Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hello there, Bryan!

He's hot, but is it just me or does he have a weird running gait? Oh well, not really looking at that, honesty...


Spandex bulges and asses! More, please! I need a regular skinsuit fix, always and forever.

Spring can't come soon enough! We desperately need more male flesh exposed, ASAP!


The corruption, politics, and Putin's madness are enough to not watch the Olympics next month (and fuck the IOC!), but no one can deny that the male athletes at the Winter Olympics wear the most delicious gear over their muscular bodies!


All I can say, Si, is good job! Woof!


I'm liking my new combination with the new Invincible chaps, Mr. S surfsuit, 2008 title vest and cap!

The surfsuit is pretty thin, so it packages up the bulge very nicely. Visually, it looks great!

Nice Ropework

Monday, January 27, 2014

Rubberstud of the Week #301


Simple, cheap...I think I want one, as long as I can modify the straps on the back! The Easybreath mask allows for natural breathing in the water....I guess come people have problems using a snorkel?!?!

Anyways, it looks rubber-gear-ish enough that I think it would be a cheap option for adding a full-face mask to your arsenal.

It might look a little dorky strapped to your face, but the Easybreath mask keeps your mouth and nose open so you can breathe normally, while a double air-flow system ensures the moist air you're exhaling is quickly removed. And that of course has the added benefit of the Easybreath mask never fogging up while you're underwater.

The part of the snorkel tube that stays above water to suck in fresh air and release exhaled breaths also features a special valve that seals when the mask is completely submerged, preventing the wearer from gulping down a mouthful of water. And while that's not a particularly new innovation, it just adds to the $55 Easybreath's overall appeal if the thought of even just sticking your face underwater has you panicking.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Oh. My. God.

This makes my eyes smile. Thank you Si, thank you Piter (Goody)!

Is there anything finer than a fit male torso under skintight rubber, all shined up and heaving? No, absolutely not :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Love this pic!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oscars 2014

This was so the idea we were going to do at West Coast Rubber last year! A bunch of us guys down in Palm Springs heading to the Oscar Parties on the weekend dressed in head-to-toe skintight gold zentai! Unfortunately we never did it, and we never would have looked as good as Alex does.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Friday Night

I was lucky enough to get invited to a rubber fisting party hosted by Tuchus, a play buddy of mine that I haven't had a session with in some much has happened to us in the past year! I was finally able to play with Gimpdog and was introduced to Wardog this evening; a guy that Tuchus has recently taken under his perverted wing. The guys were energetic and playful; it ended up being a great session!

I didn't get there until 9pm after the hospital visit and they were already in full play mode. Tuchus had suspended Gimpdog in the sitting sling over top of Wardog who he had laying very low in the regular sling, underneath him, feeding Gimpdog's hungry hole with big toys and fists. They were both covered in head to toe rubber.

While the guys were doing that, Tuchus restrained me on the bed with a horrific rebreather mask and opened my ass up to fists. Soon it was Gimpdogs turn to be lashed to the bed and stretched out a bit.

Next Gimpdog and I were chained together on the bed with our asses in the air and Wardog chariot rode us from behind. It was one great scene after another!

A bit of pup play followed, then the two young pups were put in sleepsacks and administered severe electro punishment.

After that, I fucked Wardog for awhile while Gimpdog continued to take punishment on the bed, then it was Tuchus' turn in the sling as the two young pups took their turns administering a great fisting to their handler. While they were busy with that, I hopped in the shower, collected my stuff and got ready to leave. It's amazing how quickly six hours will pass!

It was a great session, I look forward to playing with these perverts again very soon! :D

Exhibition Three

From Hoxton Rubber: