Prince in White Tights

The Prince in White Tights by Rubber Canuck

I have been a recreational ballet dancer for several years. I have danced at several different schools, had several different instructors, and met a very wide variety of individuals who all share a passion for ballet. However, I had always fantasized about meeting the man of my dreams in a studio somewhere, sometime that shared my passion for dance, for life and for love. All this time, I had met many men who loved to dance and many who have become friends, but never anyone who became anything more…until those fateful weeks in Montreal.

I was in town for business and had decided I needed to get to a local school sometime during my stay in Montreal to burn off some work stress. On Friday, I checked the local phone book to find a school close to where I was staying, and made several phone calls. One school receptionist I talked to explained that they ran classes during the week, and their professional school was performing at one of the theaters that weekend. I explained to her that I wanted to attend some classes the following week, but seeing a performance would be a nice distraction before I could get into a studio. I checked out the schedule of the school, and decided to attend an intermediate class that was being taught by a male instructor several times the following week.

The performance the school was holding was on Saturday night. I got ready and left the hotel, heading downtown to the theater. Once I was in the theater and settled I looked around. The theater was quite small and in that typical Montreal style, very charming and intimate.

Once the lights went down and the performance of the first piece started, I settled in to enjoy several hours of professional dancing. The dancers were all very well rehearsed and put on a very good show.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the third piece was an all-male routine. It was titled “The Princes”. Six men performed the work, and I was in awe of their choreography, powerful leaps, and raw energy. They were wearing very simple, sexy costumes. They were all dressed in shiny white tights with sheer white long sleeve skintight tops that showed off all of their rippling upper body muscles. They were all very beautiful works of living art. One man in particular caught my eye. He was a beautiful French Adonis who made his dancing look effortless. The expression on his face was concentrated yet joyful. He looked like he was born to dance, like it was the only thing that mattered at that moment. I was very disappointed when the piece ended a short while after, and the fourth act started. I couldn’t get the image of that incredible dancer out of my head.

After the performance ended and I headed back to the hotel, my thoughts were filled with the images of those men jumping across the stage, and I longed to be involved in an all-male routine like that one. Most of the routines I had performed on stage with our company involved mostly women, as you would expect. There still weren’t a lot of men dancing in schools in my area of the country. I ended up being relegated to minor parts, since I hadn’t had a lot of experience with partnering yet. Dancing with a group of men would be an unbelievable experience.

The weekend came and went, and I was looking forward to my classes on Monday night during the entire workday. I hadn’t brought much of my own dance clothes with me, so I decided it was a good opportunity to do some shopping for some new things. After work, I went to a local dancewear store to buy some new practice wear. The only pair of tights I brought and had been wearing a lot for the last several years had done the job, but since I was in the city where European styling was the norm, I decided to improve my wardrobe. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the store I went to carried a relatively large selection of menswear.

Dancewear made by M.Stevens of Los Angeles has always been a personal favorite. The special nylon and spandex material, called milliskin, is very thin and extremely stretchy, and the specific designs for men are unsurpassed by any other manufacturer. I own two pairs of M.Stevens tights, and had made a decision to buy several unitards and bodysuits, if they were available.

This particular store carried M.Stevens gear, which made me very happy. I was even more pleased to discover the variety of selection they carried. As I was walking along the menswear rack, I noticed another man checking out the same items. From a side profile, he was stunning, but also familiar looking. I was enraptured immediately by his chiseled facial features, black hair, and penetrating brown, Quebecois eyes. I realized suddenly he had been the dancer in the Saturday evening performance that I had become enraptured with.

At the same time I looked at him, he looked up at me and smiled.

“Hi there”, I said, stammering. I was so nervous!
“Bonjour. How are you?” he replied, in a sexy French accent.
“I’m very good, thank you. You don’t happen to work here?” I asked, thinking maybe this was a day job for him.
“No,” he replied. “I instruct at a school here. I’m shopping for some new clothes.”
“Didn’t you perform at the theater on St. Laurent on the weekend?”
“Mais oui. Were you there?”
“Yes, I watched the performance. You were magnifique!”
“Well, thank you. I’m surprised you noticed me. I helped choreograph parts of it, but I only dance a minor part. I am very busy on the backstage. We are running the show for the rest of the month.”
“Well, you’re very hard to miss. You’re a very good-looking man and a very good dancer. I was intrigued by an all-male performance. You made your part look very effortless. It must be a real treat to be able to work with all men in a dance”
“Merci. I’m glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun to put together,” he said, beaming.
“I really liked the choreography, and the costumes were incredible.”
“Oui, I helped in the design of the costumes as well. I like men to look very sexy and powerful on stage.”

We both smiled, and turned to the dancewear on the rack. I continued the conversation.

“You like Marilyn Stevens gear too? I think it’s the best men’s dancewear available.”
“Oh, I agree. I’ve worn it for many years. I wouldn’t wear anything else unless I had to.”
“I’m actually looking to try something different. I’ve worn tights for quite awhile. What do you think of the unitards?”
“You definitely have to get one. They are so much more comfortable at the waist without the restriction of a belt. Are you going to try some on?”
“I was thinking about it.”
“What size do you take?”
“A large. Preferably a dark color.”
“You shouldn’t be so modest. You have a great body. You should show it off. Many teachers like their pupils in light colors. It’s much easier to pick up faults in lines and positioning. You should listen to me – I’m the professional,” he smirked.
I turned a color of red. “Well, thanks. I think I’ll try out some of these.”

I pulled a footed navy blue tank unitard and a footless gray cap sleeved unitard off the rack.
“What do you think of these?” I asked.
“Well, they’re a good start. Go and try them on.” He responded.
“What are you considering? I’d like to see what a professional chooses.” I countered.
“Hmm…I need a pair of white tights for some of the performances over the next few weeks. Maybe I should consider getting another white unitard?”

He rummaged through the rack for a few moments, and a look of satisfaction came over his face as he pulled out a footed, cap sleeved white unitard. “Voila!” he exclaimed.
“I’d like to see you in that!” I stated, smiling.
“Well, you go in the change room over there, and I’ll go in the one beside it. We’ll come out at the same time, and judge each others outfit.”
“Okay”, I agreed. “By the way, we really should know each other’s names before we start seeing each other half-naked. My name’s John.”
“I’m Joseph,” he said, with a big grin and a handshake. “I’m very pleased to meet you.”
“Let’s go.”

We each grabbed one of the tester dancebelts available in the store, and went into the change rooms. As I began doffing my street clothes, I could hear him in the next room doing the same. The thought of seeing his beautiful muscular dancer’s body enveloped in tight lycra started to arouse me. I tried to get the thoughts out of my head while I tugged up and fit the dancebelt around my waist, positioned my cock in such a way to try and hide the increasingly hard member, and slid the thong into place up my butt crack.
As I started to pull the legs of the unitard up my calves, I heard Joseph calling from the other room.

“How are things going in there?”
“Fine. Are you sure you don’t work here? I thought the salepeople would be the only ones that would be interested in asking that question,” I joked.
“Just trying to help out the amateur, non?” he retorted with a laugh.

I got the straps of the tank unitard over my shoulders with a snap, pulled the crotch into place with a bit up the buttcrack as they’re supposed to be placed, and did a final reposition. The feeling of no restriction around the waist felt wonderful. The milliskin fabric was so thin that it almost felt like wearing nothing. The material shaped to my every contortion and there was absolutely no bunching.

“I’ve got the blue one on,” I announced.
“Alors, let’s see it.”

I sheepishly pulled the curtain aside and came out. I was astounded by what I saw when I came out. There was Joseph, dressed in the white cap-sleeved unitard. He was a sight from heaven. His muscular legs, well-defined abs and pecs and perfect ass were accentuated in the thin white lycra. His package was accentuated by the padded dancebelt in such a tantalizing way that I became aroused immediately.

“You like how the suit fits me?” he asked.
“You look beautiful in that suit,” I stammered.
Joseph laughed. “You look pretty hot yourself.”
“I wish I could take a picture of you right now,” I replied. “There is nothing more satisfying to me than a beautiful man completely covered in lycra.”
“I really agree. I wear lycra quite a bit. I find it so comfortable, I wear it at home too.”
“Really? So do I.”
“That’s great. You have a really great body,” Joseph said. “Have you danced for awhile?”
“Actually I’ve only danced for a few years. I’ve road and track cycled competitively for many years. I’ve been using ballet as cross-training. I’ve always wanted to dance and I really regret not getting into it earlier.”
“It certainly is one of the most demanding physical activities a person can do. I’ve danced since I was a teenager. It has kept me in great shape my entire life,” Joseph said.
“Well, it certainly shows,” I beamed.
“And your hard work shows too. You have a fantastic cyclist’s butt,” he replied.
I turned red again. “I have a confession to make. I didn’t only get into cycling and dance just for the physical and mental aspect. I’ve always had a weakness for beautiful men in tight spandex. If I had to spend the rest of my life following a pack of cyclists and watching their tight asses in bike shorts, or spend the rest of my life in a men’s ballet class surrounded by hotties wearing tights and unitards, I would die a happy man.”
Joseph laughed again. “I actually have quite a collection of ballet performances at home on videotape. I use them in theory class sometimes, but I also watch them for personal enjoyment. There’s nothing I love more than the sight of a danseur performing an arabesque or grand jete in white tights.”
“I can’t believe I’m telling you all of this,” I said.
“That’s okay. I’m very happy to find men that are so open about their passions. It makes me feel good to know that there are decent men in this world who can admit their love of the male body and especially those in lycra.”
“Do you own a lot of lycra gear?” I asked.
“I’ve been dancing for almost twenty years. What do you think?” he laughed.

Slowly I moved over to the mirror, admiring the look of my body ensconced in the tight material. The shine of the material in the store light highlighted my muscular thighs and calves. I flexed my shoulders to tighten my pectoral muscles and appreciated how my chest looked under the unforgiving fabric. I turned around to check out my ass, back, and hamstrings. As I turned back, Joseph came over behind me, putting a hand on my shoulder to adjust the strap. When I didn’t flinch, he moved his other hand and placed it on my waist, cupping it around my right hip. I shuddered as I felt his body come close behind mine. The look of both of our bodies covered in spandex in the mirror together made me even hotter.

“I should try the other suit,” I murmured.
“Try it on,” he said.

I quickly went into the change room and changed into the gray suit while he went in and took the white one off. When I came out again, he was back in his street clothes.

“Much better,” he said. “What did I tell you about the lighter colors?”
“I like it, but it might be a little racy for my classes back home.”
“Why do you worry about such things? You are a beautiful man. You should be able to show off what you’ve worked so hard on. Montreal men do not worry about such things.”
“You know what? You’re right. I’m going to take it. Have you decided to buy the white unitard?”
“Oui. I think I’m going to take it.”
“I would like to buy some more gear. I’ll have to try some other things on, or maybe try some other stores.”
“You know what? I have a lot of gear at home that you should take a look at. I could sell you some of the stuff I don’t wear any more, or you could at least try some other things on that may help you make a decision on what else to buy. I have several full-body suits, many tights, bodysuits and other suits of varying lengths and colors. What do you think?”
“Well,” I replied, “I don’t usually go over to a man’s place I don’t know on a whim, no matter how hot he is.”
“Je comprends. Well, what school are you practicing at? Would you rather I came over with some gear there? Maybe we could book some time in a studio for one-on-one lessons.”
“You wouldn’t really do that, would you?” I replied incredulously.
“You seem like a really nice guy. I would definitely like to get to know you better, see how good of a dancer you are. I don’t seem too forward, do I?”
“No, that doesn’t bother me. I didn’t think someone would be so generous with their time and expertise.”

Joseph was definitely interested in me. We could both tell there were sparks flying between us. Then he popped the question.
“Are you in a relationship right now?”
“Actually no. My partner and I broke up over two years ago. I haven’t seen anyone too seriously since then.”
“I’m the same,” Joseph replied. “I was in a relationship with a great guy for six years, but we drifted apart and decided it was best to go our separate ways. We’re still friends, but doing very different things.”
“Well, I’m supposed to be dancing at the Companie de l’Ile tonight.”
“You’re not kidding are you?” Joseph said. “That’s the school I teach at!”
“No way! You’re not teaching the intermediate class tonight, are you?”
“That’s exactly what I’m teaching.”
“That is just too weird. This is definitely fate.”
“Well, there you go. Go and buy the gray suit, and wear it to class tonight. I’m sure the teacher will enjoy having a hot man in class with a great suit,” Joseph joked.
“Maybe we can go out for coffee or something afterwards?”
“That sounds great.”

The class started at 8:30. I was nervous, and showed up at a quarter to eight to get changed and start my warmup. Joseph had said he was teaching another class starting at 6:30, so I expected to see him in a studio and then doing a quick change before the 8:30 class. After I slipped into the gray unitard and threw on my warmup outfit, I walked around the school, looking into the classes in progress.

Joseph’s class was in one of the far studios. He had a class of seven women and one man. Through the window of the studio door, I could see Joseph was instructing several of the women through petit allegro combinations in the middle of the floor. He was wearing a flesh-colored tank bodysuit and black milliskin tights with black leg warmers and slippers. The sweat was leaving dark stains on the chest and back of his tank suit. As he turned around, he noticed me in the window, and gave me a smile and a nod.

I carried on to the studio where we were having the intermediate lesson, and began my warmup. Within the next ten minutes three other women entered the room and began their warmup. A few minutes later another woman and a good-looking man came into the studio as well. We tried to carry on small conversation in broken English and French while we warmed up, and waited for Joseph to show up for the class.

At 8:20 Joseph walked in. He had taken a quick shower and looked refreshed. He was wearing a warmup tracksuit, so I couldn’t see what he had worn for practice clothes. He welcomed us to the class and began warming up as well. It was great to see he was an involved instructor. Many others simply instruct the class without getting involved in the moves, but Joseph liked to get connected with his students and show them through demonstration, not explanation.

We began our barre work shortly after 8:30 and Joseph came around to each of us to critique our positions. As he came up to me, he smiled again and stopped to watch my battements. By this time, I had completely shed my warmup suit. I was completely exposed in my gray milliskin suit. I appreciated how I looked in the studio mirrors, and I could see Joseph looking at me in the mirror as well. He nodded in approval.

“You have very good positioning, and I love the suit, too!” he said, grinning.

As the class progressed, we moved to combinations on the floor. Joseph had taken off his warmup top. He was now wearing a copper-colored M.Stevens tank top. I couldn’t tell whether it was a unitard or not. Once we started into the floor work, he took off his pants and I was happy to see it was a one-piece ensemble. As he bent down to slip the pants over his slippers, I quietly sighed as his beautiful muscular ass pointed in the air, with the lycra shimmering slightly as it stretched over his taut globes. He stood up again, and tugged at the material a bit around his waist, creating a lovely cleft in his butt crack and around his package.

He asked us in French and English what positions we were familiar with to determine what he wanted to work on. He began demonstrating the first of the floor exercises, and all of us were mesmerized by his gravity defying, graceful leaps across the floor. The muscles in his legs rippled as he launched and landed, clearly visible through the copper-colored material. He performed several advanced combinations in a row, and landed with the grace of a gazelle. His chest was heaving for breath as he came around the room again, his pectoral and abdominal muscles almost ripping through the fabric. I found myself having a hard time concentrating on the ballet moves.

Before I knew it, the class was over. We had all worked out very hard, and I felt great. We stretched for quite awhile on the floor. I felt that I had danced the entire night with only a dancebelt on, and I knew I looked great in my wonderful new suit as well. I had caught Joseph looking at me quite a few times as he had me, and the looks between us had been frequent. There was an almost overwhelming electric sexual tension between us. It was wonderful. Joseph was leading the conversation during the cool down, talking with all the dancers and sharing a few laughs. The other dancers all left and Joseph and I were left alone in the studio.

“So, have you thought about the private lesson?” he asked.
“I would love to get some special attention,” I replied.
“Well, I would like to give you some extra lessons while you are in town. We will have to set up a schedule.”

Joseph had gotten up off the floor and came over to me. He came around behind me and rested his hands on my shoulders. We both looked in the mirror at our sweat-stained lycra-clad bodies, and then looked into each other’s eyes, and smiled. I could see his package was right behind my head, and the dancebelt was straining under the pressure of his hardening penis. I was so tempted to reach back and grab it, but I knew this wasn’t the time or the place. I was exhilarated with the prospect of being with this incredible man, but I had to take it cool.

“So, how about that coffee? “ Joseph asked.
“That’s exactly what I need right now, a caffeine and sugar fix,” I replied, “Let’s go after we shower and clean up.”

Joseph extended his hand to me and helped pull me off the floor. We headed to the showers, along the way talking about the practice. We decided to set up several private lessons during the early evening that week. Joseph was performing again in the ballet towards the end of the week, but had some time around other classes in the middle of the week.

We got into the change room and began pulling off our sweaty spandex clothes. I watched Joseph as he bent over to pull the unitard down around his legs. His back was still glistening with sweat from the class. He pulled the unitard off and stood up wearing only his dancebelt. I did the same and we stood there for a moment, just looking at each other, admiring our strong, muscular bodies.

“Let me dry off your back,” I suggested.
Joseph consented. I came around behind him with a towel and began rubbing his defined back. I slowly worked down the small of his back, making small circular motions just above the waistline of his dancebelt and the beautiful ass cheeks that were being split by the thong. I was in heaven.

“That feels great,” Joseph moaned. “After we shower, you will have to dry off my whole body.”
“I have no problem with that!” I exclaimed.

There were several other dancers in the change room with us. I regretted that we didn’t have the room to ourselves, but it may have been a good omen since I really wanted to get to know this guy better before we decided to succumb to our animal passions. At one point there were four of us in the shower room, laughing and joking. Joseph was obviously a very popular and well-thought of member of the dance company. He had a special rapport with everyone.

After showering, we got into our street clothes again and headed to a nearby coffee shop. We spent two hours in the shop, talking over several cups of coffee. Joseph suggested again that we head over to his place to check out dancewear. I finally agreed.

Even though it was getting late and we both had work the next day, I was wide awake with anticipation of trying out lycra clothes with this hunk and where our “fashion show” could lead.

Joseph’s place was nearby, so we walked over and entered the apartment. He had a charming, modest apartment. He went into the kitchen, made us each a drink, and then slipped into the bedroom. He came out of the room carrying a huge pile of clothes. He threw the pile on the coffee table, and began showing me his favorite pieces. I was amazed by the selection of lycra clothes he owned. He had countless pairs of tights, thongs, bodysuits, leotards, unitards, catsuits, and skinsuits in a dizzying array of colors and materials. I figured it was going to take us days to get through the entire wardrobe.

Several of the items made me realize that Joseph appreciated lycra for more than just its function. He had one full-body silver suit that totally encased the wearer. He also had two catsuits with zippers in the back. One was completely sheer so that the wearer’s body would be completely visible, and another flesh colored one. Both were full footed and the flesh-colored one had attached gloves. Both had holes in the crotch for easy access to the good parts. Joseph’s love of lycra was a sexual fetish as well, and the idea of it completely turned me on.

We tried on several different items, and with each I was getting more and more turned on. Joseph looked amazing in the suits he tried on, and he continually complimented me on how I looked in his suits. He was getting turned on with the fact he was letting another man wear his spandex clothes. He would allow me to criticize each piece and poke and prod at the fabric while he was wearing it. I knew Joseph was getting as turned on as I was as we pulled the lycra taut against our hard muscular bodies, and then slipped out of it again and into the next piece of clothing.

I tried on another white, footed milliskin catsuit. Joseph came over and helped me zip into it. I could feel his hand grab the bottom of the zipper as the other one took the zipper itself and ran it up to the top of the neck seam. His hand traced down the small of my back and ended on my ass where he gave me a little slap. He headed back to the pile of clothes and pulled out a dark green, footed catsuit. I came around behind him and helped him into the suit, giving the fabric a tug around his waist once he was zipped in. We both adjusted ourselves by tugging the crotches into place and pulling the fabric around the back of each, burying the rear seam of the lycra material up our ass cracks over top of the dancebelt thong. We moved to the front of the mirror. Joseph came up behind me again. I turned around and brushed my hand against his chest, taking a moment to lightly caress his nipple. He let out a little moan as his body shuddered. We were like two spring-loaded traps, ready to snap.

We pulled each other close. Our bodies pressed together and I could feel our hard members pushed side by side in the thin fabrics. We held in an embrace for what felt like an eternity. I could feel his warm breath on my neck. We moved our faces closer together and began to kiss. We indulged in our passions, feeling each other’s body up as we continued to gyrate slowly against each other. Our silky bodies wrapped and slid sensuously against each other. We started massaging each other’s crotches, our dicks stiff at attention. We moved to the bed and Joseph motioned for me to lie down. I complied and relaxed on the bed as he began to massage my legs and feet in the tight fabric. He motioned me to roll over, and he continued to massage my buttocks and back.

Joseph pulled me off the bed. His arms held me tight as he slid his hands around the back and began to unzip my suit. I moved my arms to the back of his suit and proceeded to do the same. We slowly undressed each other, pulling the lycra down over our waists, legs, and feet.

“Do you want to have sex?” I asked, panting.
“Absolutely. I want to make love to you in spandex,” he murmured.

He handed me the sheer catsuit and prodded me to put it on. At the same time, he grabbed the flesh-colored one and started to tug it on his body. As we pulled the suits over our waists, we helped each other pull our cocks through the crotch holes. By this time our members were stiff and throbbing. As we pulled the suits up and zipped in, we moved to the mirror once more. Joseph was fitting his hands into the attached gloves, bringing the fabric taut in between his fingers. He began to rub my chest and abs with his lycra gloved hands. I moaned in ecstasy at the sight of our hot, sexy bodies in the skintight material. I looked amazing in the see though material, admiring the look of my chest, nipples, and abs in the material. Joseph began rubbing my shoulders again, and pulled me tight against him again as we began kissing and rubbing our bodies against each other.

Joseph began stroking my throbbing member with his gloved hand. I faced him and moved my hands around to grab his firm muscular ass cheeks. We rubbed and slid against each other until we were both staining the front of our suits with precum. He grabbed my hand and led me to the bed. He lied down and motioned me on top of him. We rubbed against each other some more, both of us moaning and panting as our tongues slid down each other’s throats. He grabbed me and turned me over on the bed. He wet his lips and slowly ran his tongue down my chest, flicking my nipples with his tongue. He continued down to my stomach, licking my abs. He grabbed my balls in his gloved hands and played with them as he started to slide my dick into his mouth and down his warm throat. His hands moved back onto my chest and started to massage my pecs and pinch my nipples. I shivered from the sensation of lycra moving on lycra as he moved his mouth and lips up and down my throbbing shaft. I was in ecstasy.

We formed a sixty-nine position as I readily started lapping at his hard cock, licking up and down on the head and running my lips along the veins of his shaft. I held his lycra-encased legs firmly in my hands. We sucked on each other’s cock for a long time, then he moved off and opened his bedside table drawer and pulled out a couple of condoms and lube.

Joseph ripped open one of the condom wrappers and rolled the condom down my dick. He lubed up my dick, and motioned me to his anus. I fingered around the sphincter for a while, then lubed up my finger and the edges of his ass. I began moving a finger in and out of his warm hole, then two, then three. Joseph moaned in ecstasy and started mumbling phrases in French. I began licking the spandex that encased his beautiful ass. I was so aroused, I hoped that I wouldn’t shoot off too early. I wanted this moment to last forever.

He pushed me down to the bed again, and then he hovered over me and crouched over my stiff dick. I helped him place my penis at the entryway of his manhole, and he slowly lowered himself onto it. He let out a gasp of air as he settled on my pelvis, completely taking in all of my manhood. As he slowly started moving up and down, I massaged his quivering quadriceps and rubbed his chest and nipples underneath the lycra. He moaned as he sped up his thrusting motion on my dick. He stroked himself and then started playing with my nipples and chest as well. The lycra gloves glided against the material on my chest and shoulders. I began jerking him off in rhythm with his pounding on my cock. He begged me to stop and pulled off of me. He turned around.

“Fuck me from behind,” he whispered.
I positioned myself on the bed behind him. I slowly slid my cock into his hot hole once more and began slowly thrusting. From where we were positioned on the bed, we could both see our hot, writhing bodies in the bedroom mirror. I couldn’t believe how sexy and hot we looked while I powerfully dipped in and out of his tight ass, the light shining off of our sweaty bodies encased in the tight sheaths of material.

We groaned in pleasure. Joseph started rubbing his flopping member with one gloved hand, and reached underneath him to grab my balls with the other. The feeling was incredible.

“It’s my turn to fuck you,” Joseph gasped.
I continued to fuck his ass while I grabbed some more lube and started lubing up my clenched sphincter. Once I was loosened up, I pulled out of him. I grabbed the other condom and slowly rolled it onto his cock. I lay off of the edge of the bed on my back as he got off the bed, rested my legs on his shoulders, and directed his dick into my tight hole. I whimpered as he pushed himself all the way in. The feeling of having his dick buried all the way in my ass was inconceivably erotic. He started slowly pumping my ass as we continued to feel each other up. We passionately looked into each other’s eyes as we came closer to climax. I grabbed his spandex-clad asscheeks and pumped him into my ass. He held my legs spread apart with his hands as I moved one of my hands onto my penis. We thrust together and started to moan louder and louder. “Ah oui, si bon!” he screamed out. His breath was starting to become erratic; I knew he was getting close to coming. I started to jerk off my own member in pace with his pumping and very soon got myself to the edge. He cried out, “Mon dieu!” as he started to climax. He pulled out of my ass, snapped off the condom, and shot his wad all over my chest. At the same time I orgasmed, the semen shooting over my tight abs. Joseph’s body writhed with the climax and his muscles contracted and relaxed underneath the lycra fabric as he heaved for air. The sheer fabric on my torso was so tight, the cum stayed in little pools all over my chest and gut. Once we both finished coming, Joseph collapsed on top of me and we lied in a quiet embrace for several minutes, basking in the afterglow. As he started moving, the semen between us squished and acted like glue to keep us stuck together. We had to peel apart from each other. I wished the moment wouldn’t end.

“That was incredible,” Joseph finally said. “You are the hottest fuck I’ve had in a very, very long time.”
“You are so hot,” I replied. “Fucking you in your sexy lycra suit was unbelievable.”

We got out of bed, went to the bathroom and stepped into the shower with our suits still on. Joseph started the water, and we began wetting our bodies. We continued to kiss and fondle each other as the lycra fabric became wet, see-through and slippery. We rubbed against each other again, slowly grinding ourselves back to full arousal. We proceeded to have sex in the shower, this time with the sensation of wet lycra contributing to our activities. We looked like writhing, moaning superheroes.

We didn’t finally fall asleep until very late into the night. I left the next morning, heading to home to get ready for the workday. Even though I was dead tired, thinking about our hot fuck session in spandex kept me awake the entire day.

When I got back to my hotel, there was a message waiting on my voicemail. It was Joseph.

“Bonjour John,” he said. “I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking about you all day. I had an incredible time last night, and I’d love to do it again very soon. I know we have dance class tomorrow night, but I was hoping that if you had tonight free, we could go out for dinner and see what happens after that. Give me a call if you want to do something. A bientot!”

I smiled as I listened to the message. I felt an incredible bond between us the moment that we had first met in the dance supply store and it was obvious he was feeling the same way. I called him and we made plans to go out for dinner that night.

After dinner we went back to his place and made love in spandex once again. I spent the night again. In the morning he gave me the choice of dance wear to wear to class that evening. We both agreed to wear white M.Stevens unitards to class that night. It was a very hot private session indeed!

Needless to say, Joseph and I have been dancing together for some time now. We’ve been dating for over a year and have found that we are very compatible and share many common interests. We still have sex in spandex regularly and now live together in my home city. Joseph decided to move west to live with me, and now teaches dance at one of the most prestigious ballet schools here. He even started a men’s only dance class that I attend. I’ve now had the opportunity to perform in an all-male dance routine choreographed by Joseph. I still take lessons with him, both at the school and at home, and he’s gotten into road cycling. I couldn’t be happier. I luckily found my “prince” on that fateful day in Montreal among the racks of lycra dancewear.


Anonymous said...

Nice story. I like wearing and seeing guys in spandex dance togs more than in leather or rubber. Too bad there's no lycra fetish meet ups in Vancouver like there are in London. Cycling lacks footed tights and unitards :-(. If you ever hear of a spandex fet party here in town out west I hope you will publicize it so I can wear my dance belt and gear to the celebration.

MB said...

Absolutely! I've been thinking of having a men's spandex party here someday...akin to a Hard Heroes party but for men of all stripes who love wearing their spandex. What do you think? Could we pull it off?