Story #1: Dave

This is the first story by Gordon Thomas about an amazing rubberman fantasy....getting your first full body latex skinsuit. Gordon starts all of his stories start with the same statement, then describe how the guys became rubbermen. Enjoy!

Story #1: Dave by Gordon Thomas

Describe for us your first time in a full rubber suit, which made you a true rubberman.

[Dave]  My first time involved a raffle.  I was shopping for some spandex clothing when I ran across this latex storefront that had mannequins dressed in rubber prominently displayed in the front window.  The owner was selling raffle tickets for a myriad of prizes which a group of stores were offering, some of which involved his store.  The tickets were a dollar each, so I purchased five, then filled out the contact information on the backside and slipped the stubs into my back pocket.

I actually forgot about it when I got the email asking me to contact SecondSkin® to claim my prize.  I called the store and Joaquin, the owner, informed me that I won the main prize from his store, a full latex suit made to measure.  I was kind of excited about winning something.  He told me the value was $1000 in rubber gear, which would include the suit and other latex accessories, and I could come in anytime to get measured.  Excited to see what I had won, I told him I would be down within the hour.

When I got to SecondSkin®, I walked in the front door and smelled this overwhelming aroma of black latex.  I met with Joaquin, a handsome dark haired Portuguese man in his mid 20’s.  I told him I was getting ready for the TwinLab Teen Bodybuilding Competition in a few months.  Now that I was eighteen, this would be my last year to enter the competition.  He told me the best way to measure for the suit would be to put on separate pieces of latex clothing and see how they lay on my skin, then adjust them from there by taking detailed measurements so it would lay just like a second skin.  He said he was ready to get into some latex as well, as his day was just starting and sales were better when the clerks wear their own products.  He would show me how to put the latex on properly.  I was a bit nervous but mostly excited.  Joaquin took me over to the dressing room and told me to undress, placing my clothes in the hamper.

He grabbed a pair of black latex pants and long sleeved shirt for me and a full suit for himself and met me at the entrance of the large dressing room.  I removed my jeans and shirt, tossing my articles in the clothes hamper as I stood there completely naked.  “We’ll do the bottom half first,” he said, “sprinkle a generous amount of talc over your legs and rub it into your skin.”  I started dusting myself down and Joaquin got undressed as well.  I handed him the bottle of talc as he started explaining the proper way to put on skin tight latex.  “Now the first thing you want to do is to make sure you get plenty of talc on the areas that will hold up the rubber, such as your calves and thighs.”  Then he continued, “Once you have got yourself dusted down completely, put some talc on the inside of the pant leg, cover both ends of the garment and shake it like this to get the inside walls completely coated.”  I followed his instruction as he went on, “Now sit on the bench and gather up the rubber and stick your heel through… like this…” He demonstrated on his suit which also included attached toe socks.  “Now using the pads of your fingers, not to pucker the latex, slowly pull the rubber up and over your legs releasing it as you go.”

The cool latex slid easily up and over my calves.  “Now stand up and pull, working the rubber over your thighs,” he instructed as he demonstrated with his full latex suit.  “Good, good.  Now if you feel the need for more talc, just dust it in before pulling more.  It should slip right on.”  As I stood there with the black latex enveloping the lower half of my body my cock started to get hard, but not erect.  Joaquin pretended not to notice, but it was hard not to.  Soon it started pulsating and stiffening more.  He slid his fingers inside the waistband and pulled it into place for me making sure the pants laid directly on my skin.  “Just enjoy the latex, Dave, that is what wearing it is all about,” Joaquin reassured me.  “Latex, especially black latex, is a very masculine thing.  It is made of a white sap from the rubber tree, an elastic polymer that smells like a condom.  And when added to carbon black, you get this scent that smells much like a man’s musk.”  I then made a comment that it felt like a full body condom.  “Exactly,” he said, “so your cock is only doing what feels right.”

My erection stood out prominently on the surface of the black latex pants.  You could see the coronal ridge of my cockhead too.  Latex sure exposed everything.  Joaquin finished putting on his full body suit and had me assist him in zipping it up the back.  “Ah, now that feels much better, doesn’t it?”  Now lets see about getting you the proper sized pair of socks.  “What size shoe do you wear?”  I replied, “Ten and a half.”  I continued powdering my upper torso getting ready for the long sleeved shirt.  I put my wrists through the arms and pulled the latex shirt over my head, when I got my head back out of the neck hole, Joaquin had returned with my socks.  I looked down and noticed that his full body suit had a built in cock and ball sheath.  Wow, that was awesome.  Thinking to myself, I want to make sure he adds that to my new suit.  He caught me staring.  Before I could say anything, he says, “I think I will show you just what some lube can do.  Pull the rubber out away from your body and let me put some in there.”  As I stretched the waistband away from my body, my erection went from sideways to a full up and down.  He took some water based personal lubricant and squeezed a generous portion over the head of my cock.  The cool feeling of the lube felt good as it slowly ran down the length of my shaft.  Then he put another dose on moments after and guided my hand closer to my abdomen indicating that I should let go of the waistband now.

“Dude, this feels so friggin’ good!  Almost twice as good as the talc does.” I said in a half nervous tone.  I rubbed the outside of my crotch feeling my erection easily slide in its rubber encasement.  “This is so incredible, but I can only imagine what your cock and ball sheath feels like.”  Changing the subject he went on.  “Now for the socks, do you want full foot socks or toe socks?” he questioned as he displayed the two options before me.  “Wow, I think I want to go for the full second skin.  I want the toe socks.”  He responded, “You may get your suit as anatomical as you would like or imagine.”  Joaquin continued, “You may have these attached as one whole piece right onto the new suit.  As for the pants, I like to make the suit more custom to show off the buttocks as well.”

He dusted talc into each toe sock before sliding it over my heel.  Feeling each toe go into the appropriate pocket felt excitingly different to me as I was slowly transforming into this new rubberman.  “Now stand up and let me get some measurements.” Joaquin said as he pulled out a yellow cloth measuring tape ribbon and logged my measurements every three inches up my leg.  “When you get your suit, these will already be attached.” he said.  Once he got to my upper thigh, he started taking measurements to my inseam.  “Now you asked about anatomical.  I can make this suit like a second skin with cock and ball sheath and even an anal sheath.  Some guys even want a dimple for their belly button.”  My mind was swimming. Feeling the latex on my skin, I wanted it all, for it to become a part of me.  “We can make it with an attached hood, or as I like it, separate, so you may wear it out to rubber parties.”  The thought of wearing it to a rubber party never crossed my mind.  I wanted to be around others who enjoyed latex as much as I was today.

“We can make it so it has shoulder zips which will eliminate the need for one long one up the front or down the back, which can pucker the rubber as you move around in it,” he described.  The thoughts were racing through my mind and I could feel the pulsing in my cock against the lubed rubber.  “This shoulder zip will allow you more movement when you are stretching, posing or flexing.  We can make your next suit a neck entry suit if you like, but this one I think will be best with side shoulder zips and a detached hood.” He guided me with his years of experience with rubber.  “Once I get your complete measurements, the new rubber suit will act just like a second outer skin.  It will move with you and become a part of you.”

That statement made my heart race and I got butterflies in excitement imagining what I would look like once my suit was complete.  I could not have gotten any harder in the rubber pants and was really close to shooting without doing anything.  “You mean Joaquin, you can make this suit fit me like a second skin?”  I redundantly asked knowing what the answer would be, but had to hear it again for myself to believe it.  “That is the name of my company, SecondSkin®.  I’d be glad to see you complete with a full anatomical hood too.  The new ones from Germany have built in flexible lenses so you do not see the eyes, yet contour to the face very well.”  “Since you want anatomical, then I will need some more precise measurements,” he said as I could feel his rubber hand on the rubbered thigh.  He put the tape measure inside my thigh and pressed his finger up to the back of my ball sac pressing against the root of my hard cock.  Then measured the distance to my knee and then my ankle and lastly to the floor.  Then with his hand still in place, he swung the tape measure around and measured from there to the tip of my erection.  “It is good that you are fully hard so I can get an accurate reading to make sure I order the right sized cock and ball sheath for you.  A perfect fit there is critical.”  He then went the other way measuring from the same point until he reached my rectum.  “Tell me when I get it,” he said as he applied pressure every few centimeters, “about right there?”  I nodded in agreement.  “I am going to sculpt each buttocks so you will have a pocket for each with a ridge going deep between extending up to the small of your back.”

“Your cock and ball sheath will have room for each of your balls.  I want them to fit you well.  Even though they will fit each ball separately, I will order you a couple of rubber cock rings to help keep your boys in place.  I will need to feel how large they are, and the girth of your tool.  Can you pull the latex back out away from your body again?”  I pulled the latex out away from my body exposing my cock to the air for a second time.  Then just like a doctor asking me to turn my head and cough, he grabbed my balls and rolled them around a bit from the other side of the rubber.  Then he worked his hands so he could grip my rod with his thumb and index finger to determine my girth.  “Yes, I think a size 8 large will be the best snug fit for you.  The manufacturer builds in a coronal head and underside shaft groove so it fits very tight.  I always make sure there is a reservoir tip, as it feels so much better when the cum has a place to go.”

We were talking back and forth and even through my nervousness, I felt very comfortable with Joaquin.

He started measuring my underarms to my wrist, then my shoulders and neck.  “You’ve got some real muscle on you.  I’ll be able to sculpt the rubber so it will lay well across your chest and tuck under your arms allowing you to show off that six pack of yours and those awesome lats.”  I turned around giving him more access to my upper body.  “What size glove do you wear?”  A large I explained.  “I will have you try some on, sometimes they fit well, but over time you find out that the fingers are too small and make your fingertips go numb.  I think you will have those extended times in your new suit and we don’t want that to happen.”

“Okay, strike a pose in the mirror and stretch out as large as possible.”  I started doing some on stage muscle poses and looked into the full mirror and could see myself from the neck down in full black latex with another rubberman directly behind me.  I liked what I saw.  He pulled the yellow tape across my chest.  “Okay, now I need a measurement from your neck all the way down through your crotch and back up to your neck again,” he said as the tape dangled in front of me.  He pulled it back through and tightened it.  Then he let the front drop and measured from my neck to the small of my back.  This is where he was going to start the seam for my buttocks.  “I want to take in the waist enough to catch the material that will pull away from your skin in the small of your back.  The seam on the two buttocks help me with this.”

“Alright Dave, we are almost done and you have been a great sport.  I just need you to put on the hood so I can get a few more measurements of your head size and then you are back on your own.”   I was enjoying his attention just like a good haircut and did not want it to end.  He handed me some gloves which fit perfect the first time.  This guy knows his measurements.  He then placed the opening of the hood underneath my chin and pulled it over my head back towards him in one swift move.  The feeling was incredible.  The eyes aligned up easily and soon I could see through the flexible lenses as if they were sunglasses.  Feeling the rubber encase my body and seeing myself in the mirror, only this time completely transformed into a rubberman was a bit too much.  I let out a slight moan as my cock started to swell in its encasement.  The head flared beneath the rubber with just the right amount of pressure.  I pushed my hips forward and the rubber slid slightly against the underside of my sensitive cock as I could see it pulsate with my heartbeat underneath the rubber.  As I moved around the rubber caressed every inch of my body and I felt so male.  If that makes any sense?  I felt totally male.  The black rubber slowly slid as I moved and I let out another moan of pleasure.

Joaquin started spraying me with a shine and worked the liquid into my new black rubber skin.  His soft towel working in circles buffed my black body into a shiny version of myself capturing the light in the room.  The reflection of the highlighted areas intensified its grip on me.  The feel of the cool spray bottle against my new skin was a completely different feeling.  I was really enjoying this experience and I could tell I was leaking precum.  He polished my legs and then sprayed my buttocks leaving my crotch for last.  Then predicting what was coming next he sprayed by bulge and buffed it a few times.  The feeling had me right on edge, I moaned deeply.  Then I stepped closer to the mirror to admire his work.  I pushed my hips forward and the rubber slid slightly against the underside of my sensitive shaft.  I could see the end of my cock swell as I spread out my feet to catch a wider stance.  Next I felt the feeling deep inside me going past the point of no return, quickly after I pushed my cock forward and up sliding against the rubber again.  I felt the first rope of sperm shoot hard out of the end of my cock as I could see it pulsate underneath the rubber in the mirrors reflection.  I came hard into its soft stretchy existence.

Knowing full well Joaquin would have known I just came in the suit; I put my hand over my crotch and rubbed it up and down a bit while enjoying the last few releases of my manseed.  I was breathing harder than I thought as my chest collapsed in unison with my pulsating cock.  I felt a bit light headed as I again stood up straight not knowing what to say to Joaquin next.  “Feels great, doesn’t it?” Joaquin added as he put his arms around me in a warm rubber hug from behind.  “Congratulations.  I remember the first time I came in a rubber suit, there is nothing in the world like it.  It didn’t take much for me either,” he said as he slid his hand down my rubber torso and cupped my crotch allowing it to slide around underneath his comforting grip. “I’ll have your new SecondSkin® suit done in a couple of days.  Next time you will get to feel what it is like to shoot into a rubber cock and ball sheath that fits every curve of your perfect tool.  I will have your suit fitting you so well, that we will have to use lube to slip it on.”

My mind raced with the new possibilities!


Thinking about that black full body latex suit kept me horny all week long.  I mean, that was the most erotic experience I’ve ever had.  Sometimes I can’t believe I shot my load in front of Joaquin, but then I know he expected it to happen.  Since my measuring session technically was not under my control, the rubber had a way of making me feel so masculine and felt so good all over my body, I was bound to shoot inside its existence.  And to think the next time this would happen, I would be fully lubed up, makes me hard just thinking about it.

Joaquin emailed me and said there were some delays in ordering the gloves and cock and ball sheath from Germany, but he wanted them to fit as well as the rest of the suit he was building me so getting the right size was crucial to him.  The gloves needed to be wider than what he had in stock and the cock and ball sheath he was getting from his new supplier should fit me perfectly.  He assured me it was well worth the wait. He did let me know the suit would be completed by Saturday and to come into the shop at 10am when he opens and I could try it on.

I mean Saturday could not come soon enough.  About the only thing that helped me pass the time was going to the gym,  When flexing in the mirror, I would imaging what my body would look like covered again in black shiny latex.  The best thing I could do was to wear a set of black UnderArmour pants and top.  I’ve got to admit, I really liked the look and black helps me show off my definition.  But even though the black spandex of my workout suit did feel good pressed against my skin, it did not have the same effect on me that black latex did.

When Saturday did arrive, I got up early to jog and came back and took a shower.  I had breakfast and a little outdoor café in the middle of town known for its great food.  I had not shot my load for the past three days because I wanted to be as trigger happy as I was the first time.  And I wanted to make sure I shot a full load, as my orgasms are always more intense when I can fully empty my balls.  This was worth the sacrifice and frustration over the last three days.  When 10am came around, I drove over to SecondSkin® to see what Joaquin had made for me.  When I walked into the front door, there was Joaquin waiting for me behind the counter.  He was dressed in his full latex suit underneath and had fashionable latex clothing over the top with a crisp shiny blue shirt and a stripped tie to accent his handsome look.

“Hey, hey!” I said with a big smile on my face as I shook his hand and fell into a hug against his rubbered clothing just like a well known friend.  “It’s good to see you again,” Joaquin said with as much excitement as I was displaying.  “I bet you can’t wait to see it,” he said.  “It came out better than I thought and I’m sure you will like it.  This is the first time I was challenged with a client with such a tight body as yours.  I am always up for a challenge but this one was worth it and it should fit you very, very well.” Joaquin said with enthusiasm in his voice.  “Shall we take it over to the dressing room and try it on?”  I thought he would never ask.  Waiting on the table next to the dressing room was my new black rubber suit wrapped in white tissue paper.  He handed me a black rubber cock ring and told me to put it on before I got too hard with anticipation.

I was undressed in no time and Joaquin came into the dressing room carrying my latex suit over his arm.  “This time I wanna try having you put it on with some lube.  It will allow the latex to slide into shape better and move with your skin a bit different than talc does.  I think you will like this different feeling.”   I stood on top of a towel as he sprayed water on me from a small black water bottle.  He had prelubed the suit using AstroGlide lube and Eros polish.  “The key to this is not to use too much or too little lube; so when you slide into the suit, it will go much quicker.  Still using the palming method, when the water soaks into your dry skin it will start to adhere and become tackier inside, yet still allowing the latex to move with your body like it is a true second skin.” he explained.

I sat down on the bench and this time I just slid my leg into the suit as if I were putting on a pair of pants.  Man it was shockingly cold.  When I got down to the ankle, my foot slid right in past the narrow part and the air released around it.  There was no lube in the socks, more than likely because it would be too slippery to walk, but I did not need it.  My toes went into each pocket easily the first time.  I put my left leg in and felt the rubber conform to my calf as the cool feeling of the latex slowly warmed up to my body temperature.  I steadied myself against Joaquin as I stood up and pulled the material up my legs.  “Okay, Dave, it is time to apply some more lube in the right places,” Joaquin informed me.  “Since this suit is as anatomical as possible, we need to insert the anal sheath so we are going to switch to a gel lubricant.”  I stood there holding the latex at my sides with a full erection waiting to have the anal sheath inserted into my rectum.  Joaquin first inserted a bulb applicator inside me and released a large amount of cool lubricant before inserting the rubber anal sheath inside using his finger.  He pressed against my hole allowing me time to accept the long latex anal sheath inside my body.  “There, that aligns up very well.” he said as he pushed the sheath deep inside me assuring me it was all the way in.

“Now for lubricating the cock sheath with your suit.  You said you wanted it as anatomical as possible, so I found this cock and ball sheath which has an external catheter that can be rolled in upon itself.” he said as he showed me the attached rubber tube that extended about 12 inches past the end of the sheath.  “I need to lube up your urethra and then this will curl in upon itself as it goes down using this metal sound just like a catheter.  It will end right at the edge of your prostate allowing you the ability to piss or cum.  It gets thinner the deeper it goes in so it will be as comfortable as possible for extended wear.”  I was thinking, ‘No fucking way…’ This sounds so cool and erotically awesome as well as scary at the same time.  But I remembered how much I wanted to me immersed in rubber just before I came in the suit last time, so I am glad he went for full anatomical rather than a reservoir end.

Joaquin put on a pair of white latex gloves over his black latex gloves and placed a tube of lubricant to the tip of my cockhead.  The applicator end slipped down inside my hole and he slowly squeezed the tube as he applied pressure against the tip of my cockhead to make sure no lube came back out.  He slowly worked the cool lube down the center of the underneath my shaft with his finger and I could feel the lube work its way deeper and deeper down inside my cock.  Then he removed the tip and applied more lube on the outside of my fully erect cock.  Then he pulled the latex suit away from my body and guided my erection down to align up with the entrance to the sheath.  The feeling of my cock slowly being encased in black latex was mind-blowing.  “Now the tricky part.  Getting your boys into their right spots,” he said, “they will sorta pop in when I apply a little pressure coaxing them in.”  He guided my balls into each nut sack.  The entrance of the latex sheath being smaller, it then snapped tight against the tubular rubber cock ring.  Now Joaquin took the metal sound and placed it on the end of the rubber urethral tube rolling it inside out as it curled back in on itself.  Soon I could feel the tip of the stainless steel sound at the tip of my cockhead.  He pushed the sound and tube into my cockhead and stopped.

“Dave, I need you to relax and trust me.  This will feel weird the first time, but you will like the different feeling of having something stiff running down inside your shaft.” he said in a caring voice.  “Ready?  I will take it as slow as you want.”  I felt him line up and enter the metal sound the tip of my cock entrance.  It moved in about an inch before he stopped allowing me time to accept it.  Soon I could feel the sound move its way deeper and deeper down my stiff erection.  He was right, it was different, but pleasant.  Oh god that felt erotic.  Slowly the sound crept deeper and deeper invading me in a unique erotic way.

“Almost there, stud,” he said, “now when you get to the end, you just push it on in through the prostate.  Then twist a quarter turn, wait for about a minute for the lube to adhere and slowly remove the sound.”

As he removed the sound there as a small hole at the end of my rubbered cock.  “Having an exact fit for the cock sheath helps it stay in place.”  Joaquin then slowly stroked my cock making sure it stayed firmly inside, anchoring itself with the ridge around the coronal edge of my cockhead.

“Now this manufacturer gives you an external cock and ball sheath which covers over the suit that still has a receptacle end so you can maintain that great feeling of shooting into an enclosed rubber sheath, or allows you to shoot your white manseed over your black rubbered chest,” he explained.   “Now I like lubing up the outside cock and ball sheath for that extra slippery feeling.  You get a great slippery rubbered feeling inside your shaft, outside your cock, and then again outside your rubber second skin.  You totally feel like a male in this anatomical rubber penis sheath option.  I know you are going to like the mind blowing rubber orgasms with this new anatomical design,” Joaquin assured me.  “We can always add the external rubber sheath later.  The thick rubber ring at the base of your cock helps keep a hard erection while it moves against your body and helps hold everything in place with all of the lube you have going on down there.”  He gripped the rubber cock ring under the suit and wiggled it showing that it was an anchor to attach the exterior sheath when I was ready to put it on.

Now because it is a shoulder entry suit, I had to put my arms down inside the sleeves first before he helped me work the suit up my torso.  My hands went into the attached gloves first.  “You don’t want to put any lube in the areas of your palms or feet, as this will make them wrinkle when wet and become more slippery than you want it to be.  The air in the suit and what lube attaches to your hands and feet is sufficient to get the suit on properly,” he said.  I pushed my hand into the latex glove and watched the air escape around my fingers as I turned my palm up and looked at my hand as I flexed my fingers.  Joaquin pulled the back of the black rubber suit up to my shoulders and it slid into place.  The craftsmanship was superb as the suit fit me very well adhering to every contour of my physique.

Next came the black rubber hood.  Wow, the hood was awesome as Joaquin said.  The surprise was the nostril tubes.  “You can cut them to as long as you want, but if they get too long, passed your nasal cavity, you will have a tendency to want to sneeze.  I find the one and a half inch length to be the best.”  Joaquin put it over my head fitting the neck opening down all the way before zipping the shoulder zips out over the outside of the collar.  “We can always attach the hood and have the shoulder zips continue up over the outside of the collar to the top of your head if you want, but I like the flexibility of being able to remove it whenever you want instead of having it lying in front of you when you undo it.” he said with a assuring look in his eye.  He adjusted my eyes a bit, but they fell right where they needed to be.  The ears were just an outline, which I liked and a small closed tube went into each ear still allowing me to hear very well. “The hood is known as a condom hood because the mouth opening accommodates a condom.   A rubber ring inside the lips has a groove allowing you to insert a condom into your mouth for that full rubber anatomical feeling.”  My tongue worked its way around the entrance noticing the ring in groove system.  “Without the condom you can talk normally.  With the condom, you still can talk but air will escape out of your nose instead due to the watertight seal.  This will allow you to have a guy cum during a blowjob and not have to worry about it.”

“Now let me polish you up a bit more with Eros for a touch up to your shine.”  Joaquin used a finishing polish that was part latex dressing and part silicone lubricant that really made the black stand out and shine to its fullest and maintain a long lasting shine.  “This black latex suit really shows off your Adonis belt and accents your hard six pack.”  There was even a pucker indent right were my naval was which lined up perfectly.  He started from behind rubbing the polish into my suit in a circular pattern and placed his had over my mid section just below my naval.  That was a sensitive spot for me for some reason.  This is the area known as the treasure trail.  Maybe it was just my flat stomach, but it just felt so good.

I was really stiff and aroused when I walked in front if the mirror and was able to see my new latex skin covering every inch of my body.  “One of the keys to making the rubber lay so well is the thickness.  Too thin and it is not durable enough and has a tendency to wrinkle.  I like this lighter weight.  Its just right because it allows me to sculpt each SecondSkin® suit just right for all of my customers.  If the rubber is too thick, it will feel different and not wrinkle as much.  You have to find that perfect balance.” Joaquin said as he admired his work.  As I flexed in front of the mirror, I stretched it in all directions and watched how it kept to its true for the entire time.  Again, this awesome shine on the back latex captured the light in the room commanding it to show off all the male curves and muscles hiding just underneath its surface.

“Let me give you some latex posing trunks so you can put on a show for me,” Joaquin said in a light hearted way as he walked over and produced an aqua blue pair of latex Speedos.  I slid them on and adjusted my manhood as best as possible before striking some of my best muscular poses.  The lube inside the latex suit was at that perfect tacky stage and allowed the rubber to move slightly over my skin as I moved.  After my pose down show, Joaquin gave me a standing ovation.  “Bravo!  Bravo!” he cheered and applauded before walking back over to give me a rubber hug and pat me on the back.  “Excellent job, Dave.”  I was really liking my new look.  I was getting used to being a rubberman.

“Let’s have you try on some latex formal wear over your new skintight bodysuit.”  He pulled out a deep blue latex business shirt with a fine textured pinstripe running through it.  The pants were pleated in front as I pulled then up over my legs.  He gave me a rubber belt and some rubber dress shoes to slide my feet into.  He handed me a lighter blue pearl sheen solid shirt with a set of silver cuff links with black rubber accents.  I tucked the shirt in before putting on the belt.  Joaquin gave me an off green tie with flecks of black, blue and purple; it was to finish off my executive polished look.  Not being a tie person, I had to have him stand behind me and assist me with the ‘tying of the tie class.’  He held the jacket in front of him and slid my arms down the inside sleeves before my black rubbered gloved hands emerged out of the ends.  He pulled it over my shoulders.  It lay so well down the front of my body I was almost sure it was made to measure as well.

“Joaquin, this fits so well that you had to have cut this business suit just for me.” I stated as he just stood there and smiled.  “It was the last of the thousand dollars of your winnings.  I just made the value stretch a bit further than regular customers.  Besides, I needed something to do while I waited for your special sheath to arrive from Germany.”  I rotated in front of him showing off my new layers of rubber.   “You know, it really looks sharp on you,” he said, “But I have one more surprise for you.”  He reached into his jacket pocket and handed me an envelope.  I opened it to reveal two tickets to the RECON Rubber Ball for 2014 in New York City.  “You said you never thought about going to a rubber party… I think you will be a hit at the show,” he said out of the corner of his mouth.  Also in the envelope were two airline tickets on Jet Blue, a voucher for the Marriott Marquis Hotel in NY and a $150 gift certificate to Del Frisco’s Steak House just around the corner from the rubber ball.

Such a kind gesture really made me happy and my heart just melted that Joaquin would do this for me.  I went over and hugged him with both arms.  “I’m gonna need to find someone into rubber who will be able to go with me now…”  looking around the room as if he were not the one.  “Looks like you are the only one qualified here,” I said.  And that is when it just happened.  We hesitated for a moment before and then we kissed.  Joaquin’s hands found their way down to my hard cock.  “Looks like I need to drop my outer rubber layers and put on my hood so we can try out your new catheter sheath,” he said as he wrapped his rubbered hand around my full male member.

I put a sign in the window on the door that said, “Out To Lunch, Will Be Back Soon.”  I slowly started undressing Joaquin’s rubber outerwear exposing his black rubbered chest.  We worked our way over to one of the dressing rooms and he wanted to slowly undress me.  Last to come off was my blue latex Speedo.   We kissed as we ran our hands over each others male physiques exploring the shapes of our muscular bodies.  Soon we were two black clad rubbermen, only he was from the neck down.  I assisted him with putting on his hood.  We made our way to the rubber covered couch in the back of the store and Joaquin put his rubbered cock up against mine.  Damn it felt good feeling his manhood so close to mine.  He slowly stroked them together in unison and I could feel mine down deep inside where the tube ended at my prostate.  I went wild with rubber lust.  “You know ‘frottage’ means to rub?  What does it mean to have frottage in rubber?” he said as he continued to rub his cock over mine.  Rubber against rubber kind of shutters a little bit as it slides past each other sending little pulses of pleasure over the surface of our second skin.

“Dave, I see your sheath is working properly.”  Looking down to see what he had meant, I could see that I was dripping clear precum from the top of my cockhead.  “Fuck, that is so awesome!” I exclaimed.  I was very aroused and my cock was starting to pulse and bob up and down with my heartbeat.  “Looks like now is a good time to try on that external cock and ball sheath with the reservoir end.” the black shiny figure in front of me remarked.  He sat down on the rubber sofa and slid the prelubed sheath over my already rubbered shaft.  He guided my balls into the ringed entrance one at a time working them into their separate pockets before stretching it over the internal rubber cockring.  “One sheath down, one to go,” he said as he opened a condom and unrolled it before inserting it into my mouth.  “You should easily be able to talk with this in, but you will need to breath through your nose,” he said as he pulled the securing ring back in to place.  “There, now every part is covered in rubber or has rubber inserted into it. Complete anatomical rubber, just like you wanted,” Joaquin said before kissing my lips and inserting his tongue into my mouth.

“Looks like it is a good fit, and you are ready to go Sir?” he said with affirmation in his voice.  I moved closer to his face allowing him to start giving me a rubber blowjob.  I could feel the rubber layers sliding past each other and the rubber also hidden deep inside my shaft.  I started to moan telling him I was enjoying it immensely and getting closer to orgasm.  He started sucking my balls one at a time. What a unique feeling.  Your body is ready to shoot, so your balls pull up close to your body and then the suction pulls them down their slippery way away from the body slowing the need to shoot, yet giving and exhilarating feeling of trust as your ball rolls around in another man’s mouth.

He released me so I could continue exploring his rubbered body and I dropped my cock down lower to his chest.  He hugged me running his hands over my butt and up my back as I slowly humped his rubbered chest again to the edge of orgasm.  “Damn, the feeling is so overwhelming, I don’t know if it is all new to me or what, but I am getting close to shooting much faster than normal.” I said as I pulled back away from him looking into his eyes.  “It is the rubber, Dave.  It is covering your entire body and stimulating all of your nerves at once, sending waves of pleasure to your brain, so you have a tendency to want to cum much sooner.” Joaquin explained as he shared his knowledge of the experience. “You will also find that it is easier to edge in full rubber because of that.  You just need to learn how to control it.”  Running my hands over his smooth rubbered head, I reply, “I just do not want to cum too soon.  I do want to feel what it is like fucking with this suit on before I shoot too soon.”  Joaquin laid back on the rubber sofa and raised his leg up bending at the knee offering me access.

“Here, better use some lube,” he said as he grabbed a jelly lubricant and shot some up his manhole.  Wasting no time, my cockhead was lined up as soon as he removed the tube.  I pressed against his body allowing him time for me to enter.  Slowly, my cockhead popped in his tight hole.  Then I adjusted the weight of my body more square over him as I slowly entered his rubbered body.  I pushed all the way into him as I lowered my torso onto his.  I stopped for a moment to feel myself inside him and then started to slowly hump that rubber hole.  Oh, my, god did that ever feel good!  I kissed my rubberman as I slowly moved in and out of him.  We shared the lust for totally encasing black rubber and the feeling of being totally male together.  I quickened my pace allowing myself to get very close, almost too close.  I felt myself start to pulse a bit.  Damn, it is easy to go over the edge in rubber.  Learning my limits, I waited 30 seconds and started pumping again.  The intensity was so mind blowing.  I wanted to cum so bad and not wanting to cum so bad at the same time!  True edging in rubber… and it felt so good.  “Joaquin, I am close, man,” I said as he squeezed his muscles around my dick.  “Its okay if you cum, just enjoy it as long as you can,” he said as he rubbed his hands over my back and down over my muscular bubble ass.  “Just relax, let the black rubber take you over and enjoy it.  Enjoy being a rubberman.”

I stopped all movement and just sat there inside him feeling my orgasm slowly reside back.  The tightness inside lingered on… threatening to bring me back to orgasm at anytime.  Taking my time, I slowly started fucking him again.  This time I was able to get in a rather long fuck session as I controlled my thrusts like a full suited surfer riding the waves.  This anatomical black rubber suit was awesome.  I felt rubber everywhere.  Up to this point I have had the best sex ever and I have not even shot my wad yet!  Kissing Joaquin again, feeling my tongue roll over his rubber around his mouth and feeling his tongue invade my sheathed mouth as I was deep inside him made me want to fuck him all the more, so I started thrusting into him again.  My cock was so frigging hard inside him it was ready to burst.  I started fucking him harder and harder, releasing my hips with no holds barred.  Damn that felt so friggin good!  I started moaning, not caring if I shot or not.  I was able to fuck him a long time before I started to really edge again.  This time, I was pulsing again inside on the verge of feeling the cum rush through my shaft.  I decided to pull out, knowing if I stayed inside this rubberman, I would be over the edge very soon.

“You shoot, Dave?” Joaquin asked.  “Damn near did,” I explained as I backed out of him.  “That felt so incredible.  I want you to be on the edge of shooting before I go at it again.  Give me some time to come down from that close encounter.”  “Okay, I want you to blow me,” he said with a grin underneath his rubbered hood, as I got the joke.   I easily found his rubbered engorged member.  I ran my tongue around the reservoir tip before allowing my mouth to encase his cock.  I could feel his cock sliding inside his sheath as I went down on him.  The condom inside my mouth hood created an overlapping sheath to his.  He bucked thrusting up as we met at the base of his cock.  I could hear the rubber of our two bodies making rubber noises as we explored our rubberness.  Joaquin was very good at making me aware when to slow down or stop as he moaned making me aware when he was getting too close.  I wanted him to edge just as hard as I had been, yet keep him in control of his own orgasm.  I moved down to his balls.  I stuck out my rubbered tongue and licked them before sucking them back into my mouth one at a time.  Knowing what he wanted, it was time to let him have it, so I pulled him up and switched places with him.

He grabbed the jelly lube and inserted it into me as he stroked my cock and focused on my eyes.  It was an awesome feeling, just getting jacked off while in total rubber.  He asked me, “Are you ready?”  I nodded yes as he pressed his manhood against my ass.  Relaxing my muscles as much as I could he pressed a bit harder.  Then like that, he was in me.   He kept sliding further and further filling me with his awesome shaft.  “You doing alright?” he asked with concern waiting for that green light to start humping me.  “Ummhumm,” I replied pulling him down on me in a great rubber kiss.  Joaquin was a master at rubber sex.  He fucked me so lovingly and then so masculine in a full on thrust session.  I could feel his cock flare and pulsate when he stopped deep inside me at the end of his thrust as he would let out a long moan of male pleasure.  I clamped down on his invading rubber shaft, milking it as much as possible when he was not working me.  “Dave, that feels so fucking good,” he moaned as I humped my pelvis back to meet with his thrusts.

Joaquin showed me how to edge while encased in rubber explaining as he went.  He continued fucking me, edging higher and higher, telling me the clues when to know the best time to relax and when to take it to the next higher level as the rubber guided him to ecstasy.  Then he said, “I wanna cum inside you.”  He grabs a rubber sheet and throws it over both of us and the rubber sofa.  He wraps his rubbered hand around my cock and starts stroking me in unison with his fucking tempo.  Thrusting shallow, then deep, he continued as he moaned in pure pleasure.  “Ok, I am getting close.  When I am done I want to swap again and let you burst inside of me like you wanted to earlier,” he said.  Thrusting in and out he started getting more vocal than just moaning.  He was jacking me keeping me hard so I would be ready to go to it at a moments notice.  I could see he was enjoying rubber sex extremely well.  He released my cock and wrapped both arms around my back and started fucking and kissing me, gasping for breath between kisses.  “Oh Fuck, that feels so good!  Damn, yes!  Ok, I am starting to get to there.  Oh Fuck Yeah.  I fucking love rubber man sex!  Dave I am starting to go over the edge!  I want to cum in you so fucking bad!”  Then I feel him thrust hard knowing this was the one that done it.  “Oh, fuuuucckk!!!”  He started pulsating inside me.  I knew he was shooting waves of cum inside that sheath.  He got a few more thrusts in between each ejaculation, until he was down to just enjoying the last of his rubber orgasm.

Then we quickly swap places again.  I line up with Joaquin and start fucking him from behind.  Reaching around to his chest I lock onto him thrusting deeper into him than I was able to from the front.  I start moaning.  Rubber sex feels so good.  I could feel my orgasm start to build deep inside me as I felt my rubber slide against rubber, then against his rubber.  I felt so male and I wanted to feel his male member, so I reached around and found his semi-hard cock.  It slides around inside the rubber sheath with a mixture of his cum and lube.  His cock encased in rubber felt so good.  He had shared this rubber experience with me.  He showed me how to edge while in rubber.  I stair stepped up the ladder of arousal, edging in my new rubber suit.  This time I was not going to hold back.  I was going to allow it to overtake me.  My balls were pulled up tight in their sack aching for release.  I wanted to cum inside this rubberman.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on my thrusts, enjoying each one as much as I could.  “I’m getting close,” I said as I started to clamp onto him harder and humping only my hips.  Fuck yeah, this time I went way passed the point of no return enjoying the euphoria build before I started to shoot.  I humped him feeling the muscles deep inside me contract hard… and then it happened.  “Fuck, Joaquin, I am going to shoot! Ah fuck yeah!”  I shot my first rope of my large load extremely hard.  I could feel it push into the reservoir end and encircle the end of my cock.  I pulled back a bit and thrust deep again, this time my cock slid through the cum much easier stretching the rubber sheath as my cock flared.  A second burst of semen flooded down my shaft and filled the end of my sheath.  The feeling was so fucking good.  The third thrust locked my hips forward and I shot again which made my cockhead too sensitive to continue thrusting as my sheath was filling with sperm.  Rubber moved passed rubber sloshing around all the way back to the base of my shaft.  I just concentrated on my rubber orgasm and continued to pump my seed into this rubberman.

I slowly pulled out of Joaquin and rolled him over and collapsed on his chest.  We both started to laugh knowing how good the rubber sex had been.  We made it…  and we made it together.  I was now a true rubberman.  I won more that just the lottery.  I had found something deep inside me that I knew would be part of me from now on.  I was now a rubberman; I could not imagine going back to regular sex again.


Unknown said...

Dam, that was HOT!!!

I actually have an experience somewhat like this. I make my own latex catsuits from sheet latex and suits for my Rubber Fuck Buddy too. I have have patterns that I have adjusted so my suits fit us as skin tight and wrinkle free as can possibly be. They have a crotch panel that makes the suit fit right up snug into the crack of the ass. My suits are back zip and, when zipped up, the non stretching zipper keeps the crotch pulled up snug into the crack of the ass. I like to use .25mm thick latex because it feels soooo rubbery and can be made tight enough to fit every curve without being stiff, binding or constrictive.

I also make some of the add on attachments myself with molds that I have made and liquid latex.

I have a suit that I made with red latex that has an attached hood that has one way mirror eye pieces I made from a pair of sun glasses. I haven't figured out how to keep the lenses from fogging on the inside but, it's cool to wear anyway.

The nostril openings have short latex tubes that insert into my nostril openings. The feet have toes like toe socks attached that are glued to the ends of the feet. I made These from my own molds using liquid latex. The gloves are also attached.

I also made a mold of my lips for using liquid latex on. The part that I make using this glues to the mouth opening. It curves over my lips and fits between my lips and gums giving me a rubberized mouth opening. The part inside my lips turn a lighter color from the moisture after wearing it for a while but, it goes back to the normal color after drying out.

The attached cock and ball sheath just has a small hole in the end so I can pee because I love to wear the suit for hours at a time. It has a thicker half inch wide band glued to the inside that keeps my balls from popping out of the sheath and makes them stand out and away from my body. I use silicone lube on the inside of the sheath to make it nice and slippery on my cock and balls. I have often though of adding a three inch latex tubing to the sheath to slide into my cock like the one in the story. I think that would be soooo hot, but I was afraid it might be prone to causing a bladder infection.

I added a short, open ended anal sheath to the crotch. The open internal end has a semi rigid rubber ring glued to it. I squeeze it flat and slip it into my butt. Once in, it expands open again just inside my ring and keeps it from slipping out. It helps keep the suit stay pulled up tight into the crack of my ass and feels great as it tugs and pulls against my ring as I bend and move.

I just love the feeling of this suit. There is no skin to skin contact of any of my body parts and even all my holes are rubbered up! Now, if it only had the tube up the inside of my cock!

My Buddies suits have the attached cock and ball sheath too, but the penis part is cut off. He is a Top and I am a Bottom and we fuck bareback. I LOVE to feel his naked cock sliding in and out of me when we fuck! The anchor ring on the inside of my anal sheath is big enough that his cock slides through without touching it and he says that he can't even feel it when he is fucking me.

Mmmm, nothing in the world as hot as when our totally rubbered bodies are sliding together during sex, our rubber covered lips are touching yet still are able to stick out tongues in each others mouths, His naked cock sliding in and out of my rubberized ass hole and I am still able to take his sperm up my ass cunt when he cums!!!

If I can find a way to post a picture on this site, I will add a picture of me in this suit and maybe one of us fucking.

Rubber Rick,

MB said...

Oh man, that's great Rick! I'd love to start making my own custom suits someday, something stretchy and skintight in .2 or .25mm latex so it is thin as possible. I love your suit design, and if you send me some pics, I'd LOVE to post them here!