Monday, June 8, 2015


It was a gorgeous weekend here on the West Coast; we took advantage of it and headed back up to Shadow Falls for the weekend. It was another relatively quiet camping weekend; we had quite a few friends up there so we spent the majority of the weekend sunbathing, simply visiting and acting stupid.

Eight of us played a nude game of Cards Against Humanity on Saturday afternoon; late Saturday night we found ourselves lying naked in the main yard star-gazing and frolicking in the wet dewy grass at 3am.  Lots of laughs. Our next trip up there will most likely be July 1-5 for Canada Day and the long weekend. We will have a full site that weekend and most likely the entire campground will be full so I intend to have a lot more salacious stories after that. I think I'm going to bring up the sling for our site! Haha

In the meantime, I'm busy with out-of-town friends this week. Next Saturday is the Rubbout volunteer BBQ party and also a few other night options such as the Scruff party at FiveSixty. The following weekend is the Whistler VML retreat - always a ton of fun, lots of sex and adventures in the Village. As I've been finding out more and more of our friends going, the more excited I'm getting! If we can get it sold out there will be 40 or so guys staying at the Chalet. There will definitely be a lot of stories from that!

The following weekend (just before Canada Day) we were originally going to Seattle for their Pride weekend, however Mr. P took our new van in on Friday and there are some mechanical problems we need to deal with that are going to cost some money and thus take precedence. Given that we will most likely be in town that weekend, I'm hoping to get in a good ride on Saturday and maybe have some of the boys over to play on Saturday night?

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