Monday, January 28, 2019

Thursday, January 24, 2019

James Newland Knows Me

This artist, James Newland, is making his mark everywhere in the gay fetish world, possibly because his perverted mind conjures up everything pretty much every rubberman has ever fantasized about. This one, one of the latest, is one of my faves. I wish there were still a social media avenue somewhere that the 'X' could be removed :(
And this one.....fucking objectification grrrrrr....

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Mr. Rubber Europe 2019

February 22/23, 2019 is Mr. Rubber Europe weekend in Antwerp, Belgium. I gotta say I really want to go to this event some year, especially considering how wickedly hot this current crop of contestants are! Wow! Rubber Pride WOOF

Check out for all the details and follow the contest in February :)

Monday, January 21, 2019

VRM January Meet + Play

Wow! What a great turnout at the Meet + Play on Saturday afternoon! I want to thank all the perverts who shined up and came out. The party was a blast! Even better, N33dfulthings, IvyHole and Mook came home with me and Mr. P after the meet where we spent the rest of the evening destroying each other's holes. N33dfulthings took the 'Hole Whisperer' role as his butt was out of commission for the evening; he got a big kick out of being the one to unlock the combination of all the 'locks'. Mook is getting closer and closer to taking his first fist - it is so close now I think it is just a matter of time if he only gets a couple more stretching sessions in. He is happy to be absorbing the intensity and feeling a bit at a time instead of having to deal with it all at once.....even more important I think since he is trying his best to stretch and get to the point of taking a fist without the assistance of any chemicals (poppers and him don't get along). So yes, keep an eye on all the Xtube accounts, there was some great video captured Saturday night as well.

All of this appears to be getting busier and better attended due to my more focused effort on promoting it over the past six months whereas prior to that (the past two years, in fact), I haven't really had my heart in it, though I persevered and hosted the events. Now, I'm back into making it a quality event, planning a membership drive prior to Rubbout 2019 and getting this to be a significant thing that guys will put into their planners and calendars going forward.

I hope to have a membership plan together prior to the VRM Rubbout Kickoff on March 16. There is still the FEBRUBBERY event coming up in February! :)

Speaking of Rubbout, if you haven't seen or heard, we are nearly at 100/160 weekend passes sold (and the first two tier price points sold out!) and the 40-room block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Downtown are apparently sold out this morning. The hotel has released another 10 rooms to the block but at a higher rate (I think it's now at $170 a night instead of the original block at $150 a night). So, guys, if you're coming, get your stuff purchased and booked now!

It is getting pretty excited. We are blown away by the rate everything is selling so early, and everyone on the organizing committee are busy beavers getting their responsibilities done. I am the point sponsor and vendor program coordinator this year, and even I am feeling hopeful that this will be the best Rubbout yet given the response so far from the sponsors and vendors I have contacted.

Van-PAH had their first AGM yesterday which I was unable to attend, but happily there have been promotions of the puppy suit Invincible Rubber has released that are making the rounds. Cute!
Next weekend there isn't much planned but there is the Vancouver Men in Leather play night at Steamworks on Friday. I haven't told many people but I started on PrEP at the beginning of the month. My boys have been on PrEP for a year and I figured I might as well too given that it is now paid for my our provincial health plan. I would like to go into a play event without having the anxiety of fucking bareback, and I've wanted to go to this event again for sometime, so maybe this weekend will be a good test run! haha

Rubberstud of the Week #562

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Out With the Old, In With the New

It looks like 2019 is destined to be a year of flux.

A 'must do' attack on the disaster besetting the storage lockers in our condo building has resulted in me finally throwing out fifteen year's worth of unsalvageable, destroyed, disintegrated latex clothing that up to this point I didn't have the heart to part with. Even though it was all just completely useless, I did enjoy going down there time to time and catching a whiff of the aging rubber (and truth be told, up until this year, I had that rubber stored down there in addition to excess rubber gear that is still in good shape but I just didn't have the room to store in the condo anymore).

This fall, the storage box the rubber was in completely fell apart, and so did some more of the 'current cycle' of rubber gear that I store in my closet in the condo, so much so that the ratio of intact-to-unsalvageable leaned more in the latter's favour. As Mr. P and I are trying to do another round of downsizing, the pile of old rubber was one of the next items on the checklist to work on.

I made a funny video and took some pics of myself smothered by all my old rubber outfits. A flood of memories has come back. All the good sexy times and all the orgasms those rubber suits experienced. Gawd. What a bittersweet yet cathartic moment.

As with any rebirth, now I can focus on saving some money on storage, maintaining my current wardrobe, and starting to think about the purchases of new gear in the future. Many more wonderful times and memories in latex to come!
Hmmm, that pile is not small....
Swimming in my latex for the last time.....:(

Monday, January 14, 2019

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

VRM January Meet + Play

Our next shiny and tight get together is happening on January 19. I'm not sure which vac equipment I'll have; the cube is still in the repair shop, the old repair on the vac tower needs a re-glueing, so it may be just the bed and the sleepsack this time around.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Sunday, January 6, 2019


Here I am in a bit of a funk today as my two-week vacation is about to end. Tomorrow is back to work! I have had a great holiday season, perhaps partly because I removed myself from social media for the most part and focused my energy on connecting with friends and fuckbuds for some great epic play sessions over the holidays.

Some sessions were in rubber, others were not, but they were all very hot. As I did last year, I hosted a play party with my closest and nearest FWBs on New Year's Eve and my birthday; I spent most of the evening in the sling getting fucked by my three favorite dicks. I had a great fisting session with DS on the 30th and an epic session with DB in full rubber and bondage on the 4th.

Today is deconstructing the Xmas tree, catching up on some online and social media postings, and of course putting a post here with some perverted pics. Also links to a couple of short vids from the session on the 4th that I just uploaded to Xtube. Enjoy, I will be posting again very soon!

Trashed cunt

Rubber Fist Session 20190104 | XTube Porn Video from speedoguru
DB fisting my ass 20190104 | XTube Porn Video from speedoguru