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Earth's First Clone Army?

The Taiwanese government recently unveiled their new Special Forces armor, and it's pretty terrifying. The new uniforms feature bulletproof armor and a ballistic face mask that make soldiers look like a villain in a horror movie. The armor is supposed to protect against close range shots. When the soldiers line up and march, it's hard not to think they look like a Star Wars clone army.

The writer might think they're terrifying; I think they're awesome! How long until some of this riot gear shows up on eBay?


Academy Men

I finally found out what the guys were calling 'The Academy".  A film company from the 90s, Academy Men can be found here:

These titles in particular make me vibrate:
Sealed UP!

Sealed UP! is a 90 minute collection of intense restraint and control scenes including the revolutionary new "360 degree rolling restraint chair" introduced in Academy Entertainment's recent video release, "X-10".

This video is long on restraint gear and situations including an inflatable rubber bodybag, the 360 degree rolling restraint chair, the Vac Rac, The Academy Restraint Chair and more.


Sealed UP! includes a terrific cast of real active duty Police as well as some fresh new faces not seen before in Academy video! See incredible medical bondage situations!


The amazing action in this video includes breath control, force feeding, electrical stimulation, forced urination, forced cigar smoke, complete and immobilizing restraint and more! See an incredible, full-body duct tape wrap!

...and, as mentioned before:

The X-10 Formula

The story is an adaptation of the Frankenstein theme; a mad doctor has developed a process by which he can, over a period of time, take a normal size man and turn him into a incredible hulk type muscular being. At first kidnapping Cops and Marines is the only way he is getting subjects to work on. After the process has been tested and proven, the military decides to steal the process and make the men into monstrous fighting machines. These "monsters" then develop intelligence through their improved brain and decide to take over themselves. Plenty of HOT man on man action!


Rubber, breathing gear, a 360 degree restraint apparatus and other apparatus designed to connect to male bodies together thru tubes and hoses along with rope, duct tape, mummification and metal restraints.


Two active-duty Marine Drill Instructors

Um, yeah, HOT! If anyone knows whether Academy is still distributing these vids or if they are no longer part of the human experience, let me know. So far, I've heard from a lot of guys that remember seeing these and other Academy Men titles in the 1990s, but so far no one seems to know where to get them suggestion was to contact the company and see if there was a possibility of  a re-release online or something. Wouldn't hurt to find out....

Nice Rubber F*ck

Hanging Around


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Rubberstud of the Week #288


I do have a variety of looks....

Here was my friend J and I dressed as Kylie and Dannii Minogue for Hallowe'en on Saturday night (the first and probably last time I'll ever do drag, mind you...):

 It was a very fun night though...who knew I'd make such a pretty girl?
And waking up super horny on Sunday morning, I spent most of the afternoon in total enclosure:
Three different scenes, in fact...I released a lot of built-up sexual energy yesterday. After having to shave a large portion of my body for assuming a drag persona, I was looking forward to getting into skintight rubber without any body hair...the feeling is always so awesome.

Since Hallowe'en falls on a Thursday this week, a lot of people will be out on Thursday night and I know of other Hallowe'en parties going on on Friday November 1 and Saturday November 2. This event is getting out of control! I know so many people who are breaking the bank this year due to the fact they are shelling out cash for 2, 3 or more costumes.  I am going to go a bit on the cheap after the expense of becoming a beautiful lady....Thursday I am going to don full rubber, my SWAT flak jacket and hat and go as Special Ops, much the same as I did a few years ago. I have another party on Friday, the jury's still out on whether I'll re-do one of the costumes from this year or bring stuff out from last year (pimps?).

Hallowe'en is great, everyone gets so excited and into putting together some amazing costumes, but when you dress up in costumes all year like me and a few other rubbermen I know, it's just like a normal week!

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Happy Halloween!

Today (October 26) is the Halloween day for the Adults...Thursday is for the 'kids'. I am going out as something completely different tomorrow that would shock and disgust you, but on Thursday I think I might don head-to-toe rubber and head out to the local gay pub for a few, just because I can ;)

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Friday Studs

Just a little visual feast to get your pervert engines revving for Halloween weekend :)

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Hot Bound Rubberboy

Vacuum Suit

F**ked Rubberslut

Oh Science Fiction, look what you've done to me....

The author of "Chrome", George Nader, is the 50s actor and all around hunk whose partner was personal secretary to Rock Hudson (and Rock called the couple his 'family') so there is that which makes reading this even more interesting. A man that falls in love with a male robot, go figure. Look at those great chrome arms! Mmmm....

...and so many skintight spacesuits to be had. One book chapter I remember in particular was Robert Heinlein's "Space Cadet". There is a scene at the beginning of the book where a young cadet hopeful has to work his way through a physically challenging test maze and he's wearing a standard cadet issue full-body skinsuit. I remember fantasizing about it....and remember the boners it gave me to this day!

It wasn't just limited to outer space. I remember a couple of books I read of underwater worlds. I don't remember the title or the author of the one I'm citing here in particular, but the protagonist was a boy who explored the deeps wearing only a transparent facemask with a tiny attached filtration system that generated breathable air from the water. What glorious freedom that would have been (and a horny breath control system to boot)!

I realize where a lot of my perversions came own imagination reading all that great mid-century sci-fi!

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2,000th Post

Wow, who knew I was so full of shit?!?!  The Rubberstud of the Week post this morning is post entry #2000 on the Rubber Canuck blog! Thanks for continuing to read and enjoy, everyone! :-)

Priape closes all four Canadian stores

Priape closes all four Canadian stores | Daily Xtra

Gay retailer blames filing for bankruptcy protection on ban on popper sales — but company’s financial predicament is more complicated

Priape, Canada’s leading gay store and sex shop, has closed its stores.

Denis Leblanc, general manager at Priape Inc, confirmed that Priape’s four stores across Canada — Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver — closed their doors Oct 21 at 8am Eastern Standard Time.

The company has been under bankruptcy protection since June 27. Leblanc says the closings affect 58 employees.

A fixture of gay villages, Priape says it has been struggling since Health Canada demanded retailers take poppers off the shelves.

In June, just before the Pride season, Health Canada issued a warning asking retailers to stop selling and distributing alkyl nitrites or, as they are more commonly known on the party scene, the popular drug “poppers.”

“For us that represented a huge amount of sales and profit, so that’s what triggered it all,” Leblanc says. “It’s not so much percentage of sales, but the gross profit it brought in, and proportionately it was very significant.”

Although poppers are not considered a narcotic in Canada, and possession of alkyl nitrates is not illegal, they are considered a drug, and their sale is regulated by the Food and Drug Act. Unauthorized sales of the drug can be punished with jail terms of up to three years and fines of up to $5,000.

On Oct 21, Leblanc said he will provide more information “tomorrow or before the end of the week.” He says he’s hopeful that the company can still be saved.

He says there is still a chance that the stores, or some of the stores, could remain open. “That possibility exists. I can’t say anymore about this right now.”

But it appears Priape’s financial woes and debt started long before the June ban on popper sales.

On June 27, Priape sent a “Notice of Intention To Make a Proposal” to its list of creditors owed more than $250.

Traditionally, companies make such a proposal to avoid filing for bankruptcy, hoping creditors will work out a pennies-on-the-dollar settlement for debts owed. The action sometimes provides a company with the opportunity and time to restructure.

As of the June 27 filing, Priape owed 106 companies $687,650.30 — debts that would have accrued long before Health Canada’s announcement in June cracking down on popper sales.

Among creditors listed on the June statement are many familiar brand names in gay retail: Mr S Leather, in San Francisco, owed $28,709; Nasty Pig clothing company, owed $11,985; silicone toy manufacturer Ox Balls, owed $35,347; G-Star jeans, owed $13,504; and Timoteo underwear, owed $13,588.

Pink Triangle Press, publisher of Xtra and, was owed $4,200.

Debt to two large financial institutions added up to just over $143,000. Priape owed $67,641 to American Express and $75,634 to Visa Desjardins.

We do not know how that debt standing may have changed since the June filing; however, on Sept 9, the company applied to Quebec’s Superior Court Commercial Division for a “Notice to Creditors for an Extension of Time.” Priape was granted a 45-day extension, making the new settlement deadline Oct 24.

Priape closed the stores three days before the Oct 24 deadline.

Priape Montreal was the first to open, in 1974. The company has since expanded to Toronto, in 1998, Calgary, in 2004, and Vancouver, in 2005, selling DVDs, books, clothing, leather, sex toys and other products that appeal to gay consumers.

In June, the founder of Priape, Bernard Rousseau, was owed $4,167. Rousseau sold the chain to the current owners about 10 years ago.

Xtra is following the story.

This came as a bit of a surprise (not the bankruptcy, but the closures). I had been told that a sale of Priape to a European chain was in the works which would have presumably bought their debt up as well, however I guess this never happened. Not sure what is happening next, hopefully their creditors will get paid, a laundry list of gay retail names in North America that would be impacted by this bankruptcy as well. Best of luck to all the Priape employees I know across Canada. If the chain disappears, it will be a big impact to Gay Fetish Events across Canada; Priape was one of the best supporters of gay events, beyond all others.

Rubberstud of the Week #287

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Every submissive rubberman's fantasy...

All I Want for Christmas...

Vac Beds

Bait And Switch

Suspend Your Disbelief



Boy Trapped in a Rubber Latex Gimp Dog Suit - brought to you by PornHub

Aw, love this cute gimp pup!

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Cazzo Film

Scenes from one of Cazzo's hottest movies.