Friday, October 29, 2010


I saw this one on Twist My Rubber Arm for the first time today, not sure how I missed it before.  This one has the twist of having a condom mouth as well, I can only imagine what trouble you could get a sub into with this one. One ass, one cock, two would be quite the sensation for both the top and bottom (which is which in this case? LOL).

I always thought these type of hoods would require a lot of caution since it would be very easy for the guy sitting on the dildo and possibly stuffing a cock into the condom mouth to get carried away a bit. Concussions aren't cool. This one is great because you would have the option for the sub to watch or just sense what is going on with the detachable blindfold.

...Such a busy face! *big grin*
The hoods with the dildo on the mouth can be part of the hood or detachable as well. I think detachment would give you a wider range of options therefore is preferable. With the dildo being over the mouth, the view for the sub is different and gives the sub a more aggressive position where he can face fuck or be sat on. If you were being sat on the same caution would re-work isn't cool either.

I would think the forehead option would give you the same positions but not as good of a view of inserting into an ass, however the view when being sat on it pretty horny too! I'd get either; in fact, I'd get both for a change in scenery!

And then, of course, there are all the other variations on a good hood too. I can't wait to start building my hood arsenal again. I hope to find something awesome at MIR next week for a start.

The Changing Face of Fetish

Lately I've been often considering how the generations approach their fetishes and how they express them.  There is a huge divide between the pre-Internet and post-Internet generations in what they consider normal behavior and expression.  This is something particularly obvious to kink event planners.

Personally, I see that the numbers of people participating in different fetish events varies widely on what is being offered to what target groups, and in some cases the numbers are dropping while in others the numbers are rapidly rising. As I get more and more involved in fetish event planning, I am seeing more evidence of this and also the challenge of trying to appease to as many groups as possible. The problem is that most cities outside of Europe don't have the size of kink population that goes out in public and expresses their kinks openly to have targeted events for profit. For instance, the leather community here in Vancouver is small, the rubber community is even smaller, so in order to have a sizeable event here for these and similar communities you need to have mix many of the communities together and create a memorable event for as many people in those groups as possible with what you offer them.

There are high barriers of entry into rubber and leather lifestyles.  Many younger guys are getting into general gear that is affordable - spandex and sports gear as examples.  I think the future will show a lot more open-minded younger people taking the plunge into fetish at a much younger age, but will still have the issues of not being able to afford the dream items they yearn for. They also tend to make associations with and are comfortable with fostering relationships with others online more as on one-on-one arrangements; one of the biggest challenges with planning play/party events is that the numbers of younger guys attending these events has traditionally been low and continues to be so; to me, it seems they don't feel the need to express their kinkiness in public when they are getting what they want behind closed doors through internet hookups.

A lot of the 'old guard' kinksters out there have very rigid expectations of coverage, behaviour, and who they want so see at these events. They love being able to make associations and build relationships face-to-face...something I like as well particularly because it is what we had to do before the Internet if we were even going to get laid. Because some of the older guys are narrow in their expectations, it is a challenge to satisfy them with some planned event where you are trying to attract a younger crowd.

I don't think either group is wrong, they just do things differently. I think I tend to lean to the pre-Internet group, where you meet other guys in person, get to check out their physique, smell, mannerisms and body language in addition to also getting to know their personalities face to face and be able to determine a good match from there. I am leery about how this is arranged online; as we all know there are a lot of people that, er, exaggerate their realities there? More often than not, you don't end up getting what was ordered as advertised.

So what's an organizer supposed to do? Make the events as all-encompassing as possible or advertise and market differently to younger crowds? This is particularly important to me regarding the organizing of Rubbout 20 and 21; the big party will be in 2011 for the 20th anniversary, but what happens after that? How am I going to keep something like Rubbout going without attracting some new blood to the events and in the organization of such events? I have talked to young and old, experienced and inexperienced and have yet to come to some definite conclusions. This is something that isn't exclusive to kink party planning...I had the same issues managing bike teams in the past and trying to lure young new riders to our team at the beginning of each season. The issues were the same in that it is difficult to get young people engaged (and on the bike teams it usually involved financial incentives to get the parents on board). Is it a matter of using different methods to get the communication channels open - using Twitter and Facebook instead of traditional media like the local rags and posters? Maybe getting some of the bigger kink websites on board to advertise might be the way to do. Yes, Recon, I am talking to would be great if you could sponsor your first Canadian event at Rubbout next year!

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Latest Rubbout Promotional materials

These designs will make their debut at Mr. International Rubber next week!


The big downside of being such a latex freak is that is seems you're constantly fixing something. There are always seams that are coming loose, pinholes forming in stress points, and a multitude of rips and tears that happen due to simply being out in public and exposing your latex to the elements (and yes, that includes other people, especially those who think snapping latex is somehow good for it).

As I had mentioned a few weeks ago, my black Invincible neck-entry catsuit weakened and let go right down the front from the neck to just above the codpiece hole. I was worried that it might not be repairable but James at Hypershine (website coming soon!) did a great job of rescuing one of my favorite suits from the recycle bin! He had to add strips of latex along the zipper he put in to deal with the angle of the rip being replaced, and I think he did a damn fine job! As I picked up the catsuit, I dropped off another sleeveless catsuit that has old glue that is giving away on the seams. This one needs to be re-glued in large sections of the seams. It's something I could've done myself but because the seams are in very obvious places I preferred having someone with the expertise and tools to do it cleanly. And the cycle continues...


I've been reading some studies on the benefits of compression clothing for recovery post-race and there seems to be some definite benefits. I think the track cyclists I've been racing with the past ten years were right...compression does help to get you back to your prime form more quickly!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday Skinsuit Ride

This is Sicklilmonkey...he takes rides around Assiniboine Park in my former stomping grounds of Winnipeg in his black skinsuit, remarking on the reactions he gets. Man, I wish I had his balls! I saw his vids a few months ago, just posting them now (because I don't have time to find anything new to write about?!!?) ;)

Monday, October 25, 2010


The Vancouver Men in Leather are doing a good job of promoting the Hard Party which takes place at 560 on November 19. Members got a 20% discount at Priape on Sunday, so I went there and dropped a load, so to speak. I forayed into the dark side, and bought my first pair of leather pants (I know! I can't believe it either) I bought a pair of the racing pants with red and white stripes.
I also picked up Polymorphe's wrestler in cobalt for those play parties coming up on the horizon. And of course, a couple more bottles of Vivishine and Vividress since the price was reasonable less 20%. Hot!

Sexy Rubber suit posing

There, that's something nice to see on a Monday morning...

Even though he's doing a lot of fidgeting in this one, how can you not stare?

Rubberstud of the Week #130

Friday, October 22, 2010

Nice bulge!

Friday Feast

Because of the lack of posting this week, here are a few pics to tie you through the weekend. This weekend, I'm planning on hitting the Thickset party tomorrow night and the big Priape sale on Sunday! I'm just about done my MIR contestant application.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spirit Day October 20

Today October 20th is Spirit Day

...we remember:
RIP Tyler Clementi, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase, Billy Lucas and Cody J. Barker (picture not shown). You are all loved.

Spirit Day was started by Brittany McMillan and on the 20th we will wear purple in honor of the 7 gay boys who committed suicide recently due to homophobic abuse in their homes or at their schools.

Purple represents Spirit on the GLBTQ flag and that’s exactly what the sponsors of Spirit Day would like all of you to have with you: spirit and something purple to wear on that day in celebration of the spirits and lost lives of these seven young men.  Tell your blog readers, friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools about Spirit Day and why it’s so important.

For those teens and young people just starting to realize their potential that face daily abuse for who they are or who they are assumed to be, stay strong. Things will get better. Once you are free to make your own decisions and create your own destiny, your possibilities are endless. Your world right now might look cruel and ruthless but if you remain resilient you will see what an amazing place it can be once you are free to make your own decisions. You are an amazing person and those of us who have gone through the same things and survived love you and are thinking about you!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rubber Gear Night at the Seattle Cuff

Tolliver and I buzzed down to Seattle on Saturday afternoon. I had been asked by Toby, president of Seattle Men in Leather to come down and talk to an audience about rubber during the Cuff's monthly SML Gear Night. Each month they cover a different fetish, and who better to talk about rubber than yours truly? ;)

We got to Jim's around 4:30 and helped Big Red Satyr set up the playroom downstairs for the party that was supposed to start at 11pm that night. I managed to get a nap in while BRS and Tolliver went grocery shopping at a Vietnamese market. We ate, got ready and headed to the Cuff for 8pm.

The demo was to start at 9pm. Toby brought a vac-bed from Leatherpost and I unfurled the sleepsack and straightjacket. I got into a schpeil about types of rubber, what is sexy about it, how to care and maintain it, and covered a bit about the North American rubber scene; what's going on, where the main events are, etc. We immediately got into the demos which I know people were waiting for. Tony Buff's boy was the first into the vac bed followed by several others. We got two guys into the sleepsack and one into the straightjacket before 10pm when we needed to shut things down. The feedback was generally positive and helpful for the next time I have to do something like this. It's awesome that the Seattle Men in Leather and the Cuff are doing this on a regular basis! It was good to see some familiar faces and meet some new people that are involved in the Seattle kink scene.
We wrapped up everything and packed up by 10:30. We left the Cuff at 10:45 to head back to the house to prep for the play party. BRS's playmate Rob showed up at 11:00 and we started getting settled into the slings after cleanout shortly after. The rest of the evening was spent sucking, fucking and fisting. I am happy to say I experienced a couple of firsts that night including fun with vegetables (LOL!) and more than one hand in a certain orifice. Tolliver went to bed early and Rob left around 1:30am, which left BRS and I to finish up with a bit more assplay before we shut things down at 3am.
Ooh la la! Qu'est-ce que c'est ? Une grande aubergine vietnamienne?

Sunday morning we got up, cleaned up the playspace and headed to the SML Brunch downtown. Tolliver and I left immediately after to head back to Vancouver. We got home mid-afternoon in time to make the Pumpjack Kegger and go out for all-you-can-eat sushi before heading home. I spent the night at the Boy's place.

It was a quick but eventful trip; I'm looking forward to our next trip down for another event in Seattle! Hopefully it happens sooner than later...we will definitely have to go down again to do more Rubbout promotion before April.

Thanks so much for inviting us down and a special thanks to Jim and BRS for being such awesome hosts! Thanks for making the trip with me, Tolliver! :D

Monday, October 18, 2010


Xtra! Presents HARD: A Leather & Fetish Ball

Time: Friday, November 19 at 8:00pm - November 20 at 3:00am
Location: Club 560
560 Seymour St.
Vancouver, BC

This coming November Priape joins forces with Xtra! & Vancouver Men in Leather to bring you the largest leather & fetish event on the West Coast of Canada – at a world class venue, 560 – with some of the hottest DJs in Vancouver!

Doors open at 8PM for the Meat & Greet
Leather & Fetish Fashion Show – 10:30PM

Nick Bertossi – DJ/Producer [Funky Tech & Vocal House]
w/ DJs:
Michael Venus – [Industrial, Alternative, & Retro]
Jef Leppard – [Nu Disco & Vocal House]

**Coat Check & Changing Area Provided**
**Tickets - $25 in Advance**




This will be a GREAT party...I'm picking up tickets today.

Other VML events:
(except magazines & aromas)
Sunday October 24
One Day Only
Noon - 9:00pm
JOIN: Non-members can join at the in-store VML Membership Desk
BUY: Leather gear, toys, lube, underwear, jeans, DVDs, etc...
SAVE: Show your VML membership card and get 20% OFF

@ Numbers
9:00PM - 11:00PM
A friendly get-together in your leathers (or shirtless)

Mr. Rubber UK 2010

Good luck to the contestants!

Rubberstud of the Week #129

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Return of Sqweegel

The antagonist of Anthony Zuiker's Level 26 series of digi-novels comes to the small screen in an episode of CSI: Las Vegas starring Ann Margret. Jeff Gent of Rubbellion created the white and black latex suits for the online book in addition to the CSI episode. Here are a couple of vids showing good behind-the-scenes glimpses of the suits and the models.


Here are a couple of okay ones. YouTube is sketchy for anything of mediocre quality most of the time, so you gotta take what you can get, I guess.

Latex and Neoprene

Timmelatex has a great body for rubber.  I'm not sure about the mask, snorkel and cap during his workout on land.  Kinda strange.

His latex video isn't embeddable. Check out his profile on YouTube to see it.

Say It Ain't So

I stumbled upon this one this morning.  It has shaken my latex pride to the foundations. As much as I like the fact that latex is becoming more mainstream, this is just WRONG. Like the mainstreaming of gay, something is lost in the translation, because everyone knows nothing messes up something special more than the commercialization of it.

The Jonas Brothers in latex?  Once again, Disney is single-handedly messing up another generation of kids.  Fuck, those three are the least worthy of donning latex IMO.  Fortunately there's only four and a half minutes of it at the start of Part 2.  The ending where one of them is trying to take it off is kind of funny.  It would've been more funny if he had suffocated.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rubbout 20 - XX Rated

We just held our second organizational meeting for Rubbout 20, coming up in April 2011.  The plans are slowly coming together, and the party's going to be AMAZING!  You should all consider coming to Vancouver next April for the event, we'll make sure you have such a good time you'll come back for more.

The big challenge right now is confirming a couple of venues. There are a few businesses that we've used in the past that are undergoing changes in management, facilities that are being renovated, and some new venue possibilities that we've never worked with before. We're hoping to secure the venues we want in the next week or two. We're also hoping to retain the walkability between venues in the Village as much as possible.  The only exception might be what we secure for the Saturday night event.  We want something big enough to hold 200-300 and open the party/play party to gearheads of all types, while keeping the rest of the weekend events more rubber-specific.  There is a Hall we are looking at in East Vancouver that suits are needs, and if we get it for that weekend we are considering a bus shuttle between the host hotel, Pumpjack Pub and the Hall for the evening to get everyone out there and back safely. 

If we get what we want, the opportunities for some sexy events are amazing! We're going to need a lot of volunteer help to pull off the event we want as setup and teardown for the Friday night rubber party, Saturday gear swap and Saturday night party/play party are going to require a lot of effort to get together. It's going to be exciting putting this all together!

Here is an early look at a couple of the advertising shots we're going to use for promotions at 2010 events and to send out to various organizations and organizers around the continent (and hopefully for Rubbout 20, Europe). The photos are courtesy of Priape, who's going to be an essential sponsor of the event. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This flu I've had since September 28 is still kicking my ass, I can't believe the fall I've had dealing with the accident and now illness.  It's been sucky.

Oh well, the solution is simply to keep myself entertained.  I'm heading down to Seattle this weekend for Rubber Night at the Cuff complex with a few of the VML guys.  I'm supposed to be doing some bondage demos and a bit of a talk on rubber care and maintenance at the bar on Saturday night.  I heard a rumour there's going to be a play party after the bar on Saturday night too! :D  I'm looking forward to seeing the gang down in Seattle again.

I never did get a Folsom review done....all I can say is that it was a lot of fun, especially hanging out (and getting into trouble with) friends again.  The Rubbermen of San Francisco party on Saturday evening was a blast as was Rubberchris' birthday party, then Magnitude, then Aftershock.  The street fair was amazing.  I'm looking forward to going again next year!  Here are some pics of me in the sleepsack on Sunday night.

I haven't been feeling much like doing anything for the past couple of weeks and that has now led to the MIR application inevitably floating to the top of the priority list of things that must get done.  I don't want to be rushed working on it so I hope to get that started, maybe today?  Yes, today! ;p

The second Rubbout planning meeting is tonight at Rob's place.  I hope we have a venue selected so we can begin on the event planning!

Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving.  I spent most of the weekend with the guy I've been dating for the last couple of months.  Things are going great so far! :)  I wish he was a bit kinkier at this point but I've already warned him how much I plan to corrupt him, and he seems pretty game for anything. It's a bit nerve-wracking though...I have this daunting idea in my head that some night I'm going to show him something that will freak him out too much and become a deal-breaker.  I hope I'm just paranoid.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dat Comic Ass

I get so excited stumbling upon blogs by people that are hitting niches even more narrow in scope than my own! Now here is one that is very particular, and certainly pushes at least a few of my buttons. Dat Comic Ass posts pics of superhero butts from the books, male and female (mostly female, but there are some very nice male examples posted). I love it!! :D

What's up with this? Spiderman and Ironman in a bathroom stall? Say it ain't so; fantasy coming true here! LOL

Another example of Edgeplay gone wrong :(

From my friend RubberAsylum today:

...on Tuesday morning we lost another member of our community and group.

Mike, from Idaho, or "Spuds" as the group labeled him at the party was found after a play accident that at this point appears to be Ethyl Chloride related.

I do not have much other information at this point, but shall share anything else when I find out more.
To which Male Bndg gave a heartfelt response:
This is really awful news. He was the nicest guy, only 23 years old, and only recently really finding his "legs" in the scene. He was also quite smart and level headed about play.

I think it's important to spread the word that even some very smart, sane, guys who thought they knew better are no longer with us today. Obviously I don't know the exact circumstances in Mike's case, but he wasn't the sort of guy to take stupid risks.

If you count up the number of really kinky guys you know, and you divide by the number who have died in scenes, the odds are not in our favor. They're not 1 in 10,000 like you might expect, or in my case, even 1 in 50.

The circumstances among them vary widely, but these EIGHT guys died in one sort of play or another just in the last few years. And these are just the ones I know about. I'm sure there are many more:

Mike (SpudsBndg)
James (Bodisama)
David (TieGuy) in the UK
Alejandro Bulaevsky (BikeRubber) found dead in full rubber in his NYC apartment
Bill (Bostoncuir)
David (Gummidawg)
Rubberpanther (a really fun amazing 20something in CA)
Adrian Exley (young guy from UK died at the hand of Gary Leblanc in a BC scene)

And there were a few more prior to the above including a guy who died in the Midwest at the hands of a breathplay top who's still in jail as far as I know. The trend is very much in the wrong direction with more each year.

I would encourage any and all of you to think twice about posting video, pics, stories, etc. that eroticize breathplay, forced substances, etc. without some really obvious warnings and disclaimers. I think sites like XTube have made what used to be extreme play much more widely practiced--often by guys who haven't a clue what the real risks are or how to be reasonably safe.

Sadly, it's all too easy for someone who doesn't know any better to see a hot video with breathplay, ethyl, etc. and while stroking their cock and decide to try it.

I know guys who have the attitude it's a "Darwin" thing and when your time is up, it's up. But I don't buy that. Mike is a very sad example of someone who was smart, not an edge player, and certainly didn't have any Instigator-like death wishes.

Please be safe everyone, spread the word, and think about how your own actions might encourage dangerous--or even fatal--play in others.
So sad that the community has lost another very young new member. Male Bndg is right, it seems to be happening with increasing frequency and especially in 2010 - I can't remember a year when we've lost so many. His points should be well heeded: it is inherently dangerous to engage in breathplay, particularly with gases. This is probably the most extreme of extreme fetish play and really needs to be considered as such for its great risk. It must be the responsibility of all breath players to not only warn and post disclaimers, but also educate.

I admit enjoying breathplay in certain situations and I am definitely not extreme in it. I wouldn't consider myself experienced any more than using condoms and gloves for mild suffocation or shutting off air supply to gas masks for only seconds at a time. But even trying to justify it as being at the light end of the spectrum isn't an excuse to absolve my responsibility to do it safely and only engage in it with others that are experienced in it, and also disclaim that it is something that should be done by experienced players only.

You can see in Male Bndg's list the number of men that have succumbed to asphyxiation for whatever reason. I can say that probably in 80-90% of those cases the man who died was playing alone. Even those of us with best intentions, playing with others, monitoring, and Plan B and Plan C backup can find things going wrong very quickly, so it only strengthens the need to have someone looking after you when engaging in breathplay or bondage and particular in rubber since there's no way to breathe through that miraculous material. It's a very risky engagement and only experienced players should be doing any extreme breathplay scenes.

Rest in peace, Mike.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rubber Oldies but Rubber Goodies

I uploaded a bunch of my old vids to XTube yesterday:

Fullsuit On The Roof

Suiting Up


Rubber Broil

Rubber Session

Demon Worship

I had to remove "Rubber SPFX Thugs" by request...

More Cornholio on XTube

Cornholio has the best latex catsuits!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Delhi 2010

There should be lots of eye-candy in the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Here is a vid posted by Rubskin of a couple of track cyclists doing the kilo. 1:04, not bad. The facility looks immaculate. I used to specialize in 3k and 4k pursuit, I will try to find some more vids of the male track cyclists this week.

Rubber Covered

Another great video from Rubskin!!!

Speedy latex dressing

Jens from Demask Dortmund demonstrates how quickly one can don a latex neck-entry catsuit that has been chlorinated. Apparently chlorine-treated latex slides like nylon over itself and over DRY skin. Personally, I love it. But if your skin has the least bit of moisture or sweat, the latex will stick to you like wet pvc does, which is nice, because it means that shortly after you slide into the latex, you will sweat and it will stick. Another great thing about treated latex is that it helps the latex last a lot longer, less stress while dressing. What does anyone know about this process?

Here's some more info from 3XL:
Chlorination can be done easily, simply and at a very low price at home.
I’ve made a small txt about that on Fetlife:
(English is not my first language, so there may be some inaccuracy in the text, all my apologizes)

“Tired of using talcum or lube for dressing aid?

You can chlorinate your latex, to give it a silky smooth feeling, by blocking the “rubbing” molecular bonds.

What you need

- 3 buckets at least 12l of volume (one is preferred to be closed, but a plank on top is enough)
- 2 measuring bowls going to 200ml
- 2 big plastic spoons (the kind for kitchen is good)
- lots of tap water
- bleach water (typical standard un-flavoured un-perfumed one, non concentrated… the basic one)
- vinegar (the white, basic, un-flavoured, un-perfumed, got the idea ;) )
- an aerated room (or better, an outside)

What to do:

- First, clean your garments to remove talc, polish, lube, other bodily fluids
- Fill two buckets full of tap water (the ones you will not close), they will serve at rinsing. The closable bucket will serve as reaction bucket.

- fill the reaction bucket with around 7l of tap water.
- measure 200ml of bleach water in the first bowl, pour it in the reaction bucket and mix water and bleach with the first spoon.
- measure 200ml of vinegar in the second bowl, pour it in the reaction bucket and mix water with the second spoon.
- the reaction is beginning, put the garment (or two small garments like skirt or top) in the reaction bucket, push them with the second spoon, once it seems well in the water, close the bucket.
- we will let it around 15 minutes in it, afterwards there is nearly no more chlorine. In the meantime, I mix and check every 5 minutes, mainly to avoid latex sticking to itself, then impeding chlorine to touch its surface.
- when the 15 minutes are ended, pull the garment out, put it in the first rinsing bucket, mix a bit.
- then put it in the second rinsing bucket, reversing it inside out between them.

You have to do this cycle at least 4 times (twice inside, twice outside the garment). But it depends on the latex, Libidex/Radical Rubber is needing at least 6 cycles.

Then, let dry, you’ll quickly feel the difference!


- Chlorine is a dangerous gas. But here it’s very small amount. Anyway, prefer to do it in a ventilated place.
- Chlorine is heavier than air, so if latex is out of the water, it will still bath in the chlorine gas. Best to put as much as possible in the water, but don’t be afraid of out-of-water parts, they are treated as well. What you want to avoid is latex sticking to itself, so move it to have water in between
- Bleach is not that harmful for skin, neither is vinegar. When they are reacting, the cancel each other, so don’t be afraid of putting your hands in this.
- the result mix can be thrown away in the sink, it’s just some kind of salt, not harmful.
- I’ve seen no influence on the elasticity of the latex (no reason to, it’s surface treatment, elasticity comes mainly from volume)
- I’ve seen no influence on the glued part, it’s still strong. What is true is that treated latex will not be glued afterwards, since chlorine is taking the same place as the gluing molecules
- I’ve seen no influence on colors, but I treated only black, red, metallic blue, metallic green, purple and pink. Maybe other colors could have reactions, I don’t know.
- you may be wanting to keep some zones untreated, like the top inner part of legging or stockings, so that it’s still kept stuck to your skin there, just put some tape over that zone to avoid water and chlorine to reach it.

Besides that, I don’t think I forgot something.
The method is easy, cheap, quite quick, and really really worth it.
That turns people from “yuk, latex, keep that away from me” to “hmm, latex, I can’t stop touching myself while wearing this”

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Polished Polymorphe

Aye, more presumptuous pictures of yours truly.

This suit fits like a rubber glove! Shows obvious signs that the gut continues to grow and grow. My last purchase is a Rubberdawg hood. That's all I need to get to complete a horny puppy look!

Mr. International Rubber 2011

Yowsa! I just booked my flight to Chicago this morning. Thursday November 4 to Monday November 8. I will most likely work Thursday and Friday in Chicago; just being there early will be more than adequate for getting ready for the contest. I don't fly back until late Monday evening, however I will be having to work Tuesday and Wednesday before heading to Calgary late Wednesday evening for family Christmas. Busy busy!

Mr. International Rubber Newsletter - October 2010

It's been a while since we dumped a load of rubbery news in your inbox, but here cums a ton of info about Mr. International Rubber 2011 and rubbery happenings around the world.

Read on rubber lovers....

Host Hotel Sold Out!
Host Hotel Sold OutOur contact at the host hotel tell us that the host hotel is sold out. Considering all of the new rooms that were added this year, this is no small task. We've stopped by the hotel and their remodeling is almost finished, so you should expect to see a new fresh look at the Best Western Hawthorne Terrace. No more Laura Ashley flower explosion for your photo backgrounds.

We have launched our alternate accommodations page if you have not booked your rooms for MIR2011 yet. Check out some of the other options that are available.
Please note that this information is provided as a courtesy to MIR attendees only. These hotels are not in any way affiliated with MIR and there is no block reservation or group rate available.

Looking for a roomie or to split a room with someone? As always the best place to find a roomie is in the Event and Travel forums at

Visit the Alternative Accommodations page at

Volunteer Opportunites at MIR2011
Each year dozens of hot men volunteer to help out at MIR, and the opportunites to help are FUN! Check out some of the ways you can help and then let us know you are interested!

The fun and play returns this year to the Demonstration Play Area in the Vendor Mart and Social at MIR. Come join us and jump into some rubber bondage. We will have vac racs, sleepsacs, inflatable gear, the infamous vacuum Cube, and lots of other rubber gear for guys to experience in our demo area. Come join us for all the fun. Don't be bashful!

We need volunteers to try out the gear and volunteers to help put other guys in the gear. Let us know if you can help on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday. Send an email to to volunteer. Volunteers get priority in getting put into bondage!

Check out the video clip of last year's play to get some kinky ideas for this year's fun.

Love rubber as much as we do? Interested in meeting other rubber men? Volunteering is a great way to meet and hang out with other kinky guys while also helping make MIR a squeaking success! (Think of watching a parade of rubber all day long, but you get to interact with the parade..who knows what can happen!)

Send an email to Tonio at for more information regarding volunteer opportunities at registration market admission, coat check, and the perks or being a volunteer for MIR2011!

MIR2011 Registration Continues
Weekend package sales are on target to set a new record for weekend attendance at Mr. International Rubber! We take it that you like the new venue and other changes that have been made in the past year!

You can now register for MIR2011 via four (count them 1,2,3,4!) methods!
1) Register online at via credit card using Pay Pal.
2) Register online at the RECON store via credit card
3) Register via postal mail via Personal Check, Money Order or Cashiers Check, or
4) Purchase a weekend package at the registration desk upon arrival.
(Note that to ensure your T-shirt size is available, advance registration is encouraged.)

Weekend Packages are now $125.00, still a bargain when compared to other international events.

MIR Undated Rubber Shirt Logo MIR Shirt
Earlier this year we announced our new MIR Sleeveless Rubber t-shirts which will be available at weekend registration and may be ordered in advance via

Our first test batch arrived a few weeks ago and we think they look great!

These undated rubber shirts, available for $69.00, are an optional addition to your MIR2011 weekend package, or available as a separate purchase.

(Please note these shirts will not be available in advance of MIR2011 and will be held for distribution at MIR2011. They may be ordered online via, via postal mail, or at weekend registration at MIR2011.)

Register for MIR2011 at
MIR2011 Judges & Tally Masters Announced
MIR2011 Judges
We are pleased to announce the judges and tally masters for MIR2011. These men will be tasked with the challenge of selecting the next Mr. International Rubber. They are:

* Aqualaboy
* Will Clark
* Fenn
* Jon Krongaard
* Gene Mar
* Demetri Moshoyannis
* Chad Neal

Don't forget the audience is our 8th judge and your vote counts in the audience participation portion at the end of the contest!

* George Brown
* Brent Heinze

Take a moment to get to know our judges and tally masters for MIR2011 by visiting the Who's Who section of and reading their bios.

You may also want to check out the scoring criteria for MIR in the contestant application package so that you can score along with the judges.

Announcing our MIR2011 Sponsors!
It takes alot of time and talent to pull of an event like MIR. It also takes support from companies that respect and support your right to be a kinkster! So we are proud to announce our MIR2011 sponsors. You will see some familiar names and some new ones too. Please support these companies and let them know that you appreciate their support of Mr. International Rubber by emailing, posting on their facebook pages, or calling them to let them know how much their support means to you!


RECON- We are very honored to have some of the major names of the fetish and kink world as our highest level sponsors for MIR2011. Among them we are pleased to thank RECON for their continuing support of Mr. International Rubber and the kink community in general. Always seeking to up the ante, RECON has recently launched enhancements to their website including more saved friends and favorites, enhanced image galleries, and a recently launch app for iPhones with locations service. (Great for the cruiser on the go at MIR or elsewhere!) Stop by the RECON store to purchase your MIR2011 Weekend Package or check out the events tab to see pictures from previous MIR's in their past events section.

MR. S - We are pleased to welcome back Mr. S. as a sponsor of Mr. International Rubber. You may recall that last year Mr. S owner Richard hunter served on our judges panel. He wrote on his website after wards that Mr. International Rubber had "the hottest market I have ever attended." We think that is high praise coming from a pervert like Richard! We are certainly pleased to welcome back Mr. S as a sponsor of Mr. International Rubber. Be sure to check out their website for all of the deliciously fiendish devices and rubber gear that Mr. S offers. You will not be dissapointed.

Center on Halsted
CENTER ON HALSTED - For the second year in a row the Center on Halsted will be our host for all official MIR2011 activities. This 65,000 square foot GLBT cultural and community center puts their pupose into action by showing that they support the entire GLBT community, including the GLBT Kink Community. If you are a person who likes to make charitable contributions, we hope you will consider the Center on Halsted in your charitable giving this year.


BOI MAGAZINE - MIR is pleased to announce a major step forward with regards to our weekend program.  The MIR2011 program will be produced by Boi magazine! Boi Magazine is a glossy, four color bi-weekly publication covering Chicago's GLBT community with a circulation of over 20,000. Additionally, their Boi-blast emails reach an additional 25,000 with timely emails about events and highlights for the coming weeks. Boi magazine publishes the program for International Mister Leather and Chicago's GLBT street festival - Market Days. We are pleased to be partnering with Boi magazine this year and welcome them aboard as a sponsor of MIR2011!

Miller LiteMiller Lite and Fortune Brands have stepped up to the plate this year to sponsor beverage service in the Kink Market and Social as well as the Friday and Saturday night events of MIR. Proceeds from all beverage service at the center on Halsted over MIR weekend will be split three ways between the Center on Halsted, Mr. International Rubber and Circuit Nightclub who generously provides our bar staff for MIR.

Fortune Brands represents such fine spirits as Jim Beam, Effen Vodka, Sauza Tequilla and Cruzan Rum.

LIVE BLOG PARTNER - Last year our friends at West Coast Rubber, L8xDad and L8Xboi, introduced a new blog/vlog called Leatherati geared towards leather people news and events. (Leather being a catch all word for kink that is.) Throughout MIR010 they provided live blogging of the event and broadcast that to the world via their website. This year we are proud to welcome as our live blog partner for MIR2011. Visit their website throughout the weekend for live updates on all things MIR related including pictures and live blogging of contest happening and results.

Visit the sponsors page to learn more about these companies, or to visit their websites.

Vendors Fill The Kink Market and Social
Our Kink Market and Social return to the gymnasium at the Center on Halsted for the second year in a row, with more surprises and extras to keep you shopping, cruising and smiling all day long. Here's a sampling of what you can expect to find this year.

* BEHIV: Better Existance with HIV - Chicago, IL
* Carrera Design: Chastity by Walter Goethals - Belgium
* Chicago Dragons - Chicago, IL
* Chicago Rubbermen - Chicago, IL
* DJ M.Arana - Boston, MA
* E7 Gear - New York, NY
* Fluid Ikons - Chicago, IL
* Guyz In Gear - New York, NY
* Howard Brown Health Center - Chicago, IL
* Leather Archives and Museum - Chicago, IL
* Locker Gear - Pittsburg, PA
* Mr. S Leather - San Francisco, CA
* Owls Mirror - New York, NY
* Polymorphe / Titan Media / 665 Leather - Montreal, Canada
* Rage Rubber / Bound - Orlando, FL
* Raw Candles - Chicago, IL
* RECON Store - Chicago, IL
* Steamworks - Chicago, IL
* Taylor Buck Studios - Chicago, IL
* TLS Rubber Gear - Houston, TX

In addition to these great vendors, we are finalizing arrangements with a few others to round out your shopping experience. Don't forget to comb your gear closet for those pieces that you might want to sell at the Chicago Rubbermen Closet Sale. Your can start dropping off items at Noon on Friday November 5, 2010. Use that money to buy some new gear from one of the vendors above!

New this year will be an expanded "Kinksters Lounge" open during market hours to meet your beverage and relaxation needs. Shop, relax, rest your feet, consider your next purchase,meet some new guys, then dive back into the Kink Market and Social Experience. DJ M.Arana will be spinning all three days for your shopping pleasures.

The Kink Market at MIR2011, make it a destination for the day!

MIR2010 Fenn - On The Move
Fenn as MIRMIR2010 Fenn has wasted no time making the rubbery rounds during his title year. He was recently spotted at IML in Chicago.

Fenn has been blogging over at this personal blog where you can read some of his erotic writings, and catch up on his latest adventures.  If you would like to extend an invitation for Fenn to attend your rubbery event, send him an email at

So here are the places that Fenn has confirmed for the weeks and months ahead.

*10/15-17 - Mr. American Rubber, New York City, NY, USA
*11/5-7 - Mr. International Rubber 2011-Chicago, IL, USA

International Rubber Calendar
This is a listing of the rubber events & events with strong rubber followings happening around the world which are predominantly gay or gay friendly. So get to googling, then gear up, grab some lube and make some new friends around the globe!

Who knows, you might even get lucky!

(NEW) = New event as of this listing, does not apply to monthly or ongoing events.

2010 Events
10/8-10 : Berlin - Mr. Rubber Berlin 2010 & Mr. Leather Berlin 2010
10/8-10 : New York City - New York Leather Weekend
10/9 : Berlin - Laboratory Gummi Night (NEW)
10/9 : London - Hard On Club "Hotwired"
10/9 : Helsinki - MSC Finland Tom's Club
10/10 : London - Gummi "Hoods, Gags & Masks"
10/10 : London - hard On Club "Sweaty Jock Straps"
10/15-17 : New York City - Mr. American Rubber III
10/15-16 : Rome - Mr. Rubber Italy 2011 (NEW)
10/16 ; Vienna - LCM Vienna - Hard On "Rubber & Skin"
10/22 : Manchester - Club Alert
10/22 : Lyon - Le Man Club Rubber Night (NEW)
10/23 : Lyon - MEC Rubber Meeting (NEW)
10/23 : Los Angeles - Anvil Club (NEW)
10/28-31 : Amsterdam - Leather Pride 2010 : Get RUFF
10/29 : Stockholm - SLM Stockholm Black Out Night (NEW)
10/30 : London - Torture Garden Halloween Special @ Debut
10/30 : London - Hard On Club
11/5-7 : Chicago - Mr. International Rubber 2011
11/10 : Antwerp - Rubclub Antwerp @ The Boots
11/12 : Munich - MLC Munich "Rubber & Neoprene" (NEW)
11/13 : Helsinki - MSC Finland Tom's Club
11/14 : London - Gummi "Full Coverage"
11/20 : Berlin - Laboratory Gummi Night (NEW)
11/25-28 : Toronto - Mr. Leatherman Toronto (NEW)
11/26 : Manchester - Club Alert
11/26 : London - Rut (NEW)
11/27 : Karlsruhe - Rubclub
11/27 : Paris - MEC International Rubber Meeting (NEW)
11/27 : Los Angeles - Anvil Club (NEW)
11/27 : London - Hard On Club
12/3 : Stockholm - SLM Stockholm Rubber & Action Night (NEW)
12/4 : London - Torture Garden Xmas @ Mass
12/11: Helsinki - MSC Finland Tom's Club
12/12 : London - Gummi "Christmas Turkey"
12/17 : Munich - MLC Munich "100% Rubber"
12/18 : Berlin - Laboratory Gummi Night (NEW)
12/18 : London - Hard On Club
12/30 - 1/9 : Karlsruhe - Rubberweek
1/8 : Karlsruhe - Mr. Rubclub 2011 Contest (NEW)
1/14-17 : Washington - Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend (NEW)
1/29 : London - Hard On Club
2/19 : Copenhagen - SLM Copenhagen Rubber Night (NEW)
2/26 : London - Hard On Club
5/21 : Copenhagen - SLM Copenhagen Rubber Night (NEW)
5/27-30 : Chicago - International Mister Leather 2011
8/27 : Copenhagen - SLM Copenhagen Rubber Night (NEW)
11/19 : Copenhagen - SLM Copenhagen Rubber Night (NEW)

Have an event to add to the International Rubber Calendar? Send us an email including all the pertinent information and we'll do our best to include it!
In sweat, slime and shine,

Mr. International Rubber
Notice Rubbout 20 isn't on the 2011 MIR Calendar yet? I just sent Willi a note today; we'll get that up on the calendar ASAP.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Big and Shiny

TitanMen Titanic

The TitanMen 2011 calendar contains numerous pics of some of their most famous stars in Syren/Male Stockroom latex!  Here's a sampler, a beautiful pic of Spencer Reed.  They were giving out free copies of the calendar at the Titan booth at the Folsom Street Fair.  Good stuff!
It's fantastic that Titan is showing more and more latex in their videos. Here is the latest hot entry with Stockroom


Yay! My Polymorphe order arrived this morning.  It includes my new Mr. West Coast Rubber title vest and a transparent black catsuit, almost identical to the one Billy Berlin wears in Slick Dogs.  Unpolished, but here are some pics:

The Vancouver Men In Leather are hosting a Wild! Hallowe'en pre-party this Friday.  I think the suit is going to need a debut out at this event! :D