bring down some rubber bondage equipment for the Cockcircus party on Friday. Sounds like fun!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday morning

Hungry for some latex enclosure and breathplay.  Always a good time!  I love this new low volume mask of mine. When starved of air, this puppy sucks right up against the face.  I also had the aluminum cockring and attached buttplug in under the suit.  Still loving my quick rubber pervouts!  I'm hoping tonight after the beach that Marc and I are going to get together again for some rubberplay and fisting :D

Two Weeks in Images

Crickey! I still have a lot of updates to do on all the rubbery fun that's been going on lately. Noir Fetish Ball the weekend before Seattle, pics from Seattle Pride, the play party at ABigKid & M's last Thursday with the hot doctor and ABigKid's Rubber Straightjacket Escape Challenge, and Sin City last Saturday. I'm so lucky to be able to have so much fun! I'm probably having another play date with M on Thursday evening after a day on the beach and the Ruff:Cruise on Saturday will be a blast.
'End' of Seattle Pride Day Sunday
Doctor in a rubber pickle
Mitch: before the escape.
Mitch: after the escape.
M and I prior to Sin City Fetish Night.  M won first place for men's costume on Saturday night!

Still more Seattle pics to come....