Thursday, June 11, 2015

My New Latexskin

I finally got to try on the new Latexskin suit for the first time last night. I had a Rubbout meeting with Rob at 6:30 and had him help me put it on and take some pics. The suit is SO thin and stretchy; it's unlike any latex suit I've owned or put on before. The thinness makes it barely feel like you're wearing anything at all - at times I'd have to look in the mirror again to remember that I was wearing a rubber suit that covered my entire body with an entry only through the face! Just the thought that I was trapped in this airtight body cocoon was enough to keep me hard for most of the evening.

As I've mentioned here before, this suit may not be the most practical latex piece I've ever owned but it is fulfilling a childhood fantasy of mine. In the 1980s spinoff of books based on the "V" miniseries, the seventh book, "V: The Alien Swordmaster" is based in Tokyo. In it, the alien scientists are trying to develop a thin material impermeable to the toxin that kills them but lets oxygen through. In one scene in the book, the researchers are working in a lab with the see-through body suits on, meanwhile as they breath, the intake and exhale makes a seething sound due to the molecular filtering. I'm not sure why these situations stuck with me, but as I grew into my fetishes, I always fantasized about having a similar thin stretch filtersuit. Naturally doing this in latex would be the reasonable option. It hasn't been until now, 30 years later that I've finally made that fantasy a reality!

Once Rob had helped me pop the top of the suit and hood over my shoulders and we got everything into it's proper place, I marvelled at the feel and look of the suit for a few hours, sometimes putting on the nostril-hole only mask and snort poppers to get a release of body sensation as the latex hugged every part of my body. Othertimes I just went full-bore and used a condom over the head for some breathplay. That sensation of being closed off from the world in a thin layer of rubber was overwhelming at times, though I kept myself under control to avoid blowing a load too early as I wanted this experience to last as long as possible.

The measurements I sent to Latexskin worked out almost perfectly; the only measurement I can see as something that needs to be addressed might be the head circumference; I didn't find the attached hood or nostril mask were as tight on my head and face as I would have liked but it is really not a big matter. The arms and torso are perfect, the legs are almost there. I'm glad I ordered the anal sheath as wide and long as I did, the cock and ball sheath is very well-sized. I love the cut under in the armpit; I've never had a suit fit so nicely in that area before. There usually is a bit of excess latex there due to the underarms being cut too deep causing some restriction, but in this suit there is no restriction at all. There is no restriction anywhere, in fact! Oh man, it's just so amazing!

I was really getting excited when I convinced K55 to come over to check out the suit after running group since I had sold it to him that it was the most amazing thing ever....he's pretty easy to convince to do things kink-related! haha

He came over around 9, almost immediately started to fuck me in the suit, sucked my rubber covered cock and balls, and I returned the favor. I got fucked in this thing! More fantasy becoming reality!!

As expected, I was a dripping sponge of sweat by this time, leaving drops of sweat everywhere when I elevated something higher than where the sweat and pre-cum was collecting --- and had what seemed like liters of fluid sloshing around in my attached feet for quite awhile. At a point, there is simply too much sweat and fluid contained in the suit for it to feel the way it's supposed to feel anymore...I think many of you rubber perverts will know what I'm talking about.

After a bit of time playing with K55, I decided it was time to try and get out of the suit. I must say, getting in and out WITH SOMEONE TO HELP was a lot easier than I anticipated it being...and thankfully I didn't have to struggle with either event solo today.

At any rate, I got out of the suit, cleaned out as did K55, and we proceeded to continue playing and fucking until around midnight, just before Mr. P got home.

I'm not turned on by this rubber at all.

The anal sheath is configured just about perfect!
Just before diving in with the hood and mask....
Look ma, no entry points! :)
Fuck, I am so turned on right now. And so sweaty.
A closeup of the accompanying nostril-hole only mask.
Hard to line things up when you can barely see out.
I did eventually smooth things out, however.
LOVE the armpit fit.
A last head-to-toe using the mirror as daylight disappears.
What an experience! I can't wait to put that body-hugging cocoon back on again! As K55 and I were talking about such things as the Recon Photo Contest and our upcoming stage performance at the Vancouver Fetish Weekend Uniform Military Ball, he's already scheming ways to integrate this suit into a performance. He's really keen to see me get hatched out of an egg....LOL

I'm already considering something similar in black or a funky color...the metallic blues and silvers look great too!

And yes, I did take video; expect a clip video of me in the suit on Xtube soon! :)


rubberdc said...

Completely sexual and so horny! envious? you BET!

clearplast said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I agree with you that your suit fits perfectly. That way it looks so sexy.

Those “cock sheath” garments —in particular the clear ones— are challenging in the sense that you must keep hard all the time. It must have been riding on the razor’s edge to keep a hard-on and not to jerk off prematurely.

About the Swordmasters: It was a single picture of a gal in clear PVC that turned on my fetish for clear garments.