Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

*Whew* we made it through 2010, finally.  Mr. P is having a low-key NYE party and I'll be able to slip in a birthday cake just before midnight. ;)

It's been a challenging year, one of loss, accidents and injury...but there were also the shining moments: the birth of the first male in the family to carry on the family name into the next generation, and of course my adventures around the continent this year meeting and reconnecting with all the beautiful people in my life; I'm looking forward to things going better in 2011.  Here's to a new year of rubber discovery and growth.  I already have several rubber orders on the way - what a great way to start the new year!

To you and yours, all the best for the new year.  Rubbery hugs and kisses from Rubbercanuck! :D

LA's fetish scene just got more shiny!

Rubbellion's owner Jeff Gent has been working hard to get his new store location on Melrose up and running. The grand opening is planned for January 22nd. I can't wait to check out Jeff's new designs and digs next time I'm in L.A.!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Sale

Libidex Winter Sale

40% Off Instant Orders
25% Off Made-to-Order

Buy any Made to Order Libidex garment through our website, and you’ll get 25% off the advertised purchase price and 40% Discount Off our Instant Order range.
* Note: discounts do not apply to customised or made-to-fit items. Made-to-measure charged at 40% of the non-discounted price, Made-to-fit at 60%. 'Express Delivery Services' charges are based on the original pre-sale prices and NOT the sale price.
During busy sale periods 'Express Delivery' may not be possible - we will confirm availability once your order has been received.
Due to high demand during the sale, dispatch times can be between 6 to 8 weeks. In the very unlikely event that your order takes longer than this, we will inform you. Discount on items ordered through our website will be automatically deducted from your shopping cart.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Rubber Holes

This may be the first time I've ever posted a rubber video with a female in it, but the imagery and particularly the audio (...the rippling latex!) is fantastic.

So here is a vaginal latex condom:

Compared to the anal condom vid my ex-bf and I did several years ago:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Now here's an interesting inflatable costume from Obsidian Design (the website appears to be down right now). I love that there's no limit to what the imagination can create and what latex can produce!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MEO Stretching Ring

Here is a pic of the MEO large fuck hole Anal Stretching Ring I got from Patrick.

I have it on under my new Polymorphe pants in the picture...I am anxiously awaiting putting this on with the new E7 Fisting catsuit with fuckhole, if it looks like I'm dreaming it will, the ring will form a perfect seal with the suit trim around the fuckhole, making my ass look good and stretched, ready for action.

This thing is big! Patrick offered it to me because he figured it would be too big for him. I've been able to get it in a few times; the stretching is so stimulating and intense - too much so - I can't keep it in for very long.

Nice easy bondage

I had a guy over yesterday afternoon for the first rubbery playtime I've done solo since before my accident. Since August I've played with a few guys locally but Mr. P was always involved in the I love that guy. (NOTE: out-of-town trips are always the exception ;p)
He was keen to get bound up in the sleepsack...a bondage purist. I was still working in the afternoon but he was just blissfully happy being immobilized in the sleepsack for three hours or so, getting popper hits occasionally until I was done work. Afterwards, I introduced him to a rubber catsuit and the straightjacket for a bit of tie-down time on the bed.
It was an easy and relaxing afternoon, I didn't have to stress out about keeping him entertained and he really enjoyed his introduction to rubber bondage!

Even the Costumes in 'TRON: Legacy' Are High-Tech

by: Matt McDaniel
One of the most memorable aspects of the original "TRON" from 1982 was the glowing, high-tech costumes the characters inside the computer world all wore. The good guys wore blue, the bad guys wore red, and the style was so striking it earned the movie an Oscar nomination for Best Costume Design.

But as impressive as the costumes looked on screen, in reality there wasn't much to them. They were basically white Spandex bodysuits with lines painted on them. The scenes were filmed in black and white, and the distinct glows were produced after the fact by visual effects.

For the sequel, "TRON: Legacy," everything that was memorable about the first movie has been updated for the modern era, and that includes the costumes. Director Joseph Kosinski decided that he wanted the suits to actually light up, so that the actors would illuminate each other on set. The filmmakers created costumes using brand-new technology that allowed for sleek, streamlined suits that could glow without the help of visual effects. They look great on-screen, but they were a nightmare for the actors who wear them.

In the original "TRON," Jeff Bridges gets scanned by a laser and teleported into the digital realm. Appropriately, the costumes for the new movie were designed in much the same way. The actors underwent an entire body scan, and then the suits were sculpted in the computer to create a perfect fit. The suits are built from foam latex and Spandex, with electrified "Light Tape" built in to create the illuminated effect.

In the movie, after Sam (Garrett Hedlund) is transported inside the computer, he is dressed in his glowing battle gear by four living programs called Sirens. According to star Olivia Wilde, the process of getting into her costume was much the same. She said in an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Movies: "I felt like I had my own Sirens, because I had this group of wardrobe experts who would come and put the suit on me." Wilde says it took 11 fittings to make sure that the costume not only looked good, but could accommodate all the stunts she had to perform.

Once the costumes were on, the actors had other challenges to deal with. Wilde had trained in martial arts and Parkour before filming, but had to relearn everything to accommodate the tall wedge heels on her character's boots. The batteries that powered the lights on the suits could only run for around 12 minutes before they died. The wiring for the lights was also so fragile that the actors could not sit down while fully dressed. Instead, special boards were built so the stars could recline while still vertical.

While Hedlund and Wilde had it tough with their black suits made out of foam, they didn't have it nearly as bad as costar Beau Garrett and the three other actresses who played the Sirens. Their ultra-smooth and glossy outfits were made by spraying balloon rubber on top of Spandex, creating a shiny but extremely constricting suit. It took costumers, along with hair and makeup artists, between three to five hours to fully transform each actress into a ghostly white Siren, and another 90 minutes to turn them back. Garrett admitted that while she was in her suit, "the pain was a big problem." But she said, "Now looking at it -- it was very much worth it."

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jake Shears in SlickItUp

Found this gem on Ruff's blog. Very very nice! Thanks for the Rubbout plug as well, Ruff!

Xmas Wish List

So, Mr. P and I have been trying to figure out what to get each other for Christmas. I told him last night that I could order a couple of shirts from Invincible and he could help pay for them. There's nothing more I like to receive than the gift of rubber!
I'm going to get the Chevron tank in with red trim and logo on black which will go great with the new Polymorphe pants and my red stripe sailor pants and chaps. The long sleeve shirt with a blue star will look great with the new leather pants!

Things have been busy the past few weeks. We've been having lots of fun with the sling set up lately. Almost two weeks ago the boy from Whistler came into town. He, Mr. P, another guy PG and myself played late into Tuesday evening getting into lots of trouble. This past weekend Mr. P had me in the sling several other times. I am borrowing the sling and should probably return it to its rightful owner this week so I'm glad we got a few sessions in on it this weekend.
It should be at the top of my wish list to seek out a new sling; I haven't found a model that I like yet. And I'm missing out on a few opportunities - Mr. S is having a free shipping sale until tomorrow I think however that doesn't apply to international orders although I was thinking of having something shipped to my friends in L.A. and picking it up while in Palm Springs in February. I'll figure something out.

Last weekend was the Mr. Leatherman Vancouver weekend and oddly the sling never got used that weekend however we were running from party to party for most of the weekend; the same thing sorta happened again this weekend too but at least I got Mr. P down to my apartment this weekend for a couple of nights. It seems that we've been spending most of our time at his place since it is more convenient to get to Davie Village - he's only two blocks away where I am more like ten blocks away. The running joke is that we stay at his city place during the week and escape to my weekend beach place on Fridays.

Disappointingly the contest didn't have any applicants so the weekend just ended up being a fun party. I met a lot of great new people and really learned a lot about the leather community.

It's weird how your sense of distance changes when you live in the gay village bubble for too long. I went out to a Xmas party on Friday in Burnaby; it might as well have been Abbotsford because it seemed so far away! We were supposed to hit another party in Burnaby on Saturday but opted for the downtown party. All were good!

This week is full of more Christmas events, and we now have four places to hit on Christmas Day although we've committed to only one for dinner. Group plans are to visit the light display in Van Dusen Gardens, the lights and train in Stanley Park, go skating, go bowling, and check out the new Harry Potter movie in addition to Tron (maybe).

I have a bondage boy coming over at noon today. I plan to put him into sweet rubber bondage for hours this afternoon while I finish work and hopefully will be able to make my evening commitments.

...and lastly, Rubbout organizing is going amazing! We almost secured the perfect venue for the Saturday night "Slick" party but that fell through at the last minute so we're still going to go with WISE Hall. It'll be good nonetheless, just a lot more work. The best news on my front? We've already secured THREE platinum sponsors! I know, unbelievable right? I'm very excited.

Not sure how much I'll be posting over the next week; happy holidays to you and yours if you don't hear from me again soon. I'm looking forward to the days starting to get longer again after solstice tomorrow and enjoying an extended long weekend coming up! I'll try to post once or twice again before the black hole week between Christmas and New Year's happens.

Oh yeah, and for those of you who have forgot, December 31st is my birthday. Are you sending me any rubber? ;)


Oh Cameo, you tried so hard to get the codpiece back in style in the 80s. Good on ya! LOL that LeVar Burton playing the police chief in 'Word Up'?

Rubberstud of the Week #138

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Invincible super sale

Invincible Rubber makes great gear and for the month of December selected items are 25% off (not the masks, that sale was in November!). They have been great sponsors of Rubbout in the past, I have no qualms doing shameless promotion for them here!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mr. Leatherman Vancouver 2011 starts December 10th

Winter Warmup 2011

From Rubber Canuck

Ready to toast your bunz in Palm Springs?  So are we!  We've reserved the fun and sexy Helios Resort in Palm Springs for the weekend of February 11 - 13.  It's the 4th annual Winter Warm Up Weekend!

Lots more details to follow but for now this is your wake up call to snag your room and get ready for fun in the sun.

Contact Helios directly at 877-435-4677. Rooms start at $140 and be sure to tell em you're with WCR to get the room and the rate.

Tron: Legacy December 17th

The hype for this movie just keeps growing. The visual effects, Daft Punk doing the soundtrack, could it be any more gearhead-oriented. I am going to be so curious to see how many Tron battle suits will be at MIR next year. I'm already thinking (and have the Hypershine designers brooding on) the design of latex with LED striping!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Silence before Solstice

I'm very aware of the lack of posting recently. I'm not sure what's going on; I've felt very little inspiration to write, post, or even get into rubber a whole lot recently. I think it's the fact the sun is setting at 4 bloody P.M. right now that has made me lose any interest in anything other than cuddling with Mr. P recently.

I hope that will change this weekend with the Mr. Leatherman Vancouver contest (yours truly is a judge), but I just found out today we've got two production deployments in two different accounts happening this weekend for work, one on Saturday night and the other on Sunday during the day. Sounds like I might be running back and forth between fun events and crappy work obligations for most of the weekend. Oh well, it's better to get these long-delayed projects wrapped up before the holidays than have them drag on into mid-January, if only to get the project managers out of my hair.

Friday night is the beginning of Vancouver Leather Weekend with the VML XXXMas party at Numbers, the contest on Saturday evening, and a host of other events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hope I can get to everything; as a judge it would probably look bad if I didn't, however the contest on Saturday starts at 9pm and my deployments are slated to start at 10pm, so I'm not quite sure how I'm going to swing that! Wish me luck.

Two weeks from today, solstice hits and then the days start getting longer again, thank jeebus. Hopefully I find the motivation to dive back into the thick of rubberland again soon.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Clean version

Rubbout 20 promo video is now on YouTube!

Rubberstud of the Week #136

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Trust Mr. S to post this one! :D

American Thanksgiving

Sending kisses and hugs to my American friends and family on their Thanksgiving long weekend! xoxo

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I think my fetish impulses are going to bring me to the brink of bankruptcy! FML

In only the past month, after spending big cash in Chicago on new rubber gear, the Rage Rubber vac-coffin, a rubber party weekend trip, and a pair of new leather pants from Priape, at the Priape VIP party last night I committed to buying a new sling frame! The discount they were offering the VIPers was too good to pass up; how could I refuse?

I'm freaking out a little bit; even though the sling and frame was at the TOP of my wish list, I'm still reeling from the realities of my money situation. Ugh.

Oh well, if I'm going to go down in flames, might as well do it having fun, right?

Sex Map

Find out where I've journeyed
on the Map of Human Sexuality!
Or get your own here!

Behind the Scenes

Here was a great pic of the MIR2011 contestant in the backstage area on Friday. Thanks for the pic Francesco! Fun times.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HARD party in video


It has been a pleasure to work on this project as executive producer. The event was a great success.

A big thanks to all the volunteers from VML, Priape, Mr. Leatherman Vancouver and Rubbout.

To Producers Rowan and Trent from VML, your dedication to the project has resulted in rave reviews.

To Co-Producer Del from Priape, thanks for everything you have done.

To Bill and Hans, thanks for working so hard to make sure every detail was attended to.

To Barry, Media/photographer. Thanks for capturing the night for all to enjoy.

Given the fact Vancouver had heavy snow fall the night of the event the attendance of 450+ was great. Comments include, best party ever, party of the decade and so many more positive reviews. Number one question is when is the next party. Comparisons have been made to parties in London, Berlin, San Francisco. Lets face it, there has never been a party like this in Vancouver ever!

Congratulations VML and Priape you did it. To Xtra and Priape for providing the event with sponsorships and advertising. The generous contributions from Xtra and Priape was the backbone of our marketing campaign and we could not have done it without their support.

We are all part of this great community and promoting future events for Mr. Leatherman Vancouver and Rubbout at HARD was a good example of our all being connected and supporting each other. I hope the visibility at HARD will help out their upcoming events.

Thanks to Glen for his Demo and Mitch from Rubbout for his Demos. To Nikitas and Doug (Mr. Leatherman Vancouver 2010) for hosting the Meat and Greet.

To the Board of Directors of Vancouver Men in Leather and Priape Head Office for your commitment and support.

If I missed thanking anyone I apologize because I know there were some folks who provided assistance and most of us do not realize how much their assistance mattered. Karl for transport, Kevin from Priape for helping Del organize models, dancers. M2M for providing an edge and Stuart, event Boot Black.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone and we are all looking forward to getting HARD again!

Executive Producer

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rites of Passage

Last Tuesday we got together at M's place to put together the new Rage Rubber vac-coffin and airtight vac-cube that we bought at the MIR vendor market. It wasn't too much to figure out how to put things together since M and I both already own vac-bondage devices. Mr. P showed up after he ate and watched us get everything set up. As it turned out, a couple of M's cute young neighbors saw him cart the shipping box up to his condo the day before, and curiously asked him what it was (they thought it was a Xmas tree originally!). He told them they could come over once we got together to set things up.

Once they showed up we tried out the equipment. I was the first to get into the coffin, tried a couple of different configurations and positions, then the two young guys were convinced and eager to try out the equipment too. M2 tried out the coffin first, we had a lot of fun using vibrators and ice on him, then B wanted to try out the airtight cube. We flipped him over and played with him for a bit, then the cocks started coming out. Mr. P was on M2's cock immediately....he loves sucking cock that much. Soon enough there was a bunch of sucking going one suspected our innocent demo evening would turn out like this!

In the end, we sent away the two satisfied young guys with vac pressure marks all over their bodies and hopefully incentive to come back some time to try it again. M and I are excited....we got the go-ahead to demo these things Friday night at the Hard Party! I'm excited! :)

As things went on Friday, HARD was a big success.  I had heard numbers between 400-500 tickets sold, or at least had been distributed.  The numbers were high enough that Five Sixty felt full both upstairs on the dancefloor and downstairs in the dungeons.  It was a night of high energy and it was good to see so many kinky guys from the community coming out!  As usual, there was a bevvy of hot men there that you don't really see at any other time of the year, so I guess the solution is to have more of these parties so they come out more often!  HARD has been the buzz of the weekend, and for those friends who were asked to go but didn't commit; you missed out, better hope there's going to be another one.

The management at the club and Priape were happy with the results, and there's already talk about deciding when the next one's going to happen.  The idea by some was not to have them too often otherwise they lose their uniqueness.

The bondage demos went great.  We didn't get onstage until around 12:30am which sort of split the evening in half, however the reception was good.  We got a lot of guys to stop dancing and watch the vac-cube and vac-coffin in action, which means we were doing the right things, I think.

I was waiting for some pics before posting this entry; none yet, I will post as I can get them/find them.

Rubberstud of the Week #134

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fresh Blood

Can the HARD Party recharge a flagging leather scene?
by Jeff Lawrence, Xtra West Cover Story

If you thought the gay men's leather scene in Vancouver was stale and dying, you may need to think again, say the people behind the upcoming Hard Party.

Not only is the men's leather and kink scene alive, but it's getting younger, says Hard co-organizer Del Stamp.

"Young people are more confident and coming out earlier now; they're being more open. There's nothing holding them back," the 27-year-old says.

With its images of dominant, brooding musclemen, the leather and kink scene may have intimidated some younger men in the past, Stamp suggests. But if the diversity of those buying tickets is any indication, the Hard crowd will offer fresh faces of all ages.

"There are people coming from New York, Seattle, Portland," says Stamp. "There's bears, twinks - the biggest variety. I was shocked."

Stamp attributes the surge in interest to the scene's increased visibility on the Web. "It's all over the Internet and Facebook; it's making more of an appearance in nightclubs. It's just more prominent now as opposed to five, 10 years ago."

Stamp fell into the world of leather five years ago when, after showing some interest, he "kind of got sucked in".

"Now, it's just something I generally love - the look, the attitude, the feeling of it."

Travis L'Henaff works at Priape. A newer-than-newcomer to the scene, the 20-year-old is looking forward to the Hard party. "I'm always curious to try new things."

But L'Henaff says he's more interested in the scene's fashion than its sexual opportunities. "I love leather in terms of clothing," he explains.

He believes leather love is less taboo than it once was. "It's maybe becoming not as big of a deal because of the fact that we don't have to hide anything as much anymore."

An injection of new blood into the scene is exactly what organizers, including 28-year-old Nikitas Chondroyannos, are trying to achieve.

Chondroyannos, who is organizing December's Mr. Vancouver Leatherman contest, says he has seen some renewal in the scene but not as much interest as he'd like from younger men.

"Locally I don't see a lot of the new faces, and that's one of the reason we're trying to make these events more prominent," he says.

For Chondroyannos, new faces are key to resurrecting a Vancouver leather culture that hasn't been very prominent at all.

"One of the critiques about Vancouver is that there's not enough going on for gay leathermen," he says. "Instead of thinking the grass is greener elsewhere, we're trying to make a Vancouver that will attract people to the scene."

Chondroyannos identifies as a leather 'traditionalist', someone who appreciates the hierarchical nature of the leather world. "It's almost like the military - you earn your honour."

How one dresses generally reveals where one fits in the leather world, he says. "You find the old guard tends to identify with the traditional image of leathermen who wear caps and uniforms. The new guard will wear Nasty Pig jeans, or rubber and a harness - something considered less traditional. Perhaps even fashion-forward.

"The new guard, they bend the rules and they do what they want. They're the rebels."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another POV

Tynan Fox, who I consider a new great rubber friend, was one of my fellow competitors at MIR this year. Check out his great writeup on Leatherati and his post-MIR musings on his own blog, The Fox Den.

What I Learned about my Sexuality from Gay Men in Rubber

by Rachel Rabbit White, original story (with photos!) available on her blog or on the Sexis website.

I am surrounded by male energy. To be clear: I am surrounded by hot guys, lubed up in skimpy rubber outfits. It’s the 14th annual Mr. International Rubber (MIR), a skin-tight fetish event in Chicago, that draws rubber-boys from all over the world.

What Can a (Mostly) Vanilla Girl Learn From Men in Rubber?

Basking in the male sexuality not directed at me, I think I finally get the appeal of being a “fairy princess.” I get to gawk and lust and not worry about how I look, simply joining in the celebration. The first lesson your mostly-vanilla tour-guide learns is that male sexuality is pretty cool. And this is a community worth celebrating.

MIR is a spin-off of the mega-famous International Mr. Leather (IML), also based in Chicago—but is more like its younger, hotter sister. As one rubber-wearer told me, “IRL is about the partying, or it’s about the pageant. Here it’s all about the fetish, all about the play.”

While still pretty intimate, the event has grown massively in the past two years. “MIR [used to be] over at Cell-Block, this small leather bar around the corner,” recalls Porkchop, a cute boy in a rubber uniform with a black rubber military hat. “There was one vendor, and you just sat there and drank all day. The pageant was just pieced together. I once got pulled up from the audience because there was only one competitor.”

MIR really began to sprawl when it found a new home in The Center on Halsted: Chicago’s LGBTQ headquarters. The contemporary building, with its large, sunny windows is quite the change from the dive-bar ethos of Cell Block.

It’s midday on a Saturday and the lobby of The Center is bustling with moms coming over from Whole Foods and guys in rubber pants, their shirts half thrown on.

Upstairs, thick with the smell of rubber, is the market. There are toys and outfits to buy, but like many here, I’m more interested in ogling boys than a new butt-plug.

There are boys in rubber wrestling singlets, mohawked rubber punks and skinheads with rubber braces. There are rubber hipsters, a goggled steam-punk rubberist and a guy in a rubber catsuit with spiky Gaga glasses.

Perhaps the most re-current theme is the military look, a nod to the leather community that came out of World War II. According to leather lore, during WWII some soldiers realized they were gay and explored their sexuality. After coming back home, they missed the “manly culture” and began to re-create it in social groups and bars. But rubber is definitely the new guard, a term that usually denotes less rigidity and a greater variety of sexual experiences.

Lesson two? In any scene, respect those who paved the way, but reinvention and progression is key.

Just as I am getting comfortable being the only one here without assless pants or, ahem, a penis, it’s time for the puppy event. It’s about puppy role-play, a fetish in which participants take on the imaginary role of dogs with doggy mannerisms and behavior. Puppy-play is not distinctly related to rubber, but as one rubberman told me, puppies have become quite popular, popping up at many fetish conventions.

On the ground in front of me are guys on all fours wearing over-sized plastic puppy paws. There are puppy masks and even one butt plug tail. “This is completely different than I thought it would be,” I say to the guy beside me. “I thought it was going to be a more BDSM thing, like the puppy and his master, but this is about puppies playing together and just having fun.”

Two of the puppies fight over a chew toy. Another comes up then sniffs their rubber behinds. They communicate through grunts, growls and barks. My new pal nods. “Yeah, BDSM is how it started, like, you are my dog so lick my boots. But this is new.” He points at the puppies mounting one another. “And it happened just the last few years. It really came out of the furry community, and the way they sort of play. But you can’t suggest that to these guys. They’d deny it.”

The puppies remind me of little boys playing. As I watch, I realizing I am smiling. I’m sure there’s another lesson here. “It’s just about not taking yourself too seriously, being able to be silly. You need that in sex,” says my companion.

As I mingle my way through the market, I realize there has not been much talk of the pageant. LGBTQ pageants have a rich history. In 1930s New York, underground drag pageants were held by gay men, awarding those with the most outrageous costumes. And in the ’70s, as leather culture became more mainstream, a different kind of pageant emerged. The Gold Coast leather bar in Chicago became famous for their tongue-in-cheek “Mr. Gold Coast” contest. This eventually became International Mr. Leather, from which MIR takes it’s cue.

But when I ask the guys if they are going, it’s a toss-up. “It’s not really about the pageant here,” says Marcus, a tall guy in a catsuit. “I think they do the pageant because it is about creating the history. We are still defining what rubber means. So the winner of the pageant is like a spokesperson, someone who can do fundraising or charity events,” he explains.

Later in the evening, the lights are tinted red and the men are mingling. Trying to get into the mix, I realize I keep hearing this event is about the play, but I haven’t actually heard about the play.

“So, have you had any hot sex yet?” I ask a new pink-haired friend. “Well, I’m a porn-star. I realized two of my other porn star friends are here tonight. So we are having a little sex party at the after-party. It’s going to be live sex in front of everyone. You know us porn stars are exhibitionists,” he says.

As I talk with the guys about sex, the word “pig” ultimately comes up. “So pig means…like, dirty, right? Like into really dirty sex?”

My new friend corrects me. “A pig is someone who likes dirty, stinky, sweaty, nasty sex. And more of it and more and more and more.”

Okay, vanilla people, count that as a lesson. I don’t know how many times I’ve read advice columns in which girls write in, worried about their smell or unable to enjoy sex because they are so self-conscious. But what if you thought your partner liked you sweaty, smelly, nasty? And just wanted more and more and more of that. Consider me liberated.

Settling inside the auditorium to crown the new Mr. International Rubber, alongside the men swilling beers, arms draped over one another, I feel awed. I’m inspired by these guys who come from all over the world to visit their friends, to have sex, to be a part of a community that values order and respect, that encourages fun and living life. And I’m a little jealous that they’ve got such a strong place to belong, because the final lesson is that community is important—even when it comes to sex.

Great article, Rachel! Thanks for the coverage and glowing review of MIR. For rubbermen, it is all about the fun and play. You've hit the nail on the head!

HARD! This Friday

It's nice to see some new and exciting events happening in Vancouver and particularly on the Davie strip. Do you think the closing of the Odyssey triggered something in people to organize something different for a change? I am excited about Rubbout in April, but the upcoming events have inspired me to organize a few rubber fetish parties in the early part of 2011. Stay tuned...

What's setting up to be the biggest leather fetish party in Vancouver this year, HARD is coming this Friday!  If you don't have your tickets yet, get them early for $20.  $25 at Five Sixty's entrance.
November and December are shaping up to be a great season for kinky guys to get their groove on.

On November 26 is the Pig Sex workshops at Steamworks

On December 3 is Bearracuda at Five Sixty, which was a huge success the last time they held it there in September (?)

On December 10-12 is Mr. Leather Vancouver weekend. I have been asked to be a judge of the competition! How neat is that?

Friday night of that weekend is also VML's Leather XXXMas Party
December 10, 2010
Numbers 9 PM
Saturday night is the Mr. Leatherman Contest
December 11, 2010
The Junction Pub 9 PM
Friday 10 December 2010
* The Contest Forum with Master Mike at The Junction Pub 6PM
* Vancouver Men in Leather Naughty XXXmas Party at Numbers 8PM
* Meat and Greet at Pumpjack Pub 11PM
* MOUNTED Official Play Party at Steamworks Gym and Sauna 12AM
Saturday 11 December 2010
* Flogging: And The Beat Goes On with Reive at Steamworks Gym and Sauna 12.30PM
* Sounding with Master Mike at Steamworks Gym and Sauna 2.30PM
* Some Like It Hot: An Introduction To Fireplay with Reive at Steamworks Gym and Sauna 4.30PM
* Mr. Leatherman Vancouver 2011 Contest at The Junction Pub 9PM

Sunday 12 December 2010
* Vancouver Men in Leather Celebration Brunch @ The Junction Pub 1PM
* Sunday Kegger @ Pumpjack Pub 3PM
* DISMOUNTED Official Recovery Party @ Steamworks Gym and Sauna 6PM

Members of the Mr. Leatherman Vancouver 2011 Contest panel are:

* Nikitas Chondroyannos, Head Judge (Vancouver)
* Doug Mitchell, Mr. LeatherMan Vancouver 2010 (Vancouver)
* Reid Dalgleish, Mr. West Coast Rubber 2010 (Vancouver)
* Sir Hugh Russell, International LeatherSIR 2010 (Seattle Washington)
* Herrmeister-Darryl, Washington State Mr. Leather 2010 (Seattle Washington)
* Hans Bosgoed, Vancouver Men in Leather Membership Chair (Vancouver)
* Lady !Kona (Vancouver)
* Phaedra McEachren (Vancouver)
* Master Mike Zuhl, Tallymaster/Alternate Judge (Pittsburgh Pennsylvania)

The Mr. LeatherMan Vancouver 2011 Contest Weekend is sponsored in part by:

* The Junction Pub, 1138 Davie Street Vancouver (
* Pumpjack Pub, 1167 Davie Street Vancouver (
* Streamworks Gym and Sauna, 123 West Pender Street Vancouver (
* PRIAPE, 1148 Davie Street Vancouver (
* Hardline (
* Leather Skills Certification Council
* Troy Anicete Designs (
* 665 Leather (
* Elbow Grease
* Seattle Men in Leather (
* Vancouver Men in Leather (Please visit the Vancouver Men in Leather official host webpage:

Pig Sex!

The Pig Sex Project seeks to learn more about and from the growing subculture of sex pigs, by creating safe spaces for men who identify as sex pigs, or enjoy sex pig activities, to come together in discussion. It is about knowledge exchange and community development.

The format follows small group facilitated discussions of peers. Two successful community consultations - guys loved it - have been held in Toronto this year, and in conjunction with the Gay Men's Sexual Health Summit November 25, 26, we are pleased to offer an event in Vancouver as well. Which city is piggier?

The event in Vancouver is an innovative collaboration between the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), Health Initiative for Men (HIM), CIHR-University Without Walls (UWW), and Steamworks Vancouver. Guys who register get a complimentary locker pass to Steamworks and are encouraged to enjoy the facilities following.

Please circulate this email and flyer to anyone you think may be interested. Details and registration info are on the flyer. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010


Yum, black shiny latex bulges!!!

Deep Thoughts

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

...And We're Back

And luckily the European Elite Track Championships were on the same weekend as Mr. International Rubber.

German yummy goodness!