Monday, December 31, 2012

Breathless in Anticipation

Happy New Year

Happy new year, rubbermen!  Hope 2013 brings you more tight and shiny adventures.  Thanks for all your support and thanks to the rubber community for helping to make life so amazing. :)

Gasp gasp! Best wishes for 2013!

Aww, cuddle with the one you love tonight.

Rubberstud of the Week #244

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Artist Profile: Hoxton Rubber

I feel honoured that a photographer in London would think my blog worthy of promoting his new photography site, Hoxton Rubber. Jules has been busy setting his pay site up where you can see hundreds of hi-rez images of London-based lovely-built rubber-clad male models.  You can also see proofs on the Hoxton Rubber Tumblr and Blogger sites.

I think Jules being a rubberman himself brings an interesting dimension to fetish photography.  He has worked to accentuate that which latex accentuates as well as accentuating the latex itself, which is always a challenge for any professional photographer.  The rates seem quite low and reasonable to access 900+ hi-resolution photographs, of which I'm sure there are many more to come.

Pay sites have come and gone over the years, and the market is challenging with so much content out there, but I think Jules brings something special, which you can see in the photo proofs above.  I wish Jules and the Hoxton Rubber crew the best of luck in their endeavors!  I will certainly be keeping track of their progress! :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012


Put your gimp out for the not open until Christmas!

Rubberstud of the Week #243

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Anal Sheath Series

'Tis the season to be latex-covered, inside and out!

This is a great photoshoot from a few years ago.  I'm so glad these guys captured pics of it!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

R.I.P. Nicemuscles

I posted birthday greetings to my old friend Steven's Facebook page yesterday and got a response from a friend of his that he passed away this summer on June 4th.  I'm in shock!  The last time I talked to him was in the spring just after I got laid off.  I'm still trying to find out what happened, but I'm freaked out that I didn't know and that this seems to have happened so suddenly.

Steven was supposed to compete at MIR last year as Mr. TORN Rubber Toronto and stay with me in the host hotel in Chicago but ended up being very sick with the flu over that week and decided to skip the weekend.  I'm sort of shocked that no one in Toronto posted or communicated anything about him passing, especially the TORN people.  I'm not sure what's going on there.  I'm sad that I never followed up on him this summer or fall; he would call me with regularity, I guess in the mire of things this year I never monitored things closely enough.

May you rest in peace, Nicemuscles.  It was an honour knowing you, bonding with you, playing with you, my rubber brother.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Rubbout Holiday Greetings

I got the Rubbout Holiday newsletter out in the mail today, adding all new emails to the mailing list at from Rubbout 21 and cleaning up all the ones that bounced back. I will post the newsletter out here, but for ANY of you that want to be added to the Rubbout mailing list, please contact me at or with your contact info and I will certainly add you to the mailing list for all our missives in the future. As well, please make sure you 'like' the Rubbout page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @Rubbout for all updates as well. The website probably won't be up until late January so these will be the best ways to get your information. And you might win weekend passes to Rubbout 22 in April! :)

Cheers! Reid

So, here it is:

Hello Rubbermen!

The organizers of Rubbout want to extend best wishes of the holiday season to you and yours. We hope you are planning to attend some great parties over the season, enjoy time with your families and find some pervy joy while you’re at it!

We want to let you know that plans for Rubbout 22 have begun. The event is running from April 12 to 14, 2013, two weekends after Easter. The preliminary event schedule has been posted on the Rubbout Facebook page. The website, is still being worked on but should be up and running by the end of January.

In the meantime, we are really keen to get everyone to join our Facebook page and Twitter feed, so for that we would like to encourage everyone to ‘Like’ the Rubbout page on Facebook before the end of January 31. We will draw two people from those who have joined the page by then for free weekend passes to Rubbout 22!

The Facebook page is at
On Twitter we are @Rubbout (!/Rubbout)

The host hotel is still being negotiated and this will be announced in early January on the Facebook page and Twitter so you can reserve your rooms using the Rubbout discount codes.

2013 is the 22nd installment of the Vancouver Rubbout party weekend for men who like rubber and fetish. The theme for 2013 is BACK TO BLACK. We want to return to Rubbout roots this year, focusing on play and socializing (and unyielding black rubber), thus we are filling the weekend with casual events: a bar/club night, the puppy party and contest, the highly-anticipated Rubbout Gear Swap, a sweet-ass play party, and of course, Sunday brunch.

In addition to volunteers, which we are always grateful to have, we are also keen to have demonstrations, fantasy scenes - basically anything your pervy minds can think of - at various venues throughout the weekend. We are calling out to keen rubbermen and gearheads that are coming to Rubbout who would like to have an opportunity in the spotlight to show off their skills or act out a fantasy scene they always wanted to do.

If you are interested in helping us out, please send an email with your suggestions and evil plans to We would love to hear from you!

As always, thank you for your support. We are excited about Rubbout 22 and are always striving to make the event better. If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas you’d like us to know about, please email us at or drop a comment on the Facebook page.

Happy holidays and season’s greetings from Rubbout!

Reid, Rob, Marc and Doug
Rubbout 22 Organizing Committee

Featured Company: Dermal Synthetics

A new company specializing in human-like silicone masks has opened up. It's a subsidiary of Composite Effects called Dermal Synthetics.

These masks are amazing to look at and a hoot to wear; I've tried one on before (actually, it was an SPFX from about five years ago!) and beyond the fact the feeling is amazing, once in a properly fitted mask, the mouth and eyes meld to your own and actually will move with you!

The best part is that the masks are totally customizable. Very cool!
The masks below aren't by Dermal Synthetics, but are the SPFX ones I got to wear during a play session in 2009 with a buddy. I'm the one with the darker skin! :)

Need A Source

Hey guys, can someone tell me who makes this particular anal sheath short? Thanks!
And, is the one above the same as the one below?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Seriously Sexy

Sly seems to be able to solicit the hottest guys. His manipulation skills get them in rubber every time!

Simon is seriously sexy...that smirk would melt latex.

Check out Sly's work. He has a great eye for the perverted. The sensuousness of rubber captured in the lens of one of the kinkiest rubbermen I know :)

Photo by Sly Hands
Featuring Simon McCann.
Gear by RubAddiction.
London, UK

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Regulation Gear

We had a great time at the VML Social last night. Everyone was in a celebratory and playful mood. Good times with good friends!
I got to debut my new Regulation skin gear too. It was well received :)
NB: In the future, when Vivishining the skin jeans, dry off the spots where the suspenders will clip on, otherwise they will just slip off until enough of the shine has been worn off!

Cath and Collar

Fantasy material here.....fuck this is a hot scene.

Hot Hogtie

Friday, December 14, 2012

Living In Latex

I slipped into the Spexter fullsuit on Monday evening for a spell. I was relaxed enough after Mr. P zipped me in that I laid down in bed and actually feel asleep for an hour or so. It was just so comfortable and relaxing to have my whole body carressed by a latex cocoon. In a lying position there was no strain in any areas, just the sensation of rubber over my entire body.

I've been able to sleep in rubber many times before though I typically don't make a habit of it because I prefer to actually sleep naked. Rubber is far too stimulating for me to actually get a good, long sleep.

I'm fascinated by guys' attraction to latex. After many years and innumerable conversations, our affection for rubber is as varied as the styles we prefer. Even the stories of how we got into it are similar yet not similar enough that it ends up everyone's story is slightly different. I want to delve into my beginnings a bit more now. I'm sure some of you will see a lot of similarities with your own experiences.

Even before I hit puberty, I was putting stuff up my bum and suffocating myself. I can't really recall WHY I was doing these things, just that after some experimentation over time I found these activities felt really good and got me really turned on. I liked the feeling of tight plastic (bread bags, drycleaning bags, swim caps, whatever I could get my paws onto), and eventually pantyhose, rubber gloves and condoms over my head, the feeling of the oxygen levels depleting, the pressure on my face, the moisture and heat building up inside the bag. I put small things up my butt, sometimes insertable items and sometimes things that I would put in a condom and stuff all the way in, to retrieve after I orgasmed. This was all fun, though I had great feelings of guilt because I thought I was the only one who had ever done such horrific perverted things that I was going to go to hell for, and no one could ever find out.

I started wearing my mom's pantyhose, tights, and bathing suits in layers on the sly and LOVED the sensation of tight material all over my body. Eventually I bought my own pantyhose and fashioned full-body suits out of the pairs and would spend many hours masturbating while wearing head-to-toe pantyhose. Luckily spandex was coming into style for men in the late 80's when I was in high school and since I was on the track and field team, I bought a couple pairs of shorts, and eventually several pairs of tights that I would wear for racing and training. It was so nerve-wracking trying to get everything in control while being so excited about it at the same time!!

I had a very good-looking friend in my class who I ran with. He showed an affinity for trying tights out so one day I lent him a pair of mine. We ran but he refused to take his tear-away pants off and just run in tights out of embarrassment, presumably.  I subtly pleaded with him to try it, but he wouldn't.  I was so disappointed.

At one point, my stash of pantyhose and latex items were discovered by my mother. I had to confront my parents about this and some other depression issues I was having at the time (which were mostly related to the fact of being in the closet, but not really understanding what that meant or why I felt so different from everyone else). This didn't go very well, they basically wanted to pretend that it never happened and I was told to 'never do this stuff again'.  I withdrew even further from being honest with myself about this stuff and these events probably added to the delay of my coming out by a few more years, though my attraction to spandex and latex only grew and thusly I grew more frustrated with myself and my perverted attractions.

At college I had a sizeable collection of spandex gear that I would typically masturbate in behind locked doors, and would wear layered under clothes while running in the cooler seasons or simply under my clothes going to class. Cyclically, I would feel guilty about my attractions and get angry enough that I would either give some of my stuff away or simply throw it out out of frustration, including all the pictures I had clipped out and saved of gorgeous men in spandex, whether it be from Olympics coverage or the International Male catalogs, and even the ones I had drawn.  I was actually a pretty decent illustrator back then, and had drawn and colored lots of pictures of men wearing skintight lycra and latex outfits.  They are all gone now, unfortunately.

It was basically when I was out of college that Internet access was becoming affordably available to schlubs like me, and it was then that I discovered there was a whole world of men out there with similar attractions and perversions, and an entire industry of rubber and spandex manufacturers catering almost exclusively to the fetish market.  I couldn't believe it, initially. I wasn't alone!  I wasn't the only one!  If only I had known this in high school; that there were others like me, that having entire suits made of latex and spandex were possible, nay, available at that moment, and they had been for some time already, it would've made my life so much less lonely and messed up!

So, here we are today. I'm a fairly decently self-actualized rubberman, not particularly phased by how other people perceive me as long as they let me live my lifestyle in peace, my mother is aware of my gummiphilic tendencies and I'm still curious where this all came from.

Why the attraction to breathplay? Why the need to be enveloped in skintight materials, typically the tighter the better? I know other rubbermen that came upon their affection for rubber through other means, for example, rubber boots/waders, bondage, gasmasks, military gear or wet suits on divers. Mine came about sort of as a merging evolutionary thing. Wetsuits on divers, the outfits in science fiction when I was a kid, Frank Augustyn dancing on the CBC Arts on the weekend, and Patrick Duffy in 'The Man From Atlantis' are all very clear in my mind today. I was already breathcontrolling with latex and wearing skintight full suit spandex, wasn't wearing encapsulating latex the next logical step?

I've thought a lot over the years about this need to be enveloped. Why this desire for body coverage? Is is just something I have a sensory propensity for?  There certainly is something to be said for the feeling of constriction and definitely is an 'acquired taste'...something some people find irresistible while being completely abhorrent for others.  For example, I have a hard time putting Mr. P in latex of any kind because he doesn't like constriction on his body at all.  He even gags with something tight around his neck, something as innocent as a tie or a turtleneck sweater.  We are certainly opposites when it comes to that (as I pull out my posture collar to wear once again!).  I think there is a sensory development aspect to it; we certainly aren't all wired the same.  But where does the mental and psychological aspect of it come from?  How do we come to fetishize certain things but not others?  Why do some people not fetishize at all, while others fetishize so much?  Why do men fetishize more than women?

I have stated in the past that I think some people simply have a propensity/vulnerability/sensitivity in their genetic makeup to experiment, to delve into the ideas that make them different than other people, and they only need a trigger event to take them over the edge into a whole new realm of discovery.  A lot of people don't ever make the connections, some people do very early and some do much later.

Is it something as Freudian-based as a desire to return to the comfort and security of the womb? That would explain the rubberworm and balloon bondage.  Or maybe that we weren't handled, hugged, or bundled up enough as infants? That would explain the bondage and constricted coverage.  We'll probably never know.  I do know other rubbermen who have the same desires as me and we all similarly seem to have an uncontrollable desire for full coverage, wanting so badly the sensory-overload of latex or spandex stretching across our entire bodies, the bondage sensation of straining against it, or the feeling of being removed and separated from the environment around us via a full rubber outfit, adding breathing apparatus or layers of latex to give us the feeling that we are isolated from our surroundings. Scuba diving, with its separate air source certainly plays into this fetish for many guys too, and this is another conduit that some guys fall into the rubber fetish too.

It's all so fascinating and mind-boggling, I really like trying to figure it out!  If anyone wants to provide some context or evidence to the how or why, I'd love to hear from you.

...and with that, back to my rubber slumber...:)

Fun Prize Contest is running a contest series.  The latest is a photo contest to win a full rubber suit!

Details are here.

You must take pics of yourself before the end of February, submit them to the contest site and vote for your favorites!  Easy!

More Rubbery Holiday Accessories

In addition to the Santa hat, here are a pair of rad Xmas stockings by Regulation London.  To be hung by the chimney WITH CARE....they are latex, after all; don't get too close to the fire!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rubber Games

Must be Breathcontrol Thursday!

This is still one of the horniest vid clips I've ever seen.  Another one first seen in my formative years that I still enjoy to this day...

Here is another full latex struggling video that hits some warm and fuzzy points!


Please Don't Turn Off The Air....

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tenacious: Rubber On The Runway

RMSF's wrap-up event for the RubDown rubber weekend, coming up February 7-10, 2013 is a Fetish Fashion Show to be held at Beatbox in SoMa. It is a few weekends before West Coast Rubber 2013, I would love to attend both, I will see what I can do! :)

More information about the RubDown weekend should be up on the RMSF site and Facebook in the next week. Sounds like it's going to be a rubbery time!
I am marvelled by the fact that it looks like there might be FOUR viable men's rubber weekend parties coming up on the West Coast in 2013! I will try my best to get to all of them.
  • RubDown Rubber Weekend, San Francisco, CA, February 7-10, 2013
  • West Coast Rubber, Palm Springs, CA, February 22-24, 2013
  • Rubbout 22, Vancouver, BC, April 12-14, 2013
  • RUMPUS Weekend, Seattle, WA, July 12-14, 2013(?)
AWESOME! Am I missing any?  Let me know if I am!

Black Legs, Part 2

Here is the second installment of the thrilling visual feast that is muscular men's legs covered in skintight latex. Yum. Enjoy!