Monday, May 25, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New stuff

So I'm the first to complain about spending too much money, especially since I've been busy furnishing and decorating a new pad. I couldn't resist Invincible's May Sale though...the prices were just too good to pass up. An Invincible catsuit for under $200? Mine, all mine!

Here's a couple of outfits I picked up:

Neck entry catsuit with codpiece and rear zip - YJ's suit at Rubbout was so hot I had to get one of my own to add to the play arsenal.

Royal blue V-neck t-shirt with yellow trim
Royal blue boxer shorts with lace up front, yellow trim

How hot is this outfit? Perfect for those summer rubber parties!

The stuff won't be here in time for Mr. Rubber Vancouver, but will certainly be here for some of the other parties and such that will be coming up this summer.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mr. Rubber Vancouver program

Program for the evenings:

Friday June 12

-From 21h to 23h, Rubber Kick-off Party, hosted by VML Vancouver Men in Leather at NUMBERS
-From 23h to close, Slime Party at Pumpjacks, meet the contestant, Rubber auction to raise money for the winner and Kinky demos.

Saturday June 13

-From 19h to 21h, private interview with the contestants
-22h00 Presentation of the contestants in formal wear
-23h00 Question by judges in public in minimal gear
-24h00 Fantasy portion (you will have to present a show of 2min to 5 min of a fantasy that represents you) You are to give the illusion of sexual fantasy without having sexual acts on stage. We have to respect the rules of the bar.
-1h00 We will announce the winners

2-5 minutes? Holy crap, that's a long time to play out a fantasy in front of a bunch of people. Thinking...thinking...what am I going to do to play out a fantasy for that duration without actually doing it? LOL I suspect we won't be able to have anyone else out on stage with us; that will make things a bit more challenging, hmm...

Now that's my style of DJ...

Taken at MAL2009. Kudos to this DJ for doing his thing with a gasmask and industrial gloves on! Now that's talent...

This brings up another favorite topic of mine - music. The choices to get you in the mood while being rubberized, immobilized, transformed, etc. are endless, even the MALEBOT cyber-fetishists have stuff particularly produced for their play parties.

What type of music to you play in your dungeon? I've been comparing notes with DJ Jon Delano from London; at the fetish parties it seems more and more that Electro is being played (how appropriate since it is one of the most popular electronic dance music forms out there right now). I personally like to find Electro remix albums and play the dub versions. Without the words, sometimes you can't even tell what song is being played since the dub versions are so different from the originals. But for me, nothing like a hard, thumping, incessant 4/4 beat with lots of electronically generated bass and tweaks gets me into the mood for dungeon action.

If you're into isolation with music, depending on what your intent is I guess will determine what music you play. Are you a rubberslave stuck in the vac-rack for a few relaxing hours? Maybe some classical chamber music will help you reach nirvana. Are you a bad rubberpuppy scolded, caged, and put in bondage for the night? Maybe some thrash metal will help teach you some new tricks.

There used to be a Dutch DJ named DJ Latex that used to wear latex during his sets. His website is gone; anyone have any idea where he went?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Long hot weekend

Saturday night Rubberball and I dressed up in each other's suits and went out to the Pumpjack for a few hours. I wore his blue catsuit, he wore my pewter. Of course, we were the only ones dressed in anything other than civvies, but we certainly got a lot of looks and a few questions. Just to freak everyone out more, we put the masks on and were completely rubberized for an hour or so before we left.

We fooled around a bit when we got home, and eventually made it into our lycra for some sleep.

The next morning, Rubberball let me try out his black Expectations suit. He polished me up and obliged me by taking lots and lots of pics. It was a blast! I got to try my first neoprene 'spacer' cockring with a CB sheath overtop underneath the suit. As you can tell in the pics, I quite liked this arrangement!

He's in town for the remainder of the week; hopefully this means some more playtime.

Rubberstud of the Week #55

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long weekend plans

Rubberball from Australia is in town for a few days. We're heading out to the Pumpjack Pub tonight in rubber! Should be fun. Hopefully I'll have a few pics of us to share tomorrow.

Latest from Taylor Buck

Mr. Rubber competitions

From Rubbout Vancouver:

Thanks everyone for making Rubbout 18 a big success. Not only did we break even but we saved the cube. Enough money was raised to replace the cube that blew up last year (see video at Plus check out the website to see over 400 photos taken this year by Barry Piersdorff. Hundreds more photos from other attendees will be posted soon.


Priape and Xtra West present the first annual Mr. Rubber Vancouver Contest on Saturday, June 13th at PumpJack. The weekend will kick-off on Friday with a Rubber Party at Numbers followed by a Slime Party at PumpJack. The Slime Party will include a demo of the new cube. See the enclosed poster for more details and your chance to win over $1,500 as a contestant.


West Coast Rubber weekend 2009 in LA is all slicked up to make it a gear party to remember. Mark July 3rd to 5th in your calendar. For more details go to If you attended Rubbout 2009 and are planning to attend West Coast Rubber, send me an e-mail to enter a draw for a weekend package.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just had to post this one...

*ugh* no rubber or anything, just moist marvellous-ness.

Oh so skintight

My first Vancouver photo shoot...full skintight rubber coverage, reduced breathing (only the nostril holes - and later tubing - were open to the environment), bondage gear and lots of silicone polish!

I fantasize about some rubbertop/rubbermaster having me on a leash and parading me in the bar and on the street in this getup...completely encapsulated rubberslave, unable to escape or resist.

The tubing works well to keep the nasal passages open under a tight rubber hood and are fantastic for directing popper feeding.

I ended up inserting an inflatable buttplug and putting on a C&B sheath to finish myself off.

It just feels so amazing, so slimy and hot and stimulating over the entire body.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mr. Rubber Vancouver

I just talked to Stephane last night on Recon and he confirmed that Priape is going to sponsor a Mr. Rubber Vancouver contest at the Pumpjack on June 13. This is one week after the big Rubber/Leather weekend in Calgary. I am still debating a couple of things -- I'd love to go back to Calgary for the weekend on June 5/6 for the multitude of Mr. Rubber/Leather Boy/Leather Sir contests, but after getting set up here in Vancouver, my funds are completely tapped out. I am also debating whether I should compete in the Vancouver competition - I think it would be fun to be a title-holder again this year, and in the process actually compete at MIR in November since I've had a taste of what the contest there entails. It's coming up pretty quick...I'd better get some decisions made, fast!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Double Exposure

How's that for some publicity? When I moved out to Vancouver I found out that I had made the local gay rag Xtra! West. There is a pic in the April 23rd edition of ChicagoPissBoy and I from the Friday night VML party at Rubbout. A day later when I checked out the May edition of GayCalgary and Edmonton online, there were pics in there of the group of us from the Eagle Rubber Demo Night! Too funny. I got a bit of a rubbing from a few guys about being in both mags at the same time and wearing latex in pics in both! The horror! LOL

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Settling in

Well, I did have to have at least one rubber pervout session since I moved in.

Here's the view south from my balcony. Nice, eh?

..and the view north.

Rubbout Redux

Here are some pics from Rubbout that CnCast sent me. They turned out much better than most of the ones I took (which wasn't many).

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rubberstud of the Week #53


I made it into Vancouver around 5:30pm on Saturday. I left Calgary around 6:30 PDT so I made decent time. It took me about 3 hours to unload the van and I can't thank my Calgary friends that helped me load up the van enough. Once everything was in the 600 sq. ft. apartment I realized that I had brought a lot of extra shit I wish I could rid myself of, however as I've been unpacking the amount of stuff really isn't too bad. Of course I unfurled the rubber out of the bags as one of my first tasks since the bag had been packed under a lot of stuff in the van.

Today was shopping day: new TV, new wall unit (for all the CDs, DVDs, cassettes, etc. etc. that I was obliged to bring even though I didn't really want to). The Visa was burning through charges so quickly today the fraud detection group gave me a call in the middle of the day!

I figure I'll take the rest of the week to complete the transformation enough that I will no longer need to be obsessive-compulsive about everything. I can't wait until next weekend when I'll finally be able to go out!

Almost back to regular posting; it's that close.