Story #4: Michael Part 1

Gordon Thomas is the writer of the following story. He got inspired by the Hoxton Rubber pics with the Pirelli logos on them. He's dreaming of the latest in rubber technology: the tire tread suit. Check out the horny story below and see if you don't want to get one now! Gordon starts all of his stories start with the same statement, then describe how the guys became rubbermen. Enjoy!

The videos are all impressions of what the suit might look like, based on the Crysis Nanosuit.

Story #4: Michael by Gordon Thomas

Describe for us your first time in a full rubber suit, which made you a true rubberman.

[Michael] My first time was actually a first time for someone else. You see there is this reality show on HBO called Pimp My Fetish. They find people with unusual fetishes and then do it up to the extreme. Most fetishes on the show are ones which no one has ever heard of, or hard to experience, but all include a form of sexual element; after all that is what a fetish is. They find people and catch a glimpse of what makes them tick sexually, then surprise them with the most elaborate form of that fetish you could ever think of. My part started when I answered an advertisement looking for a gay guy who was interested in a tire tread fetish. Now when I was little, I saw a magazine advertisement for tires and in it they had a female model dressed in a full form fitting tire tread suit. I thought that was so awesome and my mind has not released that thought of a rubber tire tread suit since then.

Now, my job was to go to case out a young guy named Anthony who had a tire tread fetish and worked for Big O Tire company installing tires. I was to go undercover as a college student getting hands on job experience credits for two hours per day. The idea was for me to team up with Anthony, who was passionate about tires, to get him to teach me everything he knows. In doing so, I was to pry out just what makes this tireman tick. I felt he would open up a bit more to me if I was to make him aware I was gay, maybe by dropping a name of a leather bar to make him think I had a thing for leather, the most common gay fetish. While I was doing this, the crew for Pimp My Fetish were going to give this tireman a full condo loft and a full made-to-measure tire suit that was fully functional. I was to assist and report back to them for the rest of the eight hour day. Now, all I had to do is go and meet the handsome fetish guy.

Anthony was informed of my arrival and was busy working on changing out tires when I arrived and introduced myself. He was 21 and a pretty muscular Italian man. Living in New York he was wise to the world and very confident and sure of himself. He drove a lifted black Jeep Rubicon with extremely oversized nubbly tires and rode a red Ducati 1199 Panigale Sportbike. We met with a firm handshake and he was extremely accommodating with a bubbly personality. “So tell me what you know about tires?” he broke the tension of a first time meeting. “Well, they look good and smell good and cost a lot,” I replied with a laugh, telling him I was green on the subject. “That they do, Michael, that they do.” Anthony stated, “I just love the smell, can’t get enough of it.” I followed him into the garage and he started with the current project on his task list. “This is a new set of 17” Michelin Pilot A/S plus sport tires for a Mercedes C300. A great set of shoes for this luxury sportscar. We need to remove the old ones off of the rims using this tire machine which uses hydraulics and compressed air to remove the old tire first. Then you throw the tire onto the rim one section at a time and add this sealing solution for a firm gripping seal to the aluminum rim. You will get a great upperbody work out as these tire can weigh 25lbs to 50+lbs each and you must control the tire as you place it on the rim.” I watched as Anthony made it look so simple a kid could do it. “Ok, now you try.”

I followed the process Anthony just did and he guided me from behind pressing his chest against me as we did the tire replacement together as to not scuff the aluminum rims. “You are doing great, are you sure you have never done this before?” he said with a laugh. “I am a quick learner,” I laughed, “plus I have a great teacher.” We did the second two tires together as I started to warm up to Anthony. “So, what got you into the tire changing business?” I asked as I looked directly into his eyes. “I love tires, I have since I as a little kid. Can’t get enough of ’em. Love everything about them, the color, the smell, the rubber, the grip and control; I dunno, it is hard to describe, but I am drawn to them.” he started opening up to me. “That is cool, kinda like a shoe fetish,” I threw in trying to get to that subject. “Yeah, I guess you could say that. I like the way they are built, steel belted, rubber layer upon layer. The way they give control and handling. They have a very masculine way about them that I am drawn to,” he explained. “So are you saying you are gay and have a tire fetish?” I said jokingly. “Yeah, I guess you hit it on the head, doing what I love to do and I have been known to get some wood when working with rubber.”

“So if you are so much into tires, who makes the best brands?” I continued to question deeper. “I am an avid fan of Pirelli and Dunlop tires. They are Italian made masterpieces with a long history you will find on rich Italian sportscars. The company made the first rubber suits for the frogmen of WWII and then branched out to other things like sports, tennis and anything that required to be made out of rubber.” This was easier than I expected. Anthony is very forthcoming and feels comfortable talking to me about his fetish and his sexuality. “What ‘bout you, Michael? Anything make you get butterflies when around it?” Anthony turned to me. “Yeah, I have a thing for leather, but not as much of a grip on me as tires have on you.” I responded with a white lie hoping it would open the subject of being gay and motorcycle racing leathers. “I have been known to get into some leather pants and harness and hang out at the Eagle Bar every now and again.” “So you have that extra special boyfriend yet?” Anthony just came out and asked. “No, not yet. How about you?” He gabbed the next set of four tires off of the wall rack and allowed them to fall to the floor with a hallow sound. “No, nobody yet. I have a pretty deep rooted fetish which is not so common. Still looking for my Michelin Man,” he joked.

As he broke for lunch, I informed him I was headed back to class and was looking forward to continuing our conversation tomorrow. I left and met up with the HBO staff instead at a new loft condo just a few miles away from the tire shop. The producer of the show met me and took me up to the recently purchased loft for Anthony and started my debriefing. “Welcome, my name is Cass. Pleased to meet you. So tell me how did it go on your first day with Anthony?” he extended his hand with a handshake. “Well it went much smoother than I had expected. Anthony is a great guy, very personable, and he just opened up to me and spilled out a good amount of information to me without being tipped off. This is going to be fun fulfilling his rubber tread tire fetish fantasy.” Cass proceeded to show me the newly purchased condo which was currently in demolition phase getting ready to be redone for the show. “This loft is 1225 sq.ft. and has room for garage parking on the first floor for his Jeep and sportbike. Over here is where we are going to place the queen sized bed with walk in closet for all of his gear and clothing. We are keeping it open concept with a designer kitchen, full four piece bath with dual sinks, walk in shower and soaker tub. Down here is room for an office for him to relax or a space when guests come over to visit. We need you to assist us with what we can do to make this the best rubber tire tread fetish home for him as possible.”

“If this was my place, it would be covered everywhere with tire tread. I mean the guy cannot get enough of it. I am thinking tire tread flooring throughout the space. He is really into Pirelli and Dunlop Italian tires, so hopefully we can do something with that.” I explained. “Great, I will have my assistant contact those companies and see how much materials we can get from them for this build. We also found some great sources for inner tubes which we plan on gluing them together in a half circular pattern covering the far walls in pure rubber. And for lighting fixtures, I have a place glass place which can pop out portions of the tread in a pattern so the light can come through. We will be using them for drop lighting and lamps along with overhead lighting with small rubber tires covering the can lights. I understand that the unique charcoally smell of the rubber tires is important to you guy’s fetish, so we are incorporating new rubber on everything possible instead of hitting the tire graveyards,” Cass described to me as he drew pictures of his vision for Anthony’s new loft.

“For the bed, we are going to take six large caterpillar truck tires and lift the bed off of the floor, cut them down to size and integrate them to the size of the bed. Then it will be covered with latex sheeting with a tire tread pattern embossed right into it. Knowing he likes Italian tires, the companies colors are yellow and red, so we will concentrate on those as the accent colors for the living areas. We can integrate their logos as much as possible too. Maybe on the latex pillows. On the walls over the top of the rubber innertube texture, we can add back-lit sportbike front and back tires in an alternating pattern. Then we have some artists working on Herb Ritts’ famous photos of a mechanic carrying two tires. We got all of the shots from the original photo shoot and plan on framing them with a innertube frame. The headboard will be a checkerboard pattern of sport tread tires in a metal polished frame. We will have a glass top dining set with rubber covered structure.” Cass continued painting his elaborate vision of over the top rubber tread for Anthony’s fetish.

“What we need from you is assistance with you guy’s tire fetish. What turns you on about it to wear?” he turned to me looking to fill in the blanks for his crew to get started on the clothing side. “Well, I was thinking… You ever see the main character from the video game Crysis? The guy wears a nanosuit which could easily be adapted to a tire tread suit. It would be big, bulky, masculine and form fitting. A sure thing to send Anthony and his fetish into the clouds. I mean he would have a heavy outer tire tread suit that would have the tread patterns flow in the same directions as the muscle fibers in the nanosuit. We could use that as a full outer suit and then make an inner suit out of innertube latex material that would be form fitting to Anthony’s body itself. Then just like a real tire, we could inflate it and give it some pressure allowing it to press the inner rubber material against his skin, yet not so much that it would expand limiting his mobility. He could then use this outer tire tread skin suit as a set of motorcycle leathers when he rides his Ducati around New York. This would make so much sense because it would be dual purpose for his fetish and his time out in public while riding is sportbike,” I continued describing my vision on how to proceed. “I will have my design crew get a hold of the Crytek team and see if we can borrow plans from their nanosuit model and see how we can use it as a platform to make Anthony’s sportbike suit. Let me put you directly in touch with Evan, my fashion coordinator on making sure it meets all of Anthony’s sexual needs of the fetish. How about you two meet here tomorrow after your next visit with Anthony.”

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The next day I went back to work with Anthony excited as ever keeping a secret of what we were planning for him. We worked well together and I learned a lot about different types of tires; from water shedding tread tires, to snow tires and heavy duty mud tires. Sport tires being softer and quieter on the road to stiffer cheaper tires with more manmade rubber content. Anthony really knew his tires. He even explained how passenger jets have tires made of pure latex and wear out very quickly as the heavy planes land putting stress on the tires going from 200 miles per hour to a stop within a limited distance. This made the perfect bridge to bring up his rubber tread tire fetish again. “So you had mentioned you were single because of your fetish. Tell me more about just what your fetish is. Do you like being around tires, or do you want to become a human tire?” I asked with a tone as to make sure he felt comfortable giving me a honest response. Anthony blushed and took a second before he spoke, “Wow, I have never been asked that before. I would have to say human tire as much as that sounds funny. I mean, I did not pick this fetish, I feel it picked me. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t get enough of it, and I love it and all, but you have to admit, it is pretty obscure,” he started to confess his inner feelings. “I have fantasized about having a full contoured skin tight rubber tire tread suit, part of a second skin that I could just live in. I mean that would be the ultimate. Feeling it being part of me, part of my skin. Running my hands over the tread which was part of me. A blending of tire tech and human. I am getting a hard on just thinking about it.”

I put my hand on his shoulder in assurance, “I appreciate you sharing, your secret is safe with me.” Anthony felt comfortable continuing his description of his ultimate tire tread suit, “Dude, if it were made of Pirelli rubber, I would just faint. I mean that would be the ultimate! Pirelli rubber has a distinct smell which makes me go hard as soon as I smell it. No such suit exists, except in my mind, and that is where it has only existed. I have heard of guys who also have this same fetish, but the best I have seen is a few guys who made a scuba type suit out of innertubes or a loose fitting tire suit that was so stiff you walked around like the Michelin Man. Then I saw this video on YouTube where a guy had made a set of armor out of tire treads. You could tell he had a fetish because he had a special cod piece included on it which had a innertube sheath built for his cock. I would want one which integrated my balls too. Guys keep forgetting that their balls are just as much a part of their sexual organs. Maybe someday I will attempt to build myself a suit, but it is going to be hard.”

My heart just melted for Anthony. I wanted to tell him so badly that his dream was in the process of coming true; with a suit which was even more intense than the one he described. “You will find your special someone someday, and maybe the two of you can work on a tire tread suit together,” I said with confidence that one problem would solve the other. “Thanks man, you too. I hope you find a leatherman who will share his love for leather, even though your fetish is not so as deeply ingrained as mine,” Anthony responded with his hand going under my arm and patting me on the back. “These tires are not going to change themselves. Break is over. Let’s get started on this Corvette first. I love the soft sport tires.” We finished day two as closer friends than before. I worked right behind Anthony as if I were his shadow. Again, my time with him flew and my two hours was up before we knew it.

I met with Evan back at the build and he had some exciting news for me. My lead on the Crysis suit seemed to pan out quite well. “Hello, I am Evan. Thanks for the great start with the information you shared with Cass. It seems the Crytek company had built a statue replica of the main character of their video game and part of doing so they made a pair of heavy duty industrial tread boots for the nanosuit. They overnighted me a pair of them in Anthony’s size, 11, and these boots are awesome. Look at the tread on these guys! Much better than I could have found on the open market. The boots look so sturdy with the tread jutting out the sides that you would think you could stand through an earthquake in them. They also sent me some blue print diagrams on how to build the rubber tread suit for Anthony. The company has no problems with us copying their fictional character Alcatraz or Prophet. Then I heard back from Pirelli Tires main office in Milan Italy. They are willing to give us as much rubber tire parts as needed to renovate this entire loft condominium. They are also supplying sheets of rubber tread we can use to use for the flooring along with a rubber adhesive designed to bond the rubber together as if they were manufactured at their factory. We can definitely use this on the making of Anthony’s fetish suit as well.” he continued. “Great to hear. I got more information from our star performer on what it would be like to he in a tire tread suit. It seams that the Crysis suit model will be perfect to fit his vision. Again we need to make it pressurized and have an attached cock and ball sheath.”

“Agreed. I got a hold of a Swedish drysuit rubber company called Trelleborg Viking who makes military grade dive equipment along with hazmat and pathogen protective pressure suits. They are assisting with the design to allow it to be pressurized and the water-tight rubber zippers to lock Anthony into his dream suit. Starting with the nanosuit model, I agree we should use the tire tread patterns to mimic the muscular patterns of the male anatomy. Speaking of which, I got in contact with a rubbersuit maker in Germany called BlackStyle and they are going to assist with the innertube undersuit and the male anatomy parts and will allow us to mold a special outer cock and ball sheath out of the same liquid rubber from the Pirelli company to give it a sleeker motorcycle tire racing pattern,” Evan explained. “Yeah, Anthony said he wanted something with distinct cock and balls integrated into the suit.” I said adding reassurance to his plan.

“What I am thinking is this…” he opens the blueprints of the nanosuit onto the table in front of us, “I am going to make the large prominent pieces out of the Pirelli tread, then using the sidewall structure as a thinner part underneath to adhere the entire suit together. Making it flexible and easy to move in, I will be using parts of the innertube rubber in areas underneath the arms and crotch area, behind the knees allowing a steel belted structure between the layers to be the skeleton keeping it all together, especially under pressure when he fills it up. Now, where to add the rubber stem nozzle. The best place would be the naval, but when having tire tread mansex, it could get into the way, so, I asked Pirelli to make me a special valve that will be inset into his navel and lay flush with the outside of the tread on the suit. As for the outer treaded cock and ball sheath, we will be making it detachable so he can be under pressure and still wear a cock and ball sheath affixed to a hard rubber ring. This will allow him to remove it keeping the rubber undersuit in tact for rubberman sex. The detachable tread patterned cock and ball sheath will have prominent ball sacks attached to each side. I will add a valve stem and cap to the end of the sheath with a removable inner pin which will allow Anthony to use for extended wear to piss or even cum out of the valve if he pierces the inner nipple end on the underlying innertube suit. Now the helmet must be attached for the suit to hold air, sealing the pressure around the neck yoke, yet the inside of the helmet will be the same pressure as the outside air allowing Anthony to breath normally without an airtank. He will only be pressurized from the neck down. The electronics of the helmet will regulate the pressure in the suit along with other required information. Pirelli has their bright red logo prominently displayed throughout the new suit. You will see it shown across the lower back for when he is riding his Ducati, on the neck seal under his chin for when he is not wearing the helmet, on the back side of the helmet along the anodized aluminum collar, on the bottom of each tread boot between the heel and the base, and last but not least, on the base of the cocksheath on top where it attaches to the suit.”

“Wow Evan, you are good.” I complimented him on his attention to detail, “That is going to make him so happy. He can then wear it for extended periods of time. But he also wants to wear it as a sportbike suit when riding, won’t an exposed cock and ball sheath with a perpetual hardon be a bit much for being out in public?” Evan flips the blueprints to a zoomed in sketch of the interior workings of the cock and ball sheath attachment of the exterior suit design. “I am going to hide this all in a rubber tread codpiece similar to the one found in the nanosuit designs. Plus an added bonus I discovered. You mentioned he would be using this suit to ride on the streets on his Ducati, well this suit will be ten times more durable in a crash than a normal set of racing leathers found on a racetrack. Plus, the nanosuit has these places on the elbows, calves, chest and back which have integrated lighting. I plan on putting in high output LED lights to shine on the suit adding extra visibility at night. The battery pack will be inserted as part of the motorcycle helmet and be part of the pressurized vision of the suit making Anthony feel as if he were a human tire and a super human and a videogame hero all in one. The Dräger company is working with Trelleborg Viking on the design of the motorcycle helmet with the Crytek blueprints now. They should have a functioning model prototype by week’s end.”

This news was so invigorating that I knew Anthony would be blown away with what we had done for him. Evan continued with the functioning portion of the suits design, “The helmet will have a built in Bluetooth computer system linked into his Ducati allowing him a heads up display of all systems including tire pressure on the sportbike and pressure on his suit. Outside temperature and night vision coupled up with Google Maps and voice recognition allowing him web access without a keyboard. Now even though Anthony can add more than normal tire pressure to his rubber tread suit, which my designers have now renamed the Tyranosuit (tire and nanosuit combined), he must be careful because the pressures exerted on his body while it is under pressure is the same as a deepsea diver. Therefore, if he adds more than 33psi or one atmosphere to the suit, he will need to undergo a decompression cycle similar to the Navy Tables if he keeps it pressurized longer than a 6 hour period, less depending upon the added pressure. We recommend no more than double that or there may be issues with the watertight rubber zipper system and the neck diaphragm link with the helmet. He should be secure up to 66psi or a bit more.”

“So when do we get started? Doc?” I asked with excitement. “We already have. The suit pieces are already being assembled for Antony’s suit at the Pirelli factory and the integrated steel belting of the interior structure is being welded onto the exterior metal frame pieces creating a rugged sturdy body cage. The high tech helmet is being built at the Dräger facility making sure it can hold in the pressurization. We have decided to make five suits.” Evan announced. “Five???” I exclaimed. “Yes, five. Obviously one for Anthony, but since it is such and endeavor, we are going to make him a back up suit as well. Then, we want to display another full suit there in his bedroom, something he will see prior to knowing it was designed for him during the big reveal. And the forth one is for you, Michael. A fetish is not going to be complete if he has no one to play with. A man who understands him and what it is like to have this unique fetish. And of course, a back up suit for you too.” “Wow, but I do not own a motorcycle,” I responded back. “You will now!” Evan disclosed, “Ducati is willing to get you a matching bike to Antony’s so you guys can ride together and be with each other together. That is as long as you want to. Are you in for it? This is why we placed the advertisement for someone into the rubber tire tread fetish.” I was stunned. Anthony was going to be so friggin’ excited. “Now, how are things going with you and Anthony at Big O?” Evan asked. “Great… Yeah… Great… You know, wow, really??? I can’t believe it… This means that this whole thing is for me too!” I burst out with excitement. “Yeah, it is,” Even said in a calm demeanor, “it always was. You have not been following our HBO show, have you?”

“I guess not,” was all I could say still dumbfounded with the news I had just received. “Your job now is to win Anthony over. You have one more week to do it, then the ten days will be over and we will be gone,” Evan continued. “Now, that we got that out of the way, I need someone to be my model subject for the suit once it arrives in a few days, so we will meet up again at the condo loft on Monday after work.

In the meantime, Cass and his crew are going to need you to assist them with making this loft condo a rubberman’s paradise. They are working on the bathroom shower stall now. Too keep it from being too dark with black rubber tread everywhere, they are installing bright white LED ceiling lighting and overhead LED showerhead to make it bright and lively.” I said thank you to Evan for everything he was doing, and went in to get caught up with Cass. “Hey, there is the man of the hour,” Cass announces. “Today, we are going to continue working on the remodeling of Anthony’s new loft. Tomorrow and through the week until Monday, you are going to be going over to a motorcycle school for a crash course on how to ride a sportbike with one of the all time trainers, Keith Code, who will have you riding in style for Anthony before you know it.”

I assisted with all of the details on how to make the tread patterns flow, where to place items, how to make it so that Anthony was going to feel as if he walked into a dream. The plan was, next Friday, once this place has come together, and once the rubber suits are completed, the HBO show Pimp My Fetish, will be hiding out here with all of the cameras going. I will ask Anthony to give me a ride home for lunch, making him think this is my place. They will hand him the keys and the garage door opener to park his Jeep, they will also be allowing him to take the rest of the day off and enjoy this loft with me for the rest of the weekend. It was going to be difficult keeping this huge secret from Anthony. I continued to fall for him as we spent more time together at his work.

Finally that day came. Magical Friday. Everything was done. The loft condo looked amazing. HBO had paid the property off in full, along with a year’s worth of association dues and utility bills. We got done polishing all of the rubber the night before, so it looked shiny and new. The two Ducati’s were parked along the wall in the garage, which also had a tire tread flooring. I was ready to walk in and speak with Anthony for the last time as a friend. From that time on, after the reveal, and me informing him that I was also a tire tread fetishist, we would be destined to be lovers. I had tried out the rubber suit, and damn, it was awesome. The pressure stayed intact the entire six hours on all five suits, one per night, so the mechanical technicians knew exactly what they were doing. They had added an anal sheath to the suit so we could be intimate while encased inside the suit. The only thing was we could not be pressurized and have sex at the same time. But hey, that is why they created frottage, right? I got dropped off by Cass, who Anthony thought was my shop teacher at school.

“Anthony!” I shouted with glee, “How the hell are you?” He looked up and smiled, thinking this would be the last day for us to be together. “Michael!” he returned as he came closer to meet me with a firm handshake that pushed forward into a body embrace with a firm pat on the back. “Two weeks goes by quickly, doesn’t it? I want to thank you so much for showing me everything you know about the tire business. I want to make sure we exchange information and keep in touch in the future.” “For sure, buddy, for sure,” he quickly responded. “I brought you a little something to remember me by at work,” I said as I reached into a bag and pulled out a T-shirt with a drawing of a guy decked out head to toe in an artist’s conception of a guy wearing a rubber tread bodysuit. “Where did you get this?!?” he exclaimed. “I have my connections,” I replied as he leaded in to give me a strong hug. “How do you like it?” He looks down at it, “I love it. I friggin’ love it,” he responds, “that is what a tread suit should look like, for real.”

“I’m glad you like it, now let’s not dwell on this being our last day. Let’s get to work or you are gonna see this guy start to cry,” I reveal, “I have really bonded with you.” “Same here, man, same here,” he responds with another firm hug. We talked so much while we worked on replacing tires, patching leaks, balancing tires, rotating tires and he watched me put new tires on almost as quickly as he does. I then got a call on my cellphone. I was to act like my ride had cancelled on me. It was Cass affirming that everything was a go for the reveal and to go to the front door and ask Anthony to go inside to help me with moving a piece of heavy furniture. “Damn, Anthony. My ride just cancelled,” I divulged, “It appears they are having car problems and have to get the car towed. Can you give me a lift home over your lunch break?” “Sure buddy, how far are we going?” he asked. “Just a couple of miles south of here, it should take less than 15 minutes,” I respond. “Sure, Michael, I would be glad to do it.”

“Looks like we are done here, no sense on starting on another car, let me check with the boss and see if I can run you home now.” he suggest as he accommodates me. The boss gave us the green light and thanked me for all of the work I did during my school apprenticeship. We jumped into Anthony’s Rubicon and started for the condo loft. His Jeep was decked out in as much rubber as you could add to it. Rubber tread floor mats, rubber tread steering wheel cover, Rubber neoprene covered seat covers which gave the appearance of tire tread. He even had a tire air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. “You weren’t kidding when you said you are into tire tread rubber gear,” I remarked. “Told you it has a strong grip on me,” he replied. “Just a bit further, down at the light take a right, then a quick left, it is the loft building on the right,” I directed him, “Just park out front. And while you are here, can you pop up and assist me with moving a large armoire?” “Sure, plus I get a chance to check out your place!” he smiled back. “Now I know where you live!” he kids with me, “Just hope I am not a stalker!”

He follows me up the stairs and the door was unlocked and we just walk right in to a room full of people and cameras. Anthony is set back, “What the fuck is going on?” he says in dismay. “What is this? There is rubber tire tread everywhere!” he bursts out in shock. “Michael, is this your place? Who are these people? Someone better start giving me some straight answers!” he declares not knowing what to think. “Surprise!” everyone says as I start busting out laughing. Anthony stands there in shock still taking it all in. I reach out and hug him. “This set up is all for you. These people are from HBO and they are on a show called Pimp My Fetish, and although I enjoyed learning about changing tires, I was there to get to know you better.” “Holy Shit! You guys got me! You got me good!” Anthony said in astonishment. “You guys are real good. You had me fooled the whole time. And Michael you asking me about my tire tread fetish? That was all for this reality show?”

Not answering his questions, I felt it would be better to just show him. I grabbed his hand and escorted him over into the middle of the loft. “This place is for you, Anthony, it is yours. We all did this for you,” I revealed. “Look at this place, it is so totally awesome. Oh, my god, what is that by the bed? No freaking way… Holy Shit!!! It can’t be. Oh my god, I don’t believe it!” Anthony said as he stood face to face with the Tyranosuit suit. “This thing is fucking beautiful. Is it real? I mean, can you wear it? I mean, can I wear it? Was it built for me?” he continued in full astonishment. “Fuck me! You made it out of Pirelli rubber too! Damn! I can smell Pirelli rubber!” Anthony grabbed the suit on the mannequin by the shoulders. “Michael, you bastard! I freaking love it!” Then Cass comes over and starts telling Anthony about why he is on the show and why we did what we did. Evan standing next to him starts explaining how the suit was really made off of his own input he gave me about how he wanted a tire tread suit to look. “That means, No friggin’ way…. I don’t even want to say it… Michael, you are into rubber tread tires too? You mean you have the same fetish as me and never said anything? Oh, man, you guys are good. You really got me good!” Let us show you around your new loft condo and then we will let you try on the your new tread suit.

Cass and the cameras started showing all aspects and details of what went on making this loft his ultimate fetish condo. Then they take him down to the garage and hand him the garage door opener. He presses the button and up lifts the door revealing the two red Ducati sportbikes sitting on a rubber tire tread floor. “Is that my bike?” Anthony asks, “What the hell? How did you get my bike over here? And whose bike is that?” Then it hit him. I was going to me living in the loft with him. “Holy Shit! Michael, you live here too!” I nod to him as he starts to break down and cry. “This is too much,” he starts to sniffle, “Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming!” All I could do is go over and comfort him. “It was really hard keeping this all a secret from you,” I reassured him, “you deserve it… all of it. You are a remarkable man.” We walk back around the building and up the stairs back into the loft.

“By the way, you have the rest of the day off from work,” I announce, “It is time for the crown jewel of the show. Addressing your core fetish. It is time you get jocked up in your new rubber tire tread suit.” Evan then goes over to the walk-in closet and brings out the innertube suit in one hand and an assistant brings out the Tyranosuit directly behind him. “You said, if I am not mistaken, that your fetish consisted of being a living tireman,” Evan tells Anthony as he gestures for him to follow him into the bathroom to get changed. They were in there for what seemed a long time. Then the door opens and Anthony emerges head to toe in a black rubber innertube suit with built in cock and ball sheath. The pieces of the rubber innertubes layered in the same pattern as the muscles of a man’s anatomy. The pecs had the nozzle circles where the innertube used to be filled, which made a good use of the cut of the rubber. Anthony’s erection stood prominently out in front of him while he showed the suit off to the cameras and the people who filled the room.

Then Evan, his assistant and Anthony went back into the bathroom for another extended period of time. I just knew that Anthony’s head was spinning with his fetish fantasy coming to life. He emerges with the helmet missing and his tire treaded erection is now the dominant feature of his suit. Evan then takes the cod piece and slips it between Anthony’s legs and clasps it on the edge of each hip bone showing how the suit can be used as a motorcycle suit with just 15 seconds and an added jock piece. Then Evan assisted Antony with putting on the helmet. The LED lights on the suit flashed on in a red hue. Then Evan took a portable tire inflator tank from the walk-in closet and placed the hose onto the nozzle end of Anthony’s naval and started inflating the Tyranosuit to 33lbs of pressure. I knew this was the unexpected icing on the cake for Anthony and a bonus feature for those observing in the room. Anthony started talking from within the helmet. His voice sounded mechanical as it emerged from the built-in helmet. He started walking around trying out his new rubber skin and flexed showing off the mobility the suit still allowed him. “This must be the testosterone package,” his altered voice stated. The red Pirelli logo stretched across the small of his back, while the anodized aluminum, designed to mimic an aluminum sports wheel, was set off with a shiny charcoal 3D carbon-fiber pattern was placed around the joints of his body attaching the tread tire pattern to the underlying steel belted skeleton frame.

“This is one of the most elaborate set ups for a fetish show so far, not to mention the most well executed fetish fantasy to date with the collaboration of many companies around the world to pull it off on such a short time line. Everything went like clockwork for something that has never been done before. I want to thank Michael, who without his assistance, this should would not have been possible,” he stated as he lifted his hand in a gesture for me to step forward in recognition. “And for Anthony, for allowing Pimp My Fetish into his deepest fantasy and sharing it with our staff, and our viewers. Anthony, I also want to thank you personally as I think you were such a sport sharing something that could be embarrassing to most guys, as you allowed us access in full detail, without your knowledge, so we could completed such a remarkable suit. To you, I want to applaud you,” Cass continued as cheers and whistling layered in the background of a full applause.

“I want to thank you guys too,” a mechanical voice stated to the crowd. Evan showed Anthony the release valve on the chin of the helmet releasing the pressure before removing the helmet from Anthony’s head. His handsome face emerged from underneath the helmet as he then continued with his return speech. “I want to thank HBO, Cass, Evan, and everyone involved in making my fetish dreams come true. I also want to thank the new love of my life Michael, for whom none of this would have happened if he did not assist in conveying every detail of a fetish we both share. Thank you all, thank you so much!” Anthony ended, as he raised his arms above his head in a bodybuilder pose showing off his new black shiny tire tread suit.

Evan then motioned me to his location near the bathroom door. “We want you to get dressed too so we can get a final shot of you two guys riding off together on your red sportbikes.” I nodded and followed his assistant into the bathroom. “Ok, now I want you to get undressed and throw your clothes onto the countertop next to the sink. I am going to spray you down with a body lubricant so we can get your innertube suit on better.” I was so nervous, I could only imagine how Anthony had felt just moments before in the same situation. The innertube suit was so perfectly microcut with a computer assisted laser that you could not feel any of the seams between the pieces of rubber, as if it was all one continuous suit. I slid my semi-erect cock into the cockring and worked by balls through the ring one at a time seeing them emerge into separate pockets built into the sheath suit. “Now just like a wetsuit, there is a strong tight rubber seal around your neck and you pull a long leash up your back sealing in the watertight zipper before securing the end of the leash to the back of your neck.”

“We are now ready for the Tyranosuit,” Evan states. “This too requires that you spray a body glide lubricant inside before getting into it. You enter through the spine feet first before inserting your hands. Now you stand up straight allowing the steal belted cording built inside the suit to keep it rigid enough to pull your body deeper into the rubber tread part of the suit. Again you are going to grab the leash on this suit and slowly pull it up to your neck. Now it rests inside the collar of your helmet ring seal. When you attach your helmet, as you start with it turned to about the two o’clock position. Then place it down to get a firm seal, then twist to the twelve o’clock position. If you have done it correctly, the electronic connections will engage and your helmet’s head up display will activate showing pressure settings inside your suit and give you additional information around you.” I then agreed and told Evan in my mechanical voice that I was the one who tested all five suits out. “Ok, stud, the show’s about to start. Let’s get your codpiece on and get you on stage for your fans,” he said as he assisted me with the codpiece before slapping my butt in the direction for me to go out the door. Anthony met me outside the door as we both inflated our suits to 33psi before heading to the front of the loft.

I walked down the stairs with Anthony, who had been talking with all of the crowd while I was getting dressed. One of the crew informed him they were going to park his Jeep in the garage as soon as we departed. I felt so comfortable in the suit, and at the same time I was feeling invincible. We walked into the garage where the two bikes had been moved closer to the entrance allowing the cameras a good view of us swinging our legs over the tire tread seat before centering our weight over the bike and kicking back the kickstand. We started up the Ducati’s at the same time. The exotic racing engines began to purr as they warmed up. We dropped the gear from neutral into first gear and slowly let out the clutch making the sportbikes leave the garage space at the same time. We then turned back and waived to the cameras as we entered the side road and down to the corner stop sign. Our helmets had voice connections allowing us to talk to each other as we rode.

The shiny black tread suit looked so good on Anthony as he slowly worked his way in front of me as we merged into traffic off the main road. The pressure on the inside of the suit felt exotic as it pressed the rubber against our skin in an equal pressure across our bodies. Then I hear in my earpiece, “Michael, I don’t know about you, but I have a raging hard-on right now.” “Same here buddy,” I respond raising my had to my visor as he looks back at me as we approach the red light. “This is not happening to me. I mean this is unreal. I want to thank you so much for doing all of this for me. I have really gotten to know you well, you are a great guy, and I love you,” Anthony admits as he sits there idling at the intersection. “Where did you learn to ride?” he then continued filling in the blanks. “I was taking classes after I left you at Big O Tires,” I explained. “The suit next to the bed is still there on display, so how many of these suits did you guys make?” he asked. “Five. I know, five for the two of us. One each, one back up and one on display which we can switch out at anytime since we wear the same size. By the way, do you still want to exchange personal information?” I said in a comic tone. Anthony laughs, “We better, because I don’t want you ever getting away from me!”

We rode around the Big Apple until it started getting dark. We parked against the waterfront and watched the sunset together. Wanting to kiss, but knowing it would mean losing our pressure inside our suits, we settled with holding hands while parked next to each other. “I love the red shield with gold honeycomb grid visor the same colors as Pirelli. Not to mention I can smell the rubber inside my helmet.” “Nice, isn’t it,” I respond, “It was all Evan’s doing. That guy was amazing on taking this suit from concept to reality. That is why I had to get it out of you that first day, and I did not know how you were going to respond talking about something so personal to someone you had just met.” Anthony turns his head towards me as it catches the glow of the horizon in his visor, “I normally won’t have, but you made me feel so comfortable with you from the start that it just sort of came out. Then I was like… what the hell did I just say?” I squeeze his hand a bit and then ask, “so who was it that tipped off the guys at the show about your fetish?”

Anthony thinks about it for a second, “Only thing I can think of was this guy who came in about a month ago wanting some new tires for his Lamborghini Diablo and asked for a set of Pirelli’s. Big O does not stock ’em so I had to have him come back three days later to change them out. I took good care of him. While we did it he hung out next to the garage doorway watching me like a hawk next to his exotic car and we chatted about tires in general. I jokingly told him how much I liked Pirelli’s and I think I remember telling him it would be awesome to have a full suit make out of Pirelli’s tires. I think I also divulged how much the smell of their tires makes me get a boner, and that if they stocked them at work I would not get any work done. That guy must have been gay, scoping me out, and worked for HBO.” That made sense.

“Our six hours is about up, we will need to depressurize or go through the longer decompression process,” Anthony turns to me and says, “Did you see the air valve at the end of your dick?” “Yeah, again Evan’s design. There is a tool built into your suit right above your kneecap in the metal structure which allows you to open the center pin and remove it if you want,” I responded, “You can release it there, or your naval, or press the button on your helmet by your chin.” Anthony undid the snap on his codpiece and pulled the tool out of his metal kneepad. He unscrewed the cap and inserted the tool on the end of his treaded cock and started to slowly twist it counterclockwise. Soon the distinct hissing sound of air escaping from his suit through his cock could be heard. “I’m taking a pppppsssssttttt,” Anthony joked. I laughed and said, “Good one, now who is going tell the first skid mark joke?” Anthony reclosed the valve and lent me his tool and I followed his lead releasing half of the air in the suit watching the gauge in my helmet slowly drop to 16psi. “Did you see how large the treaded balls are on these suits?” Anthony rhetorically questioned. “I love them, I feel so masculine in this treaded suit.” I retightened my valve at half pressure and handed Anthony back his valve tool. “We should be good until the end of the ride,” I stated.

“Where shall we go next?” I asked Anthony as he resnapped his codpiece to his hip. “I was thinking of doing some riding down around SOHO, Greenwich Village and maybe Stonewall area in West Village,” Anthony responded as he started back up his sportbike. We left Hudson River Greenway and started over to the meatpacking district first. Anthony’s suit suddenly lit up with red running lights as the darkness fell across the city. Mine soon followed as I was riding to the right side of Anthony allowing him to take the lead and guide me as to where to go. We continued to The Eagle leather bar. “I told you I was into leather, but you know I didn’t mean it.” I said knowing where he was directing me. “Just going to park with the rest of the sportbikes and show off our stuff. Not a word as to where it came from, okay?” Anthony said, “I wanna keep those guys a guessing and talking about us.” We pulled up to the bar and it was a bit early as there was only a dozen or so bikes there.

We started turning some heads. Then Anthony started to roll away slowly, “that should give them a taste.” He then started in the direction of Rawhide country bar. “Are you looking to ruffle some Harley feathers next?” I said knowing his intentions. “Yeah, then we will finish our tour over by Stonewall area. I still have not had lunch, let alone supper,” Anthony said. “Neither have I, not to mention with all of the butterflies in there today, I don’t think I could have eaten much anyway,” I responded. “Okay, you pick the restaurant, but it better be something as a drive through or delivery window.” “Let me call a great Italian place and get dinner to go, then we can have some alone time back at the loft.” I hear Anthony’s helmet start dialing Intermezzo Italian Restaurant which is gay friendly. “Hey, is Ignazio working tonight? Put the scumbag on the phone, tell him Anthony wants to speak with him. (waiting) ‘What’s up man?’ Hey Iggi, this is Tony. ‘Tony? It does not sound like you.’ Trust me, you peckerwood, it is. Listen, I am about 20 minutes out and I am bringing a guest and we need a couple of chicken piccatas with the works. And throw in a chilled bottle of one of your best pinot grigios to go. Meet us out front. I am on the 1199 tonight, we have something to show you. ‘ok, boss, you got it, see you in a bit.’ Thanks Iggi, you are the best!”

After a brief encounter in front of the country bar, we finished our tour of the area and started over to pick up the food. Knowing we had no wallets on us, I know why Anthony called his friend, to put dinner on a tab. We pulled up and backed into the parking area between some cars in the front of the restaurant. As we sat there waiting, Anthony started to fill me in a bit. “Iggi and I have been best friends since kindergarten. He knows I am gay and into tires, but I never discussed my fetish with him. I don’t know how he is going to react.” No sooner did he finish his statement when we heard this loud, “What the flying fuck? Tony, what is this shit? No fuckin’ way! I don’t believe it. Look at you!” Anthony slaps hands in a arm wrestling way and draws Iggi to his chest. They pull apart and Iggi gets a good look. Anthony gets off the bike and starts to show off his new Tyranosuit. I follow right behind him. “I can’t believe it either Iggi, but I have been officially pimped! New loft condo and everything.” Anthony says in his mechanical voice before releasing the remnant pressure on his helmet button before removing it.

Holding the helmet in his hand I take off my helmet and get off my sportbike and stand next to Anthony. Iggi’s jaw was still open. “Iggi, this is my new boyfriend Michael. Michael this is Ignazio.” Anthony introduces us. “Pleasure to meet you, Mike.” Iggi says in a thick New York accent as he shakes my hand. “We have been at this since noon and as you can see we have no place for a wallet, and we are starving, so I hope you don’t mind if I put this on my tab for tonight.” he tells his friend. “Sure man, you know your credit is good with me. So, a special night with the b-friend, eh? You guys gonna get it on while wearing those rubber suits? You kinky fuck. I love you man, you know it.” Anthony just blushed. His secret was out in a big way. “Hey, you enjoy that handsome piece of ass you have hangin’ wit’ chew. You faggots have all the fucking fun, I swear. Listen, they will have your food out in a minute. You guys enjoy your special night together. I still don’t believe it, not even seeing it with my own two eyes,” Iggi continued in astonishment.

Anthony and I get back on our Ducati’s and put back on our helmets and start up our bikes. Iggi returns with a couple of bags of food. “Here you go Tony. Let me strap it the back of your bike with this carrier netting for you. Seriously, though, you guys gonna get it on while wearing those rubber suits?” Iggi inquired again. Anthony just unsnapped the side of his codpiece and pulled it away far enough to expose his rubber manhood by flashing Iggi his rubber treaded erection. “I fuckin’ knew it. Tony you are one kinky bastard. I’m fuckin’ jealous. You gays get to have all the fun,” he exclaimed as he kisses Anthony’s visor and winks. “Thanks for stopping by, man. Enjoy the food. And Tony… listen… you are not getting away without a full report with every detail man, I mean it!” Iggi slaps Anthony on the shoulder as he sees him off. We waive goodbye as I saved Anthony from further embarrassment by saying anything.

We rode back to the loft and Anthony told me all about his friend Ignazio and how they grew up together and how he was the first boy he kissed in 5th grade. He also told him he would kid him about his rubber fetish, saying he had a closet full of black rubber suits hidden away because of all of the tire tread stuff he had around his apartment. Iggi was straight, just got married last year, but still spent just as much time with him as they did when they grew up together. When we opened the garage door, we saw Anthony’s Rubicon sitting inside with a bag on his hood and a note attached to the outside. HBO was prominently displayed all over the bag. The card read, “Here are the keys to your new condominium, compliments of the staff at HBO. We wanted to share with you that this was the most fun our crew has had with a makeover so far. You guys are great for each other. Enjoy your new lifestyles and fetish together. --signed Cass.” Included was the deed to the property and receipts for one years worth of association dues. We opened the bag and inside it were two airline tickets and an all expense, two week vacation to the Pirelli tire plant in Milan Italy. We were to be staying at the Ritz-Carlton in Milan and a guided tour of Venice, Rome, and Piza. Pirelli wanted Anthony to be their company’s official mascot, similar to the Michelin Man, and have a one day photo shoot while we were there. They also wanted to put him under contract for half a million dollars to be their spokes model in commercials and magazine advertisements for their tire company.

As we went upstairs to the loft, we opened the door and there was a vase full of red and yellow roses along with a tire gift basket full of gels, lubes, condoms and male sex toys including a pair of FleshLights and black dildos. Anthony just put his keys on the table and turned and to kiss me. “ I just wanted to thank you personally for everything you have done for me.” He placed his hand underneath my charcoal aluminum and black rubber tread codpiece, leaned forward and open mouth kissed me. His tongue entered my mouth and I felt the passion of this rubberman as we shared a long overdue private kiss. He then took my hand and lead me over to the preset table and placed the dinner for two onto the dining room glass table. He lit the red tapered candles and opened the white wine and poured it into the black based wine glasses while I opened the containers of food and placed them on the plates. We sat down next to each other on the circular table looking out over the city lights in the distance.

Anthony raised his wine glass to salute the beginning of a new life together, “A toast… to a charming handsome man who came into my life at just the right time, Michael. My sexy knight in tire tread armor… to whom I feel as if I have known you my whole life, as we share a common bond together.” We drank the wine after a tinging of the two glasses and started our gourmet meal. The conversation flowed easily as we ended up feeding each other off of our forks. Sharing the long-strand spaghetti noodle bringing us together in the overdone clichéd kiss. Smiling back and forth at each other as we ate and swooned over each other enjoying each other’s company in the candle light. Ignazio threw in some tiramisu deserts and we fed them to each other finishing off the awesome meal. “Ignazio sounds like a great guy,” I stated as I finished the last bite. “Yeah, he is my buddy. I tell him everything. He likes to kid me about me being gay and having a rubber fetish doesn’t help much either, only adds ammunition to his jokes. He thinks I am too good lookin’ to be gay; like we haven’t heard that one before.”

Then Anthony takes both of my hands into his and stands up and kisses me again. “Now for something I have been waiting to do to you since I found out you were into tire tread rubber too,” Anthony softly says as he escorts me over to the latex sheeted bed dimming the overhead lights along the way. “I’m just going to get ready,” he whispers as he struts over and grabs his iPhone, helmet, and some condoms and lube out of the basket. He proceeds to the walk-in closet and gets out the compressed airtank and places his helmet back over his head. The hollow sound of a tire being filled and the wisps of escaping air around the valvestem echo around the room as he starts repressurizing his suit. I throw the latex comforter back and climb inside allowing him access into the bed beside me. As I wait for him postured up on my elbows, he places his knee onto the latex mattress before pivoting his weight and landing over my right thigh. He sits back on his heels and starts to undo his codpiece snap before I stop him, slowly finishing it for him instead, as his arms rest at his sides. His codpiece falls away and he grabs it and lays it on the nightstand next to his cellphone. Then Anthony places his hands over both my shoulders pushing be back into the overstuffed latex pillow. With one hand he unsnaps mine as well and reaches over exposing his broad torso and armpit to me and places it next to his.

In one swift move he puts his wrists underneath the backs of my knees and rolls me deeper into the pillow as he raises my legs up to my chest. He takes the drysuit zipper and slowly opens it forward until it exposes my innertube anal sheath before resting at the base of my aluminum cock and ball ring. He then takes his iPhone and sets it to camera mode and aligns up his treaded cock. Then leaning forward over my body, partially inserting his manhood into the base of my ass. “This shot is for Ignazio,” he shares as the flash lights up our shiny black rubber treaded male forms. “Breakin’ in my new suit, ya fuckin’ bastard!” he says while he types the words attaching the image to a text message. “Gays with tire fetishes get to have all the fun,” he types next to it showing me the picture for approval before he sends it. There you can easily see two men with both of our cock and balls visible in the shot as his rubberized treaded penis is entering my body. I shake my head and smile with consent and disbelief as he laughs and hits send. “No retrieving that explicit picture now,” he laughs as if he is getting one over on his best buddy.

Anthony then backs out of me and reaches over to the nightstand again. He takes an English Brand Retread Tyre black condom and opens the package before he places it over his cockhead and rolls its blackness over his erection. The condom will allow his treaded penis more slickness and stop the lubricant from getting inside the treads. He leans forward again directing his cock to my entrance before squirting some lube onto his cockhead. Moving it in and out and up and down a bit he slowly starts inserting his cock again before stopping just inches in. “You okay?” he asks in his new distinctive mechanical voice before allowing the lube to slowly let his cock sink deeper into me. “Yeah stud, take your time,” I reply as I reach up and grab the back of his head pulling his illuminated red visor next to my face. He slowly enters me deeper before adjusting his knees and his body to their more accessible position. Then he finishes his thrust and buries his cock as deep as it will go before stopping again and waiting. He then moves his body closer to mine by moving his hands down to his elbows as we lay there locked together as one. I can now feel the pressure of the air inside his suit as it makes it a bit more taught and harder than normal. We then hear a ‘bing’ come from his cellphone as a response to his text message gets returned. He starts to snicker imagining the response Iggi just gave him.

He then starts moving his hips slowly back and forth, rocking his pelvis as he slides in and out of me. I look into his visor and his eyes are closed with concentration as he starts to begin the great feelings of having his cock slide within several layers of rubber sheathing. He opens his eyes again and stairs at mine. Wanting to be closer he rests his chest onto mine, and then starts increasing his tempo. Anthony was finally fulfilling his fetish dream. I can hear him start to moan in pleasure as he enjoys each inward thrust. His breathing starts to get heavier as his air valve on his helmet’s nose cup opens to allow more oxygen in as a set of fans keeps his visor from fogging up. He concentrates on his pleasure as waves of pleasure start to rush over his body. I put my hands on his shoulders steadying him as he continues to fuck deep inside me. Our bodies feel as if they are merging as one. He has gotten to that pleasurable stage in fucking where nothing exists except him and I, the rubber suits, the air pressure pushing on his entire rubbered skin, and the feeling deep inside his cock. He moans and enjoys the feeling of sex while relishing the nuances of the male form in front of him; the masculinity that drives his inner fetish and desire. After a good workout he gets closer to that edge of the point of no return. While taunting it a few times, he stops. His body wants to continue in the worst way, yet he gathers the strength to stop thrusting and enjoys the tingling in his cock as his excitement begins to wane.

“I don’t want to cum just yet,” Anthony says explaining his reason for stopping. “Let me see what that peckerwood responded back with.” Still inside me he reaches for his cellphone. The illumination from it lights up the his visor. He starts laughing. “Iggi sends his regards to you, Michael, because he says in the picture it looks like a baseball bat is looking for a place to hide.” He then starts responding back. “Michael says it is no bigger than a double penetration.” He then slides out of me and tells me to turn over. He takes his cock and slides it back inside me and takes another picture of his cock buried inside my ass. “Nice and tight, just the way I like my men and my suits. Still going at it,” he then shows it to me before hitting send again. A swoosh sound confirms it is on it’s way. The little break was enough for Anthony to get ready to start his second plateau of sexual desire. “Iggi is probably going to go home and jack off to that one tonight,” he laughs knowing his good friend is happy for him. He then remounts me, with his dick still inside me, as he pulls his knees in closer and starts thrusting inside me again. “Oh fuck does this feel good,” he lets out after his first few strokes again.

Anthony’s body and mine spooned together as he bucked in and out of me. He was really enjoying my piece of treaded ass. He pressed his hard pressurized chest against my back as he thrusted deep into my muscular mounds of manhood. His moans returned as he was enjoying his second plateau session of desire. “I never thought it would feel this good,” he bursts out as he continues humping me. “I fucking love my fetish!” he declares. He continues moaning and I could see he was getting closer and closer to making that decision to stop again. He sounded like he was ready to be overtaken at anytime when he stated, “I think I want to go all the way this time.” He continues thrusting harder and faster. “I’m getting close.” He grinds deeper with each thrust. “Damn, I am close, real close, right on the fucking edge,” he states. Then with a few more thrusts suddenly stops all movement and he bursts out a long and undulating “Aaaaaa!”

Assuming he was cumming, instead he decided to put on the brakes at the last second, and held back as hard as he could from shooting. “Damn, I was so,” he panted, “close that I,” continuing, “thought I was going to fuckin’ burst,” he said as he still struggled keeping from hitting orgasm. Knowing just how good it felt, my cock tingled deep inside as my balls pulled up tight in their rubber sack. Anthony’s breathing showed he was over the danger zone of cumming. “Fuck, that was a close one. I had to squeeze my muscles as hard as I could to keep from shooting. My orgasm was there, waves of it, yet I was able to stop it enough to keep from ejaculating.” Taking his time, he slowly backs out of me. I turn over again and place my legs over his at his hips. He then inserts himself back inside me again. I take his hand and guide it over to my cock and balls. He starts jacking me off and caressing my balls. “You are so beautiful to me,” he says as he slowly starts to fuck me again.

He jacks me off, watching me moan with pleasure, as he takes an occasional thrust inside me. He is in control of my orgasm and his; timing it so that we will end up shooting together. Concentrating on my shaft’s underside and the sensitive part on the underside of my cockhead, he gets me to where I am moments away from shooting my load myself. Anthony leans over me again keeping his thrusts matching his hand and says, “I’m ready to go when you go.” I feel so masculine. I close my eyes and allow Anthony to take the lead. My orgasm starts to build from a tightening deep inside my prostate. I can feel my balls swell and tighten with each stroke he applies. I can feel my sperm start to get ready to burst as the sexual dam holds back inside. Then Anthony starts a more rigorous tempo knowing it will be more than I can handle once I feel my orgasm coming. He thrusts into me again with assurance we are together as one. I moan out loud as I make him aware I am at the starting stages of cumming. “I am getting close,” I respond as I look directly into his eyes. “You gonna cum?” he asks, “Then cum for me.”

The act of granting me permission to cum started taking me over the edge. My orgasm built and built and I arched my back as there was no stopping it from happening, not the way he was jacking me off. Soon I spasmed to shoot, knowing the next one would be a spasm full of cum. I let out a burst of ecstasy, and then I held it for the shortest of time and then I came! “Fuck!” I yelled as Anthony thrust inside me. Ropes of cum shot passed the sensitive part of my upper cockshaft before exploding into the reservoir end of the innertube suit inside. My asshole spasmed as I came, milking Anthony’s cock as he continued to fuck me as I raised off the bed. Seeing I was in the throws of male ecstasy, Anthony let out a loud, “Fuck yeah, take my fuckin’ dick!” before he started shooting his own wad into his innertube sheath. We came almost simultaneously as he continued milking my cock for all it was worth. Finally, I had to take my hand and stop him, as it got too sensitive to bear. He collapsed on top of me and continued to rock inside me pushing in identical waves to the ropes of sperm exiting his cock.

The intense feeling slowly overtook us both as he stopped completely and went limp on top of me. His panting continued as he said, “Damn, that was unbelievable! I have never cum so hard in my life!” My arm when up to hug him in response before falling back onto the bed exhausted. Anthony slowly pulled out of me and then rolled over and laid next to me as spent as I was. Now was the great phase of ‘afterglow’ as I came down slowly from my sexual high. A true bonding with the man I love. “Aaauugggh, that was fantastic sex.” Anthony yelled through his visor still catching his breath. While his cock is still hard and sensitive, I take the tire pin tool out from my Tyranosuit suit’s knee piece and roll off the condom encasing Anthony’s erect cock. I unscrew the cap and insert the tool around the center pin and take my other hand and grip his cock to stabilize it as I slowly turn it counterclockwise.

Soon a hissing of rushing air starts coming from the end of his manhood. Just fast enough to hear it escaping and I remove the tool and place it back inside its slot. Anthony places his hand on my back in acceptance as the pressure on his rubber suited body slowly returns back to normal. “I can’t wait until that slow trickle of air is done so I can remove your helmet and kiss the fuck out of you,” I tell Anthony. He strokes his hand over the outside of my suit enjoying its musculature. Once the air had stopped, I replace the valve cap and screw it back down. I return to the edge of Anthony’s shoulder and remove his helmet. He lifts his head as I twist it and slowly remove it from his face. I lead down and kiss him as he comes up to meet me; our tongues sliding past each other as we suck each other’s faces together. “I can’t wait to live our lives together in this decked out rubber tire tread condo,” I tell Anthony as we break from our kiss. “Yeah, me too. Me too,” I hear him reply.

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