Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rubbout 20th Anniversary Book

A Christmas gift idea: Click here to order the Rubbout 20 Years book from
Hardcover: $49.39
Softcover: $29.95

Breath restriction hood

I had some great fun with a friend while in Alberta for my family Christmas.  He isn't a big breath control fan but had a restriction hood.  He suggested I take it home with me, which I eagerly did.  I've been having quite a bit of fun with it this week, as you can see!

I've managed to Vivishine the hood and attempt to protect the latex in addition to allowing better vision through the visor.  Things look a lot more hot from the outside than from the inside! :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mr. West Coast Rubber 2012

After a lot of planning and pleading, it looks like Mr. West Coast Rubber 2012 is a go! 

The West Coast Rubber men's fetish weekend and Mr. West Coast Rubber contest are moving back to sunny Palm Springs for 2012!

The host hotel is Camp Palm Springs Mens Resort in the heart of Palm Springs.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Meet and Greet, 7 PM - 9 PM - CPS (Camp Palm Springs)
Play Party, 10 PM - 2 AM - CPS

Saturday, February 25, 2012

BBQ and Pool Party, 12 Noon to 4 PM - CPS
Rubber Dinner, 6 PM - 8 PM - Location TBD
WCR Contest, 9 PM - Midnight - Location TBD
Post Contest Victory Party, Midnight - 3 AM - CPS

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brunch 10 AM - 12 Noon - Cafe Lulu
Informal Pool Party 1 PM - 4 PM - CPS

Check out for more information on the event and inquire about running for the new Mr. West Coast Rubber 2012!!

Check out the WCR 2012 Facebook page.
Check out the Rubbout 2012 Facebook page.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I Can See You...

MIR 2012 videos on YouTube

I can't say enough how lucky we are to have Rubberwilli as a visible spokesman for the gay rubber community.  I couldn't agree with him more!  Well said, Willi!

Videos courtesy Third Rail Media

Rubberstud of the Week #186

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rubbout on Facebook

Rubbout # 21, Rubbout: Invasion takes place April 5-8, 2012.  The Facebook page has been created, though only a fraction of the invitations have been sent out so far.  If you're planning on coming to Vancouver for a slippery good time, please let us know by indicating you're 'Attending' Rubbout: Invasion!!!!

And yes, I am in the process of writing my MIR 2012 post and editing appropriate pictures for it.  I hope to have it done by the end of the weekend.  I haven't been transitioning back to the real world very well this week, things are taking a bit longer than I had hoped, though I did do about seven hours of Rubbout stuff last weekend.

Why I Like Rubber

Rubber Anubis, who I consider a good friend and playmate, has posted a GREAT answer to the question, "Why I Like Rubber".  I couldn't have said it better myself!!!

It was great to see him at MIR, and he has 99% convinced me that I need to attend Gummbalaya in June 2012!


Rubber Canuck is now optimized for smart phones!  I have updated the online and small-screen templates, which will allow for more reading of RC on the move.  Unfortunately I also had to change the template style, but the minimalism of the new template looks pretty good.  It's more about the content anyways, isn't it? ;)

Some more advice....

Another guy wanting to get into rubber and bondage, asking lots and lots of questions.....

Hi ****, Just got back from a couple of trips, sorry for the delay.

Is it cool to own a bondage suit? 

There is a distinction between rubber fetishism and bondage fetishism. Rubber, leather or lycra are an attraction to the material itself, bondage fetishism is for those that like to be tied up or restrained and under the control of a bondage top. It just happens that a lot of rubbermen and leathermen like bondage play as well. Latex/rubber just seems to be a natural material to be stuck in before getting restrained. I myself like both, and do bondage both as a top and a bottom. There are many ways bondage can be applied with rubber: some examples are wrist and ankle restraints, straightjackets, sleepsacks, vacuum devices like vacbeds, coffins, cubes. All are a lot of fun. I own a rubber straightjacket, a sleepsack, a vacbed and a vaccoffin.

Looking for some great male bondage? Try or

How often do you wear it?

I love to wear latex as much as I can. My work situation (working at home) allows me to wear it by myself as much as I please, and I do wear it quite often. In fact, I'm wearing a black catsuit and socks right now. As for wearing it out in public, I usually save that for special nights out, like contest, gear or dress code nights at the local bar. I try to get to a few fetish events in other cities several times a year too, where it's possible to wear latex 24/7 if desired. As for play, I have a steady boyfriend that isn't really into latex so I don't get to play in it as much as I'd like to, but we have an open relationship and when I get an opportunity to play with another guy, if I'm in the headspace I usually take advantage of the situation. I have lots and lots of gear so the play dates tend to happen at my place, and at that point there is no script, things just unfold as they do, always considering the other guys experience and comfort level with certain types of play.

How much was it?

Unfortunately, most fetish gear is expensive. Latex clothing usually costs as much as leather gear does. When a guy is curious about starting to get into rubber, it is best to suggest to them to start with something small; a jockstrap, a wrestler or a front zip shirt. If they like what sensations and attention they get out of it, then they can move up to items that cost more, like a catsuit or a bondage suit, masks, hoods, leggings, bondage gear, etc. Shorts and shirts start around $100. The most expensive suit I have is a full enclosure suit and cost me around $900. My sleepsack, which I imported from the UK cost me close to $1000. There is gear that goes beyond that price.....depends on what you're looking for and how customized it is. There is a big war going on between the traditional high-quality tailors and manufacturers, typically based in Europe, and the low-cost, low quality producers, typically from China. With latex, 'quality costs' is generally the rule. Eventually China and other Asian tailors might increase their quality to rival the European houses but for now the best stuff is still coming from the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.

How did you find out you liked bondage?

I've been dressing up in skintight clothing since I was 12. I was hard-core into lycra during my teens and 20s, but really didn't discover that there were actually people creating latex clothing until the mid-90s when the Internet started becoming big....though I fantasized about it. I recall lots of images of skin divers in tight rubber suits and guys in tight clothing, tights, etc. when I was a kid that really turned me on. I think most people are either born kinky or not, and may or may not explore it depending on whether they have a 'triggering moment' or not. For me, it's been an evolving adventure since my early teens. I came out gay in my early 20s, this gave me the confidence as a man to explore my kinks even further. The Internet changed the way kinksters connect, before that if was difficult to find guys into similar things. I grew up in a very remote part of Canada and for most of my developmental years, thought I was a freak because I was the only one into these things, or so I thought at the time.

Is it easy to find others that are into bondage?

The Internet changed everything. Now there are lots of websites where you can connect with guys into the same things. Recon, Gearfetish, Gearplay, M4MKink, Rubberzone, Spandexguys, Fetlife....there are lots of them and lots of big communities out there. I consider myself fortunate enough to be able to attend fetish events around North America like International Mr. Leather, Mr. International Rubber, West Coast Rubber, Rubbout.....I've made some very important and lasting friendships through the connections I've made at these events.

Does that answer some of your questions? Check out the blog for more info, I've been blogging on all of these topics and more for over five years now. Cheers RC

Mister International Rubber 2012

I landed in Chicago Friday November 4 in afternoon and made it to the host hotel with some time to get ready, however I didn't get a chance to get into the Kink Market until Saturday. That flight across three time zones makes for a long day. My original roommate, Nicemuscles, the new Mr. TORN Toronto had to cancel his appearance at MIR due to illness; fortunately another good friend, Rubberbuck, took his place in the room at the last minute. Rubberbuck showed up around the same time I was unpacking in the room, so we got ready and headed over to the Center on Halstead for the 'Greet the Meat' Cocktail party and Part one of the MIR 2012 contest.

As soon as we got there, I felt like a gimp with an electro buttplug and a sadistic master as I jumped around the reception lobby saying hello to everyone, happily greeting everyone I knew and anxiously awaiting all my good friends to show up. The reception flew by and suddenly we found ourselves in the auditorium for the opening night of the Mr. International Rubber 2012 contest.

Nine contestants this year, all looking like they knew what they're doing. There was good representation from across North America - Fort Lauderdale, New York, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Toronto, Montreal -  only one European guy as compared to three last year. I see where Rubberwilli and Kinkrubber are now seriously thinking about having the contest in Europe (Berlin) on alternating years. I think that would be a lot of fun!  Highlight of the Friday night part of the contest was definitely the Wet Rubber portion.  It happened after an intermission; a lot of guys left, I don't think they realized the best part of the contest was still to come!

Anyways, I had lots of fun hanging out with the gang again tonight. Rubberbuck and I went back to the hotel after the contest and got ready to head to the private MIR play party. When we got there, it wasn't very busy but the space was huge and would be a great place to have a big party, however tonight the energy was pretty subdued. The crowd waxed and waned, a few activities were to be had in the slings and the piss space was busy, the guys that were there made the best of it. I managed to get laid on a couch in the in drain room so all was good :)

I was having energy problems all weekend. I had been sick all the week before and felt okay this weekend, but just didn't feel anything above 80% all weekend. So, I woke up Saturday all groggy, however managed to get out of bed, rubber up and head back to the Center. I was involved in the discussion panels in the afternoon, but I wanted to get some Rubbout promotional stuff out in the Kink Market before I got side-tracked with that. The Squeak Latex guys came up and asked if I wanted to be their victim in their raffle giveaway vac-bed but I had to decline since I was heading downstairs for the panels shortly :(

The first panel was cancelled because the speaker was sick (see a trend here?), but I got together with Tynan, Pup Nitro, and Topher to discuss our upcoming panel on 'Building Kink Communities' and the conversation got so interesting that we continued it all the way up to the room we had for the panel. We only had a few people show up for a lively and interesting conversation, however Topher seemed to like what was being said and it sounds like they might have an expanded version of this next year with more advertising and more topics.

I went back to the Market for a short while to push off some more Rubbout promo posters and cards, hooked up with Tigermasc and we headed over to our friend Junya's place who was hosting a birthday party for some of our rubberbuddies. We had fun over there, then I had to head back to the hotel quickly to change for the evening's contest. Of course, as always, I was running late and got to the Center again after the intro dance routine was done (merde!) so settled in at the back of the room for the remainder of the evening.

I saw video of the performance, it looked amazing. The contestants all looked amazing, did a wonderful job of their questions and kicked ass in the Mystery Bag round. After the crowd voted and a quick break, the winner was announced. Mr. International Rubber 2012 is Si Hands of Manchester, UK! He was an excellent choice and my vote. He is one of the nicest guys I've met! Si has almost singlehandedly grown the Manchester Rubbermen into the formidable group that it is and he is well-known in the rubber community in Europe and North America as a great photographer and role model! Congratulations Si!

Highlight of the contest on Saturday night for me was the 'Exploding Rubberman' performance by the Squeak Latex guys.  It was hilarious!  I wish I'd seen Eddie and Roger's opening 'Alejandro' number as I heard it was very very good as well.

After the excitement of the contest waned, we went over to Junya's for a quick drink then onto the Recon Full Fetish Party at the Jackhammer/Cellar complex. Things were crowded and fun but around 1:45 Rubberbuck and I decided to pull the plug and head home. I heard that the party went ballistic after the walls were taken down to the other half of the Cellar, but I was so exhausted I wanted to go home, even if my checklist for the weekend had fisting high on the list (and never got checked off, incidentally). Anyways, the big drama later was when I discovered I lost my wrist wallet with my driver's license and $150 in it on the way home. Still hurting from that one, but crap happens.

We got up in the morning. While Rubberbuck had a lunch date, I traipsed over the the Market again to finish distributing my posters and cards and finally do some shopping. I had a Mr. S gift card from last year that I used to help purchase a pair of the neoprene Cyber pant with red piping. What a great pouch on those babies! Roar! I also got a green latex polo shirt from Full Kit Gear and a few other fun small things to take back to Vancouver. The day flew by, we whipped back to the hotel and changed and then went to Sidetrack for ShowTunes Sunday. It was great to relax and chat with everyone though I was going through waves of totally feeling like crap and not feeling very sociable. I had a Red Bull then went back to the hotel as I had the opportunity to play with a few guys in the 'RMSF Room'. It was good to finally have some quiet time with Rick, Brent, Todd and Kai, though I was feeling wiped after a couple of hours and bailed out around 11:30. I headed over to Berlin for Madonnarama where I met up with the party crowd again and we had a great night dancing away to Madonna. I got back to the hotel around 3:30.

I crashed hard. Rubberbuck had to check out early for his flight home however I slept in, checked out and wheeled my luggage over to Junya's place. The guys were just getting up. Junya made a great brunch, we had a chance to sing Happy Birthday to Y before he headed to the airport. Rubberchris, Junya and I rubbered up and had another play session with them before RC had to head to the airport as well. Junya and I cleaned up and headed out for some food. Tigermasc met up with us, we went out for some drinks, he went home and Junya and I went to Drag Queen Bingo to end off the night. We headed back to his place and crashed. I got up, messed around getting ready and headed off to O'Hare to fly back to Vancouver. Exhausted, sick, but happy, I dropped off my gear, picked up another bag as Higherlycra came over to get keys as he was going to stay at my place for a few days while I was gone, and then headed over to Mr. P's for the night before getting up at six to head to the airport again. Whew!

I spent the next five days in Alberta, visiting friends in Calgary before heading north for family Christmas. It was nice and quiet -- perfect for healing, although I did get an opportunity to get together with Smileguy on Friday night for a bit of fisting fun (I love being a fisting top! How fun!). And that's the end of my story. The End :)

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rubbout on Twitter

Rubbout is now on Twitter! Follow @Rubbout to get the latest and greatest information on the 21st installment "Rubbout:Invasion" as it approaches April 5-8, 2012.

Caption This


My week of Insanity

This week always taxes my resources..MIR weekend in Chicago and family Christmas in Alberta back-to-back, year after year.

I went to Chicago not feeling well, but with lots of nights with bad sleep when I could get it, I ended up with full-blown flu symptoms by Monday. Miserable.

Two flights in 15 hours on Wednesday, I am feeling pretty gross as I sit in the motorcoach travelling to my brother's place in Red Deer. I just want to sleep for three days and have a food pig-out....oh wait, that's what I'm heading to!

Rubbout milestones have been missed, blog posting has been delayed. Merde.

I'm the meantime, check out Tynan's MIR weekend review at The Fox Den and his live updates on

Here's hoping the recuperation starts now.

I'll be back momentarily, rubbersluts.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Tomorrow is the beginning of my annual trip madness week. I am off to Chicago tomorrow morning for MIR, returning to Vancouver on Tuesday night, then leaving for Calgary on Wednesday morning for family Xmas weekend. People ask me, "why don't you just fly direct to Calgary from Chicago?", without them knowing that I have 50lbs of rubber and restraints that need to be washed and packed away at home before I can refill the suitcase with cotton and Christmas gifts. ;)

As usual, I am missing an excess of great parties in Vancouver while away: The 3rd HARD party is on Friday, for starters. I missed the second one while in Las Vegas so I'll be certain to hit the fourth!

Rubbout planning has hit some stumbling blocks but hopefully nothing too serious. Mitch has updated the website, the Facebook group is generated, I had hoped to have all the sponsorship packages sent away to previous supporters before leaving but I had to wait on some printing quotes which came too late. Regardless, I am planning to get some of Antoine of Recon's time over the weekend to talk sponsorship. Priape and Mr. S in addition to InRubber and Ware's and Wear are all onboard already...

Speaking of Recon, I am VERY excited to see their Signature line which is to be unveiled tomorrow. They have been good at piquing everyone's curiosity. I think the timing is not coincidental that they are opening the store at the MIR Market tomorrow as well, so I am very much looking forward to seeing what they have. I am already salivating at the sprint suit and hoody combination; I'll have to be logical about my decisions...I had already vowed to seriously check out the Rubaddiction store for some of their stuff (such as the skinhead jeans with suspenders...I was considering a hoodie from them too, I will have to comparison shop to find out which one I like better). How awesome is it that I can rubber comparison shop in one place?
I am also wanting to get some toys: a puppy tail from Mr. S, and a breath reduction mask if I can find one. If Mr. S has any of their double-layer gas masks there, I might consider that too.  My main purchase from Mr. S might be the neoprene motocross pants.  I still have a gift certificate from them from competing last year that I haven't used yet and those neoprene pants are fucking HOT!
So, that's about it for now. I have a lot to do in the next 24 hours, and I'm aiming to have a pile of fun this weekend. I'm a bit under the weather this week but making progress in the 'clearing out my sinuses' department, and this might be something to impact numbers at MIR as well as I know some viral crap is certainly making its way around. My was-to-be roommate in Chicago, Nicemuscles has cancelled his trip and his intent to compete at MIR as Mr. TORN Rubber because he is so sick. I'm fortunate that Rubberbuck is going to take his place; he didn't have a room in the host hotel so is keen to move in with me. West Coast, Represent! LOL

I am going to be promoting Rubbout heavily in addition to being a panelist on one of the discussion forums taking place at MIR, the one I'm involved in is discussing 'how to build a kink community?'.

So, I'm planning to take tons of pics, wear rubber 24/7 for three or four days, and hopefully get a fist or two in my hole, so won't be on here much until next week. I will probably try posting on the run once I get into some hotspots in the hotel, Community Center, etc.

Have a great weekend, I sure am going to!!! :D