Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Few Of My Favorite Things

E-stim, rubber bondage and Venus 2000 milking from Mikaham and Boundrubberboi.

My New Fixation

I think a lot about Blackstyle's new high-end bondage suit.  The number of bondage combinations in that suit make me vibrate when I think about it.  It's so expensive, but it would be something that you would put on and never want to take off!

High-end bondage suit

The ultimate fantasy for every bondage-lover:

This suit is the perfect combination of functionality and bondage aesthetics. Lots of belts and D-rings offer unlimited ways of fixation.

A heavy bondage suit with cod piece. Black, made of 1,50 mm thick latex.

The suit has the following quality features:

- All belts are made out of two layers of Four D latex with textile reinforcement.
- All metal parts are reinforced with latex from the inside.
- All zips have a zip-guard strip.
- Cross seams, as the arm pits or the crotch are reinforced with an additional layer of latex.

The basic model has the following features:

Bondage mittens with belt
Attached bondage mittens. With a belt and a D-ring. Made to fix the crossed arms over the chest.

The mittens have lockable zips on the inside, so that they are easy to put on.

Chest bondage belt
In order to fix the arms at the chest, the suit has a vertical bondage belt attached to the chest.

Bondage mask
Attached bondage mask with blindfold, nose tubing and mouth flap with inflatable gag. The mouth flap, nose tubing and the blindfold are attachable.

Lockable back zipper combination
Two shoulder zips and a neck zip make it easy to put on the suit. All zips are lockable.

A codpiece is a removable ‘holder’ worn on pants, kept in place with a snap. Behind this there is a hole for the cock and balls.

Attached latex cock-ring
4 sizes: 40, 45, 50 or 55 mm

Lockable rear zip
30 cm long.

Arm bondage belts
Three bondage belts on each arm fixed by a D-ring on the outside of the arm. The belts are adjustable and can be taken off completely.

Leg bondage belts
Five bondage belts on each leg fixed by a D-ring on the outside of the leg. The belts are adjustable and can be taken off completely.

D-rings at the sides
Three additional D-rings at the sides. Made to fix the arms to the body with the arm bondage belts.

Anatomical socks
Attached, anatomical socks made of heavy 1,50 mm latex.

Our sizes correspond with the following shoe sizes:

Size Shoe size
S 40
M 41/42
L 43/44
XL 46
XXL 47

For a surcharge we offer the following options:

Belts for the bondage hood
Five adjustable belts over the back of the head. 20 mm wide. Glued and riveted.

Anal condom
An attachable rear zip with an attached anal condom underneath.

Back bondage belts
Seven 4 cm wide adjustable belts over the back. Fixed with rivets.

Chest zips
A pair of chest zips. Lockable at the slider.

Attached sheath
An extra thick sheath instead oft he cock ring.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

In Print


The rubbery mannequins in the Priape Vancouver window are hinting at Rubbout AND spring! BUZZ!

Rubbout In Xtra!

Here is our ad on the online Xtra! Gay newspaper website. The print version came out on Thursday as well!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Comprehensive List

I think the BDSM Events Page has got to be one of the most comprehensive listings of straight, pansexual and gay fetish events around North America. The European listings are lacking (I'm sure there are comprehensive European and Asian listings out there, somewhere), and there are a few events like Rubbdown and West Coast Rubber that are missing, but holy shit there is a lot of kink going on, all over the place!

BDSM Events Page

Thursday, March 21, 2013

This Gives Me A Bit Of A Boner....

...too bad no one was watching!  As usual, Rubberbiker44, thank you.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Manchester Rubber Weekend

Sure wish I could be in Manchester this weekend!  Congratulations guys, and of course, be safe and have fun!

To celebrate the Manchester Rubbermen's 4th Birthday we have two nights of rubber goodness!
Fri 22nd March - Alert Rubber Special - Alter ego
Sat 23rd March - Slick - Black Eagle

Friday - Starting with pre drinks from 10 in the Rem. Any rubber boys that come out before Alert will get a stamp for discounted entry into Alert! Alert is a rubber special* and those that rubber up will be in with a chance of winning some free gear courtesy of Invincible and RoB London!

Saturday - A New dress code* night "Slick" in the Black Eagle based on the success that was the Rubbermen's 3rd birthday last year, a bit more social and a bit more playful, we'll have sleep sacks, straight jackets and other demos to mess about with. A boot polish station and yet again even more rubber to give away from the kind Invincible boys and including a full made to measure rubber suit for one lucky boy from RoB London, just for showing up in rubber! You'll be a fool to miss out. No door charge, so you'd be a fool to miss out on this chance, even if you're new just borrow some gear off a mate and you might be walking away with a made to measure catsuit! INSANITY I TELL THEE!

And for those of you thinking you don't have anything or need a new dress for such an occasion, RoB Manchester are offering 20% OFF ALL RUBBER the week leading up to it so get into the store on China Lane from 15th-24th of March to grab some bargains!

For more info check:

Gear sponsors:

*Usual dress code applies in Alert.
*Slick's dress code is Rubber / Neoprene / F-Wear / Nasty Pig / Slick-it-up / Leather.
NOTE only those in rubber will be able to win in the rubber gear giveaway!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Latexnasty Workout


You always get that rubber piece once in a lifetime that reminds you how delicate and inconsistent this natural-based product really is. Okay, maybe more often than once in a lifetime.

I am currently fighting with a cat suit that I inadvertently got in Palm Springs at West Coast Rubber. I was innocently trying the suit on when I ripped the suit along the side of the leg. As you would expect this is something that I don't do very often! Because it was a suit a friend had brought for the gear swap, it was only fair that I traded some of my gear for fair price replacement of what he was asking for the suit I ripped. No big deal, right?

I brought it home, gave it to Shawn for repair and just got it back on Saturday. I was planning to wear it to the Kickoff party (black catsuit; perfect for 'Back to Black', right?), and while I was putting it on in the bathroom, it ripped AGAIN! I haven't even had this suit above my waist yet. I don't know whether it's going to fit right because I haven't even had it completely on my body yet! It's SO frustrating. It has ripped this time by the hip/pelvis area on the same panel as the first rip about 8 inches away.

I'm wondering if there might be some defect with the latex sheeting used on this panel, perhaps? I have never had this much trouble and I'm not happy with my situation.

Oh well, this fucking material is definitely one with which I (and by that I mean all of us) have a love/hate relationship with. It's so expensive and so delicate, so gratifying yet so frustrating. I will try the fix option again and see if I can finally get the suit on. If this happens a third time, I might be donating this suit to the trash bin.
This isn't the suit, just a picture of me with another piece of torn rubber.  You can imagine my sad face :(

Promo Love

I love when the event I'm planning gets some unexpected promotional support due only to the fact the event is awesome.  I'd like to thank Jules at Hoxton Rubber for giving Rubbout some promo love! :)
Thanks Jules, this is great!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Rubberstud of the Week #255

Rubbout Puppy Party

Saturday afternoon at Rubbout is an opportunity to explore your inner puppy or just to watch others exploring theirs!  The puppy event takes place from 2pm to 5pm at Junction Pub, 1138 Davie Street, on Saturday, April 13.  The event is free.  There will be a puppy mosh, puppy training, and a "best in show" fun contest.  The puppy mosh with have some fun elements like a vet, puppy training (with a punishment/reward wheel), squirrel. and/or postman.  Second, we envision a short new puppy contest (for anyone who has not competed at Rubbout before) and finally, the "Best in Show" fun contest open to all.

Check out the information at or on Facebook as it becomes available!

Rubbout Kickoff Party

Saturday night at Pumpjack Pub in Vancouver was the place to be to mark the four-weeks-to-go milestone to Rubbout 22, taking place April 12-14 in Vancouver, BC.  Lots of sexy, shiny men showed up to view the unveiling of this year's event poster and take in some of the demo action going on in the main bar.

This version of the poster is sized for 18" x 24" poster sized if you'd like to download a copy for yourself or help us promote the event in your area :)

Pictures of the fun from the evening can be found on the Vancouver Men in Leather's Flickr page HERE.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Rubbout On The Interwebs

Some of you may have noticed some of our Rubbout banner ads getting out there in the general elixir of the Internet this week.  Many thanks to our sponsors for posting these for us!

Mr. S Newsletter, March 15, 2013:
Rubberzone banner ad, March 11 - April 12, 2013:
Priape Chat client ad, March 11 - April 12, 2013:
More to come!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rubbing with RubnGum

I just HAD to post this. Those perverts in Switzerland are at it again! This image from RubnGum and RubBiker is amazing, powerful and jolting. I love absolutely everything about it. Thanks so much for sharing it, boys! The composition is unique and I really think it's awesome. Plus, what pervert wouldn't dream of being in RubBiker's situation?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Rubbout On The Air!

In February when I was in Seattle, I did a podcast with Sparky and Daddy Tony and their family for the No Safe Word blog/podcast site.  Check it out! It was a lot of fun and we had a lot of laughs.


Rubberstud(s) of the Week #254

Saturday, March 9, 2013


My first week of work went well.  I like my new team, and I'm excited to get some productive stuff done for them.  The one thing that is going to kill me is the commute.  Sunday to Victoria, Wednesday back to Vancouver (~4.5 hours each way), Burnaby on Thursday and Friday (one hour each way), plus my evening class on Thursday nights and Rubbout five weeks away.  Let's just way by mid-April, I'll be looking forward to just focusing on a full-time job!

Here are some of the Rubbout promotions coming out soon.  Look out for advertising with Priape, Mr. S, Rubberzone and West Coast Rubber coming soon!  I won't unfurl the new poster until next weekend, but look to a podcast about Rubbout coming out on this weekend.

Take these and post them to your blogs, please!

Hoxton Rubber's Latest

Jules sent me some teasers of the latest photoshoot at Hoxton Rubber.  Check them out there, support the cause!

They are attempting to use stencils to create trademarked outfits we are familiar with.  Jules said they don't last very long; they're probably going to have to find a laser cutter and do the logos in latex.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Harlem Shake

Oh dear.

Rubber Economics

Ivory Coast farmers abandon cassava for more lucrative rubber
The switch to a more commercial crop by farmers near Abidjan is putting food supplies – and a cultural tradition – in jeopardy, Thursday 28 February 2013 14.21 GMT

Madeleine Coulibaly is a cassava farmer in Debrimou region, 50km west of Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Photograph: Olivier Monnier/IRIN Farmers near Abidjan, Ivory Coast's commercial capital, are abandoning cassava, a staple for many Ivorians, and switching to natural rubber, a move that may jeopardise food self-sufficiency, analysts say.

Large numbers of farmers began to take an interest in rubber in the past decade because of high prices resulting from a surge in global demand, Alphonse Gnaoré Koh, an expert from the National Rural Development Agency in Dabou, a rubber centre 50km west of Abidjan, told IRIN.

Prices jumped from 200 West African CFA francs (£0.26) per kilo in 2002 to 1,200 francs in 2007, but have fallen back since to 550 francs, he said. The rubber rush is pushing out farmers of cassava, said agro-economist Daouda Dahaux, from Abidjan's Swiss Centre for Scientific Research, and there is evidence that cocoa farmers may not reign supreme for long either.

Ivory Coast started to grow rubber industrially in the 1950s, and the crop became more widespread when village plantations were created in the 1980s, according to Koh. The crop was originally grown in the southern forest areas along the coast but is now spreading north, especially in central-western and central-eastern parts of the country.

Stable income

Farmers say rubber gives them a more stable and predictable income because they can harvest 10 months a year, whereas cassava is harvested only once a year. Moreover, harvesting cassava is demanding work compared with rubber, which is easier to grow, Dahaux said. A rubber tree can live for 40 years.

"With rubber, we harvest and are paid every month. It's like being a civil servant," said farmer Jean Essis N'Guessan, based in Debrimou, a village near Dabou. He started to plant rubber last year on his cassava farm and plans to replace all the cassava in three years, when the rubber trees will have grown. Natural rubber can be harvested seven years after the trees are planted.

His brother, David Esmel, is a retired civil servant and planted rubber along with cassava two years ago. "For many farmers, rubber is more important than cassava now," said N'Guessan. Revenues from rubber are much more substantial than from cassava, he said. "With rubber, you can have the lifestyle of someone working in Abidjan. It's attractive."

One hectare of rubber can provide a gross monthly income of about 400,000 francs (£530), said Koh. Ivory Coast's minimum salary is set at 36,600 francs per month.

Farmers' interest in rubber has been boosted by the political crisis over the past decade, said Dahaux. "In the face of political uncertainty, many people have opted for perennial crops."

Ivory Coast, Africa's top rubber grower and the seventh largest in the world, produced 230,000 tonnes of rubber last year, according to Albert Konan, executive secretary of the Rubber Development Fund. Annual production of 600,000 tonnes is envisaged by 2025, he said.

About two-thirds of the farmland in the Dabou region is used to grow rubber and the trend is on the rise, Koh said.

A cultural tradition in jeopardy?

However, cassava is widely used in southern Ivory Coast to produce attiéké, a side dish accompanying most meals, and the switch to rubber could lead to shortages.

"If nothing is done to support cassava, and if we consider the population growth in a city like Abidjan, there will likely be substantial shortages in 10-15 years," Dahaux said. "The threat is real."

In Debrimou, the first signs of cassava shortages have already appeared, inhabitants told IRIN. "There's less and less cassava in the region," said Madeleine Coulibaly, 48, a mother of three. "Without cassava, how will we eat in the future?"

Southern ethnic groups, including the Adioukrou from Dabou, are among those making balls of attiéké and selling them, but producers now have to travel up to 150km to buy cassava, the price of which has consequently risen, Coulibaly said. A ball of attiéké, which used to cost 250 francs a few years ago, now costs 350-400 francs, Koh said.

"Without cassava, Adioukrou women don't have anything to do," said Joséphine Koproyeï, 62.

The National Centre of Agronomic Research has created new varieties of cassava with better yields in the past few years, bringing women more autonomy and a sense of achievement. Coulibaly complained that this is not the case with rubber. "Our husbands are planting rubber for them, and only for them. It does not suit us," she said.

A cultural tradition is in jeopardy, stresses Jacques Lathes, chief of a neighbourhood in Débrimou. "Attiéké is part of the culture of the Adioukrou people. Our region derived its wealth from cassava. All the remaining cassava plantations are about to be invaded by rubber. This is worrying."

It is fascinating and troubling at the same time just how pervasive capitalism is into all social and commercial systems around the world, and how we are all so intertwined with its machinations and outcomes. Traditional cultures are irreversibly changed for economic reasons to the point that massive disruptions to cultures, even food supplies, can result. Even those of us involved in something as seemingly innocuous as rubber fetishism are not free of culpability in these if we didn't know that already.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Montreal Fusion Weekend

The Montreal gay kink community has combined their city leather and rubber titles together the past few years in a weekend of contests and play. This past weekend, two new leather and rubber titleholders were chosen. Montreal presents Sebastyan Leduc as M. Rubber Montreal 2013 and Sebastien Goulet as M. Leather Montreal 2013. Félicitations à tous les participants!
Jason Lynch, Mr. International Rubber 2013 who passed away last Monday was to have attended the Fusion Weekend to serve as a judge for their combined Leather and Rubber contests. On Friday night, co-emcee André Patry led the audience in a toast to Jason, and on Saturday night he led a moment of silence in honor of Jason and a local leatherman who passed recently, Maître André.

This celebration of life for Jason was one of many that occurred across the continent on Friday and Saturday. There will be many more to come.

Rubberstud of the Week #253

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rubbout Update

I'm very happy to make several big announcements regarding Rubbout 22 today.  First of all, after months of  hunting and negotiating, we finally have a great venue for our rubber play party on Saturday night, April 13.  The Red Door  is a new men's spa opening up in the next couple of weeks that have been gracious enough to allow us to have an exclusive dress-code rubber fetish party at their venue!  I am very excited for this...when was the last time we were able to have a dress-code enforced play party in Vancouver?  It's been a long time!
  • EXCLUSIVE use of the venue
  • Doors open at 8, close at 10pm
  • Dress-code enforced
  • Renovated venue, newly opened
  • Gear available for use (slings, vacuum bondage devices, sleepsacks, etc.)
  • Lube wrestling pool
  • We encourage bringing your personal gear (bondage devices, sleepsacks, electro, etc.).
  • Gear bag checkin available
  • Easy, walking-distance from host hotels
If this isn't a sweetener for those on the fence about coming to Rubbout this year, I don't know what is! I'm really looking forward to it.

Speaking of coming to Rubbout, the weekend passes have gone on sale as of today.  Weekend passes this year are $60CAD plus Paypal service charge.  We think it's a good deal considering some of the costs at other weekends are a lot more...Rubbout is still a great deal!  Though most of the events on the weekend are free to attend, the play party, the brunch, and all the goodies and freebies that go on during the weekend are all included in your weekend pass.

DON'T FORGET: Our Rubbout 22 Kickoff takes place on March 16th at Pumpjack.  We will be unveiling the new Rubbout 22 poster banner at the bar, doing some vacuum and inflatable bondage demos that night, and maybe even handing out some prizes!  Come join us if you can!

I would like to thank all of our sponsors that have stepped up and helped us out again this year.  Priape, Mr. S, Rubberzone, Xtra!, Kinkstore, Healing Touch Massage, and West Coast Rubber (so far) :)

You can buy weekend passes for Rubbout 22 and check out all the newest updates at the Rubbout website or search for Rubbout on Twitter or Facebook and follow/like us there!

Body Tube

Friday, March 1, 2013