Sunday, March 30, 2008

Russian Soldier

Here are some pics of the new Russian gas mask and rebreather system. It is so much fun to play with!

Rubber gimp bondage

What a great position to be in. The moaning from all the plugging by Rubberbond's boyfriend is fantastic!

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Black enclosure

Here's another hot vid from Alex. He sure knows how to pleasure himself and his viewers to the max!

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Here are the questions on the Mr. Rubber Calgary contestant application form, with the answers I submitted. Yeah, I was very chatty on the application form, but how can people easily put into words those qualities about rubber/latex that attracts and arouses them? A complicated situation doesn't have any simple answers. I took quite a few days to figure out how best to answer them.

Previous and current titles: None fetish- or gay-related.
Club memberships: None fetish- or gay-related
Hobbies: competitive road and track cycling, competitive running, volunteerism, photography.
Do you support any causes?: ? I am a long-time volunteer, participant and supporter of the Alberta bicycle racing community, also a long-time supporter and volunteer of Calgary Apollo and the Calgary Frontrunners.
Sponsors: None
How long have you been into rubber/latex and how did it start?: I've been 'into' latex since my early teens but only got 'into' latex clothing in the late nineties when the Internet suddenly provided lots of visibility and online access to retailers and rubber fetishism in general. Consequently it was also when I finally had the money to afford it! I was originally into anything skintight; ‘naturally’ this started with lycra clothing in my teens. The first major latex items I bought were some bondage balloons and hoods from MEO in the UK. Things have evolved and grown in very interesting ways from those early experiences.I think I was originally drawn to rubber and latex merely by its intrinsic qualities -- it is impermeable, yet can stretch to unbelievable size. It makes amazing sounds and smells heavenly. I started experimenting with rubber gloves and condoms in my formative years for sexual play and breath control and things evolved from there.
What rubber/latex do you have?: Half a dozen catsuits, numerous tights, shirts, shorts, jeans, accessories, gasmasks, hoods, and a vac-rack. All of it tight and encapsulating!
What is your favorite piece of rubber/latex and why?: I love suits that can achieve as close to a one-piece complete coverage as possible. The first fullsuit I bought was a molded one-piece with attached socks, gloves, hood and sheath. It makes the male wearer look like he’s been dipped in a vat of latex, and I think that ‘pseudo-human’ look is extremely sexy.
What does rubber/latex represent/invoke/signify for you?: Where do I start?From the perspective of a gay man, I've always been drawn to anything skintight that will accentuate the male physique while enhancing assets and muting imperfections. Latex makes almost any body look beautiful when polished and shining!In addition to the hypermasculinity that rubber provides as a skintight material but also as a material traditionally associated with masculine activities and occupations, the encapsulation and constraint of a stretchy, impermeable material also allows complete removal from one's environment while having all senses fully stimulated at the same time; in a situation with a partner this is intensified as your focus is only on you and your partner as the rest of the world is already removed from the equation. The anonymity of latex coverage is also very erotic to me.From the perspective of a rubberman, latex has the unique property of being able to stimulate all of the senses – it can be simultaneously arousing to see, touch, taste, smell and hear. It feels great when covering your entire body. It feels great when a partner touches or snaps it. It feels great to rub against another body in rubber. Its heat transfer qualities enhance environmental changes – heat to cold, dry to wet. Latex has a lot more flexibility as a fetish material, which allows aficionados of it to create anything as bizarre, superhuman, pansexual, or otherworldly as their imagination will allow.
Why would you like to become Mr. Rubber Calgary?: I feel I am at a point in the evolution of my fetish that I am comfortable for people to see me as I am. With my volunteer and marketing experience, as a man who is immersing in the lifestyle I believe that I can promote it very effectively. I would make a great rubber ambassador for Calgary, but more importantly, I believe the local fetish scene needs a few unabashed public faces to promote the acceptability of latex and rubber fetishism in a culture that may not be as tolerant and/or exposed to it in order to get the large number of hidden fetishists in this city out of the closet and openly celebrating their perviness!
Imagine that you win the title. What would you like to do with it? Do you have any projects?: I am an avid photographer and have plans to get into fetish photography and eventually HD videography. I am hoping that winning the title will allow me to build a network of fetish friends and artists in the hope that I can eventually produce several fetish video and photo portfolios. I also would like to promote Calgary in other markets as a representative of the city and its potentially exciting (but currently underground) kink culture. There are many large gay events coming up in the next year or so, including annual events like MIR and IML. Next year, large international events like OutGames will have a large fetish cultural contingent where a Calgary representative could make inroads in promoting the city and its benefits.I would like to organize Rubber Nights in such venues as the Eagle as a way to expose more people to the possibilities of latex and rubber fetishism – fashion shows, vac-rack and bondage equipment demos, etc.
Describe in detail your ultimate rubber experiences (Either one that you have had or one that you would like to have): It would be hard to decide on just a few ultimate experiences, as the possibilities and situations a rubberman could find himself in are only limited by the imagination. As I mentioned above, I am very drawn to skintight full body encapsulation in situations where standard uniforms could be replaced with latex attire. I have a fantasy of being a rubber mercenary, sent deep into enemy territory to retrieve information on the location of captured rubber soldiers. I would find out the information I needed, but en route towards safety, I am captured and brought to a secret dungeon/jail location where I am put into full rubber and bound to a variety of contraptions designed to extract information (and other things) out of me – vac-racks, sleepsacks, straightjackets, St. Andrews crosses, bondage racks and chairs. The torture would be exquisite – orifice plugging, bondage, humiliation, breath control, gasses, electrostimulation, probing, stretching and spreading, to name a few - all applied by a crew of muscle-bound interrogators also in skintight rubber. I would be able to resist breaking down and telling my captors about my mission and source and would eventually be rescued by a rubber paramilitary team that would break me out and consequently rescue their captured teammates with the information I am able to provide.A similar fantasy would involve responding to a classified ad placed by a wealthy rubber master looking for hard-core rubberslaves to do his domestic bidding and also using the selected applicants for ‘experimentation’. We would have to go through a week of rigorous testing prior to being hired to ensure we are truly submissive slaves as required and able to withstand the pressures of being 24/7 rubberslaves for extended periods of time. Once selected, we would spend the rest of our lives in rubber-encased servitude to our rubber master. The experiments would involve an endless barrage of tests with new equipment, gear, and creative scenes. Eventually we would be promoted to assistant positions, helping the rubber master recruit and test new rubberslaves eager to join our team and live a complete rubber lifestyle with us.

Contest outfits

I learned a bit more about the competition format this week. Apparently there isn't going to be a minimal wear round (what a relief!), and this will be replaced by a fantasy round, which is exactly what I wanted to hear. So here are my outfit decisions so far for the three rounds.
Round 1: Formal wear
I think for this one I am going to wear the basic STR catsuit. I haven't decided whether I will complement it with the black Russian gasmask, the Blackstyle intubation hood, or simply go with the black PVC captain's hat. I think it will depend largely on the mood of the audience and hopefully what precedes me. I'd love to go fully rubbered out onto the stage, but I think it might be a bit of overkill, considering what I will be wearing for the second round.
Round 2: Fantasy wear
This one will be easy. As hoped, I'll be able to wear the full S.W.A.T. gear outfit - Mr. S. pewter catsuit, BlackBody harness, STR bag, Danish gasmask, and guns. I think this one will be a lot of fun. I had been told that the interview questions may come up in this round, but I'm hoping that won't happen until the third round. I can go onto stage with a laser pointer strapped to the rifle and wave it around above the crowd as I come on stage as a stealthy rubber military figure. I hope this one's a big hit!

Round 3: Presentation wear
For what I have that I would consider 'formal', instead of bringing it out in the first round, I will come out in this round with the Invincible polo shirt, TMRA leggings and TredAir boots with blue laces. I think this will look very sharp and this will be what I'll be able to wear in the bar for the remainder of the evening.

I think it will be fun if I can keep my identity 'hidden' until the third round. By wearing a mask in the first round, gas mask in the second and no face covering in the third, I hope that it will lead to some intrigue and make the competition more fun!

Rubber Gimp Breath Control


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another rubberworm

Helpless! Restricted! Great scene!

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Adventures in BCing

...So, I gave the closed breathing system a whirl today. It was the first time I've tried a closed system with a bladder/bag and double hose setup. It was amazing! Even with the valves fully opened, breathing is restricted and it got me off immediately! I'll look into priming the system with poppers in a few weeks when my eyes are healed. I don't think amyl/butyl nitrite exposure right now would be a particularly good thing....

Private thoughts on public exposure

I'm a hypocrite of sorts -- I've always been a positive proponent of enjoying your fetishes and sexual proclivities to the maximum, and for some people this involves public display and exhibitionism. For those people, I have always said, "go for it!"

I'm one of those people who like to show off too, however with the reality of being involved in a bonafide fetish contest where I'm going to be judged on how I look, how I think and how I could represent a community, it has brought this mantra of mine in question. Do I dare expose who I really am in the possibility that my personal, professional, and sexual identities could clash?

This has happened to me in the past -- innocent online communications and blogging that has had bad unintended consequences. I thought I had learned lessons from these experiences; my personal perspective on this was that if I was going to show myself on display online, I was going to make sure it would remain low-key and set up so that there was no way my real life and my fetish life could ever cross.

...And then this contest came up. I think initially I was more excited than rational and decided to jump into the fray with both feet. Now I am having some internal struggles with this. I have been discussing this with a fellow rubberman who is going to compete in the contest alongside me, and I'd like to post our communications on this to date.

Good points, ****, and useful info.

It makes sense that they will want your face visible for the crowd for all three rounds. That definitely limits the outfit decisions. I was under the impression there was only going to be one Q&A round, but if there are three, then that's the way it is.

For it being Calgary's 'premiere' of this event, I would expect that they want it pretty tame. Unfortunately I showed up late for the Mr. Leather Calgary competition so I missed out on the format of most of that event.

I'm truly sorry about the identity thing -- I have been really trying to limit my exposure to having my personal, professional and sexual lives cross -- it's had very bad unintended consequences in the past that I'm trying to avoid this time around. I had promised myself that I would keep my fetish life humble and modest online, but now I've decided to compete in this contest, so who's actually learning the lessons here? To be honest, the name is the only thing I've misled you on -- the rest of what I've told you is true. I've only been trying to avoid connection of my real name with my online persona. I hope you can understand that.

I'm still sort of hesitant about competing, as it's going to blow my 'cover' wide out into the open. I keep thinking how people (and future potential employers) will Google my name and find that I competed in gay fetish contests and this could affect future possibilities for me. Looking at it in a positive way, I'm hoping that it might open some doors at the same time.

If I had my way we would have been able to compete with pseudonyms, and honestly I had no idea this competition was going to be part of something bigger when I handed in my application -- that it would end at this and nothing more. I only found out about the Priape deal with this contest this week. The winner gets the chance to go to a national competition, and who knows after that? I'm not sure whether that type of exposure is what I want at this moment in my life, but at the same time I'm yearning to do something spontaneous, exciting, and completely different in my life than what I've done to this point. This may or may not be the right thing to do, but it sure will be interesting and different!

I also think I'm putting too much emphasis on the ramifications of this. It's for fun and I plan to have fun with it! As for what happens afterwards, that's something I'm content to deal with when the time comes.

I'm not very fond of the minimal round either. I'm all about full coverage so I honestly don't have a lot of minimal wear to pick from. The smallest thing I have is a pair of hot shorts, so I guess that's what I'm going to have to wear. Maybe I'm prudish this way -- I don't really have any reason to display my bare ass at the bar to a bunch of strangers, but I should've been expecting something like this when I sent in my application and decided to do this in the first place.

Part of my mandate has been to open the possibilities of fetish to a crowd in a part of the country that aren't so open to public display and open celebration of this stuff, so in that way I'm happy to possibly play the role of an 'ambassador' of sorts. But at the same time, doing something that might damage my reputation in a community that respects me is a risk that needs to be contemplated. The jury's still out on that one -- I guess I have two weeks to decide!

I'm glad that you're making the trip for this one, Doug. It makes me feel a little less nervous knowing someone that is going to go through the event with the same emotional tension as I will be!

Talk to you soon

--- **** wrote:


Re: the rounds - if its the same as the Mr Calgary Leather competition we will be called up one at a time, be introduced, walk out onto the stage and show the outfit then stand there as they ask questions. Then you go to the side of the stage while the next guy is introduced.

Re; What to wear - I've changed my mind about a dozen times on that one. Second round is minimal rubber (I HATE that) it will be a rubber jock and boots. Third round will be latex jeans and shirt. First round I still havnt decided - to my thinking it should be a full outfit of some sort. What ever you feel you look best in. (Makes me realize I really dont have much for full outfits - just parts
- so I have to see what I can dig up yet - first one I can complete will be it) I was planning on having a mask on my belt but not wearing it as they will want to see your face and you have to be able to be heard when you are asked questions.

Re: Name - ok I'm a bit hurt at that one - how would you feel if someone you considered a friend came out and told you they had lied to you from the beginning?

Anyway - thats where it stands - let me know what your thoughts are on this - hopefully they are going to do it like they said. If they decide to do a fantasy portion like they do at MIR at the last min I'm out of there.


It seems tensions are running high -- maybe it's all in my head. I really wish we didn't live in a part of the world where this type of exposure was an issue, but unfortunately that is the reality of my reality. I have a pretty influential position in my career. I'm pretty disaffected with what I'm doing so in some way I didn't really let my decisions to enter this contest bother me. I am so fed up with the puritanical thinking of this part of the world; I feel that I must do something to shake things up, make people think about possibilities themselves. Unfortunately I think I might be shooting myself in the foot while attempting to do something I feel is a good thing. Things that originally were meant all in fun are now getting a lot more serious.

Yes, I do realize it's only a freaking fetish contest; but because it is only a contest, do I really need to do this as if I have something to prove? Some community that I need to promote or something to save? I probably have a lot more to lose potentially than to gain by going ahead with this. There's a possibility that if I did actually win this competition, I'm not sure I'd be able to fulfill the next steps anyways. I could see competing in Montreal (actually, that would be a welcoming treat), but what of the next steps? What would be the consequences of the exposure of being in a continentally distributed gay and fetish catalog? Being the model on piles of promotional material? I had always fantastized about something like this happening; I never for a second ever thought that it could come true. I'm elated and freaked out about this at the same time.

I sort of feel that an opportunity has been presented to me to pursue. Like I've said, I've been yearning to do something different and completely against what I've done in the past for awhile now, and this certainly meets those criteria. I've been moving pretty aimlessly through my life for the past few years -- what better than the elusive pseudo-career in fetish modelling to shake things up?

Stubbornly, because I think if I don't do this I'll be missing a rare opportunity to be involved in something personally rare and beautiful, I have to accept the challenge. But I might need a reality check...

I'd like to hear some thoughts on this...whether my rationalizing of this is complete, whether my actions are just in face of the potential risks, and/or whether I'm simply playing too much into this, and I shouldn't worry and just have fun, as I originally intended.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I underwent laser eye surgery yesterday to improve my eyesight. It's something that I always contemplate when my vision care plan at work tops up, but this year I had my incentive bonus, a topped up vision care benefit and generous health spending account to bolster the argument to do it when contemplating the cost. Because my astigmatism was so bad, the surgery cost quite a bit more than the average person. Now that it's done and I'm only fighting a bit of infection in my left eye, I'm amazed and blown away by the improvement. I went in for a follow-up test and I'm seeing 20/20. Incredible. I think I'm only beginning to discover the things that people with good eyesight take for granted. It's the first time in my entire life that I've been able to see without some sort of assistance through glasses or contacts, and if I can see this good today, what's it gonna be like in a month or two when everything's healed? I think this was a great decision. I'm so excited! :-D

It's going to make the view through the gas mask lenses an entirely new experience!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Priape Model Search

Priape Wear seeks Vanilla to Fetish
By Rob Diaz-Marino, GayCalgary and Edmonton

Do you have what it takes to be a Priape mode? This April you will once again have the chance to strut your stuff in front of a panel of judges, win prizes and more, at this 2nd annual Priape Model Search.

But things are a little different from last year, namely that there's not just one but two different Calgary competitions being held. Up for grabs are the titles of "Mr. Priape Wear Calgary" and "Mr. Rubber Calgary", both of whom have a chance to compete in National finals to win the aforementioned title for all of Canada!

"The fetish competition - Mr. Rubber Calgary - this is the first year of the competition. This is going to run across the country as well, and it's teamed up with events such as Rubbout in Vancouver. This is not the first year of the fetish event, but this is the first year of our participation with it," said event coordinator Mike Ain when GayCalgary and Edmonton Magazine caught up with him to learn more about this fast approaching event.

"[This is so that] Priape, which is diverse itself in its product range and the community that participates in shopping with us, can represent all aspects of our product line."

We asked Ain what qualities Priape is looking for in a model. "For Mr. Priape Wear, we are looking for people who have the height and size and shape to wear the clothes comfortably, but there's not a limitation on that. We're looking for confidence, and somebody who is able to present themselves best on stage. For [Mr. Rubber Calgary], again we're looking for somebody who has the personality to answer the Q&A, and as well be able to represent the product line that they're pushing forward, whether it be leather, or rubber - in this case it's rubber."

Last year's Mr. Priape Calgary winner, Matt Tomczynk, is a resident of Edmonton, and indeed Ain encourages not only local Calgarians but anyone in Alberta to come and participate. In fact, similar local competitions are being held in other cities across Canada and the world.

"Last year there were 10 contestants from 7 cities: 2 cities in the US, 5 cities in Canada. [This year] there will be 6 cities in Canada, 2 in the US, and 3 from overseas: Australia, Berlin, and Singapore...We've had contestants from previous years who, much like in TV or reality shows like American Idol, have gone from city to city to try to compete, and that has gone successfully in the past. We invite anyone from any city to compete. We've just chosen these venues at particular cities to have point-locations across the country."

Mr. Priape Wear contestants are expected to display their talents by modeling a variety of clothing, including swimwear and underwear. In contrast, Mr. Rubber contestants have formal wear, minimal wear, and presentation rounds. Both are presented as a fasion show with question and answer rounds, and a panel of judges who rate each contestant and determine the winner by consensus.

Both events are being held the same weekend at two separate venues. Naturally the Mr. Rubber Calgary competition will be held at the Calgary Eagle, while the Mr. Priape Wear Calgary competition will be at the Twisted Element. Regarding the obvious concern, unfortunately Priape is unable to waive the non-admittance of unfavourables to the latter establishment. "It depends on the particular venue that we are [using to] host the event...we need to respect the rules and conditions of that particular venue," says Ain.

Although all twelve contestants from each event will be given prize packages, the Calgary winners will receive $400 worth of Priape clothing. For the winners, transportation to the finals will be covered, including food, drink, and accommodations. The Calgary winners will become Mr. Priape Wear Calgary and Mr. Rubber Calgary, whether they go on to win the finals or not. Additionally, one or both of the Calgary winners will appear exclusively on the cover of GayCalgary and Edmonton Magazine for the month of June.

The finals in Montreal are scheduled to be held the weekend of June 20th to the 22nd. It will be three days of events consisting of fashion shows, Q&A periods, and individual competitions which usually change from year to year. "In Australia we did a push-up competition on the spot," Ain muses, but didn't say what the competitors would face here.

The winner of the finals will receive $1000 worth of Priape Wear clothing. He will then become the official spokesperson and cover model for the Priape Wear fashion line internationally, which now sells to 27 countries around the world. That person will win a photo shoot with Canadian photographer Robert Laliberte and he will also be used in their future advertising, catalogs, website and promotional events. A fair bit of travel is also on the horizon for the national winner. "Last year's winner did events with us in Vegas, New Jersey, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal."

So if you have the drive, confidence, and commitment to represent the Priape Wear fashion linke, then sign up today for the Mr. Priape Wear or Mr. Rubber competition - or both!

Mr. Priape Wear Calgary competition
Friday, April 4, 2008 @ Twisted Element

Mr. Rubber Calgary competition
Saturday, April 5, 2008 @ Calgary Eagle

Sign up online:


Well, I handed in my application at Priape last night. I was sort of freaking out about it afterwards -- I'm not sure if I want the attention that winning a title might attract, but at the same time I've been thinking also about the possibilities something like this might open up for me. I've been trying to figure out a new path for my life; maybe something like this will expose options to me that previously didn't exist.

I think I overdid my application form -- it was very wordy, but as I said to J at Priape last night, I wanted to be thoughtful and honest. Latex has had a profound impact on my life and I don't want to understate that.

After thinking about everyone's comments on my What to Wear? post, I've decided that I might go full regalia for the formal wear part -- pewter suit, guns, belts, bags, gas mask, the whole thing -- I mean, why not? What do I have to lose by going as the fully-dressed rubber soldier? I hope I'm not the only one wear a gas mask, but even if I am.....

The issue I have is with the minimal wear. Other than the hot shorts, I don't have anything 'minimal'. I'm all about the coverage! I asked at Priape if they had any shorts/thongs/jockstraps with any white in them since I had been thinking of maybe implementing the new white Steel boots that showed up yesterday (more on that later) into the costume. I don't think this is going to work, however. I may go with Patrick's advice and stay anonymous until the presentation round -- it will build up the suspense for those people in the crowd that don't know me. I may lose points on the minimal wear round, but hopefully I'll make up for it in the other two!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

What to Wear?

I have a few questions on the 3 rounds of outfits required for the competition -- just so I can get a better idea of what I should choose for each round.

Formal Wear (usually means full gear of your choice): Could this be fantasy-based? I'm thinking full catsuit with military accessories -- an outfit that I think I've designed quite nicely.

Minimal Wear (basically what it says): What would you consider here? Simply a pair of rubber shorts or something? Or is this the round where one could wear a singlet?

Presentation round, I have always thought of these as more casual wear, could be something like a singlet or whatever: This one - I'm thinking a rubber dress shirt, leggings and boots. Is that too much for this round? Is this the one where we will be asked questions and such?

Do we need a 'gimmick' for these rounds, or is it basically just 'stand and pose'? I'm just wanting to be a bit prepared as I've never done anything like this before, and to be honest I've never really seen these competitions in person...only online in badly focused videos!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can improve the wear in each round -- possibly giving me the 'edge' in the competition?


I'm just about done filling in the application for the Mr. Rubber Calgary contest. I'm trying to be as thoughtful as possible in my responses. I'm probably being overly zealous with this -- it is Mr. Rubber Calgary after all, but with this being my first attempt at competing in something like this, I really want to make a good impression. I would like to use a title such as this to promote more events like it here. I'm envisioning a Rubber Night at the Eagle sometime in the spring with a rubber fashion show, vac-rack demos and such. If I can get rubber defined in this community as a viable fetish as much as leather is, who knows where things could go?

Here are a couple more pics of the STR suit with my ultra tight moulded latex mask. There's never an end to the looks that can be achieved. And yes -- that is something I wrote in my application for what I find so alluring about latex! ;-)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I learned a new word today. Urban Dictionary claims it is a derogatory Russian word for "fag". Dude on Latexworld commented on my "Rubber Discipline" video with said term. I'm not sure why, as he appears to be a pidaras himself. Lots of strange people out there.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Whew! I'm glad that religious diatribe is in the past now. I get on these rants sometimes.

I just bought all the items I had mentioned previously to go with the white latex suit. I also bought some colored laces for the Tred-Airs and extras for the new Steels. I am such a freak. I can hardly wait until IML to debut this outfit. I can hardly wait to start playing with actual rebreathing! Marvellous!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Well, since the Catholic Church was so inclined to add more behaviors to their list of sinful actions this week now that the world has gone global and they felt the need to stay 'relevant', I thought it would be fun to review the seven most evil of them all, the deadly sins! Mwuh-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah!!!!

What a time waster...when is the Church going to do something insightful for a change, like tell its vast reserves of sheep to stop overpopulating the planet?

But I digress...

History lesson: The seven deadly sins were established by Pope Gregory the Great in the 6th century.

Lust - involving obsessive or excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature.
Yeah, I fail that one fully and completely. Fetishism is basically the most insane form of lust.

Gluttony - the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste.
Does a closet full of skintight rubber clothing count? I'm technically not wasting anything...everything gets its fair share of wear! LOL

Greed - the sin of excess applied to the acquisition of wealth in particular.
I wouldn't consider myself greedy other than to ensure I have enough money to buy more kink gear and rubber. Or am I intrinsically greedy because I fulfill my fetishes? Hmmm.....

Sloth - more simply a sin of laziness or indifference, of an unwillingness to act, an unwillingness to care (rather than a failure to love God and His works); the failure to utilize one's talents and gifts.
No relevance to sloth found here. Does mummification count?

Wrath - inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger, resentment, spitefulness, self-denial, impatience.
With the state of the world today, how can one not be frustrated to the point of being angry? Throw me in the pits of fiery hell with the other seven billion currently on the face of the earth! We're all getting screwed, some just more than others (...and some more willingly than others)! Oh, and just to make the distinction, mine is controlled anger, mmmkay?

Envy - desire for something that someone else has which they perceive themselves as lacking.
Well, I'm envious of anyone with tighter catsuits than mine, a bigger vacrack, rebreathing systems or SPFX masks. Oh yeah, and anyone with more money than me (also see greed above) because they can buy nicer gear and a well-stocked playroom/dungeon. I think that's about it...

Pride - the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and indeed the ultimate source from which the others arise. It is identified as a desire to be more important or attractive than others, failing to give compliments to others though they may be deserving of them, and excessive love of self (especially holding self out of proper position toward God).
Well, mirrors and cameras were made for a reason, weren't they? I mean, come on! With God wanting to hog all the attention, he's most likely the proudest (and hunkiest) of them all!

I am SO going to hell!

Now, for something completely different....the Virtues.

Humility - seeing ourselves as we are and not comparing ourselves to others is humility. Pride and vanity are competitive. If someone else's pride really bothers you, you have a lot of pride.
See? Rubbermen are humble; we all look the same under latex and gas masks, therefore there's no competition, only the eternal decision of who's playing top and who's playing bottom...

Chastity - self control and self mastery prevent pleasure from killing the soul by suffocation. Legitimate pleasures are controlled in the same way an athlete's muscles are: for maximum efficiency without damage. Lust is the self-destructive drive for pleasure out of proportion to its worth. Sex, power, or image can be used well, but they tend to go out of control.
'Killing the soul by suffocation'? Didn't I read that on a German BC fetish site last night?

Temperance - accepts the natural limits of pleasures and preserves this natural balance. This does not pertain only to food, but to entertainment and other legitimate goods, and even the company of others.
This is the same as "everything in moderation, including moderation itself"? Everyone goes overboard once in a while.

Charity - is about more than money. Generosity means letting others get the credit or praise. It is giving without having expectations of the other person. Greed wants to get its "fair share" or a bit more.
I can see it now...Tops can get all smug over this one! Oops! Smugness is a sin too, isn't it churchies?

Diligence/Zeal - is the energetic response of the heart to God's commands. The other sins work together to deaden the spiritual senses so we first become slow to respond to God and then drift completely into the sleep of complacency.
Take God out of the equation (except maybe on a popper high) and I don't think rubbermen have a problem with 'zeal'.

Kindness - Kindness means taking the tender approach, with patience and compassion. Anger is often our first reaction to the problems of others. Impatience with the faults of others is related to this.
Rubbermen know all about tenderness and patience. The longevity of the things we love require it! An impatient rubberman will always end up in tears.

Love - actively seeks the good of others for their sake. Envy resents the good others receive or even might receive. Envy is almost indistinguishable from pride at times.
I think we're all trying to find love. When bodies are wrapped and hidden in costume, it's even easier to find! LOL

*Yawn* The virtues are SO boring. Admirable, but boring.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another by Cager

What exquisite torture and gimp manipulation! These boys are having a lot of fun.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Latest....

A very quick response from the Calgary Priape manager!

Thanks again for your interest.

I am trying to get more information, but I think they are all hibernating in Montreal today with the snow storm.

Its my understanding that the contest will be run similar to the Mr. Leather Contests. There are three catagories in the competition,

Formal Wear (usually means full gear of your choice)
Minimal Wear (basically what it says)
Presentation round, I have always thought of these as more casual wear, could be something like a singlet or whatever.

There are questions and answers mixed in the rounds as well.

I hope that helps somewhat.

How do these three rounds of categories work? Does anyone know the definition of what 'formal wear' is? Suggestions from experience, please! :-D


I've been letting a few local rubbermen know about my intentions to organize a Rubber Night at the Calgary Eagle sometime in May or June (post-IML or pre-Pride). As it turns out, I found out through the grapevine that Priape is actually hosting a Mr. Calgary Rubber on April 5th! I found out that Mr. International Rubber, Brian Turgeon is supposed to be coming to Calgary from Montreal for it.

Here's a response from the manager of the Calgary Priape:
Your email was forwarded to me by the Calgary Eagle.

The contest is at the Eagle on Saturday April 5th. appx 10 pm. It is sponsored by Priape and hosted by the Eagle.

There are a few glitches with the online form for those who wish to enter. So if you know anyone who would like to enter have them call me at the store, 215-1800 or email me at

I know that there is allot of prizes being offered by Polymorphe and Priape.

There is no cover for the event.

Its a first for Priape to host such and event, currently the International Mr. Rubber is from Montreal, we had hoped to bring him out for the event, but he may have a conflicting event.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends there. All polished up and making the night shine.

Manager, Priape Calgary


Under the Big Top

I'd been wondering what movie these scenes were from...any bets on how long this video will stay up on YouTube?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Beauty of Dressing Up

There's something about a hot guy getting dressed in latex that drives me nuts. I've even taken video of myself doing some erotic latex dressing....and a particular set of videos are some of my most popular on Guyzingear! I just wanted to post this older video of Jimmy, a young beautiful guy from Omaha. Watching him take his time putting on the socks is wondrous to watch! Too bad he decides to eventually cover up...he should've taken video when he got home and stripped down!

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

More on white

Predictably, I'm already starting to amass accessories to add to the white latex catsuit from Libidex I'm anxiously waiting for. I still have at least six weeks to wait! Oh man.

These Servus boots showed up in the mail today from Seattle Marine. $42CAD with shipping from Washington - cheap! They're a very simple comfortable white rubber fishing boot. I'll think they'll look great - those wide tops accentuating my legs in skintight white rubber.

Here are some of the other gear items I've either bought or am planning to buy in the near future. I haven't completely decided on what I'm going to get and what I'm going to pass on, but it's sure been a lot of fun investigating all these items and figuring out what will look best and what is the best deal.

This Russian gasmask set is on the way...$32.50CAD with shipping.

I am curious as to whether this mask I've already bought will be convertible for hoses. I can't really tell from the pictures whether the intakes are set with DIN-Gost (40 1/7)-Connectorthreads which are the standard connectors for most gasmasks. This one appears to be, but no matter, because it was cheap.

I'm thinking of buying another very similar one with a double airtube rebreathing system. I thought now would be as good a time as any to start experimenting in rebreathing. From what I've seen in video from some of the hard-core players, it's a real rush! I'd love to be lost in a closed system with's the system I'm thinking of buying... I haven't been able to find these items other than at online fetish stores, so I'm thinking I'm going to be paying a 'perv premium' on these following items.

I'm considering buying a couple of longer hoses to try some shared breathing with someone...something like the medical scene (there's a picture of it a few entries below) I talked about. Can you imagine a fantastic scene with two rubbermen in white latex breathing each others air where one is strapped down on a stainless steel examination table while the other is doing the 'examination'? Incredible!

The 'buy it now' price for the rebreathing system is ~$170CAD.

To top off the formal aspect of things, I'm planning on getting one more white gasmask and possibly some white leather boots to finish the look. Here's the gasmask. I love the red ringed eye lenses. This one is selling for ~$75CAD. I think the fact that it is a half mask will make it very comfortable with the open white latex hood I also bought along with the Libidex catsuit.

I'm hoping to get these 15-hole Steel boots from Rio/X20 in Montreal. They are a bit more expensive ($165CAD) than buying from the shops in Europe ($130CAD), but I'll be able to get some extra laces for the Steels and also the TredAirs, plus support a Canadian chain in Quebec that I think is so desperately needed in this boring, puritanical country I live in.

Won't these boots with the red & white laces accentuating the red ring around the gas mask eyes look fantastic? I also wanted to consider what would look good with white and black so that items can be mixed and matched with my various ensembles. Even bubblegum pink! LOL

I'm getting so excited now! It is so much fun putting a new outfit together. I wish I had the money to do it all the time...actually, it's probably a good thing there's a limiting factor to my insatiability, otherwise I'd end up destitute, living in the gutter with my latex catsuits! I'd be 'that crazy guy'!

I'd really like to thank Fox and Texnnyc with their great suggestions and legwork in the investigations!