About Rubber Canuck

About Rubber Canuck
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Age: 44
Birthdate: December 31
Height: 6'1"/185cm Weight: 190lbs/85kg
Hair: brown Eyes: blue
Sign: Capricorn
Roles: versatile sex & kink

Reid (aka Rubber Canuck) is an avid rubberman and producer of the Rubbout Fetish Weekend (@rubbout) held annually in Vancouver, BC from 2011 to 2016. He is the former Mr. West Coast Rubber 2010 and Mr. Rubber Calgary 2008. Reid enjoys doing workshops and demonstrations of rubber and bondage gear in the Pacific Northwest, and has done so in Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland over the past few years for various groups and events as well as supporting rubber events in L.A., San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. He has been writing the Rubber Canuck blog since 2006, started a Tumblr blog in 2013, has been a member of Vancouver Pups and Handlers (VAN-PAH) since 2013 and has been an active member of Vancouver Men in Leather since 2008. He has created a Vancouver Rubbermen group (@vanrubbermen) which he is working to grow through monthly social and play meets with likeminded guys in the BC Lower Mainland. He lives with his partner Paul and is also active with gay and straight running, swimming and cycling groups in Vancouver.


- Lead organizer of Rubbout, an annual celebration of rubber and fetish for men in Vancouver. Check it out at rubbout(dot)com. Rubbout 26: Evolution is March 31-April 2, 2016.
- Organizer of the Vancouver Rubbermen (on Facebook and Twitter!)
- Mr. West Coast Rubber 2010
- Mr. Rubber Calgary 2008
- also known online as speedoguru, Matt Bauer
- speedoguru on XTube
- rubbercanuck on Tumblr
- Matt Bauer on MetaverseXXX
- blog at rubbercanuck(dot)blogspot(dot)com

I'm a fan of anything skintight, binding and/or encapsulating and the fun that comes with getting into it or getting others into it. If it's tight, confining, stretchy, sweaty, smelly, squeaky, inserts in me somewhere, or makes me breathe faster or harder you'll probably find me in it! I think my collection is evidence of my obsession.

- love skintight encapsulation and bondage. Power sex dynamics in full latex, lycra, and leather is my favorite kink.
- enjoy prolonged bondage, vac-bondage, gimp, breathplay, edgeplay, electrosex, hogtying, assplay, fisting, catheterization, sounding, slingwork, ropework, objectification, moderate discipline, transformation action. I enjoy all roles in these scenes.
- enjoy playing with like-minded perverts in a D-s headspace.
- love role playing - military, master/slave, superhero, jock, medical. I crave the creativity of fantasy and the gear required to fulfill that fantasy. I think the more bizarre and creative the scene, the more I enjoy it.
- have a primary partner who I live with whom is an exclusive top. We have an open relationship and I enjoy the opportunity to top my subs and boys. As I get older, I'm becoming a versatile/switch. We're open to LTRs with subs and boys that we develop a relationship with.
- love introducing guys that are craving new experiences to the world of rubber, fisting, edgeplay, and bondage. I'm not particular about age; it's all about maturity, energy, chemistry and authenticity.
- think vanilla sex is great. It's fun getting naked with hot guys. Body contact, intense kissing, and cuddling are big turn-ons for me.
- think public latex wearing is HOT...attention-getting...subversive. I do it at any opportunity I have. I am an unabashed pervert.
- am training and competing in sports that have great fringe benefits like hot men and shaved muscle in tight lycra. Coincidence? Surprisingly (and thankfully), no...

- are imaginative, creative, passionate, have good self-esteem, have no hangups about body image.
- are a great communicator, know what you want, and not hesitant express yourself. No kink is too strange in my eyes.
- like to flirt, get on your knees in the bar and suck on a cock, and aren't afraid to show yourself off publicly and privately.
- want to learn/teach/share learning the 'ropes' of bondage, cbt, assplay, breathplay, humiliation and gearplay. Versatility preferred! Switch switch switch!
- get off on the '3 Ls' as much as I do. Please don't ask me to take off my gear if we're going to play...if I'm in gear, I mean business! ;)
- take care of yourself mentally as well as physically. The health of each is essential to the other.
- believe toys and gear enhance the experience, not detract from it.
- should have some of your own gear. It's a personal expression; you don't get it if you have to ask. When I know you well enough...or you're travelling through town and in need of gear, I may share. Rubber stretches TO A LIMIT. I've lost a lot of gear due to my generosity over the years, yet I continue to share.
- have a twisted mind, perverted ideas and a generous sense of humour. I giggle a lot during sex and play because it's fun. It's supposed to be fun, and sometimes it's even supposed to be funny.