Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Went shopping for a few things to compliment the new suit...I think it turned out pretty good! A few more pieces to go...I'm thinking red and white Adidas wrestling boots and red Nasty Pig cap.

Now I'm ready for the Rubber Olympics! 


WOW, hot men in latex......*swoon*

Leg Day

BIG LEG DAY...this video was disappointing until he takes off his overshorts at! Thanks Brad Martyn! And thank you photographer for the over-emphasis on quad's greatly appreciated by us male leg afficionados.

Monday, September 28, 2015

New Rubbout 25 Promo Video

We managed to clip together a great promo video from the vid captured at the Vancouver Fetish Weekend Military Ball on July 24, 2015. Good times with the Men from Rubbout! :D

Stefan Trapped in a Neck Entry

Poor Stefan....apparently he had to wear his suit overnight because he couldn't get out!

Seeing Red


Rubberstud(s) of the Week #388

Friday, September 25, 2015


Flashback to 2007 and my first Skintightrubber latex suit. This was in the heyday of my military rubber fantasies! I would really like to get back to that again, perhaps it's time to get another one of those deliciously tight STR catsuits again...getting in that suit was the BIGGEST turnon for me....I would just sit in it all day with the biggest, wettest erections I've ever had.


When is the last time you've played with a guy in a closed bag? Fuck, after seeing this pic, I realized it's been a very long time for me. I'm going to be calling up RbrGear to do some breathplay in one of the vac-tower bladders....we haven't played together in months (since mid-May!) and he's jonesing for some bondage and edging. Fuck!

Do I Look Invincible?

@invinciblerubbr @speedoguru #hotmeninlatex


LOL this is something I would do! Sexy full rubber coverage and a Dr. Who marathon!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another Stud

Fuck this guy is hot too.....I feel so fortunate to be a member of such a sexy squad of perverts.

Rubberfist my handle on Scruff LOL


I HEART CHAPS. Nothing more powerfully, blatantly, and unashamedly faggot than men showing off their beautiful buttocks to each other and to the world. Who doesn't love being covered in rubber save for the delicious cool air brushing over the hair on your overheated ass?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Look what showed up today??? Pics in it tomorrow :-D

Your Body

One of Kylie's latest collaborations with Fernando Garibay and Giorgio Moroder spans into galaxy-class composition, with a video featuring hunky male dancers in SlickItUp, rubber sheeting and of course, the ever-gorgeous Kylie. Check out the entire EP "Kylie + Garibay". The songs are all great.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Layering is so awesome....things get even tighter and sweatier....the latex looks even more bizarre in multiple layers and certainly notches up the discomfort level. For hard-core rubbermen only :D

Monday, September 21, 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015

#FCF Full Coverage Friday

A late Full Coverage Friday with Invincible Black promotion....Mr. Flood even more covered than before.
I am a bit late for this...Friday was a busy day at work. Wardog was over twice this week for some ffun sessions. Last night I dressed in full rubber for the occasion. On my second round in the sling, he managed to hit a new depth record in my hole. It sorta blew my mind for most of the next 24 hours...he navigated around an obstacle that I had thought was going to be an upper limit for at least awhile; it seems that the breach has happened sooner rather than later so I'm really motivated now to continue spelunking on,  if not to continue in our next session on Tuesday, to try with someone like Ironfist (hopefully) tonight. Wish me luck, boys!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Short of Breath

Not sure how some of this remains on Youtube, but thank you!


Okay, these Latexcatfish videos are HOT.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


A few surprises....a secret location for the Rubbout 25 Main Party was finalized yesterday....I hope I can keep a secret until January! LOL...and a last-minute surprise new rubber gear piece negotiated today, potentially coming my way, just before MIR too; this is completely making my day! I've just talked to Paul at Invincible, and I might just be getting the suit that Mr. Flood is wearing for January and May in the 2016 calendar! OMG!

Midnight blue/red with white piping and stripes, neck entry, rear zip, codpiece. Fucking hot, man.


Perhaps this is a ploy to get pics of a bunch of the hot Latexskin models in a post, I'll let you decide...