Friday, September 28, 2007

Transparent rubber posing

Well, I think this is the last photo session my clear rubber tights are ever going to see. The moulded rubber had broken quite awhile ago, but last night one leg finally broke off. It's about time I start thinking about getting a new suit or something similar. There's something about a man in transparent rubber that I find irresistible...especially with restricted air!

Find more videos like this on Male To Male Breath Control

Find more videos like this on Male To Male Breath Control

I've also posted some new pics of the transparent suit session on MaletoMale Breathcontrol and some new Rubber soldier pics on SlickStimulations. Hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Here's a video (still on YouTube unbelievably -- the censors must've missed that one) of a guy getting slowly dressed in rubber. Looks pretty cool! I still gotta get a pair of those Blackstyle toesocks and a transformation mask of some kind. I've been thinking of getting an alien one (wouldn't that be a blast at Halloween?)...I've been to a few good retail sites with lots of full latex mask selection -- the ones with a human head, animals, aliens, etc., but of course I've forgotten which sites they were. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to shop from?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Well, nothing really has been going on lately. I have had to do some repairs to my fullsuit in the past few weeks and it looks like some of the seams are starting to fall apart. I guess the latex glue in some suits has a limited lifespan. There's complete truth to the statement that rubber maintenance and repair is a long-term commmitment! I ran out of the glue that I had been using in the past - some that I had bought from Twist My Rubber Arm, so now I am fielding the question out to the pervy public on what types of glue make for good rubber repair. After doing some research online, it appears that most experienced rubberists tend to recommend buying latex glue from reputable rubber retailers rather than go out to Home Depot to buy something that you would find in a bike tube repair kit. I don't want to risk damaging my precious latex so I would tend to err on the side of caution in this case.

If anyone can recommend a good dependable rubber glue that can be bought easily in the North American market, I would appreciate it!

That being said, with the stellar rise of the Canuck buck against the American dollar over the past six months, I am compelled to start shopping for some new gear, preferably from the US. No better time than the present! However, I am not really sure what the next thing I would like to buy should be. I have been in touch with a friend who is getting a custom-sized fullsuit from a tailor in Chicago that sounds intriguing. I am hoping to get some contact info about him and talk to him directly about what he can offer, as he doesn't have an online retail presence and tends to sell most of his gear on eBay. I am leaning towards finally getting a transparent fullsuit, but still not 100% sure. Does anyone have any suggestions? There are still a few European retailers that I would love to work with, but the best deals would definitely be found in the US right now.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


My friend Lycrarob on the Island is a videographer I hope to work with someday. He is working on a new video production that I hope we get to see in gay fetish shops around the world soon!

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Shiny happy people

Project Latex Land is a photographic rubber reverie

This Friday, for one night only, you can enter the fantasy world of a latex enthusiast, somebody who likes (as in really likes) to wear rubber. Project Latex Land is a first-time collaboration by Montreal fetish and glamour photographers Gil Perron and Martin Perreault. In the eight oversize mise-en-scène photographs, friends have a barbeque in the backyard, construction workers jackhammer downtown, and grocery shoppers buy hamburger buns... but all in second-skin pants, thigh-high boots and rubber masks. There's also a lot more tits and ass than at your regular weekday 5 à 7.

Life in Project Latex Land might look shocking, but it's not supposed to be. Instead, the photos explore a brightly coloured, tight-fitting castle in the sky for latex lovers. "Most enthusiasts have a deep desire to wear fetish gear in everyday places," explains Perron, "and that's what Project Latex Land is about. For one guy in our photos, a university professor from Sweden, it was the first time he wore his latex in public. The photo shoot was his rubber coming-out party."

Montreal, a city with a sizable latex lover population, was the perfect place to create a bizarro rubber reality. Perron and Perreault put out an open call for participants over the Internet. All of the people in the photos are true-to-life fetishists from Montreal and around the world. Most are wearing their own rubber in the photos. Polymorphe, a famed Montreal latex designer, styled the rest in homegrown minis, corsets and one-piece

The project, which Perron dreamed up one afternoon over lunch, was a chance for both artists to try something new. For Perreault especially, a photographer best known for his photos of Montreal fetish sex symbol Bianca Beauchamp, it was a chance to try his hand at directing a photo shoot with up to 40 rubberists. But for both artists, Project Latex Land was, well, a whole lot of good clean fun.

So would Perron and Perreault want to live in the fantasy world they created? "No," they laugh. "You can't live in a daydream," smiles Perreault. Plus, there are practical setbacks. "Latex is a tough material to wear year-round," adds Perron. "It gets too cold here in the winter; it's also hard to wear latex when it's really hot." Try telling that to the guy in one photo, who's sliding headfirst into a kiddie pool in heels and hot pants.

Project Latex Land
At 917 Ste-Catherine, Aug. 31 only, starting at 8 p.m.
The exhibition kicks off Montreal Fetish Weekend, three days of fetish fun

I wish I could have timed my visit to this weekend, but alas, it was impossible. The latex weekend sponsored by Fetiche Store and Polymorphe tied into Pride Weekend which followed up this event would have been interesting to see as well. Maybe. As much as I like to see anyone in rubber, it's the men in skintight latex that do it for me, personally!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Inside a Balloon

Here is a great balloon vacuumization video. I love balloon bondage, but it's hard to find balloons that will withstand the stresses of vacuumization with my tall frame. I've heard there are specially-designed balloons of larger volume, but I have yet to buy any.

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