Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rubbout visual ideas

So, we're mulling over ideas for digital/print marketing for Rubbout 22. The unofficial theme for the 2013 event is 'Back to Black'. We're thinking something simple, unobstructed, possibly B & W. Something simple, like an image to parody Lady Gaga's 'Fame' perfume marketing?

We'd only have to find one fit guy and dress him up. Lighting would be crucial.

I was thinking of having several guys at the peripheries of the medium in various stages of dressing in black rubber, possibly also in B & W. Not sure what this would look like, more thought required.

Simple is key, though.

Speed Skiing

Ooh shiny!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

OMG Does It Get Any Better Than This?

RubNGum and his slave are at it again! I love how both guys are dripping sweat by the end of the session.

Bodycondom Redux

Hmm...a possibility for a new Xmas present?


We had a great time in Seattle last weekend!  I figured it wouldn't be overly kinky since we were going with the vanilla friends, but we had a great time regardless.

Friday night we checked out Diesel, the bear bar and got to the Cuff at 1:15.  They charged us cover but when we went for bar service they wouldn't serve!  It was sort of ridiculous; two friends managed to get bar service, went to the dance floor only to have their drinks removed.  It was kind of ridiculous.  Instead of serving mixed drinks, they would serve us shots and chasers, which seems strange, although it was obvious they just wanted everyone to get the hell out.

We went back to the hotel and crashed.  Saturday morning we went for breakfast and headed downtown to Pike Place Market.  We walked over to the Space Needle, went up for a while, took the monorail downtown and shopped for shoes at Nordstrom Rack.  It was still quite busy downtown for shoppers post-Thanksgiving; it was nice to see things so busy.

We went for dinner, had a quick nap, then some of us headed to the Cuff for the SML Leatherdaddy and Daddy's Boy contests.  The dance room was packed, saw lots of old friends and spent a good part of the evening just catching up with everyone.  The sound system was horrible so you really couldn't make out what was going on on stage, but it was enjoyable for us anyways.

We went back to the hotel afterward to change and head to the clubs.  We lost a couple of friends so went back to Diesel to look for them but they weren't there so we tried Q and found them as we were in line to get in.  They told us they were leaving and not to bother coming in so we all left together and went back to the Cuff.  The place was much busier tonight and we had a lot of fun.

On the way  back to the hotel I tripped on a construction sign (don't ask), and cut my shin. Now it is infected and I can't walk on it.  I'm heading to the clinic today for some antibiotics.  I also lost the cap to my front tooth somewhere on Saturday.  As usual, it wouldn't be a trip to the U.S. for me without some collateral damage.

Sunday we went for brunch and tried to get into the King Tut exhibit at the Science Center but the lineup/wait was 90 minutes so we said screw it and headed to the Seattle Premium Outlet Mall instead.  Nothing really to see there; we headed north and had dinner at Mi Mexico in Bellingham.

It's always a relief to get home but this was a great trip!

Friday, November 23, 2012

SML Leather Daddy and Daddy's Boy Contest

A gaggle of us are off to Seattle for the weekend to celebrate a couple of new passports and partake in the Seattle Men in Leather Daddy and Leather Daddy's Boy contests on Saturday night at the Cuff.  Looking forward to a fun weekend!  Hope to see some of you out at the Cuff on Saturday night :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Creative Pop Culture

I know many of you have seen this video, but when the Australian band The Aikiu came out with this earlier this year, I thought it was pretty unique!

I also thought this image was quite well done.  It is a collage of our friend Rick Santorum, done with micro-images of gay porn scenes.  Awesome!

Monday, November 19, 2012

(Almost) NYE Rubber Party

London Rubbermen at Eagle London, followed by Recon Full Fetish at Fire, December 29 :)

Rubberstud of the Week #238

Crash Test Gummy

Love Polymorphe's concept here...what a fun latex outfit! This must've been done during Montreal Fetish Week, I'm guessing.

Turn Down The Volume

Another one of those rare times that I will show a rubber-clad female body on this blog. I love this concept; once again, I ask, could they not find three men to do this video with? I would've volunteered, in fact, I place it upon myself to produce the male version of this!!! Good job with the visuals, regardless.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Check out my new hole...

What a fucking hot mess...

It was only after a good rubber fisting session that I was full of J-Lube and was able to shove the Oxballs Pig Hole into my ass for some good pics...if only because I wanted to see what it looked like! ;)

It was a fucking hot sensation to have that shoved up the chute and be able to put a bunch of fingers all the way in on the inside walls. Hot stuff...


I broke down and took advantage of the Libidex four day sale to buy the following:
 The zipper jock in black with red zipper and waist.
Transparent black polo shirt.
Contrast jock in metallic red and trans black.

Visor hood.

...And I broke down and bought the skinhead jeans and polo shirt from Regulation London in red trim.  It was too hot to pass up!

I can't believe it! I'm so excited now, all this great new gear on its way...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Practical Use

All The Black Latex

Two remaining videos:
Here is the edited "Dirty Rubber Games" in lo-res.

Here is an unedited exerpt of "Dirty Rubber Games" without the soundtrack, and in original hi-res:

...and a drunken New Year's message from me...classy.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

All The White Latex

I'm not sure why the white Libidex suit was always the attractive one for complete rubberization and breathplay...I think it was because of the open-face hood and the look that is achieved when a condom or glove is put over the head with the white suit on the body :)

Whether the condom with medical tubing for restricted breathing, or a latex glove with the thumb cut out for breathing or inserting gags, this was and still is one of the horniest breathplay latex scenes to get myself into. It is still one that I demonstrate at rubber events to this day as well.

In The Studio

Oh my gods!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

September Play Date

Remember how I said that as I get pics from play parties and events that I'd post them?  Well, this is one of these circumstances.  I finally got pics of a summer play date I had with my very good friend M, where we rubbered up and I ended up in the sleepsack with breath control hood, and at the receiving end of a fuck and a fist after this point.  As you can see, I was in my transparent catsuit inside of the sleepsack and M decorated me with a makeshift cockring/ballsplitter with a condom.  This was one of his first times being a breathcontrol top at which he did pretty good though he was far too lenient on me. Next time, video.

As we progressed to fucking and fisting, things got more and more heated.  We ended up a wet soppy mess on the playsheets.  I'm lucky to have him as a trusted friend in addition to a kinky and fun sex partner!

The Good Ol' Days

Here's another old vintage one I found and uploaded to XTube...with an anal and cock sheath and everything! Man, that Skintightrubber suit brings back some good memories ;)

That's two anal sheath videos discovered and posted today; who would've thought it was going to be such a lucky day??

The data conversion actually makes this video's quality better! I've just uploaded a bunch of oldies but goodies (some already found on YouTube) to XTube, if only that they are all located in one place.

There are a couple of uploaded ones with strange DivX codecs that I can't run locally and I'm hoping will get converted by XTube so they are at least viewable. Here's hoping they are not too weird...I'm thinking there's one NYE one that I may take down...I recall I went a little overboard on the poppers that night after drinking and wanting to slip into some rubber once I got home.

There are also some legitimately good unreleased ones that I uploaded to XTube, including the WCR Winter Warmup pool party from 2008 or 2009 (?). Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fort Troff



I just got back to Vancouver last night after a wonderful traipse across the continent for Mister International Rubber 16 in Chicago last weekend and my family Christmas in Alberta this past weekend, the same trip I have done for the past five years.

I can't believe it was my sixth MIR this year already!  As soon as I arrived at the Center on Halsted on Friday night, I knew I would have been ridiculous to miss it, as I had a few month's prior debated skipping the rubber weekend altogether this year.  Even though finances are tight, there is nothing to compare with reuniting with all my old rubberfriends, meeting new guys from all over the world, and tingling all weekend at the sight of all these amazing men in their shiny tight rubber!  I only wish I could have had a real-time camera to capture all the sights I enjoyed all weekend. 

Things were relatively calm on Friday night. After the contest, a large group of us went to the Cellblock across the street to have a few more brews.  I headed to the hotel after that; I was super-paranoid about getting sick again this weekend after air travel and not enough rest, so I wanted to start the weekend off rested knowing that Saturday was going to be a long day and late night.  There were a couple parties on Friday night at Jackhammer/Touche and Steamworks, but I decided to forego them all for sleep.  It had been a very long day already.

Saturday I volunteered at the MIR registration desk for four hours and got to see everyone coming into and leaving the MIR Marketplace.  It was another good opportunity to see everyone that I hadn't seen for a long time and meet a lot of new sexy guys.  After that, I stuck around and went directly to the second part of the MIR contest (Heavens!! No costume change?!?!).

It was great to see 12 contestants this year, three Canadian, three European, six American, all of which were awesome representatives for their respective regions.  I didn't want the responsibility the judges had this weekend, though I agreed with their decision to select Jason Lynch, Mr. New England Rubber as the new Mister International Rubber 2013.  Jason will do a great job representing the gay rubber community in the coming year; he is intelligent, witty, photogenic and sexy!

After the contest, I went back to the hotel to change and headed to the rubber dress-code party in Andersonville.  The space (which I think it amazing) is very big and though there were more guys in the space than last year, it still seemed quite empty.  I played with a friend's ass for awhile and we decided to leave and share a cab back down to Boystown together, but not until seeing a crew of friends show up from the Recon party at Jackhammer.  I had been planning to go there next, but now that they were here, I decided just to go back to the Hotel instead of checking out the other party.....watching my immune system carefully.  I found out from the guys that they went back to Jackhammer for a second time anyways!  Oh well, there was still lots to happen on Sunday...

I fisted one of my hotelmates on Sunday morning/afternoon (completely amazing and talented ass, btw) after we geared up in rubber, and didn't get to the MIR Market until around 3:30pm.  I visited with a few more guys, but missed the lube wrestling (and once again, a lot of play opportunity in the demo area) entirely.  I bought a Polymorphe hood from Leatherworks, closed up the Market and went back to hotel to change for the evening at Sidetrack and Berlin.

Showtunes Sunday was fun with the rubber gang.  Afterwards five of us went for food then M and I stopped by the hotel again en route to Madonnarama at Berlin.  The expected crew was a bit fragmented by then, but I got together with another sexy Chicago rubberguy and took him  back to the hotel (which was conveniently across the street from Berlin). 

We fooled around in the morning (I topped, believe it or not!) until checkout. We dropped my luggage off at J's place then I walked him to his place in Buena Park.  I walked back to J's, and the boys were already into the Mimosas and Bloody Marys.  I knew I was getting into trouble at that point.  A few of J's co-workers came over and we had a lot of laughs and drinks before heading to a pub and then to Drag Queen Bingo.  By that time, most of the crew was done but J and I went back to his place, initially with the intent to fist, but we ended up staying up all night figuring out the solutions to all the problems of the world.

I went straight to O'Hare at 3:30 since my flight was at 6 and had a groggy trip to Calgary via Toronto.  I went out to my cousin's place in Okotoks right away, then to my friends place in Calgary I was staying at where we ate and wined until midnight or so.  I went to bed since I had multiple meetings with old bosses and co-workers on Wednesday.  Christmas shopping and a dinner date with old friends wrapped up the early evening, when I met up with another cousin and we ended up closing bars, breaking into her house because the front door lock was busted, and spending the rest of the night solving the world's problems AGAIN!  

I crashed at another friend's place early Thursday morning until noon or so, then got up, did a bit more shopping and proceeded to Red Deer to my brother's place for the beginning of Christmas weekend.  It was storming pretty bad so I tried to get there before nightfall.  The roads were terrible in places, and all of this only made me realize how good my decision to move to the west coast actually was!  This was the first 'November Christmas' we've had in three years or so that has had measurable snow on the ground.

Friday I managed to get out for five or so hours in the afternoon and head over to T's place where we fisted and played in rubber for the afternoon.  It was an awesome play date.  Saturday I managed to get out several times during the day to get together with old friends and also a quick booty call.

Sunday was Christmas Day, spent with the family opening gifts and eating excessively, and Monday afternoon I was on my way back to Calgary to catch my flight back to Vancouver. 

All this time, no illness!

I was so happy to get home and reflect on a trip fondly, happy of the amount that I had accomplished, the territory I had covered and all the wonderful people in my life that I got to reconnect with.  It was a fantastic trip!!

As usual many  more pics to come as I collect and organize them!