Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holiday Hijinks

So, the holidays have been busy with parties and get togethers with friends. I wouldn't be remiss to say that the sex and play has been a bit lacking since Christmas Day, but admittedly it's been a fucking busy time.

The two weeks leading up to Christmas are a great bunch of sex memories for me though. I had lots of play with some of those young sexy guys I have mentioned in previous posts, but this all culminated in the rubber fist party I hosted on December 24.

Disappointingly, two of the guys that said they were coming either disappeared off the face of the earth, or 'forgot the details', however Almazmol made it over in the afternoon and Wardog joined us in the evening for what was a fun evening for all.

I got to check out Almazmol's new Latexcatfish orders -- the amazeballs Captain America suit, and his latest Luchador ensemble, complete with cape.
Before Almazmol arrived, I had already donned by head-to-toe latex, boots, metal and rubber harnesses and restraints and metal chastity so I looked like I was ready for serious business when he arrived. As we are wont to do, we very quickly moved to assplay.  It was amazing to get toyplayed and fisted by Captain America....heh heh

The late afternoon moved quickly to the evening. Wardog showed up around 8, Almazmol left around 11. Mr. P even had another boy over later on. We kinda wrapped everything up around 2:30am.
More fist pics! I'm on a capturing roll!
Needless to say, it was a great evening. Everything has quickly morphed into friends and chosen family.....Christmas and Boxing Day celebrations, hangover days, and evenings out with friends or having friends over. I have had to work this week, which is a big regret as I've been in touch with a few other local and not-so-local guys that want to get together for play this week, but I've unfortunately had to say no.

As for this weekend coming up, I think Mr. P and I have finally decided we are going to friends for drinks with Wardog this evening, then attempt to get into Pumpjack for NYE/Midnight, and if not, just go back partying with the friends (who like to 'party' too, if you know what I mean), or go back to our place to celebrate the new year in the way I best see fit to ring it the sling! haha

Not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow, but the Vancouver Rubbermen Meet and Greet/Van-PAH New Year's Pup Mosh promises to be fun on Saturday. I've been soliciting the guys I know on Recon and Scruff pretty annoyingly to come out for awhile on Saturday. I'm also trying to get some to commit to a roadtrip to Seattle on February 6 to join the Rainy City Rubbermen for the CC Attle's Fetish Night, where I will be doing demos.

Of course, the fisting night is still a go on January 9, ABigKid's housewarming the same night, and the Sin City Rubber Party on January 30. 2016 already holds a lot of promise!


I must take a lamentable moment to announce that the Latexskin 0.2mm face entry catsuit I got in June has already taken its life. I was playing by myself on Tuesday afternoon (I was working, I swear) when one of the neck seams came loose (originally an unglued seam) and ran right up to the face quarter panel. It was at this moment I suspected there was no way I was going to be able to get out of the suit again without a catastrophe, so I played in the suit for as long as I could, gave the suit a quiet memorial and rite of passage to the rubberworld beyond, and then went into the shower to doff it. I tried to be as slow and deliberate as I could but with the shift in pressure across different parts of the suit, getting out of the neck was too much for the front panel to take and just as I got off my second arm, 'pop!' a tear down the entire front of the suit. It's a full-panel tear; I don't think it is salvagable but I might contact Latexskin to ask; asking doesn't hurt?

So, I've been licking my wounds the past couple days, but have been chatting with rubberbuds online about what's next - some thoughts on what to get for Rubbout 25 while also considering going thicker gauge - a 0.9mm Blackstyle suit, or maybe even a 1.2mm steamer suit for the hardcore play that I enjoy so much. My tear and repair cycle never ends, and I'd like for it to maybe even take a break from the cycle haha

At any rate, I don't lament buying a 0.2mm suit. It's something I've always wanted to try, and of course as far as form-fittedness goes, 0.2mm IS THE BEST. It's so tight and stretchy and delightful. I would love to get one again, albeit won't be face entry. Most likely simple front zip, no attachments, get the hood, gloves and socks separately, keep the design as simple as possible.  

Even though I only had the suit for a short seven months and maybe only wore it 12-15 times, I do have great memories of head to toe thin membrane rubberiness, and even getting fucked and fisted in the anal sheath in that damn suit a few times. To me, it was like getting closer to achieving Latex Bliss.

Excelsior....onward and upward. Best to all of you sexy perverted beasts in 2016.

Aww Thanks

I'm another year closer to the grave today. Thanks for the great bday wish from my friend Marc. I fully intend to pick a position or two to ring in the new year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Flipping Out for My Readers

Honestly, tell me what position you want me in and I'll obey ;-)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Gym Wildlife

This is funny!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Looking Ahead

Just a reminder shiny guys: there are a lot of rubber events going on in January.

January 1, tickets go on sale for the Elemental Party on April 1. Rubbout weekend passes are still on sale at a reduced price until Thursday!

Next Saturday, January 2nd we will be doing vac-tower, sleepsack and rubber straightjacket demos from 2-5pm at Pumpjack Pub during the VAN-PAH New Year's mosh.

On January 30 Sin City is hosting a rubber-only party at 8x6.

On February 6, the Vancouver Rubbermen will be doing a Seattle invasion to join the Rainy City Rubbermen at CC Attle's Fetish Night (February Rubber Theme) where we will be socializing and doing more demos. Talk to me on January 2nd if you are interested in going. Ultimately we would like to book a room on Capitol Hill for the night and take advantage of getting to know our Seattle rubber brothers better.

I strongly encourage you to come out and meet like-minded gear guys at all of these fantastic opportunities!

FB Event: Fappy New Year Meet and Greet
FB Event: Sin City Rubber Ball

Rubberstud(s) of the Week #401

Sunday, December 27, 2015


While I wait for my Invincible sports suit to get repaired,  I see that a second one now exists! Congrats to Daniel on his new suit!
January 2016 Invincible Rubber Calendar photo

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Wrapping

Merry Christmas, you sexy perverts!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


A friend posted this on FB today; I just had to share!

Eu DUVIDO vc ver esse vídeo menos de 10 vezesx. Looping ad eternusx! knipPHALS from Zurich #ezatamentchy tks @ziraldozsa 󾮟🏻❤️

Posted by Ezatamentchy on Saturday, December 12, 2015

Stormtrooper Gangbang

Monday, December 21, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

Metallic Black

AGAIN, just because...

Fuck and get fucked in a second skin 0.25mm latex sheath suit from

Simply The Best

11 Non-Sexual Reasons You Should Date A Kinkster

By Zachary Zane  @zacharyzane_ November 13, 2015

There’s a personality type that often accompanies someone kinky. A personality type that is open, understanding, introspective, and daring, making them the perfect partner.

Here are 11 reasons you should date someone kinky that have nothing to do with sex.

1. Open to new experiences
Kinky people are open to making new connections, collecting experiences, and trying novel activities that push the boundaries.

2. Willing to trust others
Trust is the most necessary component of any BDSM-type encounter. Without trust, neither you nor he will ever be able to enjoy it.

3. Serious introspection
People who engage in kinky sex are thinkers. They’re self-aware. They evaluate why they do things. They question who they are and what they want to be. They critically challenge what society has deemed taboo and decide for themselves what’s right and wrong.

4. Want more out of life 
Kinky people are tired of the monotony of everyday life. They’re tired with their 9-5 job. They’re tired with daily bullshit. They want something more out of life. They’re not satisfied with what they have and are willing to work hard to make their lives better.

5. Willing to be vulnerable 
Kinky men and women are willing to be vulnerable. They’re willing to put themselves on the line and be exposed. Naked. Both literally and figuratively.

6. Can tolerate pain and humiliation
It takes a certain type of person to be able to handle both emotional and physical pain. A resilient person who is not only strong-willed, but also secure enough in himself to handle emotionally intense experiences.

7. Better understanding of relational power dynamics
Power dynamics manifest themselves in every relationship, whether we like it or not. Instead of sweeping them under the rug, kinky individuals acknowledge their existence, and use them to strengthen their relationship, as opposed to underhandedly manipulate their partner.

8. They’re adventurous.
Never a dull moment. They’re willing to take risks.

9. They love harder
Kinky folks are intense and that intensity carries over to the person they love.

10. They prioritize pleasure 
Not in a purely hedonic way. They understand the complexities of pleasure, and how it can be a very fulfilling component to a well-rounded life.

11. They’re smarter 
Because they’re more introspective, inquisitive, and challenging of society, kinky people tend to be more self-aware, and just plain smarter.

Happy Friday

May your weekend result in RED.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Double Vision

This is as handsome as Canadian politics gets; Justin Trudeau met Gregor Robertson at city hall this morning — the first time a sitting Prime Minister has met there with a Vancouver mayor since his father, Pierre Trudeau, met Art Phillips in 1973.

Shiny Bodies

Nice muscular form.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ethical Slut

My friend Kevin is a great writer and a regular contributor to Homoculture. He writes lots of powerful articles about his experiences living on PrEP, slut-shaming, sexual mores, and how to have great, guilt-free sex. I wanted to share his latest with you, as it is an expression of simple rules to live your sex life (in addition to your non-sex life!).

How to be an ethical gay slut

Posted on December 16, 2015 by Kevin Moroso

Gay men have suffered centuries of abuse from our religious authorities, those who claim to be the arbiters of what is good and what is bad. In modern times, gay men have fought back and created safe spaces while societal attitudes are changing towards gay love no longer being sinful and wrong. But gay men, and arguably straight people too, are still made to feel that their full sexuality, beyond just the gender of those you have sex with, is something shameful and sinful. It can be a struggle for gay men to fully accept their sexuality, their desires to have multiple partners and to embrace their individual fetishes.

So can you be a slut and also ethical? Can one be a good Christian or a member of another religion and still accept and act upon all the facets of your sexuality? Of course it is, though it may seem counterintuitive. The core of religions and humanist philosophy is to treat people with love, dignity, and respect. So long as you incorporate those values into how you approach sex, you can ensure you uphold those beliefs while also freely engaging in the sex you desire. Here are some useful tips on how to be an ethical gay slut.

Honesty. There’s nothing more damaging to someone than unrealized expectations. It’s very important that you’re honest about your intentions with someone. That begins with being honest to yourself. If it’s just about sex, make sure that’s clear from the beginning. If it will likely be a one off, make sure that is known too. It’s always better to exceed expectations than to have to lower them later so make sure you know what you’re feeling before you start to increase the level of emotions and romance with a person.

Empathy. So you’ve both agreed to a no strings attached hookup. Great. Hopefully you’ll both have some great sex and come away from it satisfied. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Or maybe your sex partner for the night is struggling. Just because we’re horny men with high libidos does not mean you stop being a decent human being. If the other guy is having problems, please be there emotionally for him as well. Often gay men are lonely and hookups are the only way they connect with other guys – this may be that guy’s only chance to talk with someone. So don’t treat him as a piece of meat – treat him as a friend, even if only for the night.

Commit to dates. Respecting people’s time is another way we show respect for others. We often lead busy lives and try to squeeze in sex when we can. Nothing can be worse for a busy person than having the two hours you planned on hooking up with some, your only two hours available for fun, wasted by last minute cancellations. If you make a solid plan to meet up with someone, commit to it. Being cancelled on by guys is not an excuse to then do that to others.

Pleasure. Sex is between two or more people and all of you should get something out of it. Make sure you pay attention to the sexual needs of the other guy as much as you do to your own needs. Don’t be a greedy guy in bed.

Consent. Consent is not just a legal requirement, it is important from a moral point of view. Gay men fought long and hard to have laws removed that prohibited consensual sex between adults. They didn’t fight to have those laws removed so that we would violate each other’s bodies. And consent isn’t just important in terms of actually having sex, but also how we have sex. For example, if a guy wants you to use condoms, stealthing (e.g. slipping it off during sex or poking holes in it) is a big no no.

Limits. BDSM and other fetishes are perfectly okay. These desires are often hard wired in us as a result of life experiences, particularly pre-adult experiences. Trying to change or suppress these desires can often be as damaging psychologically as suppressing your desire for the same sex. In fact, psychologists don’t recognize these as disorders unless they result in real harm to yourself or to others. However, it’s rarely possible to find someone with the exact same desires as you. That’s why discussion around each other’s limits are essential – you must discuss these before you play and, once you’re playing, make sure you respect the limits of the other person. As well, do no permanent harm to your partner, even if you both desire it. If that’s a problem, you should certainly seek the help of a psychologist.

STIs. If you’ve got an STI with a significant chance of transmitting it, inform your partners or abstain from sex until the chance of transmission is low. If you inform them, it’s their choice whether they want to take the risk or not. Some of the pre-AIDS sexual health literature suggested guys wear condoms if they have an STI like gonorrhea and can’t abstain from sex. More importantly, if you do get an STI, do your best to notify any sexual partners you may have passed it along to or who may have passed it along to you. It can be damaging to go along with an untreated STI for too long and you need to help them protect their health. Plus, if you don’t notify them, it may continue to get passed around and that’s not a good thing for the wider gay community.

Racism and pozphobia. Don’t be a racist or be ignorant in the sack. Sexual racism is usually a result of ingrained attitudes towards a race and can be unlearned. It damages the mental health of men over time if they are constantly subject to sexual racism. And not sleeping with guys who have HIV is built on ignorance around transmission and irrational, exaggerated fears. Being ignorant harms others and you have a duty to both educate yourself and deal with your fears if you’re going to be an ethical slut.
Original Sluts.


OMG, I think Almazmol lost his mind when he saw this yesterday hahaha

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

*Jaw Drops*

Ohhhh myyyy...

Pros: for the first time ever, I'm glad a straight woman is actually recording something.
Cons: brief underwear and thrash metal for workouts(?)


Here is an epic image of about a sexy piece of rubber furniture? Looks comfy, ensuring use of a particular tool as a security device.

Which brought me to the ideas of reincarnation....So, obviously not replacing my prime reincarnation objective to come back as a dancebelt or chamois, perhaps a piece of sex furniture would have to suffice.

Again, Just Because

This scene is the epitome of anal ecstasy for me! The reaction on this guy's face is priceless. He is literally twitching...he's in a very different place, then snapped right back to attention in a single motion...or is he? Looks like he might still be in a continual blissful state of cosmic space and time.
His hole emotes just as good if not better than his face does. Fuck that's hot!

Possibly also the fact he's got his leg wrapped around another guy getting the same treatment right beside him in the opposite direction, so you know he was JUST watching the action close to his face right beside him just before being snapped back to attention. 

Bunch of handsome lucky sluts!!!

Does anyone know which porn this may be a scene from, by chance?


Well, this was the peak weekend for Holiday parties and hijinks.

Thursday I had the most adorable 26 year-old cub over for some sling time in the afternoon. He was so handsome and friendly. We had chatted over the few days prior and I was glad that he was able to finally come over, however it ended up he was pretty hungover and wasn't managing his play time very well haha..too much wine the night before. I put him in neoprene harness and jock and played with his ass for awhile but he kept having to run to the bathroom. I convinced him to play with my hole once he claimed his guts weren't stable and didn't want to bottom anymore, until he finally capitulated and had to head back to where he was staying in New West in order to get some more sleep. I had a good laugh with him over it...young, dumb, full of cum, still making play dates despite searing hangovers....pretty commendable.

Say hello to our tree! He's a thirsty devil!
I hope to get together with him sometime; he says he's in Vancouver from the Interior every three months or so, so here's hoping he'll contact me as I'd like to play again with him and get to know him better when he's not as ill.

Friday night Mr. P and I went to Pumpjack for the VML Gear Night. I wore my rubber skinhead jeans and polo. It was fun; we ended up having a little nip and tug with a few guys in the backroom. Time flew by, we didn't get out of there until 2am.

Late night munchies....we went for food, then went home and decided to haul the Christmas tree up to the condo from the van and set it up....drunken tree elves! Finally got everything done and set up at 5am hahaha

Saturday we went to a big holiday party at friends' place; these are the guys that will be our neighbors next summer at Shadow Falls, so it's always good to get in nice with the neighbors, right?

We had good intentions to go out for a friend's birthday party afterwards but we were so tired we just decided to head home and crash, for there was still no end of the celebratory obligations.

Rubber mitt on a carrot and berries
I got some chores done around the house on Sunday morning. I met up with friends at Fountainhead in order to stake out tables for Coco's Christmas show, an annual charity event. The pub ends up getting completely packed and all tables are claimed early so we sacrificed our livers in order to get some good seats. We ended up with four tables with about 18 guys, it was a ton of fun, and the drag performances were all sooo good. A very enjoyable evening. There were coloring contest and prize draws, I was excited to color a rubber gimp snowman, however they were out of snowmen so I had to settle with coloring a mitt...obviously into a rubber pride flag. There was no black, but I did my best with navy and brown, and ensured I put "Latex Life" on the yellow stripe :)

I slept in right to work start time on Monday, and of course shit started hitting the fan mid-morning. Fortunately I had been chatting with a 27 year-old stud who was a rubber fist top and visiting from Sydney. I didn't think anything was going to come of it as I hadn't heard from him on Sunday, however he messaged me Monday morning and wanted to come over. How could I say no? The advantages to working from home are numerous.

He came over around 1. A very handsome, confident man indeed! I was impressed!

I suggested getting into rubber so I dressed him, he dressed me. We took turns in the sling and he ravaged my ass very well...and the fact that he was turned on so much by it turned me on even more.

He claims that Sydneysiders are pretty vanilla and that he'd picked up all his perversion and technique from the Melburnians. Point well taken for my next trip to Australia haha.

As it turns out, he is Canadian, been living in Australia for quite a few years but was travelling to Alberta to spend Xmas with his family. I really hope he makes future stops in Vancouver again, fuck he was a lot of fun. I really wish I had taken some pictures. He was a high-quality individuals and very fist-proficient. I thought of getting vid while in the sling, but you know how that always ends up....not happening!

We got Mr. P involved, did some spit roasting of each other, then we each took a turn in the sling fisting and assplaying as each of us took a turn cumming. Cleanup, was amazing! He had to go and meet a friend around 5:30, so the playdate was brief but intense.

Got a bit of my backed-up work done, then we headed to Junction for Monday night Pub Trivia. Tonight I have our EBCC year-end party and swag distribution (our new cycling kit!), Wednesday I'm going to try and finish the Elemental Party poster with J and define requirements with D at Steamworks for the fisting party there on January 9. I really want to get that moving ahead. Oh yeah, and we have a tree to trim and decorating to do sometime in there. I was also hoping to have Wardog over on Thursday (which is also Anonymous at 8x6) since he's been away for a couple weeks!

Plans this week include the P-CAN Xmas party on Friday (after I finish a software upgrade in the evening), Play party with M and R on Saturday following the big Xmas Meat Draw. Sunday Mr. P and I are supposed to check out a friend's art exhibit in the afternoon and then have our boy G come over for dinner. Hope that works out...he hasn't been over for over a week! Mr. P and I have talked about him being a potential regular playmate, perhaps something more down the road since we both like him very much and he likes us, however we'll take our time on that. He's so adorable, I'm sure he has lots of boys vying for his attention anyways, not a middle aged couple with wrinkles and missing limbs! Anyways, I'm always the optimist in the wishful thinking department.

Next week will fly by; Hopefully we also get the tree dressed by the weekend so this isn't something I have to deal. I have Tuesday and Wednesday free to get some stuff done around the house. I thank Amazon for making my gift shopping for Mr. P super easy.

I'm planning a play party starting the afternoon of December 24th once work is done including SeriousButtFun, Almazmol, Ironfist, and hopefully a few others. I know it's a family day for a lot of people but I'm more interested in getting hands in holes. Seems very celebratory to me!

What do I want for Xmas? Well, other than a sleep-in and cuddle with Mr. P, I may have to go out and buy the inclement weather cycling gear I'm supposed to be buying with some of my Xmas money. This is supposed to include a new helmet, head- and tail-lights, and some waterproof panniers.

I've also been in touch with House of Basciano about getting a new black/red piping leather bulldog harness and posture collar made. I think I could consider those Xmas gifts too?

We are invited over to our friend R's place for Xmas dinner.

If there's no plans for Boxing Day yet; I may take Wardog to Steamworks with me for the evening. We'll see what happens.

My birthday's on the 31st, still no NYE plans yet. The next Van-PAH mosh and Vancouver Rubbermen meet is on Saturday January 2. Hopefully I'll get my birthday wish over the long New Year's weekend. I'm expecting Mr. P to line them up, if you get my drift...

Wow, and then we're into 2016 and starting off with the new fisting event on the 9th, and plans to head down to Seattle either on the 23rd or on February 6th to do Rubbout promotion, rubber bondage demos and support the Rainy City Rubbermen group. With the horrific exchange rate we have against the American dollar, it's super unfortunate that these trips are getting to be kinda distasteful from a financing perspective. We're back to paying 50% on each dollar we exchange - pretty sad.

Tickets for the Friday, April 1 ELEMENTAL gear party will start on sale on January 1 and Rubbout 25 weekend packages will bump up to $100 from $80.

Tis the season for young men to chat up the daddy types, particularly the non-locals. Bad in a way that I can't arrange something more immediate with them, but good in a way that we get to have an extended conversation online and get to feel each other out better. At any rate, gentlemen, please pick me! I'll be your daddy!...I have very handsome and kinky boys in Bellevue, Seattle and Corvallis chatting me up these days - I'm not sure how I'm ever going to arrange meets with them in the near future, but I will try!

More to come....

Monday, December 14, 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I am seriously considering getting one of these Latex 101 catsuits with the circuit laser pattern in a pewter or silver. For Rubbout 25: Elemental...

Seriously technological haha. What do you think?
...and while I'm here, why not put another shameless picture of the hot Latexskin model RIGHT HERE. It's silver, right?

Shiny Creature

I've always admired Two Hands to Choke's photography, and very proud of the artwork he's done for Rubbout in the past. He and CjRos have lately done some sessions for personal portfolios and also for Latexcatfish. He's cute, and he loves tight colored rubber! Here are a few of his latest with a recently-repaired beautiful catsuit. As he said, he's not sure what took so long to get the repairs done!

Two Hands to Choke is @ShinyCreature on Twitter.