Story #2: Sterek

This is the second story by Gordon Thomas about an amazing rubberman fantasy....a porn star starring in his first condom commercial. Gordon starts all of his stories start with the same statement, then describe how the guys became rubbermen. Enjoy!

Story #2: Sterek by Gordon Thomas

Describe for us your first time in a full rubber suit, which made you a true rubberman.

[Sterek Atlas] My first time was a bit complicated, so allow me to explain. When I was 24, I got into the adult entertainment industry. I am a pretty muscular guy and when I was doing my first flick, I was doing this chick for one scene when the photographer told me I would do well in gay adult entertainment. I told him I was straight. He said I could make a lot more money doing solo j/o sessions and would not have to do any other guys. When my first solo film came along, it was a huge success. The cameraman was right. The producer came back and told me that I could make three times more money if I would allow another guy to “service” me on camera. Just lay back on a bed and have the guy worship me and give me a blow job. That film too became a huge success as I was told I was very graphic in my emotions of pleasure when I shot my load on camera.

Yes, after that, the amounts of money I was able to get started to soar, but with it my gay fan base grew and they wanted more from this straight guy. Soon they started pairing me up with some of the top names in the gay adult film industry. One of my films I did, now a famous scene, shows when I was cuming with another dude, I grabbed the sheets in a firm grip as the camera zoomed in on my face as I reached climax. This became as famous as Marilyn Monroe getting air blown up her skirt. Soon I was known as the hunk with the junk and the spunk -- due to my graphic orgasms. Well, these emotions of pleasure really are not a show… Dudes know just how to pleasure other dudes; so these guys knew how to make me come, and come hard! So, yeah, I am the straight guy who enjoys gay sex.

Lifestyles brand condoms contacted my agent asking me to become their spokesman for their new condom line and wanted me to star in a commercial introducing their newest condom that is ultra thin and extremely soft and flexible. I was just what they were looking for, being the bridge for both straight and gay men. They wanted to have guys wear their newest style condom for pleasure while jacking off to adult videos and not just for sex. The commercial involved three scenes going from east coast to west coast in three different locations. The first involved me riding bareback on a stallion through a green meadow with tall grass, wearing just a condom. The next scene was shot in the mountains with me riding naked on the edge of a cliff and almost going over the edge but being able to control my stallion. The third scene ends at the Pacific Ocean on the beach at sunset with me riding along the surf before sending the stallion into the waves splashing up over me implying that I shot my load as I get wet.

So I told my agent that I was interested, for the right price, and I became Lifestyles condoms newest spokesmen for their newest ultra thin, ultra sensitive condoms. They wanted to get right to it so the following week they flew me to the Midwest and I started on the first phase of the commercial. The best thing for me to do, is to describe the commercial, scene by scene as it unfolds on the screen. These commercials were added to the opening trailers of the adult films and implied that guys watching should be able to enjoy wearing a condom as they shot off watching the film. I showed up to the films location out in a lush green meadow surrounded by oak trees and a path that I was to ride the stallion down. The camera was on a track keeping up with me showing me bare backing on the stallion with an erection wearing the Ultra Sensitive condom. I got undressed and jumped into the horse and got myself hard. I rolled on a prelubed Ultra thin condom making sure it fit my tool just right. So here is the contents of the commercial.

Opening Shot: Me galloping through the meadow from far off coming in from the surrounding oak trees. Then the camera follows me over the shoulder as you can see my body moving back and forth as the stallion between my legs rubs my erection as this nude bodybuilder is wearing a Lifestyles Ultra condom. The sound track has my voice narrating the commercial as the visuals are bright and vibrant and in your face with graphic detail. “I’m a man of adventure. And when it comes to my choice in a condom, I choose Lifestyles Ultra Thin Comfort Condom because it is so thin, it is like wearing nothing at all. This is not the condom your father wore. This one is for the jockey in you. Just lube it up on the inside before rolling it on and enjoy the ride. You will enjoy its conforming sensitive fit.” The camera then zooms in past my thigh and focuses on my full erection covered in a condom with a reservoir tip. The horse is bucking my body back and forth as we gallop through the tall grass with trees in the background.

Second Shot: The scene shows my stallion climbing up a high mountain pass with nothing but height showing the mountains down in the background. I am riding very close to the edge of a rocky path as they use a helicopter zooming in on me climbing higher and turning hard toward the pass. “I am one who likes the ride hard and Lifestyles Ultra Thin Condoms always takes me to where I want to be. I like it rugged and I feel comfortable knowing the science behind these sensitive condoms allows me to enjoy myself without worrying about any accidents. It also allows me to stay on the very edge of my game.” Camera shows the stallion slow down and stop rearing up and kicking its front hooves out in front of me like the symbol on a Ferrari, letting out a loud nay. “It allows me to rise to new heights without worrying about going over the cliff.”

Scene Three: I am riding the stallion on the beach at sunset in the wet sand. The clouds are caught with light from below as the sun is setting on the water as waves crash in the background just feet beside me. “It is so ultra thin, so perfectly comfortable, that it is like not wearing anything at all.” The camera zooms in to my erection and then slowly zooms back out, only this time I have changed from a roll on condom into a full body condom suit. “And when the time comes, Lifestyles Ultra Thin Condoms allows me to climax with confidence.” The scene camera moves to in front of the horse showing a great view of my whole body as I guide the stallion into the crashing waves. The hooves of the black horse start splashing water up and over me as I enter the surf, beading up on the body condom. The camera views down from overhead as I grip tight on the leather reigns (mimicking me in my infamous scene grabbing the sheets as I shoot) The ocean water splash and spray then overtakes the camera, washing out the view.

The next scene my horse is slowly walking on the beach and I am still in my full body condom. Water is sparkling off the sunlight hitting the beaded up water on the outside surface of the lubed body condom. The sun has just gone passed the horizon and you hear sea gulls cry in the distance. The camera angle is above me, zoomed in tight against my neck where the body condom ends and wet dark haired scalp fills the screen. Slowly moving forward, the camera exposes my pecs and abs and then my hard erection. “So thin, so soft, so comfortable, its like wearing nothing at all. A nothing feeling that I would never have sex without. Lifestyles Ultra Thin Condoms. Find out where they can take you.” This time a rubbered muscular arm emerges from off screen behind me, and comes around to my front and rests on my rippled stomach. The guy behind me is also wearing a full body condom. His large muscular shoulder then comes into view and all you can see in his unshaved chin as he starts to rest in against my neck. You can see the rolled ridge of my condom suit on my neck and his suit’s rubber condom entrance as well as his chin enters the cameras view. The scene fades into the sunset as the brand product is displayed in the center of the screen. Worn by Sterek Atlas appears just below. “Now try Ultra’s Double Shot Condom with a unique interior ribbing and sensi-gel; for his pleasure… for repeat performances.”

That is the 30 second commercial. Hot, isn’t it? Now when I did that last scene, I did not know I would be riding on the beach in a full body condom, nor did I know I would have another hot dude riding behind me at the end of the commercial. Now the beach scene starts with me just wearing a regular condom as it zooms in on the product. As it zooms back out, I am then wearing a full body condom. They stopped rolling as I went back to my trailer and they had me put on this whole body condom. They lubed me up and I basically slid into this soft stretchy rubber body sheath. The feeling of rubber all over my body was very masculine and erotic. I stepped into it and it just molded to my masculine contours. I would pull it out away from my body, and it insisted it wanted to be next to my skin. I pulled it up to my waist and guided my erection into the cock sheath. I continued pulling it up over my chest. Then, like a surfing wetsuit, I slid one arm into the sleeve and pulled the rest of the rubber over my shoulder. I followed with the same procedure to the second arm. Then, as if the rubber had a mind of its own, it conformed around my neck, concealing me from the outside world in a second skin of latex. All I had to do is straighten out the entrance to the suit around my neck as it went from the base of my hairline in back to my Adam’s apple in front. I moved around, the sleek feeling was very erotic. Every gesture was mirrored with a slight delay as the rubber moved over my skin. I went back outside and got back on the stallion and headed back to the waters edge.

I was a bit cold as the water splashed up on me with the wind going by, yet I felt very comfortable inside the soft thin rubber. We started the same scene over again, only this time with me in the full body condom. Now as I rode the stallion, the latex slid, yet still conformed to my body as the horse kept my pelvis moving in a circular motion. Riding the stallion on the beach and guiding it into the surf, I pulled the reigns and gripped the leather straps hard. I actually came in the scene, while on camera, as the camera zoomed in on my hand on the leather straps. So if you look hard in that scene, those few seconds, you will see my semen inside the condom head and around the coronal ridge of my cockhead. They never asked for it, but I am sure they welcomed that unique special effect.

My next unexpected surprise happened when they had another muscular young man dressed in a full body condom, like mine, jumps on. There was less than 60 seconds between the two shots as they wanted to keep the view of the sun before it got too low in the sky. So there were no second chances. The other male model jumped on the horse from a close riding beach vehicle as not to get the condom suit sandy. Then as the horse slowly walked through the surf, they show his hand reaching around from under my arm and his muscular back and shoulder enter the shot. I was still hard from just cuming, so I was also a bit over sensitive as he places his hand on my lower torso between my erection and my flat belly. The feeling of wearing that full lubed rubber condom suit with another similarly attired guy while riding bareback on a black stallion through the surf, was one of exposure and one of comfort. I could feel his warm muscular chest on my cool back as he leaned up against me as he placed his arm in the camera shot. Also I could feel his erect manhood against my butt as he pulled up closer to me. Then he rested his chin on my shoulder and my head was spinning. I knew then I was going to be dressed in a full latex body condom again in the future. That was when I knew I was a rubberman.

Now for some information about my rubbered passenger on the back of the stallion. I had no idea he was going to appear in the final shot. It was an afterthought. That is why it never made it to manuscript. You see, Ignacio, the second model, is my biggest fan. He contacted my agent looking for me, just to meet me in person, and found out I was on shoot for the new commercial. My agent contacted the director and he paid for Ignacio to fly out to meet me on set. Once he arrived in the studio in Los Angeles, the casting director thought Ignacio was another male model. When he dropped my name, he thought Ignacio had something to do with the Lifestyles commercial. Later that day, he found out that he was only there to meet up with me as a fan of my films on set and watch me film the stallion beach scene. The casting director wanted him so bad, he just wrote Ignacio into the end of the commercial. Therefore, Ignacio and I first met right there on the beach, each of us dressed in only a full body condom. After the finishing of the last scene did I find out why Ignacio was there.

We ended up going out to dinner together that night. He told me how much of a fan he was of my films and how he held me in high regards as his dream man. Needless to say, we hit it off very well. We talked late until the restaurant was closing. Ignacio and I ended up having the best rubber sex I have ever had back in my hotel room in Santa Monica. And now he is my husband. We joke to our friends about our first “date” and how we met. Like I said earlier, being a straight man, I must admit I have been converted as Ignacio knows just how to please me sexually, leaving me always wanting more. And now we have a full closet of latex clothing and rubber gear at the house we bought together in the Hollywood Hills. Both Ignacio and I have lived our dream and very lucky we found each other, no matter how unusual the circumstances.

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