Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Miracles Can Happen

OMFG bank just called and they have offered to simply cancel the Money Order and refund my money....I might be able to complete this Latexskin order after all! It's a rubber miracle!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Sadly, I've never had the opportunity to try out and enjoy a bondage chair. We had one rented for Rubbout 22 but I never got the chance to try it due to the clusterfucked logistics of that event (which aged me horribly).

I would love to try it some day! In the meantime, I'll just have to settle for all my other crappy rubber bondage equipment (LOL)

The Latest

Warning: this post is disjointed, scattered, and possibly unmanageable, much like the inside of my brain these days.

Everything's been pretty quiet on the west coast front. I've been trying to soak up as much of what's left of our summer and with the Labour Day weekend directly in front of us, I am anticipating some fun up at the Falls this weekend, though Mr. P and I aren't bringing any guests with us. Does anyone want to come and stay with us at the RV?

We have a few fuckbuds/fistbuds coming up there this weekend; I guess we'll see what happens....the weather's supposed to be heading to cooler and wetter for at least a part of the weekend, so does that mean more activities under cover???? Our neighbors on Princess Way have a hot tub, the neighbor next to them has an outdoor shower....Mr. P and I are trying to figure out a lure for the boys for our site...he wants to build a simple steamroom next season, but for the remainder of this one, we might only be able to provide a sling and a double futon in an ad-hoc play area...hahaha

The following weekend in September is the fall VML Whistler Retreat; Mr. P and I have not decided to go unless something changes. We want to try and get a few more weekends up at the Falls if possible.

I'm having a helluva a time getting my orders processed at Latexskin, all due to my stupidity and quest for cheap money exchange options. I sent a Bank Draft to Poland at the end of June to take advantage of the discount card we got at Rubbout 25. It took six weeks for the Draft to get to Latexskin; they went to the bank to deposit it and as it turns out, Poland banks don't accept Bank Drafts. So now, I either have to get the guys at Latexskin to send it back so I can cancel the Draft on this side (you know, another six weeks of enduring snail mail), or have it cancelled on the European side and incurring a cancellation charge of $30-40, but maybe get the funds back in a few weeks.

Fuck, what a gong show. I'm not sure what's going to happen next. I've asked Latexskin to send it back but it would only be out of the goodness of their hearts that they would do that; I feel I've put them through enough already. Here's hoping this terrible transaction will complete soon, however it turns out. My lesson for you all: DO NOT SEND MONEY ORDERS OR BANK DRAFTS TO ANOTHER COUNTRY IN DIFFERENT FUNDS, EVER! Just absorb whatever charge you are going to incur to process Paypal, Visa, or a bank wire. It's immediate and you don't have to endure months of bullshit and stress, especially from the fucking banks, the crooks that they are. If I had known then what I know now, I definitely would have not decided on the payment option that I did. Honest mistake I suppose as Bank Drafts are pretty standard (albeit archaic), but my bank didn't say anything about Poland. They said to me, "how would we know?". I said, "because you're a service provider and should know where your services are honored and where they are not." Like that's going to go anywhere! As usual, all my fault, none theirs and they charge me more fees. Fuckers!

So yeah, I'm definitely jonesing for some full rubber time. I'm trying to set up some playtime with Almazmol and a few other rubber fisting buds for the September 16/17 weekend as I'm working that Friday night and I think I start curling with my new curling team in the Pacific Rim League on the 18th. I also have in the plans to restart the Vancouver Rubbermen meets and the Rough Trade fisting group parties, but I don't think that's really going to get moving again until October, unfortunately. I haven't been prepared to give up any more weekends until summer is over, basically.

Other than the Pride Parade, I haven't had rubber on much at all this summer. At some point I'm going to have to go through my entire wardrobe, store some pieces, condition others, and probably retire even a few items at that point. I've really been out of sorts with my fetishes this summer; it's funny how priorities can change so quickly and abruptly. The RV and the Accident basically consumed by entire summer and prevented me even getting into rubber since July 21. It's been six long sad rubberless weeks.

This is all coming from the reality that I'm healing slowly but surely. I was able to put on a rubber catsuit for the first time on Sunday...not possible before due to the tenderness of my ribcage on either side. It was nice to be in full rubber after so long having to avoid it. I had another x-ray done at Orthotics last week on my broken radius, it looks like things are going well, I'm now doing some basic physiotherapy on it in order to get my range of motion and strength back in that arm. It's still pretty sore with limited range of motion; the specialist said it could take three months to heal fully and then it's not known whether there will be any permanent damage or loss of mobility in that arm *sigh*

I wanted to bike commute to work next week after seven weeks of hiatus, but my authorities have nixed that idea pretty quick. It's felt like forever since I've been able to go anywhere...and transit just angers me, so that has been another damper on my mood these days. My biking season is over and when (not if) I get back in the saddle, the rain will probably be coming down....straight from summer lovin' to winter commutin' with no fall transition. Merde.

I haven't even started the process of insurance claims and/or litigation. I wanted to wait until I was fully healed to determine the full impact; the speed the provincial auto insurance corporation moves, it won't be happening anytime soon. Since my road bike is toast and I don't have the funds to replace it, I guess my road riding season is pretty much over. Fuck. I'm pretty stressed out about the good chance this is going to start involving lawyers and a drawn-out legal case. It could be years now before it's all settled. All for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Another piece of news is that I've effectively stepped off the Rubbout Organizing Committee, at least for Rubbout 26 in 2017. Both Rob and I have decided to get a lot less involved and happily another group has decided to make a go of it. It has been a very exhausting five years - I really feel after the successes and failures coming out of Rubbout 25 that I needed a break to focus on other things in my life, and the fact that I was really not enjoying the whole process of putting the event together anymore indicated that it was probably a good time to go. The ball was dropped pretty hard after the event; there were issues with sponsors, photographers (yes, I am aware no official photos from the event have been posted's been a perfect storm of clusterfuckery from many directions regarding that!), and the general exhaustion that comes with trying to run a volunteer's one of the most thankless things I've had to do, and I did it for well over five years, so yeah, I have to take solace in the fact the event has grown amazingly and now has enough funds to self-sustain itself and that there might be enough interested individuals and consortiums that might want to take it on for awhile to keep things rolling.

And of course with my focus (somewhat) on the Vancouver Rubbermen there is no doubt we will be intricately involved in next year's event anyways.

Whether or not I decide to re-engage is a decision for the future. I have a lot of career and personal stuff I need to deal with in the interim, not least of which is reducing expenses in my life to try and right the financial boat....and possibly find some extra sources of revenue as I feel like I've started to drown....the expensiveness of Vancouver has finally taken another's been a challenge supporting our household for 2.5 years and it's finally taking its toll.

I want to go see my parents over the Xmas holidays December 24 - January 3 but the cost of flights to South Texas is prohibitive....really prohibitive.

With money being tight at the moment, Mr. P and I are balking at any big expenses. We probably won't be able to travel at Christmas like we have for many fortunate years up to this point, and I don't think I'll be going to MIR20. I want to focus on getting to Manchester Rubbermen weekend 8 in April 2017, and possibly going somewhere for my 45th birthday in December....,maybe the trip to Manchester will be my birthday gift to myself. At least that would make me feel better about the current situation. In the meantime, I will enjoy life at the RV at a gay clothing-optional campground to the fullest, until I can't anymore. I don't want to think too hard about seasonalizing the RV and storing all the stuff we have out there quite yet!

Those are the priorities for the moment....other than trying to get this Latexskin rubber suit order sorted out and the possibility of a StudioGum hood after all these years, of course.....heh heh


Thanks to all you pervs for the information and direction to Studio Gum for the Anatomical intubation mask! This is so boner-inducing I may just have to save up some coin to get this! Like, 250 Euros at least to add all the awesome features like the darkened out lenses, thick tubing and gag, and blindout hood, maybe even an attached collar...might as well go all the way with something like this if you're dropping that much money on it.

Can you imagine this with a 3mm thick mouth gag and 20cm nasal tubes?!!? Oh my god!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Another handsome and talented dancer, Giulio Galimberti of the NEBT.

Total Intubation

User Ropenbag posted this hood on his Tumblr the other day....the hard-core breathplayers came out in force to find out more about it, however the details are still elusive. I have done serious nasal intubation a few times before, and the totality of face-filling of this hood is amazing. I can only imagine what it would feel like to have nasal cavities and mouth completely filled with what looks to be silicone and secured in place with latex. I would really like to find out more....the tubing and mouthpiece both look to be silicone; I would imagine this hood wouldn't be too hard to develop with the right moulds. Any thoughts?

Kickin' It


Monday, August 22, 2016

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sweaty Crotch

Unnnggghh James Moore of the Pacific Northwest Ballet doing the male variation of the Peasant Pas de Deux of Giselle. Talk about hard effort....he's covered in sweat with sweet sweat stains in the crotch of his tights. I can't stop watching his amazing technique!

Recon in NYC

On the streets of NYC with Recon member Rify Royalty.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Olympic Bulges

The GB skinsuits at Rio 2016 are divine...and show lots of great shapes and proportions.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Latest Views from the Falls

I realized I haven't posted pics of the improvements to the RV site at the Falls in awhile. We've done a lot more work including digging out further in the extra space behind the motor home, and Mr. P installed a urinal back there as well that's tied into the main sewer line. We've got drip hose lines covering the rock wall, the row of cedars, and the front flower gardens. We've set up all the lighting in the gayzebo with remote control and the disco ball is almost installed where we want it. 

We feel like we've finally got things set up well enough to do some serious entertaining now, so we're planning to host a Saturday afternoon tiki party this weekend! The Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts are on their way up now, I'm going to be taking the West Coast Express out to Mission City tomorrow after work.

The Latex'd Cycling Skinsuit

Great preview of the Latex'd cycling skinsuit, worn gloriously as always by handsome Kamil.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Something to Consider

Spectrum Health called me last week to ask whether I'd be interested in being involved in a PrEP program they are running this fall trialling some new PrEP medications. I don't know any of the details, but I have considered (if I was eligible and could get it covered under my insurance) the possibility that I might be a good candidate for PrEP regimens. The trial program runs 6-8 weeks.

As you know, Mr P and I are in an open relationship and we prefer to have our regular men and boys we have sex with. There are some one-offs but generally we know the guys we fuck quite well and we generally use protection based on our household rules of who in the crew we can fuck bare and then everyone else, who we fuck with protection.

I never have thought of myself as super high-risk for HIV transmission based on our rules, but then as I've been topping more and more I've been seeing how much bareback sex has in fact been going on out there. I'm guilty of being a bare top in the past, but there is no shortage of bottoms that demand bareback. It's pretty strange as a bottom who generally refuses to get fucked without protection.

This kind of came to a head in my experiences about this on Sunday. I was chatting with a local guy on Scruff about getting together to play - we had a lot of similar interests, we both like fisting, we both have slings. I thought we had sealed the deal, then - out of the blue - he asks: "Do you fuck bare?", to which I responded, "generally, no. I have house rules I have to follow which means if you and I fuck, it's going to be with condoms".  Then I jokingly added, "I hope that isn't a deal breaker", to which he responded, "actually it kinda is."

I thought, 'holy fuck!' I kinda found it hard to believe....I asked him if he was on PrEP, to which he replied that he was. I'm seeing this as kind of a trend.....I know several guys on PrEP treatments who now fuck bare and are fierce defenders of being able to do so.

I think that is all fine and good, and from what I've gotten from discussions with these guys is that they do not consider STIs a big consideration in their decision to fuck bare (this is a generalization based on a limited number of conversations, of course), but would you actually refuse a fuck because the topping guy wants to wrap up? Is this such a moral imperative for you that you - AS THE BOTTOM - wouldn't take a fuck from a top with a condom on? I don't understand the logic. In addition, is no one upset about STIs anymore? Like, sure, HIV is bad and I appreciate not having to worry about that anymore if on PrEP, but aren't STIs a concern?

They are for me.....first of all, they are super inconvenient, and I typically end up embroiled in STI scares that come just before big events or long weekends, which basically fucks you for a big event or something you were gunned to get laid at. Secondly, you are NOT taking care of your sexual partners with such a nonchalant attitude to STIs. I feel that not spreading STIs is part of responsible sexual health, and the attitude that STIs are 'no big thing' is irresponsible. I don't want STIs, I don't want your STIs, I feel I have failed if I've been complicit in spreading an STI (I feel guilty even if I wasn't complicit yet still passed something on....), so how is my desire not to be out of commission for a week or two overridden by your desire to be fucked bare? This concern might some from the types and severities of STIs I've had in the past. I have only had an STI twice and once was neurosyphilis that I had to go on IV antibiotics for four weeks to resolve (and consequently had to come out to my parent due to it...not a great period in my life). STIs aren't something to take lightly. Which leads me to thirdly, and most likely paranoid, is the possibility of superbugs or superSTIs developing due to what I consider careless(?) sexual practices, spreading of virulent strains of STIs and the evolution of even stronger strains due to poor diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. I don't think 'careless' is the word I want to use, conveys the frustration I have with this issue.

Man oh man, the whole conversation with this guy sort of put me off PrEP. I thought it might be a good idea, but now all I can think about is becoming a big bareback slut and spreading STIs around once I'm on PrEP. This makes me kinda sad - of course I can use PrEP to whatever means and ends I want, but these guys that are so focused on barebacking now that the concern of contracting HIV is not what is concerning me anymore. There is more going on in the world than just HIV avoidance.

Anyways, this is my moral dilemma for the day. All of this is very regrettable.

The Struggle is Real

We've all seen this Rubber Breath Games afficionado numerous times all over the internet. He is typically found seething for air through breath restriction hoods, saran wrap, plastic bags...he's hot to watch and emulate! I've reposted from my own YouTube channel.

Latexskin Order

OMG! Latexskin finally received my money order today. Only six weeks by regular mail from Canada to Poland. Holy shit, I'll never do that again. At least the money is in the proper hands now; not knowing where the MO was was stressful.

Anyways, I'll be looking forward to getting some new rubber in the coming months, just in time to enjoy once I'm fully healed!

Slink Sex Session Stills

Just posting these here for posterity:

Rio 2016

The spandex-clad athletic gods are back! Hope you're catching some of the coverage. I'm not really finding a lot of inspiration to watch the Olympics this time around; partly due to the fact Mr. P and I don't have cable TV anymore, no TV at all up at the Falls, and would have to resort to streams and feeds online to get any coverage. Maybe my lackadaisical attitude will change once track cycling starts later in the week and athletics and triathlon take place next week. More spandex = more interest. Men's ITT tomorrow, I'm sure there will be lots of masculine eye candy!

Fists at the Falls

I'm baaaaaack!

The week away was restful and healing....I definitely needed a week away from everything to get myself back together. The ribs and broken radius are still giving me a lot of grief but the tooth luckily is not and most of the surface cuts are healing/scarring as they are supposed to. I truly did come out of that accident very lucky. Just to think an extra 10kph could have changed everything, as could have the position of the car, or one of many factors changed just enough to have made this a devastating accident which would have messed me up much worse. The fact that I was 'this close' to a concussion or if the cut on my neck had been placed differently are evidence enough of this.

I am starting the dealings with ICBC, our provincial insurer. They are already giving me grief over the value of the bike and its replacement/repair, my work laptop (which was destroyed in the crash), and what would be claimable for lost time for work/travel/vacation, all of which I have no idea about. Mr P is pretty confident I will be hiring a lawyer and therefore on counsel I deactivated my Facebook account two weeks ago.

As a result, Vancouver Fetish Weekend and Vancouver Pride weekend was disappointingly low-key for me; I was very sore from the accident and found myself tiring very easily. I did get to a couple of the VFW events, Friday night and Sunday afternoon, and Pride weekend I got out with friends to the Davie Street Party for awhile on Friday, went with friends to the Fireworks competition on Saturday night, marched with the Vancouver Rubbermen on Sunday at the Pride Parade. I'm very glad that we marched; I think it was great exposure and we had a decent turnout at the Van Rubbermen Pride event on August 6.

I found I wore down very early in the evenings and without lots of painkillers or booze I was pretty much down for the night. I didn't make any of the big night parties or anything, unfortunately.

Here are pics of the Vancouver Rubbermen group marching in the parade on July 31!

Fortunately, I had vacation booked last week, and this came as a gift from heaven as I was barely able to keep my shit together the week I was attempting to work...or more accurately build a new laptop as my old work laptop was destroyed in the crash. I was soooo looking forward to laying down for a week, so Mr P, myself and Wardog went up to SF on Monday after Pride weekend.

The weather here has been less than stellar for most of July and all of August so far; and this didn't change we were up at the Falls. Tuesday and Wednesday were cold and rainy so we spent most of our time around the fire keeping warm. Things finally improved enough on Thursday and Friday that I was finally going to be able to execute my plans for ravishing Wardog.

Wednesday night we broke in the futon in the Tiki Gayzebo before proceeding to a picnic bench late at night, now that the evening temperatures were getting back to seasonal normals. We planned to do some scenes around the property on Thursday and finally got around to that mid-afternoon. We ingested a bit of fungus and went hiking.

We had our first sex session at the upper falls, fucking and fisting each other before deciding to pitstop at the RV for a drink and more fungus before heading to the Grotto. There, we found a very nice mossy secluded area and continued our gut investigation of each other. I actually fucked Wardog there for an hour or so before we fisted, then decided to carry on to the lower Falls.

We headed down there and picked up where we left off...he fisted me to orgasm, then we jumped in the swimming hole below the falls to clean up before heading back to the RV. I couldn't believe the time; it was already 7:30pm! We had been out fisting at the various falls for four hours! How time flies when you're having fun!

We visited with friends for the rest of the evening, stargazed, went to bed. Friday I took Wardog back to town for work, Saturday I came back into Vancouver for the Vancouver Rubbermen Pride Meet and then returned to SF that evening for a friends bday party. We had a few more Volcano Bowls in the Tiki Gayzebo before heading to bed.

Sunday Mr. P and I did a bunch of yardwork on the site before heading back to Vancouver. It was a decent week though the weather did hinder a lot of what would have been lying around in the sun.

I'm back to work this week. We will be heading out to SF this weekend and hopefully as many weekends now in August and September until end of season. Here's hoping the weather improves....It's supposed to be 30C on Friday at the campground, maybe we will have a decent weekend up there!

In the meantime, I have a new boy coming over tomorrow night who wants to get trained to take fists so I've convinced him to commit weekly sessions for at least six weeks to have this happen. He's not starting as an assply newbie so it will hopefully not take too much effort to satisfy his needs. He's 25, super sexy, muscular, hairy....I'm looking forward to seeing him restrained in the sling for some great assplay sessions. We've committed to discretion so I doubt I'll be able to post any pics of him, but maybe home of him hooded, failing that at least I'll be able to describe him in lurid detail! LOL

Hope you're all having a great week! I'm glad to be back and feeling better.

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