Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shadowy balloon play

Montreal's Angel of Music puts on a good show for a first try, but needs to work on the lighting a bit.

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Rubberstud of the Week #3

Nothing, really

I've been out of town on business for most of the past week, so I've been less-than-proficient in posting to the blog.

I wore my STR suit out to Fetish Night at the Eagle a couple of weekends ago, and got lots of comments, people asking questions about rubber wear. One comment by a group of guys was about how long it takes to get into the suit.

"For this particular one, which is the tightest one I have, it takes about 20 minutes."
"How about taking it off?"
"In the shower, a minute."
"In the shower? What a great idea."
"Yeah, it makes a lot of sense. Run the water through the suit and it just slips off."
"Well, that suit is so tight, I just have this image of if it broke at any second, an 800lb. man would come flying out."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rubberstud of the Week #2

Latex Doc

Pictures from Mr. Calgary Rubber 2008

Doug was kind enough to share some of his pictures!

Round 1 - INTRODUCTIONS AND FORMAL WEAR - Hazmat and White latex

Round 2 - FANTASY/PLAY WEAR - Military S.W.A.T. (to the theme of "Mission Impossible")

Round 2 - FANTASY/PLAY WEAR - Rubber Cop (to the theme of "Bad Boys")

Round 3 - MINIMAL

PRESENTATIONS (at 12:45am!)

The contestants, MC and judges

Reid, Doug and BJ, Mr. International Rubber 2008

Me and my biggest supporter

Monday, April 14, 2008

Rubber Mountie...custom order?

Here's a new about a rubber Canadian R.C.M.P. Mountie outfit? Wouldn't that be the bomb? It actually wouldn't take a lot to put together -- latex jodhpurs with yellow stripe, mountie hat and the serge tunic converted into latex. Some fashion house like Libidex would jump at the chance to make something like that...
The traditional uniform is brown leather belt and boots, but that could easily be done in black.

Now only if I could get Paul Gross with the uniform...


So, I've got a Polymorphe gift certificate from the Mr. Rubber Calgary contest which is good for a pair of chaps or pants. I've always wanted a pair of sailor pants, so I'm going to check out the availability of these ones:

They're not exactly what I want, but I have yet to see Polymorphe get their online site updated. I've seen some of their items in the Priape catalogs, but I doubt that is the full line. From what I've heard, Polymorphe wants to extend their line availability through Priape. They've finally figured out the gay men are the kinkiest of all, I guess! I guess if I don't like the sailor pants, I could always go for a surfsuit or something similar. Polymorphe is making shorts and shirts with the see-through latex now too...hmmm.....

If I could avoid black again, I would. I'm drawn to getting another SkinTightRubber suit - a sleeveless catsuit, finally -- in pearlsheen blue, maybe with a codpiece and back zip? Maybe no openings at all?

In addition, I've been thinking of improving on the full rubber experience idea. Does anyone have any experience buying shorts with sheaths? Twist My Rubber Arm has the goods I'm looking for, however everything's molded molded molded! So you know how that's all going to end tatters, literally. Not sure if any manufacturers out there are tailoring shorts or pants with anal and cock sheaths. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

TMRA (molded) shorts with cock and anal sheaths - $65.00:

TMRA mask with attached condom - $100.00:

So now once you have this stuff on with a skintight catsuit, gloves and toe socks, you could say with certainty that you could fuck or get fucked without a single inch of skin showing! Marvellous! The ultimate rubber fuck toy!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rubber threesome

Here is the final clip of Rubbermannz and his friends in New Zealand having a rubber party! Hot stuff...on an angle!

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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well, I might as well come clean. I've been deceiving most of my friends on the Net...somewhat, but only in one minor detail as far as I'm concerned. My real name isn't's Reid. I've been supressing my real name on all of the fetish sites I frequent for good reason, in my opinion.

I manage more than one blog and I have quite a large presence on the Web mostly due to the fact that I've been around here for close to 15 years in some form or other. On my fetish profiles, I used to be speedogod many years ago then changed to speedoguru when I lost access to speedogod on several email service providers. But that was only one of my personas. I also have had many personal web sites and blogs over the years to discuss many other things that interest me.

Around 18 months ago, a very close friend of mine was murdered. My personal blog became a focal point for information for what I originally thought was just my close friends and their friends since he had been missing for almost a week before his body was found and I wanted as many people as possible to know what to look out for. As it turned out, the blog also became popular with the media and the police. There were several year's worth of personal conversations archived there that were suddenly being read by a bunch of strangers. The harassment by the media, the 'borrowing' of unsolicited pictures and information from my blog (that even made it into the printed media!) got to the point where I felt my privacy was being compromised, so I had to shut the blog down until the storm passed. Several months later the site came back up with a different name, but the potential exposure and unintended attention to my life on-screen in my different blogs (and different lives) became something very obvious.

Yeah, the Internet and particularly blogs are about as public domain as one can get, but the shock of suddenly having my personal life exposed like that was very unnerving.

About six months later there were union contract negotiations going on at my place of work and I posted a media release approved for public distribution on my personal blog that received other people's reactions, opinions and comments. A few days later, management at my company told me to take the post down -- something I was later given a apology for from the Communications department, but the damage had been done. This was one of several reasons why I ended up leaving this company.

I needed to find better ways to prevent my Internet presences in their different forms from cross-pollinating. Thus, my alter egos became even more important in 'firewalling' the different aspects of my life from each other.

So, what's a egotistical exhibitionist to do? It was at this point that Matt Bauer was born and took on a life of his own.

I just want you all to know that I value your friendships, support and insights. You might be wondering, "well, what else isn't he telling us?", but I ensure that everything else I've ever divulged or broadcast on my profiles is absolutely true. I've hidden my true name only to prevent my public daily/career life from crossing paths with my personal life again. Damn you, Google and your effective search engine algorithms!

With exposure from the Mr. Rubber Calgary contest and whatever else is to come, I've breached that wall of privacy and distinction in a big way once again; I've decided to come clean very early in the game here to you guys. I plan to retain Matt as my alter ego on the Ning sites, etc., but those of you that come here from time to time will know the truth.

I'm sorry if some of you find this unacceptable or regrettable. I've been burned badly a few times and I'm just trying to prevent a horrific collision of my lives from occurring in a way that I have no control over. It's not fun to have happen, and yes, we are all dealing with public domain and such, but there are many things we can do to minimize our footprint in this pervasive virtual world. If I remain proactive in how these types of situations are handled I think I have a better chance of maintaining my reputation and privacy, somewhat, and keeping the real and the virtual within the confines they should be kept in.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rubbermen DVDs

...on to the topic of gay rubber fetish DVD. I know that there is the host of vids available from, and I have been told that they are some of the best of the few that are available out there, but there's got to be some German stuff out there, isn't there?

Does anyone know anything about the rubber vids sold by Black Body? They seem to have some pretty hard-core pervy ones, but I'm not sure about the quality, especially at values priced in Euros (eep!). Anyone have any suggestions?

Berlinstar: Rubclub Vol. 1 DVD

No regional code DVD, 2007, 90 min.
Director: Uwe Stoll
Starring: Various actors

Rubber!!!! Men in full rubber suits get out their dicks and put their vacuum pumps to the test. After pumping them as big and hard, the biggest dicks are the result. The pumps are taken off and the hot rubbermen play with each others fat and big dicks. Blow jobs through rubbermasks take place. One of the men is beeing taped in black foil and made horny as hell. The back zipper of his rubber suit is opened untilhis greedy ass is visible. His ass is beeing played with until it is ready to receive a fist. The rubbermen is moaningfrom pleasure under his rubbermask and sweat is running out of his rubber suit. Also his dick is showing his pleasure by all precum that is coming out of it. Then he sees 2 other men is full rubber suits beeing tied together with the black foil. A horny bondage and pisscene follows. A great rubber film shot in Berlin!!!! Click on more product information to see some pictures of the scenes and of the actors in this movie.

Full, and I mean full...

Has anyone tried out any rubber clothing with attached cock sheath and anal sheath? I would love to try something like this out...

Can you imagine getting plugged at both ends by two big rubber dicks? Talk about having a fulfilling rubber experience!

Weekend pics and story

BJ's got a post on his Mr. International Rubber blog about the Mr. Rubber Calgary competition!

Rubberstud of the Week #1

I'm going to try weekly to feature some of the best pics I've found of the hottest rubbermen on the Net, at least in my opinion. I especially appreciate exceptional photography -- lighting, backgrounds, polishing, contrasts that accentuate exceptional gear and bodies.

This week, Hunter!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mr. Rubber Calgary Recap

Well, the evening finally came to strut my rubber stuff and it sure was a lot of fun! Priape, Polymorph and Nasty Pig sponsored the event, and despite the fact there were only two competitors, there were a lot of men dressed up in latex and leather at the bar and we two as competitors certainly pulled out all the stops in attempts to wow the crowd! The main message of the evening was that there are lots of us in a closeted city like Calgary that are into this stuff, and we want to facilitate events and venues where people can be comfortable about showing their pervy side in public venues.

I had to go in early for pre-event interviews. The other competitor, D and I discussed what we were going to wear. I had initially planned to wear the black STR suit and gas mask for the first "full rubber" round, but D told me he was planning on wearing a hazmat suit, so that inspired me to actually wear the white Libidex suit and white boots and gasmask for the first round. I'm glad I did because afterwards that was the costume most people commented positively about! The second round was fantasy/play wear and I gear up in my full S.W.A.T. military outfit (coming onto the stage to the 'Mission Impossible' theme). D wore his new policeman's shirt with helmet, sunglasses and jodhpurs. For the third round I wore my rubber harness and latex hot shorts, captain's hat and sunglasses while D wore a latex jock underneath a fireman's coat.

I was fortunate to have my bf around to help me get ready for the rounds. Our changing area was very small and hot so things got a little stressful for me at points, when I knew that a half hour of prep was only going to result in a few minutes onstage. The bf helped out immensely, lacing up boots and running for beers. Regardless, we made it through and I'm happy to say that I won! I received a nice black Polymorphe vest with red trim and 'M. Rubber Calgary 2008' in red lettering on the back. They will be handing out these as standard issue for winners of all the regional contests.

We received great prizes with Priape gift certificates and a offer from Polymorphe for an item of latex clothing, free. I never heard anything about the continuation to Montreal for nationals, however I assume that will be coming later, no matter.

In all the chaos, I didn't have my video or still camera there, but there will be lots of pics of the event eventually making it to GayCalgary and Rubberzone. I can't wait to see the final pics! It was a great time and I'm glad I did it now.


Here are some pics of what I envisioned as the main outfit for the rubber space fantasy I would like to produce. The premise would be a couple of stranded cargo-runners on a desert planet that have to search for supplies. The standard uniform on a desert planet would be white latex with rubber bladder helmet that would trap all moisture given off of the body for recycling. Very much a premise like Dune, just a heck of a lot more perverted.

I'd like to get or make an 'air supply backpack' prop to wear with this as well.

I also did a short video of the same.

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Friday, April 4, 2008


As luck would have it, I was working from home today when the letter carrier showed up with my Libidex package! It is a pretty sweet white suit -- albeit the zipper is on the front when I requested the back, but no matter. Also the white and black gloves I ordered didn't show up in this shipment.

I seem to have worse luck with custom-tailored suits than standard size off-the-shelf catsuits. This one fits about the same as my Mr. S pewter suit -- a few areas of looseness, particularly around the knees and neck, but they did come pretty close based on the measurements I sent them.

I love the male pouch! It really enhances the package and makes sitting down much more comfortable since the zipper crotch hugs right against your taint. The open-faced hood fits pretty tight, but of course I'm not complaining, just making an observation! With the white Steel UK boots and white gas mask, the look is exactly the way I imagined it would be!

Now the question -- is this something I might wear for the competition tomorrow? I think I might wait to debut it until IML. Calgary's not ready for something this bizarre...yet. Wait until I get the chance to break this city in!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Make Up Your Mind...

The latest from the MRC contest organizers...things have changed once again...


I hope that this helps to answer some of your questions.

There are three sections in front of the audience and a short question
and answer period before hand in private.

* Full rubber
* Play/Fantasy Wear
* Minimal Wear.

In the fantasy section there will be a question asked based on your

In the Minimal Wear there is a fun question. (Eg. What is your
favourite flavour of condom and why? Was asked a the leather contest,
just fun.)

Looking forward to seeing you there.

So they've added the minimal wear section in again. I guess that means I have to clip and wax this week after all. Fuck. So, what does this all mean? I guess the first round is the only one where one will get away with wearing gasmasks/hoods, since the other two rounds include questions. So, now what am I going to wear? For the first round, I'll probably still go ahead with the STR catsuit and Blackstyle intubation hood, and most likely the toned-down military outfit for the second round. Bah! Minimal! What kind of rubberman do they take me for?

I think I'll just take everything and decide once I'm there!