Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween, y'all!

Here was the hot sweat mess I was on Saturday night. Those wings were a health hazard for anyone within a 3 foot radius!

The bar was fun and hopping...until the Fire Inspectors showed up and closed the dark room in the back of the bar. Apparently, so I learned, the Inspectors and VPD make a point of always coming into Pumpjack on Halloween, dictating what a gay bar and it's patrons should and shouldn't be doing.  It pissed everyone off, and the crowd thinned out pretty quickly after that. Mr. P and I had already decided to stay in one place for the evening and it was too late for us to try to get in somewhere else. Regardless, we had fun.

Tonight, maybe I should dress up again and try and get some candy?!?!

Rubberstud of the Week #183

Friday, October 28, 2011

A New Convert?

Dylan McDermott in "American Horror Story" on wearing a LATEX CATSUIT: "There's a place in Los Angeles called Syren. It's like three floors of just SM gear. I spent an afternoon there, and they fitted me for a latex suit. I had to lube up, put it on and be fitted for it," McDermott says.

What, exactly, does a full-body rubber ensemble feel like? Steamy, McDermott says. "It's hot. My dream is that every home in America will have one. It has to be black and shiny. You can't have a lilac rubber suit, he says, laughing.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Man Of Steel

Henry Cavill, in addition to having the most awesome full name ever, is my new crush. He's so pretty, and fitter than fuck for his upcoming Superman: Man of Steel role. There were some green screen shots and on-location shots I just had to share. Does he not look absolutely dreamy with that beard scruff? Roar!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good Piggy


Your View for the Day

I like Latex-guru's outlook. As much as he is a sight to behold, someone needs to guide him to some nicer fitting latex...

Who am I kidding? He is still gorgeous! I love that this young body-building guy into latex has decided to try to make some easy money while doing it. Although most of his vids are for-pay now :(

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Kink Engineering in Toronto has been coming up with a lot of cool ideas since they've opened shop.  There has been lots of talk in the community about laser cutting, it seems that KE has figured out a new application which is totally pervy for the total enclosure fans.
Micro-Breathe Enclosure Hood
Starting at: $115.00

TOTAL TOTAL ENCLOSURE!  But without that nasty asphyxia problem!

This specialty latex hood is constructed to perfectly mould to the face and head, with no openings at all, except for a series of laser-cut micro holes around the nose and mouth.  These allow for unobstructed breathing while still looking like there is no opening at all from a distance of only a foot or so.

You can breathe, and talk normally while wearing this hood, but it is otherwise a total enclosure hood.  You can choose the option of having the tiny (less than 1/2mm!) holes punched at the mouth, mouth and nose, or mouth, nose AND eyes (so that it's not a blackout hood, but looks like it from the outside!)

These are super fun at events as people will wonder how you are functioning inside what appears to be TOTAL latex enclosure!  They'll have to come very very close to see your secret!

Note: The micro hole pattern may be slightly different on your hood from those pictured - KE have refined the pattern from their early models to make the holes even less visible - See the diagram for the exact layout KE now use [in link side view].

Damn, I am so getting one of these for IML next year! Laser cutting is the already being implemented and will be perfected for rubber in the coming years. I am patiently waiting for a new sheet bonding technology to come along (probably using lasers as well) that will eliminate the need for gluing seams. I will be the first one in line for those catsuits!!!!

Recon promo picture. Perfect.

Picasa Web Albums
I don't think there is anything that accessorizes black rubber and a harness quite like an exposed silver nosering.

Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24 'Entertainment Weekly' Cover

MIR Preparations

Less than two weeks to go! I'm anxiously anticipating a weekend of rubber fun and ACTUAL vacation away from my less-than-fulfilling work life.

There have been several call-outs for volunteers and demo masters in the MIR Market. I had been asked to help out with both but I got an email from the MIR organizers last week that they want me to be on a panel discussion during the weekend (one of several planned). The panel discussion is based on our thoughts and ideas on building your own kink community. What are the venues and strategies and their opportunities? Through play, building a contest, building a club, creating families, and using the internet.

Each panelist will have (a) 5-7 minutes to introduce themselves and their background. (b) We have 30 minutes to cover a few topic points which each panelist will have a chance to comment upon and (c) the final 15 minutes to open up to the crowd for question and answer.

Here are some possible questions for discussion:

How do we build communities in smaller towns vs larger cities?
Titles vs. non-titles in engaging community involvement.
Social clubs vs sex play events.
Formal structures (clubs and contests) vs informal structures (private gatherings)
How can we use the internet and blogsphere?
How can clubs work together and share events without cannibalizing on each other and avoid burnout?

Sounds like a very interesting topic, and fortunately one that I have a lot of thoughts about :) I had told the volunteer coordinator that I couldn't commit to working shifts or doing any demos in the Market as I am committed to doing Rubbout promotion the entire weekend, passing promotional materials to other organizers and venue owners around the continent in the hopes they will post them up when they get home. On top of that, since last year was all work and no play at MIR, I just wanted to go and have a good time this year, and I plan on doing that but I also want to contribute, as it seems my input is appreciated by people in the rubber community.

I got two media mentions this week in preparation for MIR: one was in the Rubbermen of San Francisco Bay article in the Serious Male Bondage Journal last week and the other was in G-Man's article in Chicago's Boi Magazine - MIR Edition that came out on the weekend. How cool is that???

Curious About The Face Behind The “Rubber Man” Mask?

Curious About The Face Behind The “Rubber Man” Mask in "American Horror Story"?


Rubberstud of the Week #182

Friday, October 21, 2011

FABLE: Chapter Nineteen

Part 19 (the last chapter)

Richard remained motionless, seated upon his stool at the head of the operating table, the huge gaping black rubber anesthetic mask cupped in readiness in his hand, while Hans and Karl continued their efforts to subdue the still struggling Tom. Richard's stillness belied the turmoil raging within him; his natural sexual arousal stimulated by the prospect of inducting, for the first time, a virile and vigorous rubberman such as Tom into Ether-based black rubber anesthesia conflicted with his anxiety centered upon the outcome. There was much at stake for himself, for Tom, and for Karl, and Richard admitted to himself that the unforeseen circumstance of emotional involvement between Tom and Karl, coupled with his own acknowledgement of the fact that he needed someone like Tom as an additional member of his team had created less than ideal conditions for this final test of Tom's dedication to extreme rubber practice.

Tom's cries and pleas for release rang around the room as he continued to fight against restraint, while his three rubber clad and gas masked captors appeared totally impervious to them. Richard straightened himself, leaned forward and with his free hand cupped Tom's chin firmly in his grasp. There was immediate eye contact between the two. Tom saw a formidable unblinking gaze from within the black rubber gasmask, while Richard looked upon eyes that pleaded pitifully. Richard lifted the mask high above Tom, allowing him to see it and the two long black rubber corrugated hoses trailing back to the anesthetic machine. He paused briefly and then slowly, in the manner of an Archbishop at the moment of crowning a monarch, he lowered the mask to Tom's face. Tom's struggles had ceased, he appeared to be hypnotized by the gaping blackness of the interior of the rubber mask as it descended inexorably toward him.

Tom could not take his eyes off the mask as he watched it come closer; as it was lowered toward him the mask seemed to increase in size until it seemed as though it was large enough to devour his entire head. For a few seconds the descent stopped, the mask was still far enough away from him to enable him to see the three gas masked faces above him, and the three pairs of eyes from within those gasmasks staring at him without pity or compassion for his terror. As within Richard, so turmoil raged within Tom. Why, he asked himself, had he been so foolish as to allow himself to be inveigled into this terrifying situation from which he had no hope of escape, and why had the man he loved so much, and whom he had believed returned his love, now allied himself with these two sadists. For the moment those questions remained unanswered; with savage suddenness the mask was upon his face, and was being held there with ferocious strength. Richard had artfully applied the mask at a moment when Tom had exhaled. His struggles having left him breathless, Tom unwittingly inhaled deeply, receiving as he did so a full blast of Ether vapor. Instantly he renewed his struggle as the overwhelming power of the vapor and the realization that there was no escape from it induced within him a sensation of panic unlike anything he had previously experienced. Karl and Hans allowed him to struggle to a limited degree, for they knew the expenditure of energy would force Tom to inhale again almost immediately.

When Tom inhaled the second time he believed that the full blast of Ether he was getting would put him right out - he had reached the stage where, terrified as he was, the prospect of oblivion was preferable to his present predicament. His second breath in fact contained very little Ether vapor, and a lot of Oxygen. Richard had no intention of allowing Tom to go 'under' just yet. He needed a short interval to allow the Ether that Tom had inhaled in his first breath to become absorbed into the tissues of Tom's body, and he therefore kept Tom on a mixture containing just enough Ether to flood Tom's body tissue but insufficient to induce unconsciousness.

Tom's ears roared, the first sound he had heard since his hearing had been electronically disabled; he felt a tingling sensation in his limbs and a glowing feeling was slowly suffusing his body. He could no longer feel himself being held down by Karl and Hans, that sensation had been superseded by a feeling of weightlessness, and his head swam. He could feel the black rubber mask upon his face, now it felt that it was being held onto him with less force, and it seemed to be moving about on his face. The mask had become the focal point of his consciousness; he opened his eyes and looked up. He could just see around the rim of the huge black rubber cuff of the mask. He saw Richard above him, and looking around his limited field of vision he saw the gas masked faces of Karl and Hans. The urge to struggle returned, but his attempt was feeble, and anyway, he told himself, why struggle now when they are moving away. He could see the two gas masked faces recede from him, but just as quickly they loomed large above him once again. Tom looked back to Richard, he too was moving, first away from him, and then back toward him again. He looked up at the light above him, and that too appeared to rise and fall, nothing seemed real any more, except, that is, the feeling of the mask moving upon his face - that felt good, so good that he moved to bury his face deeper within its black rubber confines.

He could think of nothing but the mask now; it was the center of his universe; the one thing that remained stable while everything else around him seemed to come and go, the world about him pulsated, but the feeling of the mask was constant. All terror gone from him now, he moaned involuntarily with pleasure as he attempted to lift his hands to the mask, not to rip it off as he had longed to do a few minutes ago, but to hold it on ever tighter.

When he heard the moan escape from Tom, Richard knew he had won, and that all would be well. He saw Tom's attempt to lift his hands to the mask, and he signaled to Karl and Hans to allow Tom the freedom to do so. Tom seized the mask and Richard's hand with it, and forced it onto his face, writhing with pleasure on the table as he did so. He felt intoxicated with pleasure as the effect of the Ether permeated throughout his body tissue. He glowed with a sensation he had never known before, and although Richard had now stopped the Ether and put Tom back onto pure Oxygen, Tom's system was now so saturated with Ether that he believed he was still breathing it. He looked up to Richard, who turned to the console, flicked a switch which gradually brought Tom's hearing back to normal, and at the same time signaled to Karl and Hans to stop restraining Tom, and merely to steady his unsecured upper body. Tom was unable to speak, he was in a strange limbo, not fully conscious, but not unconscious, nor was he in the twilight world that he knew from a mild dose of nitrous, or from breathing Entanox; this was a totally new sensation, and he liked it.

Richard leaned close to Tom, Tom looked up right into Richard's gas masked gaze. The eyes were no longer hard and cruel; from a vast distance, Tom heard Richard's voice, low and seductive, 'That's better now, Tom, isn't it?'. Tom could only nod his agreement. Testing for reaction, Richard attempted to lift the mask from Tom's face, but Tom, who still held the mask in his hands resisted. Satisfied, Richard desisted, and leaning close to Tom's head again, said, 'Alright, Tom, you can keep the mask. Now just breathe in deeply.' Richard began giving Ether to Tom again, but only enough to keep him at his present level of consciousness. Tom attempted to look about him; his powers of reason were inhibited by the Ether, and although he tried to gaze about him, he was not sure what he was looking at, or what he was looking for. Everything in the room appeared to be unreal, there was a golden glow about everything. The figures about him kept receding and then coming close again, and there was a strange rhythmic noise in his ears. His body glowed strangely and the rubber figures around him that he had fought against so violently, and for whom he had briefly felt such fear and hatred had become benign.

Richard slowly eased his own hand from the mask and from beneath Tom's hands which still held the mask tightly to his own face and began strapping the mask tightly to Tom with the Clausen's Harness previously placed on the table beneath Tom's head. As soon as he felt the tightening of the harness straps on his mask, Tom allowed his hands to fall away from the mask, whereupon Hans and Karl, upon a signal from Richard, began securing his wrists to the table, after which they placed a broad rubber strap across the lower part of Tom's chest. Tom was once more bound firmly to the table, and it was safe for Karl and Hans to turn their attention to other parts of Tom's anatomy, while Richard gripped Tom's rubber head between his rubber-gloved hands and gently turned it to one side so that he could see the black rubber bladder on the anesthetic machine into which he was inhaling and exhaling.

Despite the euphoria induced by the Ether, Tom was still sufficiently aware of his surroundings to respond to the stimulus of the sight of the big black rubber bladder inflating and deflating as he breathed; it had always been one of the rubber sights that had excited Tom almost more than any other. Richard leaned forward over Tom and began manipulating his nipples, and instantly Tom's black rubber cock sprang to erectness.

One of the many factors that had influenced Richard in his decision all those weeks ago to accept Tom's candidacy had been his discovery during the tests he had carried out upon Tom, that Tom's testosterone level was exceptionally high. The indication of extreme sexual vigor was so unusual that, to confirm it, Richard had ordered the test to be repeated on three separate occasions, each one of which resulted in the same high reading, and it was therefore no surprise now to Richard, despite his having brought Tom to repeated orgasm in the chair, to see Tom's dick once again rampantly erect.

Briefly the eyes of the three gas masked rubbermen grouped about the operating table met in an 'I-told-you-so' glance, and while Richard continued his manipulation of Tom's nipples, Hans gripped Tom's rubber dick firmly in a rubber-gloved hand and began long slow wanking strokes. Tom moaned and writhed his pleasure, and removing one hand from a nipple, Richard cut the Ether to Tom completely and put him back on pure Oxygen, knowing that the level of Ether already in Tom's body would maintain his euphoric state for several minutes, after which he would slowly and gradually emerge to a more realistic appreciation of what was happening to him. Karl meanwhile had lowered the foot of the table to gain access to Tom's ass, and had begun lubricating his own rubber dick and then Tom's ass.

Richard was by now manipulating Tom's nipples very hard, while Hans was maintaining long, slow and even strokes on Tom's dick. Karl was ready, and easing his huge rubber dick against Tom's ass, began exerting pressure against Tom's well-lubricated asshole. The head of Karl's dick entered Tom with surprising ease, causing the big muscleman to pause with the head just inside. Karl looked to Richard for a further signal, which was given only when Richard was satisfied that Tom had regained sufficient awareness of what was really happening to him.

It was when Tom turned his gaze away from the black rubber bladder and looking toward Karl, attempted to move his body onto Karl's dick that Richard nodded to Karl to proceed. Karl began to plunge his rubber dick slowly and relentlessly deep into Tom until his balls were hard against Tom's asshole. He paused momentarily before beginning a slow withdrawal; there was a perceptible tenderness in his movements, for the experience was an emotional one for the young rubber-clad bodybuilder for whom rubber sex had hitherto been equated in his mind with lust, and now as his eyes met Tom's, his sexual appetite was seasoned with the spice of love. He continued his gentle fucking for several minutes while Tom's body responded with sensual undulations.

Richard and Hans recognized, as they watched, that they were witnessing a moment of consummation. For them both, the union of these two rubber soul mates was a source of deep satisfaction, it would, each hoped, be the solution to many of their day-to-day problems. For Richard there was some sense of vindication. As a man who had spent his life exploring the deepest, and, he was happy to acknowledge to himself, the darkest recesses of the world of rubber in particular, and that of sexual deviancy in general, he had from time to time become deeply perturbed when the pursuit by men of deviant sexual satisfaction degenerated into abrogation of their own basic humanity to the extent that all emotional energy, whether latent or actual, was directed solely toward the objects of deviant interest, in this case rubber, at the expense of the civilized need of man to care for man. Richard felt that such individuals denied themselves not only man's natural progress toward emotional maturity, but also a necessary refuge from the fantastic world of rubber extremism inhabited by himself and Hans and Karl.

Richard's belief was that a sense of proportion was vital for extreme fetishists wherein the individual fetishist could maintain a healthy balance between his fascination with the inanimate fetish objects and the natural and responsive love of another man. That Karl and Tom were able to demonstrate this balance before him now in the midst of a profound rubber experience was proof to Richard against those who would condemn the fetishist as merely corrupt and perverted, and he continued watching the consummation of the love of the two young and vigorous rubbermen with deep satisfaction.

As he continued his gentle fucking of Tom, the strokes long and full and rhythmic but, for the moment lacking lustful thrust, Karl leaned forward and stretched his arms to caress the lower part of Tom's body, then leaned further still onto Tom, and causing Hans to withdraw his hand from Tom's dick, he gripped Tom's secured hands as he maintained his gentle fucking strokes deep within Tom. Tom responded to Karl's grip by holding Karl's hands tightly in his own rubber-gloved hands. The eyes of the two rubbermen met. Tom could see that Karl was smiling within his gasmask; he smiled back and nodded to Karl who, the moment of communion having passed, released Tom's hands, straightened his body and placing his hands firmly on Tom's hips, began to fuck with greater vigor. The strokes became stronger and deeper and faster, and as Tom began responding to the change, Hans once again gripped Tom's dick, this time firmly, and began long slow wanking strokes. Soon the big black rubber bladder on the anesthetic machine showed, by its agitation that Tom was approaching orgasm, so Hans slowed his strokes, and gripping Tom's dick firmly with one hand began with the other to stimulate Tom's dick just behind the head. Tom responded by writhing about in ecstasy, until Hans could see that Karl was approaching orgasm. Timing his movements carefully, Hans resumed his wanking strokes, and was able to bring Tom to orgasm simultaneously with Karl.

Tom felt as if the moment of shared orgasm would rip himself and Karl apart. The big muscleman's rubber dick moved within him like a great rubber piston finding the deepest recesses of his bowel, plunging time after time to it's limit, slapping Karl's ball sack against his ass with each stroke. Hans had Tom's dick in a vice-like grip, relentlessly wanking him towards orgasm, which he felt rising from deep within his loins yet again, and exploding from the eye of his dick in spurt after spurt of thick white spunk while he felt Karl's dick pulsating within him as it drove the big rubberman's seed deep within him.

Totally spent, Tom lay on the table while Hans mopped the spunk away, feeling Karl's massive erection still within him. Karl made no move to withdraw, and Tom savored the knowledge that he now carried the life-essence of this huge and beautiful rubberman within his own body. He closed his eyes, his tired mind almost blank; he could think only of how much he loved Karl, and before his mind's eye he saw Karl's handsome features, the wide boyish grin and the laughing blue eyes, and while he was telling himself that such a man would be impossible not to love, his blissful thoughts were interrupted by Richard tightening the straps on his mask. Startled, he opened his eyes, and as he did so, Richard gripped his rubber head firmly between his rubber hands and forced his head to one side towards the anesthetic machine and its big black rubber bladder. He could feel Karl resuming his fucking, but Richard's grip on his head prevented him from looking again at Karl. Instinctively, apprehension began to rise within him again, and as it did so and his rate of respiration increased, he could see his own anxiety reflected in the agitated movement of the black rubber bladder. Tom was breathing fast and deep, the mask bit savagely into his rubber face, and then suddenly there was nothing to breathe. The terror returned; Richard's voice, hard and flat came into his ears, 'Remember my orders - go with it, whatever happens.' Then came the profound silence once more. Tom instinctively began to struggle; for a few seconds he struggled fiercely, but now physically exhausted and mentally worn out by the emotional rollercoaster he had been riding, his struggle was brief. It seemed like a lifetime before he could breathe again, but in reality only a few seconds elapsed before he was able to inhale again, and when he did, his head swam, his ears roared and his limbs tingled. The ether vapor overwhelmed him yet again, and he felt terror, but was too exhausted for the panic to take hold as it had before. He tried not to breathe, but he knew he would have to, he wanted only for his torment to end now. He really had had enough, maybe, he told himself, one more breath of the ether would put him out and end his misery; he breathed deeply, and got oxygen, although Tom was unaware of the change, so overwhelmed were his senses by the first blast of ether. He was aware, however, of yet another convolution in the cavalcade of emotion that veered from soaring elation one moment to unremitting terror the next. As soon as he tried to take a third breath - nothing. Something was different about the black rubber bladder on the machine. It was empty as usual when he had inhaled, but now that he had once again exhaled, it had not expanded. Richard released Tom's head momentarily, and then with one rubber arm cradled Tom's head with his hand on the mask, forcing it even harder to Tom's rubber face, still compelling him to look at the rubber bladder.

Tom thought his lungs would burst as he pulled desperately for something to breathe within the forcibly held mask. His eyes rolled back in his head. Quickly Richard glanced at his monitor, noting that Tom's heart rate was now very high, although it was no higher than he would have expected in the circumstances. From the monitor he looked along Tom's body to Karl, now fucking once again with great vigor, while Hans had his rubber hands deep into Tom's groin either side of Tom's dick.
The sensations in his ass and groin barely distracted Tom from his efforts to breathe; hoping almost against hope, he looked again at the black rubber bladder, and having looked he could not take his eyes from it. The black rubber bladder was swelling slowly; Tom watched it until it bulged, then suddenly he could breathe. He filled his lungs with the life-giving oxygen, emptying the bladder as he did so. He head was clearer now, and this time he would not be caught out again. He held his breath for as long as he could, then slowly let out a little of the oxygen, expecting to see the bladder begin to fill again; to his dismay, the bladder remained lifeless on the anesthetic machine. He let more gas escape from his lungs, but still the bladder remained inert.

It was at the moment Tom emptied his lungs completely that he at last saw the bladder begin expanding once more. Tentatively he tried to inhale, but as he expected, it was impossible, and he realised that Richard had rigged the machine so that oxygen was only available to him at the moment the bladder was full. Conserving his energy, Tom abandoned any thought of attempting to breathe until he saw the bladder was once again full. Having worked out Richard's strategy, and having told himself that Richard was surely possessed of some sadistic rubber demon, his confidence returned sufficiently for him to begin once more enjoying the sensuous sensation in the lower part of his body. Karl's fucking felt so good, and the movement of Hans' rubber hands in his groin was exciting him, but not enough for him to even think about looking away from that life-giving bladder.

The bladder had filled again, and Tom breathed deeply; this time the oxygen was mixed with enough ether vapor to make him tingle, and to cause his head to swim. He told himself he would have to concentrate hard on the bladder now so as to be ready to inhale when it filled next time.

Richard had programmed the machine to give Tom a minute increase in the dose of ether each time the bladder filled. He had also arranged matters so that as Tom became more and more saturated with ether, the bladder would fill more rapidly with each cycle to compensate for the reduction in oxygen as the level of ether was slightly stepped up each time. It was his intention to make full use of the hypnotic effect of a partial dose of ether for as long as he thought Tom could tolerate it. Tom was unaware of all of that. The wonderful glowing feeling was once more suffusing his body, and it felt wonderful how Karl's cock had grown so huge in his ass as it pumped in and out of him relentlessly, while Hans' hands had acquired a magical touch in his groin, and the forcibly held black rubber mask on his rubber face combined with the awareness of Richard's strong rubber arm cradling his rubber head felt so safe.

It was not long before the mild but repeated dose of ether had its hypnotic effect upon Tom's perception of his surroundings. Already he believed that Karl's dick was growing massively within him, and that some magic lurked within Hans' rubber hands as they massaged his groin, and now that black rubber bladder that so fascinated him even in moments when he was unaffected by ether or any other inhalant, was visibly growing in volume before his eyes. Each time the bladder swelled it grew bigger and moved a little closer. He knew that soon it was going to consume him, and as the ether, now being given in a gradually increased does by Richard, did its work, and total black rubber anesthesia approached, the blackness it brought with it was, it seemed to Tom, the blackness of the now all-enveloping rubber of the bladder. He fought to concentrate upon the bladder, but his eyelids grew heavy, his eyes rolled back in their sockets, his eyelids fluttered briefly and then closed.

The moment Tom relaxed into unconsciousness, Richard released his grip on Tom's head, and turning his attention immediately to the anesthetic machine, he cut the ether completely and put Tom on just enough nitrous and oxygen to keep him 'under', and then he slackened the straps of Tom's mask, but left it in place. Karl withdrew from Tom, and he and Hans lifted the foot of the table, unbound Tom's legs, removed them from the stirrups before finally releasing the remainder of his bonds and leaving him fully prone upon the table. Richard meanwhile had filled a hypodermic, and had come around to Tom's right-hand side. Hans lifted Tom's arm and searched for a hidden seam in the suit which he pried open with great care, then did the same with the inner suit while Karl wrapped a thin rubber tube around Tom's bicep, and finding the vein, Richard injected Tom with a sedative concoction prepared by a boffin friend which had the properties of giving Tom several hours of near-natural sleep instead of narcotic-induced stupor. Richard allowed five minutes for the sedative to become effective before taking Tom off the nitrous. He left Tom's mask in place and gave him pure oxygen for the next half-hour while he and Hans and Karl began tidying the room, and then getting Karl out of his rubber gear. The oxygen would ensure that when Tom awoke in the morning he would have no feeling of being 'hung-over' and all being well he should have a clear head, and awake well-rested.

It was not an easy matter for the three rubbermen to divest the sleeping Tom of his outer suit and then the thin inner suit, but they managed it, and Karl hoisted Tom over his shoulder in a fireman's lift and took him upstairs to bed.

* * * * *

Something soft was brushing Tom's lips, and gradually he became aware of warmth above his body. He stirred in the big double bed, and opening his eyes he found himself looking straight into the smiling blue of Karl's eyes. Karl grinned, and sat up astride Tom, 'The sleeper awakes!' he laughed, and then throwing back the bedclothes launched himself onto Tom, who by now fully awake, and laughing too, seized Karl in bear hug as their bodies and mouths met in a long and probing kiss. Five minutes later, panting with pleasure, they pulled apart, and lay facing each other on the bed, both men grinning at each other silently just so happy to be alone together at last. Slowly they drew together again, and this time the kiss was tender while their hands explored each other's bodies. Tom was marveling that a man so big and strong as Karl could have so light a touch when the door opened and Hans entered bearing a large breakfast tray.

Hans was dressed in his customary houseman's white jacket and dark trousers, and when the two men on the bed turned toward him at the sound of his entry, he flashed a bewitching smile at them. Neither Tom, nor even Karl, who knew Hans so much better had seen him so relaxed. Tom could not get used to the idea that a man who in repose could look so brutish, could also when it suited him light up and become so handsome. Hans said, 'The doctor is very pleased with you Tom - he has sent you a message.' He set the tray on the bed, grinned again and was gone. Tom realised he was ravenous and began examining the contents of the tray enthusiastically. Among the dishes he found a small red leather box. Pausing in his search for food, he opened it and found a small gold padlock and a card. 'Well done, Tom. You have earned this. Let us talk when you are rested. R.' The hasp of the padlock was open -there was no key.


Tom moved into Richard's household. He and Richard became good companions, while Tom and Karl settled into life together. Hans became more relaxed in his relationship with Karl, and the four men enjoyed many rubber adventures together, and with other of Richard's 'candidates' as he liked to term them. Hopefully, we will join them all again sometime.

BEST STORY EVER. This is the source of most of the rubber fantasies I've had over the past ten years and going forward into the future. I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did. I thank the author from the bottom of my rubber heart for sharing his innermost fantasies with all of us.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Material Closeup

This is kinda nice...

Only drawbacks are 1) the latex isn't tight enough, and 2) the exotic sound of rippling latex as it's being donned is lost :(

Nice visuals, nonetheless.

Rubberstud of the Week #181

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fifth Anniversary

Rubber Canuck blog is five years old today!  I can't believe how much time has passed and how many adventures have been accomplished in this time.  Thanks to all you readers, admirers and content providers for your input, support and traffic :)

Here's to five more :D

Friday, October 14, 2011

Three Weeks to MIR....

...hope you get the opportunity to get fully covered in your material of choice this weekend!
Plans for MIR are coming together, reconnecting with old friends; everyone's getting excited. This event has truly become the rubbermen's annual family reunion!

FABLE: Chapter Eighteen

Part 18

Tom sensed that the back flapping object above him had begun to descend toward him, and as it came closer he discerned not only that the object was a rubber clad masked man, but that the man was Karl. The impression of flapping was created by the fact that Karl's rubber suit was equipped with great rubber membranes attached to both sides of his body which ran from his wrists, along the length of his arms, down each side of his body and legs to his ankles. The membranes undulated enabling Karl to hover over Tom, who upon looking more closely could see quite clearly that the tubes sprouting from Karl's mask and from the heavy moulded rubber sheath over his cock were joined to his own.

With startling suddenness Karl descended to Tom, gripped him in a hug and lifted him from the chair. Clutching Tom tightly to his massive rubber chest, Karl soared upwards. Karl's voice came clearly into Tom's ears, 'Hold on, Tom, we're off and away!' Tom needed no telling, the sensation of rapidly soaring ever upwards terrified him, and after a few seconds his terror was absolute as he felt Karl's grip upon him slacken, and the soaring sensation give way to one of floating. Karl spoke again, 'Come on, Tom, you can fly too - just hold out your arms and the wind will do the rest.' For the first time, as he spread his arms, Tom became aware of a gentle but steady breeze blowing. Karl was right; amazingly he could fly, and with that realization, Tom's fear left him and he began to look about him. He was flying just below and slightly behind Karl. He could see that they were still joined by the various tubes as they had been when in the chairs. Tom could feel his rubber cock sheath pulsating, and looking up, he could see the spasms in Karl's cock sheath clearly. He looked down but there was no discernible landscape below them, and looking about him as they began to soar, wheel and dive alternately, he realised that there was nothing but blackness in which they flew. He could see perfectly despite the blackness, for the blackness, absolute though it was, was not darkness, and the new sensation of being able to fly freely was too exhilarating for Tom to waste time upon pondering that particular puzzle. Nothing mattered to him now but this thrilling new sensation he was sharing with Karl as together they flew with ever increasing swiftness, up, down and around the endless black void, like two huge Swallows.

Gradually Tom became aware that with every breath he took the smell of rubber became stronger until he could almost believe he was actually breathing rubber itself, and then for the first time since the flight had begun, he could see something solid and tangible ahead of him. Like everything else about him it was black - a wall of black rubber. He was following Karl's lead, and as each second passed, and they flew closer to the rubber wall, he was expecting Karl to veer away, but the big rubbered muscleman flew straight at it. Tom anticipated skull-crushing impact, but contact with the rubber was soft; they did not penetrate the vast expanse of rubber in the sense of passing through it, for it proved to be highly elastic. As they flew onward, they drew the soft stretchy black rubber along with them. It adhered tightly to their suits and enveloped them, adding another layer of rubber to that they already wore, but leaving their flight capability unimpaired.

On and on they flew, occasionally passing though yet another veil of rubber, each time adding a further layer of rubber to their bodies, until eventually Tom felt himself being drawn towards Karl by an unseen force. The tubes connecting them shortened as they drew together, and Tom became aware that as he approached Karl he was flying directly beneath him on his back. Tom and Karl flew face to face closing slowly with each other like two spacecraft docking, until there was contact. Rubber mask merged into rubber mask, rubber arms clasped rubber bodies while the rubber membranes that had borne them aloft enfolded them, tightly binding each rubber body to the other. Flight was no longer possible, and the two rubbermen, resembling a large rubber chrysalis, plunged down through the black rubber void. Both rubbermen thrilled to the speed of the descent, each heady on the strengthening smell of rubber. There was pressure upon their masks as they clasped each other tightly within the rubber cocoon, and as they sped downwards, now so fast that they were spinning like a huge rubber projectile fired from a rifled barrel, the masks merged into one, enabling rubber lips to meet, and tongues to caress rubber tubes.

The physical contact with Karl combined with the sense of speed and the continually strengthening smell of rubber created within Tom a feeling of elation unlike anything he had previously experienced. Throughout his body Tom was gradually becoming aware of increasing warmth; his body was making firm contact with Karl's at every point of limbs, torso and head, and he could feel the strength of Karl's massive muscles flooding into his own body. The layers of black rubber binding their bodies was tightening with every second, while the smell of rubber had become stronger than ever. Tom's rubber union with Karl was total, and he knew instinctively that together they were hurtling through a vast spatial environment where terrestrial physical laws had no place, in which the only element was rubber. A roaring, rushing noise, faint at first, but growing louder as they sped onward, was followed by a sensation of something brushing lightly along Tom's back; it felt as if the rubber cocoon was moving along in contact with yet more rubber. The roaring in Tom's ears grew louder until it was deafening, while the brushing sensation from outside the rubber cocoon gave way to a feeling of being completely engulfed and enclosed by something that had the soft yet firm feeling of heavy moulded black rubber. Still they plunged onward, but now the feeling was different; there was no longer a sensation of hurtling through rubber space, rather one of having glided on to the surface of a vast rubber ocean into the depths of which they had begun to dive. The roaring sound continued, and Tom could feel the pressure from without steadily increasing, forcing his and Karl's bodies ever more firmly together. Tom felt Karl's arms grip him tightly, and his rubber mouth clamp tightly to his own, and then there was only the total blackness of surrender to rubber oblivion.

Richard had no means of knowing the nature of Tom's hallucinatory experience. The evidence from the monitors showed a high degree of brain activity, and there was fluctuation in Tom's blood pressure and heart rate. The episode, which Tom would recall as having continued for hours, was in reality of only brief duration; Richard's estimate was that it was over within a minute, after which Tom's vital signs stabilized. Tom had shown no signs of agitation or distress, bringing Richard to the conclusion that the experience had not been unpleasant for Tom, nevertheless Richard took the precaution of deepening Tom's anesthesia and allowing him a few moments of oblivion.

Richard meanwhile checked on Karl's monitors that showed that all was well with the big rubberman, who, when Richard glanced in his direction showed every sign of enjoying the twilight world of rubber fantasy induced by the gas, but as Richard mused to himself, Karl always did. Turning his attention back to Tom, he began gradually to reduce the gas and bring more oxygen into the system. Because Tom and Karl were still sharing the same breathing circuit, Karl began to come out of his own anesthesia simultaneously with Tom. Being uncertain of the nature or the exact intensity of Tom's hallucination, Richard brought the two men back to full consciousness very gradually, while at the same time allowing Tom to see Karl through his lenses, by way of re assurance.

As consciousness returned, Tom felt momentarily bewildered; the memory of the dream was crisp and clear in his mind, and it was a few moments before his mind re-oriented itself, and he worked out that his recent thrilling experience had been no more than a dream. He said the phrase 'no more than a dream' to himself, and at once rejected it. No, he told himself, it had to be something symbolic of his feelings for Karl, and forgetting for the moment that Karl had not shared the dream, he also saw it as representing something of Karl's feelings for himself. Ignoring the inconsistency, he relaxed back in the chair contentedly waiting for whatever Richard had in store.
Richard had reached the point in the program he had designed for Tom where he was ready to build up for the climax, and the final deciding test for Tom. It was, he reflected, unfortunate that as events had developed, Tom's testing time would also be an ordeal for Karl, but he told himself philosophically, there was now nothing he could do to avoid that, although deep down he was anxious about the outcome - would Karl prove to have the emotional strength to follow right through, and would Tom prove equal to the test to come. Richard knew there was only one way to find out, and that was to proceed as planned. He was so far satisfied with the way in which Tom had reacted to the full intubation, to the variations that had been imposed upon his breathing, and that he had obviously enjoyed the active catheters and the cock sheath and hydraulic dildo.

Both rubbermen in the chairs were now fully conscious and breathing pure oxygen once more. All systems had been reactivated which meant that all active tubes were working, the masks were pulsating on the men's faces, as were the heavy rubber cock-sheaths, and the dildos were in action as before. Hans had resumed his work on the nipples, and each man could see the other. Richard had discontinued the transfer of fluid between Tom's and Karl's bladders, and his next step was to deactivate the catheters in their cocks and cause the catheters to withdraw. After that he returned both men to natural breathing, but he maintained the function of them breathing to and from each other's lungs, together with the occasional oxygen supplement into the system.

Richard nodded to Hans who immediately stepped up the nipple action, while Richard increased the activity of the cock sheaths gradually, and increased the dildo activity. His intention was to bring both men to simultaneous orgasm. He knew both were ready for it, and he intended that the build up would be slow and relentless; he wanted both men , but Tom especially, to experience gut-wrenching orgasm, and he instructed Hans to get really heavy on the nipple work. The reaction of both men was immediate. They began writhing in their rubber bonds, and the rate of respiration between the two men increased rapidly, and as it did so Richard gave them a good blast of Amyl, and at the same time set the cock sheaths to a slow but tightly gripping pulsating action.

Tom, who by now had recovered his senses fully, and had, so far as was possible in the time that elapsed, rationalized his dream experience, and for the moment put it behind him, now realised that Richard wanted to go for orgasm. He wondered if Karl would also share this experience with him ,and he looked at the big rubberman, and could see that his cock sheath was pumping just as hard as his own, and decided that they would shoot together. His nipples felt wonderful and his cock was rampant within the heavy rubber sheath, while his ass was alive with sensation. Yes, he told himself, I am ready for this, but Richard was not going to let either man shoot without a long slow build up; he wanted them to experience that tingling feeling in their loins that would merge into ecstatic anticipation that would in turn cause their cocks to throb involuntarily, until finally, that feeling coupled with the wonderful feeling emanating from their prostates would culminate in a long and profoundly satisfying ejaculation from each man.

Richard managed his men expertly, and the climax came just as and when he had determined. Tom thought that he would lift bodily out of the chair when the amyl hit, and Hans began to lay into his nipples really heavily, but it was the insistent throbbing of the cock sheath that really drove him wild. He felt that he was being milked slowly and without mercy. The whole of his lower body was tingling with sensation, he felt his scrotum tighten up and then suddenly he felt the wonderful surge begin deep within himself. He felt the muscles of his ass grip the pulsing dildo as the spasms of pure male sex urge began to rampage through him and erupt time and time again into the unrelenting cock sheath. He was breathing heavily, and because his breathing was still directly linked to Karl's he knew that Karl was sharing the same experience with him, and that they both shot together.

Richard and Hans, watching from the console thrilled to the sight of these two fit young rubbermen in sexual extremis. Both reacted visibly, writhing about in their chairs in paroxysms of sexual ecstasy. Richard knew from past experience that watching Karl when he was at orgasm was always almost as exciting as having the orgasm himself, and Tom did not disappoint in this respect either. Richard knew that some relief was essential for both men immediately, but he planned only limited relief. He stopped the action of the cock sheaths, eased the pressure of the masks and stopped them pulsating. He also suspended the activity of the dildos, although he did not withdraw them, nor did he withdraw any of the intubation, although he was ready to withdraw Tom's stomach tube if necessary. Richard restored both men to breathing independently of each other and of the machine, and having satisfied himself that all was well with both men, sat back with Hans to relax, both were beginning to feel the strain of concentration and were glad of a few moments of inactivity.

The two rubbermen, for the moment spent, lay back calmly in the chairs. Tom was thankful for the respite that Richard had provided. He closed his eyes and relaxed; orgasm had never previously been like that, and he wondered idly if it ever could approach such an intensity ever again. He did not know it, but he was very soon to find out. Karl would not come again, Richard wanted him to be as fresh and alert as possible for the final stages of his planned program.

Over the ensuing hours, the two Rubbermen would again experience several times all that had gone before since they had been strapped into the chairs, except that Tom would be brought regularly to orgasm until he reached a point when he was beginning to feel he could endure no more. He had, alas, no power of decision in this matter, Richard demonstrated this to him time and time again, and despite the feeling of exhaustion that was beginning to creep over him, Tom was brought to robust and thrilling orgasm time after time, until, having read the signs in his monitors, Richard decided that for the moment, enough was enough. He initiated the feeding process for each man once more, and then conscious of his own, and Hans' need for rest, he stopped all systems, withdrew all intubation and blacked out the lenses in the men's goggles and settled them for sleep, while he and Hans took turns to rest and to monitor the two rubbermen who both fell into natural sleep while still bound into the chairs.

Several hours later, Richard, refreshed after sleep and food, gently reactivated the heavy black moulded rubber cock sheaths on Karl and Tom. The gentle rhythmic pulses brought both men slowly to wakefulness. Tom's attempts to yawn, stifled as they were by the impediment of his huge rubber gag and his mask brought him quickly back to the reality of his situation. Opening his eyes he could see the massive rubber figure of the masked Karl stirring in his chair. He put his hand up in greeting; the big muscleman responded, making some 'good morning' noises into his mask which Tom was able to interpret.

Allowing the two chair-bound rubbermen a few minutes to re- orient themselves, Richard set about his routine check of his monitors and the systems, and finding that everything was in order, began the day's work by reactivating the dildos deep within the two rubbermen. He had decided against a further feeding interval for them, although he re- inserted all the intubation into the two men as it had been the previous night. His strategy was, by repeating several times all that the two had been subjected to earlier, to render Tom into a state of near- exhaustion. His first objective was to find a point at which Tom might feel forced to admit that he had had enough and could take no more. The point at which this occurred, if it occurred at all, would give Richard a finite indication of Tom's tolerance, which, he had to acknowledge, had so far proved to be prodigious, and was, so far as he was able to determine at that stage, very nearly the equal of Karl's. His primary purpose, however, was to engender within Tom, by wearing him down, physically and mentally, a sense of vulnerability.

The procedures of the previous day re-commenced, the only differences being that there was no interval for feeding, nor was there any use of gas until right towards the end, however Richard did, as part of his wearing-down technique, use amyl much more frequently on Tom, who by now had lost all idea of time and date. It was in fact well into Sunday when Richard began the final phase of Tom's program. Richard brought Tom to orgasm as often as he detected that Tom felt a need; no longer did he tantalize him by using tactics to delay orgasm, or divert Tom's attention elsewhere. He was determined that by the time Tom left the chair he would be totally spent sexually, and that his fatigue would be psychological as well as physical.

The hours went by, and with the approach of evening, it was clear to Richard that Tom was no longer in the first flush of sexual condition; although he was showing signs of wilting, Richard was surprised by Tom's physical and sexual stamina, which went far beyond his expectations. Karl, meanwhile had once again begun wrestling with his own dilemma, and the day passed agonizingly slowly for him. Richard sensed this, and for much of the time he kept the big guy on Entanox, which he knew Karl loved.
Tom's final orgasm was, in contrast to his earlier, more vigorous displays, a long, drawn out business, and Richard knew that his objective had been achieved. Signaling to Hans that Tom was incapable of further orgasm, the big German began his preparations for sorting out the various tubes and valves and other items of equipment as they were disengaged from Tom and Karl, but not before Richard gave Tom a gentle dose of Halothane. He knew Tom really liked the Halothane, and as the first whiffs hit him, he let out a contented sigh. There just enough to give Tom a pleasant 'buzz' before Richard put him back onto pure Oxygen, which Richard allowed him to breathe for about five minutes, as he gradually increased the pressure on Tom's mask once more to savage tightness. Watching the monitor, Richard could see from the increase in Tom's blood pressure and the accelerating of his heart rate, that in his worn down state of mind, this was almost too much, and that for the first time, Tom was showing signs of agitation. Hans paused in his preparations, and together with Richard, noted with satisfaction that Tom's reaction was exactly as they had hoped.
Richard and Hans looked at each other, a moment for them to savor was imminent; a rubberman's introduction to Ether always excited then both, and Tom's introduction was only seconds away. With consummate artistry, Richard quickly threw one switch and then closed it immediately. This gave Tom a lungful of his beloved Halothane, but by the time he drew his next breath, Richard had already thrown another switch which gave him a lungful of Ether. The potent vapor overwhelmed Tom, and he began to struggle in his chair, fighting frantically to free his arms, his one thought being to rip the mask from his face. The panic induced within him by the Ether was exacerbated by his state of exhaustion, and so overwrought did he become that it was several seconds before he realised that there was no more Ether, he had had only one breath, and as far as Tom was concerned that was enough, and he subsided into his chair totally exhausted, and really wondering if he could take any more. His morale had sunk to an uncharacteristically low level, and when he looked over to Karl, who appeared quite calm and relaxed, for he was unaware that Karl had not shared his exhausting routine, he felt even lower.

Tom had got this far without protest to Richard, but he felt now that he had taken as much as he could, and was wondering what Richard's reaction would be if he used the safe word and asked to be released. He would never know the answer to that, for as he was about to give the sign, Richard's voice came into his ears, ' That's fine, Tom. We have now completed the program, be patient while Hans releases you. When you are free, make your way to the ante-room, and the boys will come and help you out of your suit. You may shower there, after which refreshment will be available for you upstairs, and the boys will show you to your room. Get a good night's sleep, and when you are ready, you are free to leave when you wish in the morning. Thank you for your co-operation.'

The voice had been crisp and unemotional; there had been no warmth, no hint either of approval or disapproval. The words uttered had been those of dismissal. The sense of anti-climax within Tom was total; his normally buoyant spirits were lower than he had ever known. He looked toward Karl for some sign of re-assurance, but the big rubber guy sat motionless in his chair, giving no sign; Tom could not know that he was struggling with his own spirits; that he was summoning all his physical and mental strength to carry him through the ordeal he knew lay ahead for himself and for Tom.
Methodically, Hans began the intricate process of disconnecting the equipment from the two rubbermen prior to their release from the chairs. He worked carefully, and somewhat to Tom's irritation, with maddening slowness. While he was waiting for release Tom had time to reflect upon what he had experienced. His first thought was that it had been an incredible amalgam of enjoyment and endurance, although he had to admit that the enjoyment far outweighed the endurance. Why then did he have such a depressing sense of failure, he asked himself over and over. His ruminations were interrupted by Hans indicating that he was now released from his bonds and that he was free to rise from the chair. Movement at first was almost painful for Tom. His limbs felt stiff and heavy, and as he stood he swayed slightly, steadying himself by gripping the arm of the chair. As he unplugged Tom's umbilical cord, the final act of disconnection, Hans gestured with his hand towards the ante room. Slowly Tom made his way towards the big double doors glancing, as he moved, towards Karl who remained motionless in the chair, now freed of all his tubes and mask, but still strapped in; there was no sign from Karl.

Alone in the ante room, Tom sank thankfully onto the bench, occupying the spot he had sat on the previous Friday, when the two magnificent rubbermen had entered silently and proceeded to dress him. How high his hopes had been then, he thought to himself, how low he felt now. Wearily he placed his elbows on his knees, noticing as he moved that the suit felt less comfortable than it had - he had almost forgotten he was wearing it. He shivered despite the fact that the room was warm, and he felt a clamminess upon his skin. The suit was no longer air-conditioned after the umbilical cord had been unplugged, and now all he wanted was to be out of the suit, to shower, and if he could manage it, escape tonight from this house. He thought of Karl, he felt that if he left tonight, and Karl cared anything for him as he professed, the big guy would find him somehow, now he just wished that Karl and Hans would get a move on and get him out of this suit.

Tom sat with his head in his hands dejectedly for what seemed like ages, although it was less then twenty minutes. What, he wondered, can be keeping them. Suddenly everything felt different. One elbow slipped off his knee, he felt slightly dizzy and found it was difficult to regain his position, and for one awful moment he feared that he was going to pass out, the floor beneath his feet felt as if it was moving, and coming up to meet him. He swayed, and tried to grip the edge of the bench to stabilize himself, but could not manage it; he had lost his sense of balance. He looked up frantically, intending to call out for help. The words died on his lips; before him stood the massive rubbered and masked figures of Hans and Karl. They leaned forward and seized Tom under the arms and hauled him roughly to his feet. Tom had not heard them enter, he began to babble his relief at seeing them, but again the words died. With a chill of horror, Tom realised that he could hear nothing, not even the sound of his own voice. Upon entering the room, Hans had activated a tab on his belt which had caused the plugs in Tom's ears to block all sounds to his auditory nerves, rendering Tom profoundly deaf. The electronic silence produced the same conditions that would be experienced by an individual who was congenitally deaf. The effect upon Tom, apart from robbing him of his balance and his hearing capability, was to create the perception within him that Karl and Hans were menacing rubber automatons who intended him no good. They, of course knew this, and so they moved with deliberate slowness to reinforce the impression upon Tom; that to Tom they moved in total silence made the encounter all the more unnerving. He looked first at Hans and then at Karl. They were different, and seeking out their eyes, as do all victims of their tormentors, hoping to see a spark of compassion perhaps, or a clue to motive maybe, Tom saw neither - just hard, uncompromising determination. That was it! He realised in a flash - he could see their eyes through the lenses of their masks, whereas before Hans had black eyepieces, and Karl had silver ones. Realizing that both men now had clear lenses, Tom sought to make eye contact with Karl, but his pleading look met with an unflinching black and stony stare. The rough handling went on, and Tom wondered why they were taking him to the shower while he was still in his suit. Having dropped his head in his despair, it was several seconds before he realised that he was being dragged back into the operating room.

Tom's attention was drawn to that unwelcome fact by the huge light over the operating table which cast its cold and clinical glare in a huge oval beam over the whole area of the table and its immediately surrounding area. The rest of the room was in darkness. He could see only steel and rubber, the former glittered while the latter gleamed; there was an aura of menace about everything Tom could see - erotic menace to be sure, but Tom was in no condition to appreciate that, and as he was dragged, now struggling, towards the table he saw the rubbered and masked figure of Richard sitting motionless at the head. By his side was the pristine anesthetic machine and cupped in one hand was a huge black rubber anesthetic mask. His own mask also had clear eyepieces now, and the stare from within the mask was cold and unblinking; Richard moved not a muscle.

At the table Hans and Karl made short work of hoisting Tom up on to it. Both men were big enough and strong enough to be able to hold Tom's upper body with one hand, while getting a leg each into the stirrups, and with one click of a broad strap, secure it. That done, they could concentrate on subduing Tom's upper body and flailing arms. His exhaustion forgotten, Tom felt as though he was fighting for his life. He was shouting his protests, but being unable to hear them himself, he instinctively shouted louder and louder until he was shrieking at them to let him go, that he had had enough and could take no more. His screams and shrieks appeared to fall upon ears as deaf as his own.

Richard was taken aback by the fuss Tom was making. He understood that the lad was sated with sexual experience, and that he neither needed or wished for further sexual stimulation; he himself had been the deliberate instigator of that condition. What surprised him was that Tom still had enough energy to struggle and protest with such vigor. He waited while Hans deftly with one hand restraining the still struggling Tom plugged an umbilical cord into Tom's suit with the other hand, whereupon Richard was able to consult his monitors. Predictably the reading showed that Tom's blood pressure was very high and that his heart rate and respiration were also well up on normal readings, they were however well within normal levels for a man of Tom's age and fitness when the degree of stress was taken into account; Richard deemed it safe to proceed. He did not hurry; the induction of a candidate such as Tom into the experience of the erotic pleasures of black rubber anesthesia through the medium of Ether never failed to excite Richard. He regarded Ether as the king of anesthetics. His long clinical experience in the discipline had taught him that although it was one of the oldest and, in the view of many of his professional colleagues, crudest agents, and that despite the development of many sophisticated and, from the patient's viewpoint, much more palatable agents, Ether remained one of the safest and most effective anesthetics available. For the patient, upon induction there was the terrifying sense of panic when the Ether was first inhaled, and upon recovery there was frequently an unpleasant feeling of nausea. These side-effects were minimal when compared to those which could arise from certain more modern agents - 'designer' anesthetics, Richard called them. There was also the problem of dealing with the highly explosive properties of the Ether vapor, easily overcome however with sensible precautions.

Professional considerations to one side, as a connoisseur of the eroticism of anesthesia, Richard's opinion of Ether was equal with his professional evaluation of it. There was of course, a psychological dimension; mention anesthetics to the lay public, and most will think immediately of 'gas' or 'Ether', the names of the other, modern, specialist agents are unknown to them. Add to that, Richard opined, the fact that the majority of people dread the idea of having an anesthetic; he firmly believed that in cases where patients presented themselves for routine, corrective surgery, as opposed to those unfortunates who needed radical, and possibly maiming procedures, the overwhelming majority feared the anesthetic far more than they did the surgery, and the anesthetic they feared most of all was Ether. They had all heard tales of the overwhelming, suffocating effect patients experienced when given Ether; tales of terrified, struggling patients being held down while they were put 'under'. In the minds of the uninitiated, Ether had a formidable and terrifying reputation, a reputation that had obviously firmly implanted itself in the mind of Tom, as he demonstrated when given a sample of it while in the chair.

Richard's purpose was to disabuse Tom of these fallacies, and to educate him into the delights that were attainable through the carefully controlled administration of Ether in an erotic context, and more specifically, so far as Richard was concerned, in a black rubber erotic context. He had deliberately worn down Tom's physical and mental resistance knowing that when he came to administer Ether to him, his perception of the horrific effect would be heightened. There was no malicious or sadistic intent in Richard's motivation, on the contrary, if all went according to plan, and he had taken every available precaution to ensure that it should, once he had guided Tom through the threshold of the horror, then the exciting erotic experience ahead of him would be thrown up in even sharper contrast; as he prepared to act now, Richard savored the prospect.

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American Horror Story House Calls

FX is running a "House Call" contest for people to arrange a American Horror Story-type scenario at home with the show producers (obviously a promotional tactic). Some of the uploaded ones are below. For some context Chapter 4 is the episode starring Dylan McDermott and Jessica Lange with the rubberman in the creepy house they've moved into.

Here are a some of the submissions:

Should we be elated or disturbed that a shiny fully covered rubberman elicits such strong reactions?!?! If anything, the rubberman House Call seems to be the most popular and easiest scare to administer...

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FABLE: Chapter Seventeen

Part 17

The primary pleasure to which Karl turned his attention was the thrilling sensations beginning in his ass, sensations which caused him to writhe and squirm with erotic rubber ecstasy. He could see that Tom was moving in his own chair, and he knew that they both shared identical pleasures of the pulsating of the tightly fitted rubber masks, the similar pulsing of their rubber cock sheaths and now the increasing activity of the dildos.

Tom would not have believed a dildo of such diminutive dimensions was capable of giving such wild anal stimulation. He and Karl had been enjoying a period of prostate massage which had driven both men into a state of sexual rapture, but now the segmented head had closed slightly, and had begun to travel slowly deeper in the bowels of each man, propelled hydraulically away from the main shaft of the dildo itself mounted upon a telescopic flexible steel inner shaft. The progress inwards and upwards into each man simulated a fucking action. The strokes were slow, regular and very positive, each stroke taking the rubber head a little deeper. The rotating motion of the head continued, enhancing the stimulating effect of the movement of the rubber head. Tom was feeling an effect akin to that of having a much larger dildo within him due to the fact that the head had now opened fully once more, and continued to rotate back and forth within him. The fucking motion changed; the dildo advanced no further, but continued to fuck as with each stroke it seemed to Tom that it was swelling within him. He was beside himself with anal pleasure. He was unable to sit still, and saw, looking at Karl, that the big rubber guy was experiencing the same. He could hear Karl moaning with pleasure, suddenly realizing that he was doing the same quite unconsciously.

A new, wildly exciting sensation stopped his moans, and those of Karl. Something was happening inside his cock. It felt as if something was massaging it from the inside. Richard's 'active' catheter had sprung into life. The dark rings that Tom had noticed along the length of the catheter were in fact the divisions between inflatable rings along the length of the catheter. Each ring was inflated in succession to the previous ring, and after momentary inflation, deflated, causing a wave effect to travel the length of the tube. The speed and intensity of the effect could be varied and the feeling was one of gentle massage along the sensitive lining of the urethra. Richard allowed the two men in the chairs to accustom themselves to this new sensation before stepping up the speed of the 'wave'. The effect inside each man's cock, combined with the anal sensation they were experiencing simultaneously was exquisitely erotic. In order to allow both men to feel the full effect of the catheter, Richard caused the pulsating of the rubber cock sheaths to stop, and also stopped the masks from pulsating, at the same time reducing the suction effect of the masks upon the men's faces.

Richard allowed the men a few minutes of the intense sensation in their cocks before he reduced the speed at which the wave traveled along the catheter, and then he nodded to Hans, who had on the console before him a small pad from which protruded a pair of rubber nipples. He began very lightly to manipulate the nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, his touch was feather light. Tom and Karl responded instantly to the new stimulus, for within the rubber cups held over their own nipples were firm rubber 'fingers', linked through the console and computer to the nipples on the pad before Hans; every movement Hans made, and the pressure exerted in each move was immediately reproduced upon the nipples of the two men. Both Richard and Hans watched the monitors closely, assessing the reaction of the men to the stimulation, and as soon as Richard noticed that the reactions had stabilized, nodding once again to Hans, the activity of the dildo and of the catheter was again increased while at the same time Hans began to exert quite hard pressure on the nipples before him.

Tom felt ecstatic, and at the same time some relief. He was grateful for the release of the pressure on his mask, although he remained aware of it, and the cessation of the pulsing of his cock sheath had relieved him of the urgent need to ejaculate, and despite the intensity of the internal stimulation he found it easier to relax and give himself up totally to the intense sexual pleasure he was now experiencing.
Tom's body had now fully adjusted to the contours of the chair, and his limbs had settled comfortably in the rubber bonds and he gave himself up entirely to enjoying all that was happening to his body. Hans was slowly increasing the pressure of his nipple manipulation, and in addition to the other delights, Tom was now beginning to enjoy the pain on his nipples, which was increasing now by the second as Hans continued kneading the nipples on the pad. Richard, meanwhile was observing the monitor, and when he judged that the pain in Tom's nipples had reached the point at which pleasure would begin to give way anxiety, he reactivated the suction on Tom's mask, but this time there was nothing gradual about the change. The mask gripped Tom's rubber face with sudden savagery, causing him momentarily to forget the pain in his nipples, and he instantly became alert to the fact that something new was about to happen. A few seconds later he felt the suction on his rubber cock sheath increase until he felt as if his cock was being gripped by a rubber vice. Before he could adjust to these new sensations he became aware of the smell in his mask, the tingling in his limbs and the roaring sound in his ears. The image before his eyes moved into close-up of his own mask. He thought, 'Ether! They've put me on Ether.' Although Tom had never had Ether before, he knew something about it, and its panic-inducing properties, and now for the first time, he felt a sense of real alarm. He felt unsure if he could cope with Ether in this situation, and instinctively he held his breath.

Richard had noted the sudden increase in Tom's heart rate, and guessed correctly how Tom was feeling, and the fact that Tom had now held his breath confirmed his guess. He waited for Tom to exhale, and instantly switched him back to oxygen. Tom took another breath, relieved to find that it was once again Oxygen. The Anxiety persisted until once more he remembered Richard's oft repeated caution about panic, to 'go with it' no matter what he might think was happening. Tom fought to control himself; there remained in his mask a residual odor. It was not unpleasant, he told himself, and feeling slightly foolish for having held his breath, something he realised that Richard would be aware of, he found himself looking forward to the next blast of Ether, which he had decided was nothing like he had imagined it would be.

What Tom had breathed was, in fact nothing like Ether, Tom had mistaken what he had thought was the smell of Ether for that of Chloroform. Richard had given him some Halothane, sometimes known as Fluothane, and which has a smell similar to Chloroform. For someone with Tom's relatively limited experience, the mistake was a natural one, but it would be the last time he would ever make it; by the time he left the operating room in a few hours he would have become fully acquainted with Ether and its smell, not to mention its propensity for inducing terror. He had no way of knowing at this moment that before he left the room, Ether would be the agent that would determine the course of the rest of his life.

Halothane is a very controllable anesthetic agent, which is pleasant to breathe, and which does not cause any appreciable loss of physical sensation until full anesthesia has been established. Given in the minute dose that Richard uses on these occasions, and liberally mixed with Oxygen, the effect upon a man breathing this agent can be very pleasant indeed, and the pleasant effect can be varied somewhat by the occasional addition of a little Nitrous Oxide to the breathing mixture, although during this stage, physical sensation will be lost to some extent, once again depending upon the strength of the dose.

Richard would be using his considerable skills as an anesthetist during this phase, and while Tom was mentally kicking himself for being foolish, Richard was giving the settings for levels and flows a careful final check out, as well as checking Tom's signs on the monitor that all was well with him. The bulk of Tom's breathing mixture would be Oxygen, the levels of anesthetic would be very small compared to that which would be administered to a surgical patient, although Richard would be contriving to convince Tom otherwise. His checks completed, Richard re-introduced the Halothane.

Once again the volatile odor filled Tom's mask. This time there was no panic, and he breathed deeply and appreciatively of the mixture. The tingling returned, and his ears rang; as he breathed, he expected unconsciousness to overwhelm him, and to spin and fall into blackness. It was not like that, there was a slight sensation of spinning which lasted only briefly, and instead of falling he felt that he was floating. Everything acquired an unreal quality, and as he gazed at the image of his own mask before him, it seemed to advance and retreat before him alternately, but all the time the mask grew gradually larger in his vision until it was so close that it blacked out the image altogether. This was an illusion created by Richard's careful manipulation of the image designed to disorient Tom's perceptions. Richard had also once again increased the activity of the dildo and of the catheter, knowing that Tom's feeling of physical sensation remained unimpaired, while at the same time Hans increased the pressure on the nipples. Tom was getting the best of both worlds, he was enjoying all the heady sensations associated with light anesthesia together with all the highly erotic sensations that assailed his cock and his ass, and the delicious pain on his nipples.

As always throughout these sessions, Richard continually checked his monitors; he was especially vigilant now because Tom was on Halothane, albeit only a fraction of his breathing mixture, nevertheless, care was essential because Halothane has a tendency to cause a reduction in blood pressure. Tom's vital signs, were, however, reading normally on the monitor, and Richard decided to let Tom enjoy himself with things as they were for the time being. He turned his attention to Karl, who was now receiving slightly different treatment. He was sharing Tom's experiences in his ass and his cock, but he was not on Halothane. Richard had administered Halothane to Karl on several occasions recently, and because another side effect of this agent was the possibility of permanent damage to the liver, he had decided that Karl should now go several months before having any more, just as a precaution, and Karl was therefore on just enough Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen to keep him feeling good.

For Tom the feeling of floating continued, and the blackness now before his vision accentuated the feeling. His rubber world had become one of tantalizing twilight in which the sensations in his cock and in his ass flowed over him in successive waves, while the pain on his nipples, and the constant pressure of his mask combined to penetrate his consciousness, and spike up his awareness of his whole rubber covered body - he wanted to remain like this forever, and because Richard knew that this was a particularly enjoyable phase, and allowed it to continue, it began to seem to Tom that this would be so. He no longer had the capability to reason, and his mind drifted in and out of rubber fantasies. It was a strange sensation to be so acutely physically aware, and yet to retain no will for coherent thought.

The rubber idyll was not to continue, however, for although Tom may not be thinking profoundly about his situation at the moment, Richard was, and although he was pleased that Tom was enjoying himself, he had not forgotten that his primary purpose was to test Tom's rubber capacities to the full - not to provide him with entertainment and sexual thrills solely. He operated a switch on the console, causing the anesthetic machine to take control of Tom's breathing. Tom reacted instantly, and Richard's monitors showed a few seconds of profound anxiety mounting in Tom. He knew that Tom would be incapable of adjusting to the change as rapidly as normally, and indeed, the change brought Tom out of his reverie rapidly, but it took him a little longer than usual to asses in his mind what was happening, and to recall Richard's caution always to 'go with it'. He struggled to focus his mind; it was difficult for him to do this because of the effect of the Halothane, but after a few minutes he managed it, and settled down once more, and when Richard was satisfied that Tom had accepted the change and adapted to it, he re-started the pulsating of Tom's mask to synchronize with the breathing cycle, then he did the same with Tom's rubber cock sheath. Hans meanwhile had increased the pressure of his manipulations on Tom's nipples, and the combination of the increasing physical stimulus on his body, once more made Tom feel a rising need for orgasm, and despite his awareness of the catheter he convinced himself that he was on the verge of coming. He made no resistance to what felt to him like an approaching engulfing wave of sexual climax; he felt totally unable to control the overwhelming sexual urge, and the feeling in his loins was of an intensity he had never before experienced; never before had the prelude to orgasm felt so good nor lasted so long. He felt himself to be at the pinnacle of manhood; maleness had never felt so intensely wonderful, or so exciting, and he longed for the masculine explosion that was building within him.

Watching his monitor, Richard was aware of the nearness to sexual climax to which he had enticed Tom. But he could not allow the climax yet; gradually he increased the Halothane in Tom's breathing mixture, and noted that it calmed Tom instantly. The heady volatile vapor once more pervading his mask, Tom gently descended from his sexual 'high'. The descent was not unpleasant, there was no sense of a 'hard landing' or of 'come down', partly because of the insulating effect of the Halothane, and partly because simultaneously, Richard had introduced an new physical sensation. He had activated Tom's nasal tubes which were possessed of the same capabilities as the catheter in his cock. Tom, who had already been delighted by the discovery that his nasal passages were a powerful erogenous zone, relished this new sensation, of which, despite the sexually calming effect of the Halothane, he was fully aware. He could not resist flexing the muscles in the passages against the undulating rubber tubes
Richard had timed the introduction of the new sensation for Tom carefully, for he intended to introduce the big rubber feeding tube into Tom's stomach without recourse to further sedation, and the activity in the nasal tubes were to provide Tom with some distraction. Richard's intention was to introduce the tube slowly, which he knew could cause Tom some distress as the tip of the tube negotiated the more sensitive areas, and he had taken the precaution setting the anesthetic machine so that at the touch of just one switch, Tom's breathing mixture could be changed from a mild dose of Halothane and Oxygen to one of a strong dose of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen.

Richard saw this stage as a further test of Tom's capabilities, and hoped that it would not be necessary to change the breathing mixture, however he was not prepared to risk Tom becoming so distressed that a panic situation would result, possibly jeopardizing the remainder of his plans. Richard allowed Tom several minutes of pleasure with the nasal tubes, and then watching his monitor very closely, he began the insertion of the feeding tube. Predictably, Tom's reaction was immediate; his body stiffened in the chair, his heart rate shot up and so did his blood pressure. Richard knew there was no risk of Tom vomiting because all the sustenance he had taken had been of low residue, and would already have been absorbed into his system.

For several tense seconds, Tom remained rigid in the chair, while Richard's hand hovered near the switch on the console that would bring instant relief to Tom.

Tom had had no trouble in re-adjusting to having his breathing regulated by the machine, he was enjoying the heady odor of the Halothane; it was a constant reminder to him that he was breathing a mixture, or 'cocktail' of gases determined for him by the Formidable Rubber Master who was in total control of his rubber body, his rubber mind, and who held his rubber life in his hands. The thought so thrilled Tom, that when he realised that his anticipated orgasm would be delayed, he felt no sense of disappointment. That Richard had willed it so was enough for him; he knew that Karl had submitted to Richard's rubber will for years, and had come to no harm, and now as he felt the feeding tube begin its progress through his throat, his alarm was short-lived. It had taken him by surprise, but quickly he remembered Richard's instructions, and, although he was not practiced enough to relax through the procedure, he was able to control his instinctive desire to fight the tube long enough for the tip to pass the danger point without mishap. Now fully intubated, it took him several minutes to settle to the new sensation, but mentally he was helped by knowing that Karl had already been fully intubated for several hours, and he knew how much Karl enjoyed that condition, and he had long since decided that what Karl liked, he also wanted to be able to share with him. He tried swallowing against the tube, and it felt good. He did not yet have the ability to derive the same intense pleasure which Karl enjoyed, but he was no less pleased with his achievement for all that.

Hans was aware of Richard's visible sigh of relief as he withdrew his hand from above the switch. Richard told himself that Tom had managed remarkably well; he was impressed with Tom's ability to adapt quickly to continually changing situations, despite the fact some of the changes were unexpected, and that he had no control over them. Richard accepted that as being indicative of Tom's dedication to his rubber life. Checking his monitors yet again, and assuring himself that Tom was relaxed and enjoying himself, Richard slowly withdrew the Halothane from Tom's breathing mixture, and returned him to pure Oxygen. At the same time he also put Karl, who had not been breathing Halothane, but Entanox, back onto pure Oxygen, and checking that the masks of both men were exerting maximum suction upon their rubber faces, also slowly caused the image before Tom's eyes to show a scene depicting both men, panning slowly and evenly between them, suggesting to them both that new rubber links between them were about to be established.

Both men became alert, and Richard waited before making his next move, and on cue, Karl called out to Tom, who responded, making noises and inflections to convey to Karl that he was fine and letting him know how good he was feeling, not only because of his condition, but because they shared the experience.. Richard used the brief interval to check that the active tubes were functioning, that the cock rings were pulsing and that the dildos deep inside each man were doing their work; all was well, and Richard, flicking a switch initiated the next phase, which was a two fold link between to the two now highly stimulated young rubbermen. Both men were now breathing pure Oxygen, and the breathing of both men was controlled by the machine. What Richard had done was to maintain the control of the machine over their breathing, but instead of pure Oxygen being pumped into the lungs of each man separately, the Oxygen was being pumped from the lungs of one directly into those of the other. Because the two men were breathing pure Oxygen, the inevitable build up of Carbon Dioxide in their breathing mixture took much longer than it would have done had they been breathing atmospheric air, and it was therefore some time before Tom and Karl felt the effect of the Carbon Dioxide. The slow onset of the effect was especially exciting to Tom when he finally realised what was happening; he began to feel that he could 'taste' Karl in his breathing. Richard added to the effect by slowing the flow of the oxygen, creating an overall effect of prolonging the Carbon Dioxide build up, and thereby achieving maximum effect for both men.