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Take off and get off!

Whoo! We're off to IML tomorrow morning. I should really start packing! It's going to be a great weekend of socializing with old friends, dropping $$$ on new toys and hopefully getting to use them a little bit while there. I may or may not update during the weekend but will certainly have lots of pics to post when I get back. I'm planning to hit a lot of the parties, so hopefully we'll see some of you there! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Very Visible

Hard cocks through thin latex....are the best!

Slick Dogs at IML

They will be debuting the Slick Dogs movie at IML next weekend. These clips are extremely horny! Can't wait to get my copy.

Stephane and Brian Mills take Will Parker and Ethan Wolfe shoe shopping in their latex gear. Very hot! Thanks to Nate at All-American Kinkster for the links.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who the Fox Re-edited Zatt?

My buddy FoxZatt (who introduced me to deliciously tight SkinTightRubber) reedited all of his yummy rubber self-play vids in skintight rubber, rubber sheets and inflatable hoods from several years ago and posted them on XTube. Here are the four parts of the FullRubberPlay series, check out his other vids on XTube!

First Time

Short video, great fitting suit and hot mask!

Slick Dogs

Just released, the latest fetish video from Titan Media, Slick Dogs

Work up that bulge, warm up that hole and get ready to piss all over the shimmering bodies on display in Slick Dogs, the latest fetish masterpiece from TitanMen. Watch as a group of sexy canines — led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff, Dean Flynn, JR Matthews and Will Parker — unleash their inner animals, sliding their massive muscles into latex as they bark for their big bones. Accompanied by dark yet colorful imagery, this dazzling display from director Paul Wilde lets the visuals tell the story as filthy fantasies are vividly brought to life.

Cocky skinhead Spencer Reed catches the attention of cop JR Matthews, who gets a wet lesson in authority as he’s transformed into an insatiable sex pig.

After a big game, Will Parker and Ethan Wolfe play hardball in the locker room — where they cool off with a different kind of shower.

Encased in a form-fitting fisting cube, Billy Berlin is at the mercy of masters Tony Buff and Dean Flynn — and double penetration is just one of the tricks they have up their lubed sleeves.

(NOTE: Fisting and watersports only on DVD director’s expanded edit and on Blu-ray™, both available at Blu-ray™ allows the option of viewing either the director’s expanded edit or the retail edit of Slick Dogs.)

Scene 1
TitanMen exclusive JR Matthews with Spencer Reed

With his massive chest bursting out of his dark blue skinhead gear, mohawked Spencer Reed enjoys a cigar in a dark room bathed in sultry green and blue tones — and soon blows smoke at latex cop JR Matthews. Spencer shows cop JR who’s really in charge, and shoves him to the ground: “Suck my cock!” Spencer’s strong hand controls JR’s head as his cock gets a messy spit bath. The two squirt, including a huge load from Spencer that hits JR. Now planted to the ground with a boot buried in his butt, JR gets doused in piss — including his own, which he shoots up into his mouth. A chokehold soon has the cop passing out before waking up on all fours, trapped between two bars that leave his ass for the taking. After fucking JR inside the prison, Spencer releases him for more abuse. The deep-voiced top lets out masculine moans while fucking as both of their veins bulge from their biceps. JR’s hard cock is soon bouncing as he sits down on Spencer in a stunning fuck shot that captures amazing penetration. Spencer then unleashes his piss into JR’s mouth before sliding his dick into a clear, fleshy sleeve and fucking JR through it. Spencer sheds the sleeve and fucks him balls deep some more, squirting on him before the bottom fires a massive load over his own shoulder. JR then pisses into both of their mouths before they share a spit- and piss-filled kiss.

Scene 2
TitanMen exclusive Will Parker with Ethan Wolfe

A locker room fantasy unfolds for athletes Will Parker and Ethan Wolfe, their toned bodies squeezed into bold blue and red uniforms that have their jock cocks aching for attention. Will is already worshipping his teammate’s massive meat, working it up into a slippery lather. Ethan then shoves Will’s face into a running shoe — and tapes it onto the submissive sucker’s head, forcing him to inhale the manly scent. Turned on by the smell, Will soaks himself in piss — with Ethan joining the spray. His face soon free, Will feeds his thick, bushy slab to Ethan, rubbing his own shoe on Ethan’s pulsing cock. The hungry sucker jacks, slaps and whips Will’s cock around before the two spunk — with Will licking his load off Ethan’s shoe. After more piss play, Ethan gets his ass slapped and eaten. Now on his back, the smooth stud gets fucked by Will, whose huge pecs and tight abs fill the frame. The two then switch positions as Will sits down on his hung bud. After a doggie-style fuck, the two release another round of loads on each other as a kiss completes their winning drive to the end zone.

Scene 3
TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff and Dean Flynn with Billy Berlin

The arresting image comes straight out of a David Lynch film: With his body encased in a shrink-wrap latex fisting cube, Billy Berlin is suspended on all fours with his head and asshole exposed to the elements. Both are soon stuffed by two latex-adorned studs; as Dean Flynn feeds Billy, mohawked Tony Buff shoves his fist deep inside the bottom’s hole, the hair on his forearm getting slick. Freed from the cube, Billy gets a feel of Dean’s fist and a taste of Tony’s giant slab — the two sharing a sultry stare that speaks to the scene’s intensity. The alpha studs then take turns twisting their fists inside Billy’s oozing ass, their manly arms sliding against each other as they come close to double-fisting. Tony almost works both of his own hands inside, then punch-fists Billy before the three shoot. Now squeezed inside a near-transparent latex suit that hugs his muscles, Billy takes turns feasting on Dean’s and Tony’s throbbing cocks. The tops kiss above him as their dick heads touch in his mouth—then take turns forcefully fucking his
face as Tony ups the dirty talk. Dean then spreads Billy’s hole for rimming, fingering and fucking, grabbing hold of the bottom’s latex as he rams him from behind. Tony kisses Billy, gripping him as he encourages Dean to open up the bottom’s hole. Tony then gets his turn inside Billy’s ass as Dean plows the bottom’s gurgling mouth in a hot double-ramming that gets faster and deeper as Tony pile-drives from above. After getting pissed on again, Billy sits down on Tony before Dean slides in for a hot double penetration that further shows off their amazing stamina. The scene reaches its climax with three more loads — including a gusher from Tony that hits Billy’s ass.

Bonus Features (on retail and director’s expanded DVDs, and on Blu-ray™)
A behind-the-scenes clip shows Stephane Donaldson, Mr. International Rubber 2009, helping Spencer Reed and JR Matthews prep for their scene, while photo session footage includes hot fluffing and stroking footage. A cumshot compilation, trailer and look at TitanMen Tools and Lube are also included. (NOTE: Fisting and watersports only on DVD director’s expanded edit and on Blu-ray™, both available at Blu-ray™ allows the option of viewing either the director’s expanded edit or the retail edit of Slick Dogs.)

Title: Slick Dogs
Studio: Titan Media
Models: TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff, Dean Flynn, JR Matthews and Will Parker. Also starring Billy Berlin, Spencer Reed and Ethan Wolfe.
Director: Paul Wilde
Contact: Promotions Department,
To Order: Phone: (800) 360-7204
Fax: (415) 252-7747

Looks like some really hot stuff. Check out the DVD or on-demand, in addition to the trailer here.

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White Lycra, revisited

I like that white lycra SHOULD be reserved for professional athletes and dancers. None of us mere mortals have the right to follow suit, white lycra is off-limits. It's rare and special and beautiful to look at on a beautiful body, and should be kept in such high regard! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Springing

Ah, this is the best season of the year, at least here in Canada. Everything is getting warm and green again, the days are nice and long, and the spring rutting season has begun. The boys are flirty and horny and starting to peel their winter greys and blacks off and replacing them with tank tops and shorts. The beach and seawall are getting full of hotties, and apparently the trails in the park are very busy in the evenings right now. The success rate for play dates has edged up an order of magnitude. Man, I love this time of year! :)

Bodisama Bash at IML

Rubberstud of the Week #107

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

That's one cool skinsuit, dude

My spidey sense is tingling...over those track legs...thanks Darren!


For the first of what will be many, many parties in Chicago during IML weekend, here is the official Friday night "Greet the Meat" party being hosted by the Chicago Rubbermen.

Next VML Social

STRIP DOWN – Underwear Party

g-strings, jockstraps, longjohns, leather ……?
second Friday of the month again: so........VML social..!

FRIDAY, 14 MAY 2010
9:00 pm till 11:00 pm

- 50/50 DRAW



Alien Abduction

These videos are circling around a few of the other kink blogs. I like the angle and the setup leading to total latex encasement. That whole alien abduction fantasy thing rings so much from movies of long ago (remember the abduction scene in "Fire In the Sky"?).

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Skintight USA in the Times

POWER CUBED The Skin Tight party at the Stonewall Inn in the West Village attracts the masked forces of good, or at least their devoted legion of followers.

Out of the Closet and Up, Up and Away

New York Times
Published: April 16, 2010

Dim lighting. Rendezvous-friendly nooks. Muscled bartenders. Pulsating dance music. At first glance, it could be any Saturday night in any gay bar in New York.

But then you notice, off to one corner, Superman flirting with Green Lantern. And there, across the room, someone in the form-fitting outfit of Black Adam, Captain Marvel’s foe, determinedly working the floor. In fact, there seems to be an inordinate number of men here tonight who look as if they have all but jumped from the pages of a comic book. And in some way, they have.

This is Skin Tight U.S.A., the occasional costume-fetish party held at the Stonewall Inn in the West Village, which draws a regular group of men (and their admirers) who enjoy a special kind of dress-up. Some wear heroic outfits; some, wrestling gear. The crowd can range from 25 people on an average night to 250 on a spectacular one. The common thread is that the muscle-cuddling garb often leaves little to the imagination.

“I was always attracted to the superhero physique,” said Matthew Levine, 31, who helped found the party in 2005 with Andrew Owen, 44, and who was one of the few participants willing to be named. The two become friends as, respectively, the graphic designer and Webmaster for Hard Comixxx, a predecessor of Skin Tight, once held at the Eagle bar in Chelsea. Mr. Levine is a big fan of the X-Men (who have a handful of gay characters) and the Transformers (all of whom seem straight) and has been reading comics since he was 8. “As I got older,” he said, “I realized, ‘Oh, this is why I admire the Grecian ideal of manhood and musculature.’ ”

The Skin Tight party — in which the costumes range from the familiar (like Spider-Man) to ones that only a comics geek would recognize (like the 1993 version of Superboy) — is one way that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender comic book fans are expressing themselves today. They are coming out, loud and proud, in blogs, peer groups, Web comics and more, simultaneously pronouncing their sexual identity and their devotion to comic books. But it wasn’t that long ago that the environment was less than welcoming for those who wanted to make the two seemingly disparate worlds one.

“Growing up in the ’80s, I guess I didn’t even think gay super-heroes or supporting characters were a possibility,” Dan Avery, 37, an editor of Next, a guide to gay night life in New York City, wrote in an e-mail message. “I do remember feeling like I had two secrets I had to keep: being gay and being a comic-book fan. I’m not sure which I was more afraid of people discovering.” These days, Mr. Avery is a member of a group of gay men who meet regularly to discuss the latest comics.

Someone who understands the past reluctance to come out is Andy Mangels, 43, who since 1988 has moderated the “Gays in Comics” panel at the Comic-Con International in San Diego. That same year, he wrote “Out of the Closet and Into the Comics,” an article for Amazing Heroes, a magazine that covered the comic book industry. The article included a handful of anonymous quotes from gay and lesbian creators. “They were all scared of how the industry would treat them,” Mr. Mangels said in a recent telephone interview.

Though the comic book industry has moved beyond the hysteria caused by “Seduction of the Innocent” — the 1954 book by the psychiatrist Fredric Wertham that suggested a link between reading comics and juvenile delinquency, saw Batman and Robin as a homosexual couple, and posited Wonder Woman as a fan of sadomasochism — true gay and lesbian characters have been slow to emerge.

Mr. Mangels cited issue No. 23 of The Hulk Magazine, from 1980, as the first mainstream comic to include gays or lesbians, though the depiction was hardly positive. In the story, Bruce Banner, the Hulk’s alter ego, is at a Y.M.C.A. where two gay men try to rape him. Jim Shooter, the writer, justified the scene by saying it was based on incidents that happened to a friend and himself.

Gay and lesbian characters fared better in the underground comic movement with pioneers (and gay creators) like Howard Cruse and Roberta Gregory. The representation was also generally more positive in what was known in the 1980s as “independent comics,” which was shorthand for those books not published by DC Comics or Marvel Entertainment. “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Michael Chabon, chronicled both the paranoia about comics in the 1950s and Sam Clay’s struggle with his gay identity. “Life — my life — is rich with gay ‘characters’; how can any fiction that hopes to pass itself off as plausible neglect to be the same?” Mr. Chabon said in a 2007 interview with

In interviews with several gay fans, the reasons given for gravitating toward comics were as varied as the heroes’ costumes: everything from escapism to “hot men in tights” to embodying the X-Men’s message, “seeking acceptance from a world that hates and fears them purely for who they are.”

There’s also a power fantasy. “I think that some young gay boys and men are more attracted to that than the average kid because they have one extra fight to fight than just being the wimpy kid in school,” said Bob Schreck, a bisexual comic book editor who worked on Green Lantern, which included a gay-bashing storyline. “The straight wimpy kid is a straight wimpy kid. The gay wimpy kid is in real trouble.”

These days, gays and lesbians have their own heroes to admire. In 1992, Northstar, a Marvel hero, came out to vast news media attention, including an editorial in The New York Times. The Canadian hero now has a boyfriend, Kyle. Today, his comrades include Wiccan and Hulkling, a super-powered gay couple in the Young Avengers. The team was created by Allan Heinberg, a writer on “Grey’s Anatomy,” who said his editor supported his desire to include gay characters.

Two of the most prominent lesbian heroes, The Question and Batwoman, are at DC Comics. The first character is secretly Renee Montoya, a former Gotham City detective. Batwoman, introduced in 1956, was reintroduced in 2006 as a lesbian to great media fanfare. Last year she became the lead character in Detective Comics. The story line, which delved into her background, including being discharged from the military for being gay, won a GLAAD Media Award in March. Last Wednesday, DC Comics announced Batwoman would receive her own series this year.

A recent addition to this super-powered pride parade is Shatterstar, who in an issue of X-Factor last year sealed his reunion with another hero, Rictor, with a kiss. Not everyone was amused. “As the guy that created, designed and wrote his first dozen appearances, Shatterstar is not gay,” Rob Liefeld posted on his message board. “Sorry. Can’t wait to someday undo this. Seems totally contrived.”

There was nothing stereotypically gay about Shatterstar when he first appeared in 1991. In fact, the heavily shoulder-padded costume and big hair would argue the opposite, but superheroes are typically shared and evolve as they change hands. In an interview at, Peter David, the writer who “outed” Shatterstar, said he was answering fans’ questions on whether he would explore past hints about the hero. Mr. David thought, “Why not?”

Creating the “right” type of gay or lesbian character can be challenging. In an e-mail interview, Phil Jimenez, who has illustrated X-Men as well as writing and drawing Wonder Woman, wrote: “This is always the unfair truth of any new character created to represent a minority: it’s nearly impossible for them to thrive as characters because they have to ‘represent’ a population whose members do not all behave the same way, see themselves in the same way, dress in the same way, share the same political beliefs.”

Mr. Jimenez, who is gay, is one of over 350 writers, artists and editors who are profiled on the Web site for Prism Comics, a nonprofit organization that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender comics, creators and readers. Patty Jeres, who, along with David Stanley, is a president of the group, said, “We have gone from one booth in San Diego, that in its infancy was more like a place for the gay guys to hang out, to three booths” that are focused on talking to fans, professionals and those who want to enter the field.

Another one of those profiled at Prism Comics is the playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who also writes comics. His Spider-Man and Fantastic Four stories have more of a gay sensibility than being overtly gay. He’s had the Human Torch get excited about having tickets to “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” and Invisible Woman visit a gay bar for a girl’s night out with She-Hulk.

Will television have the first gay superhero in a leading role? Perry Moore, a producer of the “Chronicles of Narnia” film series, certainly hopes so. “My passion is infinite for more gay heroes in all genres and in all media,” said Mr. Moore, who is gay.

When he could not find the stories he wanted to read, he decided to write one himself. The result, in 2007, was “Hero,” a young-adult novel about Thom Creed, who is coping with high school, his sexual orientation and budding superpowers. Last year, the novel was optioned by Showtime and Stan Lee, the man who helped to introduce the world to Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four.

“Showtime finally didn’t commit and we’re now exploring our options,” Mr. Lee wrote in an e-mail message. “Stayed turned for further developments. Excelsior!”

“ ‘Hero’ will see its day onscreen,” Mr. Moore said. “I’m not sure how or where or who will make it possible, but like all the best heroes, you have to have faith. And when it does, it will be another step forward. And some folks will think, ‘Damn, it’s about time someone thought of doing that.’ ”

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Fetish Week London

Is anyone going to Fetish Week this year? It takes place July 14-18 in various locations around London. I would love to hear how it was from guys that go. It might be a possibility for next year.

What really happened...

Take it Ernie, take it!


Pat has directed me to these videos of SPFX Masks 'Stud' style. I can't find them on the website, but I'm trying to get more info on this one. This guy is freaking handsome! I've had the privilege of wearing SPFX masks in the past, they feel and look amazing, quite a head trip to see yourself looking like someone/thing else!

Same guy taking his SPFX Stud through a drive-thru:

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