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Gordon Thomas is one of the three original rubbermen who designed the rubber flag.  Here is his autobiography: 

We were at a rubber party in Palm Springs in 1993, Andy Peter Tolos from Rubber Rebel Magazine was wanting to make a rubber flag for the rubber community.  He was planning on launching another rubber magazine called Vulcan.   Scott Moats (Moats' Art) helped design it and actually made the first one by painting liquid latex on a sheet of glass.  He currently makes the dog hoods for guys with a puppy fetish, Rubberdawg.

We were sitting out by the pool on the Saturday afternoon and wanted to design the new rubber flag.  They wanted to make something simple, yet different from the leather flag.  They all agreed the base should be black. We talked about stripes and wanted a 'kink' in the stripes which Peter liked because it reminded him of the V in vulcanization so how could blend it into his new logo.  We decided on yellow for the waterboys and red for the blood-bond rubbermen had since most grew up with the fetish rather than picking the fetish.  We made the area on the V section, so that local rubber groups  could add their own logos, in which we had a club called Rubber Knights, in which we added the shield in that spot.

Then leaving simplicity alone, it was done.  Wow, it really took off after that.  There was a lot of arguments on who owned the rights to the flag when Peter died soon after due to diabetes issues.  Tim Buroughs took off with the magazine wanting to secure it for himself, and he was not even at the rubber party that whole weekend.  Scott Moats wanted it to be for the rubber community and all rubbermen, copyright free.  So that is the way it is today.

As for a website or blog... None here.  Just my email.  

If you would like to contact Gord, contact me at and I will connect you. Otherwise, here are two of this amazing stories.

Rubber Canuck is someone you all know well!

I do not have any information on John Cooper (Oxygenmaskman).  If anyone can provide me a biography, I would really appreciate it.

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