Thursday, July 31, 2008

Suspended Gimp

Now this is a sight...all rubber bottoms, be envious of Algolagnist's latest victim!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rubberstud of the Week #15


Patrick's story, Encasement is ready! Check out this hot read! Great job, Pat. I can't wait for the next adventure. Hopefully he'll ask me to help out again!

TORN Update

Thought I would support the local organizations. Great job, guys!

Get Horny. Get Lubed! Get Rubbered- Come to TORN Saturdays!

Hello Rubberman!

We'd like to thank you for your support Saturday night-I personally have never seen so many Rubbermen here in TO at one event! Let's make our next TORN Saturdays event even bigger!With continuing support, like you gave us Saturday, (30 Rubberguys is our minimum number) TORN will continue to exist as a monthly Saturday event. Please spread the word that TORN is now here for a horny good time!!!

We have a few other people to thanks, firstly, our Handler, Dart and Pups, Bryan, Aaron & Terry. Fantastic job! Well handled and very obedient! And pleased we are allowed dogs on the premises! Look out for more Pup Play at the Church Street Fetish Fair!!!And we cannot forget our sponsors for the night;

Alibi for the space & BBQ!
David Esthetics-Waxing/shaving/facial Gift Voucher
Exotix Studios-Piercing Gift Voucher
InteractiveMale- Free 2 hour Chat
MIR -Weekend Pass 2008
Radical Leather Sydney Australia-Popper Holders
Recon-1 year Membership Certificate
Rubberdawg-Paw T-shirt and Dog Hoods
Steamworks-Admission & free Room Pass
7 24 Movies & More-DVD

Our Launch Party is now over, so onto business! How did we do for our first event?We'd like feedback from you, as this Rubber Club- TORN is for all of us into rubber and not for just a select few! So how did the launch go and what you would like to see continue onto our next events? Anything which could do with improving?

We think $20 for the event is a fair price, any comments? Did you mind having a photographer, taking pics of our TORN Puppy Play special performance/demonstration? These images will be used for Xtra! and our website Gallery! How did our Aussie Barman Anthony do? And were you pleased with the way Rubberboi Serge Rubbed & Polished your gear at the entrance? Did you find our table at the front entrance a distraction? Was the entrance area too bright for you? We'd prefer to keep the membership table at the main entrance for the entrance fee and door prize tickets.

Are there any rubber fetishes you would like to see in one of our upcoming demonstrations? I hear Liquid Latex is always enjoyable to have fun with! Let us know...

MIR (Mr. International Rubberman) 2009 Weekend: Chicago USA. November 7-9 2008 (Friday-Sunday).Any one want a chance at free trip to MIR?

With a $10 donation in the perpex box,(at our main table) you will be included in the draw at our September 20th 2008 event. You have to be at TORN Saturdays draw to win!The box will remain at our main table until the end of our September TORN Saturdays event. At which time the lucky ticket number will be announced.

The Rubberman who wins will receive:1 x return airline ticket to Chicago plus the MIR Weekend Pass from our sponsor Will of MIR. (accommodation for the weekend is not included). For full details about MIR weekend, please checkout Will's MIR website at Weekend Pass entitles you to all MIR events, for the November 2008 MIR competition weekend! So drop by the box as many times as you like but please make sure to keep your ticket/s are safe! We would like this to be our main PWA fundraiser for each year! And someone gets a chance of a lifetime. (We Colin, Dave & John, being the organisers of TORN cannot partake in this donation event.) All proceeds go to Toronto PWA Foundation.

RUBBER EXCHANGE/SALE: July 19th is the day to bring in your unwanted Rubbergear, and exchange it for something else or to sell it outright.We have to limit the number to 5 pieces per person (due to lack of table space). Please bring with you 2 identical stickers with you, (with your full name and $ price plus E=exchange, or S=sell). If you just wish to sell your items we can give you the money at the end of the night. This part of our event starts at 4PM (ending at 5PM). Then you can enjoy using your new pieces for the rest of the night if you like!

Bondage Rubbermen: We hope to have a surprise at The PEN, in the not too distant future!Currently, there are chains attached to the wall beside the bar, over the fireplace. There are chains also suspended over the area where the Pup Play was being held. And don't forget, The Barber's Chair...Feel free to use these or the columns and don't forget feel free to bring your bondage gear (except for slings) with you to any TORN Saturdays event. There's plenty of room for you to have a great time!

And finally, a few changes:

By the next TORN Saturdays July 19 event, the main entrance will have some type of curtain/mesh at the bottom of the 3 steps leading into THE PEN. This will give us more privacy (the door will no longer need to be closed) so TORN Rubbermen to have fun in a private space. TORN Saturdays is a place for socializing and safe Rubber Play, we encourage it! As long as it's behind closed doors! As you know our event runs from 4-8PM but all Rubbermen can stay on after the DVDs change over and the music changes. You can stay on till late! No rush, if you're are having a fun time, carry on, by all means!!!

The Coat Check remains inside THE PEN, to the right of the camouflague netting. We will have Coat Check available at every TORN Saturday, all year long, so no problems during summer months or winter! Donations (of any size) will be greatly appreciated at the Coat Check area, (and not at the front table) for PWA.

Snacks and BBQ is available, during the summer months. The menu will change in winter. Feel free to escape from The PEN, for a burger (we'll give you a token), please hand the token back on re-entry.

3rd Floor Patio: The upstairs patio is open to TORN Rubbermen only, for smoking and fresh air, but unfortunately not for alcohol. We plan to have a covering of some sort during the summer months, especially for our August 16th event-TORN's annual Slime Pool Party. The shower will be available with towels at your disposal!

That's all for now. See you July 19th in Rubber Jockstrap & more (if you want). Any member who brings their TORN membership card and wears the Rubber Theme your entrance for this month's event is $15!

TORN men. Colin Dave & John.
Plus 2nd message..

Hello Rubbermen!

Get Rubbered! Get Lubed! Get Horny!
The MEN from TORN.

Get Rubbered! Get Lubed! Get Horny!

Hello fellow Rubbermen! This month we'll try and get some sort of continum going for following TORN Saturdays. So here goes...

Exchange/Sale @ MAIN COAT CHECK AREA 2nd FLOOR; Maximum 5 pieces per person.July 19th-Rubbergear Exchange/Sale: 4-5PM. We are not sure how many of you are bringing your unwanted Rubbergear, so the Sale may extend past 5PM. The Exchange/Sale will take place on the 2nd floor inside the MAIN Coat Check area, before you go through to our event in THE PEN.Just a reminder, this is NOT a Restricted Dress Code Area.Please, cash only, as we are not set up for anything else. Please bring any spare cash, you never know what you may find! Please label your items with the price & S (for Sell) or E (for exchange) and don't forget your full name. At 5:30PM approx. come and collect your cash/Rubbergear from the main coat check. Then head back into THE PEN as the bondage demonstrations will then commence.

Addmission: Once you are through THE PEN door please present your Membership Card (if you have one, to the guy on the door) and please check off your name on our Mail Out list. If any changes or corrections are needed, please inform us. The GUMMI Bears are for eating-GUMMI, being the word for RUBBER in Europe. There are black latex gloves available 50c each, this will go to PWA. Collect/Purchase your Door Prize ticket/s, then you are free to head to the Coat Check area to shed that unwanted skin and hand in your bag.

Our regular Polish and Shine Rubberman-Serge, will then get you Rubbered up, after Coat Check. So spread them for him, at the Fireplace (next to the bar) and leave him to do the rest! Membership:We're on the eve of our second TORN Saturdays event, this Saturday July 19th.

Rubber Jockstraps will take you a long way this month if you purchased your TORN Membership card last month or join as you enter this month. $15 for those of you who bring your card along as proof of membership and are wearing the Rubbergear theme! Everyone else $20.

Last month TORN introduced memberships. Membership Cards will be available at our main addmission table, (every month) just ask us, should we forget to mention membership to you. Membership is only $10 for this calendar year, at which time, full year membership will commence on January 1st, at a cost of $20.

Door Prize Tickets: Starting this month a complimentary Door Prize ticket will be given out to all members. Door Prize tickets are $5 for non members and for any additional tickets you wish to buy. They will be available at the admission table until the draw at 7:55PM. You need to be present to win.All proceeds go to Toronto PWA Foundation, along with all Coat Check donations. Rubber Barman:Anthony our Aussie Barman has decided to continue on at TORN Saturdays, after having an enjoyable time last month. So don't disappoint him this time! Watch out for Anthony in his well worn Rubber Jockstrap!

Coat Check:Our TORN Coat Check is inside THE PEN and remains behind the camouflague netting, to the right.

And don't forget, some lucky Rubberman is going to MIR (Mr. International Rubber) competition, on us!!!The TRIP TO MIR;The Donation Box will be at the coat check from this month onwards until September 20th.$10 per ticket puts you in the draw for the Return trip to Chicago and the MIR Weekend Pass. (NB. Accommodation is not included). Feel free to purchase as many of these tickets as you like!MIR:We are now prominently displayed in the MIR website newsletter!!! Thanks to Will and his team. So you may start noticing overseas Rubbermen joining us for our monthly TORN Saturdays events!

Volunteers: We are taking the policy of another local club. From this month onwards, all volunteers who volunteer their time for 3 events or more, will be given a complimentary 1 year TORN Membership. bbq (bar b q or BBQ or Bar-B-Que): 4-7pm: Grab your hot dog or beef burgers on the 2nd level patio. Then head up to join other Rubbermen on the 3rd level patio. From this month on until the weather gets remarkably colder we will have 2 Gazebos on the 3rd level plus a couple of chairs...

Rubbergear in Stores: As you may know, sometimes it's difficult to find the right rubbergear for you.So we went and asked Priape & Northbound Leather what was available...This is what the managers had to say; Northbound Leather asks that if you have a waist over 38"- 40", then your Rubbergear will be custom made. NBL asks you to go in and get measured up. Choose the style and colour. NBL will contact the maker for a price, then call you before they go ahead with your order. It will take a month from ordering. If coloured rubber is involved it may take a little longer. Priape also asks you to go in and get measured up before putting in the order. Priape will call you back with the tentative quote, if they can fulfil your needs. At that point in time, Priape will let you know how long it will take before you receive your Rubbergear. So, see you all next Saturday-July 19th. We have a Bondage theme and demonstrations, so bring your gear...

Men from TORN.

Get Lubed! Get Horny! Get Rubbered!

For Aug 16th 4PM-8:00PM, then onto the 1st Annual Mr. RUBBER Toronto event (9PM till close) downstairs at Club Alibi!!!

Hello Rubbermen! Here's something to sink your teeth into over the weekend...Times are a changing! But Not for TORN Saturdays!

Next month our times will remain the same, 4-8PM. This will give us enough time to dry off (from the 1st Annual Slime Pool Wrestling Party-on the 3rd level patio), wind down in THE PEN and then move to ground level, for the 1st Mr. Rubber Toronto competition!

We hope every one enjoyed themselves at the Bondage Suspension demonstration by Trevor J & Richard! We have given them an open invitation to come back, some time early in the new year when saran wrap would be a little more suitable!!! But I must admit is was hot, sweaty & horny, quite a combination and we're not only talking about the delectable saran wrapped Richard! Luis is posting them on our gallery in the very near future

BTW, for the Rubbermen who were into Trevor's shorts, here's the website...
Trevor also has his own website:
and on an educational side to things, Trevor suggests:

Other sites suggested by Trevor are: & (GF has loads of rubber!!!)

You can thank our Master Trevor next time you see him, for these links!

RUBBERLAND in AUGUST - The exciting Stuff!!!August is going to be THE Month on the annual calendar for all Rubbermen in Toronto. With the Leather community having their weekend on the 3rd weekend of August, we have decided to add a twist to this and so from this year on, there will be Rubber events happening throughout the weekend as well!

As you know Priape, is having their 1st Annual Mr. Rubber Toronto competition on the Saturday (which is usually the Leather Ball date. Not this year however) so there will be one full on Rubber day for Rubbermen who are already at out TORN Saturdays Slime Pool Wrestling Party event.

(As of next year the Mr. Rubber Toronto competition will be held at Alibi's, on the Friday night, of the Leather Weekend. TORN will then have its regular TORN Saturdays event on the Saturday afternoon at 4PM. This will be our Annual Slime Pool Wrestling Party! Then there will be time for you to go home, relax and prep yourself for the Leather Ball on Saturday night!!!)

We will close our Coat Check at 8:00PM on August 16th, so the main Coat Check (2nd level) will take your bags/gear from 8:00PM, so you can be ready for the start of the Priape event beginning at 9:00PM.

Our Slime Pool Wrestling Party event will wind down at 7:00PM, this will give you time to shower and dry off with the other lubed up Rubbermen! Steamworks, one of our sponsors is providing us with their towels. After the wrestling, everyone can head down to THE PEN.

Door Prizes During breaks in the competition, Mr. Rubber Montreal 2008 - Stéphane Donaldson will announce our 3 Door Prize winners.

The Priape-produced Mr. Rubber Toronto competition has an entrance fee of $5 donation, which is going to charity. Mr RUBBER Toronto Application Forms can be found on

You can drop completed applications off at Priape on Church Street or email Stéphane at

From Stéphane: "The RUBBER Toronto event now starts at 9:00PM. If you have any related Rubber you don't want, please hand it in between 8:30-9:00PM, Priape can auction it off. All funds go to the Mr. Rubber Toronto winner.

There will be prizes for the 3 first positions. Priape will also have an auction to start everything to raise some money for the winner. If you know of people that want to give Rubber stuff away for the auction, they are welcome to do so and the money will be going to the winner!"TORN will send more info as it comes to hand. We hope many of you who turn out to TORN Saturdays will participate in the competition.

Let's give Toronto a huge selection of Rubbermen to vote from. Let's show everyone that we have a thriving Rubber Fetish community, here in Toronto!!!


RUBBER TIPS: Care of Rubber Garments

Washing: Wash in clean warm water with no soap/detergent. Wipe off excess water with care, lie flat and talc lightly before putting away. Do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron in any circumstances.

Polishing: Latex sheeting can be enhanced by light polishing with silicone-based polish. Oils, solvents and greases destroy latex sheeting so be careful not to expose to oil based lubricant and cream products. The surface of the latex sheeting can be permanently scratched if it is polished either too firmly or with too hard a cloth.Prolonged exposure to light can destroy latex clothing. It is advisable to store clothes in a black plastic bag in the dark when not being worn.

Until our Mr. RUBBER Toronto update...
Get Lubed! Get Horny! Get Rubbered!
Men from TORN.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Instead of enjoying this past week of beautiful summer weather, I've spent most of the last week holed up in various strategy and breakout war rooms writing code and providing system expertise while our work team has been rebuilding data access servers that catastrophically fell down and died last week. The failover blue screened three days after the primary server fell over, so effectively all hell has broken loose. The company's customers have not had access to the internal systems for over a week. The gravity of the situation has had the CEOs of both my service provider company and our customer to be involved. I've claimed 100 hours over the past seven days, so needless to say, the chance to hop into some rubber (or bed, for that matter) has been pretty slim!

I did manage to demand a night away from the madness - "out on parole" - for a few hours to attend a friend's annual summer party last night. The theme was a White Party and the entire house was decorated in black lights. My friend the host encouraged me to wear the white Libidex catsuit, so I obliged. The reactions of the diverse crowd at the party ranged from incessant curiosity to outright horror. I was just glad to slip into a 'little something more comfortable'. Even though it wasn't overly flourescent, it certainly turned a lot of heads!

I haven't been on the bike for over a week either. I'm freaking out! Provincials are in two weeks, Nationals in a month. I'm not ready.

I'm still working on some collaboration stuff with Pat for his upcoming cop/mafia stories. I can't wait to read the finished product.

No Rubberstud of the Week so far. Maybe two this week??

It's 3am with a 8am conference call coming way too soon. I gotta hit the sack.

Snap! Crackle! Pop!

Here are Iniklyss, DarkVador and a friend enjoying each other's rubberized forms.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hot Rubber Cops

Texnnyc is currently writing a story that he will be posting on the Yahoo! GreylandAlterEgos group and on his blog soon. I got a chance to read an early draft today and it is going to be HOT! The first chapter is a scene between Phil (Bluemouth) and TJ (Redmouth), two hot cops being dressed and admired by a couple of their friends, Joe and Rob.

He's asked me to do a few photos in the STR suit, double-sheath shorts and condom mask to be added to the will see why when the story is published. I hope he will let me post it here as well because it's going to be one sexy, skintight, stimulating read.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fucktable revisited

When a rubberbottom's dreams come true!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rubberstud of the Week #14

Beaurepere from France...I love the look of a rubberman on a bike...

Rubber Bobsledders

I've seen still shots of these guys before, but ZX6rlad has the vid on Guyzingear! Those rubberized black racing suits on athletic bodies is a VERY sexy image...

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Wish I could've been's great living in a city with a bobsled/luge track. Unfortunately I don't get up to Canada Olympic Park often enough to watch...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Love Your Rubber

I know most of you are fully aware of the best ways to wear/condition/clean/store/repair your latex, but for some of you that might be looking for better ways to do things, Recon Magazine had an excellent article with some great tips.

by Benjamin Palmer, from Recon Magazine March 2008

So what is black, shiny, and often covered in cum, piss and sweat? That’s right, my rubber. Whether you wear it because you like the way it hugs your muscles, or because it’s smooth and shiny, rubber gear is very horny!

With our March 8th Full Fetish: Rubber party at the Hoist, in London, fast approaching, I thought I would get down to business about the chore that is rubber care. Most fetishists would agree; having a fetish is hard work, and latex is no
exception! Latex is high maintenance, but if it turns your crank the way it does mine, you know it is worth it! If properly cared for, latex can provide years and years of hot times.

One thing you may have noticed is that I’m using the words Latex and Rubber interchangeably. Most people do, but it should be noted that Latex and Rubber are two different things. Most gear that fetish shops stock, is actually latex, which is a natural product. Rubber is a synthetic material made from crude oil. Rubber gear is available, though it’s expensive and hard to find, but if you are one of the unfortunate people who have a latex allergy, it’s a way to still experience the horny sensations without blowing up like a blimp! Latex is shinier, and is usually thinner than rubber. Rubber generally has a matte finish, and can be made quite thick!

When you get your new gear:

Depending on how the latex is displayed, stored or shipped (if you ordered online), when you get your gear home, you might sometimes notice there are folds or dimples in the latex. These creases will ‘fall out’ over time (usually a few weeks), or much
sooner if you wear it often.

Putting it on:

There are two different ways of getting your latex on. One is Talc, and the other is Lube. You will have to figure out which works best for you. Talc should be readily available from a pharmacy, and it’s best to get the unscented kind. Baby powder is ok, but unless you want to go to the bar smelling like a freshly changed nappy, unscented talc is the best. Talc will make it easy to slide right into your gear.
There is no such thing as too much with talc, but keep in mind it will fly around everywhere, so best to talc up in the tub or somewhere easy to clean. Simply apply talc all over you, and the inside of your gear, and then slide on in! Cornstarch (or corn flour), while cheaper and more readily available should be avoided. Your sweat will dissolve it, the latex will absorb it, and it supports the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Another way to get into your gear is to use lube. Don’t ever use an oil based lube, as it will break down the composition of the rubber. Silicone lubes are a great choice, as they never go sticky (make sure to get one that says it is condom compatible, then you will know it is good with latex), but be warned that silicone
lube can accumulate in the seams, and over time break down the glues that hold it all together. A water-based lube is the best bet for the longevity of your rubber, but when it dries, it often gets sticky and tacky.

A little trick I’m a fan of, is to use J-Lube (A powder based lubricant that you mix with water, or any other liquid). I use it like talc to get into the rubber, and then when I sweat, it turns into a super-slick lube, causing me to sort of slip and slide inside your rubber, which is a very nice feeling! Now that you have your ‘dressing aid’, it is time to get the gear on. Latex gear is meant to be tight, like a second skin, so unless you are really flexible, it can sometimes be a bit of a mission to get in, so having a buddy around is definitely a bonus.

When pulling on the latex, it is best to go a little at a time. Don’t pull or tug on any single point, as this can cause stretch marks (dimples), or even tears in the latex. The best way is to put a flat hand between the latex and your skin, and ‘shimmy’ it up (or down). If the latex has been stored in a cool place (say
for example you just got a mail-order delivered in the middle of winter!), allow the latex to warm up to room temperature naturally, this will help prevent tears. Also, watch out for sharp objects, such as rings, collars, piercings, etc, as they can catch, snag or tear the rubber.

If you are having trouble getting in, you’re not using enough lube or talc!


Most people who wear latex gear like it to be really shiny (some people like it matte, dirty, or ‘lived in’, so this wont apply to them!), so polishing your rubber is an important step. Polishing will also prolong the life of your latex. When you first get a new piece of gear, it will need to be ‘primed’ (like putting a base coat on when painting). The best way to do that is to lay the gear flat, spray or apply your polish, and allow it to soak into the latex. Once it has soaked in, flip it over and do the other side. It will then be ready to get into, and to polish again when you are wearing it. Again, there are two common ways of polishing. One is spray
polish, and the other is liquid (wipe-on) polish. I personally recommend spray, because it is easy and clean to apply, and easy to get an even coat. Word of warning though, spray + hardwood or tile floors = dangerous!

There are many spray polishes on the market, most of them silicone spray. There is also a ‘milky’ spray available at some fetish shops that you rub in once it’s sprayed on. With silicone spray you simply spray all over and you’re ready to go.

Some people use automotive tyre/rubber polishes, and while they’re cheaper, I wouldn’t recommend them. When exposed to sunlight, they often get a white flake/cake, and once you’ve used it, you can’t use silicone polish over top, or it’ll get streaky, not to mention many of them will actually deteriorate the latex.
Another way to polish is to use a liquid silicone lube. Simply apply some to a soft tight-knit cloth (lint free!), or a sponge that is not too porous, and rub all over the clothing. If there are any streaks, don’t worry too much about it, your body heat will help to ‘melt’ and smooth it out.

Getting the perfect shine will require practice, experimenting with products and techniques. Also, the more you polish your rubber, the shinier it will get.

Taking it off:

As soon as you are done wearing your latex, it should be taken off. Taking off rubber requires just as much care as putting it on. Taking it off is when most rips and tears happen. Often, if you have sweated and then it dries, the rubber will have ‘stuck’ to your skin, and pulling it off can cause it to rip. So be careful, and go slow, rolling the latex off away from your body.

Again, having a buddy here helps.

The easiest way, and my personal favourite (mostly because it can lead up to even more dirty fun), is to take it off in the shower. After you get in from the bar, or done playing, simply hop in the shower with the gear on, making sure the water is not too hot. Allow the water to get between you and the latex, and it should just slide right off! (For those using J-Lube, be careful! Your shower will become very slippery!)

This also provides the perfect opportunity for cleaning it!


After you’re done wearing your gear, it’s important to clean it right away. Sweat, smoke, alcohol, piss, cum, can all lead to the damage of your latex. Tossing it crumpled in a corner is not a good idea. The easiest way is in the shower. You can also fill up the sink or bath with a few inches or water, and dunk the gear in. You can use a bit of soap, but it is not necessary, luke-warm water alone will do the trick. If you must use soap, I recommend something that is very mild, and fragrance free, such as mild washing up liquid. Never use bleach! Simply rinse it with the water, and give it a little rub with your hand or a super soft cloth (don’t use anything abrasive, as it will leave tiny scratches in the rubber, which will damage the shine). Make sure you clean both the inside and the outside of the gear.
Once clean, pat dry with a soft, lint-free towel (don’t rub), then hang your rubber to dry (over the bath or shower is a great place). For smaller items, you can also lay it flat, preferably on a soft lint-free towel. I usually hang the gear right side out, then after a while, turn it inside out, to make sure both sides are completely dry. Don’t use any heat to dry your gear, allow it to dry naturally.
This is a good place to note that sometimes latex (most frequently in new, and especially coloured latex) can get what appears to be water spots. This happens when the gear has not been polished enough yet and thus not ‘sealed’ against water. These spots will go away once the gear has completely dried.

Some people say you can wash your gear in a washing machine. I don’t recommend it in the slightest, as even on gentle cycle; the machine can rip and tear the rubber. If you must use the washing machine (at your own risk!), be sure to put it inside of a ‘delicates’ bag, or a pillow case, and throw some towels in with it to prevent any
damage. Don’t use any detergent. I really recommend hand washing; it doesn’t take that much time, and will ensure a longer life for your gear. It should go without saying, but never ever tumble dry, dry clean or use an iron on your latex!


Now that your gear is clean, it should be stored properly. Latex should always be stored in a cool, dry, dark place. Don’t leave it exposed to sunlight, or anywhere damp. Once it has dried completely, dust it with talk (inside and out). This will
prevent it from sticking to itself. You can either hang it in a wardrobe or closet (use a wide plastic hanger only, as thin hangers will leave dimples, or cause the rubber to stretch), and cover with a protective covering such as a black bin bag. You can also put your gear in large zip-lock bags as long as it’s stored in a bin or drawer, and away from light.

Interesting Fact:

Light coloured, and transparent latex will change colour (i.e.: get brown marks) if it comes in contact with brass, bronze and copperbased materials. This includes metal coat hangers and coins, so avoid handling them, and then latex.

Tears, Rips and Repairs:

From time to time, rips and tears, and in worst-case scenarios, ‘blowouts’ can happen. (Imagine a balloon popping… while you are wearing it) If taken care of immediately most small rips and tears can be repaired, but if left too long, they
can result in a full ‘blow-out’, which will make the gear useless. You can do simple repairs yourself using a patch and some cement (like that from a bike repair kit), but I wouldn’t recommend it. Simply return the gear to where you bought it from, and they should fix it for a small fee. It sounds like a lot of work, but through experimentation, you will find the combination of care methods that works best for you. If you follow these guidelines, you will have your gear in great shape for many years to come.

Some of my personal favorites/suggestions:

Talc: Silver Cup Premium Talc - for Billiard players. I typically buy this from our local Pool/Billiard supply store in 13 oz. bottles.

Lube: J-lube for my tightest latex, although the guys from STR have recently gotten me hooked on JO System. I find silicone lubes great for shining latex, but not so great for lubing them up.

Repairs: rubber glue I've ordered from Blackstyle is by far the best latex repair glue I've used to date (49004 Adhesive for rubbersheeting < 0,6 mm). Of course, for thicker stuff you might have to consider something more industrial. Or simply return to the manufacturer; unless you have the right equipment, they will definitely do the better repair job. Your suit costs $400 - what's another $50 to get it repaired properly?

Storage: most of my most valuable gear and catsuits I hang in a dark closet, however most of my smaller items are stored in zip bags in a box. I find most of my molded rubber items, even if talced for storage will eventually bond together and become very hard to pull apart and open. I would prefer to hang all of my items if I had the space.

Cleaning/Removal: in the shower, definitely! By far the easiest way to remove and clean your latex all in one fell swoop. If possible, this is my preferred way to remove latex each and every time.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Since I saw the first pics of this suit, I knew I had to have one! It's available through the Rubberzone/Hot4Hogtie/Malebots Shareweb sites. I've been talking incessantly about creating the ultimate latex haz-mat's the time to start on it! They also have the face entry suits in blue and black...why is there so much wonderful latex available? You can get attached feet and mitts. I can only imagine how long you'd have to stay in that suit once you snap in...impossible to get out of yourself, and still a complete bitch to get out of with someone helping you! Marvelous!

The Olympians

As you all well know, every two years we get a big treat when the Olympics begin and the media barrage of lycra-clad hunks and hunkettes splash across our screen with the newest technical fabrics and national team colors. The summer version always shows more skin; the winter version always shows more clothing, albeit typically skintight, shiny and on a beautiful body.

With less than a month until Beijing, I think we're going to see even more dazzling lycra suits and even more beautiful bodies and the bar for athletic excellence continues to be set higher and higher.

Tyler Christopher always looks magnificent in his Nike full-body racing suit. I hope he's wearing this one in Beijing:

And I suspect most, if not all, swimmers will be wearing the new Speedo Lazr, if it doesn't get banned outright before the competitions. Personally, I think I liked the full-body Fastskins better, but who am I to complain?

As always, the track cyclists take the cake for me...they're always garbed in the tightest, shiniest, skinsuits of all!

I am a bit impartial's my favorite sport after all....the question will be which national team will have the sexiest skinsuits?

We don't have long to wait to find out!

Rubberstud of the Week #13


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Turn your head to the side a bit....

My hot friend Rubbergenial doing what he does best -- layering and shining!

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I think he needs a tripod though...

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...a little breathcontrol to energize the scene...

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Candy Cane

Doesn't Alex look sweet enough to suck in his new Libidex catsuit? I love his little playtimes he shares with us!

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Rubberstud of the Week #12

Two this week!


I've been under the radar the past few weeks. First was the Canada Day extra long weekend and races in Calgary and Edmonton, then the Stampede started on the 4th and I haven't had much blogging time since then. I even missed posting the 'Rubberstud of the Week' last week. Holy crap!

Not too much else has been going on other than working excessively, racing, and sitting on bar patios drinking pints. The bf and I caught the Kaskade show at FlamesCentral on Saturday and it was incredible! That led to tired days on Sunday and Monday but now things are back to normal.

I got word that STR received my busted catsuit yesterday; here's hoping that they can repair or replace it. I'm seriously thinking I should buy a size large .55mm suit from them to play regularly in and leave the .45mm suit for special occasions. It is definitely stretchier but also not as strong as thicker latex sheets would be.

As well, I've been looking for new gasmasks on eBay; haven't really found anything yet that is a MUST have, but there are definitely some possibilities. I'm especially looking at stuff with tinted lenses and alternative breathing systems.

There is a 'Blue collar/fetish' night at the Eagle on July 18th. How about 'blue fetish'? Finally a change to wear the pearlsheen blue STR suit!

More to come....