Tuesday, June 9, 2015

First Contact

The new Latexskin body suit showed up in the mail yesterday! It was wrapped up in a nice box and ribbon, gotta love the presentation! I've never received a new suit in a gift box before LOL

This suit is amazingly thin....dauntingly too thin? Regardless, I asked for it to fulfil a childhood fantasy of mine, so I guess for me it's worth the risks! :)

It's definitely going to be see-through now that I've washed and vivishined it....I checked the hood and you can actually see a bit through it. That'll be helpful as I'm led in restraints to the sling to be hooked up ;-)

It's got what looks like an appropriately sized penis and cock sheath for my endowment AND a very roomy anal sheath, thank god.

I didn't get a chance to put this thing on last night unfortunately....I know, it's unbelievably hard for me to resist the temptation!

I did Vivishine it last night and I Vividressed the inside of the suit this morning so it's ready to go whenever I am. A slathering of lube on my body and I'm slipping into this puppy at the first chance I get! It's gonna need a six-hour commitment (at least) and some major clean out to ensure I can wear this as long as possible....being face-entry, I'm wondering how much work it's going to be to get out once I'm in. I have had lots of neck-entry experience and also tried hood entry before so I know the required contortions. I'm just concerned about the strength of the .25mm latex....it'll be very important to go slow and steady.

If I don't get into it tonight, I will certainly take pics of the shined-up suit prior to putting it on. If things go well I may have a chance tomorrow or Thursday.

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