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Merry Rubbery Christmas!

Piotr Hanisz GOODY

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Rubber Santa

A very sexy rubber-clad Santa drawn by Руббер Бой (Rubber Boy) for Regulation-London.

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Puppy New Year

Van-PAH and Vancouver Rubbermen will be carrying on with regularly scheduled programming on January 7. I will be bring bondage gear but also rubber clothing items for guys to try out at this meet after New Year's.

Night with the Rubber Boys

Friday night I got Xivenge™ and DB over for a rubber night. We had a lot of fun binding each other and restraining each other in various combinations. It wasn't necessary a hard sex night; I think that is to come at our next rendez-vous.

Xivenge™ came over after work and helped me set up. We got the vac-cube out of storage and I set it up to give Xivenge™ a test run in it before DB showed up. Both guys got into the cube and for DB it was his first introduction to rubber vac-bondage. He seemed to like it a lot!

I got the guys into rubber catsuits and worked on hog-tie mummifying Xivenge while DB and Mr. P played with each other. The mummification lasted for awhile and I got to test more electro application on Xivenge™ before cutting him out.

We took turns lashing each other to the sling frame, applying the asshook and sucking each other off. Xivenge™ turned the tables with the last scene for me after putting me in the straightjacket, breathcontrol hood and weighted asshook.

Next time we are planning to do more assplay on each other in the sling. I really liked Xivenge's Domming proclivities and would like to see him do more diabolical things. DB was simply gracious and appreciative of the experience; I know he's been given some food for thought and will be back for more!

(Un)fortunately Friday night also signalled the end to two beloved catsuits of mine; the Polymorphe black transparent rubber rear-zip catsuit was on its last legs; Xivenge™ got to enjoy it one last time as the latex started tearing in various points. DB filled out the peacock-blue Libidex catsuit very nicely for the evening but it exploded as he was taking it off - so much so that I don't think it's recoverable. I've decided to retire the two suits, happy of all the memories of great play sessions and pleasure that wearing those two suits gave me and so many of the other studs over the years that enjoyed their latex awesomeness.


Saturday was pretty low-key. Instead of going to the VML play night at Steamworks (I just wasn't in the mood), I rubbered up in my new Latexskin two-piece catsuit. Mr. P and I had a lot of Christmas stuff to get done this weekend so it was a smart idea to leave the exceptional play to Friday night.

Last night Wardog stayed over and we fucked and fisted for awhile before bedtime. Mr. P left for Las Vegas this morning so I have the condo to myself and Wardog for the week. We're hoping to invite some men over this week to enjoy the space! Mr. P is home on Friday and then Christmas madness starts.

We are planning an orphan dinner on Christmas Day. I believe Xivenge™, CPFFucker, and Whatsup are all coming over for dinner in addition to a few more friends. I'm looking forward to hosting the boys to some good home-cooked food a la Mr. P!

Old-School Rubber

Ah, the rogue days of track cycling before all the rules started coming in to standardize everything. Back in 1984, everyone was still able to try and generate advantages of any type!

Rubberstud of the Week #452

Friday, December 16, 2016


New stuff from Dan Baku.

Rubber Night

SQUEE! Tonight Xivenge™ and DB are coming over tonight! I have three scenes planned.

First, after a long hiatus, I'm going to get the guys to try out the vac-cube. It hasn't been out in some time, I think it will go over well. I typically bring the equipment best used nude first as we can get that out of the way, then go to the heavy rubber session, followed by sling time and heavy play in lighter (cooler) rubber. Given the temperatures though, maybe the guys will be happier staying in latex layers!

Next we're going to mummify and hogtie Xivenge™ like this (without the suspension of course....someday....someday), with electro and clamps. We'll see how long he can stay in this position. I'm hoping that DB will like assuming some Dom duties tonight!

After Xivenge™ is put in his place, I plan to rack DB up for awhile on the sling frame with anal hook and an intro to some breathplay. Oh yeah, and he'll probably get some electro too.

After that, we will take a break, change and then put up the sling for the late-night hard core Dom sub work on each other.

I think I have the catsuits figured out for DB and myself as we're close to the same height and stature, however given that Xivenge™ is about four inches taller than me, we're going to try putting him in the transparent Polymorphe and see how it fits. Since the latex is softer and stretchier, I'm hoping it won't be too much of a problem.

And....since there are three of us, I'm expecting to get at least a few pics and/or vids out of the deal. Of course I will share....

Recon Core Rubber: Photo Shoot


Thursday, December 15, 2016


Yesssssssss rubber feet!

Starting Out

I've always considered starting to create my own latex designs, but lack of workspace and a bit of laziness always prevented it from happening.

Radical Rubber is offering a starter work kit on their website and through Libidex.

If you ever were thinking of getting into making your own stuff, here are some essentials.

The Mail Order Starter Kit contains the following:

  1. Glue x 2 (water-based latex emulsion, not containing solvents)
  2. Polish (Radical Rubber's Radicalshine, latex-based polish)
  3. Seam Roller (for rolling your seams to get good adhesion)
  4. Roller cutter (to cut your latex nice and clean)
  5. Marker Pen (a white, easy-to-rub-off gel pen - pens in other colours can be obtained through the internet)
  6. Glue spreader (a thin spatula for gluing tight corners)
  7. Flexible Spreader (a simple plastic sheet that can be cut to size for different gluing jobs)
  8. Latex Practice Sheet (1 sq metre of black Radical Rubber latex. 0.40mm gauge)
  9. Latex Sheet Pieces (random scraps of latex in various colours and gauges for you to practise on; at least 3 pieces and colour per box - exact amounts and colours may vary. Approx 170-200g by weight.)
  10. ‘How To’ Brochure (fully illustrated 36-page guide to cutting and sticking latex, with great photos and lots of useful tips from Libidex garment makers)
  11. Lint-free Cloth (for polishing your latex)

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


A very handsome man in tight rubber.
Ilja Berlin looks fucking great in any rubber he puts on.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rubber Elf

Campbell Ray being adorable! Great outfit!!!

Rubbery Fun

The weekend was pretty fun. Thursday night was my first fist training session with SCS; things went really well....despite the fact he isn't as experienced as he has claimed, this will take a bit longer than originally thought, however he's a nice sexy guy and I hope he will stick to the program and do his exercises in between our weekly sessions. He left around 8pm after three hours of hole stretching (which was pretty good for a preliminary session imo), and Wardog came after work around 830. It was my turn this evening as Wardog hasn't been feeling well recently; Wardog worked on me in the sling, eventually applying a long-overdue punch fisting to finish off the session. I needed that!

Friday, Xivenge™ and Wardog were over. I spent most of the evening putting Xivenge™ in rubber, restraining and subduing him, and later exposing him to electro and tit torture while in the sleepsack. We should have worked more on the breathplay and position play, but ran out of time so that will happen the next time we get together. Wardog wasn't feeling very well so he and Mr. P played the role of general observers for the evening.
He looks good in medical red!

I kept him in this position to perform the OBVIOUS, obviously.

The contrasting stripe is in a STRANGE POSITION.
My new rubber showed up on Thursday, so I put the medical red Latexskin two-piece catsuit on him while I tried out the silver catsuit. Everything, despite being size large, fits pretty tight...though with the 0.25mm stuff, the tightness results in no lines! Duly noted: I have put on a few pounds since the accident too, so I'm now factoring that in....

The silver catsuit is nice however the contract line around the waist (well, around the ass more accurately) seems like a bit of an's not as pictured on Latexskin's website - it goes around the ass and kinda looks like lowrider jeans. Strange but unique and not a dealbreaker.

I put on the 0.25mm suit on yesterday for most of the day, I even slept in it for awhile in the feels just as amazing as the first suit I got from Latexskin, though I am pretty confident this one will last longer than the first one.
0.25mm stretchy tightness
Love the curves in the new ultra-thin latex
This week might shape up to be a lot of fun. S comes back for his second training session on Thursday. I am particularly excited about introducing my new handsome friend, DB, to rubber on Friday. He has a fascination for it, so I will be 'gentle' as I cover him up with his new black rubbery skin on Friday evening and convince him there's now no turning back!

Vancouver Men in Leather are kicking off their new monthly play party on Saturday. It will be a great opportunity to gear up and pig out for awhile, and given that the Rough Trade parties haven't been happening, hopefully this will be a great alternative? Maybe the attendance won't be great this close to the holidays, however I will hope for the best!

Next week Mr. P is off to Vegas with friends for the week, so I have the condo to myself.....I wonder what could possibly go wrong?!?!

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Friday, December 9, 2016


It's a holiday miracle! The Latexskin order showed up today!

The Swish Embassy

I am loving some of these megging styles! haha

The Making of Latex 101

The Making of Latex 101 from Latex 101 on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to put on Latex Clothing

Another Whiteout Rubber tutorial :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Thank you, Invincible Rubber; thank you very much...

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Last weekend was relatively calm compared to the previous one, however still a pile of fun.

Friday night, Wardog was over for a brief session. He left me riled up so I ended up playing with toys by myself until 2:30 or so...along with condom breathplay, tubing and tight collars...

Saturday I got up and got stuff collected for the Vancouver Rubbermen Jingle Balls meet and Xmas party at Pumpjack. We ended up having a lot of fun, we got one of the rubbermen mummified in pallet wrap and duct tape which was appreciated by the mob.

Afterwards I went home for awhile, peeled off my rubber, got ready to go out for a friend's birthday party. It was a late night....I didn't feel very well Sunday morning but got up for our noon curling game which we ended up winning.

Came home, napped, talked to Xivenge™....he wasn't feeling up to playing, so we went out for food and drink and rescheduled our next rubber playdate to this Friday. I will be working from home that day so I'm encouraging him to come over early so I can wrap him up tightly in rubber immobilized while I finish work, then get him into the sling later on. I want him over early as I can't keep him too late because Mr. P and I have to go over to Vancouver Island on Saturday for family matters, then I have to be back on Sunday again.

In other great news, I have a new boy SCS who wants to commence fist training so he's coming over Thursday for his first session and hopefully will become a Thursday regular. I met him on Scruff when he caught my eye wearing spandex gear. I have asked him to wear more when he comes over on Thursday. Very sexy, ample butt, I am looking forward to this....

Gay #Memes

Of all the shit that we are deliberating and wringing our hands about on the Internet, memes are one of the best things the Internet has provided. These are sooo funny!