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Daddy Issues

How I learned to love being a Daddy

An unexpected hookup, a magic word, and the strange psychology of age-play

By Kevin Moroso, Daily Xtra
Published on Fri, Jan 27, 2017 4:21 pm.

“I now had a boy. I told him to be a good boy and that daddy was going to use his ass. This conversation had made me rock hard.” Indiana Joel/Daily Xtra

It was just going to be another hookup. He was more than 10 years my junior, with dark hair but pale skin — a cutie off BBRT. We didn’t chat much online beforehand; it was pretty straightforward: I top, he bottoms, all bareback.

Jacob was just as cute as his profile pics when he arrived, though very shy, and we went straight into the bedroom. I pinned him down, stripped off his clothes, made out for a while, then flipped his legs up over my shoulders and began to fuck him. I looked down on him, his eyes shut, as he moaned — I figured my cock was doing the trick. He didn’t say anything until, after about four minutes, he blurted out, “Yes daddy.” My eyes widened.

I continued to fuck him and, for some reason, those words hadn’t made me soft. In fact, the words “yes son” kept running through my head until I finally came. He got dressed and left.

I’d heard younger homos call older guys “daddy” before. But it generally didn’t seem like a fetish. I always saw it as akin to calling someone a bear, an otter, a cub or a twink. It was simply a playful word used to describe an older guy in the gay scene.

I’d only ever been called daddy once before. It was by a flirtatious younger guy I knew out on the scene. It had actually made me deeply uncomfortable because he was into me sexually as well — what am I, some pervert into incest and kids? I don’t think so.

But for some reason, I didn’t feel that discomfort with Jacob. A couple of weeks later, I received a text while I was out shopping. Jacob wanted to come over again. We arranged it for a couple of hours later. But I had to ask him one more thing.

“So, you know that word you called me last time during sex?” I texted him.

He replied that he was really embarrassed about it. I told him, “No, please don’t be embarrassed. Actually, I was wondering if you could call me that some more this time.” He replied with a smiley face and “YES!”

It seemed obvious that it was a fetish he didn’t like to be open about it, but now that the cat was out of the bag and I was into it, he was excited.

He called me daddy a few times as we had sex. I was starting to kind of like it but I still wasn’t sure this was a fetish of mine yet. Unfortunately, that was the last time we hooked up, so I wasn’t to figure that out for a while.

Around a year later, I started chatting with a younger guy on Grindr, and I mean younger — 18! I don’t think I’d hooked up with anyone that young since, well, I was that young.

Our first hookup almost didn’t happen. We had arranged a time for me to come over after work and I texted him when I was about to leave. The boy asked if I could bring over lube and condoms. I told him I had lube on me but that I don’t use condoms. He told me he always uses condoms the first time if he doesn’t know a guy. Usually that would put a stop to any potential meetup for me but, for some reason, I still wanted to see this boy. Maybe it was because I was super horny at the time, or maybe it was because I was excited to meet up with an 18 year old. So I told the boy I could come over and we could have some fun, just no anal, and he was up for it.

I got to the boy’s home about 30 minutes later and we went into his bedroom. He was a chipper little guy. Skinny, milky white, shorter than me, rosy cheeks, a big smile, and funky dyed hair. We made out, got naked, and started to suck each other off. At one point, I held him down with my hand gently around his neck. The boy moaned. So I decided to squeeze a little harder. The boy moaned louder. This was a kinky little guy!

I smacked his butt. The boy moaned. So I started spanking him harder and his moans got louder. After a little while, we both came. “I noticed you seem to like it a bit rough,” I said. He grinned and nodded. I told him he needed to come to my place next time — I’ve got quite the toy collection I could use on him. He was very pleased.

Over the next couple of days, I probed him a bit more by text to see what he was into. Getting tied up? Check. Getting gagged? Check. Getting spanked and flogged? Check. Me pumping him full of cum? Check. The boy came over another couple of times and, oh my, could that kid take a beating. His milky white skin turned bright red every time.

Then one time, as we lay naked in my bed, me spooning him, he turned his head around and asked me what he should call me. I flipped the question around and asked him what he thinks I’d like to be called. It was about to turn into 20 questions. Master? Ya, that would be okay — can you think of anything else? Sir? Sure, that’s okay — can you think of anything else? His eyes widened and with inflection and a big smile, he asked, “Daddy?”

“That’s a good boy.”

And that’s how it happened. I now had a boy. I told him to be a good boy and that daddy was going to use his ass. This conversation had made me rock hard.

While we were still spooning, I took my hand, grabbed my cock that was still lubed up from our earlier fuck, pushed it up against his hole and slid it in. I began telling him what a good boy he was for letting daddy use his hole. He’s a loud guy and he moaned loud enough that it was almost certain my neighbours could hear. I began thrusting into him harder and deeper and he screamed, and I mean screamed, “Daddy, daddy, give me your cock.” I asked him if he wanted daddy’s seed in him and he screamed, “Yes daddy, I want your seed.”

Well, that set me off like a volcano. We regularly met up over the next eight months, until his term was over at university and he went back home for the summer.

I became less interested in flogging him and stuck more to the daddy-son fetish with him. For many, those two can go hand in hand. But I began to realize that didn’t work for me. I began to learn that I was aroused by this incest role play but I couldn’t associate it with violence. I determined it was likely to do with my upbringing — while I had been physically disciplined as a child, it was never harsh and I just could not associate parents and their kids with violence. I preferred to be affectionate with him during these scenes, if also firm and forceful.

How, though, could I associate sex with parents? I’ve yet to figure that one out. If you’d asked me a couple years earlier if this could’ve turned me on, I would’ve said, “Hell no.” But as I delved deeper into the fetish world, I was becoming better at disassociating reality from fantasy. It was playful. It was fun. This didn’t mean I had some deep-seated desire to molest my children. In fact, it was quite normal, since many of our erotic memories stem from our childhoods. It also gave me the opportunity to be both nurturing and in control — two strong aspects of my personality. Call me the benevolent dictator of the bedroom.

When the boy returned to Vancouver after the summer to begin his next term, we met up a couple of times. However, I think we both realized things had run their course. As sexually exciting as it had been, we lived very different lives and had very different interests. The relationship wasn’t going to develop into something deeper beyond friendship and sex. I definitely still think of him fondly, though, and am grateful he helped me become comfortable with this sexual fantasy of mine.

Kevin Moroso’s Filling Station column runs monthly on Daily Xtra on the last Friday of the month.

Kevin is a good friend of mine. I talked to him about this article, and how the Daddy-Son relationship I find myself in now is something that I'm growing into as well. As you know, Wardog and I entered a Daddy-son relationship over the holidays. It was a bit weird for me at the start but I'm quite enjoying the label now. I've always been protective and supportive of his 25-year old 'innocence' while trying to hone his strengths and give him mature-perspective direction in improving his weaknesses (you know, the regular 25-yo-easily-distracted-and-kinda-lazy stuff...). Because it's so much more than sexual and we've both professed our love for each other, I feel the role and label fit me and describe our relationship even better than what we had before! It's hard to believe we've been nurturing this relationship for 3 years already. I don't like the 'incest' connotations, I see it so much as a different type of sexual/power dynamic. One more about care and protection for the boy as opposed to the more authoritative and dominating Sir role. I do love how he appreciates my maturity and experience and looks up to me as a role model and our mutual respect for one another. I do feel responsible for his well-being and always have the 'campsite rule' in the back of my head when I interact with him. I appreciate his youth and vibrancy, he definitely keeps me feeling young! And of course, since the start, the sex with him has always been mind-blowing. I never thought I'd get into a relationship like this, but there you go!

Here is another article from Kevin in Homoculture:  

How to be a good daddy

So you’ve finally admitted it – you like younger guys. It really is okay (caveat: if they’re above the age of consent; otherwise, go seek help now). For one thing, an older guy with a younger woman is very common. As well, differentials in age have always been common in the gay community and are becoming much more so as the stigma around these types of relationships becomes less and less. There are many benefits to dating or sleeping with a younger man – their more youthful bodies, their energy, how they challenge all the stale things you do in your life. Plus, because they’re generally new to things, they’re more willing to try things out.

However, with the fun comes responsibility. You’re a daddy now and you’re expected to do more than just have great sex. As the older and hopefully wiser one in the relationship, you have an important role to play. Here are some tips on how to be a responsible daddy to your boy.

Mentor. You’ve probably been through everything your boy is going to face. Broken hearts, a boss that’s a jerk, trouble getting assignments done, how to navigate the gay scene. You’re as much a mentor as you are a partner or friend. Offer constructive advice when needed and a sympathetic ear. Use examples from your past to help teach him and hopefully he can avoid some of the mistakes you made.

Open minded. Yes you’re a mentor. But you also don’t know everything. Your boy has had experiences himself that you haven’t and you need to understand and accept that. You won’t always be right and you’ve got stuff to learn from him as well. He’s from a different generation and brings a perspective to things that you don’t have. So be open minded and be willing to learn from him. Don’t be an arrogant daddy who thinks he knows everything.

Sex. You’ve likely got a lot of sexual experience under your belt and that’s likely what your boy is looking for. Having sex with guys his own age has likely been awkward and hasn’t always been a fun time. He’s probably also into some kink or at least wants to explore it, something that younger guys have difficulty admitting to each other. Conversely, he’s probably not sure what he’ll enjoy and what his limits are. Make sure you start out slow and slowly build up over time, talking after each session to know what he liked and didn’t like. But he also wants you to be confident in the bedroom and doesn’t mind letting you take charge – after all, a daddy-son dynamic is very similar to a dom-sub one, albeit possibly with more affection. So have lots of fun and show your boy how to be a man in the sack.

Stability. One of the reasons your boy is looking for a daddy is to have some stability in his life. His life will often be chaotic, not sure what direction in life he’s heading, unable to plan more than a week in advance, struggles with rent and roommates, etc. But as a daddy, you’re expected to have a stable job, have a safe warm home, and not get thrown into a panic at the slightest sign of a problem.

Reliability. We kind of expect the young ones to be flakey at times and, while you shouldn’t be a door mat, you also shouldn’t get too upset when your boy isn’t reliable. However, they want and need you to be reliable. When you make plans, stick to them as best as possible so he knows that you’re someone in his life that he can always rely on to be true to his word.

Gifts. Be careful. Most of you aren’t wealthy enough to throw money around and you don’t want to buy love – he should be into you whether you’re rich or poor. You also don’t know if this relationship will last so depleting your retirement savings is not a good idea. However, you likely have a lot more money than your boy with a stable income, so buying him things once in a while is okay, as long as it doesn’t set the tone of your relationship.

Meals. You probably have finer, more expensive tastes in food than your boy and you probably want to expose him to these. However, your boy probably doesn’t have the money to go out for a nice dinner often. You should treat him once in a while but you don’t want to create an expectation that you’ll always pay. There’s a solution – your kitchen. You’ve probably got everything in your kitchen that you need to make a fabulous meal and you probably know how to cook as well. And nothing is sexier than cooking a fancy dinner at home with your boy. So show him your more expensive tastes but spend less money by making it at home.

Alcohol and drugs. Your boy is young and will likely drink more heavily than you and will probably do drugs. And telling someone not to do those things has never worked. Your role is not to stop them – you’re not a real parent and your boy is old enough to make these decisions for himself. However, you do need to look out for him. If you’re out partying, your job is to make sure he’s safe and makes it home okay. And if he starts to show signs of addiction or overuse, make sure you’re they’re to support him in a non-judgmental way or else he may just ignore you and cut you out.

Have a fantastic time with your boy, feel as young as him and don’t let your age stop you from doing anything that he would do. But be a good daddy, the responsible guy that he needs.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Cyborg Heavy Inflatable Rubber Suit

Suddenly, I want an inflatable!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sliding Through the Cross Season

Cold season competing in skinsuits and mud.


Last week was pretty interesting. Lots of play interspersed with some responsible improvements to my fitness and such.

Mr. P was out of town for a good portion of the week due to his mother's surgery. He was being a good soon and spent the days in the hospital with her from Monday until Thursday evening. Because he was away I took advantage of an empty condo and worked from home for the entire week.

On Monday, my new fist trainee came over. DB2 (not related to DB who was over for rubber fun before Xmas haha) says he's committed to training for as many weeks required to take a fist. Wardog and I worked on stretching him for a good chunk of the evening, and after he left Wardog and I fisted and fucked each other. DB2 was happy with the session and came back last night for his second session. This time, instead of on the bed I had him in the sling where he loved the stretch routines, but interestingly asked me if I was shy as I hadn't made any moves to fuck him. I told him, "we are here for a reason which I'm focusing on tonight, but be warned that next Wednesday, when you come back, that I will fuck you mercilessly."

So, yeah, next Wednesday.....

Check out boy's perfect asslips.
Thursday evening an old fist bud Bctx came over. We took turns on each others asses. A very pleasant fist session. He has huge hands, I was enjoying being filled up so much by his voluminous paws, but asked not to be worn out as I was anticipating the play night with Wardog and HungryBull to take place on Friday...

Friday evening I had to work a change window, but as this was going on, HungryBull and Wardog showed up at the same time and it didn't take long for us to get things going. HungryBull was pretty anxious to get into the sling for some assplay. I got all three of us rubbered up...I put on my Invincible pig tank and leggings, Wardog in the Polymorphe tank and pants, and HungryBull in the Invincible assless wrestler.  HungryBull took to hopping in the sling and getting fucked almost immediately after we started by both Mr. P and I; Wardog would work his ass with toys and hands when I had to pull away for some work-related communications. We played with HungryBull's ass for quite awhile. I got into the sling for a quick fisting before returning to work, then Wardog moved in. He didn't last long in the sling as getting fisted on his back isn't his favorite position, so we moved him to the couch for some asswork on his hands and knees. As he was sucking off Mr. P, HungryBull and I worked on his ass at the same time. He was taking fists and stretching from both of us like a pro. He's such a good boy!
HungryBull in Wardog

Wardog had to work in the morning, so he eventually went to bed. Mr. P went to bed awhile after, and HungryBull and I spent the rest of the late late night working on each others holes. He left around 5:30am, I got to bed around 6:30 after some cleanup. Always a pleasure to play with this sexy boy.

We did our productive things on Saturday and then to Meat Draw. After we got home, I was tired and decided not to go to any of the events going on including the VML Play Party at Steamworks. Mr. P and I stayed at home, I donned my Latexskin two-piece catsuit for the evening and we watched old videos on Youtube. Not exciting, but cheap!

Sunday we did our big grocery shop, made food. I went to Pumpjack for Sunday Funday for awhile to see some friends, it was pretty lame, but I headed home to meet Wardog who came over in the evening and fisted me as he didn't get an opportunity to get in my ass on Friday night.

That made for four fistings in a week!  When things work out like that, my head and my hole are happy. I consider four quite a feat in a week, not that I can't handle it so long as it's spread out, just that the fortune to actually get four guys scheduled to fist me in a week is impressive.

I worked from home on Monday; Monday night Wardog and I went to the gym for our first workout session together. I am planning on getting a membership but money's really tight right now so I may have to wait until next paycheck as this one was bills and paying off my YVR-LHR flight. Next paycheck is giving Mr. P some money, paying off the credit card (which will also have train tickets in the UK and payment for our AirBnB in Manchester on it).....and then the saving for travelling and playing cash for the trip will begin.

All those manhands in boy's hole...
I took Tuesday night off to get some work stuff done....I know, unbelievable.

Last night as I mentioned, DB2 was over for his second stretching session. It went really well, I'm already looking forward to having his tight body and booty in the sling next Wednesday.

Tonight I've got a chance to play with a guy I've been chatting with on Asspig for some time. Hngrypig will be coming over for some vers fisting in the sling. We were originally going to meet at his place (ironically and conveniently he lives in the same condo complex as us, but in a different tower), but once I suggested the sling, he and I decided it would be a great idea. I love to host! Looking forward to playing with another experienced pig....someone who can do me over as well as I can him.

Tomorrow (Friday) evening, Wardog and I are working out early. I've just talked to Whatsup...who I haven't seen since before Xmas....he's had a month-long flu ffs.....he's got the play room free tomorrow night and doesn't work tomorrow, so.....off to the play room I go!

We'll be going to Meat Draw on Saturday, who knows what will happen Saturday night?

I've been missing Xivenge™ lately. With his schedule changes he's much harder to secure time from. I hope that we can get together for some rubber fun soon. I'm jonesing for some more hardcore rubber sessions soon. I think he's just bought his first catsuit from STR, so I hope that's in flight. Oh! Yeah and I forgot to mention, I bought 4m² of latex sheeting from Jenni at Deadly Couture last weekend with the intent of cutting four 4m latex bondage strips. Wish me luck trying to get this done.....hahaha.....it'll be so fucking hot once I have them to use.

Maybe this Saturday will be a good one to try and track down HotTop, Tr0uble or IrishStud for a good fuck. I realized last night that I haven't been the target of a good hard fucking in a loong time! Wish me luck!

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Fisting Honesty

Everything You Want to Know About Fisting
By  | 
You’ve heard the things they say about guys into fisting. On Scruff yesterday, a gentleman told me that I’m going to wreck that pretty pink hole of mine. “No sir,” I wrote back, “but I’m looking for someone who will.”

This language — “wrecked” holes, ruined asses, incontinence — spread the misconception that fisting equals permanent injury. Here’s the truth. Fisting (or “handballing” as they say across the pond) is an extreme sex act that isn’t without risks, but the risks are smaller than you think.
Men and women all over the world have been fisting for a long time. We are not incontinent or have permanently ruined bodies; although some folks do take fisting to extreme levels at which their bodily functions change. But for casual fisting bottoms like me, our asses tighten back up and function like all other asses. But then they open again — and that’s the fun part.

Allow me to extend a hand (forgive me) and welcome you to the fisting FFamily. Speaking as a bottom, who was terrified in the beginning, here are some key things you need to know.

1. Fisting brings the most intense orgasms of your life.

We can’t explain why, but fisting feels fucking fantastic — when you get good at it. Somewhere between that surprisingly intimate connection you have with someone, the vulnerability of having their hand inside you, and the physical sensation of having your hole opened, something awesome happens. You cum hard.

“Cumming” barely sums it up. The slow, pre-release build-up sweeps over you, your head drops back, and you yell that deep, guttural moan that fisters everywhere recognize as pure, mind-blowing bliss. I have cum hands-free and soft without ever touching my dick during my best fist sessions.

2. Fisting is dangerous.

So is extreme breath play, choking, heavy S&M, rope or suspension bondage, hard fucking, anonymous gangbangs, and solo play with toys you don’t know how to use, or that you try to use past your skill level.

All sex has risks, and kinky sex has higher risks than vanilla sex. The reckless and unwise among us have made mistakes, and some of those mistakes have meant injury (although I must stress that this is less common than you might think).

But collectively, through trial and error, we’ve learned what to do to make fisting safer and more awesome for everyone involved. Keep reading.

3. Go slow.

I wonder how long I’m going to tell people I’m not a pro-fisting bottom before I admit that I might actually be good at this. But I still go slow — because you have to.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time taking a miniature butt plug or your fiftieth time getting fisted to the elbow. Start slow. “Check in” with your body. Explore your breathing.

This is especially true if you’re new. Going slow helps you read your body, your pain levels, and keeps you from getting hurt.

4. Butt plugs are the best toy in your arsenal.

Your anal sphincter — more commonly referred to as your “hole” — is one of the strongest muscles in the human body. It naturally stays very tight and clenched for most of your life. Training it to open takes practice. Like any muscle, when you frequently work it out, you make it stronger and better able to move. Butt plugs help you do this.

Before most fisting sessions, I start with plugs — because they feel good. I love the sensation of getting my hole stretched around something smooth and round. You’ll learn to love this feeling, and enjoying this feeling is the first, most vital step to getting fisted.

5. Wear gloves.

Wearing gloves is the most important safety rule. Gloves prevent the spread of Hep C, bacteria, infections, and other nasties you can get (easily) from playing in the ass gloveless. You can buy boxes of nitrile or latex gloves at kink and fetish suppliers across the country or online.

6. When it comes to cleaning your ass, nothing beats a good diet.

Most medical experts agree that douching isn’t safe. You need certain mucous and natural chemicals in your rectum and colon to process waste and keep everything running smoothly, and frequent flushes can interrupt that process.

But I still douche — most guys do. But I do everything I can to make my douching process as quick and minimal as possible, and that means consuming a diet high in fiber and taking fiber supplements so that most of the cleaning process is done for me — naturally, by my body.

If you take a long time douching without getting clean or have to douche multiple times, the problem isn’t with your cleaning regimen — it’s your diet. Take fiber supplements, like daily Metamucil, and eat healthier foods such as  vegetables, lean meats, and rice.

7. Play sober — at least in the beginning.

As a recovering addict, here’s something few people want to admit: Tina (crystal meth) and fisting go hand in hand. I know a disproportionate number of men into fisting who first explored assplay while getting high. The result? They associate awesome fisting orgasms with drugs and can’t enjoy fisting sober.

But there’s hope.I’ve had mind-blowing fisting sessions completely drug-free. It’s a different sensation — a better one.

For beginners: If you first explore fisting on drugs, you may not be able to read your limits or detect pain when you’re high. This means you can hurt yourself — badly. Permanent injuries from fisting happen when we go too fast, don’t respect our body’s limits, or recklessly push past them. You want to be able to read your body and detect pain with a clear head.

8. One finger hurts.

It feels like a pencil in your butt. If you’re especially tight, one finger may be all you can handle, and you’re a long way off from being fisted. But generally speaking, one finger is less comfortable than two or even three.

9. There are different kinds of fisting. You don’t have to like (or do) them all.

In fact, most guys don’t.

I don’t like depth, and I’m not turned on by depth training or depth play. The sensation of being stretched open, even just up to the knuckle, is hotter to me than taking a hand past the wrist. The wrist is my general stopping point; although, I can go midway up the forearm pretty easily. I prefer staying around the wrist because it feels better for me.

You will learn what you like. If the image of a forearm (and more) disappearing inside a guy’s hole is super hot to you, you may be into depth. The risks change depending on what kind of fisting you like, and depth play has different risks associated with it, but it’s all risky, so do what you like and take every step necessary to make your play safe.

10. When you’re a beginner, play with a pro — no exceptions.

You only learn how to fist from sticking your hand in the holes of professional fisting bottoms — guys with years of experience who can guide you through the process. You only learn how to take a fist from professional fisting tops, men who know how the body works and have fisted many holes before.

An amateur in your butt can severely — albeit unintentionally — injure you pretty badly. Even if you have to travel a distance or wait until the next time you’re in a bigger city where there are more fisting tops, it’s a good idea to do so.

11. Don’t compare your experience to others.

This was told to me by an FFriend and mentor — a versatile fisting guy I admire.
Fisters often make fisting look like a competition. It’s not. You don’t have to be a pro. You don’t have to be that good at it to say you like it.

There are fisting guys on Twitter who take massive things in their butts. I admire them, but the minute I start to compare my experiences to theirs, I will feel defeated, overwhelmed, and a little scared. It helps me to take a step back, look at my body, and decide for myself what I want to do with it. I need to remember my awesome experiences and know that with time and practice, more will come. I don’t have to push myself any further or be “better” if I don’t want to. No one is tapping their foot waiting for you to perform like a champ — if they are, don’t play with them.

12. Chemistry is everything.

Simply put: If I don’t like you, I’m not taking your hand.

For me, this makes fisting different from other kinds of sex. I can get bred by rough, verbal, anonymous tops all day/night long. I don’t have to like you — I just want your load.

Fisting is different. There has to be some connection because fisting requires a lot of trust and surrender. I don’t know if every fister feels this way, but all the ones I know seem to agree. Fisting depends on chemistry, connection, and communication — play with someone you like.

These tips are not exhaustive. If you’re serious about playing the butt, the excellent book Fist Me! The Complete Guide to Fisting by pro-fisting top Stephan Niederwieser is a must-read for all beginners.

These are all points that I stress with any fisting newbie or amateur that I meet. I particularly stress this with the men that I have agreed to train to take a fist. 

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Manchester Rubbermen Weekend 8

EVENT SCHEDULE (full details to be released nearer the time)

Thursday 20th April
Come and chill out at Bandit, Mugger & Thief from 7:30pm and then the weekend kicks off with Gagged and Dragged and the launch of Arts Bandit our fetish art exhibition, where you'll be able to bid for all the art work over the week and a half the exhibition is open. Wrist band exchange will be open here.

Friday 21st April
We'll be offering a walking tour in the day at 3pm; we've had many out-of-towners say they come and party but don't know much about this awesome capital of the north, home of the industrial revolution, it's rich gay history and ever growing art and music scenes.
In the evening will be the welcome drinks at The Rem Bar* from 8pm where you can get your weekend wrist band followed by Darkcell at Sub 101 from 10pm, our first of the club nights with a queer alternative dance feel, bondage areas and dark spaces, from regular masculine fetish to outrageous genderfuck, if it's sweaty and makes someone feel sexy it'll all be going down.

Saturday 22nd April
Day events at Cruz101 from 12pm – 6pm including The Pup Pound for all you canine fans, The Sisters' Porno Bingo with over a thousands pounds worth of prizes to be won and the return of the The Fetish Market with bondage demos and great fetish retailers! In the evening we'll have pre-drinks at Eagle from 8pm* followed by the local regular corner stone fetish event Alert!* in Alter Ego bar from 11pm.

Sunday 23rd April
A much more relaxed, fun day and many people's favourite! A rubber brunch at Delicatezze from 11:30 – 14:30 to nurse your hangovers (check the linked post of how to book a place) Sunday Service at Eagle Bar and Geartunes from 6pm at Oscars Bar (rubber, cocktails and showtunes shouldn't work but it does and it's hilarious!). If showtunes isn't your thing but you still want a sing you'll find Rubberoke on in The Rem from 7pm Rounding off the weekend is the strict rubber-only closing party Slick back at the Eagle from 9pm, the official Manchester Rubbermen birthday event with another grands worth of rubber gear to be won, a rubber bondage demo area and our local bobby to polish (grope) you all to a mirror shine!

Monday 24th Jan
Every year locals and visitors say they wish they'd taken Monday off not knowing Sunday was going to be so busy or late, so trust us…. you'll need it off ;)
Monday will be a simple farewell fling from 10:30-1pm where you can dump your bags from your hotel, grab a seat or bean bag and grab some breakfast and a bloody Mary with your new friends before heading off to your trains and planes.

(*Please note while we try to invite a wide queer spectrum to much of the weekend, Alert!, Eagle Bar and The Rem do have their own men-only policies so please be aware when inviting friends.)

Get your passes for #MRM8 today!

Rubberstud of the Week #457

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Thanks for capturing this at the Recon NYE party boys :)

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Total Top

What a hot stud! Love the rubber under gear....and the chastity holding him in.

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Fetish for Beginners: Rubber Tips

from Recon News
18 December 2016

The wearing of rubber is a fetish many of our members enjoy, but if it's a scene you're just getting into, you may not be aware how important it is to look after your gear. Rubber garments may be designed to stretch over your skin, but they can be damaged easily if not cared for properly.

In this guide, we'll cover how to clean, store, shine, put on and remove your rubber outfits.

How to clean your rubber

Looking after rubber takes a certain level of commitment – you can't just leave it on your bedroom floor after a night out. Sweat, if left on your rubber, can damage the material over time and this means getting the cleaning process right is vital.

Luckily, cleaning your rubber is easy although it does need to be done as soon as you have finished wearing it. Simply fill a bowl full of lukewarm water and either use a mild soap, such as Fairy Liquid, or specialist cleaning product, like Viviclean, to gently clean the garment using your hands. It's a good idea to add a small amount of talcum powder to the water too, as this will stop the rubber from sticking to itself.

Once your outfit looks and feels clean, rinse it off in cold water with a few drops of Vivishine, ensuring all the soap is removed, otherwise your rubber will have soap stains or smears. Then shake it dry and hang it up – it should be ready to put on in no time.

Rubbercanuck tip: rubber and your shower are best friends. Friends with rubber in your shower is even better. 

Some people dress in the shower; I'm not a big fan of that donning process however I do always take my rubber off in the shower. I probably don't use a mild soap as much as I should, but I do rub parts of the clothing or gear that have taken on a lot of 'biological fluid' and exposure to my skin well before hanging to dry. If you take your clothes off in the shower, they will come off you inside out, so make sure you wash the outside before you take it off, then the inside once you have it off. At this point you'll be able to easily dry the outfit inside first, then flip it inside out and then the outside will dry, and you will be ready to condition and store it! I will condition and clean my rubber clothing thoroughly 3-4 times a year depending on frequency of use/wear.

How to increase your rubber's shine

When you first purchase your rubber outfit, you will notice that it's matte rather than shiny, as this is its natural form. Shining it up is easy to achieve, though.

If you have time to prepare your rubber before you wear it, you may want to use a rubber polish, such as Vivishine. Simply add a few drops of the polish to some water and dip your garment in and out. Alternatively, you can use silicone lubricant, which can be applied with your hands. Once you're done - hang up the outfit and leave it to drip dry.

If you need a quicker fix, you could opt for shining spray, like Pjur Cult Ultra Shine. Put the outfit on first then get a friend to spray your outfit all over – that's it, you're good to go! However, be aware that polished surfaces, such as wooden floors and bathtubs, can become incredibly slippery when this spray is applied, so avoid putting your outfit on in these areas of the home. Pjur Cult Ultra Shine is great for improving the durability and soft feel of your rubber.

On a night out, you may want to take rubber wipes, such as Vivishine Fresh Up Wipes, with you to top up your shine when you feel your outfit needs it. They're also great for getting rid of lint and dust.

Rubbercanuck tip: What event you are going to totally dictates what type of shining you should do. If you are going to an event with mixed fetish materials, don't do anything with silicone lube, including Vivishine. You're going to get it all over other guys' leather, or furniture or whatever, and you're going to get called out on it. In these cases use a shining spray...it doesn't last near as long but will give you the shine you need in the short term, but it won't smear all over your sexy leather daddy and his furniture.

If you're at a rubber event or a hardcore sex event, silicone away! A lot of events, like Rubbout, will usually have a shine station so if you prep shine before the event at home, then find you're a bit dulled at the party, let the shining people take care of you. There will probably be enough silicone lube flying around you could get a shining just by rolling around on the floor.

Storing your rubber

When you're ready to store away your outfit, it's good to place it in an airtight bag. At Recon, our rubber products come in resealable bags designed just for this purpose. Rubber reacts badly to the air and can develop bloom if exposed for extended periods of time. When you place it in the bag, roll it up, sprinkling talcum powder as you go – this will stop the rubber from becoming stuck together.

Finally, place the bag in a wardrobe, drawer or anywhere which is out of the sunlight. Never store your rubber when it's still damp, as the water can cause it to rot.

Rubbercanuck tip: successful long-term storage is one of the biggest challenges a gummiphile will have. If storing in bags, first Vivishine your gear (more importantly for conditioning than storing!), then talc it, then bag it loosely and store somewhere dark and cool. Do not compress items with too much weight from other items on top. 

For my bigger items, I tend to hang on wooden hangers after Vivishining for long periods of time. In my experience, since I rotate my wardrobe often enough, I don't have to worry about pieces deteriorating, bleeding into others, or sticking together as I inspect everything at least twice a year. You have to appreciate that no storage is perfect, rubber gets old and at some point you're just not going to be able to successfully store old rubber pieces for long periods anymore as they begin to rot and deteriorate.

How to get rubber outfits on and off

The tightness of rubber is what so many people love about it, but unfortunately this also means it isn't the easiest material to put on and take off. There are ways to make the process as painless as it can be, though. Just follow our tips below.

Before putting on your rubber garment, cover yourself in a water-based or silicone lubricant. Pay particularly close attention to contact points, such as your shoulders, elbows, knees and hips, as these will be the most difficult areas to get your rubber over. A dressing aid product, such as Pjur's, may also help.

With some outfits, you may find it easier to roll up sections like the legs and sleeves before you slip them on, much like you would with a pair of long socks. Rolling the rubber onto your body is often a simpler way of getting the tightest sections on successfully.

Try not to pull your rubber by any hem line, instead, grab as much surface area in different locations as possible. This will stop you from putting too much force on one area and causing a tear. Grasping around a leg with both hands is a good way to slide it up and down to get rid of any wrinkles, which is where the lube comes in handy!

When taking off your rubber, get some help if possible. Take a warm shower and allow the water to get underneath the rubber, which will help it slide off easier. Try to ensure it finishes up inside out, as this is the best way to clean the outfit.

When putting on or removing your rubber, remove all sharp-edged accessories first. It's all too easy to accidentally pierce your catsuit!

Rubbercanuck tip: by any means possible, try to end your play session or night out with a wash in the shower wearing your rubber. Get a layer of water between the rubber and your skin, the rubber will slip right off your skin once you have wet enough areas under the latex. This is by far the easiest way to doff your latex and also starts the cleanup and maintenance routine immediately!

Additional tips

Remember: never use oil-based lubricants with rubber, as they will destroy it.

You should also be aware that Latex is a natural product and can set off allergic reactions - make sure you don't have an allergy first!

You will sweat a lot whilst wearing rubber, which is all part of the appeal, but this does mean you should stay hydrated.

Want some more advice for how to get into and enjoy the rubber scene? There are lots of rubber fans on the Recon app and site who will be able to give advice.

Rubbercanuck tip: keep all the strenuous activities like putting on and tying boots, setting up slings, helping your buds get dressed to the start of your dressing routine BEFORE you even get your full suit on. I usually will get my rubber catsuits above my waist, THEN do my socks and boots, THEN put the rest of the suit on. You will be so much less sweaty. Also, take a break after getting your rubber on to cool down. Have some water and step outside (or into a cold shower) to cool yourself down before getting into your next activity!

Lubes like Crisco, vegetable oils, Vaseline, vitamin E oil, anything petrochemical, glycerin, or paraben-infused will utterly eat your latex. If you're into sex play that requires you using any of these types of lubes, I would eschew integrating rubber wear/play into the scene. Wait for a day you are using water-based or silicone-based lubes to don your latex and transform into a rubberpig.


Fucking Hot

Rubbdown in Four Weeks!

The Rubbermen of San Francisco show us why we need to head to SF on the Feb 9-12 weekend for RUBBDOWN.

More Cake

May I have some more cake, please?

Recon London - December 2016

Looks like a hot time!

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Doggy Style Daddies

I found it most entertaining that a still from one of the latest VR vids I did for Metaversexx with Daddy Russ (@daddyrussexxxx) and Alpha Axxxel (@alphaaxxxelvr) made it onto Twitter! See if you can figure out which one is me ;)
Alpha is hamming it up for the camera.

Manchester Rubbermen Pub Crawl

Incredibly around 100 rubbermen showed up for the January pub crawl! AMAZING!

Mr. Rubber Puppy Russia

Mr Puppy Russia 2017 Santik - photo by Max Maximov

DJ Hell "I Want You"

DJ Hell - I Want U (Official Video) from Gigolo Records on Vimeo.

Vancouver Rubbermen January Meet

We had a great time Saturday afternoon at Pumpjack! Even though not many rubbermen were there, we had a lot of fun putting each other in the sleepsack, straightjacket and vac-tower. I had brought a bunch of 'try on rubber' for anyone curious to try on, but no newbies or curious pups came behind the curtain to see what we were doing. God we need a better venue. Regardless, the guys there were ace quality and we had fun, and that's what counts.

Pics were taken by Xivenge™, BF and RD. Thanks guys!

What should the theme for February's meet be? I have to merge our event and Van-PAH's event into one poster for February and March (understanding that March is also the last VRM event before Rubbout....I think March will be a Rubbout kickoff event).

Some of you that follow my Tumblr may have noticed I posted some of these and some other personal rubber pics recently. On the suggestion from some of my younger friends, this is supposed to be another avenue to get exposure to Rubber Canuck, Vancouver Rubbermen and Rubbout. There will be more personal postings going on there in the future.

Rubberstud of the Week #455

Friday, January 6, 2017

Holiday Hijinks...and more

The holidays were pretty grand. I could have used more sex but the sex that I got was awesome. Mr. P and I were honestly pretty busy with entertaining as we hosted both a Christmas dinner on Christmas Day in addition to hosting a New Year's Eve party which also worked as a pseudo 45th birthday party for yours truly.

I had balked on agreeing to host my own bloody birthday party in the hopes someone last minute would agree to host a party, however this didn't materialize, therefore we were sending out NYE party invitations on December 29th, and then getting the gears from people for being so short notice! Fuck, I can never win!

It was great to have new and old friends help me celebrate my birthday and New Years, in particular I was very happy RodCubYvr and M were able to spend the evening with us on their whirlwind week in Western Canada/Seattle; and it was great news when they told us they are planning to move back to Edmonton from Halifax. It's not quite Vancouver, but Edmonton means at least we'll see them once in awhile!


I was feeling a bit down over the holidays, partly due to the upcoming milestone birthday of 45, a lot of stuff creeping up on me due to my procrastination (with my professional certification exam deadline hanging over my head), the soul destruction that is my job, lamentation about some weight gain I'm dealing with due to inactivity post-accident and the pain and inconvenience I still have to deal with almost six months on, the insurance/lawyer crap going on with my accident, not being able to see any of my family in over a year, the fact that money's tight and getting tighter and yet I had to fork a shitload out to host a dinner and a party (this frustrated me more than depressed me tbh), the special Xmas surprise of mandatory replacement of the tyres on the minivan, plus money to Mr. P to cover his Vegas trip. Regardless, it was a great break from work, and the days that I didn't have play dates set up (or I was cancelled on for whatever reason; a lot of guys are either flu-ey or suffering from acute Vancouveritis these days), I spent a lot of time sleeping and/or watching movies cuddling with Mr. P, which I won't complain about at all.

Having Wardog stay with me the week while Mr. P was gone and also having him over for most of the week between Christmas and New Year's was very welcome; our relationship has advanced due to some conversations and changes going on in our lives. We got lots of opportunities to fuck and cuddle for the five nights he stayed over while Mr. P was in Vegas. It seems that due to the personal issues Wardog's Sir is having at home, he has told Wardog that he wants to release him to me...at least that's how Wardog has described it. It's hard to explain...?!

I guess I've never felt I could ever get overly emotionally invested in my relationship with Wardog due to the fact his heart belongs to Sir; he is my favorite and most frequent fuckbud by far and we have mind-blowing sex every time we get together, and most certainly we have grown close emotionally, BUT....he wasn't mine.

And then there's the recent discovery that he's not as allergic to latex as we all previously thought.

I don't know what the future holds but I know for a fact we've been growing closer in 2016 and he's been spending more and more time with Mr. P with me. We professed our feelings to each other over the week in December...Wardog and I talked about this a lot, and I think we're going to work on our relationship with these new realities, see a bit more of each other and then evaluate where things go.

On the one hand, I'm not sure if I want to delve more deeply into my emotional relationship with Wardog right now. I enjoy my connections with the guys I play, socialize, and have sex with and I'm very satisfied with that at the moment, and honestly there are other relationships I want to nurture and mature with some of the other men in my life too; though I love Wardog, he is young, he is a lot of work, he has issues I'm not so sure I want to deal with. As the Daddy to a boy, do I want to assume that responsibility given all the responsibilities on my plate already?

But he is such a good kid and such a wonderful soul and we have such a honest and genuine time together. And so do he and Mr. P. Aggravatingly, he is very sensitive and amazingly thoughtful in some ways, and completely not thoughtful in others. But he's young, right? So erratic and unorganized. It drives me crazy sometimes.

And I wonder if I judge him too harshly. If history's any indication, this seems to be what I do with the ones that become closest to me.

Also under consideration is the idea that now if I do actually have some elbow room to throw some service training techniques in Wardog's direction, I can finally get him working on the things that I think need improvement in him. He's young, he's kinda lost, he needs guidance, love, support.....man, I have a lot of stuff to think about.

At least for now, and at least from a terminology standpoint, I have a 'husband' with Mr P and now a 'boy' in Wardog. And then there are the others, the men I regularly and not-so-regularly play in rubber and fist with. They all require a juggling act.

Is it bad that I feel so hesitant about it? Part of my blueness over the holidays was selfish; I feel I give in all forms of my being: I give and give and give some more, and feel I am not getting enough back in return. I know it's in my head, and I do get some great things back, but maybe my priorities are evolving once again. And then again, maybe it's just the fateful role I was meant to fulfill. It's always been there, I've always been the giver of my all, so I am starting to doubt it will ever change.....just like having my birthday on a crappy day for birthdays. Give up trying to change things and just accept your lot in life....

Stepping back, I am a very lucky man indeed, and this realization after my birthday has lifted my spirits. I am absorbing the idea that I have a husband and best friend who is a wonderful companion that loves me and I him, and additionally I have a great boy that loves me, wants to be with me, has chosen me to grow a daddy-boy relationship with, and loves to fuck and fist with me!


Whew, I'm done with that. Writing it down helps. Wow, free therapy! LOL


Playwise, of course I got all my quality time in with Mr. P and Wardog over the holidays, and another special get together was with my old playbud HungryBull. We hadn't gotten together for a long time, I was glad to host him for a couple hours on Dec 23rd afternoon after work. He's such a sexy fuck and was hungry for dick so I fucked him hard. It was really amazing!

I did get to have a great play night with my old rubber fist bud Almazmol on Dec. 29. It had been quite awhile since we played; additionally since Xivenge™ had cancelled on me on Dec 28, I asked him to come over and join us. Consequently, while Almazmol spent a good part of the evening working on my ass in the sling, Xivenge™ did a terrific job as photographer and 'lube-refresher/popper provider' throughout the evening! Imagine that as a skill in LinkedIn....

I got to wear my red E7 fist suit again (happily!) and got three ass sessions in the sling, one with the Blackstyle gas mask on, one with a Polymorphe hood, tubing and condom for breathplay, and the third with a blackout Polymorphe hood and the head harness applied nice and tight by Xivenge™! It was a great time with the boys! Thanks for the pics, Xivenge™.

I also have a fuck of a lot of video from the last three or four sex sessions to post on my Xtube channel soon.

So, after that I didn't get a lot of play in until New Year's Day when Wardog and I had our annual fist and fuck day together - highly recommended for those who can get involved next year ;)

The highlight of the day was actually getting Wardog into latex! He's allergic to a helluva lot of things, and in the past had tried to don latex with his Sir, to the disappointment of all as he broke out in rash afterwards. We've avoided putting him in latex ever since, however he really wanted to try it out on New Year's Day, so......I put him in Polymorphe gear - tank top and pants; he didn't rash and he fucking loved it! I think we are on a new path together as I'm a bit more emboldened now to try some different rubber combinations on him.

So, obviously as I had him preening in black latex, I took the opportunity to get myself in head-to-toe black erotic tightness for my turns in the sling. We spent the day fisting and fucking in the sling; as part of my birthday gift from him most of the attention was focused on my ass, to my delight!

Two rubber fist play sessions in a week! Not too shabby! Aaannnd now that Wardog can at least wear some rubber, I see rubber play becoming a lot more regular in the future....

Pics of my 'new' rubber fuckboy!

Rubber Rubber Rubber....Wardog is coming over tonight; tomorrow is the Vancouver Rubbermen Puppy New Year! Meet and Try On Rubber event. More pics to come!

Also, there are at least one great party a month coming up in the months leading up to April. I've bought tickets for BULGE on Jan 14, Growlr ROUGH HOUSE on Feb 11, Testostérone GEAR on Mar 4 (and the monthly VRM meet that same day), and of course, RUBBOUT 26 weekend starting on Mar 31! Perversion galore!

Even though the money situation sucks right now, I have an announcement to make. This is meant to be a reward for completing my professional certification by Rubbout, and also for baring down in my personal life; drinking less, going out less to save money, getting back into exercising regularly, keeping nights out to Fridays and Saturdays only and then ultimately only one of them (Friday night will be Play Night, (right?), Saturday will be Social Night (see the events list above), and most of all, QUITTING SMOKING. It's a big list.

So, finally the big announcement: I'm going to Manchester Rubbermen 8 in April! I got my vacation request approved from work on Tuesday, and I purchased my flight to London yesterday. I'm flying April 14/15 and returning April 30!

The plan at the moment is to stay with KinkArch in London, travel and hotel with him in Manchester for MRM8 weekend, then on Monday take the train with Rubberedscotsguy and Rubbreh10 to Edinburgh; spend 4 days in the Scottish capital region, then catch a Virgin Express back to London on April 28, spend a couple more evenings in London with KinkArch, then fly back to Vancouver on April 30. How fucking excited am I?!?!!? VERY!!! Much more to come....


Seeing this today, I am inspired to throw on my 0.25mm two-piece catsuit tonight - or tomorrow afternoon for the Vancouver Rubbermen meet?

I am a bit hesitant to wear the thin stuff out to the bar, but.....it's so fucking sexy and comfortable!


Rubber Bois Russia....a get together of the Russian rubber pervs! Well done bois!

Regulation Gear Guides

The Complete Rubber Care Guide

December 25, 2016
by ArchieAlpha

When I bought my first rubber suit at the age of 20, I had no idea what I had to do to keep it looking as fresh as the day I bought it. Rubber care seemed like a dark art as far as I was concerned and I struggled to find out what to do and what not to do. As I asked around, different people told me conflicting things and I ended up none the wiser.

Having worked with rubber for a number of years now I've picked up some tips, tricks, do's and don'ts that might not be as obvious as you'd expect.

To kick things off here is a shopping list of all the things you'll need to take good care of your rubber:
  • A Plastic Coat Hanger
  • Washing Up Liquid
  • Scent Free Talc (Or Regulation's Rubber Dusting Powder)
  • Silicone Lube
  • Rubber Polish (Water-based or Silicone)
When you first get your hands on some rubber you're going to want to wear it asap. But first you should probably trim those toe and fingernails; if they're sharp you run the risk of making holes in your shiny new rubber and we don't want that. Even if Regulation do have a pretty slick rubber repair service.

The best way to get rubber on is with silicone lube, spread some either on the inside of the rubber or on your body and it will slide right on. If you don't fancy feeling a little greasy you can just use talc but take extra care not to over stretch or rip the latex.

Right, you're in, now lets make you shiny. Water-based polishes like Regulation's Rubber Polish are ideal for a non greasy natural shine but it can take a little work to look perfect. All you need to do though is generously spray it on and buff it up with a lint free cloth. The Regulation polish has the added bonus of blocking out damaging UV rays; which is important if you're wearing rubber outside.

If you want a super high shine you might want to use silicone. Whilst you're wearing your rubber you can just cover yourself in a thin layer of any pure silicone lube and you'll get an instant high shine. Or your can use Vivishine, which is a type of silicone polish that you apply at the rubber washing stage in either a large sink or a bathtub. You don't need much of this liquid and it gives rubber a perfect all over shine, time after time.

You may want to wear things like knee-pads, collars and what not. You can wear any of these over the top of your rubber but bear in mind their abrasive qualities. The top, shiny, surface of rubber can over time be worn or scuffed. So you just need to be careful with coarse materials such as hard leather.

Ok so you've got all sweaty, had some fun and it's time to take off your rubber. It should slide right off at this point but if you have any difficulty you could take it off in the shower, or add more lube. Just try not to force it and have some patience if you have to.

At this point you're probably at the end of a night out, that or you've just had the best sex ever. You're probably not going to want to wash it straight away and that's fine, put it somewhere dark or in a bag and forget about it till tomorrow. It's best not to leave it forever though, rubber can sometimes absorb some nasty smells.

Time to clean, this is where the washing up liquid comes in and nothing cuts through grease quite like Fairy Platinum (other brands are available). Throw your rubber in a heap, in either the bath or the sink and cover it in washing up liquid. More than you think you should use, you can't really use too much. Then use the shower or the tap to spray on some warm, not hot, water. Bear in mind that the more water you use the less powerful the detergent will be but you want a good couple inches.

With two hands, move the rubber around in the soapy water, lightly rubbing the layers together to make sure every surface is covered. Turn the item inside out, swish it around some more and maybe leave it to soak for a couple minutes. Any more soaking time though is unnecessary.

When you're happy it’s clean, pull the plug on the water and start rinsing off the suds. You can leave your rubber to dry by just hanging it up but remove any codpieces and make sure any snaps or metal components are thoroughly hand dried. This will avoid any potential rusting that could occur.

Once your rubber is dry you should apply a light coating of talc to the inside, this stops your rubber from sticking to itself. You can store rubber on a coat-hanger in your wardrobe or just keep it in a zip seal or normal plastic bag. The important thing to do here though is to keep it out of reach of UV light. Sunlight and artificial light can cause damage to rubber and over time it can cause rubber to discolour or loose its shine. Over very long periods of time rubber can also oxidize, this is a natural process where rubber can react with the oxygen in the air. To prevent this you can keep your rubber in plastic bags or if you store your rubber fully vivishined then oxygen won't be able to get to it.

If you're storing rubbers of different colours together, bear in mind that rubber is a dyed material and that some darker colours can transfer or bleed onto lighter colours.

Do not, whatever you do, store any TPE moulded toys in direct contact with natural latex rubber. They can damage each other within hours and you'll either end up with melted toys or bubbled rubber. Bubbled rubber can dissipate over time by wearing it.  This way body temperature can and a slight stretch can sometimes return it to it's normal form, but let's not risk it.

Sometimes rubber can get creased but if it's as skintight as it should be then this shouldn't be a problem. If you don't like your rubber getting creased though I recommend you keep it hung on a hanger when it's not in use.

To re-cap, here's a list of things to remember:
  • Do keep your nails short to avoid damaging your rubber.
  • Do use either talc or silicone to get rubber on.
  • Do wash your rubber after use.
  • Do use rubber polish to look good be it water or silicone based.
  • Do take care of your rubber, it can last a long time if you do.
  • Don't leave rubber in direct sunlight.
  • Don't allow your rubber colours to bleed into other lighter items.
  • Don't store moulded toys and natural latex in contact with each other.
Most importantly have loads of fun, don’t let the prospect of a minor scuff on your rubber hinder your enjoyment of it. If you’re worried about damaging it then you won’t have the complete experience.

By Archie Alpha @ArchieAlpha