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The King of Slings

Delicious Nick North (@NickNorthPORN) in the latest Red Sling Range ad for Expectations UK.


The Manchester Rubbermen are announcing that the #MRM7 Booklet is online!

Printed versions are on the way and will be getting sent out to the other rubber clubs ASAP and of course there will be plenty around Manchester venues and over the weekend itself!

Have a peek here:

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Miles and Miles

I could watch Tomasz (or chase him) for miles and miles.
How fun having everyone checking you out!


1. Do your primary clean out before you arrive at the party.
2. Lock away your clothes and small valuables in lockers or rooms provided. Bring a minimal amount of gear and toys into the play area as you will have to keep track of them and space may be at a premium.

1. All activities are restricted to the designated party area.
2. No drugs are allowed.
3. Anyone who arrives drunk, high, and disruptive or out of his own control may be asked to leave by request of the party host.
4. Personal toys are allowed should you desire to bring them.
5. No photography of any kind is allowed anywhere on the party premises during an event.

1. General safe sex rules apply to all type of play.
2. Use the disposable gloves are provided for your use.
3. It is MANDATORY that you use a fresh pair of gloves or perform a thorough cleaning of hands and arms for each session whenever you are topping on a different bottom.
4. Condom use is MANDATORY for any penile intercourse. After each session, be sure to wash your hands, arms and any other area used in your session thoroughly using the anti-bacterial soap provided in the Steamworks bathrooms.
5. Standard session etiquette is for the Bottom to ask the Top; so once you've indicated your availability, don't harass a bottom.

1. To prevent the exchange of body fluids, enforce the use of your assigned or personal container of lubricant.
2. Crisco and thicker-grade lubes will be portioned out into Styrofoam plates and it is your responsibility to look after your own lube and ensure no cross-contamination. Write your name on the can/plate and do NOT share lubricant.
3. Don't jump in the sling unless you have a partner. No one likes a Sling Lizard!

1. Please respect the equipment by not jumping or bouncing in the slings.
2. Play areas, slings, and other play equipment should be relinquished after you are finished playing so that others may have their turn.
3. Do not participate in another's session unless you are invited.
4. Keep “voyeurism” at a comfortable distance from those playing.
5. Keep conversations to a minimum in the play area - please use the social area to chat with others when not playing.
6. When playing, be considerate of other’s sessions by limiting loud outbursts, as this may be disruptive to their scene.

1. The Top cleans himself first, and then he cleans the Bottom. The Top helps the Bottom out of the sling, and gives good support until the flow of blood returns to normal for the Bottom.
2. Clean the work area thoroughly (including the floor) before leaving.
3. If you are invited to a group fisting session, ask if you can help with the set-up or breakdown.
4. Use the paper towels, newspapers and underpads provided and discard when finished.
5. If supplied, use the supplied spray disinfectant and wipe down the equipment.
6. For bigger spills or messes, please alert the host and/or the facility staff.
For more information please talk to the party host or any designated assistant.

This is the abridged version of the House Rules for posting on the entrances into the play area on Saturday. Can you think of anything I might be missing? I was thinking of wearing rubber to this on Saturday but I want to play with some Crisco so cotton it is!

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Rubbout and Elemental posters

J and I have put together customized posters for the Rubbout kickoff on March 11, the Elemental. After Party at Steamworks on April 1/2, the 8x6 Play Party on April 2/3, and the closing Black-Yellow-Red Part at Steamworks on April 3. These are great, and I realized through the processing of creating these how many sex and play opportunities will be available on Rubbout 25 weekend!

Northwest Leather Calendar

Another GREAT resource for finding out what's going on in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver and points in-between is the Northwest Leather Calendar. Jim updates it every couple of weeks so it's very relevant and thorough.

Listed are all the events we're putting on Feb 27, March 3, and March 5!

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Dark Mark Video

Posted to Ken Yamafuki's FB; a vid of the Dark Mark anatomical hood available on TaoBao. I want one of these hoods sooo bad!!!

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Cycling Aerosuit?

I WISH! That would be fun to time trial in! :D

Get Kinky With Him

Vancouver's Health Initiative for Men (HIM) is hosting four kink education sessions for four Tuesdays at 8x6 from February 23rd to March 22nd, 2016.

The four topics covered: Pup Play, Fisting & Assplay, Bondage & Ropeplay, Erotic Massage, and Electroplay - are all great topics and this is a great opportunity for local guys who are curious about these scenes to get some great information from some great experienced instructors.

For more information or to register, please phone 604.488.1001 or email

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Rubbermen Groups

So, in my quest to build a local rubbermen group, I am aspiring to join this exclusive club. I've asked Sly Hands, the original designer of the first of the group logos to try and create something special for the Vancouver Rubbermen. Since his original designs, others have followed (or copied) his lead for other groups; I wanted to return to the source (because I'm that type of guy LOL).

I hope that we will be able to unveil the logo at Rubbout and get some exposure to the club - any exposure is good exposure at this time. And I'm trying to get the 'Vancouver Rubbermen' involved in Rubbout for visibility as well - hosting the equipment demos on Rubbout Saturday afternoon at Pumpjack.

Ultimately if it was ready for the next YVR Rubbermen meet in March that would be awesome but I will not be the one to pressure creativity!

It's gonna cost me some money out of my own pocket but I think I've found a new passion beyond what Rubbout has become but may not be for awhile going forward. Rob and I are completely wiped - Rubbout has grown to something so monstrous it has kinda gotten beyond what we can do. We haven't had any potential candidate for transition in the past five years - someone(s) with a passion and drive to start to take on Rubbout responsibilities eventually to take over. No hurry now - and I think this route of starting up a local community-focused group with year-round visibility, toning down Rubbout as a smaller spring party with the possibility of spinning up a Vancouver or Northwest Rubber title in the fall to feed into a Pacific Rubber titleholder contest in San Francisco (most likely) or possibly back in L.A. would give rubber a lot more reach in the Lower Mainland and BC in general (I hope), plus we'll be able to partner with Rainy City Rubbermen on a lot more initiatives.

Baby steps, baby steps...


Well, that was an interesting weekend....

Friday night I went to the VML Gear Night at Pumpjack. I rubbered up in my Invincible Pig gear and headed out. There was actually a really decent turnout and I was able to catch up with some buds that I haven't seen all winter. It was fun hanging out with Daddy Bruiser and Boy Spence and met some new guys that are 'in the scene' but who I've never met before. How is that possible?

I got home around 2am. I spent all rainy Saturday watching movies and such; I had thought of heading out and meeting friends or going to Steamworks on Saturday night however I decided just to stay at home and get some sleep. There was some stuff going on on Sunday that I may need my energy for....

So Alpha Axxxel and Drake Shadows had contacted me earlier last week to discuss finally getting around to doing a video shoot for Metaversexxx. The company has been around for about 18 months now, based in Vancouver and specializing in Virtual Reality porn and general video.

How it works: MVXXX videos work on just about any Head Mounted Display (HMD) that supports 180 degree, side by side, dome videos, preferably with the ability to ’tilt’ (adjust the incline of the dome so that the floor “feels” level). They are working on viewing instructions for  all the major VR platforms including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Valve/HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard and more as they come to market.

Matthew has built his own stereoscopic camera to capture video that is processed and posted for download on the MVXXX site. It is a pretty cool setup; though I wasn't expecting the volume of gear that they hauled into the condo to set up for the shoot! I was a bit stressed out but the whole process went smoothly, thanks to Matthew's reassurances and the good rapport I have with Alpha Axxxel and Drake Shadows. The camera is set up as a POV of some actor in the scene and is set up to view anywhere within 180 degrees of the camera in stereo. It's pretty cool! I'm looking forward to seeing what we created once processed for VR.

The guys are convinced that there is going to be an explosion of this in gaming in the next couple years and that those gamers are naturally going to be wanting to seek out porn material, eventually but inevitably. I hope they're right.

Based on MVXXX's model, the company takes 40% of the revenue from the downloads and the actors, venue providers and producers take the other 60%.
The condo-turned-studio....
So, after getting set up, we made some decisions on what scenes we were going to do. The original idea for getting together in the first place was to do a VR Rubbout 25 promotional video, however given the space constraints and that we didn't have any Rubbout props, we decided to do that one at a later date, however we decided to go ahead with the gay porn scenes we have been wanting to do for quite awhile now.

So - here's my debut as a porn star. I used my old pseudonym 'Matt Bauer' for inclusion in the scenes but was not quite comfortable showing my identity. The other two guys have already done porn for MVXXX and so were fine being the active identified participants in the scenes. Alpha thinks I should become 'Rubber Rod Bronson' LOL

The first scene was a fisting scene - I was hooked up to the sling and Alpha Axxxel started working my hole. I think the first scene ran about 10 minutes before there was a tech issue and Matthew had to restart the camera. We did another 15 minutes of this scene from Drake's POV on the couch.

After that we did some readjustments and now it was Alpha Axxxel's POV on the couch while Drake Shadows fucked me. I believe this shot was 15 minutes long as well; by this time I was kinda losing track of time.
The actors:Alpha Axxxel, Drake Shadows, and I.
Anyways, good times. The guys decided this was a good time to wrap up and tear down - some had to work early Monday morning. In the meantime Wardog wanted to get here in time after work to get in a scene, however he wasn't done work in time. He wanted to play so he decided to come over anyways.

As it turned out, the VR team left just before 7pm and Wardog came over after 8. We had originally intended only to play until 11 or so however we were having so much fun and both our holes were hungry so we kept going until 2am or so. I was tired on Monday but it was so worth it! I felt like such a slut...performing in porn in the afternoon and running a fisting session until 2am. Busy boy! LOL

Tonight's regular Tuesday with Wardog - we've been hoping his friend S might join us since we've been wanting to have a play session together again for some time. It sounds like it's a GO!

Rough Trade Vancouver

For the event on Feb 27, 8pm at Steamworks Vancouver. I'm really looking forward to this. If you're on Facebook and would like to join the Rough Trade Vancouver Secret Group, let me know, I will add you! Otherwise, see you at Steamworks in two weeks!

Another Fucking Rubbout Show

The latest No Safe Word podcast is published! Pup Sushi and I spent time in the NSW studio with Sparky, Daddy Tony and the boys last Sunday. It was a fun time and a great way to wrap up the Seattle trip on Superbowl Sunday.

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Campaigns on the Go

The promotional campaigns are getting finalized for Rubbout 25 - I have several talented graphics people working on various aspects of web banners, email ads and feature articles.

Here's the first one done for Rubbout 25 Facebook cover photo. I also did one for the Rubbout Community Group page and we're working for final Elemental cover photo and the DailyXtra, Squirt, and Rubberzone campaigns tonight.

For those of you asking why we don't promote on Recon or Grindr - both have requirements that we haven't or can't meet. Considering Recon has Eurocentralized their efforts, unless you are an event that they are sponsoring, you simply don't get any coverage on Recon, unfortunately. We aren't a significant enough event for them to consider. They typically do IML, MIR, Folsom, sometimes CLAW. That's it. Any they are a very high-maintenance sponsor, they usually want you to host an exclusive party for them, something we've killed ourselves to do at Rubbout 20 but swore we wouldn't do again.

Grindr has to conform to Apple's T&C which means they won't advertise something that has a website above PG-13? Really fucked up considering they're an adult website. At any rate I don't think they are our target market though they have the reach we might like. It's not a worthy action.

We can put an ad on Scruff....we have done that in past years.

Otherwise, we're just trying to focus locally by appearing and working at local events. Seattle was pretty successful for us last weekend, we got to expose a lot of guys to Rubbout and the rubber scene in general. Here's hoping it translates into ticket sales!

Minty Fresh (or is that Baby Blue?)

New crotch pattern allows for more comfort and better fit in the confines of a new pouch face entry suit. Interesting new color by Latexskin.

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Know Your Hole

After watching the great new vid by Rubberzone, "Know You Hole" featuring Thom Kaller and Cole Miner, all I gotta say is wow, that is one hot video AND I'm totally inspired by the Fetishak sling, harnesses and straps to put your sub in his place for your use.

I am totally looking into getting a set of Rubber bondage belts (chest, thigh and ankle straps) and Rider foot loops for my sling now! Such a pervy subby addition for the play sessions.....

So the Seattle trip was awesome but NO PICTURES....goddammit I'm always so busy at these events and fuck if anyone else thinks to take any pics I suppose. I guess I gotta start hiring a photographer to follow me around on the weekends.

We got in Saturday afternoon, did a quick shop at Doghouse Leathers and headed over to Sparky and Damian's in Kirkland. We ate, got rubbered up and the six of us all piled into the minivan to head to CC Attle's downtown.

We got there shortly after 8 and the place was already hopping. I briefly chatted with the Rainy City Rubbermen that were around, got our gear set up including getting the vac-tower up and then proceeded with demos. Even when we got started the place was pretty much wall-to-wall. The rope demo people had to work in the same place as we did so we shared time - when he wasn't tying someone up we were sucking someone in. While the tower wasn't being used we were also putting Pup Trix into the sleepsack on the pooltable. KSG and Pup Sushi were an immense help to me that night!

It was crazy busy all night....we ended up running demos until 1am then the crew decided they wanted to head home so we quickly tore down and headed out. Once we got back to Kirkland everyone was tired so we just crashed.

In the morning we fucked around for a bit and ate breakfast, then I asked Sparky to tie me up in the playroom. We got rubbered up and went downstairs. He and Pup Sushi helped me into a leather sleepsack which they proceeded to tightly strap down then lash to the table with rope. I also had my blackout breathcontrol hood on which unfortunately wasn't secured down but it was immaculate immoveable bondage regardless-- I haven't had a nice tie-up like that done to me in quite some time.

Sparky put his Venus 2000 on me before proceeding to tie Pup Sushi up to the sling with some CBT...I couldn't see it but he told me that Sparky had put a stretcher parachute on him then weighted the attached rope over a pully so anytime he moved he had to pull the weight back up in order to get back into original position. He quite enjoyed it!

I came once by Venus, then Sparky applied some breath control while jerking me off. I was so close to second orgasm when the guys started showing up for Superbowl and the podcast so we had to end the session and get cleaned up.

A bit of Superbowl followed and by halftime the guys decided to start the NoSafeWord podcasts. So we had a studio-room full, I think the podcast went well and we had quite a few laughs. I think they are posting Part 2 of the Dan Savage interview this weekend and the Rubbout one will come out next weekend.

I had to run back downtown to pick up a new vac-bed bladder that T wanted to give me, so instead of traipsing back to Kirkland and getting in the way of the guys getting ready for work in the morning, Sushi and I just decided to keep heading north back home.

We ran into KSG and I got the vac-bed at the Cuff. We headed out around midnight and got back to Vancouver about 3am.

Tuchus and Wardog had been messaging me. They were partying and wanted to know whether I wanted to come there I was, heading over to a fist party at 3:30 in the morning!

We had a couple of hours of great fun. The guys decided they wanted to crash around 6am so I finally went home and crashed with Mr. P. What an intense couple of days!

Today we did some errands and I cleaned all the gear out of the van and moved some stuff around. It was such a gorgeous day it was great to get out in the sun. Tomorrow is supposed to be better before the rain returns on Wednesday. Happy BC Family day, everyone!

Rubberstud of the Week #407

Friday, February 5, 2016


This helmet is giving me some new ideas.....I'd love to build or find a headpiece in clear plastic that fits close to the head but locks two pieces into place....breathing apparatus optional.


No rubber just remarkable....seriously.