Thursday, December 27, 2007


Wow! The 10,000th visitor clicked in today! Fantastic! I hope you enjoy the blog and maybe even learn a few next lecture will be on the long-term exposure of skin to a constrictive rubber suit....

You only realize how fortunate a rubberman you are when you have a hard time deciding which rubber outfit to play in on any particular day!

Ah....vacation, how I love thee. Now that most of the holiday partying is out of the way, I finally have a day I can dedicate to working on video editing. I would like to continue taking some more photos and video to continue the Rubber Recon fantasy storyboard today, but I'm thinking of simply working on some of the video editing I really need to get done.

I have compiled and edited well over an hour of my best videos that I am attempting to size down to the right length to burn onto a 2-DVD set.

I may slip into the Latexa suit for the day to get me motivated. I've been consumed with getting that moulded skintight suit covering my body and harnessing everything up!


Now it's the 28th. I did get some more video editing done yesterday - and a quick play in the Latexa suit - but I still need more hard drive space to get things moving, so here's hoping in the next while that will happen...

Despite that, I took some more hot sweaty video of flexing and getting off in the STR suit (with accessories) tonight after a good polishing. It's such a tight tight rubber casing and I love to show it off (and hopefully promote the manufacturers...).

I'll definitely have that up on Guyzingear by the New Year since it's practically ready to upload!


Here is Rubberandy in a bondage sac with gas mask. I like this video, different angles, focused on Andy's breathing - until the end when things get 'uncomfortable'!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays

From me to my readers, all the best in 2008! I hope it is your most prolific year for experimentation and play yet! I also hope that this is the year I get to attend a rubber event and finally meet some of you.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hot Full Coverage

Here are a couple of Guyzingear videos that I think take the cake!

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Rubber Recon: Mission Stretchable

Mission Two: The Industrial Plant

Because of the stealth required, Rubber Scout must complete the next part of the recon mission by proceeding into the industrial plant on foot under the cover of darkness... be continued...

Rubber Scout

Mission One: The Laboratory

Every good rubber battalion depends on an effective, obedient rubber the mission is to investigate and report on the potential front-line hazards for all the rubbermen forces to follow. The mission is anticipated to be fraught with many dangers for the rubber scout, so he will have to proceed with caution.

...things seem quiet...too quiet.

...thankfully he has a backup air supply and gas mask in his rubber backpack.

...scanning the situation to the east.

...radioing in a preliminary status report. All A-OK so far.

...receiving next directives from Rubber HQ...

...providing final report to the Rubbermen Front Line...

...getting the instructions to proceed with the mission.

To be continued...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

STR Videos

Experiment, experiment, experiment...

Here are the first vids with the new camcorder and editing software. Of course, the original vids are the best quality, only after converting to DivX are these ones uploadable for streaming. I decided to put these on slickStimulations after talking with Rob last night. He wants more media contributions on the site!

I still wish I had better lighting and location options.

...and wouldn't a mirrored room for posing in be cool?

So here is the Skintightrubber suit. It is certainly the most form-fitting rubber I have worn. I can certainly appreciate Fox's advice on the lube vs. talc debate when donning this suit. Lube makes extended periods of rubber wearing more enjoyable. What a great feeling. The suit and Blackstyle gear sure are a lot of fun!

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Find more videos like this on slickSTIMULATIONS

Find more videos like this on slickSTIMULATIONS

Find more videos like this on slickSTIMULATIONS

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Red Meat, Resurrected

Here I am in all my red Kinky King glory! Thanks for the use of the suit, Jim. I hope these are as good for you as they were for me. ;-)

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Find more videos like this on DirtyRubberPig

Find more videos like this on DirtyRubberPig

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More more more more

I was hoping to look like this this week on video....

Okay, I made some errors in judgment yesterday, and long story short, most of the vids I had taken over the past few weeks no longer exist in uploadable format!

They were good ones too...

What happened is that I, in my imminent cheapness (of all things non-latex), decided to do some video editing with shareware off the net. One program I found was free but you could only grab 10-second pieces of video, so I decided to split out all the videos, leaving only the good parts with sort of a flow and then join the entire bunch together. For some reason this software added a whole lotta bulk to these file sizes and now I have three videos nearing the 2GB range! I didn't notice the gargantuan split filesize until much later.

Consequently now, another long story short, my boyfriend loves downloading porn off the Net and despite a year of me nagging him to start burning crap off the home computer he seems to like having our 250GB hard drive 80% full of porn (another 15% would be music....), so when you're manipulating files at 2GB a piece and trying to split them up, your computer is constantly complaining about free disk space. I mean, really, what a whiner!

...I was so excited to do some video in the new STR tight and sexy....the most awesome suit I've ever owned (I know I've said that before, but this time I mean it!).

I had the joined vids, the computer was bitching, so why not just delete the originals? Yeesh, What an idiot. Crap - now I have split up vids that will never fit Guyzingear's 100MB limit (unless it's in 20 parts). So what's a guy to do? Here's what I did:

I bought this freakin' thing! Not a big deal - I had been wanting to buy a digital camcorder and editing software for quite some time. I am a little unnerved how impulsive I've been lately. This has got to stop now, er, soon!

It's almost the holidays and no doubt I have a lot of things to play with and in, and now a high-quality camera to take vids with. Time to start hunkering down and enjoying the rewards.

The thing's supposed to show up on Thursday (web sale from a Canadian retailer), so maybe on Sunday I'll get to try again...What a chore, eh? ;-p

I will have the current vids available on Pando, if you're interested in grabbing them from me. Just let me know via email.

By the way, it's been colder than a witch's tit here in Calgary for the past week and looks to stay that way for the next while, so there'll be lots of opportunity to take new video and pics to share!

I'll need to stay in rubber to prevent going bat-shit crazy from the cold, dark, and cabin fever! How I hate love Canadian winter. I'd leave this place if it weren't for the summers!!! I can call my out-of-control rubber fixation mental health maintenance!

So for all of you rubbering up to stay warm this winter, what's the most effective solution? Stay warm with a rubber buddy!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Layering and more

Here are a couple of hot vids from Rubberrobbie. In the first he is having fun in a rebreathing mask and in the second he is layering hoods and enclosing himself. The sounds and editing are fantastic!

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Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Today's the day I start working on editing all my video clips.

I've been spending as much time as possible in the STR suit this weekend -- I know my workweek is going to be too busy to get any rubber time in after today. I got into the suit with talc and a bit of silicone lube yesterday, but I found the dryness was a little uncomfortable after hours of wear, especially at the neck and elbow/forearms. Man, this suit is freaking tight! Today I made a concoction of J-lube and it is working much better. I made enough to store for future use, like a normal non-lazy person would.


I took a long series of vids today and will hopefully get to editing everything over the next few weeks. There's some good looking stuff there that I'm excited to share!

I'm now in my hot pink suit again, as I have been all evening while getting chores done. Man, I love my rubber clothes. A funny thing about being here in Canada for me is that I find myself in rubber much, much more in the winter than in summer. It's because I'm indoors more - like an animal, trapped by cold and snow - but also trapped by a vacuum bed! LOL

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Invincible Skintightrubber

There must have been an alignment of certain stars yesterday, because both my new Skintightrubber catsuit and Invincible catsuit showed up on the same day! It sure made Friday night a late one...especially when the boyfriend got home! ;-)

Here is the STR shoulder zip suit with the Blackstyle intubation mask and toe socks. I had an epiphany that this might be the tightest, slickest, most enclosing rubber clothing I'll ever have on.

I'd like to give a rubber shout-out to FoxZatt for his always-appreciated advice and the folks at STR for being so helpful and patient!

The Invincible suit was not even what was pictured in the eBay auction. I honestly thought it was going to be sleeveless. No matter, it is almost as tight as the STR suit, and I really don't think the hot pink is that bad, really! I certainly won't be wearing it as camouflage, but it'll be coming to a rubber weekend or gay pride parade near you soon! LOL

Stay tuned for some video action!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Rubber bondage

Here is another video from Japan's Seraphen - the BC king - showing how a vacrack, piece of tape and willing monitor can make a fun afternoon fly by!

Or check out this get-up from Jerry in St. Louis. Look ma, no hands! Nothing better than cutting out the middleman!?!?!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Potential Projects

It's nearly the end of another year and it's time to start thinking about latex projects for 2008! Because you know that's what I like doing, the rubber freak that I am...

I'm really happy with how my rubber wardrobe evolved and built up over the past year. I spent lots of time trying to figure out what would be the best purchases for base layers of rubber, and then the fun began when trying to determine what would best accessorize these looks. I am particularly happy with how the pewter catsuit looks with the TredAirs and Sam Browne belt. As far as the fetish budget is concerned, the TredAirs were priced second only to rubber fullsuits this year, but I must say they are the sexiest boots I've ever seen and complement many of my outfits!

For 2008, there are two new scenes I'd like to dabble in. Both are completely impractical, I know, but how the look and the scene might evolve are very interesting to me.

The first is skintight white latex. I've seen a couple of pics like these ones that are clinical/medical scene in nature that I find fantastic to look at. I've seen quite a few of the old Soviet white gas masks on eBay and this would work very nice with a white full catsuit, however I'm aware about how easy white could be to stain, etc. You would pretty much need to be kinking out in a clean room to keep something like that immaculately white! It does look pretty amazing, though. The skintight white latex look is also something I implemented into a science fiction story I wrote many years ago involving a couple of Han Solo-esque cargo runners that get marooned on a desert planet with a small population of dwellers (miners, some other group that normally wouldn't live there....) that wear skintight white rubber suits to retain any moisture lost through sweating. They would also have to wear a breathing system to supplement the very thin atmosphere. Very similar to Dune, however these suits are tight and white, not black. How easy would be it be to implement a story line like that into a gay rubber fetish film? I'd watch it! ;-p

The next look I'd like to work on this year is something else that I also drew pictures of as a kid. The image I had even that long ago was of a fully-enclosed skintight contamination suit that would be used, theoretically, by investigators approaching a contaminated area hiking on foot from a distance. It would be skintight to avoid getting snagged on anything and to cross water, mud obstacles en route and fully enclosed to prevent any contamination risk. It would be a latex biohazard suit in the bright safety yellow with enclosed SCBA, mask, hood and catsuit. I've been trying to find something online that is close to the look I want but I haven't found anything yet. Maybe a skintight yellow suit in standard design as the ones in the picture with combined boots, gloves, hood and SCBA unit and backpack, the standard biohazard symbols on the suit? I wish I could find a picture online of the look I'm trying to achieve! The only image that would be similar is something I've seen in certain cartoons, believe it or not! Maybe that makes the aspiration to get something like this together more bizarre? LOL

The closest thing I can find is something like the white suit from Latexus below, fully enclosed, but ordered in bright safety yellow (and more form fitting, of course).
I also found this BBK & Smellbag getup available through the German Rubbers Finest retail site. It gave me the idea that this would be perfect if you could get it manufactured in safety yellow as well! Add that to the rubber suit, and you'd have the look complete! There is a lot of variation on a theme that could be implemented to achieve this look. It would certainly look very bizarre and unique if you could choose the right suits and accessories!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007

glänzende schwarze Klage


Rubbear's vids show the 'sucky-sack' vacuum sleepsack that more and more people seem to be getting into. It sure looks like a bit of fun!

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Find more videos like this on guyzingear
Very similar to the sleepsack being sold by Brian at KinkyKing Latex. He is offering both vacuumizable and inflatable models. The red catsuit you've seen me wearing is from there as well. I believe he's based in Chicago and was a sponsor of MIR this year. You know? Good for him. Brian's doing what I think I should be doing, and he's doing it as I would do it...making tremendous effort finding a high-quality dependable supplier and designing things that he knows kinky rubbermen will like. His prices are extremely reasonable too! I might consider doing some ordering through Brian for some transparent stuff in the near future.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Holy videos, rubberman!

It's all about me, anyways....

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Here's a host of new ones taken with the fixed Latexa suit and Blackstyle hood, as well as the red latex suit and black cocksheath. Talk about rubber overload!

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Can't wait until I can edit them all together.....lots of long horny rubber sessions, coming up!

Find more videos like this on guyzingear


Can anyone translate German? What are the accessories available for the Spexter fullsuit? I am still looking for lenses, like these ones:

Ganzanzug aus Gummi mit vielen Extras:
Maske mit verspiegelten Augen, angearbeitete Handschuhe und Füßlinge, angearbeitete Penishülle und Codpiece zum abknöpfen.
Materialstärke: 0,6 mm Gummi

Anzug in der Größe: XS - S - M - L - XL
- mit angearbeiteten Handschuhen S - M - L - XL
- mit angearbeiteten Füßlingen in S - M - L - XL
- mit angearbeiteter Maske in S- M - L - XL
- mit verspiegelten Augen,
- mit angearbeiteter Penishülle (one size),
- mit abnehmbarem Cod-Piece
Siehe Abbildungen.
Wird nur auf Bestellung nach Deinen Angaben gefertigt.
Je nach gewünschten Optionen variiert der Preis - bitte anfragen.
Packungsinhalt: 1 Stück

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Buyer's remorse

So, is there anyone out there that wants to buy a hot pink Invincible catsuit, size Medium? In fact, I think I'm going to have an auction and start selling off all my old gear. Instead of exposing repressed childhood memories, eBay can be good for something...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blackstyle, questionable style....

My order from Blackstyle Germany showed up on Monday. I've been trying all the different gear on and spending most of my spare time in restricted rubberized bliss and arousal over the past few days...

The toe socks are something else. The rubber is quite thick, maybe upwards of 0.7mm, maybe thicker, so I'm glad the possibility of tearing them is minimal -- you know those Germans know how to make quality fetish gear to last!

When you pull them on the anticipation is wonderful. To realize that you are enveloping each toe in its own rubber cocoon is bizarre. It is a bit weird at first as you realize you need to slip and position each of your fleshy toes into the rubber ones, but once everything's in place the feeling is very neat. I find that the instep in the socks is quite high, so the rubber tends to fold where it meets the ankle at the top, but no matter. If you have a pair that are sized right, there will be air pockets in the socks and almost every time you take a step, you squeak! As well, the thicker rubber tends to collect electric charge off of carpets more readily, so warn your pets before you approach them in your rubber toe socks!

Flexing your toes is great, everything moves as it should while you feel the rubber sliding against your skin and against the other toes. It is otherworldly, especially if you have your legs in the air and a partner rubbing and sucking on them!

I also bought a full-hood Danish-style gas mask and an anatomical hood. Both have zippered backs and this is also taking some getting used to as anything I have had before has been moulded and one-piece with a short neck. I'm getting to like the idea of being zipped in!

I have great plans for the Danish gas mask once the Skintightrubber catsuit shows up...everything polished and glistening...and fully enveloping...

I found the rubber on the anatomical hood is thicker than I'm used to and because the neck is so long, the rubber ends up chafing on my trapezoids and the skin above my collarbone after wearing it for an extended period. I haven't noticed this as much with the gas mask. But the fit is nice and tight, and that's what we're striving for here, so who cares, right?

The anatomical mask has two 1.5 inch long tubes you insert into your nostrils for unrestricted nose breathing while the mask is on. If you read my entry on intubation a month or so ago, this is a good introduction into it! I found the sensation quite extraordinary (and it makes taking poppers much easier than lining up nostril holes). The nose is moulded into a wider shape which looks funny from the outside and is quite comfortable once you're inside because of the room it provides. The eyes and mouth line up pretty good, although I find the mask tends to slip down over time with the upper lip of the mouth slipping over your mouth. This makes taking 'large foreign objects' into your mouth a bit daunting, and requiring a stop and refitting once in awhile. Of course, everyone's face is different....and remember, if you're sucking on something that plugs up the mouth hole, you still have unrestricted breathing through the nostril tubes!

One funny thing about the nostril tubes. If you reposition the mask too high up, the tubes will hit a sensitive area of the sinuses that may want to make you sneeze. You can try to supress this, but there was nothing more funny than sneezing in a rubber mask several times the other night!

So, now we have the mask cinched on, the toe socks, gloves and a catsuit on, butt plug inserted, now what?

I really wanted to put some type of lenses permanently over the eye holes on this mask in order to make the full encapsulation sensation complete, but I found a pair of my old swimming goggles fit over the eye holes almost perfectly and will suffice for the time being until I figure out how best to get some lenses made for a rubber mask.

Last but not least, the inflatable gag! I had never tried one of these before, but it is certainly a stimulating accessory. I had to make sure I had rubber from the mask covering the upper and lower lips before slipping in the gag since the gag base is made of quite hard plastic and becomes quite uncomfortable quickly if you do not layer something between the plastic and your mouth. Plus it gives you the feeling of having rubber lips too! It is quite the sensation to have a growing obstruction in your mouth while flying on poppers and pleasuring yourself. It can grow to a size that restricts swallowing and this adds to the fully-plugged scene for me. No lack of air, but something big and restrictive in your mouth that makes it hard to swallow! Fun!

So now I'm completely encapsulated. A discipline collar cinched up around the neck for good measure and suddenly I am the perfect rubberslave, ready for any master's bidding!

While rubbered up last night, I took it upon myself to fix the rips in the old Latexa suit with the liter bottle of Blackstyle glue I bought as well. At first I thought it wasn't going to work since the glue resembles the old white construction glue we all used to use in school and it very quickly strings and balls up if you don't have your rubber placed right. But unlike some of the other glues I've used, if you don't have things positioned right the first time, you have a second chance. Once I had the patch in place and put pressure on the area to seal things, I laid the fixed area flat on a hard surface, put weight on the patch for a period of time with some heavy books and voila! A new patch! It almost appears that this glue does some of the chemical bonding I had heard some of these glues do because even from the external side of the suit, the patch looks like a raised section -- almost like it was professionally repaired! This glue gave me the time to set the patches right, and I honestly believe it is the 'cleanest' patch job I have done to date. Next is the stress testing...maybe tonight? Probably not until the weekend. I am so happy to have my Latexa fullsuit back! This new glue also might give me the chance to fix up some of the older not so clean patches I've done on this suit in the past...

So, now I wait for the Skintightrubber shoulder zip catsuit to show up. I've been dreaming about it. But do you think I was just satisfied with that? are three more things I've purchased in the past week, for no reason other than I'm crazy and nuts....the last one is possibly the most impulsive purchase (read: innocuous bid) I've ever made on eBay...well, except that time I won the low-bid on a fixed-gear bike I didn't need!

In the spirit of the latex jeans and Sam Browne belt I bought last month, here are two new belt buckles that I intend to implement into my outfits when going out...I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I bought both! I think they will look very prominent with the latex jeans and tank top or with the tights and tank top when going out. Hopefully will be a conversation starter...heh heh

...and then there's this...

I laughed to myself when I won this auction last night. I completely low-balled the bid, fully expecting someone else to easily outbid me, but then it ended up I was the only bidder, and for obvious reasons. HOT PINK?

I think it's hilarious.

The reason I bid initially was because it is made by Invincible and I still wanted to try out their clothing, especially at the cheap opening price for this auction, but I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with hot pink. Hot pink!?!?!

The second thought I had was a recollection of a male model in one of those workout magazines (maybe a Malepak advertisment in EMO?) from the 80s (when lycra was king) that was wearing a pair of hot pink glossy tights and a cotton tank. I remember that all the musculature in his legs and his basket were completely highlighted in the hot pink fabric and that image came flooding back to me when I saw this item for sale on eBay.

Damn you, eBay! Damn you for triggering all those repressed childhood memories!

It is definitely a Pride Parade outfit, I think. I'm just not sure what I'm going to accessorize it with. Wish me luck figuring out that one. I think if I go out in public with that suit, I will require a bodyguard entourage! The zipper is black, but with the suit being as gay as it is, don't you think white would be more appropriate? I'm thinking white leather platform boots, white boa and cowboy hat. As close to a drag queen as you can get without the wig and tuck! LOL

Maybe black wouldn't look too bad...I'll have to start looking for one of those really gay cowboy hats to accessorize the hot pink. Hot pink!?!?!

If I do go to IML or MIR next year, I'm definitely bringing it along just for the attention it will create! And maybe the car accidents too....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

World Champs in white

Despite the reaction of horror most cyclists have towards white lycra, mmm...these boys wear it well!
Remember, kids: wearing white lycra is a privilege, not a right! Especially when you have the World Champ rainbow printed on it....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Military Rubber

For the first time, I finally put together the military look I had envisioned. The Black Body latex Sam Browne belt showed up a few weeks ago and I was curious how it would look with the Mr. S catsuit and garrison cap and the TredAirs. I think the look is marvellous!