Monday, August 31, 2015

Fist Pulse

It was an interesting weekend. We had the big gay wedding to attend on Saturday but Friday ended up being a lot of fun, additionally even yesterday ended up being an opportunity for a perv-out.

Ironfist came over Friday night to play with Mr P and I. It was his first time dressing up in full rubber and he took to it like a fish to water. We took turns fisting and fucking in the sling, he got dickmatized by Mr. P's cock while I used an inflatable plug on him and then fucked him from behind while he was sucking dick. I managed to get into the sling one last time before he left where he applied this great gentle fisting technique on me that I've dubbed "the fist pulse". I love this technique, it is so erotic, I'm going to add it to my arsenal. Contact me for details LOL

Basically it's just two or three quick pumps just inside the relaxed and gaping sphincter, then a break of a few seconds, repeat, sort of drove me crazy and craving so much more; it was funny that our 'absolute last time to quit' alarm went off at 4:30am just as I was talking about naming my rock band "Fist Pulse" and deciding whether my ass was a male or female based solely on its general attitude/bitchiness. It was here where we called it a night.

I'm a bit sad because Ironfist's life is going through some tumult and big changes right now; it has been so good having him live so close by and we get along so well...I guess nothing good is meant to last. I hope that we can stay in touch and still get together after things settle down for him in a few months.

So, we got up Saturday, I did laundry to clean all the fucking towels, and we were off to Granville Island for #ABigGayWedding. Granville Island was a nightmare as it was a summer Saturday for one, but also we had a big wind and rainstorm in Vancouver overnight and early Saturday morning that blew down trees and blew shit everywhere. Traffic was backed up all over the city due to so many lights being out, trees being down, and blocks and blocks of power grid out of electricity throughout the city. As it turns out, here it is Monday morning and there are still grids without power, even in the downtown core...I can't even fathom living in the middle of a metropolis and being without electricity for close to 48 hours. Lord help us all when The Big One hits here...

Anyways, the wedding was great, we did a bit of screwing around in the afternoon, and the big party/reception started at 8pm. It was definitely the most fun reception party I've ever been to and totally expressed the personalities of the grooms. So well done and so happy for the boys!

We got home late, crashed...I got up Sunday morning and decided I was going to play around in my Latexskin for the afternoon. I did about five or six hours of rubber perversion then Mr P and I went out to meet friends for Sunday beer bust beers. I got home around 10:30 last night, but Mr. P, for the second Sunday in a row brought a guy home to play with (the same one as last Sunday, incidentally). They woke me up this time; I wasn't feeling well and though asked to participate just watched them go at it for awhile then I tried to go back to sleep again.

Needless to say, I'm a bit tired today and will need to rest up. I have a fist session planned with Wardog tomorrow night, the VML Harness and Jock play party on Thursday evening, then off to Shadow Falls for the Labour Day weekend on Friday! It's gonna be a busy week!

Rubberstud of the Week #384

Friday, August 28, 2015

Fun with HairyBondageSub

We both took turns in the vac-tower, and we both got off. Always a lot of fun with this guy! Tie him up and leave him to his own devices....such a great low-maintenance sub ;-)

Made My Day

Well, this makes me happy....after a few years of hiatus, Invincible Rubber is producing a new 2016 rubber calendar! *secret admission* I still have my 2013 calendar hanging on the wall....who's looking at the actual dates anyways?

Paul! You gotta bring some with you to sell at the MIR Market in November! :D

And JOY...there is a lot more rubber coverage this time around....WOOF!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

My New Athlete Crush: Hugo Barrette

OMG those dimples, those dimples...

Almaz Mol

Here are the pics from the photo shoot with Almaz Mol last week in his new TIGHT Latexcatfish ("Black Tick") face-entry suit and his Lucha Libre wrestling suits. I'd help him into his suits ANYTIME.

Monday, August 24, 2015


MASK4MASK from Folsom Street Events on Vimeo.

Well this is interesting....the official promo video for DEVIANTS Adult Arcade, The Official Closing Party of Folsom Street Fair....Sunday September 27, 2015 @ Mezzanine - 444 Jessie St, San Francisco, CA


Great gear on hot men....I would have loved to have been in either of those locations on those days! :)

Rubberstud of the Week #383

Friday, August 21, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Swiss Stud

Whenever Rubberscotty graces us with pictures of himself slipping into latex, I stand at attention!


Sucked In

Writhing in a vacuumized body condom.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


What Is Puppy Play and Why Is It So Popular?
A Primer on the Kink That Involves Puppy Hoods, Wagging Tails, Fetching Bones, and Barking—But Not Necessarily Sex
The Stranger, June 24, 2015 by Matt Baume

Last weekend, I was hanging out at the Cuff, the leather bar at 13th and Pine, when a man to my left pulled out a pink rubber ball. He held it up in the air, and around the patio half a dozen guys suddenly dropped what they were doing and turned to stare. He swayed his arm a few times, the men in front of him following every move with their eyes—and then, with a quick flick, he tossed the ball into the middle of the crowd, provoking furious barks as they all clambered over each other, desperate to snatch the ball and return it to him, or maybe just retreat to a corner to blissfully chew on it.
This was the scene at the monthly mosh held by Seattle Pups and Handlers (SEA-PAH), our local puppy-play group. Surely you've heard of puppy play: It's surging in popularity among the gays, and, if history is any guide, will be surging among the straights in five years when we've moved on to something else.

Let's be clear about this. Puppy play means role-playing as a dog, down on all fours and barking, and yes, it's weird. Of course it is. But I know you're not the sort of person who uses "weird" as a pejorative term, because you're reading The Stranger. You weirdo.

If you're having trouble understanding the appeal of puppy play, just imagine how amazing it would be if there were a form of group relaxation where you could empty your mind of all your cares, forget all of your responsibilities, lower all of your defenses, and bypass small talk forever. Now imagine that vigorous cuddling and praise are key components of this relaxation technique. And did I mention snacks? You get snacks. Awesome. Why aren't we pupping right now?

The rules are simple: There aren't any.

"The entry level is so low and nonthreatening," SEA-PAH vice president pup Amp told me. All a puppy has to do, he explained, is relax and switch their brain from that of a logical calculator to a reactive animal. When he's in pup mode, he said, he has "no real inner monologue. Just me at my rawest form. Affectionate and loving and sharing myself."

One of Amp's first encounters with pups was on a camping trip with some friends, two of whom were a puppy and his daddy. "I'd never seen that relationship outside of a bar," he said. "They had a bond that you couldn't explain. They could be themselves 100 percent of the time. A lot of people, when they go into a relationship, they tend to hide off parts of themselves that they're embarrassed about. But puppies are out there, they're always themselves, their personalities and their emotions are on their sleeves."

Pups can't maintain much guile, and that honesty is a big draw for pups like Fosse and Chance, two friends I met at the mosh. Fosse identifies as a "therapy pup," going down on all fours to cuddle and nurture and comfort. (Prior to this, he studied to become a pastor.)
Chance's sir brought him to his first puppy mosh last Valentine's Day. He initially had reservations. "What if the other pups don't want to play with me because I'm trans?" he worried. But he was welcomed into the group, and now he sets aside every Tuesday for hormone shots followed by pupping and cuddling and watching Battlestar Galactica.

"I was looking for something that would be fun and playful and a release," pup Tugger said. He was a crowd favorite this year at International Mr. Leather, where he exploded assumptions about leathermen by strutting onto the stage in high femme stiletto heels, a corset, and a fur wrap. It was a stunning show of bravado, but just a few years ago, he struggled with debilitating anxiety. Then he met a dom who flew him out to Oklahoma for a pup vacation, and Tugger discovered that his unease melted away when he was a poodle.

It took practice. His first time, "I put on a hood and I was trying a little too hard. And finally the dom looked at me and said, 'You're still thinking. You're thinking about how to do this and worried about looking dumb. Let go. Just react. Just play.'"

Learning to let go, reacting to the world instead of staying in his head, and just playing helped change Tugger from a nervous shy-guy to the proud leather-poodle who turned every head at this year's IML. These days, Tugger serves as Mr. Phoenix Leather and is a voice for puppies of all stripes, including cuddly nuzzle pups, watchdogs who guard the group from the sidelines, playful pups who like to pounce, and wrestlers who push each other over to establish dominance.

As for himself, he said, "I'm very proud of the fact that I'm a standard poodle." In other words, he presents as fluffy and effeminate, but he's also loyal and oriented toward stereotypically masculine endeavors like hunting (though not necessarily for animals).

Making friends, calming nerves, overcoming fears, understanding yourself—puppy play seems to serve a psychological function that other kinks don't always reach. (You'll note that we haven't even talked about sex.) But why pretend to be a dog? Why not just listen to Enya and squeeze a stress ball? That's harder to answer, but I suspect that some pups just need a more forceful way to relax, or maybe the structure of puppy play, loose though it may be, provides permission to unwind.

Whatever the case, puppy play has exploded in popularity over the last few years.

"We tend to have waves," said Daddy Jeff, owner of Doghouse Leathers on Pike Street. "A dozen years ago, it was all about boy empowerment." Whatever the current trend, it's just one more way for people to get along. "It's become a community," he said. "You get newbies, or people around to lend a helping paw, or people who look out for wolves. It's taking care of each other."

Doghouse just opened a new expansion, featuring more electro gear, superhero singlets, a permanent bootblack stand—and, of course, more pup gear, from hoods to tails to mitts. These accessories play a crucial role in getting into the pup headspace, serving as positive meditation triggers in the same way that other people might use a ringing gong or cucumber mask.

"I have a few friends that get home from work, and their life is puppy," said SEA-PAH president Nightcat. "They take an hour when they get through the door, and they progress down into puppy mode. A lot of these people work in jobs where they run things," he added. "It's not having to think about work, e-mail, calendars. That's all left at the door."

Other pups take a more integrated approach. "I use my pup parts in everyday life," said Fosse, the former theology student who now identifies as a sheepdog. (Calling himself a shepherd, he said, felt a little too presumptuous after all that religious instruction.) These days, Fosse runs training programs at a corporate day job; by night, he's often rounding up his fellow burlesque performers to put on a show.

"There are always sheep that need their heels nipped at," he said, looking down as Chance nuzzled his shoulder. Chance's eyes were closed and he was gently yipping.

Hot 'Joel Ruber'

This Mancunian ginger god is a perfect specimen to wear the god material. Thank you Joel for sharing all your wonderful selfies with us!

This guy just oozes sexuality....and isn't afraid to share it with us :)