Thursday, June 28, 2018

New Rubber

After a year, Tuchus' partner has decided to sell of all the overflow gear they had that either doesn't fit him, he doesn't want or is getting old.

I went over there last Friday, scooped up a great pair of crotchless leggings, high-quality hardcore rubber bondage mitts, blindout covers for my russian gasmasks, several tremendous new butt toys and this great beauty, the silicone gladiator hood. I have always loved the look and containment of this hood; I'm very happy and proud to have it for my own as part of my memory of Tuchus.

We enjoyed this gear together when he was alive and I feel happy when I think that the joy will continue.

Hairy Legs

Once again showing my admiration for hairy manbodies under skintight transparent latex, a great shot was taken by my friend Pup Shiny at SF Pride last weekend. He and the current Mr. SF Rubber sat across from each other at the Eagle for this great shot :)
Most normies would look at this and think nothing of it. But for me, beside the marvel that is two brightly colored transaparent rubber outfits in the same room is the joy of two hairy men inside of them!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hot Bottom in the Sling

Punch My O

Monday, June 25, 2018

Poke Bowl

This is the Victory Suit and Stripe Hood from new kid on the block, Supreme Latex.

What a beautiful perv suit! Poland seems to be becoming the European center for rubber perversion!

Rubberstud of the Week #532

Friday, June 22, 2018

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

More Stretch

From Regulation: This month we're introducing a new feature to our rubber suits. A brand new Stretch Zip that provides 10% elasticity over standard zips.

Maybe you've never really thought about the zip in your rubber suit before. The thing is, unlike the latex they are glued to, zips don't stretch. At all. That puts additional strain on areas of the suit when you move and bend, particularly the lower back section of the suit. It gets pulled by the zip as you bend or kneel and over time can increase the chances of a latex tear or puncture.

With our Stretch Zip, your rubber can feel even more like a second skin. As the zip moves more like latex, it's more comfortable and will help extend the life of your rubber suits.

It's compatible with both regular and locking zips runners and for now can be found on our Locking Surf Suit and all styles of Catsuit. Stretch Zip is coming to more suit designs in the coming months.

"Maybe you've never really thought about the zip in your rubber suit before."
- I have. I think about it all the time as I weep helplessly over my torn rear zip playsuits. This is my one true location of integrity loss, again and again.

This is truly a sign that we are in an Enlightenment Era! Stretchy zippers to go with stretchy rubber! COUNT ME IN!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Friday, June 15, 2018

Bottoms Up

Wow! A change of perspective :) available from

OMFG it must smell heavenly down there!!!!

What a hot fucking suit on a hot fucking man.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hot Rubber CBT Electro and Sounding

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


OMG! Latex'd is presenting a one and only 0.16mm neck entry suit. How insane is that? I thought the 0.25mm felt amazing, I can only imagine what an even thinner gauge must feel like; it must be so thin, once you put it on, you'd be remiss to even attempt to take it off again! Oh well, the sacrifices we must make for our passions.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Mr. Latex men in the pool


Yikes. Those bodies in those costumes....


Imagery of my next play suit

Tumblr zpx569266100 shows off the perfect suit and accessories that I have had in my mind to be my next ensemble. Love love love the red highlights - the suit stripes and the neck, wrist, leg and ankle restraints along with bulldog harness. Along with a what looks to be a (facsimile) of the StudioGum anatomical hood. What a beautiful look.

A Glimmer of Dark

Loving A Glimmer of Dark's Tumblr. Many nice photosets showing the preparation to create a high-quality set of pervy images.

Skintight beauty. Here is another well-developed gimp photoset.

Cum Gimp Mask

Rubberstud of the Week #530

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Rubber Sesh

After a very long hiatus, Almazmol and I managed to arrange a play date last night. It's been close to a year since we've even seen each other. He showed up around 8pm and we spent a good 90 minutes just catching up on life before rubbering up for a ffun session.

Both of us were lamenting a bit that we haven't had near the amount of rubber time as we'd like recently, what with life getting in the way and stuff. He's even debating giving away or selling all of his authentic football gear...a reality which I tried to subtly sway him away from!

Around 9:30, we rubbered up in our fullsuits and swapped gas masks for a change in perspective. I proceeded to hop into the sling, he locked me in, and over two sessions, he spent two hours smashing deep into my box.

He was wearing his face entry suit with attached gloves, and using my special recipe lube. The fist insertions were so slick and smooth that I could've taken even more, initially it was so comfortable I was hoping that it would never end. Being the preparatory cautious guy I am though, I danced on the edge of destruction and asked him to stop without completely debilitating me, anticipating that my ass may need to perform again in the next few days...

What a great time! I wish we could get back to playing more regularly again however our circumstances have changed, and I'll probably have to just be satisfied that we can get together occasionally, catch up, and still have our own perverted fun! That's the thing with our non-kinky boyfriends....sometimes we need to move out of our regular circles to find the things that satisfy our hungers.

It's been a great week so far - Sunday night I went over for a hard fflip ffuck (as usual) with the insatiable DS (incidentally, I wore a rubber catsuit to that sesh too!), spent two wonderful nights with Mook on Monday and Tuesday (which were special as our modified schedules are making it a lot harder to get together regularly), had the rubber fist date last night, Rupaul and another night with Mook tonight, and then the weekend at the campground again with Mr. P.  The weekend weather had looked pretty tragic earlier in the week, but now isn't looking that bad.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Friday, June 1, 2018

Sexy Scotty

Rubberscotty is such a sexy rubberman. I think I'm particularly drawn to him since our rubber interests are so similar. Once again, here he is in skintight head-to-toe rubber, hooked up to self-contained breathing apparatus, pleasuring himself.

Last Weekend at the Falls

The Pups were in the woods! The pup groups camped at campground last weekend. Generally things were pretty tame. I had taken my rubber pup gear up with me in the chance that there would be some hijinks going on on Saturday night, but I expected very little as the pups aren't really well known for being that adventurous. As expected, they weren't up to much on Saturday night, so I ended up in a vacant campsite late at night by myself with my rubber hood and collar on, throwing fists and buttplugs up my ass.

I tried out my rubber hood and collar again with Gadget's funky eyegear on Sunday to see how it would look and seal.

Pup Bowen and Pup Gadget, two very good friends of mine, stayed an extra night so we had a great day with them on Sunday after most of the campers had already left for the weekend. Mr P and I didn't even head back to the city until 9pm! Fortunately Sunday was the most gorgeous day weather-wise so we decided to take advantage of it. 

That's the way it has been the past five weekends we've been out there; Saturday weather is typically overcast or rainy and cool and Sunday is just sunny hot and gorgeous. I was hoping the tides would turn this weekend but it looks to be more of the same and possibly even more spring-like with lots of rain in the forecast. We had a record-setting May for dryness, so a bit of rain in June is reasonable and welcomed.

DS is supposed to be motorbiking up on Saturday to spend the day with us. It's his birthday today so I have been planning for a day-long fist fest with him as the guest of honor ending with a blindfolded orgy at the end of the night if all goes well. I'm really hoping the weather works in our favour!

Mook and I are FINALLY having a rendez-vous on Monday after what feels like weeks of not getting together. Wardog is taking a bit of a hiatus at the moment as he works on some personal stuff, and I'm pretty excited that Almazmol contacted me out of the blue a couple weeks ago and we are planning a long-overdue full rubber fist session either on Tuesday or Thursday this week too! I am SO looking forward to the next seven days! :)