About Rubber Canuck

About Rubber Canuck
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Age: 46
Birthdate: December 31
Height: 6'1"/185cm Weight: 190lbs/85kg
Hair: brown Eyes: blue
Sign: Capricorn
Roles: versatile sex & kink

I am an avid rubberman and former producer (2011-2016) of the Rubbout Fetish Weekend (@rubbout) held annually in Vancouver, BC since 1992. I am the former Mr. West Coast Rubber 2010 and Mr. Rubber Calgary 2008. I enjoy doing workshops and demonstrations of rubber and bondage gear in the Pacific Northwest, and have done so in Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland over the past few years for various groups and events as well as supporting rubber events in L.A., San Francisco, Palm Springs, Chicago, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, London and Manchester. 

I have been writing the Rubber Canuck blog since 2006, started a Rubber Canuck Tumblr in 2013, have been a member of Vancouver Pups and Handlers (VAN-PAH) since 2013 and have been an active member of Vancouver Men in Leather since 2008. I created the Vancouver Rubbermen group (@vanrubbermen) which I am working to grow through monthly social and play meets with likeminded guys in the BC Lower Mainland. I live with my partner Mr P and have two boys, Mook (aka Pup Greedy) and Wardog. I am also active with gay and straight running, swimming and cycling groups in Vancouver.

- I am the go-to guy for the Vancouver Rubbermen social and play group
- Organizer of the Rough Trade Vancouver fisting parties (currently on hiatus)
- Rubbout 27: Natures Calling is March 23-25 , 2018. I had the honour and headache of producing Rubbout 21-25 :-)
- My other online aliases include speedoguru, rubberfist, Matt Bauer
- speedoguru on XTube
- rubbercanuck on Tumblr
- Matt Bauer on Metaversexxx
- Check out all the insanity that is my 11 year-old blog child at rubbercanuck(dot)blogspot(dot)com

I'm a fan of anything skintight, binding and/or encapsulating and the fun that comes with getting into it or getting others into it...and keeping them in it.  Skintight rubber and spandex +++ anything that accentuates the gorgeous male form.

If it's tight, confining, stretchy, sweaty, smelly, squeaky, allows for (big) insertions, allows for containment, can create a great power dynamic, and/or makes me breathe faster or harder you'll probably find me in it! 

I think my sizable collection of rubber and gear is evidence of my obsession/problem(?). I have no issues going great lengths to set up a scene with the right players to achieve as close to a fantasy fulfillment as possible. Producing a huge fetish event requires a lot of patience and stamina..this translates into my play sessions as well.

My interests are all over the board. I enjoy all roles in scenes of prolonged bondage, vac-bondage, gimp submission, breathplay, edgeplay, electrosex, hogtying, pissplay, assplay, fisting, medical play (catheterization, intubation, sounding, and more), slingwork, ropework, objectification, moderate discipline, power dynamics and transformation action.

I'm always seeking out imaginative, creative, perverted gearheads as playmates that have good self-esteem, communication skills, good endurance, a good sense of what turns them on - a man that has no hangups about body image and expressing himself and what he likes, the piggier the better.

Versatility preferred! Switch switch switch! I enjoy Dom and sub roles equally and as much as I enjoy scenes where I am Dom, my favorite playbuds are the ones that can take control of the scene and let me gimp out for awhile....submission is my origin story and even though I consider myself approaching 50/50 as I get older, I still am a submissive at heart, especially as soon as I jump in a sling, straightjacket, restrants, or sleepsack.

You should get off on the '3 Ls' as much as I do. Please don't ask me to take off my gear if we're going to play, you are probably asking to play with the wrong guy if that's the case...if I'm in gear, I mean business! ;)

A generous sense of humour is mandatory.  I giggle a lot during sex and play because I'm really really having a good time.  It's supposed to be fun, and sometimes it's even supposed to be funny.