Friday, January 31, 2020


Them : how do you put your rubber on?

Me :

Wearing a shape shifting balloon is the new fashion of 2020!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Mr. West Coast Rubber 2020

Are you up to create and share INSANE FUN? Come compete for the Mr. West Coast Rubber 2020 title in San Francisco, March 6-8, 2020!

Eligible candidates can come from the Western U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The first four accepted applicants who compete on stage in San Francisco receive a $200 travel cost reimbursement!

Apply now, or contact Joël Thomas Royal, Matthew Jensen, Greg Brown, or Alan Gamrican for more information.

Application Fee: http:/

Monday, January 27, 2020

VRM February Meet + Play

Dat Ass

the guys at Latex'd sure like it seamless, smooth and tight! :D


#DollyPartonchallenge. Completed by the Gimp Man of Essex! :)
And another one created by sexy German rubberman Subliminal!

The Power of Our Communities

The Leather Community Isn't 'Degenerate' — It Leads the LGBTQ Movement

Contributor Daniel Arrieta gives a history lesson to those who would promote prejudice and sex-shaming.

JANUARY 24 2020 12:48 PM EST

This past Martin Luther King Jr., Day, gay writer Brad Polumbo — in an op-ed for the Washington Examiner — described a perfectly normal weekend of Mexican cuisine and binging Game of Thrones with his boyfriend, while an older friend spent time with his family.

In another part of Washington, D.C., my husband and I also enjoyed a perfectly normal weekend with our friends alongside hundreds of attendees at Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL for short). We purchased leather and rubber outfits that would usually be out of our budget and then watched people in varying states of dress (or undress) enjoy themselves. For example, a slightly older gay man we know spent the weekend at the hotel with his husband and their newly adopted human puppy.

Across the country, millions of LGBTQ people such as us went about their normal lives celebrating who they are unapologetically, without making any headlines in the process.

However, the difference between these two experiences is that my husband and I didn’t slam those who opted against wearing latex suits with detachable butt plugs as being any less a part of the LGBTQ community. Polumbo, however, accused a tribe of consenting adults at a private event of being “degenerates” and “giving us all a bad name and annihilating what progress we’ve made.”

In the controversial commentary piece, the gay writer proceeded to lament how the gay community’s persistent “hypersexualization” of the Pride movement is “an affront to gay acceptance,” the fight for which was apparently rooted in heteronormative assimilation and the assertion that “real-life gay people tend to be as boring and domestic as anyone else.” Oh, and he described programs to diversify MAL through events celebrating queer people, transgender people, and people of color as both “disgusting” and “eminently harmful to gay progress and acceptance.”

Oh, sweetie darling, just where to start…

First of all, let’s address the problematic social construct of “normal.” For one, in the eyes of far too many people in this country, you, a homosexual, will never be “normal.” In fact, you are the very degenerate they believe is destroying America. And no amount of heteronormative and cis-normative camouflage will make them think differently. If all we — or members of any marginalized community — are concerned with is reinforcing the majority’s idea of what normal is, then we will never be able to overcome barriers to full recognition of our humanity and the rights inherent to it.

Second, let’s set the record straight about exactly who ignited and continues to advance the “Pride movement” you reference that affords you the right to serve and marry. To be clear, it was the very same disgusting, degenerate people that you described — the transgender community, people of color, and the leather community — that rioted at Stonewall, fought on the frontlines of the AIDS crisis, and marched for equality without any of the protections that you enjoy. Indeed, what strengthens today’s LGBTQ movement is the expansion of focus and attention beyond the “L” and the “G” of our alphabet to an increasingly inclusive recognition and embrace of the complexity of human sexuality and gender expression.

And finally, to put it bluntly: sex shouldn’t be some flavorless mush slopped on a cafeteria tray. Instead, it should be a glorious, plentiful buffet endowed with ever-changing colors, aromas, and textures. We, as queer people, are the creative, sexual anarchists that propel exploration into all the sensations engineered in the human body. We should be free to celebrate the fun in sex in all its myriad forms. Also, many of us understand that queer sex will always be, to some degree, an act of civil disobedience and political revolution. So why not liberate ourselves from sexual norms that never applied to us in the first place?

Indeed, Brad, we shouldn’t be more like what you imagine “normal” heterosexual people are. Trust me, they’re just as kinky and public about it. Consider Burning Man, Coachella, Spring Break, Mardi Gras, and any number of thousands of public celebrations and festivals where straight people frequently flaunt their sexuality with wild abandon.

Instead, perhaps heterosexuals should be more like the hundreds who enjoyed MAL — perfectly normal LGBTQ people who have finally learned that their bodies and affections are not a source of shame, but pride, joy, and love.

This freedom does not destroy the movement. In fact, it defines it.

Rubbercanuck in the Vac-bed

I managed to be the first one to enjoy the vac-bed demo at the VRM January Meet + Play. Right after these pics were taken, my lovely boy Pup Satyr stroked my cock to full erection. It was soo enjoyable; demos were limited to 15 minutes, I needed another 5 to blow my load! :D

Fuck and Fist Weekend

I didn't get into any rubber this weekend, but there was a lot of fucking going on....

Thursday evening Mook was over for his weekly visit, he managed to slip a hand in me for a bit and fuck me good before heading to work. We haven't been able to fuck properly for a couple weeks now so this was welcome.

Friday night SemFolego and I met with the manager of the new Queer clubspace in Vancouver about the feasibility of moving our Vancouver Rubbermen Meet + Play monthly event to Central Studios from our current home at Pumpjack. We are seeking a more exclusive space that will allow us to truly kick our events up a notch while adding structure and quality to the event. Not surprisingly, Central is focused on revenue generation and we were offered an early evening timeslot, so long as we produce a 'pre-party' for the event that is slated to occur after us. This isn't what we're really looking for at this point in time - yet - so I think we'll be staying at Pumpjack for the time being. We have a meeting with Pumpjack management this week to see if we can extend our Meet + Play hours from 2-5pm to possibly 6pm or 7pm, and do some reconfiguring of the back area to maximize our play and demo space.

As you may have seen, we have started the rebranding process for Vancouver Rubbermen on our Facebook group, Twitter, Telegram and the website. I hope that our efforts will pay off!

After the meeting with Central, I went home where Mr. P and our friend G were cooking food. N33dfulthings came over around 8; I started working N33fulthings hole relatively soon after and Mr. P and G joined us in some group fucking after that. Mr. P was banging N from one side of the bed while G banged me on the other side, N and I held on to each other for support in the middle! N33dfulthings then took a turn on my hole, slipped me three double fists in a row, and then we got on our backs and fisty-nined. It was so fucking hot! N33dfulthings blew his load during the fisty-nining and left around 1am, G and Mr. P proceeded to fuck me for a few more hours, I ended up passing out on them while they kept playing for another hour or so until 3-4am.

I got up earlyish on Saturday, did some errands and laundry, then Mook and Codeness, Mr. P our friend H and I went to the Meat Draw. We each won some meat, came home and had a nap before Mook and Codeness came over around 9pm, joined by our friends Fox and Skunk, and we had a great six-man orgy for the rest of the evening. I was feeling a bit tired and emotional from the night before, so I was being a bit of a brat which sucked but I managed to stay up and engaged for the evening. I got sick from maybe a bad mix of coffee and beer too late in the evening, but recovered mostly.

Fox and Skunk went home around 1:30am, Mook and Codeness stayed around for some more fucking and playing until 3am or so. It was a great night with a great collection of handsome and sexy fuckbuds. I am happy to know this group and happy to know they want to continue doing sex session like this with some regularity going forward.

Sunday we got up, went for brunch with friends, met some of the Shadow Falls crew at the Pumpjack beer bust, then went to pub trivia at Fountainhead to wrap up the evening. It was a very fun weekend!

I'm playing with Ivyhole on Tuesday, Mook on Thursday, meeting with SemFolego and Pumpjack management on Wednesday. The weekend coming up is the big Van-PAH celebration weekend when Seattle and Portland show up, they are doing a pup dance party at Central on Saturday night, I am inspired to get dolled up in my rubber puppy outfit and joining the boys at that event!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Hairy Bitch

Looking back at all my follicle overproduction gloriousness.....this pic was taken by Boy Spence at one of the VRM Meet + Plays in 2019. I just thought I'd share it here.

Monday, January 20, 2020

VRM January Meet + Play

Wow, what a turnout on Saturday! I think there was some pent-up demand for a rubber event; the number of guys that showed up exceeded all expectations! Thanks to all you pervs, thanks to the guys that stuck me in the vac-bed and proceeded to stimulate me to within an inch of my being! haha

Here's hoping we can keep the energy going in February and (possibly) enjoy the fruits beared by a new venue and a new time. Stay tuned.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Pose, Drone Rubberdom!

Here are front and back views of my 'Drone Hypno Rubberdom' look.....just before being returned to the docking wall, where the Rubberdom will remain until requested back in service to receive commands from the trusted Rubbermaster. Once instructions are received, the Rubberdom is expected to execute the commands given. Of course the command mask needs to be added to complete the package.

New Rubber!

SemFolego and I are hosting (possibly our last) Vancouver Rubbermen Meet + Play for January at Pumpjack Pub. We have a meeting with the managers at Central Studios tonight to see what opportunities there are to utilize that sex-positive space for our future VRM events. We see the exclusivity of the space and the possibility of securing a better regularly-scheduled time to be the best options for our growing club and foster its improvements and growth into the future.

We partnered with Rubbout to purchase a set of foam play-mats for exclusive use by the rubber groups; instead of borrowing the mats from Van-PAH or the leather men, we can abuse ours all we want and not have to explain why everything is covered in lube to anyone!

We are also looking to re-brand Vancouver Rubbermen; the banner that I created with Sly Hands for the club is beautiful, traditional and symbolic, but for future branding, marketing and printing, a newer simpler logo has been suggested. SemFolego has been working on several iterations of a new logo - some utilized the traditional look of the city flags, others implement the Rubber Pride flag, others still are unique in their own way. What do you think? We're going to present these to the Meet attendees tomorrow for some feedback.

Also, we are implementing 'photo rules' at the meets, and asking everyone to wear a wristband to indicate whether they can be photographed at the events or not, as we really want to increase the volume of photography in order to have more content to market the club with. The Meets are now going to have a regular rotating theme in the hopes that we can encourage more of the rubbermen with particular niche fetishes to feel more engaged and hopefully get everyone to experience other facets of rubber fetishism they may not normally see.

Yesterday, SemFolego, Mook and I went to Shawn at Sinners and Pervs latex. We are planning a team outfit for Rubbout 29 in April, so we were in Shawn's workshop getting measured and planning our outfits. There are four of us in this initiative, we are very excited about what we're putting together. It's a fun plan to dress up as rubber Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi...

.....with shirts and jumpers that will be modifiable enough for different outfits, looks and also durable enough for play. I anticipate looking similar to what the real Mario (@thedoctorpuss) looks like in his awesome rubber Mario outfit below (how appropriate!):

Here are Mook and I getting fitted yesterday at Sinners and Pervs!!! The final results will be very exciting!

Monday, January 6, 2020

The Hole-idays

Well, despite what was generally considered a 'tame and chill' holiday season by most of my friends and lovers, I did manage to get a few nights and days of depravity in over the holidays.

I think for any of you that follow my Twitter, you have seen the results of many of these debaucherous pigfests, particularly with IvyHole and N33dfulthings. I love pigging out with these two, they are smart, handsome, fun, with experimental streaks. I also got a few sessions in with SemFolego, including my birthday sex party/fistfest which we had on the 28th. Mr P was off and on during the season, so wasn't really dependable, and unfortunately Mook worked the entire holiday season, and on top of that, he and his boyfriend, and a few other friends of theirs that are occasional fuck buddies of mine, were all on antibiotics! Merry Christmas, sluts! LOL

Some of the things I/we got up to between Dec 25 and Jan 5: