FABLE: The Ultimate Gay Rubber Fantasy

A lot of your pervs have been asking for a source of this story, and it seems that the original one has disappeared. I am also not sure about some of the mirrors since I never did bookmark them. Fortunately about five years ago, I downloaded the story in it's entirety and generated an electronic copy and hard copy of the story for my own enjoyment. Now I think it is time to resurrect the online version of this story. It is the best rubberman fantasy story I have ever read and was pivotal in the pervy rubber awakenings in me. For that reason, I am going to post a chapter of the story weekly for the next 20 weeks. Just like a rubber dom top, I love to keep you all in suspense. It's only appropriate, yes? ;)

For reference and kudos, the information I have for the story is the following:

Title: FABLE
Sub-title: The Ultimate Gay Rubber Fantasy
Author: Oxygenmaskman (John Cooper)
originally posted at: http://www2.daku.org:8084/px/anon/fable/index.htm

FABLE: The Ultimate Gay Rubber Fantasy by John Cooper (Oxygenmaskman)

Part 1
The smell of rubber was overpowering, and as Tom descended the stairway into the basement, the sensual odour grew stronger until its assault on his senses made his rampant cock so desperate to escape the confines of his jeans that the last few steps of his descent were decidedly uncomfortable. It was not only the strong smell of rubber that affected Tom, but also anticipation of what he knew was awaiting him during the next forty-eight hours. Tom had visited the house many times before, but this was the first occasion on which he had been bidden to the basement.
It had all begun six months previously when a privately circulated highly specialist gay contact publication carried an advertisement which leapt from the page before Tom's eyes.

Attractive, educated Rubber-dominant, 42, seeks Rubber-submissives. The advertiser is widely experienced, has a medical background, and has devised what he believes to be a supreme Rubber experience. To test his theory, the advertiser requires applications from Rubber-submissives of not less than 30, who have extensive experience of all aspects of Rubber-erotica, with particular reference to medical equipment and procedures. All applicants will be replied to; potentially suitable candidates will be invited to submit themselves for interview and assessment. The successful candidate(s) will be rewarded with a memorable rubber-erotic experience. The advertiser has ample resources of equipment and imagination - now he needs a subject.

Such an ad was irresistible to Tom, who at 33 was beginning to feel that, much as he enjoyed his rubber-sex, it was all becoming very routine; the zest was going out of it and, he admitted to himself, his rubber palette had become jaded. He needed something new and special to bring back the buzz.

Rubber had been like a drug to Tom, the more he had, the more he wanted, and now he was hankering for something really spicy - something extreme which would extend all his erotic thresholds through the medium of rubber - so he answered the ad.
Tom had reached the basement. The small area at the bottom of the staircase was bare and painted entirely white. There were three doors. One ahead and one to each side. The black door was straight in front of him; it was this door through which he would pass.

He paused for a few seconds to compose himself for what was to come; he was almost overcome with excitement. As he endeavored to calm himself, his mind flashed back to his first visit to the house several months ago.

He had not known what to expect on that occasion; the door had been answered by a man in his early forties, well over six feet tall, not especially good-looking, but indefinably attractive. His dark wavy hair was greying slightly at the temples, and he could only be described as distinguished. The features were lean, but saved from gauntness by the generous and humorous mouth. The grey eyes possessed a curious intensity, although the laughter lines surrounding them added warmth. The nose was slightly aquiline. .he was dressed in a black jacket and striped trousers, Tom thought he looked like a barrister.

"You are Tom?"
"Good, I'm Richard, please come in."

The manner was almost courtly, not at all what Tom had expected. Richard led the way into a small sitting room, expensively and tastefully furnished. After a few polite enquiries about Tom's journey, Richard pressed a bell, saying, "I thought you might care for some tea." Tom murmured his assent, thinking how different - and in his heart, how disappointing - his reception had been from what he had imagined; there had so far been no mention of rubber, and certainly no evidence of any.

Almost within seconds of Richard's ringing the bell, the door opened, and a trolley laden with the accoutrements of afternoon tea appeared, pushed by a man of about Tom's age dressed in a white steward's jacket and dark trousers. He was possessed of blond good looks and a powerful physique. He addressed Richard as 'Doctor', or just 'Sir' in the brief exchanges between them as the tea things were laid out. It emerged that Richard's houseman was called Karl, and as he left the room, Richard thanked him courteously for his attentions.

During tea the conversation ranged over a wide variety of topics, none connected in any way with the real purpose of Tom's visit, though he did remind himself from time to time that the ad had referred to an interview, and Tom supposed that this was it, and that he was being assessed all the while by his host, who was proving to be an interesting conversationalist and a pleasant and attractive companion.

After forty-five minutes of talk and tea, during which Tom was feeling increasingly drawn to Richard, not least by his unusually persuasive, almost hypnotic personality, the older man rose, "Shall we go to my study?", he invited, and without waiting for a reply, opened the door and led the way across the hall into a room, which though slightly more masculine in character, was as quietly elegant as the room in which they had taken their tea.

"Now, Tom - business. Our little tea-party has given me the opportunity to get to know you, and for you to form some impression of me; although I have the advantage, so far, in knowing, from your letter, rather more about you than you know of me. I was especially interested to learn that you have an arts degree in philosophy, and that you are currently lecturing and going on to get your Doctorate.

Your account of your experiences and achievements in the world of rubber was impressive, though I agree with you when you say that much of what you have been doing now seems commonplace. I went through a period when I felt much the same. However, I was fortunate that part of my work and my interests generally enabled me to do something about it; but more of that later on. For the time being, I need to know more about your future aspirations where rubber-submissiveness is concerned. I need to establish with as much certainty as is possible at this stage how well your own objectives will fit into my own plans, and above all I have to assess if there is a realistic prospect of our realising these hopes and plans.

There will be many tests and much preparatory work to do before we get down to serious rubber therapy. You are about to undergo the first test, which, though simple, is vital. Fail it and - well, Tom it has been nice knowing you. Pass it and the way is open to all manner of rubber delights."

Tom could feel himself falling under the spell of this unusual man. His voice was low and musical, and once again Tom was conscious of a strangely persuasive quality in Richard's manner.

This was certainly the most extraordinary way in which to begin what Tom had hoped would be an exciting, way-out rubber relationship. Nevertheless, Tom was very intrigued, and acknowledged Richard's remarks with a nod while wondering what form the test could possibly take.

Richard was speaking again, "I am going to leave you now, but on that table over there you will find some photographs. There are one hundred of them, and each has a number. You will also find some coloured pens. I would like you to look at each photograph carefully, right through the whole set. When you have done that, you are to begin again with the first one, but this time sort them into two piles, those you reject as being of least interest in one stack, and those you decide are more interesting to you in the other. Take the red pen and mark a cross on the back of each reject and a circle on each accepted print. You may only go through the set twice, so take your time and be careful in your choice; once you have chosen, you cannot change your mind. When you have completed that, ring the bell on the table and Hans will come and give you details of the next stage of the test. Now, forgive me, but I must leave you. I hope you will find the test stimulating; meanwhile, I will be in touch again soon. Thank you for coming." He rose and left the room.
Tom remained in his chair for several minutes after Richard left. He was tempted to go over to the book-lined walls and examine Richard's extensive library, but remembering that he was in the house 'on approval', he decided against doing anything other than that which he had been instructed to do. He got up and sat at the table where Richard had left the photographs.

The first picture was of a man dressed in the most fantastic array of rubber-gear that Tom had ever seen; it was the sort of outfit he had fantasised about hundreds of times, and he could not put it down. The sight of the figure in the picture brought his cock surging to massive erection in his jeans, and he had to stand up for a minute to get it into a comfortable position. He realised that time was moving on, and took up the next photograph; this was just as exciting, as indeed the whole set proved to be. He wondered how he was ever going to be able honestly to reject any of these; the choice was impossible.

He sat for a while when he had finished his first examination of the photos, thinking hard, trying to decide upon a basis for selection. All the pictures were wildly exciting rubber shots, and there was not one he would not have been proud to have possessed himself. While he considered the set of photographs as a whole, it dawned on him that it fell quite neatly into two groups; those showing single figures posing passively, and action shots of groups of rubber-clad guys, all with the same theme; one figure submitting to various forms of rubber treatment by the others. He decided to reject all the single-figure shots and accept those depicting group action. He marked them accordingly and rang the bell.

Within seconds the door was opened by a dark-haired man in his early thirties. He smiled, "Good evening, Sir. I am Hans, may I have the photographs you have rejected, please." There was just a trace of German accent. Hans was a powerful six-footer, he had massive shoulders and a bull-neck. His hair was cut 'en brosse' which accentuated his powerful appearance. With his features in repose, Hans looked brutal, but the softness of his voice combined with his bewitching smile to dispel the momentary impression of brutishness. Tom passed the rejected photos to Hans.

"Thank you, Sir. Would you please now select twenty-six photographs from those remaining, and arrange them in order of preference. Use the green pen to mark them A to Z according to your interest in each. There is plenty of time; the Doctor will expect you to take great care in your selection and arrangement of the pictures. Please ring when you have finished."

Hans left Tom alone once more, and he realised he had not addressed a single word to Hans. He noticed he was feeling quite drained by the concentration the test was imposing upon him. He counted the remaining pictures and discovered that there were fifty-three. This was going to be the most difficult part because all the remaining prints were visual expressions of all the wildest rubber fantasies Tom had ever dreamed about. Once more he had to decide upon a basis for selection. Some of the shots were fairly routine S & M rubber scenes; a few were straightforward rubber bondage, while others combined both. Tom had already noticed that there was a hard-core of shots much more elaborate than the others in terms of the equipment portrayed, and the treatment being administered to the submissive figure in each. In these particular shots there was extensive use of various items of rubber medical equipment. Tom found his attention returning repeatedly to this last group; there was no doubt about it, these were the ones that attracted him most of all. He separated these from the others, and counted them - there were twenty-six. Suddenly he realised he had 'cracked' the test, and that he was choosing along the lines he had been intended to by Richard.

He felt momentarily elated, but he knew that having got this far, the order in which he arranged his final selection would be crucial, and he paused to consider his next move carefully.

Tom looked through the whole of the twenty-six prints several times, and so fascinating were the photos that each time he completed a run-through he found himself choosing a different order of preference. He was wary because he was certain that there was only one way that would be acceptable to Richard, and he knew that unless he found the correct sequence, Richard would have no further interest in him.

He stood up, and reaching over the table, began setting the prints out in rows until the whole table was covered and he could see them all at once. Then he sat and stared at them for a while, 'Where do I start?’ he asked himself. It was at that moment that Tom tumbled that there was indeed a rational sequence of events being depicted and that one photograph followed on logically from another. What had puzzled him was that the photos were all of different groups of individuals, and that none of them had been taken in the same place; the importance lay in the actual event being shown. He could not help but admire the cunning with which Richard had prepared this test.
Within five minutes he had arranged all the prints and once he had marked them, he felt able for the first time since his arrival, to relax. He reached for the bell to summon Hans, but stopped himself. He wanted one last look at the collection of shots of some of the most fantastic rubber scenes he had ever seen. He also wanted, just once more, to make absolutely certain that he had got it right. Satisfied at last that he had, he sat back. His cock was throbbing in his jeans once more. Were these scenes going to be re-enacted with him as the central figure if he were Richard's chosen candidate? His brain raced over the prospect; if that were to be the case, it would be like a dream come true. He remembered the bell, and rang.

Hans appeared.
"You have chosen, Sir?"
"Yes, thank you."
Hans took the sheaf of prints and smiled,
"I will show you out, Sir."

Tom stood. Hans' smile broadened into a grin as he noted Tom's barely concealed rampant cock within his jeans, but he led Tom to the door without comment. They bade each other farewell, and Tom was alone outside.

He looked at his watch and was surprised to discover that he had been in the house for almost four hours. As he walked back to the tube station he reflected on the strangeness of his reception. The studied politeness - formality almost - first of Richard and then of the two housemen. He could not help noticing that he had been addressed throughout as 'Sir', especially as he had been in the house in the role of a potential submissive.

To Tom it all seemed very strange - and exciting.
Thinking over events had done nothing to stifle the excitement boiling and churning inside Tom. He stared at the black door, knowing that once through it there would be no turning back. He approached the door and gave a tentative push; it opened easily and he went through.

He was in what was obviously an ante-room. The first thing he noticed as the door closed silently behind him was that the smell of rubber was even stronger. The room itself was tiled entirely in pale green, like an operating room. The lighting was bright, though not harsh. Along one wall there was a stainless steel bench with a black rubber-covered seat. The wall opposite was occupied by a large mirror, itself flanked by two large black steel lockers. Ahead of him, opposite the door through which he had entered, were double doors, also black. Each door had a circular window of blackened glass. Tom sat on the bench and began undressing, as he had been instructed. He noticed the floor was made of a black rubber compound, which he suspected was the source of the strong rubber smell. He folded his clothing neatly and placed his things at one end of the bench, then sat down to wait.

This was the culmination of many visits to the house. There had been two weeks of almost unendurable suspense following that first visit. Then came a letter from Richard stating that his choice of photographs had been 'an excellent one, entirely compatible with what I have in mind', and inviting him to visit the house at seven the following Monday 'if he still cared to'. Tom had smiled when he read that line.
He thought Monday would never come, and when it did, he was at the house at seven precisely.

Karl admitted him, "Good evening, Sir. Please come to the study."

Tom followed, the room was empty, no sign of Richard. He looked enquiringly at Karl who said, "There is a form with some questions for you to complete, please answer them truthfully - your life could depend on it. When you have finished, ring the bell and I will take you to the Doctor." Alone again, Tom studied the form. The questions were mostly about his medical history. Had he had any serious illnesses, operations, etc., was he allergic to anything. Had he any experience of certain drugs, did he take regular exercise and follow a healthy diet; all mostly routine and straightforward questions for a form of that type, but with a curiously penetrating edge to them. By now Tom was growing accustomed to Richard's methodical, not to say meticulous, approach, and although he still found it somewhat tedious, he was nevertheless very intrigued by what lay behind it.

The form completed, he rang the bell and Karl arrived almost instantly. "Please come with me, Sir, and bring the form, the Doctor will require it."

He led Tom back into the hall and upstairs. They walked along a short passage; Karl knocked on one of several doors leading from the corridor.

Tom heard Richard's voice, "Come in!"

Karl stood to one side and silently indicated that Tom should enter.

The room was a consulting room. No elegance here; everything was entirely functional and professional.

Richard was sitting at a desk, "Hello Tom, please strip, I am going to give you a medical." He did not rise, but held his hand out to take the form, which he read as Tom undressed.

Tom was subjected to the most thorough medical he could remember; blood pressure check, a long and searching session with stethoscope, detailed examination of every orifice. The whole of his body was minutely examined.

As the examination proceeded, Richard talked, "I promised to tell you something of myself. You already know of my interest in rubber, it is something which has been with me all of my life, from childhood, as it has with you. Where we differ is that I prefer the dominant role, while the submissive role seems to suit you best. As a medical man I specialised in anesthetics and was for some years consultant anesthetist in a London teaching hospital, as well as having a lucrative private practice."

"There were two things about my work which fascinated me. Firstly, much of the equipment I used was rubber, and secondly, I became very interested in the psychological effect upon patients who were being inducted into anesthesia. I ask you, Tom, can you conceive of a greater degree of submission than that of one human being lying on a table waiting to have his consciousness taken from him by another?"
Without waiting for a reply, he continued, "For a long time I pondered the ramifications of this interesting juxtaposing of humans."

He paused briefly to allow Tom to absorb the impact of his remarks, and went on, "Fortune had been generous, enabling me to resign my posts in order to return to university to read Psychology. Naturally, I was pursuing my rubber-life all the time, developing ideas and applying much of my professional experience and knowledge to the expansion of my erotic activities. Eventually, I gained my degree in Psychology, and although I don't practice this particular discipline professionally, I have found the wider knowledge invaluable in the planning and execution of the type of situation we are presently embarking upon with your kind assistance.

"As for my professional life now, I hold a couple of honorary posts as consultant in anesthetics as well as seeing a few private patients. The remainder of my time is devoted to rubber - hence your presence here." He smiled, and once more Tom was aware of an innate power within Richard. He was uncertain whether any comment was expected, and racked his brains for something sensible to say, but Richard had picked up the questionnaire, and said, "You are in excellent condition, and so far as your health is concerned, there will be no problem about your capacity to tolerate the various rubber-related procedures I have devised."

Once again Richard paused. He laid the questionnaire on the desk and sat back, closing his eyes as he did so. Several seconds passed and Tom shifted in his seat. Richard opened his eyes and told Tom, "Well, young man, I can put you out of your misery and tell you that I am accepting you as a successful candidate. I am satisfied that you have the will to undergo what I plan. The photographs you saw the other evening will give you some idea of what is in store for you. It will take me several weeks to prepare for the 'Great Occasion', which will last for forty-eight hours at least. For obvious reasons I am not going to disclose precisely what will take place, but you will get some idea during the intervening weeks simply by observing carefully some of the preparations. Incidentally, the first of the preparations is to record all your measurements and I do mean all of them. Hans will be here presently to do that, after which you may go. I shall thereafter require your presence here every Monday at seven, and it will be necessary for you to keep the whole of each Monday evening free; you are to be here every Monday until told otherwise."

Tom was quick to note the slight change in Richard's manner. The urbanity was giving way to a more commanding demeanor; Richard's voice was acquiring something of an 'edge', while his eyes had taken on a strange intensity which Tom found profoundly exciting. Richard was continuing, "I will not need to be present when you come next Monday, in fact it is unlikely that we shall meet again until you actually undergo the ultimate session. Hans and Karl have my complete confidence in their ability to prepare you. Both are highly trained and totally disciplined, and they know exactly what to do. You will do everything they ask of you; you will co-operate with them in every respect, for example Hans will question you closely after certain of the tests, chiefly about your reactions. The answers you give must be the truth and any details you supply must be accurate. This is most important for you because some of the procedures that you will eventually undergo, although very thrilling, do carry a certain amount of risk; I naturally wish to minimize risks. You will not attempt to question them about the tests; what you need to know they will tell you anyway. Some of the tests will stimulate you sexually, that is only natural. Do not be embarrassed, they will expect it. Make no attempt to engage either man in sexual activity. So far as they are concerned it is merely a job of work, and I can assure you their interest in you is purely professional. Do I make myself plain?" Richard's voice had now become hard. Tom nodded, but remained silent.

Richard smiled, "Yes, Tom, there are two sides to my nature. Until tonight I have been the gracious host - now I have taken charge of your rubber-life, and you will submit to all my requirements, none of which will be unreasonable. Many of them will be extreme in terms of what is common practice among rubbermen. We have, I hope, established beyond doubt that there is nothing commonplace about this enterprise. You will not be expected to submit to anything that would be beyond your capacity to tolerate. The tests to be conducted upon you in the coming weeks will enable me to determine precisely where your limits lie. You will be surprised, and I hope, gratified by the end result.

You have studied the photographs, and because you have returned here of your own free will, I have assumed your willingness to submit to all or any of the procedures depicted. You should understand from the outset that you are not in the position of a slave. Slavery by definition implies compulsion - there will be none. Your submission implies your consent. Slavery, even in the context of fantasy, implies divesting a man of his dignity. I plan to enhance yours as a rubberman, insofar as you will have crossed thresholds few others have even contemplated. That in itself should be a source of pride to us both, and slaves are never proud. I stress that although you may at times be required to endure pain, you will not be harmed, and I promise you that when you leave after the final session, the only permanent changes you will notice in yourself will be that your experience will be greater, and so far as rubber matters are concerned you will be a great deal wiser. You will also have some incredible memories to cherish."

The door opened, Hans entered, "Hello, Tom. Congratulations on being chosen."
Tom nodded his thanks with a grin. Richard rose, and moving towards the door, said, "You may carry on now, Hans. Goodnight, Tom. Until we meet again."

Tom noticed that Hans no longer addressed him as 'Sir' - another change. Tom reckoned that he was being 'managed' into his submissive role. He could not help but feel, knowing himself and his own predilections, that this was unnecessary. He was impressed by the thoroughness with which Richard was making preparations, and he considered that when it eventually arrived, the 'Great Occasion', as Richard termed it, was going to be something very special. At that moment Tom could not know how right he was about that.

Part 2
Hans had equipped himself with a clip-board and paper, together with a variety of measuring devices ranging from a simple tailor's tape, to calipers and even a micrometer. The measuring began; at first it was the usual basic data that was noted, but before the evening was over, Hans had measured not only the diameter of every orifice, the exact size of Tom's head, and the size of his testicles, but every finger and every toe, joint by joint. The measuring was punctuated by calculations of angles and contours where appropriate, the whole process occupying several hours. Hans was concentrating hard on his work, recording every detail meticulously, and spoke only when he wanted Tom to adjust his position. To Tom it seemed that Hans had undergone a metamorphosis - gone was the smile, and the courteous manner - the serious professional had taken over, and Tom realised that he was a little in awe of this new Hans.

When it was over, and every conceivable measurement had been taken and recorded, Tom was told to dress and reminded to return the following Monday. Hans left Tom to find his own way out without further comment.

Every Monday thereafter Tom attended as instructed. He underwent many sessions during which wax impressions were made of every part of his anatomy, including his mouth; no part of him went unrecorded. He was made to give samples of urine, blood and saliva. On several occasions he was given an electro-cardiograph; on others he had an electro- encephalograph. Tom was not slow to realize that these more searching investigations always followed any test which excited him sexually. The very intensity of the whole process he was undergoing stimulated Tom's erotic imagination; it seemed that Richard wanted a fully scientific profile of his physical and emotional reactions to certain stimuli. He was beginning to grasp that Richard really was going to take him to the very limit of his tolerance and beyond. The prospect filled him with elation.

Most of the sessions were with Hans alone; occasionally Karl would be present to assist. It was clear to Tom that Hans was the senior of the two, apart from that there was no indication of what relationship, if any, existed between the two. They behaved towards each other as professional colleagues. So far as their relationship with Richard was concerned; it appeared, superficially, that they were nothing more to him than trusted employees.

The whole set-up fascinated Tom. He found himself imagining that these two had begun their relationship, whatever it was, with Richard in similar circumstances to those in which he now found himself. Certainly they gave nothing away; conversation was limited to the job in hand. Tom was disappointed that they had offered no information about the purpose of the tests they carried out, despite the fact that Richard had hinted that they might do so. His own observations only led him to suppose that he would at some stage be kitted out in a rubber suit that would fit extremely well, and that because the so-called 'Great Occasion' was going to be of extended duration, Richard with his medical background, was being ultra cautious about the health-related tests. The outstanding feature about these two, from Tom's vantage point, was their immaculate self-discipline. They were so controlled that Tom found himself speculating for hours about the true nature of their relationship with Richard. He knew instinctively that it was something very deep and complex.

One evening, after several weeks of tests, Tom received the first indication that things were moving to toward a climax.

He was dressing after a session of tests with Hans, and was ready to leave when the German said, "I have some special instructions for you from the Doctor. First there is a list of foods that you should avoid from now on. You are to take no alcohol, or any drugs either recreational or for medication. If you develop any symptoms that would normally lead you to consult your own doctor, you are first of all to telephone the number included with the diet sheet. Finally, there is to be no sexual activity whatever, not even masturbation; the Doctor is most emphatic about this. He expects you to continue your habitual regimen of exercise, but that you should also ensure that you get plenty of rest, retiring early each night from now on. You will attend as usual next Monday, which will almost certainly be the last time. I will have some news for your then. Goodnight, Tom."
Sitting there in the ante-room, awaiting he knew not what, Tom recalled the frisson of excitement that gripped him that night. Despite Richard's instructions he was unable to sleep. The exciting prospect ahead made his whole body tingle; the weeks of tests had shown him only a glimmer of what was to take place, but his natural intelligence told him he was in for an incredible rubber experience, for why else would such a man as Richard take so much trouble. His cock gave him no peace. It was permanently erect, and its constant throbbing distracted his mind as well as his body. He exercised all his will-power and managed only by super-human effort to refrain from wanking. He was convinced that no submissive ever endured such torment, especially by proxy.

When Tom arrived at the house the following Monday it was Karl who answered the door. Karl received him with a wide grin; gone now was the detached professionalism of the past few weeks. Karl's whole manner suggested unbounded joy at seeing Tom again, although his verbal greeting was the customary politeness he always displayed. Tom was taken straight to the study where Hans was seated at Richard's desk.

Hans wasted no time on preliminaries or greeting, "There is no work tonight. All tests are now complete and satisfactory." His voice was flat, he did not smile, nor did he invite Tom to sit. "The Doctor requires you to be here on Friday of next week at three. You should be prepared to remain at the Doctor's disposal until late on the following Sunday. You will need a period of recovery, and the Doctor suggests that you arrange to keep the Monday and Tuesday following free for this purpose. Do any of these requirements create problems for you?"

Tom shook his head and Hans continued, "You are to eat nothing solid after ten on the preceding Thursday evening, and you will take no liquids after noon on the Friday; this is essential for your subsequent well- being. You may go."

Hans's dismissal had been almost brusque, in contrast with the warm friendliness of Karl's welcome earlier. Tom reflected once again on how, gradually, attitudes had changed since his first visit. For an instant he felt almost rejected, but his thoughts soon turned to what lay ahead, and the gnawing excitement he had been living with for so long re-asserted itself, and he tried, as best he could, to continue his life normally.

After a restless night, Tom rose. No breakfast; his stomach was churning, partly from hunger and partly from a mixture of emotions, indefinable now that the actual day had arrived. When he got downstairs and found a letter on Richard's distinctive stationery, his stomach stopped churning. He hesitated before opening it, terrified that at the last moment everything had been cancelled. If his hands had not been trembling so much he would have ripped the envelope open; as it was, his fingers would not obey his brain, and telling himself to 'get a grip', he took a knife and slowly slit the envelope. As he withdrew the paper a key dropped out.

He read,
Tom - Today is the day we have both worked long and hard for; you have proved to be a fine candidate -so far! Ahead of you are some incredible rubber experiences. I urge you to make the most of them, and to savor fully each delight as it is presented to you. Some of the preparation may have seemed long-winded, unnecessary even. You are soon to discover what extreme rubber experience is all about. I must caution you about the various emotions that will assail you. There will be moments of terror - it will give way to ecstasy. Pain will become pleasure; exhaustion will become exhilaration - just go with it, you are in good hands.

Enclosed is the key to my house. Let yourself in, lock the latch and leave the key on the table. You know the way to my study; go in and on my desk you will find an electronic switch pad, similar to a TV remote control. There is only one button. Point the pad at the bookcase and press. The bookcase will open, go through and downstairs to the basement. The door will close behind you automatically. When you get downstairs, go through the black door ahead of you. Strip, put your clothing on the bench - and wait.

Good luck, and as one who hungers for rubber to another, 'bon appetit!'

Here he was - waiting.
Silently, the double doors opened. Tom had been momentarily lost in his own thoughts while gazing at his reflection in the mirror opposite the bench. He first saw the movement in the corner of his eye. Slightly startled, he turned his head to see, standing in the entrance, two figures in identical rubber gear. Involuntarily his jaw dropped, and for a few seconds he gaped at the two rubber creatures. They advanced into the room a few paces. One figure was slightly bigger than the other; both had very athletic bodies.

Tom stood up, remembering at last to pull himself together and shut his mouth. Standing there stark naked, he felt very vulnerable, and slightly ridiculous. The smaller man stopped just inside the doors, which had swung to behind them. The larger man approached Tom, and placing his rubber hands on his shoulders, exerted gentle downward pressure to indicate that Tom was to resume his seat. By now Tom had collected his wits, and he realised that the two rubber figures were Hans and Karl.
The suits they wore fitted every contour of their bodies perfectly, and Tom was quick to notice that the rubber moved with them. There were no ripples or creases; it behaved exactly as an extra layer of skin. He had only seen such anatomically perfect rubber gear portrayed in drawings, and these two were no drawing.

As usual, it was Hans who took the lead, while Karl waited just inside the doors. Hans turned and crossed the room to one of the steel lockers, from which he took a small plastic box. Returning to Tom, he opened the box, and turning Tom's head to one side, inserted a rubber plug into his left ear, then placed another in his right ear. He inspected them closely, and took some care to set them snugly in Tom's outer ears. When satisfied that he had fitted them correctly, Hans stepped back a pace, and with one hand made a movement to his own waist. Over his suit he wore a thin rubber belt on which were a number of small square tabs. He pressed one and instantly Tom could hear electronic 'noise' in his ears, faint, like the few seconds of a tape running before the recorded sound begins.

Hans's voice came into his ears, "Hi, Tom, you will have guessed it is me, Hans, and that is Karl. The plugs in your ears are very high- tech. First of all they are pure rubber, as will be everything that comes into contact with your body from now on. Embedded in the rubber are tiny receivers, we can talk to you and to each other. For the moment you cannot talk to us, but later, when you have been fully dressed and equipped, you will be able to. We are wearing the same plugs that you have, but because they totally exclude all sound from outside, we cannot hear anything you say until you are properly equipped, which will be soon. We can give you all kinds of sounds in your ears, and more importantly, when we want to we can give you deep and total silence. You will find that experience quite unlike anything you have known before. I need to know if your plugs are seated comfortably because you will be wearing them for a long time. Nod if they are OK."

Tom nodded.

Hans's voice had never sounded so friendly, and although he could not feel relaxed; he was far too excited, nonetheless the friendly, almost matey tones of Hans' voice had made him feel much more at ease and he began to absorb some of the detail of the rubber gear the two men wore.

Hans obviously sensed Tom's interest, and paused before him to allow him to take a long look. The suits were of fine grade latex; what puzzled Tom was that although they were made of heavy gauge material, the suits behaved as though they were made of light gauge latex. Every inch of flesh was covered; the hands appeared to be covered in black surgical gloves, so close was the fit. Their feet were encased in calf- length boots made entirely from moulded rubber. The suits had been so expertly crafted, that instead of the customary crude sheaths for their dicks, the impression was that their dicks were made from solid black rubber, so closely did the rubber follow every contour. Both men were well-hung; each had an erection.

The whole outfit seemed to Tom to be totally integrated; he could see no point at which gloves or boots were joined to the main suit. The head gear particularly excited Tom. Very tight hoods made of the same rubber as the suits, and also apparently integrated. Both men wore gasmasks which were secured by a series of thick heavy-duty black rubber straps. The masks were fitted with oval eye-pieces which slanted slightly upward at the outer edge. Hans's eye-pieces were black, and Tom was unable to see Hans's eyes, which he found just a little unnerving. Karl's mask had mirrored eye-pieces, and so far as Tom could tell, this was the only respect in which the two men's gear differed.

Corrugated rubber tubes were connected to the mask beneath each eye-piece. The tubes hung in provocative loops almost to the shoulders, passed over and behind to join at a Y-tube which was attached to the top of a black rubber bladder located between the shoulder blades. The rubber bladder was slung vertically in the centre of Hans's back, and from the bottom of the bladder protruded a short length of corrugated rubber tube which joined a regulator and two small cylinders which lay across the lower back. Between the cylinders and the regulator was a network thin smooth black rubber tubes. One tube connected the cylinders to the regulator while the others appeared to be welded into the suit itself. The whole apparatus was secured by a harness of thin but robust rubber strapping.

Hans turned so that Tom could have a really good look at the gear. Tom noticed a small gold padlock at the nape of Hans's neck at the point where the two main straps of the gasmask converged. The lock was open and swung from its hasp as Hans moved.

He turned back to face Tom and said, "Our suits are the same as the one you will soon be wearing. The latex is a special surgical grade; it’s very elastic and extremely strong. They are made by a craftsman friend of the Doctor's, and as you can see, they fit very well. They look very tight on us, but in fact, as you will discover, there is no constriction. The suits are very comfortable, and we can wear them for days on end without discomfort or ill-effect. What you see before you is the heavier over-suit. There is a very thin under suit next to the skin. The two facing surfaces of each suit are coated with a compound which eliminates any friction between the two layers, which is why we can move about so freely and still look as if we have rubber skin. You can understand now, Tom, why there had to be so much measuring during your weekly visits. The hoods gloves and boots are integrated; it is one unit which we enter from the back. Under my breathing gear there is a seal. The suits are air-conditioned, and although our breathing gear may look simple, I can assure it is very sophisticated. You may think we wear it only for the overall effect, but I assure you it is very necessary. As I said just now, we can and frequently do, wear these suits for days on end. Your own rubber experience will have taught you that while to be totally encased in rubber is wild, nevertheless, after a few hours you can become very uncomfortable because of the sweat, and also because long periods when the surface of the skin is deprived of oxygen result in a feeling of lethargy."

Tom nodded as Hans went on, "We are breathing pure oxygen in these masks, and we are totally isolated from the natural atmosphere. Every square millimeter of our bodies is covered in rubber; we have been in our suits already for several hours and we are quite fresh because our suits are linked to our breathing gear which helps our suits to 'breathe' as well. There are dozens of tiny tubes, like capillaries, welded into the inner suit. Each tube is pin-pricked and can be inflated. The movement is so slight that you barely notice it. Our breathing gear is electronically controlled. It can be set to give us the required amount of oxygen we need, in addition every few seconds it sends a minute pulse of oxygen through the suits to enable our own skin to 'breathe', and it also has a reverse action so that the sweat we produce is scavenged away."

Hans turned his back to Tom again, "Take a look, Tom; I have a large butt-plug in me. The outer surface is made of pure rubber, but the plug contains a mixture of heavy silicon which gives it the exact texture of flesh, rather like the inserts women have implanted in their breasts in cosmetic surgery. For us, however, the important thing is that this material can be made to vibrate for several seconds after an electrical pulse is shot through it. My breathing gear has a small electric coil built into it and is programmed to pulse every twenty seconds. I am kept continually aware of my arse."

Tom was fascinated by the cunning design of the gear, and the sight of the black rubber bladder on Hans's back gently pulsating as he breathed drove him wild, and he thought his rampant dick would burst.

Hans faced Tom again, "Look closely at the base of my dick; you will see that built into the rubber there is a reinforced rubber ring which goes right round the base of my dick; there is another which goes round the top of my balls. These rings act just like ordinary cock- rings, but with a difference. They are also controlled electronically from the breathing gear, and pulsate every few seconds, quite imperceptibly, but we can feel it like a contraction, and it keeps our dicks erect at all times. These rings also have another function, but more about that later on. Time now to kit you out in some gear."

Part 3
"Now, Tom, tell me - how do you feel?"

Tom started to nod vigorously, and Hans laughed. "Its OK, I can hear you now. Inside the rubber over your lips there is a thin ribbon microphone; we have them in our own suits, so now you can talk and be heard. Right, now bend over. Karl has forgotten to put the flange for your arse into place. If he's not careful he's got another shock coming to him!"

As Tom bent, Hans returned to the locker. Karl used his rubber- covered fingers deftly to insert the flange into Tom's arse. Tom thought he took a little longer than was really necessary, and when Karl took advantage of Hans's momentary inattention to sneak a crafty feel of Tom's balls and dick, he knew he was right. Tom's dick was still throbbing, and although the sheath was in no way constricting, or even confining in the way that a tight pair of jeans would be, nonetheless, the effect of the sheath and the rubber suit generally was in itself wildly stimulating, especially to a sexually vigorous man who had not been allowed to get his rocks off for two whole weeks. When he felt Karl's caress he thought his dick was going to erupt. He felt at the very limit of his self-control, and pushed Karl's hand away, hoping that Hans would not see the movement in the mirror, but the latter was busy in the locker and did not notice the quick exchange. Tom dared not speak to Karl, but as he pushed his hand away, he managed a quick responsive squeeze, hoping the headstrong rubber guy would understand.

"OK, that's it," said Karl.

Tom eased himself upright again and tried to see himself in the mirror. Hans, returning from the locker with another bundle of rubber, saw Tom's attempts to see his rubber image for the first time, and moving out of the way, said, "Go on, take a good look." Tom walked up to the full-length mirror, and stared at the image. The suit had been made so skillfully that his features were still recognizable through the rubber hood. He was looking at a complete rubber Tom.

"Move about - flex all your muscles, Tom, and see how freely you can move," said Hans. Tom was amazed at the combination of complete coverage and freedom of movement. The feeling of the rubber was quite unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He took another long look in the mirror; he could just make out the tiny tubes that Hans had told him about. There was a vast intricate network of them, there must have been thousands. For the first time he noticed, in the lower back, a tiny rubber connector.

Hans explained, "Remember you only have the under suit on so far."

Indicating the rubber he still held, he went on, "Here is the proper suit; that connector joins with it, and will form part of the system into which you will eventually be plugged. The little pads you see in the suit are electronic sensors, and they will monitor all your vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart and respiration rate and your temperature. It really is a work of art, though it owes more to science than to art. Now, that's enough preening. I want you fully suited up. Let's move it, Karl."

Hans laid the bundle of rubber on the floor, unfolding it to reveal the main suit, heavier and stronger than the under suit, but, incredibly, just as elastic. The only other respect in which the heavier over suit differed from the under suit was that it was equipped with moulded rubber boots instead of feet. The three of them went through the whole procedure once more, until, at last, Tom was completely suited.

Hans made Tom move and stretch to make certain that the suit was comfortable and properly fitted. Satisfied finally that Tom was suited up perfectly, he said, "Just relax for a few minutes. Your suit is not yet air-conditioned, and I don't want you to get over-heated, so sit down."

Tom resumed his seat on the bench. He was beginning to feel really elated. His whole body had come alive in a totally unexpected way since he'd got into the suit. He was aware of every part of his body, yet there was no pressure, no constriction, whichever way he moved. The sensation was electrifying. He still felt a little apprehensive about what lay ahead, now that he was, quite literally, on the threshold of this rubber adventure; nevertheless, the feel of the suit gave him confidence, and he felt that dressed thus he could cope with anything. He had never felt so complete in all his life, and he just sat savoring the sheer pleasure of it all.

Hans broke into his thoughts, "You look good, Tom, and I know you feel good. Before we go in to the Doctor, I have something to say. First, reassurance that you are in expert and experienced hands, and secondly, I want to explain one or two things that may have puzzled while we have been preparing you. You will have noticed that I wear a padlock and that it is open, and that Karl's is locked. Our suits are identical to yours, and having just been dressed, you won't need telling that none of us would be able to undress without assistance. The padlocks are therefore worn merely as symbols of our status as rubber submissives. The fact that mine hangs open and loose, while Karl's is locked is a further symbol of our ranking in the Doctor's eyes. Mine is open as a gesture from the Doctor that he accepts my obedience to him without question. Karl has yet to achieve that status, although the fact that he wears the padlock, the only item of his gear, by the way, that is his personal property, and was a gift to him from the Doctor, indicates that he has attained some standing with the Doctor as a rubber submissive. He wears it with some pride. It remains to be seen if you will be given one."

Hans paused, and Karl broke in, "I'll help you get yours, Tom." His voice was low and earnest; he barely breathed the words. Tom wondered if Karl had hoped Hans would not have heard, but he knew, because he could hear them both breathing, there was no chance of even the slightest sound being missed by Hans, who snapped, "Hold your tongue. Karl. You have all you can do to help yourself, so shut up."

Once more Tom could feel the tension between the two, and despite his own mixed feelings of apprehension and excitement about the immediate future, he felt protective towards Karl, and he began thinking of himself and Karl as becoming in some way united by their common position of submissiveness to Hans. Karl remained silent, and Hans continued, "The eyepieces in our masks differ, as you can see. Once again this is, if you will, a badge of rank; it also serves as a means of identification. The Doctor and I both have black eyepieces, while Karl has mirrored glass. At certain stages you will wear a similar mask which will be equipped with plain glass - the badge of a novice. Stand now, Tom. The Doctor will be ready for us, and it would be unwise to keep him waiting."

As he got to his feet, Tom realised that his legs were trembling. There was a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach, and he felt suddenly quite weak. He attributed it to not having eaten, but deep in his heart he admitted to himself that not only was his weakness due to a lack of food and drink, but also to fear that was slowly stealing over him because of what may await him. Physically, his suit made him feel magnificent and indomitable; mentally, Hans terrified him. He knew Hans was a submissive, but he told himself that even so, as dominant in terms of himself and Karl, he was a determined and forceful personality. He sensed that Hans's loyalty to Richard was absolute. He was disturbed by his own feelings for Karl, and a little angered and defensive about Hans's attitude to Karl.

With these conflicting emotions raging within him, Tom walked to the centre of the room and faced the double doors at the far end. The other two took position on either side of Tom, and together the three rubbermen advanced to the doors. Karl gave Tom's elbow a reassuring squeeze; Tom responded, dropping his hand and briefly gripping the front of Karl's thigh. Hans and Karl each pushed one of the doors which parted easily and silently - they passed through.
Through the double doors at last, Tom stopped dead in his tracks. Hans and Karl had gone a pace ahead before they realised Tom had stopped. As if to support him, each man took one of his arms, understandably, they had mistaken his hesitation for fear. In fact, Tom had stopped in wonder, the scene before him could have come from any of a dozen fantasies he had conjured in his imagination over the years. He just could not believe this was real.

The room was a fully equipped operating room. Before him, Tom could see the table with the big light overhead. He had expected a well equipped rubber-room, but nothing as elaborate and complex as this room. The big light over the table was unlit, but it dominated the room. Quickly he looked about him; the room was full of equipment, all of which appeared to be authentic hospital gear. Much of the room was occupied by electronic gadgetry. Away on the far side of the spacious room were two very complicated looking chairs, similar to dentist's chairs. The walls were lined with cabinets; there were several trolleys, all laden with equipment, but concealed by rubber sheeting. Everything in the room was either of rubber or stainless steel. With the main light unlit, the room was illuminated by cleverly positioned lights which created a slightly menacing, and yet to someone with Tom's tastes, an undeniably thrilling atmosphere. The rubber reflected highlights and the steel glittered its potent message of seductive malice. The apprehensions of a few minutes ago dropped away from him. His rubber instincts told him that this was going to be a rubber experience well worth all the tedium Richard had put him through during the past few weeks. He forgot about the conflicting emotions that had raged within him about Karl.

Quite suddenly his attention was riveted on one item of equipment standing slightly to one side and a little away from the head of the table. It was an anesthetic machine, with its cylinders, flow meters and gauges. The large black rubber bladder hung inert among the loops of corrugated rubber tubing, some of which lay over the top of the machine, and nestling tantalizingly among the tubes was a big black rubber face mask. A frisson of excitement swept through him; his heart raced, and his dick throbbed. He knew without doubt that he was in the domain of a wealthy and knowledgeable rubber fanatic for whom it would seem there were no limits, and nothing was too extreme. In this respect, Tom's instinct was true enough.

Thrilled and elated, he straightened himself, and unconsciously flexed his whole body inside the rubber. This, he told himself, is the business. He knew it was what he was made for.

Tom felt the grip on his arms tighten, and the two men, who now behaved more like captors, gently but firmly led him towards the table. They reached it in three paces, and with swift joint action, the two rubbermen had lifted Tom off his feet and laid him on the table.

"Bit of a shock, is it?” said Hans.
"Like a dream come true - Bloody fantastic!"

Tom tried to look about him as he lay on the table, but it was difficult to see much. There was no sign of Richard.

"Lie still. I am going to plug you into the system. Your suit will be air-conditioned then. The sensors will be activated, and the mikes and earplugs will operate from a central power source instead of from batteries."

Hans took the slim rubber tube protruding from the small of Tom's back and connected it to a long tube that led away to a bank of electronic equipment a few feet from the table. He pressed a few keys on a panel, and instantly Tom felt a slight change in the 'feel' of his suit. It had begun to feel a little clammy, but now the suit began to feel again like it had when he first got into it. He also noticed that the cock-rings had become active; a slight, barely perceptible pulse every few seconds as the rings contracted and then relaxed again.

"Notice any difference?" Asked Hans. Tom nodded. "We have to connect our own suits and breathing gear into the central system, and then I'll run a quick check of all our equipment."

Hans busied himself at the console for a few minutes, and Tom felt the network of tubes in his suit suddenly swell then shrink again, several times in rapid succession. After that he could feel increased activity in the cock rings, followed by a tingling sensation in the rings which increased to a degree that made him gasp, and then involuntarily cry out in pain. "OK, I'm just making sure everything in your suit is functioning, so stop your bawling."

Karl had come to the side of the table with a piece of very heavy rubber. He laid it along Tom's chest and abdomen. At intervals along the edge were short straps, an inch or so in length. Each strap was fitted with a large heavy-duty D-ring. One end of the rubber pad reached almost to Tom's throat, the other end to just above his dick. The rubber pad was about four inches wide, and passed between Tom's nipples, which could be seen clearly erect in the suit. Hans positioned himself on the opposite side of the table. Working in unison, the two rubbermen threaded thick rubber straps, one end of which was secured to the underside of the table, through the D-rings, pulled them tight enough to be just taut, securing each strap to a clamp beneath the table. There were five straps on each side, with two more at each end. Working from top to bottom they adjusted and increased the tension on each strap so that Tom could feel moderate pressure on his body from the pad, now secured with equal tension on each strap. For the time being the four end straps were left loose.

The table was fitted with stainless steel stirrups; Tom's legs were lifted and placed in them. The stirrups could be raised or lowered and moved laterally by hydraulics. Hans pressed a pedal on the floor, and slowly the stirrups lifted Tom's legs up and apart. Kicking another pedal, Hans caused the lower end of the table to drop away, so that he could stand at the end, between Tom's legs, and gain convenient access to his arse. The stirrups were padded with rubber and, Hans having positioned them at a height and angle comfortable for Tom, the two rubbermen secured his legs into the stirrups with thick rubber straps. Karl secured the two straps at the lower end of the rubber pad to the table through Tom's groin, carefully ensuring that the tension was equal to that on the side-straps. The lower half of Tom's body was now completely immobile, while his arse and dick were easily accessible from the end of the table.
Meanwhile Hans had come to the head of the table, which was constructed of three closely integrated flaps, each of which could be raised or lowered singly, or when required all three could move as one unit. He took Tom's head between his rubber covered hands and carefully positioned it on the centre flap. He operated a lever and the two outer flaps folded away beneath the table. He secured the two straps on the pad over Tom's shoulders to the table, adjusting the tension with some precision.
Tom was now in a very submissive position, immobile except for his arms and head; but not for long. The two rubbermen resumed their places on each side of the table from beneath which each man pulled out an arm-support, placed at 45 degrees to the table. Tom's arms were quickly secured to these with more heavy rubber strapping. Hans returned to the head of the table, while Karl went off to one of the cabinets at the edge of the room. Hans picked up a rubber head-harness made of thin rubber strips, and cunningly designed so that once Hans had secured it, Tom's head was held immobile, yet no part of the harness covered his face.

Tom was now totally immobilized. He could move no part of his body, yet he was conscious of no undue pressure on any part of him. He had never been held so securely in such physical comfort. The whole procedure had been carried out in silence. Tom could hear the other two breathing in their masks, and his gaze followed them as they moved about; he was still unable to take his eyes from the pulsating black rubber bladders on their backs. He was now really enjoying the attentions of the two rubber guys, and his pleasure and excitement increased as each part of his body was secured to the table. Where, he wondered, was Richard?

Hans spoke, "We have you completely at our mercy now, Tom, and I can promise you there will be none, so prepare yourself. From now on its rubber all the way, as much as you can handle." He moved to one side of the table, "There will be pain," and emphasizing the point, leaned over Tom and tweaked his nipples sharply.

Despite the two layers of rubber, they were remarkably receptive to sensation. The unexpected pain made Tom gasp, and Hans chuckled maliciously. His voice was no longer friendly or encouraging; yet again Tom could detect the underlying tones of hardness. Once more he reminded himself that submissive though he might be, Hans still presented a formidable rubber presence. Tom shrugged mentally, philosophizing to himself that he was now powerless anyway, so why worry.

Hans was speaking again, "You have a few minutes to lay there and consider your position; if you have any regrets about it, hard luck. We are here to finish what you started." He left Tom.

Tom knew of course that he was not alone. For a brief second, however, he felt totally isolated. In one sense he was; inside his suit he was shut away from the outside world, and in this room, reality as understood by the conventional world had no place. He felt his spirits rising again; he acknowledged that he would have things no different.

He tested his limbs and body and could move nothing; again he marveled that there was no pressure or constriction anywhere on his body. He lay there in complete comfortable confinement. The action of the cock rings reminded him again of his rampant rubber dick which was dominating his consciousness. However, from the moment his legs had been placed in the stirrups, he had been becoming increasingly aware of his arse, and he longed for something big to penetrate it.

He could only look upward. The harness held his head as immobile as his body, and he looked up at the great light overhead. He wondered how much it weighed and thought, irrationally, about the damage it would inflict if it fell on him; there would be no escape. A slight movement in the reflective surfaces of the light caught his attention; thinking his eyes were playing tricks in the subdued lighting, he closed them briefly. The instant he reopened them he felt his head clasped gently in two hands. He looked up to see a tall gas masked figure standing over him. Richard had arrived.

Tom heard Richard's low musical voice in his ears. The sense of intimacy created by the ear plugs accentuated the naturally persuasive tones of the voice, to the point where Tom felt the hypnotic effect of it once again. Richard's rubber covered hands caressed Tom's rubber helmeted head, and he knew instinctively that he was, quite literally, in the hands of The Master.

"I see the boys have done a good job in preparing you. You look good, and I hope you are ready for some real rubber action. How do you feel - are you comfortable?"
"I feel great, but what do I call you?"

"The boys call me 'Doctor', you will do the same. Now, Tom, we are going to start off very gently. By the way, the boys are busy now, they have their work to do, so I have taken them out of our circuit. They can talk to each other, but can't hear what we are saying, so for the moment it's just the two of us."

Richard released Tom's head and, while he spoke, drew a low rubber-covered stool to the head of the table, and then brought the anesthetic machine to within a couple of feet. He lifted the mask from the coils of black corrugated rubber tubes and held it for a moment, cupped almost lovingly in his hand while he opened a valve and made quick checks of the gauges and flow meters. He seated himself on the stool, holding the mask above Tom's face.

When he saw the mask above him, Tom felt a sudden thrill, 'Here we go', he thought.
"The boys and I breathe oxygen when we are in rubber. It makes you feel great - you'll love it." He placed the mask lightly on Tom's face, taking care that it was properly seated, and then applied more pressure. Tom smelt the rubber, and in his excitement began pulling in great gulps of the oxygen greedily. Almost at once he felt the 'lifting' effect. His whole rubber body was alive with sensation; his dick and arse were driving him to distraction with their craving for satisfaction. The big black rubber mask on his face felt great and he was wild with rubber sexual arousal and anticipation.

"Steady with your breathing. Just breathe normally. If you continue to gulp as you are doing you will hyper-ventilate, so just take things as they come. Now close your mouth and breathe slowly and deeply through your nose." Tom did as Richard said; he could hear his own heart pounding in his ears.

"That's better, just keep breathing like that. This equipment we have here is very sophisticated. It can breathe for you, but for the moment you are breathing on demand, which means that the machine gives you what you ask it to, so just carry on as you are while I strap the mask on. I am going to put a blindfold on as well so that you can concentrate totally on enjoying all the sensations, so just relax and keep breathing slowly and deeply."

Richard secured the mask to Tom's face with a Clausen's harness, a triangular piece of heavy rubber which already lay beneath Tom's head. A thick rubber strap extended from each point of the triangle, one on each side of the head, the other over the top from behind. The straps had holes punched at half-inch intervals. On the front of the mask were three steel lugs, and Richard hooked the straps to the mask, taking care that the tension on each strap was equal. He adjusted the mask so that it was just moderately tight.

Tom was enjoying the sensation of Richard fitting the mask. He loved masks of all kinds, regarding them as an essential part of any rubber activity, and there was a special thrill for him to be masked by another while helpless himself. He wanted the mask to be strapped on really tight, but recognizing the sureness of Richard's experienced touch, and mindful of his own role in the proceedings, he remained silent. The blackness enhanced everything he could feel.

Richard rose and walked round the side of the table. He reflected with some satisfaction that Tom looked magnificent lying there in full rubber bondage with the great rubber mask strapped to his face and the two black corrugated rubber hoses rising up from the front of it to long graceful and provocative curves back to the machine. The sound of Tom's now regular breathing was quite audible, but because he was breathing for himself on demand, the big black rubber bladder on the machine remained lifeless.

For a few minutes Richard stood gazing at Tom. He told himself the lad showed great promise so far, and he was eager to see how he would react as the weekend progressed. He cast an appraising eye over the bondage which, despite the fact that Hans and Karl had done the work, he nevertheless regarded as his own creation. Satisfied with what he saw, he looked over to where his two acolytes were preparing some professional colonic irrigation equipment. Karl was erecting a steel stand at the foot of the table from which was slung an enormous black rubber bag. Empty now, the bag would soon hold five gallons of warm soapy water. Several feet of plain black rubber tubing, one inch in diameter, led from the bottom of the bag to a three-way junction where it joined two similar tubes. One of these had already been connected to a drain in the floor; the third tube, now held by Hans, culminated in a large phallic-shaped nozzle. It was in fact a variation of the Bardex enema, whereby the head of the phallus could be inflated after it had been inserted, so that the whole phallus was locked in position and could not be dislodged by any amount of muscular contraction. The special union which connected the nozzle to the main tube had hanging from it a short slender tube on the end of which was a black rubber inflating bulb. Each of the hoses had a steel on/off valve located midway along its length.

Hans lubricated the whole of the nozzle generously and laid it on the table beneath Tom's arse. Karl meanwhile had completed erecting the stand and now brought water in large jugs which, while Hans held the huge bag steady, he poured. Karl had to return several times to the sink before the bag was finally filled.

Richard stood watching them work. He took some pride in these two rubber creatures he had created. Just as Tom had done earlier, he enjoyed the sight of the black rubber bladders on their backs rising and falling as they breathed. Karl's was really heaving with the effort of carrying the jugs of water. Richard smiled to himself in his mask. Karl had certainly taken some taming, he recalled as his gaze followed the younger rubberman's movements about the room. He had been fascinated by the curious paradox of submissiveness in such a headstrong guy; yes, he told himself, there was never a dull moment with Karl. Hans, by contrast, was totally predictable. The great hulking rubberman was spaniel-like in his devotion to Richard, and although submissive by nature, nonetheless had the capacity to dominate, particularly if in so doing he was executing a command of Richard's upon a third party. Once again Richard grinned in his mask as he thought how well Hans could handle Karl, who though equally devoted to Richard, did not fear him as he feared Hans. Despite the fact that the two worked well together on projects such as this, Richard was well aware that there was tension between the two rubber guys, and he had often been hugely diverted by the way in which they reacted to each other. 'Cat and mouse', he thought, then mentally correcting himself, 'no, more like cat and a puppy.'

The great bag now bulged, and Karl, having rid himself of the jugs now brought to Hans a small black rubber butt-plug, which the latter lubricated and began slowly to insert into Tom.

Unaware, in his black, rubber world, of all the activity around him, Tom had drifted into a rubber fantasy, 'Oh,' he wished, 'if only this mask were on real tight, if only one of these bastards would do something with my dick and my arse.' He knew he was in a situation that all submissive rubber guys would give their eye-teeth for, yet it was so frustrating to be so hyped-up and yet - nothing! He was groaning inwardly when he was startled by a hand on the inside of one of his thighs, then he felt the tip of the butt-plug, 'at last!' He felt the plug slide in and then twist. He hoped he was being opened up for something bigger. He drew more heavily on the oxygen, moving his facial muscles against the light, almost imperceptible pressure of the mask. He could feel the muscles of his arse working with the plug, as it was drawn in and out and twisted first one way and then the other.

For five minutes Hans manipulated the plug inside Tom, and satisfied that he was open and receptive, he withdrew it and handed it to Karl who got rid of it and returned to the foot of the table alongside the enema stand. Hans took up the phallic nozzle and nodded to Karl to open the valve in the main feeder tube slightly, so that the tube was fully primed with water, thus preventing air being pumped into Tom ahead of the enema itself, which would cause severe cramps. The hole in the head of the nozzle was narrower than the bore of the tube, only a quarter of an inch, ensuring that Tom would receive a steady flow of water at pressure, but avoiding a sudden influx, which would also give him internal cramp. As soon as water flowed from the nozzle, Hans signaled Karl to close the valve and, with one hand parting the lips of Tom's arse, pressed the head into the newly opened twitching hole.

Exerting firm, controlled pressure, he paused and looked to the head of the table where Richard had resumed his place on the stool and, nodding to Hans as he flicked a switch on the anesthetic machine, the big rubber guy pushed the phallus slowly and relentlessly to its hilt, noting with approval the way Tom used his anal muscles to co-operate in accepting the great nozzle. It went in smoothly. He looked up and saw that Tom's chest was heaving slightly. Out of circuit with Tom he could hear nothing; he glanced at Richard who gave no further sign, so assuming that all was well with Tom, he seized the bulb and began inflating the head. He continued until he felt the bulb begin to resist and he knew the head was locking itself into place; a few more pumps on the bulb secured it finally. He stood up and nodded to Karl who opened the valve from the bag partially, and the water flowed down through the tube into Tom.

Part 4
An onlooker, unversed in the ways of extreme rubbermen, chancing upon the scene as it was at that precise moment would scarcely believe what he saw. The uninitiated voyeur would behold what to him would seem a terrifying and forbidding aspect of rubber and steel; complex electronic and medical equipment, which to him with no 'inner eye' would seem to be devoid of the warmth customarily associated with human erotica. He would be unable to comprehend the motivation of the three identically clad rubber creatures, masked, fully suited, and wearing bizarre-looking breathing apparatus, each with a thick rubber umbilical tube linking his suit to a central console, gathered around a table upon which a recumbent, bound figure lay helpless in rubber, masked and breathing from an elaborate machine, and with a large black rubber tube protruding from his arse. He might well have wondered what was coming next - such a one, had he lingered, would not have had long to wait.

However, there was no audience; the four rubbermen were alone together in their rubber fastness, each insulated from the outside world, isolated from each other, each in his own self-contained individual rubber world. Perversely, it was rubber, the medium of their encapsulation, which bound them together in their apartness from other men. Not one of them would have had it otherwise, and each gloried in the extremity of his devotion to the real master of the situation - the rubber itself.

The few minutes of fore-play with the butt-plug had stimulated Tom almost beyond endurance. His anal muscles were undulating against the plug, and his dick throbbed with merciless insistence; he was torn between an overwhelming desire to shoot his load, and terror of the consequences if he did. He was aware of a dull ache in his balls, which he knew were full of sex juice, while the pulsating cock-rings served only to remind him of his need to get his rocks off. He could not settle, and by way of relief, tried to bury his face deeper into his mask, but the head-harness prevented that. He told himself this was rubber bondage with a vengeance - he had never imagined it could be accompanied by such torment. He knew he was breathing more heavily on the oxygen now, and fought to control his breathing lest he earn a further rebuke from Richard.

He was just getting his breathing under control again when he felt something against his arse; this time it was no mere butt-plug. A rubber hand easing open his arse told him he was about to receive something very much larger. He felt the tip enter; he wanted to move onto it and help its passage, but his bondage would not allow it. The tip stopped just inside him, already his muscles were working to ease it in. It felt like a vast dick, and it was held firmly just inside the anal ring. He felt Richard's hand on his mask, pressing it to his face; the straps were being tightened - Oh, yes, this was more like it! The mask was quite tight now.

Then the amyl hit him. The warm glow stole over and through his body, taking his mind off his dick as he felt his heart begin to beat faster. Oh, yes, this is it! With impeccable timing, just as the effects of the amyl were at their peak, the huge member was eased smoothly and inexorably deep into his bowel. The amyl caused his muscles to relax in acceptance.

It was a long time since he had had a buzz like this from amyl. He was enjoying a very pure substance prepared by yet another boffin friend of Richard's. It was strictly B.P.C., and contained a minute amount of ether to give it extra volatility and the characteristically heady effect of the amyl once available in little glass ampoules over the counter of any pharmacy, but now superseded by indifferent bulk supplies peddled by back-street rip-off dealers.

All too soon the intoxicating vapor subsided, and Tom drew deeply through his mask, savoring the last lingering traces, until once again he was breathing pure oxygen.
His arse was feeling great with the huge phallus inside; he had the feeling that it was expanding inside him, then he felt it lock in position and settle - this was what he had craved since getting on the table, and he flexed his muscles against the great intruder, to be rewarded with spasms of anal bliss. The effect of the amyl in lowering his blood pressure had made his dick less of an immediate problem, and now that he really could feel the mask tight on his face he felt things were definitely heating up.

The trickle of warm liquid took him by surprise, and when the trickle became a flow as Karl opened the valve fully, he felt as if his entire body was opening up to receive the soapy fluid. For the first time he felt really relaxed, and he began thinking about the gear he was wearing. Despite the severity of his bondage he had to concede that he was remarkably comfortable. He had lost all count of time, and he reckoned that by now his suit should be feeling clammy, but it was just as comfortable now as when he first got into it. He licked his lips, remembering how the hood was moulded over them. It felt great to have rubber lips! He wrinkled his nose inside the mask and he could feel the rubber flanges tucked up in his nostrils. He had not realised before this just how erogenous his nose could feel.

The growing volume of warm water inside him began to make its presence felt, and his attention reverted once more to the lower regions of his body. An old hand at enemas, Tom had never before had one while his arse was so massively plugged. Experience told him that the phallus had penetrated deeply, and he reasoned that the enema would reach much deeper into his large intestine than usual; what he had heard referred to as a high colonic, and so far it felt terrific.

Richard's voice came into his ears, "We're giving you a good wash-out. The boys have some very nice gear down there to flush you out with, and shortly you will feel yourself empty, and then you'll be filled up again - several times. Each time you are refilled you'll get a little more than previously; the sensors in your suit are programmed so that no matter how full you may feel, you will in fact never get over full, so just enjoy the sensations down there as they happen. I want you to begin thinking now; you have seen briefly some of the equipment in here, and you must know what it is for. You know that you are here partly to be tested to your limits, as well as extending your rubber thresholds, and partly for my personal gratification."
Richard's voice was now very low, and at its most persuasive. He went on, "From now on new experiences will assail you; as they do, use your wits, reason things out, and above all don't panic, because each successive phase of what comes next will take you deeper and deeper into rubber extremism, far beyond the rubber thresholds you or anyone you have ever known would believe possible. I am coming out of circuit now, and you will experience deep electronic silence. No sound of any kind can reach you. Your isolation from the conventional world is absolute, and you are alone now inside your own rubber world; you will descend deeper into that world by the hour. The rubber will give your body pleasure beyond your wildest dreams, but you must use your mind as well. The most potent of the sex organs is the brain; you have good powers of reason, use them fully from now on, Rubberman. Do I make myself clear?"

Tom had concentrated so hard upon Richard's words, and was so much under the influence of the hypnotic voice, not to mention his joy when Richard addressed him as 'Rubberman', that he failed to respond. Richard spoke again, this time his voice was hard and commanding, "Do I make myself clear to you, Rubberman?"

The words reverberated in Tom's ears, startled, he shouted, almost screaming into his mask, "YES, SIR!"

The silence came instantly; it was heavy, tangible and appropriately, deafening. There was nothing - just nothing. It was a silence that was unbalancing in its overwhelming intensity. Tom's first thought was that if he had not been bound to the table he would have fallen off.

The minutes passed, he could feel the water now draining from inside, and he wondered how long it would be before he began to fill up once more. He felt Richard's hand on his mask, and now the straps were pulled tight, viciously tight. So savagely did the mask bite into Tom's rubber face that he gasped. He never finished the gasp, for suddenly there was no more oxygen to pull into his lungs, and he felt his lungs being emptied, they were sucked dry. He panicked, a moment of terror, and then with equal suddenness, he felt a rush of oxygen fill his lungs; a pause, and then they were emptied again. He rapidly worked out that the machine had taken over his breathing, and within a minute he had got the hang of it and just let the machine breathe for him. It was so easy. He understood the significance of Richard's words. It would be impossible to fight the machine - if he did he could damage his lungs. Going with it was easy, and erotically, for a rubber submissive, wildly exciting. Richard was demonstrating graphically that he had the power of life and death over him, and Tom had to admit that he loved it. 'This,' he told himself, 'is what submission is all about.'

The water was flowing back into him again; there was a warm, comforting, and very secure feeling about it and, once again flexing his anal muscles against the huge phallus, he felt joyful spasms in his arse. The amyl hit him for a second time, and as it took effect he could feel a heavy rubber sheet being draped over him. He reckoned it must have been very thick, the weight of it was so great that he could feel it bearing him down onto the table. The sheet extended from his hips and went right over his head. It was allowed to just hang without being drawn tight with straps, and the weight alone increased his feeling of submission, of 'being under', and despite the warmth of the enema, and the glow of the amyl, the heavy cool rubber chilled.

When Richard had imposed silence upon Tom, he brought Hans and Karl back into circuit.

"Hans, is the irrigation OK?"
"Yes, Doctor, he's draining again now, and Karl will hold him there until you signal refill. He will then lock the valve for retention. How long do you want him to retain?"
"Twenty minutes at least, but Karl, take careful note of the time when you lock the valve. I may ask for thirty minutes, but no longer, OK?"
Karl nodded and asked, "When do you want me to catheterize?"
"I'll tell you, just have everything ready. It depends on how he reacts. I don't expect any clinical problems, but they could arise if the psychological reaction is bad, so when you have closed the irrigation off and noted the time, stand by. Now Hans, come up here and we'll sheet him and let him have some amyl. Then we'll start - I think this is going to be very good. He's bright, and will work out what's happening quite quickly, so if we are to get a good result, I'm going to have to judge things very finely."
Richard had spoken in earnest when he told Tom that one of the reasons he was undergoing his ordeal was for Richard's personal gratification. A phase was now approaching which would be one of the highlights for Richard. Hans would share Richard's pleasure in observing Tom's reaction to what was coming.

Richard and Hans went back a long way; they had been lovers now for seven years. Hans had come from the then East Germany ten years ago. His interest in rubber dated from early childhood, and Leipzig under Communism was a dull place for a young and vigorous gay guy; it was impossible for one with a passionate interest in rubber.

With others he had effected an hazardous escape to the West, eventually coming to London, where with his natural talent for languages, he was soon able to speak idiomatic English fluently and with little accent. He had no difficulty in getting work in his profession of operating room technician. His interest in rubber meant that when the opportunity came, he jumped at the chance of working in the department of anesthesia, supervising the care and maintenance of the equipment. Because he was an extremist, the equipment excited him erotically, and when he had the chance, he wasted no time in holding the mask of a set of equipment to his face, breathing into it and watching the black rubber bladder rise and fall as he breathed.

The main part of Hans's work was done in a laboratory-cum- workshop, where he had a couple of junior assistants. A vital part of the job, however, was done in the room adjacent to the operating suites, where patients were inducted into anesthesia before going to the operating room, and where, when the day's surgery was completed, he would spend a couple of hours preparing and setting up the equipment required for the following day, as well as checking over whatever may be needed for intervening emergency surgery during the night. It was on these occasions, when he would be alone, that he was able to indulge himself with the masks.

At that time his practical experience of rubber was limited. The few people he knew who were into rubber were very run-of-the- mill, and for someone with Hans's rubber instincts, not very exciting. He looked forward to his solo sessions in the anesthetic room, and one day, in a moment of rare oversight, he omitted to check the valves on a machine, and when he came to inhale, he was astonished to get a 'buzz' of gas. Sniffing gases was quite common among the technicians, and indeed even among some of the doctors. No one ever admitted it for obvious reasons, but Hans knew of the practice, and after that first sniff, he understood why the others did it.

From then on, Hans 'buzzed-up' on one anesthetic or other regularly.

Richard himself was no stranger to the pleasures of 'buzzing- up'; no one in his position and with his long experience of hospital life could fail to be aware of the practice. Like most of his colleagues he realised there was little if anything he could do to stop it, not that he wished to. Only on occasions when someone was actually caught would any form of disciplinary action be taken. Richard had always hoped it would never fall to his lot to be involved in such a case. Being a devotee himself, he would have felt hypocritical about dismissing someone for doing what he did privately at home, and equally, he had no wish for his private passions to intrude upon his professional life.

Richard had noticed Hans immediately when the latter had arrived in his department. Hans was not easy to overlook, because of his size, and his appearance generally, and Richard was of course, aware of Hans's origins. Richard was attracted to Hans physically; he knew instinctively that he was gay, but his professionalism had prevented him from making an approach. For almost a year after his first encounter with Hans, he contented himself with fantasizing about him, even though he felt, correctly, as it happened, that Hans was just as fascinated by him. Both men were habitual and astute observers of people; Richard, by virtue of his professional training and intellectual inclination; Hans, as a result of life under a totalitarian regime where every associate was an unknown quantity and a potential threat to life and liberty.

At that stage of their relationship neither man had any idea of the other's rubber interests. Secretly, each nursed his hopes about the other, but the hospital hierarchy did nothing to bring them closer on a personal level. For many months the two men worked closely together without event.

The first move was made by Richard. Early one evening he returned unexpectedly to the department to collect some case notes on a patient due for surgery the following day. Hans was in the anesthetic room, and appeared to be unusually discomfited by Richard's unscheduled appearance. Richard was certain the younger man had been sniffing, but made no comment. He ignored Hans's nervousness, collected his papers and left. He was elated by his discovery, and thereafter observed Hans closely for any signs that would confirm his suspicions.

By now Hans was sniffing almost daily, and to a man with Richard's training, the signs were evident, although superficial. One day Hans suffered a 'black-out', and Richard knew this was a result of Hans's over-indulgence on Nitrous-Oxide. He realised that Hans must by now be well advanced for this symptom to appear, and in ordinary circumstances Richard would have called Hans to his office and challenged him; not entirely for disciplinary reasons, but because the symptom indicated that the toxic effects of the gas were affecting the nervous system, and could only worsen if the sniffing continued, however, in Hans's case he had long plotted a different strategy.

Part 5
Tom lay secure in his rubber cocoon, aware now that all fluid had drained from his bowel, and for the present at least, there was no sign of refilling. His breathing was back to normal and his consciousness at that moment was dominated by the intense pressure being exerted by his mask. Aware of an apparent lull in the proceedings, he had a sharp but brief sense of anticipation, and almost immediately he felt a slight constricting sensation in all his major blood vessels, rather like a non-smoker would experience if he inhaled on a cigarette. There was a distinct ringing in his ears. He felt intoxicated.

Despite Richard's advice, he felt the onset of panic. He felt really 'high', and knew that he would be utterly useless if called upon to perform any task. Momentarily he almost regretted his situation, and then as suddenly as they had appeared, his symptoms subsided, and he realised that he was once more breathing pure oxygen. Quickly he worked out Richard's strategy, and before he had time to really think about it he felt once more the same tensing in his limbs and his ears rang again.

This time, without panic, he drew deeply on the gas, secure in the knowledge that its effects wore off almost instantly. He felt as if he were descending into a deep black rubber void. There was chaos and confusion all about him, all was black; there was nothing in his consciousness but blackness. The sensation of falling gradually gave way to one of floating. Erotic images began a procession through his mind. He felt totally liberated from all the usual tensions and stresses normally associated with modern life; he was really happy, joyful even. All sense of time had gone, each succeeding erotic image was more exciting than the last.

Another sensation began to insinuate itself. For a few moments he could not work out just what it was that was happening because the gas allows the patient to feel only sensation, but not pain. For example, if Richard pierced Tom's skin with a needle, Tom would be aware of the needle breaking through his skin, but it would not hurt him. The water had begun to flow back into Tom, and it was not until he began to feel a sense of fullness that he realised what was happening. The disorienting effects of the gas made the process of refilling seem to Tom an interminable one. He felt fuller and fuller until he felt he must burst, and the weight and pressure of all the rubber on him only increased the sensation of fullness.

Tom had reached the point where he could now no longer tell for certain if the water was still flowing into him or not. He had not long to wait to find out; the gas had stopped and he regained, with surprising swiftness, total awareness of all his physical sensations, the chief of which at that moment was his very distended fluid-filled abdomen. He felt the mask biting into his face; it was now quite painful. His arse had never felt so full. He could no longer flex his anal muscles, but that did nothing to detract from the wild sensation of anal pleasure he was experiencing.

Another blast of Amyl made him soar again with physical delight, and while thus soaring he felt his now semi flaccid dick gently caressed by a rubber-gloved hand.
The well-lubricated catheter slid through the length of his dick easily, but when the tip reached the sphincter, further progress into Tom's bladder was impeded because of the internal distortions caused by the volume of fluid in Tom's bowel. Karl had been well trained by Richard in the art of catheterization, and with a few deft maneuvers, the tip of the fairly large gauge Foley catheter was into the bladder. The pressure of the enema caused urine to spurt from the outer end of the catheter. Karl allowed the entire contents of Tom's bladder to drain into a steel kidney dish, and then he closed off the valve of the catheter just before the final few drops of Tom's piss could drain away, thus preventing any air from entering the thin rubber tube arching provocatively from the eye of Tom's now rigid dick. Karl turned his attention once more to the enema which he allowed to drain away yet again.

The easing of the pressure inside him gave Tom a brief respite, though he was still aware of the tightness of his mask from which it seemed he was to have no relief. The catheter in his dick felt really good, and now that all the fluid pressure had eased, he could once again flex his anal muscles against the huge nozzle in his ass. He felt good. Then when he came to inhale his next breath, there was no oxygen. His hungry, empty lungs pulled and pulled. He felt the mask so tight on his face that his efforts to pull more oxygen from the vacuum that now existed in the mask could tighten it no further. Then suddenly - oxygen! But only a trickle. Richard had once more taken control of Tom's breathing. The oxygen flowed into Tom slowly until his lungs were expanded to their fullest extent. There was a pause, and then just as slowly the machine emptied his lungs, really sucking the last vestiges of oxygen from him. Another pause and the cycle recommenced. It was several minutes before Tom became accustomed to breathing in slow- motion. The machine was also forcing him to inhale and exhale to the limits of his capacity.

While Tom was adjusting to a new and very unusual breathing pattern, Karl had equipped himself with a large syringe containing distilled water heated to blood heat. The contents of the syringe equaled the capacity of Tom's bladder. Karl fitted the mouth of the catheter to the spigot of the syringe, and opening the valve on the catheter, he began very slowly to fill Tom's bladder with the water. He carried out the procedure with care.

Karl was not a man given to great depths of thought; to him the world was a playground. To a man with his sunny disposition, profound emotion was something that affected others - until the advent into his life of Tom. He had been attracted to Tom the moment he set eyes on him, and because he had himself undergone the same experience now being endured by Tom, he felt a bond becoming established between them. Karl was devoted to, and had the greatest respect for Richard, who he knew respected his own capabilities as a technician in advanced rubber scenes. He suspected, correctly, that Richard was fond of him. He knew, of course, of the relationship that existed between Richard and Hans, and although Richard was careful not to make Karl feel like an outsider, Hans exercised no such scruples.

Despite being unable to think it out clearly, Karl knew instinctively that although his rubber life was fulfilled to a point that most rubber guys can only fantasize about, emotionally there was a gap to be filled. While he worked he gazed at Tom's rubber-encased form, and he hoped with all his heart that the gap in his life might now be filled. He could feel Tom's rampant dick throbbing in his hand as he gently depressed the plunger on the big syringe. He became aware of his own dick, also erect and straining within its rubber second skin. He licked his rubber lips inside his snugly fitting gasmask, and involuntarily flexed his body muscles against his double outer rubber skin. It was, he told himself yet again, wonderful to be a rubberman, and now that Tom was here he hoped that it would be even better.

Tom was still trying to accustom himself to the very slow breathing cycle that Richard had imposed when he became aware that his bladder was being filled. He felt that it was never going to stop, and that his bladder would give way under the strain, so great was the tension on it once the filling process was nearing completion. He had never felt so desperate for a piss before, and yet there was a delicious tingling sensation which accompanied the feeling of intolerable fullness. Tom guessed the filling of his bladder was complete when he felt Karl release his dick and allow it to stand free; he could feel the catheter along the entire length of his dick. He could also feel the water being pumped into his bowel yet again. This time he felt a twinge of apprehension. He had already experienced the intense fullness in his gut caused by the whole enema, and he was able to anticipate what it would feel like now that his bladder was also full.

Tom was conscious that he was becoming a little tired; lying there and adjusting mentally and physically to the constantly changing sensations he was experiencing was, he realised with mild surprise, quite hard work. Now the internal pressure was building, and he felt very uncomfortable. Matters were made no easier by the continuing intense pressure his mask was exerting, nor by the extremely slow breathing cycle the machine was forcing upon him.

The sudden tensing in his blood vessels alerted him to the fact that he was once again breathing gas. This time, because of the slow breathing, his descent from full consciousness into the twilit semi- conscious, trippy state induced by the gas took longer, and was tantalizingly gradual. Richard, by clever manipulation of the gas flow was able to drag it out still further. The gas brought Tom immediate relief from his abdominal discomfort, although he remained aware of the sense of being very full; indeed the gas seemed to intensify that fullness. Although the flow of water into Tom remained constant, the effect of the gas was to make it seem as though there was an ebbing and flowing of the water. Tom was aware of floating gently downward toward a black vortex; he felt himself spinning slowly downward, and all the time filling and filling until he believed that explosion must be imminent. It was at this point that Tom realised that he was fighting to remain conscious.

Richard was gradually increasing the proportion of Nitrous Oxide within Tom's breathing mixture, so that Tom was beginning to breathe true anesthetic now in place of mere analgesic. The totality of gaseous anesthesia engulfed Tom in its final blackness, and he slept without awareness.

Richard brought Karl back into circuit, 'he's right under now, and he's taken everything well. His heart and BP are normal for the circumstances, so we can retain the fluids in him for half an hour, after which you can drain him and we'll give him a rest. He can have a drink, and while he regains his strength you and Hans can provide him with a little entertainment while he watches me feed you two.'

Richard was busying himself with the anesthetic machine while talking to Karl. First he returned the rhythm of Tom's breathing to normal, and once he was satisfied that Tom had settled into the pace, he gradually returned his breathing to manual.

Hans had moved over to one of the large dentist-type chairs and was laying out a series of long red rubber tubes on a trolley alongside the two chairs, which faced each other. Karl, after carefully securing the phallic nozzle in Tom's ass, and his catheter as a precaution against involuntary expulsion by Tom under anesthesia, meanwhile was preparing a special glucose and high-nutrient drink for Tom, which was formulated for rapid absorption into the blood, requiring little or no digestion and leaving a minimum of residue. Richard was making adjustments to the anesthetic machine to lighten the anesthesia for Tom.

Awareness began to return to Tom. His first impression was of the overwhelming fullness in his gut, closely followed by the realization that his mask was still crushingly tight. He also took in the fact that his breathing was back to normal. Because he was still breathing a small percentage of gas, full consciousness did not return, and Tom lay in a silent black half-world of rubber and water. He could not be absolutely sure, because in the condition in which he was being kept, nothing could be defined for certain, but he thought that very faintly sounds were drifting down to him. It was probably just his own breathing he thought, it was so difficult to concentrate, and why should he make the effort, when his arse and his mask, despite the discomfort, really did feel so good. And it was really just great to lay here and get high and intoxicated on all the rubber and the gas, and not to have to worry about anything. But, wait, there is a noise, someone moaned gently and there is someone breathing, and now he could swear he heard a second person breathing. He strained to hear, but it was so faint, and it was so difficult to concentrate and think. Not to worry, thought Tom, I'll just lay here and enjoy all this gear on me.

But the sounds grew louder, the breathing became faster, more intense, deeper. A voice whispered softly, 'more, please, more.', and there was a long contented outlet of air, while the other carried on breathing frantically as if approaching a sexual climax. The two breathed on, sometimes moaning with some pleasure unknown to Tom, but guessed at, at other times becoming excited and agitated. In fact what Tom was hearing was a tape made by Richard during an earlier session involving others. It would become louder in Tom's ears, the sounds of the breathing and excitement would gradually intensify; Richard would use these sounds as a partial distraction for Tom from what was to come next.

For Tom it seemed as though he had spent many hours in that half-conscious state of suspended animation, in fact it was exactly thirty minutes as Richard had decreed. Karl had noted the time carefully and warned Richard that the time had come for draining Tom. Richard responded, 'OK, I'm going to bring him right out of anesthesia now, just hold him there until he's back and you can start draining, but do the bladder first.' Karl nodded as Richard once more turned his attention to the machine. He put Tom back onto Oxygen, but left the level of sound in his ears as it was, tantalizingly low so that Tom continued to concentrate hard on what, as full consciousness returned to him, he now knew for certain that he was hearing. Richard waited for a minute to be certain that Tom had regained full consciousness, and brought him back into his own circuit. He could hear Tom breathing, while Tom could still hear the recorded sounds, he now also heard Richard's low voice, 'How do you feel now, Tom?' Tom drew breath to reply, discovering with some surprise that it was an effort to breathe and speak while so full.

He gasped out one word, 'Great!'

'I think you must be rather tired, and somewhat full by now, Tom', Richard suggested to him. Tom admitted that he was just a little fatigued, and yes, he did feel as if he would burst. He was loath to admit just how knackered he really felt for fear of an adverse reaction from Richard. Richard knew that Tom had eaten nothing, and had been without a drink for many hours and that consequently his blood sugar was at a very low level, which was now making it difficult for Tom to sustain the degree of stress to which his body was being subjected without feeling very low. 'Yes, you will be feeling the strain by now, but so far you have done very well. The boys are going to relieve the pressures for you soon, then I have a little treat in store for you, but before that you have another hurdle to overcome, so gather your strength again, and when I come back into circuit you are to do exactly as I tell you when I tell you.' Tom replied that he would, wondering just what was coming next.

Hans had now completed his preparations over at the chairs and approached Karl from whom he took the prepared food supplement. He had with him one of the long red rubber tubes, which he laid over a nearby trolley, then placed the slightly thickened food drink in a steel container located among the nearby bank of electronic equipment. He made one or two adjustments and went over to Richard at the head of the table.

Together they began folding the heavy rubber sheet down Tom's body and then when it was manageable, lifted it from Tom, who realised afresh just how heavy it was. The two rubbermen began releasing the straps securing the rubber pad over Tom's body, then removed it altogether. Tom felt the blessed relief of pressure on his abdomen only momentarily, for as the fluids within him adjusted to the lack of pressure from without he felt as if he was swelling up, and again feared he would burst. Hans and Richard returned to the head of the table, and Richard told Karl he could proceed with the draining. Very gradually Karl opened the valve on the catheter. The pressure within Tom was so great that despite this precaution, the sterile fluid from Tom's bladder shot out with great force as Karl directed it into a steel bucket. As Tom's bladder emptied, Karl opened the valve further, and within two minutes the stream of warm clear fluid diminished then ceased. Tom was grateful for the partial release of pressure, and really enjoyed the sensation of the expelled fluid leaving his body, although that was nothing compared to the sense of relief he felt when Karl almost immediately opened the enema valve to slowly drain Tom completely. The draining took several minutes; Karl knew he had to do this slowly, or Tom's natural muscular reaction would be to force the liquid out too rapidly and maybe cause him to injure an internal muscle against the great bulk of the huge phallic nozzle locked in his bowel. As the pressure lessened within him, Tom experienced renewed awareness of the big phallus; it still felt good to him, and almost involuntarily he flexed his muscles against it once more. Despite his weariness his dick was once more rampant and throbbing, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the other three.

The draining completed, Karl now deflated the head of the phallus, holding it in place manually to prevent Tom's muscular contractions from expelling it. Slowly, using both hands, Karl allowed the phallus to emerge from Tom's body. Tom suffered withdrawal symptoms in more than a strictly literal sense. As soon as the phallus was clear of his body he felt an uncontrollable need for something to be in his ass. It was like a dreadful hunger. He knew there was no solid matter left within him and yet he felt an overpowering urge to defecate. This was only slightly ameliorated by Karl's efforts to dry the area and clean away any old lubricant remaining there.

Finally, Karl deflated and slowly withdrew Tom's catheter, and began clearing away the enema equipment which he took away to the side of the room, where he also had other preparations to make.

Richard's voice came back into Tom's ears over the recorded sounds still playing very quietly. 'I expect you feel better now we've got rid of all that water.' 'I need fucking', said Tom, whose anal region was now driving him to distraction after accommodating the giant phallus for several hours. Realizing his error too late, the rebuke from Richard surprised him by its mildness. 'I am here to make those decisions for you.' he said with icy quietness, 'and you may be sure I shall do that when appropriate.' Silence, apart from the breathing sounds. Tom cursed himself, and resolved not to speak again without thinking.

As he lapsed into rueful silence he was startled by the sudden removal of his rubber blindfold. Richard had been careful to subdue the lighting so that Tom would feel no discomfort after being deprived of light for so long. Tom looked up to see Richard's gas masked face above him. He blinked and accustomed himself to the light within seconds, realizing the Hans was nearby also. Richard slackened, and then removed the mask, allowing Tom to move his facial muscles freely for the first time in hours. He licked his rubber lips, and became aware of how thirsty he felt. As if reading Tom's mind, Richard produced a pair of surgical clamps within the jaws of which was gripped a piece of gauze which had been dipped in the food supplement Tom was soon to receive by a very different method. Tom needed no telling what to do. He opened his mouth, allowing Richard to swab the inside of his cheeks and give Tom an opportunity to suck some of the heavy liquid from the gauze. Meager though it was, for Tom it felt like a feast. Richard removed Tom's head harness. Tom took advantage of the release to move his head about to relieve the strain on his neck muscles. For the first time in hours he was able to look about him briefly, and although the light was subdued he was able to see that Hans was hovering nearby, and that Karl was approaching the table from the far side of the room. Richard's voice came once more into Tom's ears, 'you must be hungry now, Tom.' Realizing that this was indeed the case, Tom nodded his assent.

He was ravenous, and the thought of eating took his mind of his ass and his dick. 'Well, we have some refreshment for you now, so open your mouth and we'll soon be feeding you', Richard went on. Tom complied as Hans handed to Richard what appeared to Tom to be a piece of moulded black rubber. It was a gag which had been moulded from impressions taken of Tom's mouth. To Tom it looked enormous, and he doubted that it would ever fit into his mouth.

It was however, in two sections, one for the upper jaw, the other for the lower. Richard fitted the lower part first, it fitted exactly over Tom's lower dentition, and there was room for his tongue to lie snugly in its natural position beneath the central piece of rubber. Richard inserted the upper section and this also fitted perfectly. The two separate pieces were like elaborate gum shields, and when placed together there was a narrow channel running from front to back between the two parts of the gag. The effect on Tom was that his mouth was now full of semi hard black rubber, his mouth was forced slightly open by the bulk of it to the extent that he could not quite get his lips to meet. He moved his lips over the outer flanges of the gag to make it feel more comfortable, and indeed it fitted perfectly and felt very snug. The outer end of the channel was blocked with a small rubber plug so Tom had to breathe through his nose. He was surprised to see Richard with a screwdriver in his hand. Richard applied this to one of two small rubber screw heads built into the upper part of the gag and gave it half a turn. He did the same to the second, and by a clever arrangement of catches and grooves running through the gag, he was thus able to lock the two portions together, and there was no way that Tom could expel it, even if he had wanted to, which he did not because he found wearing it to be quite a turn on.

Tom became aware that Karl had begun lubricating his ass, probing with rubber fingers; the feeling was good and Tom flexed his anal muscles against the gentle pressure being exerted by Karl's fingers. Noting the response, and realizing that Tom was now able to move his head, he lifted a long slender dildo with a substantial head so that Tom could see it, at the same time Karl clenched his other fist and bent his arm up from the elbow and shook his rubber fist to indicate to Tom that he was about to be well-fucked with the big rubber member. Tom wanted to grin back at Karl in happy anticipation but the massive black rubber gag in his mouth prevented him; he had no way of knowing that the grin Karl wore under his mask was big enough for the two of them. This distraction prevented Tom from noticing Hans handing the long red rubber feeding tube to Richard, who removed the plug from the opening of the channel running through Tom's gag. When Tom saw the tube he realised just what was in store for him. He had never before had a tube inserted down his throat, and he reacted with horror. Richard noticed on the monitor the expected sudden surge in Tom's blood pressure, indicating his alarm. Richard's voice came quietly into Tom's ears, 'Now, Tom, take it easy. Nothing to worry about so long as you do just as I tell you. I'm going to put this tube into your stomach. I know that your reflexes will make you want to reject it, and you will want to heave it out; that is only natural. You must believe me now when I tell you that once the tip of the tube has passed beyond your throat the urge to vomit will pass, and although you will still feel the presence of the tube, the main discomfort will have passed, and the longer the tube is in place the less you will notice it. Now I want you to wait until your mask has been replaced, and then turn your head so that you are looking to this side. When you feel the tube begin to enter your throat begin to swallow and keep swallowing all the time and the tube will go in much more easily and quickly. You'll be back on oxygen in a few seconds and will feel better. Now just settle down, and remember what I have said and remember also that you are in the process of becoming a very advanced Rubberman. You've done fine so far so don't spoil it now.' Richard came out of circuit and stepped up the volume of the recorded sounds, which had taken on the quality of urgent intensity, and now filled Tom's head with their exciting and stimulating Rubber breathing sounds and occasional moaning.

Part 6
Richard meanwhile had connected the free end of the feeding tube to the steel vessel containing the food supplement, and pressed a button on the console. The feeding of Tom began, the rate and quantity of soupy liquid fed would be electronically controlled.

As he lay there Tom could look along the length of the tube, and he could also see the twin corrugated black rubber hoses leading from his mask. The sight gave him a thrill as he appreciated deeply the fact that his own body was connected to all this gear and was functioning through it. He could feel the slightly warm substance flowing into him. His hunger pangs abated and he began to regain his inner strength.
He felt that he could now endure anything, and at this moment he was feeling better than at any time he could recall throughout his entire life. Karl had recommenced fucking him and he noticed that while the recorded sound in his ears had now diminished so as to be barely audible, the pulsating of his rubber cock rings had increased both in frequency and intensity.

Hans gently turned Tom's head so that he was once again facing straight ahead. He could look directly at Karl who was wielding the dildo with some gusto now, the effort he was making forced the big black rubber bladder on his back to expand and contract wildly, the sight of which added to Tom's excitement. Tom was responding internally, using his muscles to get as much erotic sensation as he could from the rapid, deep and vigorous fucking that Karl was treating him to.

Richard tightened Tom's mask so that once more it bit deeply into his face; the added constriction only added to Tom's pleasure. His dick was driving him crazy and he thought nothing could now stop him from coming to frenzied orgasm. Once again he had reckoned without the resources of Richard, who gave him an unexpected blast of gas. The pulsating cock rings were now vibrating so quickly that Tom's Dick was literally dancing about as Karl kept up the action in Tom's rubber butt. The effects of the gas prevented Tom from coming, and all the various sensations he was experiencing seemed to merge one with the other in a fantasy kaleidoscope of rubber ecstasy at one moment, and the next the whole thing seemed to become a procession of sensation; Tom fought to hold his head up. He could see the Gas masked rubber figure of Karl over the rim of his mask. As if by some secret signal, at that very moment Karl looked up.

To Tom, in his somewhat hypnotic state, the silvered eyepieces of Karl's mask seemed to glow; his gaze was riveted to them. In that instant he knew he wanted more than anything to be alone with Karl; never had he felt such longing for another man.

He was so intent upon Karl that it was some seconds before he noticed that the gas had stopped, and that the breathing sounds in his ears had again become loud, this time almost deafening. The noises rasped with orgasmic desperation, the moans that interspersed the breathing sounds had taken on a pleading note. They were the noise that highly sexed men make when they are at the limit of their tolerance of sexual stimulation. Tom's own breathing was now taken over by the machine; deep, slow and full breaths. Hans and Richard had moved right to either side of the table, each took one of Tom's rubber nipples and began gentle manipulation, quickly working up to really painful tit torture. Vapors of amyl flooded into Tom's mask, and as he soared yet again in the grip of male sexual joy, he felt the pulsating of the cock rings cease; they locked tight in a grip like contracting steel. At the same instant Karl rammed the dildo home to its full extent and held it with one hand, while with the other he gripped Tom's rampant dick and began a series of slow strokes up and down along the whole length of the hugely swollen rubber dick. Tightly though Karl gripped it, he could not suppress the throbbing that Tom felt was going to shake him apart.

The pain in his nipples was now intense, he felt his balls leap within their constriction and from deep within him began a surge of sexual ecstasy that seemed to take hours to fight its way upwards through his body. Despite the internal cataclysm that was building within him, Tom was still locked in the strange communion with Karl, and then his dick erupted. Karl kept up the pressure and movement. Stream after stream of rubber-inspired spunk leapt from Tom's dick as his whole body strained against his remaining bonds and the pressure of the dildo. Gradually the paroxysm subsided, and Tom closed his eyes, allowing his rubbered and masked head to fall back onto the table; he felt utterly spent.

Richard moved rapidly; he returned Tom's breathing to normal, and with practiced care, quickly removed the tube from Tom's stomach; there was an instant of horror for Tom as the tip passed through his throat, but it was fleeting and caused him no prolonged distress. Within a further minute Tom had been relieved of mask and gag, Karl had allowed him to slowly expel the dildo naturally, and now Richard and Hans were releasing the last of the bonds from Tom and freeing his legs from the stirrups. Hans operated the hydraulics of the table causing it to move beneath Tom and assume the contours of a chair.

Tom opened his eyes again, he could not take them from Karl, who was now carefully wiping away the remains of the lubricant. He moved away, but not before he had given Tom's dick a final affectionate squeeze before he was joined by Hans over by the chairs while Richard remained with Tom. Richard's voice came, low and musical as ever, 'Well done, Rubberman!' Tom could not speak, uncharacteristically, his eyes welled up with tears, he knew not if they were tears of gratitude or just sheer exhaustion; something of both, perhaps, or were his tears for love of Karl, he could not tell. Richard saw one tear slowly make its way down Tom's rubber cheek before Tom quickly wiped it. Tactfully he moved over to the other two to allow Tom to compose himself. He knew Tom was drained emotionally as well as physically. He had presided over many such sessions, and when newcomers like Tom had an emotional reaction, he regarded it as a good sign; his psychological training had taught him that a sensitive reaction to experiences like those to which Tom had just been subjected was an indicator of a mild Endorphin reaction, and that Tom would come through the rest of the weekend without trouble, whereas there were some candidates who reacted aggressively, others who reacted sullenly; these never made suitable candidates for ongoing sessions, Richard had found.

Alone now, Tom fought to pull himself together. It was difficult; his mind was in turmoil over his feelings for Karl. He had not bargained for this at all, yet he knew from Hans' taunts in the ante-room and from Karl's own reactions, that the blond German returned his feelings. How strongly he could not know, but at least there was something there, and the thought brought his own natural high spirits back. He lay back and rested with his eyes closed, his rubber lips curved in a gentle smile of absolute contentment, all thought of tears now vanished.

Richard inspected the preparations Hans had made for his own and Karl's feeding and nodded his approval. He glanced over to where Tom lay resting, noted that he was all right and returned his attention to the other two. Tom was now out of circuit and could not hear Richard's conversation with the two Germans.

'Good session, he's a game lad, what do you think Hans, any comments?'

Hans was always defensive when Richard had praise for another. 'No comment, Doctor, he is good.'

Richard knew that he would get no more out of Hans on the subject; from past experience he knew that Hans' brief response was high praise anyway, and he was content with that.

He turned to Karl, 'You have worked hard, ready for your food are you? Well, Hans is in the chair first so help me to get him ready, then you can have yours too.'

Richard removed the small gold padlock from the nape of Hans' neck, and with Karl's help, divested Hans of his breathing gear and gasmask. Hans got into the chair which Karl tilted back, and Richard fitted Hans' feeding gag and strapped him in the chair. He prepared the tube exactly as he had for Tom earlier, and strapped an anesthetic mask to Hans' face and put him on Entanox from another machine by the chair. He had not put the tube down Hans' throat yet, and Hans lay back in the chair drinking in what to him was the divine gas. He was oblivious to all but his own pleasure. Richard added to it by stepping up the activity of his cock rings and butt plug. He needed Hans to be completely distracted for a while; he wanted a word with Karl.

For some time Richard had been concerned about Karl, who had now been a part of Richard's household for almost four years. He smiled inside his mask as he recalled the occasion when the blond lad from Hamburg arrived, and the effect his arrival had had upon Hans. Prior to Karl's arrival, the household had consisted just of the two of them. There had been a daily woman who cleaned the house, shopped and did a little cooking for them, but as Richard began to expand his rubber activities further into the realm of extremism, her presence was found to be somewhat limiting to that side of their lives. Hans was working full time assisting Richard with developing the rubber exercises, as well as acting as Richard's medical secretary. Richard was also teaching him a lot about anesthesia, which meant that Hans had to spend a lot of his time reading text-books. There was also the need for them to have space and privacy together to consolidate their personal relationship. There just was no time for either to deal with the basic matter of looking after themselves domestically.

Plainly there was a dilemma, made worse by the fact that Richard had determined to build and equip the operating room. He could not trust outside labor, so it was a job they had to do themselves. The woman was in the way, yet they could not do without someone to perform the services she was rendering.

To Richard the solution was obvious; find a gay rubberman who would fit into the household, and who would not mind taking over the household duties in return for some rubber excitement plus his wages. It took only a little thought for Richard to realize that finding such a person would not be so easy. Whoever came would need to live-in, therefore had to be congenial, but above all, he would be privy to some secrets that for Richard just had to remain secret. For several weeks he kept his thoughts to himself before discussing them with Hans, who at first objected, seeing such a fundamental change in the day to day running of their lives as a potential threat. However, knowing of Richard's plans for expanding their rubber activities, he had to admit that the existing arrangements were impossible if their plans were to go ahead, and eventually, facing that fact, together with repeated declarations from Richard of his undying devotion to Hans, the big German was eventually persuaded.

Richard began his quest by advertising in the gay rubber contact sheets. He met many rubbermen over the following weeks, some quite personable, many quite capable of, and eager to perform the necessary domestic duties, but somehow none seemed to be what Richard really had in mind. He was on the point of abandoning the whole idea, and shelving some of his more ambitious rubber plans for the time being when he had to fly to Hamburg to attend a week long seminar.

Whenever he was way from home for more than a day or two, Richard always took with him a portable resuscitation set. It was a prototype which had never gone into production for reasons of cost. Officials at frontier customs would not know that, and if challenged, which was rare because his passport told anyone who needed to know, that Richard was a medical man, he had only to say he was bringing it into whatever country to demonstrate it to professional colleagues. The ruse never failed, and in the event it was the airlines that always made more fuss about it than customs.

The apparatus consisted of two small cylinders, one charged with Oxygen, the other with Entanox, and apart from one or two innovative features built into the reducing valve and the demand valve which amounted to miniaturization, thus added portability and increased versatility, the whole thing was very basic and otherwise standard. He carried it for his own recreation in his room alone at night. There was sufficient duration in the set to give him five sessions of about twenty minutes each on gas when he wanted to relax after a tedious day's business. He always left the set in his hotel room during daytime absence.

On this particular trip to Hamburg, Richard put up at one of the many first class hotels to be found in the centre of the city. As was his custom, he asked that breakfast be served to him in his room each morning during his stay. The first morning he was up early; he had a paper to read at the conference, and was taking a last look through it and some notes, when he heard a knock on the door, followed by the clink of keys. The door opened and a large, very athletic-looking blond wheeled in the breakfast trolley.

He grinned broadly, 'Good morning, Herr Doktor. You have slept well?'
'Very well, thank you.'

The lad hesitated, Richard wondered why, but did not mind being interrupted for it was not usually his luck to receive the attentions of such an attractive young man in these circumstances, and there was no doubting that this lad was one of the most attractive guys he had ever seen.

He thought perhaps the lad was waiting for a tip which would be counter to custom on the first morning of a four- or five-day stay in a hotel of that quality, but within seconds the lad spoke again, 'I am Karl, I hope you enjoy your breakfast, Herr Doktor. Is the Herr Doktor in Hamburg for the conference of the Doktors?'

Richard replied that he was, whereupon Karl smiled broadly, gave a slight bow and withdrew. For a few moments Richard savored the physical and personal charms of Karl, then, turning his attention to his breakfast and his papers, dismissed the lad from his mind.

Late that afternoon Richard emerged from the conference hall to find a heavy rainstorm in progress. On the opposite side of the busy street he spotted a cab-rank, he walked to the nearby pedestrian crossing, waited impatiently for the light to change, cursing the rotten weather. When he eventually got the green light he noticed that the first vehicle to stop was a big Japanese motorcycle. He also noticed that the motorcyclist was clad entirely in black rubber. Richard's practiced eye could not be wrong about that, despite the fact that rubber had long been superseded by other materials for motorcycling wear, even in Germany. His mind raced as be began to cross the wide thoroughfare; he knew instinctively that the rider was a rubberman, well, thought Richard, he must be.

His musing was sharply interrupted when, as he drew abreast of the big bike, the rider grinned and called out, 'Good evening, Herr Doktor!'

Staggered by this discovery, he said aloud, 'Christ! Its the bloody floor waiter!'

Automatically he put up his hand to acknowledge the greeting and went on his way.

Before he reached the curb he half-turned for another look. His eyes went to Karl's hands as the big rubber-clad lad gunned the engine. Even his gloves were of rubber. For Richard, that clinched it, the guy was definitely into rubber. He found a taxi, told the driver the name of the hotel, and sat back trying desperately to get his heart rate back to normal. Back at the hotel, he showered, pulled on a rubber jock-strap, set up the portable gas machine and breathed deeply on the relaxing Entanox. He fantasized, as he always did on gas. Inevitably some of his fantasizing centered around Karl. He was absolutely certain that the lad was a rubber guy. Whether he was gay or not hardly mattered; Richard knew from his own experience, both as a rubberman and as a student of psychology, that if Karl had explored the world of rubber in any depth, then he would already be aware of how difficult it was to find fulfillment in rubber among women, whereas with men it was relatively easy. He decided upon his strategy to try and find out. The situation intrigued him and he was determined to find out if his assumption about the attractive waiter was correct; something, he told himself, to liven up an otherwise rather tedious week.

The second morning when Karl arrived with the trolley he found Richard up but not dressed. The first ploy that had occurred to Richard was to allow Karl to find him nude except for his rubber jock. He rejected it was being a little too obvious, after all even if the lad was into rubber, he might not welcome the attentions of an older man, even one who was only about twelve years or so older. He also reasoned that he himself had no knowledge of the shifts operated by the hotel staff, and there was a high probability that his breakfast this day may well be brought by someone else.

He wore his jock, but over it was a bathrobe. If Karl arrived, he could allow it to fall open and show the hint of rubber, if not, then no waiter would be surprised to find a guest in a bathrobe at breakfast time. Soon after eight the discreet knock came, followed by the jingle of the keys. In the second or so before the door opened, Richard realised with annoyance that he was quite worked up, his heart was racing, and then there came the trolley followed by Karl, grinning cheerfully as usual. Richard spoke first, 'Good morning, Karl, and thank you.' 'Good morning, Herr Doktor. Good sleep?' 'Thank you - yes.' Richard replied almost tersely, he was mildly irritated by Karl's habit of addressing him as 'Herr Doktor'.

Karl's features clouded for a second, Richard cursed himself, for allowing his irritation to show, especially now. 'I hope the Herr Doktor did not get wet last night.'

This was Richard's moment, he saw it and plunged straight in, 'No, thanks, I got a taxi. You were well protected against the rain I noticed.' As he spoke he allowed his robe to fall open, conscious that the whole performance was a bit hammy.

'Yes, I was very dry.' As Richard's Robe fell open, revealing the black rubber jock, Karl's gaze went straight to Richard's crotch as Richard intended. The effect upon Karl was dramatic; there was a split second of stunned surprise upon his handsome features, followed by an equally brief flash of his customary grin which in turn was replaced by a look of confused embarrassment while he quickly pushed the trolley to the side of Richard's bed.

'Doktor...' Karl began, but hesitated, Richard knew more or less what was coming, but took advantage of the moment again. Pitching his voice at its most persuasive he said, very quietly, 'yes, Karl, what is it? By the way, just call me Doctor, no need for the Herr bit, now how can I help you.' Richard picked up a slice of dry toast and nibbled it while he waited for Karl to answer. The lad was plainly uneasy, scared even. 'Doctor, it is hard for me to say...'

Karl had lost his natural cheerfulness, and as he fought to find the right way to say what he wanted, his eyes never left the rubber jock strap worn by Richard.

Richard was not a gambler by nature, though he had taken a gamble at the time he began his association with Hans, and that had paid handsome dividends. Should he, he wondered, take a chance and make it easy for Karl. He gave it only an instant's thought before deciding, sensibly, that attractive though the lad was, there was no justification in risking his professional reputation just for the sake of a glamorous rubber pick-up. He closed his robe, and was thinking of dismissing the whole incident; just something to tell Hans about and laugh with him about when he got home, nothing more.

Karl, however, had found his courage and his words. 'What is the type of doctor are you?', he began.

'I beg your pardon,' the question startled Richard, then he remembered the nuances of language. 'Oh. I see, you mean what branch of the profession do I work in.'

Karl; had regained his grin and was nodding, 'Yes, are you a doctor who puts people to sleep?'

'Yes, I am an anesthetist, why do you ask?'

'Ah, almost the same word in my language.'

Richard sat on the bed and inspected his breakfast, waiting for Karl to continue, but the young waiter's courage had failed him. 'Have good breakfast, bitte schoen.' Then he fled.

Richard could only toy with his breakfast. He wanted to curse himself for mishandling the whole episode, and yet, he told himself if the lad is really into rubber, what had he done to frighten him so much? He had no answer, except perhaps that the lad was more nervous and highly strung than he had thought. Maybe he feared that Richard would report him to the hotel's management and he would lose his job for being over-familiar with a guest. He pushed the trolley from him, dressed and left the hotel for the day's session of his conference.

Karl's hands shook as he returned to his pantry at the end of the corridor. Richard was only partly right about the reasons for Karl's sudden flight. One of the reasons he fled was because he had eight other rooms to service, and he was already running late; the management did not like that. The other reason was as Richard had surmised, sheer terror.

Karl was alone in the world. When he was fifteen his parents had died in an Autobahn pile-up. He was an only child, and most of his older relatives had either died in the terrible air raids inflicted upon Hamburg in the war, or had moved away and lost touch with the family altogether. The family had had no money, and for a year after he lost his parents the city authorities had housed Karl. By then his schooling was over; although the lad was intelligent, he was not studious. Naturally athletic, and devoted to sport of any kind, Karl had no interest in books. Even before calamity had befallen the family he had taken to working-out in a local gym, and soon began winning body- building contests locally. His good looks and cheerful, open personality made him a popular figure in the gym, and he made a number of friends among the local body-building fraternity. After leaving school, the guardians at the city home where he had been in care secured him his job in the hotel, where, to begin with he lived-in.

Part 7

When puberty came, he began to recognize that the feeling he got from smelling the rubber coat was associated with his sexual awakening, although he would not have been able to express it in those terms then, even to himself.

Nevertheless, he was able to link the two. He smuggled the coat into his room and secreted it at the back of his own cupboard, and at night he wrapped himself in it while he sampled the delights of early masturbation. During this period he had also discovered that the sight of soldiers, pilots and divers in anti-gas, high altitude or underwater equipment made of rubber and bizarre in appearance fascinated him in the same way when he saw them portrayed on Television or in photographs. He longed for the coat to be black now, and he wanted more than anything in the world to be covered completely with rubber; to wear a tight fitting mask through which he could breathe rubber smells. He longed for one of those big servicemen whose pictures he had seen dressed in this exciting equipment to take charge of him. From then on his rubber fantasies knew no bounds, and they became ever more fantastic and improbable - but they remained fantasies only.

The demise of Karl's parents, and the consequent need for him to live under the care of the local authority brought about an interregnum in his modest rubber activities. Night time privacy was minimal; he and the other boys slept in a dormitory, with only thin partitions between the beds. The other boys had the partitions around their beds festooned with female pin-ups, and Karl took his cue and followed suit. He would sometimes hear another boy masturbating at night, but so far as he knew, there was never any sexual contact between any of them. He listened to their ribald jokes and remarks about gays. Once or twice he froze when one of the better-informed lads made some crack about 'weirdoes' who liked 'kinky' sex and dressed in rubber or leather, or about men who liked dressing as women. It was in this crude and unsympathetic atmosphere the Karl finally learned that he was not alone in his love of rubber. He kept his ears pricked whenever that particular lad started to sound off about gays, just in case he said something that would enlighten him further. All Karl could find out was that down on the Reeperbahn, if you had the money, in terms of sex, anything you wanted was available, including, thought Karl, a whole range of diseases. His parents had warned him that it was a part of town best avoided, and about the only sex education they gave him was to spell out for him the dangers of AIDS, VD and the rest, quite graphically.

Karl had heeded the warning. With his sporting instincts, and the success he was having in body-building contests, he was very health conscious; to the point, in fact, that he passed through a period when there was great inner conflict between his love of health and exercise, and his need for sexual relief, which he eventually resolved when one of his body-building companions suggested they go on a double-date with a couple of very willing girls he knew. Karl managed to avoid the date, but it taught him that body-building was no bar to sex if he wanted it.

When he began work, and went to live at the hotel, he soon discovered that because of his good looks and fine physique, he was a target for the attentions of all the other gays who worked in the hotel. Karl was devoid of any mannerisms that would betray his sexuality, and it was an easy matter to charm his way out of any proposition; even the more persistent were intimidated by his size and strength, and soon he was left in peace. There was one guy, older than Karl by about eight years, to whom he felt drawn. He was a quiet-spoken man, who had witnessed the onslaught upon Karl by the other gays, but who had not himself taken part. Karl had to work with him sometimes, and Horst had taken him under his wing. They spent some of their off duty time together, occasionally going out for a drink or a meal. Eventually Karl felt that he could trust Horst well enough to talk to him about his innermost feelings. Although Horst had never made a sexual approach to Karl, he knew that Horst was active on the local gay scene and was a member of a couple of gay clubs. Eventually Karl got up enough courage to confess to Horst his love of rubber, begging him to keep it a secret. Although not a rubberman himself, Horst was sympathetic to Karl, asked him several questions, and promised to have a word with a friend who might be able to help.

The next occasion when both were off-duty in the evening, Horst told Karl he was going to see a friend for a drink in his apartment, would Karl care to come along, because he thought that his friend would interest Karl; they had interests in common. He would say no more than that. Karl trusted Horst, and knew without being told that he was going to meet another rubberman at last.

Horst's friend lived in a suburb. Heinz was in his late twenties, a tall thin man, undistinguished in appearance. He had a shock of jet black hair, and the bluest eyes Karl had ever seen, but ill- fitting glasses, and a straggling and drooping moustache robbed him of what little sex appeal he may have had. He received his guests with quiet courtesy, produced some beer for them and they settled down to chat once the introductions had been completed. It emerged that Heinz was a lecturer, and had it not been for the pictures on the walls of his room, and the illustration on the front cover of a magazine that lay on the coffee table, Karl would have settled down disconsolately but politely for a boring evening. The pictures were all of men in various rubber outfits. Almost all of them showed men in gasmasks, and those that weren't gas masked at least wore rubber hoods.

Karl was dying to get up and inspect them closely, but was too polite and shy. Horst and Heinz chatted their way through three beers, after which Horst excused himself to go to the toilet. The conversation so far had been about one or two mutual friends, and some gossip about a recent gay event in the city, none of which meant anything to Karl. Heinz, who had been carefully primed by Horst, and had noted Karl's continual covert glances at the pictures now said, glancing to one wall upon which hung four of the pictures, 'You find them interesting?' Karl nodded, and Heinz invited him to have a closer look. Karl rose, embarrassed by the fact that even from a distance, the sight of the pictures had given him a mighty erection, and which closer inspection of them did nothing to diminish. Karl could hardly believe his eyes when he examined the pictures in detail; the figures depicted represented so much of what he had fantasized about for so many long lonely hours. Heinz remained silent while he examined every print in the room. Karl said, 'You know these people?' 'Some of them; those three over there are of me.', replied Heinz, indicating the opposite wall. Karl went back for another look. Suddenly, in Karl's eyes, Heinz immediately became a more interesting character, and he began to warm to the quiet, studious teacher.

Horst returned, making Karl realize that he too needed the toilet. As he made his way to the bathroom, Karl had to pass a bedroom. The door was open, Karl gaped when he looked in; the room was softly lit with red light, the effect of which was accentuated by the fact that the walls and ceiling were black. There were racks and shelves crammed with every conceivable garment in black rubber. There were suits, coats, gloves, boots, waders, hoods and helmets, and most fascinating of all to Karl, masks of all descriptions. In the centre of the room was a king- sized bed covered in black rubber sheeting, and on which were laid out two pairs of waders, two pairs of long black rubber gloves, two black rubber hoods, two gasmasks with long hoses, and a one piece black latex suit. The smell in the room evoked memories of his father's old rubber coat. He stood spellbound for several minutes, then made his way to the bathroom, where, hampered by his huge erection, he eventually relieved himself and returned to the others.

Horst had his coat on and was preparing to leave. 'I am on early shift in the morning, but its your day off, if you would care to, Heinz has invited you to stay. He will run you home when you are ready to leave.' Karl signified his willingness, and as the two old friends went out into the passage to say their farewells, Karl settled down to browse through the rubber magazine he had spent the last couple of hours longing to pick up and open. It contained many rubber pictures, all with captions describing the gear displayed; there were a couple of short stories, but before Karl could begin on them, Heinz returned with more beer. For an hour they chatted, at the end of which Karl had unburdened himself of his rubber feelings, and so far, rather limited experience. Heinz interjected occasionally with a question or sympathetic remark, and by the time they had consumed several beers, Heinz had reassured Karl that his feelings and experiences to date were by no means unusual, and that far from being unique, Karl's case was classic for a budding rubberman. Heinz told him something of his own early rubber history which was similar to Karl's.
The effect of the beer and the quiet, unhurried manner in which Heinz was unfolding the world of Black Rubber before him had allowed Karl to relax. For the first time in his life he felt able to regard his love of rubber as the gift that it was, instead of the burden it had sometimes seemed to him to be, and by the time Heinz rose and asked him if he had seen the bedroom and invited him to join him there, Karl was able to respond with a wide grin that left no doubt in Heinz's mind that his guest was really enjoying his visit.

'Give me twenty minutes, then come and join me in the bedroom', Heinz told him. Karl grinned again and nodded. He picked up the magazine when Heinz had gone and began to read one of the stories in it about the rubber adventures of two young rubber guys on a big motorcycle, and Karl was just able to finish it in twenty minutes. He got up and went to the bedroom. Heinz had transformed himself from a rather unprepossessing professorial character into a rampant black rubber sexual being; he had become the living embodiment of some of the pictures in the other room. Clad in a rubber latex suit, waders, long black rubber gloves, a full face rubber hood, and gas masked, he stood tall and slender, legs apart, hands on hips, a huge rubber-covered erection protruding from his crotch. Karl stood in the doorway enthralled by the transfiguration that Heinz had wrought upon himself. Heinz moved not a muscle, he understood the effect he was having upon Karl. From his own experience he knew that for Karl this was a moment the lad would remember always, he appreciated that for Karl there was a virginal quality to the moment, and sensitively, he allowed him his moments of magic before lifting a gloved hand to beckon him right into the room. Karl could hear this rubber entity breathing into his mask, he could see the mask move slightly as the mask momentarily gripped him a little tighter every time he inhaled.
Karl thought, this is not just rubber, this is living rubber. When Heinz spoke, his muffled voice from within the mask emphasized to Karl the extent of the man's isolation from the outside world, and Karl's excitement quickened. Heinz bade him strip and don the waders and gloves, then the older man helped Karl put on the latex full face hood, made sure it fitted snugly, that there were no wrinkles, and then he took the gasmask into his hands, slackened the harness straps and fitted it to Karl's head and face. He tightened the straps evenly, pulling at the sides of the mask to seat it securely and airtight over Karl's face as he did so. As the mask tightened and he began breathing through it, the real effect of the mask became apparent to Karl. There was a small non return valve inserted into the far end of the hose. This 'loaded' Karl's breathing and he could feel the pulling-in of the mask with every breath he took. For years he had imagined how it would feel to be like this, and he was not disappointed. There was a full-length mirror mounted on one wall, and Karl drank in the sight of himself, playfully striking a body-builder's pose, and turning to view himself thus from every angle. Proud of his body ordinarily, Karl considered that his new rubber accoutrements did nothing to diminish its masculinity. Behind his reflection he saw Heinz approach, his rubber hands went one to each massive shoulder, caressed and moved down over the pectorals, brushing the firm young nipples as they passed down over the hips and jointly grasped Karl's throbbing dick in a cool, firm grip. Karl could feel the rubber form of Heinz brush gently along his back, it was too much, and yet too little, he turned from the mirror, commuting the reflection into the real, and seized Heinz in a grip of iron as he pressed himself against the rubber; he wanted to bury himself in it. Heinz responded, gripping Karl with a strength that the latter would not have believed his host capable. Then the gloved hands moved up and down Karl's back, around the firm rounded buttocks while Karl continued to press his body against the rubber, drinking in the sensual sounds of both of them as they breathed harder and deeper in their masks. Eventually they drew apart, and Karl turned back to the mirror again to assess his new image and, pleased with what he saw, he followed as Heinz led him over to the bed. He lay on his back, sinking into the cool folds of the heavy latex sheeting. Through his mask he could smell the rubber as it warmed to his body. Heinz drew the edges of the heavy sheet up and over Karl, enfolding him completely, and as the sheet was drawn up over his head, Karl felt himself sinking into the blackness of total rubber enclosure. Heinz caressed and explored Karl's body through the rubber, while Karl writhed with sensual pleasure among the black rubbery folds, sometimes putting his hands up to his head to feel his mask and to press it tighter on to him. He felt a cool rubber hand grip his dick with gentle firmness, it throbbed within the rubber grasp, then release, and the rubber fingers began tentatively to explore Karl's anus. Karl stopped his writhing, threw off the rubber sheet and arched his back a little and gripped his buttocks, pulling them apart to invite a deeper invasion. Two pairs of gas masked eyes met and locked in feline unblinking gaze; one pair enquiring, the other imploring.

Part 8
Thereafter Karl and Heinz became friends, although there was never any emotional bond between them; neither had anything in common but rubber. Heinz introduced Karl to other rubber people, and he learned how to make his own contacts. For two years the two met regularly, always at Heinz's apartment, even after Karl had moved out of the hotel into his own tiny studio flat in the students' quarter.

It was some time before Karl realised that Heinz had nothing else on his rubber menu. Each time they met, the first scene was faithfully repeated in every detail, and for Karl it had begun to seem very ordinary. His other rubber contacts had from time to time hinted that there were people who operated on a higher rubber plane; for these people it seemed, simply to dress up in rubber and restrict each other's breathing was merely a preliminary. Karl's rubber hunger was ravenous, he wanted to experience the things he had heard hinted at. He craved to have all his body, inside and out, stimulated and controlled by one of these 'Rubber Masters' he had heard about. He yearned to surrender himself to one of them, mind and body. The need he had felt since his childhood for domination and total control of his whole being, mental and physical, was asserting itself with ever increasing insistence. He could not subdue it, nor did he wish to; what he wanted was to satisfy and fulfill it. The longing within him was both sexual and emotional. He could not express it, but he wanted to be loved as well as dominated, and perhaps most strongly of all he wanted to love, though at that stage of his life he was still too immature to understand the true nature of the ache within him.

There came a day when he visited the house of a rubberman on the outskirts of the city. A word-of-mouth-contact arranged by a mutual rubber associate, he had never met the guy before, and, after their routine, and for the moment, satisfying couple of hours together, they would not meet again.

It was as Karl was preparing to leave that he found himself rooted to the floor of his host's living room, while the hairs on the back of his neck rose as quickly as his heart-rate. The two had had some coffee and a brief chat after the rubber session; as Karl was about to depart he saw on a side table a small magazine. The cover bore a boldly printed title 'White Rooms - White Dreams'. The illustration was of a rubber-clad man strapped to an examination table, his legs high up in stirrups. A woman in a rubber nurse's uniform was giving him an enema. In the background another rubber nurse was preparing an anesthetic machine for use. 'That your scene, is it?' asked his host as he noticed Karl's interest. 'Some guy left it here, I don't know his address or number. It's been here a couple of weeks and he hasn't been back for it. Take it if you're that way. Personally I've no time for these rubber extremists; they play some dangerous games if you ask me.' Karl wasn't asking him, but he was beginning to understand that he was 'that way'. He shoved the book into his pocket and left.

On the tram back into the city, the words 'rubber extremists' hammered into his brain over and over again, almost in time with the click-clack, click-clack of the tram wheels on the rails; never had a tram ride seemed so long. Home at last, he pulled the magazine from his jacket and went through it page by page. It was filled with pictures similar to the one on the cover. Each picture was really part of an advertisement, showing what was on offer to clients at 'clinics' all over West Germany. There was a 'phone number for each, and some even had the address as well. Karl's hands shook with excitement as he read, and when he got almost to the back cover he found two pages of personal ads. from readers stating their individual requirements and a brief description of themselves together with a Box Number at which each could be contacted. The fact that the whole publication was strictly heterosexual neither surprised nor disappointed Karl. At last here was confirmation that there was a more interesting rubber world than that which he had so far encountered; he had long ago discovered that whatever the Hets did, the Gays did better. His problem was that Gay Rubber Extremism was very much 'underground'. The participants did not advertise themselves as such; their activities were shrouded in secrecy, and for those without contacts or not 'in-the-know' it was almost impossible to find them. He took a second, longer look through the personal ads. Most were from men seeking women, while only one or two were from women offering services. Many of the men asked to meet a lady doctor or nurse. Three of the ads. specified that the doctor should be an anesthetist.

The medical aspect of rubber had interested Karl for some time. Although he himself had never been ill, he had seen films and plays on television where the action took place amid a medical or hospital background, and he had been excited by the degree of dependence of a patient on the doctors and nurses, how easily it seemed to him that the medical staff gained absolute control over the patients. The extent of the trust placed in them by the patients also impressed him, but none more so than that displayed by a patient about to be put to sleep before an operation. To Karl the relationship between patient and anesthetist was the ultimate form of submission; his quick imagination had translated that into rubber erotic terms long ago, and it had become one of his principal rubber fantasies. He longed to submit to a rubber doctor, to be given 'treatment' and above all to be anaesthetized in a rubber erotic situation by a rubber master who was as much master of his art as he was Master of Karl.

During the next few days Karl read and re-read the magazine, after a week it had become well-thumbed. He wanted to call one of the numbers listed, but he knew that he would have to pay a lot for 'treatment' at one of the advertised 'clinics'. His wage was modest, partly because his meals while at work were provided, and partly because he received tips from guests. In addition to the rent for his apartment, he had to pay a small fee each week for his training sessions at the gym; any spare cash he had went on occasional purchases of rubber gear as and when he felt he could afford it. He was also trying to save the deposit for a motorcycle. Knowing that the 'doctor' or 'nurse' would be a woman made him hesitate; he had no experience of women sexually. He knew they found him attractive and he had no problems mixing with them at work, or on the rare occasions when he needed to, socially. He had, however, no sexual or physical interest in them, and had never even considered the possibility of having a female for a sexual partner because he knew that very few women were naturally inclined toward rubber, apart from which his own instincts were male-oriented.

A further week passed before Karl made the call. Curiosity, rather than firm resolve, was the catalyst. 'Sister Magda' was the recipient of the call, and she advertised herself as being firmly in charge at 'Klinic Magda', where, it seemed an endless range of 'treatment' was offered. 'Klinic Magda' was one of about half a dozen listed with Hamburg numbers, and of those, Karl had selected the one where the illustration in the Ad. showed plenty of rubber and an anesthetic machine, although there had been no reference to 'gas treatment' or 'gas therapy' in the accompanying text.

'Sister Magda' herself took the call, and yes, she could offer a gentleman full rubber bondage and colonic irrigation together with 'hand-relief' in her fully equipped 'treatment room' for a sum that represented a little over two weeks wages for Karl. He gasped at the price asked, and when he spoke again to enquire if this included gas treatment, his natural baritone had ascended into the tenor range. The sister was sorry but, no, gas treatment was extra; another three week's wages extra, she would need to employ another 'nurse' for this. Karl thanked her and hung up.

For several days he tried to dismiss the whole thing from his mind, but it was impossible. Night after night he fantasized about being in a rubber 'Clinic', but in his fantasy there were no 'Sisters.' He wanked himself into a state of physical and mental exhaustion; his gym work began to suffer and despite his exhaustion he could not sleep. In the middle of one especially desperate night he took up the magazine yet again. Perhaps, he reasoned, a 'clinic' in some smaller town would be cheaper. He made his choices, and his calls. One to Dortmund, where the price was the same, another to Stuttgart, where it was more expensive. He spoke to one in Essen where the price was low, but where, when he asked about 'gas therapy' the 'phone went suddenly dead. Next day he called 'Sister Magda' again and, having decided to throw financial caution to the wind, made an appointment that evening for the rubber bondage and colonic irrigation 'treatment'.

'Sister Magda' was a jolly woman of about thirty. She had short, naturally curly blonde hair; her figure was still trim and she had plenty 'up top'. Widowed early, she had two young sons to provide for and educate. State benefits, though relatively generous in Germany were insufficient to meet the needs of a mother ambitious for her sons. The salary she would have earned had she returned to the nursing profession in which she had worked before her marriage would also have been inadequate. Liberal-minded, sociable, and with a natural liking for male company, she had considered using her undoubted physical charms as a way of making a comfortable living and providing for her sons. She had had offers from bar- and 'studio'-owners, but she knew that although the money would be good, she would be submitting herself to a form of slavery which she knew she could never accept. She had a limited amount of capital, and this she decided to invest, together with her previous professional experience, in setting up 'Klinic Magda', having got the idea herself after reading an earlier issue of the very magazine that had brought Karl to her now thriving establishment.

She answered Karl's ring at the doorbell herself, clad in a scanty rubber nurse's uniform. The instant she saw him she gasped in astonishment. Most of her clients, or 'patients' were middle aged or older. Few of them were attractive and most of them were lecherous old bores who expected from her rather more than she advertised. She had never in the four years of running 'Klinic Magda' ever had so young and handsome a client as Karl. Overcoming her surprise rapidly, she adopted her customary 'professional' manner, and invited Karl in after making sure he was the man who had made the appointment for that time.

She ushered him into a small room adjoining her 'treatment' room, and fitted him out with a rubber suit, which, though large, was ill-fitting but serviceable. She gave him a rubber hood and gloves, which he donned before she escorted him to the 'treatment' room, where she strapped him to an obstetric table, secured his legs in stirrups, and proceeded to give him a thorough and professional session of colonic irrigation, together with some 'hand relief', which she deliberately controlled so as not to bring Karl to climax, a reversal of her usual technique with most clients, the majority of whom she was only too pleased to be rid of. This young man was different; she wanted him for herself. Her friends had warned her never to allow her relations with clients to become personal. She had laughed at their warnings, after all, her friends had not seen her clients. The idea of personal relationships with those men was ludicrous, and she had never even considered such a possibility; such a danger just did not exist - until tonight. She treated Karl with a tenderness she had not felt since her husband's death. His nervousness only added to his attractions; it was plain he had never been to such an establishment as hers before, and she wondered why such a handsome young man should feel the need for her rather expensive services when any woman she knew would leap at the chance of an erotic encounter with him. She could only conclude that it must be the rubber which had brought him to her door.

Karl enjoyed the enema; he had never had one given with such expertise. He enjoyed the feeling of helplessness that being strapped down to the table engendered. Although she did not excite him sexually, he liked Magda for her bubbly and cheerful personality, especially since she had dropped her 'professional' manner and become more friendly. He noted with satisfaction, and ill-concealed excitement, that just like the picture in the magazine, there was indeed an anesthetic machine in the room. He could not take his eyes from it; Magda noticed, and then remembered that he had enquired about gas when he had called her. She allowed her own gaze to follow his to the machine. 'You would like to have some gas?' Karl swallowed; she noticed he had begun to tremble. 'Yes, I think you would enjoy that', she went on. 'I can't afford it, I don't earn much money.' The enema was well under way, and Karl was almost full. Magda had inflated a Bardex tube inside him and was free to come around to his side.

One hand caressed his now rampant dick while with the other, she stroked his rubber-hooded head. She bent over him, allowing her lips to brush his. Keeping her head close to his, she whispered, barely breathing the words, 'I will give you just a little, it won't cost you any more.' As she spoke, she realised that the force of Karl's erection in her hand increased; she also knew in her heart that she had broken a cardinal rule for someone in her position, but Karl was irresistible. She wanted him now, and she wanted him to come to her again; she was smitten, and if giving Karl gas was the way she could get him for herself, then he could have all he wanted.
He watched transfixed as she wheeled the machine over to the table. It was fairly basic, the type used in midwifery to deliver Entanox, which was what she was about to give Karl. At that time gas was gas to Karl; he knew nothing about different types of anesthetic. Magda drew a low stool to the head of the table, and sat behind Karl. He saw her hand reach out and pick up the mask. With one hand she again caressed his head, while with the other she gently placed the black rubber mask over his nose and mouth. Karl closed his eyes and breathed deeply. 'Not too much, now' he heard Magda caution, as he felt his arteries contract, and heard a roaring noise in his ears. His head swam as he continued to breathe, and the enema within him seemed to expand. He felt himself falling into rubber blackness for the first time. His dick felt enormous, and he thought he could actually hear, as well as feel, it throb. He lost all sense of time and place; he had entered another world, a world he had dreamed of since those far-off days when he had frolicked in rubber with Heinz. He had no way of knowing that evening that he had merely had a glimpse of that world, and that several years were to elapse before he would enter it truly, and that when he did, it would claim him body and soul, and he would willingly surrender himself totally to claim his place within it.

Magda strapped the mask to him with a Clausen's harness, and returning to the foot of the table began to drain him. She refilled and emptied him twice more, all the while stroking his rampant dick. Karl writhed about on the table in rubber ecstasy as she worked on him. Wave after wave of excitement swept through him until at last he felt the warmth of her mouth close over his dick. She had stopped the gas, and as he felt himself come out of it, he felt his dick explode within her mouth.

Back in his tiny flat later, Karl thought about his introduction to gas. It had been as wonderful as it had been unexpected. True, it had cost him, but not as much as he knew it should have. Magda had also invited him back for more, still at a reduced rate. His one regret was that he had been introduced to this electrifying world by a woman and not by a Rubber Master. His encounter with Richard was still several years off, and although Karl would visit Magda on two further occasions for gas before 'phoning one day to find that her 'phone was cut off, and thereafter visiting her address to find it closed up for reasons he never discovered, he would not be truly Mastered in Rubber until Richard paid his fateful visit to Hamburg.

* * * * *

Late in the afternoon of the day that Karl had fled so abruptly from his room, Richard emerged from the conference building somewhat weary from a day of listening to a series of tedious speeches. His eyes, adjusting to the bright sunlight, at once sought the taxi-rank opposite. He had planned his evening; a hot bath, then twenty minutes or so relaxing and fantasizing on Entanox, after which a couple of Gin and Tonics in the bar, followed by a leisurely dinner in the Hotel's excellent grill room.

Richard's plans went awry before he had taken three paces toward the cab-rank. He was accosted by Karl, clad, despite the warm sunny afternoon, in gleaming black rubber motorcycle gear. The lad's rubber- gloved hand thrust an envelope into Richard's grasp, then, without saying a word, he fled as suddenly as he had that morning, disappearing into the milling crowd too rapidly for Richard to have a chance to call him back. Startled, Richard pushed the envelope into his pocket while his gaze swept vainly among the crowd for a glimpse of the retreating figure of the rubbered biker, but he had vanished. He boarded a taxi at the rank and returned to the hotel, where he found a message from Hans on some minor domestic matter and an invitation to dine at the home of an eminent local professional colleague the following evening. He dealt with these by telephone before pulling Karl's envelope from his pocket. The envelope bore no name, and wondering what on earth the lad was up to, he ripped it open and read the brief note which stated in English far below the standard of Karl's spoken English, his address, 'phone number and the fact that he had a serious problem about which he needed to speak with Richard. The note referred to the fact that Karl would be off duty at the Hotel until after Richard's return to England, and concluded with a plea for Richard to contact him, and politely excusing himself for having troubled the Herr Docktor.

Richard pondered the note for several seconds, then having decided what to do, consulted his street directory of the city, discovering that Karl's address was but a short cab ride from the hotel. He was now certain beyond doubt exactly what it was that troubled Karl, and taking with him his portable breathing equipment, hired a cab, and was ringing Karl's doorbell some fifteen minutes later.

When he opened the door, Karl's face lit up with pleasure at the sight of Richard, then remembering that he was imposing upon him, his handsome features clouded briefly before his natural good manners asserted themselves and he politely invited Richard in and showed him to his neat but sparsely furnished room, offering him a drink as he did so. Karl wore a T-shirt and shorts, which showed his magnificent physique to advantage; Richard had not appreciated until that moment just what a hunk the young body builder was. Richard asked for some coffee, and settled at last, he said, 'Well, Karl, how can I help you?' Karl looked at the case containing Richard's breathing gear, mistaking it for a medical bag and replied, 'I am not sick, but I need to talk with a doctor like you and I don't know in English how to say what I want.' Richard knew very little German, but gambled, 'Would it be easier to tell me in your language?' Karl paused, then grinning, shook his head. 'I can see that you are very healthy, but I think I know what it is you want to talk about, and I understand how hard it is for a young man like you to begin to speak to a perfect stranger like me about your love of rubber.' Karl blushed and looked at his moccasin-clad feet. 'That is what you want to talk about, is it not?' Still engrossed with his feet, Karl nodded his head slowly. 'Then let us talk about it. There is nothing to be afraid of, or ashamed. There are many people who love rubber, and I cannot believe that a good-looking man like you who rides around the city on a huge motorcycle covered from head to foot in rubber has never attracted the attention of any young ladies who would be only to pleased to enjoy some rubber games with you.' Richard cringed inwardly at the patronizing tone he had adopted, but although quite certain of Karl's rubber instincts, he was not at all sure he was gay.

'It is not young ladies that interest me', Karl muttered, still looking intently at the floor. 'Young men, then?' Richard queried, adopting a lighter tone. Karl looked up, his blue eyes gazing directly at Richard. 'No, not young men. Men like you, Docktor. Men who know what rubber is really for. I have met the young ones, and their silly games were fun at first, but now they bore me. I know that there are rubber masters somewhere, but I do not know where they are or how to make contact with them.' The words had begun to tumble from Karl, but having referred to rubber masters, he feared he had said too much, and the torrent of words ceased as suddenly as it had been unleashed. He sat silently for a minute or two before returning his gaze to the floor. Richard kept quiet, hoping to give Karl the opportunity to continue, now that he had begun to open up, but the big weight lifter said no more.

Satisfied now that his own instincts about Karl had been sure, he said softly, 'Well, Karl I am glad that you invited me here tonight if you really wanted to meet a rubber master because that is what I am, but you already suspected that did you not?' Karl looked up, once again his gaze drawn to Richard's strange, almost hypnotic gaze. He nodded sheepishly, and when Richard smiled sympathetically with his eyes as much as with his lips, Karl at last felt able to relax, and overwhelmed with relief, his natural high spirits bubbled up and his features broke into the wide infectious grin that Richard had seen on his first morning at the hotel. 'Shall we have some more coffee while you tell me all about yourself and just what it is you hope for from a rubber master', Richard suggested.

The ice broken at last, Karl began to talk. Almost two hours and several cups of coffee later, interrupted occasionally by a brief question from Richard, he at last came to the end of his tale, having unburdened himself of his whole life story and rubber history, omitting no detail in the process. He also told Richard of his hopes and aspirations for his rubber future, insofar as he understood them himself at that stage in his life. From Richard's point of view, Karl's narrative, broadly speaking, apart from the detail, was much as he had expected.

While Karl had been speaking, Richard had, while absorbing all that Karl was telling him, begun to think that Karl just might be the right guy to fill the vacant place in his household. He was impressed by Karl's capacity for dedicating himself, his whole life in fact, to those things which mattered most to him. The boy's magnificent physique could not have been achieved without a prodigious amount of hard work and application over many years. He had noticed the shelves full of trophies in Karl's room; a silent testimony to the determination within Karl to do well that which he most wanted to. Richard was convinced that Karl would, given the opportunity, display the same diligence and tenacity in learning to serve the needs of a rubber master such as himself. Everything that he was now learning about Karl reinforced his feeling that, if Karl were willing to come to England to live, adapt to a totally different life-style, and apply himself to the service of Richard's needs, his quest for a new member of his household was at an end. He smiled to himself when he thought about how Hans would react, but he knew Hans, and he would not make serious objections once he knew all the facts. Karl's experience in the hotel, Richard reasoned, qualified him to look after the domestic side of things at home, while his qualifications and aptitude for the rubber side of Richard's life also seemed to be beyond doubt. Richard decided that for the present he would say nothing; he was a man who liked to give some consideration to major decisions before acting upon them.
Richard stood up just as Karl came to the end of his saga. 'Would you like to show me what rubber you have been able to get together, Karl?' The grin on Karl's face answered the question, and from beneath his divan, and from two cupboards he produced several cardboard boxes, which he offered to Richard for his inspection. For one who lived on such a modest income, the assemblage was not inconsiderable, and it was certainly comprehensive. Rubber boots, waders, gloves, four suits, many hoods, open-faced, enclosed, inflatables as well, were the basis of the collection. While Richard looked through Karl's gear appreciatively, he noted that each item was well maintained, and of good quality; further evidence, in Richard's view, of Karl's dedication. Karl went over to a large traveling trunk, which he unlocked to reveal a large assortment of gasmasks and oxygen masks; there was even an anesthetic mask. The trunk also contained many lengths of corrugated rubber tubing together with connectors. There was a variety of dildos and butt-plugs as well. Richard was impressed, and while he sorted through the contents of the trunk, Karl went out to his tiny kitchen and returned with two plastic containers which he handed to Richard. One contained a whole range of catheters, each in its own plastic bag, while the other smaller container held several pairs of nipple clamps.

When he had finally looked through everything Karl had laid out for his inspection, Richard suggested that they might, if Karl was willing, get into some rubber and enjoy what was left of the evening together. Karl was willing all right, and responded with a rapid 'Yes, Sir!' Quietly, but firmly, Richard informed Karl that he preferred his rubber submissives to address him simply as Doctor - in English, he added pointedly, and his voice hardening, he told his new submissive that henceforth he expected to be obeyed in this, as in all things. Karl immediately lowered his head and very quietly replied, 'yes, Doctor.'

Twenty minutes later, both men were in rubber suits, waders, full-face hoods, gloves and gasmasks. Richard had connected the masks together with additional lengths of corrugated rubber tubing, incorporating into the system a steel 'T' connector so that a third tube, open to the atmosphere, could be added and into the end of which he fitted a non-return valve he found among Karl's masks and tubes. Simply by doubling this tube over, Richard could seal them off from the outside source of air. He had been fascinated by the size of Karl's chest, and was longing to be connected up to him in a closed-circuit rubber breathing system so as to experience breathing against a massive thorax powered by such well developed muscles. Before donning the gasmasks, which he had made absolutely certain were air tight, he instructed Karl to breathe slowly and as deeply as he could, using all his muscular strength. Richard had noticed a low narrow weight-training bench placed along one wall, he had Karl bring this into the centre of the room and, Masks fully tightened, both rubber-clad men sat astride it facing each other. For each man what was to come immediately was, in rubber terms, a mere commonplace; both had indulged in closed-circuit counter breathing many times before, nevertheless for each there was a sense of occasion about the preparations they had been making. The frisson of excitement that had been building between them as they had slowly transformed themselves from attractive men into bizarre rubber creatures was tangible. While each was appreciative of the physical attractions of the other, these were of secondary importance for both men; the real allure for them both was the realization within each that this was a meeting of complementary, highly-developed rubber minds. The evening was to be a watershed in the lives of both; Richard was almost certain that this was so as they began their first rubber session, Karl was hoping that his encounter with Richard would at last open up his rubber life, bringing the possibility of long-awaited fulfillment, changing it forever. Both were soon to discover that each had, in his own way, come to the end of a quest.

Part 9
Face to face astride the bench, the two masked rubbermen surveyed each other silently as they settled into a steady breathing routine, their system still open to the atmosphere. Richard held the third tube in his rubber-gloved hand, and giving a pre-arranged nod to Karl, the younger man emptied his lungs as instructed, while Richard filled his. There was a brief pause while Richard folded the tube over in his fist, and when he nodded again Karl inhaled slowly and deeply. Richard instantly became aware of the power exerted by Karl's chest muscles as his lungs were forcibly emptied for him; his gasmask, emptied of air, became a vacuum and clung tightly to his face. Karl, realizing instinctively what Richard required of him, held his breath for several seconds while Richard tried to inhale and pull some air back into his own mask and lungs, but fit as he was, the super fitness of Karl enabled him to resist the not inconsiderable power that Richard was able to exert, and to hold the breath for longer than anyone Richard had previously encountered before. At length, Karl let go, and Richard inhaled greedily, using sufficient force to pull Karl's mask to his face and then himself holding the breath. Before Richard had decided to let go, he felt his lungs being sucked empty again by Karl's superior strength. It was like being connected up to a living resuscitator, with Karl in total control. For a couple of minutes they continued, Karl uncharacteristically enjoying his power, while Richard thoroughly enjoyed having his breathing so effectively manipulated for him. He decided, at some risk to himself, to see how long Karl could hold out without being allowed to breathe from atmosphere, and while both men recognized that Karl was the fitter, Richard was more experienced when it came to conserving his physical resources, the result being that both men became desperate for more oxygen at the same time. Richard opened the system to atmosphere, allowing several breaths before sealing them up again. This time he closed the circuit when Karl's lungs were filled, with the result that there was more air in the system and they were able to hold out a little longer. For twenty minutes both men enjoyed breathing against each other after which Richard removed his mask, indicating to Karl that he should do the same.

Richard savored the fact that never before had he been connected in that way to a worthier partner, and he resolved to do this with Karl again, and to develop several techniques and variations to enhance what for most rubbermen was a simple and basic rubber game. Richard knew that in future, with the combination of Karl's physical strength and his own imagination, some very exciting closed-circuit rubber breathing sessions could be devised.

Somewhat breathless, both men remained on the bench facing each other; Karl waiting to see what would happen next, while Richard reflected that he had perhaps made a tactical error by beginning the proceedings in a way that may have given Karl a slight psychological advantage, especially as he had, unusually for him, been motivated by self-indulgence. He had thoroughly enjoyed being in a rubber situation whereby Karl was able to breathe for him, but certain of his own powers of dominance, he felt fully confident that within a few minutes he would have Karl completely under his rubber control. It was, after all, good to see the boy's confidence in himself rising, but the time had now come for him to exert his full authority and show Karl just what total rubber domination by a master of rubber extremism entailed. He was anxious to see how the lad responded, and with that objective uppermost in his mind he rose from the bench, telling Karl to do the same.

The evening was by now well-advanced, Richard had not eaten since luncheon; he had a full day ahead of him tomorrow at the conference followed by his commitment to dine with a German colleague. This evening's encounter with Karl had invested the dinner engagement with added importance. His host-to-be owed him a favor, and he only needed to make a brief 'phone call tomorrow morning to call that favor in. Meanwhile tonight he would give Karl just a little foretaste of what could become part of his life permanently if he proved himself to be the rubberman Richard had now begun to hope he was. It was Tuesday, Richard would return to London on Friday afternoon. On Wednesday evening he would be dining with his colleague, there remained only Thursday on which he would have an opportunity of a further meeting with Karl, when he intended to introduce him properly to the world of black rubber anesthesia; to test Karl fully in the role of rubber submissive, and, why not, maybe make some of the lad's dreams come true.

When Karl got to his feet, Richard noted with satisfaction that unlike so many body-builders, the younger man had a very large erection. Richard told him to lie on the bench. The bench was not long enough to allow Karl to lie fully outstretched upon it, therefore with his head resting at one end, the other end of the bench came only to the back of his knees, and he was obliged to bend them and place his feet flat on the floor. Richard had found several lengths of heavy rubber strapping in the big trunk with which he secured Karl's torso to the bench, lashed his feet to the legs of the bench and immobilized his arms against the legs at the head of the bench. He bent over the reclining rubber form and ran his rubber-gloved hands over the tight rubber suit moulded over Karl's muscular body; the great chest rose and fell gently, all signs of earlier exertion now vanished. The slender waist contrasted sharply with the huge rib-cage above it and the exceptionally well developed thighs below. Karl's now semi-erect dick rested visibly inside the rubber crotch. To Richard's enquiry, Karl replied that he was comfortable, and that none of his bonds were too tight; he writhed with sensuous pleasure under the caressing touch of Richard's rubber-gloved hands.

Richard selected a gasmask from among Karl's collection, and positioning himself where Karl could see him clearly, he donned the mask, tucking the end of the long black corrugated rubber hose into his belt, then he allowed the recumbent muscleman to watch as with slow deliberation he tightened the mask strap by strap. Satisfied that the mask was on as tight as he could get it, he crossed the room to retrieve the case he had brought with him. Karl watched with undisguised curiosity as Richard carried it toward the bench, and placed it alongside, tantalizingly out of Karl's field of view. While he opened the case and began assembling the components of his portable anesthetic machine, Richard knew that Karl could hear every sound and would be wondering what was going to occur next and that his rubber antennae would be working at fever pitch. Richard took his time, enjoying the minor torment he knew he was inflicting upon Karl by so doing. Eventually he could prolong his preparations no longer, and kneeling behind Karl's rubber-hooded head, with one rubber gloved hand he caressed the young rubberman's head, sliding his hand over one side of his face until he cupped Karl's chin, while with the other he brought the big black rubber anesthetic mask quickly but gently down over Karl's nose and mouth, holding it firmly in place. He felt Karl's body stiffen for an instant before relaxing once more.

Richard leaned over until his gas masked face was close to Karl's ear. 'You understand what this is for?'

A muffled 'Yes, Doctor.' came from within Karl's mask.

Richard was giving Karl some oxygen; the noise of his breathing through the machine was clearly audible to both men. It was a sound that never failed to excite Richard, and he knew from the rapid increase in Karl's rate of respiration that the sound of his own breathing together with the anticipation of what was to come was working its magic on Karl. The big rubber-clad body builder shifted his position within his bonds and moaned slightly with pleasure; Richard noted with satisfaction that there was no resistance from him, nor any evidence of nervousness. He looked along towards Karl's groin and noted with further satisfaction that the younger man's erection had now reached such proportions that it had emerged through the open crotch zip and was standing in a graceful upward curve, swollen to the extent that the huge cockhead glistened while a bead of pre-cum appeared in the eye of the massive member. Richard strapped the mask onto Karl with a Clausen's harness, adjusting the straps to moderate tightness, cautioning Karl to breathe slowly but deeply as he did so. The young rubberman immediately brought his breathing under control. Richard waited a few seconds and then turned on the Entanox. Karl immediately began to draw the gas into his lungs greedily, and Richard warned him once again to slow his breathing, this time making the threat that if he failed to obey, there would be no more gas. Karl responded immediately. Although Richard was aware that Karl had experienced Entanox before during his visits to Magda, he was anxious to see for himself just how Karl reacted to being rendered helpless and having gas administered to him. 'So far, so good', he told himself, and he sat back for a while, watching and listening as the younger man breathed steadily through the machine, an occasional moan of pleasure escaped from the mask. There was little time for prolonged observation of Karl's enjoyment, due to the fact that the duration of the machine was limited, and had been further reduced by the fact that Richard himself had used some of the gas the previous evening. He tightened Karl's mask to maximum tightness, then allowed a minute to pass before he got his rubber-gloved hands to work on Karl's enormous dick.

Part 10
When Richard parted the double doors to allow them to pass into the delivery room, Karl, just as Tom would on a future occasion, stopped dead in his tracks and stared with wonder. He had expected nothing like this. He had assumed that Richard was bringing him to meet a rubber friend of his who also liked gas; nothing more. He stood and absorbed the scene before him. The delivery table, equipped with stainless steel stirrups was placed in the centre of the room. Above the table was a huge light, similar to, but slightly smaller than those found in operating rooms. At the head of the table stood the item that fascinated him most of all, the anesthetic machine. At the foot of the table was a fully professional array of colonic irrigation equipment, while to one side of the table was a small trolley covered with a white cloth. Karl was rather surprised that apart from the components of the anesthetic machine usually made from rubber, including the mask, plus some rubber strapping on the table itself and the stirrups, there was nothing else in the room, save also the tubing associated with the colonic equipment, made of rubber. Willi and Liesl were not rubber people despite their mutual enjoyment of gas, and so they were not equipped to provide for this aspect of Richard's 'private purpose'.

Allowing Karl his few magical seconds of surveying the scene before him, Richard then indicated that they should move to the table, and he helped Karl get onto it. Telling Karl to position himself comfortably on the table, with his legs in the stirrups, he began strapping Karl down, firmly securing his body to the table, with his arms pinned to his sides, and finally strapping his legs into the stirrups, upwards and apart. The table, being intended solely for obstetric and gynecological use, supported the body only from the head to the buttocks, enabling Richard to place himself at the foot of the table right between Karl's elevated legs when he needed to. Richard, noting with satisfaction that Karl's erection was already rampant, for a few moments busied himself with unpacking Karl's dildos and butt plugs from the bag they had brought with them, and then checked that the items he had asked to be provided were laid out on the trolley. Satisfied that all was ready, he moved to the head of the table, seated himself on the anesthetist’s stool, switched on the anesthetic machine, and turned his attention to Karl.

Karl moved his rubber-hooded head to watch as Richard picked up the big black rubber anesthetic mask from the machine. Two long corrugated black rubber tubes led from the mask back to the machine, hanging heavily in a gentle curve. Richard cupped the mask in one hand, while he rested his other arm on the table alongside Karl's head, using his rubber hand to cradle Karl's chin. He leaned close to Karl so that the rubber-clad muscleman would be able to hear as he spoke through his bizarre black rubber gasmask in his low persuasive voice. He could feel Karl's body trembling; he hoped that excitement accounted for this, although he reflected that a little fear and apprehension would not, in the circumstances, be misplaced. He found the anxiety that emanated from a young, inexperienced rubber guy on the threshold of a new experience, as Karl was on this occasion, very provocative, providing that the 'patient' did not allow his fear to overwhelm him. He became conscious of his own erection rising when he realised that Karl was indeed anxious. It was, Richard told himself, as it should be. Holding the mask where Karl could see it clearly, but keeping it well away from his face, he said, 'Are you ready, Karl?' The rubber head nodded, but Richard did not wait for further answer, and went on, 'you are going to have some new experiences this evening. Some of them will be painful, some of them may frighten you, and you will want to fight them. You may fight and struggle as much as you wish, but it will do you no good, there is no escape. For the moment you are not only my rubber patient, but you are my rubber prisoner, I could say, even, that you are my rubber slave, but I do not believe in slavery, even for rubber submissives like you, even though in truth, and fact, at this moment I am your rubber master. To prove that to you, I want you to try and struggle free from your bonds now, if you can.' Karl looked up at Richard in disbelief. 'Go on, I mean it, I want you to try and get yourself free.' Karl began to writhe about on the table, straining his massive muscles first one way and then another. He tried to rise, but couldn't; he tried moving first his legs and then his arms, until after several minutes, he gave up. 'Now you understand that there really is no escape from the rubber situation in which you now find yourself. That is, there is no physical escape that you can effect for yourself, as you have just discovered. I will free you in an instant if you tell me that you regret the situation in which you are now placed, and that you have decided you wish to proceed no further. If, on the other hand you would like to continue, and you can find it in yourself to acknowledge me as your rubber master, then we can continue. Which is it to be, Karl? Think carefully before you give me your answer. If you tell me that you don't wish to go on with this, then that will be for ever, there will be no second chance for you. If you say to me that you do wish to go on, then equally that also is for ever.

Once I become your acknowledged rubber master there will be no turning back; it will be so for always, your life will change completely and nothing will be for you as it was before ever again. Think with care, and tell me truthfully which way you choose to go.'

There was silence; the impact of the dropping of a pin in that room at that moment would have been seismic. Karl struggled with himself inwardly; it was not that he doubted what his answer would be, he could find only one word with which to convey it. He looked straight into the hypnotic eyes within the monstrous looking gasmask and breathed, 'Master!' With lightning speed Richard had the big black rubber anesthetic mask onto Karl's face and was holding it with ferocious strength before the big bodybuilder knew what was happening. 'I cannot hear you', Richard said softly into Karl's ear. 'I am yours, master!' Karl shouted frantically into the mask, as he began to feel the effects of the gas. It was only Entanox, and Richard knew he had a few moments to toy with Karl before he became muddled with the gas, and over and over he demanded of Karl that he repeat his reply until the big rubber guy's voice betrayed that the gas was winning. The combined hypnotic effect of Richard' voice and the gas sent Karl spinning into the black rubber void he was now beginning to recognize as a haven of erotic bliss.

Using a Clausen's harness he had earlier placed on the table at the spot where Karl's head would rest, Richard now strapped the mask to Karl one place below maximum tightness. He allowed the lad to breathe Entanox for a few minutes before lightening the gas and putting Karl onto pure oxygen.

He waited a few seconds until Karl was fully out of the effects of the gas and said softly, 'Karl.'

The reply was instant. 'Yes, master.'

Richard had no intention of being addressed for ever more by Karl as 'Master', and said, 'Yes, Karl, I am your master, but you will continue to call me 'Doctor', is that understood?'

'Yes, Doctor.'

'Good, now we have established that you have no wish to escape, and that there is no way you can escape. You now have to understand that no matter what happens to you tonight, you must on no account panic. I am in control of everything, and you are quite safe. No harm will come to you so long as you remember that you must never ever panic.'

Karl nodded. The big black rubber anesthetic mask strapped tightly to his face felt wonderful. Once more he stirred within his bonds to savor the delight of rubber restriction, telling himself, as he felt the restraint of his bonds, that it was this that he had been born for. The pure oxygen he breathed through the mask made him feel even stronger than he normally did, and he waited in excited anticipation for what was to follow.

Richard, meanwhile, had moved to the foot of the table. He took a pot of lubricant from the trolley and began gently opening Karl's arse with well-lubricated rubber fingers. Karl moaned softly with erotic pleasure, and his anal muscles began to respond to Richard's skilful manipulation. Richard knew from the array of dildos in Karl's collection, that the young rubber guy was no stranger to anal penetration; several of the dildos being of prodigious dimensions. Satisfied eventually that Karl was open and muscularly receptive, Richard ceased his digital exploration and greased a long slender dildo, distinctive because of its anatomically impossibly large head. He deduced from the well-used appearance of the dildo, that this was a favorite toy of Karl's, and before he proceeded with further anesthesia, he had to determine just how much anal stimulation Karl could take without injury. He held the big cockhead firmly against Karl's anus, exerting just enough pressure to encourage Karl to open up in voluntary muscular acceptance. Within seconds, to Richard's amazement and satisfaction, Karl's anal muscles had virtually swallowed up the cockhead. He watched fascinated as the anal sphincter settled itself around the shaft behind the now invisible cockhead, and he could feel Karl willing him to drive it further into him.

He paused for a second to rotate the dildo slightly from side to side within Karl, before beginning, with gentle but relentless pressure to drive the big head further into Karl's rectum. His efforts were rewarded by contented sighs and moans from beneath the big mask. Karl's pleasure was further betrayed by the visible throbbing of his massively erect dick. Richard had thrust the dildo into Karl to the point where about eight inches of the shaft were inside him before he stopped and began to withdraw. He made repeated strokes to the same depth without an adverse reaction from Karl, who was making encouraging noises inside his mask. Richard began deeper thrusts until eventually, when just over ten inches were into him, Karl stiffened in resistance, and Richard knew, as does the mariner taking soundings, that he had touched bottom. He probed a little deeper, but Karl stiffened each time, and eventually gave a little cry indicating to Richard that the limit had finally been reached. Carefully he withdrew the shaft until only the head remained in Karl. He paused to allow Karl's muscles to relax, then tugging outwardly just enough to exert a little downward pressure, he encouraged Karl to expel the head of his own accord.
The only part of Karl's anatomy remaining mobile within the extensive rubber bondage binding him to the table and stirrups was his head. He could watch everything Richard was doing despite the fact that his vision was slightly obstructed by the inflated black rubber cuff on the rim of the large anesthetic mask tightly strapped to his face. He had watched enthralled when he saw Richard pick up his favorite dildo, and as it had been inserted and the probing within him began gently, and then penetrated deeper, he had hoped for a really vigorous fucking. The huge cockhead had felt great as it plunged deeper into him, then, when his limit had been reached, and he felt his body stiffen involuntarily to resist further penetration, he had felt a sense of disappointment as Richard had begun the withdrawal. He remembered just in time to remain silent. He must, he knew, never forget that his new rubber master was the one who ordered his rubber pleasure from now on, and he concentrated all his physical and mental effort upon anticipating and responding to Richard's requirements of him. He felt the unremitting outward pressure of the cockhead, and quickly worked out that Richard wanted him to let it go, which, with some reluctance, he did. The pure oxygen he was getting from the anesthetic machine had given him a tremendous lift, and he had never felt fitter, more alive, nor more sexually stimulated that he did at that moment. He saw Richard pick up a large nozzle connected to the enema equipment, and after it had been well-lubricated, he had felt it slide effortlessly into his ass, and he watched excitedly as Richard squeezed a rubber bulb attached to the shaft of the nozzle. Within seconds he had felt the nozzle begin to inflate within him, and soon he was aware of the warm liquid flowing into him. Using some of the rubber strapping, Richard fashioned a makeshift but effective harness around Karl's loins to prevent Karl expelling the inflated nozzle at a later stage.

Karl saw Richard lean over to the anesthetic machine for just a second, and he knew more gas was coming. He breathed deeply and slowly as Richard had instructed. He wanted to pull as much of the intoxicating gas into him as he could, but he was, he now realised, learning to react to this, as to everything that would happen in this rubber experience, in the manner that he hoped would please Richard. As the gas took effect, he closed his eyes, no longer curious about what Richard was doing, and he allowed himself to drift into the black rubber twilight world he had now become familiar with, and where what remained of his consciousness was dominated by a succession of erotic rubber fantasies, each more outrageous and extreme than before.

He was unaware when Richard once again moved to the machine, this time to lighten the gas so that Karl would be more aware than usual, when on gas, of what was happening to his body, but yet would remain sufficiently affected by the gas to feel pleasantly sedated. Karl could feel the inflated Bardex nozzle inside him, and he was aware that his gut was getting fuller by the second. He lay there dreaming his rubber dreams for what seemed like an eternity, until the increasing volume within him began to drive all else from his mind. He felt as if he were about to burst, but the flow continued, stopping only when mentally he had abandoned all hope of it ever stopping, and in his semi-gassed state, he had resigned himself to whatever might now happen. He could feel a pulse in his anal sphincter beating furiously against the solid inflated nozzle, his mask felt both tight and heavy. He was still sufficiently conscious to maintain a rigid erection, which throbbed to the same beat as his anal pulse. He gloried in his discomfort, this act of rubber submission was what he had craved for as long as he could remember.

The pressure inside him subsided as the water began its outward flow. Twice more he would be filled, each time a little fuller than the last. When the third enema was inside him he felt that the pressure was greater than ever, and this time his gut was not drained to relieve it; his entire abdominal region seemed to him to be filled beyond capacity. He lay waiting for the pressure to ease, and became aware that the effects of the gas were diminishing. As he returned to full consciousness he began to feel fully the effect of the massive amount of warm fluid he was being forced to retain within his body. He felt Richard's hand gently palpate his distended abdomen, and although the touch was light, to Karl, now in a highly sensitized condition, it felt as if he were being pummeled. Richard's voice came in his ear, 'I have a little treat for you now, Karl. You are about to have a new experience, remember what I told you about panic. Just breathe normally now, and relax and enjoy what comes. If you can do that, I promise you it will be fantastic for you, but if you fight it, you will hate it. Do you understand?' 'Yes, Doctor' 'Good. Right, off we go.' Karl felt the gas take effect once more, and for a few seconds the pressure within him seemed to ease. There was in fact no reduction, the analgesic effect of the Entanox merely made him feel less aware of his bloated lower bowel.

He spun down into the black rubber twilight world the gas had made him familiar with.

By now growing accustomed to the effects of breathing Entanox, he knew that it would take him no further into true anesthesia no matter how much he breathed it; he would just stay pleasantly intoxicated, and able to fantasize to his heart's content. As Richard had instructed, he relaxed and gave himself up to full enjoyment of his situation, while wondering mildly to himself just what the treat was that Richard had promised.

It was when he felt Richard's hand on his mask that Karl realised that he was feeling differently. The mask had already begun to feel very tight and heavy, now Richard exerted quite severe pressure. He was in fact weaning Karl gradually from Entanox onto Nitrous Oxide. He counted Karl's breaths, and on every fifth inhalation he gave Karl a burst of Nitrous. He wanted Karl to experience a long slow induction into full general anesthesia, and as he now began to demonstrate, he was a master at prolonging the onset of unconsciousness, keeping his 'patient' hovering on the brink, just sufficiently aware of what was happening, to give a devotee such as Karl a really thrilling slow descent into black rubber oblivion. By careful regulation of the flow of Nitrous, and continual pressure and manipulation of the mask, he was able to keep Karl in a state of awareness as very slowly the anesthetic began to overwhelm him. By degrees he increased the dose of Nitrous, so that after five minutes the gas came to Karl every fourth breath, and so on until finally he was breathing true anesthetic with every breath, no longer able to resist the beguiling lure of the gas into the dark abyss of black rubber anesthesia toward which he spun downwards relentlessly.
Karl slept.

As soon as Karl lost consciousness, Richard lightened the anesthetic and set the flow meter to maintain Karl's condition at a point where he was just barely 'under'. He checked Karl's pulse, which was normal for the circumstances, then checked that the enema nozzle remained in place and that there was no leakage due to Karl's reflexes being affected by the anesthetic.

Satisfied that all was well with Karl, Richard drew the trolley to the foot of the table, swept off the covering cloth and inspected the array of items laid out neatly. There were some two dozen hemostats, a kidney dish containing two Foley catheters, one of medium gauge, the other of large gauge, bathed in a sterilizing fluid, together with a syringe for inflating the catheter balloons. The equipment Richard had asked for was completed by a pair of large surgical clamps, each fitted with a pair of soft rubber pads.

After casting a quick look at Karl, Richard pinched up the skin of Karl's scrotum, taking care that he had only skin between his rubber fingers, and began clamping the hemostats from one side to the other until he had made a complete fan of hemostats right around the ball sac. Of the three possible locking positions available on each hemostat, Richard chose the least severe, and when he had completed clamping the scrotum, he lifted Karl's now flaccid dick, and working up from the root, pinched out the skin along the underside and attached the remaining hemostats along the whole length, saving the last one for the frenum, which he knew would cause Karl the most exquisite pain of all.

Not once during this procedure did Karl flinch, so Richard knew he had judged the level of anesthesia correctly. He picked up the two large clamps and resumed his seat on the stool by Karl's head. Richard sat for a few minutes just watching Karl's massive chest rise and fall regularly; once more he found himself fascinated by the sheer size of the thorax. Almost without thinking Richard found his attention had wandered to the big black rubber bladder on the anesthetic machine. Each time Karl exhaled, the bag filled to capacity, the natural creases along its length smoothed out to invisibility by the pressure within. With each breath Karl exhaled the big black rubber bag hovered quivering, fully extended for just a second before it began to deflate as he inhaled again, emptying the bladder until it crumpled into itself, hanging momentarily empty and lifeless before the cycle began yet again with Karl's next breath. He allowed his gaze to travel along the two corrugated black rubber hoses from the machine to the black rubber mask firmly strapped on the rubber face of the sleeping Karl. He reached out and lightly ran his rubber-gloved hands over the black rubber head of the slumbering weight-lifter.

It was at this moment that the resolve crystallized within Richard to invite Karl to join his household, provided that the lad came through the remainder of the evening without falling short of Richard's high standard. His decision made at last, Richard reached forward over Karl's chest and attached the two clamps to his nipples, once again leaving them at the least severe of the three possible settings. He then tightened the mask to its tightest and, turning to the machine, cut the gas and put Karl onto pure oxygen to hasten Karl's recovery and reduce the likelihood of headache and nausea, and waited with excited anticipation for reaction from Karl as he emerged from his first encounter with full erotic black rubber anesthesia.

Richard had been aware from the outset that this almost impromptu scene with Karl had been planned, and was being executed, under far from what he would normally have regarded as ideal conditions. For the moment, however, he remained unaware that his improvised plans had been flawed, the devastating consequences of which were soon to become apparent.

Part 11
Richard did not have long to wait before Karl betrayed the first signs of returning consciousness. The hitherto regular rhythm of his breathing slowly gave way to a more disturbed, agitated cycle of respiration as Karl's system responded to the level of intense pain he was beginning to experience in his groin. He moaned, and opening his eyes, still muddled from the gas, began to ramble in German. Richard remained silent and motionless, he knew it would be several seconds yet before the full impact of the pain impinged upon Karl.

That this was now beginning was apparent from the increased restlessness of the big body-builder within his bonds; he began to struggle, moaning and grunting. Richard leaned forward, bending his head close to Karl's. In tones he hoped were reassuring he said, 'It's alright Karl, you're safe - I'm here with you and everything is alright.' As he spoke, he caressed Karl's rubber helmeted and tightly masked head gently with his rubber hands, but Karl, now almost completely free of the effects of the Nitrous, showed signs of distress, and tried to move his head free from Richard's hands, shaking it violently from side to side, causing the pair of black rubber corrugated hoses leading from his mask back to the anesthetic machine to dance.
Although Richard had never thought of himself as being a sadistic rubber dominant, and had no interest in Sado-masochism in its purest and most literal sense, making a clear distinction in his mind between that erotic activity and the imposition of his will as a rubber dominant upon a rubber submissive in circumstances where the element of consent previously given by the submissive was a paramount factor, nevertheless, the sight and sound of a totally rubber-clad submissive breathing while tightly masked through any form of breathing apparatus of which he had sole control, while that submissive was under severe physical duress, never failed to excite Richard to a point where he came as close as he ever did to losing control of himself.

The prospect of witnessing so magnificent a specimen as Karl enduring such duress in the circumstances he had created had on this occasion invested Richard's sense of anticipation with a keenness he had not felt for a long time; that sense of keenness evaporated before his eyes as it dawned upon him that Karl's reaction was not going to be at all as he had expected it to be.

The pain in Karl's genital region was now searing. He was in a state of total panic, cursing himself for his stupidity in trusting this English stranger. Tears of fear and anger welled up in his eyes, and he shouted at Richard through his mask, 'Why have you done this terrible thing to me - why I have been punished - you are like Nazi.' Richard sat upright, slightly startled, and not a little dismayed by the violence of Karl's reaction. He let Karl rave on at him for just a little longer before hardening his voice. He could not believe he had misjudged Karl so widely, 'Just what do you believe I have done to you that is so terrible - I know you are in pain, but you must have expected that, you were told there was no need for panic, and that is the case - now why are you behaving like a big girl?' That was perhaps the worst thing Richard could have said. He was worried, he felt that control of the situation was rapidly slipping away from him, a circumstance with which he was totally unfamiliar, and he did not like it. Karl screamed at him in reply, 'If I behave like girl, it is because you have make me like girl. You have taken the man of me away, now kill me, I don't want to live like girl.'

In a flash Richard realised his mistake. In his hurry to set up the scene far from his own facilities, and having had much less time than he usually gave to planning and thinking out his tactics, he realised with a mixture of relief and horror, what it was that was causing such an unexpected reaction from Karl. He understood now that the lad believed he had been deprived of his manhood permanently while under the gas, and that Richard had tricked him into that situation. That was the basis of Karl's complaint, not, much to Richard's relief, anything to do with the pain itself. He realised that if he were to retrieve the situation and regain control, re-establishing his authority in Karl's mind, not to mention Karl's trust and confidence in him, he must quickly convince the lad that no damage had been done to him.

His reasoning was rapid, in seconds he had worked out that despite his own guilty feelings about putting Karl in his present predicament through lack of adequate planning of the scene itself, and his omissions in his mental and psychological preparation of Karl beforehand, he must now induce Karl to believe that if any mistake had been made, it had been his own in jumping to wrong conclusions. Much as he hated himself for this deception, Richard knew it was the only way to maintain Karl's trust in him, and in view of his recent decision about Karl's future, there was now too much at stake for both of them for him to risk the possible consequences of taking an apologetic and sympathetic line.

Sharply he said to Karl, 'Stop this nonsense immediately, do you hear me. If you keep on sniveling like a baby, I will release you, send you home, and that will be the end of your rubber life forever. Now listen to me - nothing has been taken from you. You have not been cut, but you have been severely clamped, which is what is causing all the pain you can feel. I will show you. Lift your head and keep still and quiet.' Richard rose from the stool, went to the foot of the table, and hooking a rubber finger through one of the scissor-like handles of a hemostat, lifted Karl's dick to where he could see his genitals still intact, amid the array of hemostats glittering beneath the lights. Karl did not even wince with the added pain this caused, he just lay back with an audible sigh of relief.

Still cursing himself for what he knew was a stupid lapse of classic proportions, Richard resumed his place on the stool by Karl's head. He sat silently for several seconds looking down at Karl who lay with his eyes closed, but now no longer restless, and once more breathing regularly. Richard acknowledged to himself that he had overloaded Karl with pain in a crucial area that he had not allowed for Karl’s inexperience either with anesthesia or extremes of physical sensation in scenes which to Richard were commonplace and that Karl's reaction was understandable in the circumstances. What he was beginning to realize about Karl that was more than a little surprising, was that although he had succeeded in demonstrating to him that he remained entire, he had done nothing to ameliorate his pain, and yet the lad behaved now as if he were perfectly comfortable.

Karl opened his eyes, looking straight into Richard's. 'I am sorry, Doctor. I have been silly.' Richard struggled with himself to conceal his sigh of relief. 'Yes, you have been extremely silly. I have told you from the beginning that you would be safe, and that you were to trust me, but the very first time I have put that trust to the test, you behave as you have done - like a dumkopf - it must never happen again, do you understand?'

Karl nodded, again causing the long black rubber hoses from his mask to jump about, but he remained silent. 'Then we will forget about it this time, and get on with what we are here for. Now how do you feel down below, you are feeling a lot of pain?' Karl's response was eloquent in its simplicity, 'Yes, Doctor, there is much pain, but I am a man.....'. The sentence remained unfinished verbally, and was concluded by the best he could manage in the way of a shrug of his massive shoulders, allowing for the restrictions imposed upon him by his bonds. He was telling Richard in the only way he knew how, that his years of dedicated weight-training had accustomed him to pain in the mind as well as in the body. That going that little extra in the pursuit of physical perfection had built will-power as much as muscle-power, these things had made a man of him, he was proud of his maleness, and now, in the light of his recent fright, his pride in his manhood was more than a little tinged with relief and thankfulness that he remained intact as a man. He was telling Richard that alongside these considerations, a little pain was as nothing to him, and he would bear it like a man.

Richard understood Karl's message; he was moved by the gentle simplicity of this great hunk of a man who was proving to be as massive in spirit as he was in body, and he was gratified to find that his own first instincts about his suitability as an addition to his London household were true.

Still somewhat shaken not only by the nearness of calamity, but by his own culpability, Richard pulled himself together, realizing that time was getting on. Rising from the stool, he made his way to the foot of the table, marveling at Karl's stoicism in his genital pain and the added discomfort of the enema he retained in his bowels. As he passed, he allowed his rubber hand to rest briefly on Karl's rubber bicep, almost unconsciously as a gesture of reassurance. The muscle was rigid with tension, and further investigation of his thigh revealed the same muscular rigidity; Karl was not, after all, he realised, in any way immune to the pain, he had simply deliberately steeled himself to it.

Richard began draining the enema from Karl; the relief from the internal pressure now triggered the first reaction that Richard had originally hoped to observe in Karl. His breathing became more erratic, and he began to moan and fling his head about from side to side. The black rubber bladder on the anesthetic machine leapt into new life, and Richard began to thrill at these signs of duress being exhibited by the young rubbered, masked and bound musclemen. While the enema was draining, Richard began to remove the hemostats from the underside of Karl's dick, leaving only the one on the frenum in place, together with those on the scrotum. Despite the additional pain caused by the removal of the hemostats, Karl's dick was massively erect, and Richard ran a rubber finger slowly up and down the now highly-sensitized underside of the hugely swollen cock. Karl writhed with sensual pleasure; Richard said, 'Feels good, does it?' Karl just nodded, and Richard could see that the lad was grinning in his mask.

The draining of the enema was almost complete, and Richard took the smaller of the two catheters, dipped it in a pot of sterile gel, and with one hand holding the hemostat clamped to Karl's frenum, slowly inserted it into the eye of Karl's dick, and gently pushed it in until he felt the resistance of the sphincter. He maneuvered it through and into the bladder, then inflated it, locking it into position.
Karl squirmed with pleasure as he felt the catheter sliding along inside his dick. Physically, he was feeling great; mentally he was still shaken by his recent terror, added to which he felt overwhelming guilt that he had allowed Richard not only to see his terror, but that he had doubted his integrity. He resolved never to give way to groundless fears again. While Richard busied himself with clearing the colonic equipment out of his way, Karl had a few moments to reflect upon his present situation.

The pain in his groin had given way to a feeling of intense warmth; his whole genital area throbbed with life in a way he had never before experienced, and he realised that he found physical pain when applied like this very stimulating, and he was aware of a feeling of elation creeping over him. He loved the submissive position in which Richard had placed him; the sense of total helplessness and dependence was every bit as exciting and fulfilling as he had always dreamed it would be. He stirred within his bonds, and relished their restriction; his mask felt crushingly tight, and although he was beginning to experience a slight ache in his lower jaw from the pressure, he nevertheless told himself that this moment was what he had lived for and dreamed about ever since he discovered that there was a whole lot more to rubber living than being a randy teenager sniffing an old rubber coat while he wanked himself into a frenzy of frustration. He was well aware that he looked magnificent, now for the first time in his life he really actually felt magnificent; at last his masculine pride in himself was fulfilled, and he was ready for anything Richard cared to inflict upon him.

The colonic gear stowed out of the way, Richard returned to the foot of the table, and began manipulating the catheter so that it made gentle contact with Karl's prostate. This was Karl's first experience of prostate stimulation, and although by any standards, it was minimal, he had never known such sexual ecstasy and his arousal was evidenced by his now massive erection. Richard added to Karl's pleasure by slowly moving his rubber fingers along the now hyper-sensitive underside of Karl's dick, causing increasing reaction from the big body-builder; it was plain that Karl was beside himself with erotic pleasure.

Richard was at last satisfied that he had successfully retrieved the situation, and allowed Karl several more minutes of intense pleasure before deciding that it was time to move on to what he regarded as a crucial test for Karl. Leaving the catheter in position, he returned to the head of the table and began giving Karl Entanox. He watched the big black rubber bladder on the machine so as to judge Karl's reaction. He was breathing slowly and very deeply, extending and compressing the bag fully with each cycle of respiration. Satisfied that Karl had remembered his instructions about not gulping in the gas, Richard turned his attention to Karl's dick, which he expected to become flaccid. It did, and as soon as Richard considered the moment was right, he stopped the Entanox and, moving quickly returned to the foot of the table, deflated the catheter, withdrew it slowly, and replaced it with a much larger one. Big enough to stretch Karl's urethra, and open it right up, the well-lubricated sterile tube moved slowly along the length of the boy's urethra, giving him an intense sensation of pleasure. It took Richard several seconds to negotiate the sphincter, and before inflating the catheter he moved it in and out of the sphincter several times, rotating it, and stimulating the prostate. Karl was once more writhing in ecstasy, much to Richard's satisfaction.

The big catheter finally inflated and locked into Karl, Richard took the dildo that he recognized as Karl's favorite, lubricated it, and began slowly to insert it into Karl's ass. He fucked Karl with it slowly and gently for a few minutes, and then holding it with one hand, he systematically snapped each of the hemostats on Karl's scrotum to maximum tightness, causing Karl to wince and writhe about, but the lad made no complaint. Finally, Richard reached forward and snapped the two nipple clamps as tight as they would go, then seizing the base of the dildo with both hands began fucking Karl with it, slow long strokes to begin with, gradually increasing the speed and intensity of the fucking until Karl began moaning softly with pleasure. Richard stopped fucking, and lifting his knee, placed it against the base of the dildo to hold it in place while he dipped one rubber hand in to the pot of lube and began working it along the length of Karl's Dick, holding it steady by the hemostat on his frenum. Then he slowly wanked Karl while he increased the pressure of his knee against the dildo holding it firmly in Karl as far as it would go. He could feel Karl attempting to move himself further onto the dildo, and he knew the lad was almost out of his mind with sexual pleasure. Richard paused in his wanking for a second, and snapped the hemostat on the frenum open and removed it, causing Karl to jump with the exquisite pain, which Richard immediately assuaged by running his well-lubricated rubber finger around the base of the head of Karl's dick, causing it to throb visibly.

Karl's breathing indicated that he was on the verge of orgasm. Richard let Karl's dick stand on its own while he cleaned the lube from his rubber gloved hands, deflated the catheter and carefully and slowly withdrew it. He knew that by now Karl was desperate to come, so dropping his knee, he once more took hold of the base of the dildo and resumed deep fucking of Karl's ass, while with the other hand he slowly wanked Karl's huge erection. Orgasm, when it came, was overwhelming in its intensity, and was prolonged beyond any Richard had previously witnessed. Great shudders convulsed Karl's body, accompanied by loud grunting sounds from within his mask, as stream after stream of spunk rose high above to fall in a gathering pool on the rubber covered abdomen of the big muscleman.

When finally Karl's orgasm subsided the room was silent apart from the sound of Karl's breathing into the machine. For several seconds Richard did not move, he stood watching the huge chest rise and fall as Karl slowly recovered. The bladder on the machine was inflating and deflating regularly, and it was clear that Karl was utterly spent. This had been Richard's intention, for the final stage of the session was approaching, and it was to this part of the proceedings that Richard attached greatest importance; he intended to test Karl to the limit of the facilities available to him. He knew by now that the clamps on Karl's scrotum and on his nipples would now be causing serious pain, and furthermore, that the character of the pain Karl was now enduring would have changed after orgasm. No longer would it be pain of the satisfying erotic kind, but would have become an almost intolerably searing irritant. Nevertheless, Richard made no attempt to ease Karl's suffering; he needed to know how much Karl could take, so he took his time cleaning the pool of spunk from Karl's belly, then moved over to the anesthetic machine to make some adjustment for the next and final phase of the proceedings.

Karl lay silent, motionless apart from the now less frantic heaving of his chest as he recovered from the effort of orgasm. Richard returned to the foot of the table, and with slow deliberation, began snapping the clamps from Karl's scrotum. He was purposefully slow, wanting to spin the procedure out as long as he could. His intention was neither cruel nor sadistic; he was testing Karl's stamina. It was essential for him to know that Karl was not one of those who, having come, then lost all interest in the proceedings. If Karl was to be of any use to his future plans, he had to have staying power, and this long drawn out and very painful procedure was the first part of the test he had devised for Karl. As each clamp was snapped off his scrotum, Karl's only reaction was an involuntary jerk of his body in response to the stimulus; no sound escaped him. When the last clamp had been removed, his ball sack felt hot and tender. Richard lightly massaged the area with his rubber hand, and to Karl the cool rubber felt like balm. Richard reached up over Karl's body and snapped off the two nipple clamps, one at a time, gratified and relieved that Karl had come through this part of his little test to his satisfaction.

For the final, and for Richard's purposes, the crucial part of Karl's test, he resumed his seat on the stool at the head of the table. He placed his rubber hands either side of Karl's rubber hooded and masked head, gently cradling it between them. He leaned forward to enable Karl to hear him through his gasmask. 'How are you feeling now, Karl?' 'I am fine, Doctor - a little tired'. Richard nodded, gave Karl a reassuring pat on the head and turned his attention to the anesthetic machine. As he turned he placed one hand on Karl's mask and exerted as much downward pressure upon it as he could without injuring Karl; he wanted Karl to have the strongest possible sense of helplessness, of dependence, even, perhaps of the sheer hopelessness of his position. He wanted to reinforce Karl's feeling of submission, Karl must now be given a sense of the totality and immediacy of Richard's domination of him, and that there was no possibility of escape from whatever Richard ordained for him.

Karl responded to the pressure Richard now exerted upon his mask by beginning to breathe more heavily and rapidly. His sense of anticipation suddenly sharpened, and his pulse rate increased. He was not expecting Ether. The heavy pungent and overwhelming vapor took him completely by surprise. His head swam, his ears roared and his hands and feet tingled strangely. He had heard about Ether, and in his efforts to learn about anesthetics he had discovered that it was one of the most potent, though long since superseded in clinical use by more modern anesthetics, mainly because Ether was considered by most anesthetists to be unpleasant to administer because of its panic-inducing properties, and for patients therefore, unpleasant to breathe. Karl had read about the strong volatile vapor, and had long fantasized about breathing it in an erotic rubber situation in such as he now found himself. Despite his weariness, the Ether caused no panic; this, he told himself, is real anesthetic. The heady vapor excited and stimulated him in a way that, enjoyable though they were, the relatively odorless gasses he had so far experienced could never do. He loved the sense of being totally overwhelmed by the vapor, he loved, and gloried in the knowledge that the tightly strapped, and now held and pressed to him, mask prevented any prospect of escape. This smell, this whole situation of total and absolute rubber submission was, he knew now, what he had craved. His mind raced, in seconds he realised that wildly exciting though this new experience was, there was something lacking, he was aware of a slight sense of disappointment. He wanted the pain he had experienced this evening to return, he wanted the dildo back, and above all he wanted that big catheter back in his dick - for the first time in his life he knew exactly what he wanted.

Karl exhaled and took another deep breath, expecting to get another overwhelming shot of Ether, but Richard had other ideas. He had allowed Karl only one hit of the Ether before returning him to oxygen. He had expected the customary panic and associated attempts to struggle, therefore he had planned to allow Karl a few moments to recover from the initial effects of the strong vapor, and thereafter give him a much reduced and intermittent dose, providing a prolonged and gradual induction before putting him right 'under' with a full dose. In his surprise, he lifted his hand from Karl's mask, thinking for a few doubtful seconds that perhaps he had made an error in his adjustments to the machine, and that Karl had not actually received the intended dose, however as the residual traces of the vapor seeped from the system and he could smell it himself, he knew that all was well. He cast a checking glance at Karl, who was quite still with his eyes closed, breathing evenly. To his amazement he discovered that Karl's dick was once again standing erect; in all his long experience he had never encountered such a positive reaction from a candidate being introduced to Ether for the first time.

He placed his hand back on Karl's mask, and exerted renewed pressure; as he did so, Karl opened his eyes, he was breathing deeply in his mask, and there was an enquiring, searching look in his eyes. Richard bent over him, 'Good?', he enquired, still amazed at this guy's tolerance of the Ether. He felt Karl try to nod acquiescence beneath his hand, and he noted from the muscles around Karl's eyes, that the lad was trying to grin beneath the now considerable pressure of the rubber mask on his face. Richard decided to stick to his original plan and induct Karl slowly and gradually. He had adjusted the machine to deliver a dose of Ether greatly diluted with oxygen every fourth breath. He re- activated the machine, and then placed both hands firmly over Karl's mask and exerted strong downward pressure once more, leaning over Karl as he did so.

Karl loved this powerful pressure on his masked rubber face, and when the Ether, fainter, now began again, he reveled in the strange feeling it induced within him. Involuntarily he was repeating over and over, 'Yes, Yes' to himself. When Richard heard Karl's mumblings, he knew for sure that he had found in Karl a truly natural candidate for his long-term rubber plans. He found himself thinking back to when he had discovered Hans, and realised that Karl was his equal in his capacity to appreciate the erotic pleasures of black rubber anesthesia, even if he had much ground to make up in experience.

Richard removed his hands from Karl's mask, stopped the Ether and returned him once again to pure oxygen. He sat watching Karl, who opened his eyes as soon as he realised there was no more Ether. He wanted to beg Richard for more of that divine vapor, but remembering how the scene had started off, and still feeling that he had erred seriously, was too nervous to do so. His dick was rampant and he ached for a renewal sexual stimulation. For fully five minutes Richard sat immobile and silent, then once again adjusting the machine, he leaned forward, placing his elbows on the table either side of Karl's head, placed his hands on the mask and pressed as hard as he dared, leaning right over Karl to give him as much sense of being 'put down' as he could. He knew that after two more breaths of pure oxygen, Karl would get a full dose of Ether with each breath. He waited.

Karl felt Richard push down heavily on his mask, he was aware of Richard's arms gripping the side of his head, and once more his sense of anticipation was sharpened, and he breathed the oxygen wishing and hoping there would be more Ether. Suddenly it was there, full and strong; Karl felt he could not get enough of it, and breathed in deeply fearing that once more he would only be allowed the single breath as before, but Richard did not release his hold on his mask this time, and when he breathed again, there was more Ether. Briefly his head swam again, and then there was nothing, just blackness.

Richard felt the relaxation through Karl's body that signified unconsciousness, and immediately put him back onto oxygen. He had completed his test, and now wanted Karl to recover as rapidly as possible, for there was still much to discuss before he left for London tomorrow. He slackened Karl's bonds, and waited for him to come round. He was well satisfied with the way Karl had reacted to the whole of the evening's work. He still felt bad inside himself about the poor beginning, but hopefully, he felt, no lasting harm had been done either to his own credibility in Karl's eyes, or to his own ability to establish total and permanent rubber dominance over the lad.
Karl stirred. Richard eased the pressure on his mask, but left it in place; he wanted Karl to continue breathing pure oxygen for another fifteen minutes to clear his head and minimize any feeling of nausea he might have.

Karl's recovery was rapid, and complete, and in another half an hour the pair were in a cab heading back to the city. During the trip back to Karl's apartment, the youngster was silent, morose even, and Richard left him to his thoughts, interrupting the journey only to collect some food from a takeaway. Over a hasty meal, which Karl devoured hungrily, the lad maintained his silence. When they had eaten, Richard said softly, 'You are quiet.' 'Yes, I am sad.' 'Why is that - did you not enjoy what we have been doing?' 'Yes, but tomorrow you go, and there will be no more.'

Richard looked at his watch; it was past midnight. He looked straight into Karl's eyes, and began to tell him about Hans, his house in London, his long-term rubber plans, all of which Karl listened to in doleful silence. Richard then mentioned that he needed another suitable rubber guy in the household, and the reasons. When Richard asked Karl if he would be prepared to move to London and join himself and Hans in their rubber life, Karl's face lit up, and his usual infectious grin spread almost from ear to ear. Richard had his answer; he had his new man. He gave Karl a brief resume of what would be expected of him, cautioned him that he would be expected to work to both his and Hans' direction, explained the relationship that existed between himself and Hans, then asked him if he still wanted to come. Karl's grin answered for him.

Richard left, telling Karl that he would be in touch within a few days about the arrangements, and turned his thoughts to the daunting task of acquainting Hans with the news of the impending addition to the household, which in the event was accomplished after much explaining, and Karl assumed his role.

Satisfied that Hans could be left for a while, Richard took Karl to the side of the room. He looked over to where Tom sat quietly, he would be alright for a few minutes. Richard checked to see that only he and Karl were in circuit. 'You have become very fond of Tom over the past few weeks, I think.' 'Yes, Doctor. I am sorry if that is wrong, but I love him and would like to know him better, but if you tell me that I must not, then I will obey.' Karl hung his gas masked head, staring at his rubber booted feet. Richard lifted his rubber hand to Karl's chin and pulled his head up. 'Look at me Karl. You have been here four years now, you have done all that has been asked of you, and you have become a very valued member of this household. You have, I know, from time to time had a lot to endure from Hans. He is a fine man, as you know, even if a little difficult at times, and he has come to respect your rubber abilities as I have done. Now you have your duties here, and I have no intention of releasing you from those in any way whatsoever. Unless I am very much mistaken, Tom feels the same way about you. Now go tell him, you have earned the right to your own happiness, and anyway, if Tom continues to perform as he has done so far, you will be seeing a lot him anyway, though you are not to tell him that. Now, I'll put you two in circuit, and be quick, its time you were fed.'

Tom looked up, suddenly he could hear Karl's breathing in his ears. Karl left Richard, went to a locker at the side of the room from which he collected Tom's set of breathing gear and his butt plug, and began making his way across the room to Tom. Richard, who had remained where he was, watched Karl, and waiting until he was half way across the room to Tom flicked at one of the tabs on his belt, and instantly Karl was startled by the sudden considerable increase in activity in his cock rings and butt plug that Richard had caused. Richard grinned wickedly in his mask, telling himself that a rampant and throbbing erect dick and a wildly twitching asshole was just the spur Karl needed.

Tom watched as Karl approached; he heard the startled 'ooh!' and saw the slight hesitation as Karl felt the increased activity in his cock rings and butt plug. As Karl reached Tom's side both began speaking at once. Karl lifted his rubber gloved fingers to Tom's rubber lips to silence him. ' We have only a moment, Tom, I have to fit you with your breathing gear, and plug. The Doctor requires us to be masked and breathing oxygen at all times, and you have been resting for long enough, now.' That was fine by Tom, he was feeling recovered and looking longingly at the breathing gear, he was eager to be in it, and his ass was in urgent need of the stimulus of the plug.

Karl set about his work of fitting Tom with the gear, all the while the pair moving their rubber hands over each other's rubber clad bodies. Tom was just as erect as Karl, but casting anxious looks in Richard's direction when Karl grabbed Tom's dick, he hesitated to grab Karl's, which he could see was almost bursting from the confines of the rubber sheath.. Karl saw Tom's hesitancy, and seized his opportunity. 'It's alright Tom, the Doctor knows how we feel about each other, we have a few minutes together now, he will allow us to meet when all this is over, if you would like that.' Tom heaved a sigh of relief, grabbed Karl's dick and said, 'You just try and stop me!' By now Tom was fully geared up, plugged, and connected into the systems; the two made their way over to Richard and Hans. Richard was beginning the final stages of preparing Hans for his feeding, and Tom was fascinated to see the big rubber guy strapped in the elaborately equipped chair undergoing the exact preparations that he had so recently experienced himself.

Hans was still breathing Entanox, and Tom looked over to the anesthetic machine alongside and slightly to the back of the chair, and watched the regular rising and falling of the black rubber bladder as Hans breathed on in his gas induced delirium. Richard paused in his attentions to Hans as Tom and Karl approached. He flicked at a tab on his belt, bring all three of them into the same circuit, and said, 'Tom, you can assist me to relieve Karl of his breathing gear, and you can put it over on the table.' When Karl was divested of his breathing gear, Richard settled him in the chair opposite to and facing Hans, and began fitting his feeding gag. Then he fitted the feeding tube through the channel in an anesthetic mask which he strapped onto Karl. The sight of the two masked rubbermen strapped into these incredible chairs opposite one another was almost too much for Tom, and without thinking, he allowed his hand stray to his rubber dick. Richard noted the movement, and flicking once more at his belt, increased the activity in Tom's cock rings and butt plug. All was now set for the pair to be intubated, and for the feeding to commence.

Part 12
Richard checked that the long red feeding tubes were properly connected to the pump that would deliver a measured amount of liquid nourishment to the two masked and gagged rubbermen. His next task was to make a routine inspection of the anesthetic machine, and satisfied that the settings were as he wished, he put Karl on to Entanox, causing the young rubbered muscleman to begin moaning softly and appreciatively into his mask. Simultaneously, he took Hans off the gas, returning him to breathing pure oxygen, but before Hans was completely out of the gas, Richard began inserting the feeding tube into Hans' throat and down into his stomach. The massive German knew just how to swallow and use his throat muscles to assist the tube in its passage. Tom watched these movements excitedly, and once more could not resist grabbing his own dick, so stimulating to him was the sight of these two men in total rubber.

Richard, alert to everything around him as usual, noted Tom's movement, and began to fear that he would become so excited that he would bring himself to orgasm. A quick flick of Richard's hand to his belt resulted in Tom grabbing his dick and his balls and bending double with the sharp pain at the base of his dick. He had forgotten the punishment facility that lurked within these hitherto deliciously benign rubber rings, and the reminder came as something of a shock to him in a very real and painful sense. Richard's voice came into his ears, 'Easy now, Tom - you have a long way to go yet, so from now on you must leave yourself alone, is that clear?' His voice hardened into uncompromising firmness as he put the question, Tom gave a sheepish, 'Yes, Doctor' in reply, and then felt foolish when he realised he had become so conscious of his own hands, he did not know what to do with them.

Richard turned his attention to Karl, taking him off the Entanox, putting him back onto oxygen and inserting his tube as he had for Hans. Karl, who was ravenous, had no difficulty in accommodating the tube - he could not get it into himself quickly enough, knowing, as he did, that on these occasions, it was the only way his hunger pangs would be satisfied. The scene before Tom seemed like something out of an erotic dream. These two men clad fully in gleaming black rubber, strapped into these awesome chairs, gagged, intubated and tightly masked, reclining amid a fearsome mass of black rubber and glittering steel was the stuff of a myriad rubber fantasies; he wanted to pinch himself for reassurance that it was all really happening.

While Richard busied himself at the control console initiating the feeding process, Tom had time for reflection. He was fascinated by the two chairs, the design of which was obviously based upon dental chairs, and to which Richard had added many refinements. To Tom there appeared to be controls galore, enabling the chairs to assume many attitudes and contours, not to mention the various devices that had been fitted to secure occupants in many degrees of severity, according to Richard's needs for the moment. Although Tom was close enough to examine the chairs and their occupants closely, because of Richard's recent rebuke, he was loath to go any nearer for a really detailed examination; he looked over towards Richard and was just in time to see him operate a switch on the console, an action which coincided with Tom becoming aware of the sounds being made by Karl and Hans in their masks. In fact Richard had arranged the communication circuits so that he could hear the other three, while Karl and Hans could hear nothing. Tom could hear the two men in the chairs, and also Richard. The sound of the two rubbermen in the chairs breathing into their masks while coping with the intrusion of the gags and feeding tubes, and the occasional moans of satisfaction they emitted, excited Tom wildly. The occasional slight movement of each man's head caused the double black corrugated rubber hoses from each mask and the contrasting red rubber feeding tubes to move provocatively, making it harder still for Tom to refrain from grabbing his own dick.

Of the two men in the chairs, Tom judged that Karl was getting the greater satisfaction from his condition; his movements and moans were more frequent than those of Hans, and he displayed all the signs of a rubberman who was feeling as good as he looked, and he was clearly in his rubber element. Tom's thoughts went back to the few minutes Richard had allowed him and Karl to themselves. He was elated that Karl returned his feelings, and that Richard not only did not appear to object, but was actively encouraging them to draw closer. During the weeks of preparation for what Tom was now enjoying, he had, of course realised that his feelings for Karl had developed into something more than he had expected, or, he felt sure, than Richard had intended, and he had been careful to conceal his feelings lest knowledge of them should jeopardize this weekend; he had not allowed himself to think beyond that, moreover he had received no indication from Karl during those weeks that he was also attracted to him.

Hans, however had read the signs, and reported accordingly to Richard, who had cautioned him to say nothing to Karl or Tom, but merely to continue observing and reporting. During that preparatory period, the still unacknowledged, far less declared, developing emotional bond between Tom and Karl had caused Richard to think long and hard. He believed that in his milieu of extreme rubber/medical eroticism, supported and enhanced as it was by state of the art technology, emotion had no place. Indeed he regarded it as an impediment to advancement in that field of erotic activity, and his initial reaction on receiving Hans' report of what was happening between Tom and Karl, was to dismiss Tom from the proceedings immediately, and to administer a severe reprimand to Karl. Given his own emotional bond with Hans, Richard rapidly admitted to himself that adopting that course would amount to unacceptable hypocrisy. Outwardly he and Hans displayed no emotion, but like the currents in deep glacial lakes, emotion in each man ran with unremitting strength and force; in their private moments, the passion between them boiled to the surface with volcanic intensity, whereas in the presence of others neither betrayed the underlying nature of their relationship.

Living as a third entity alongside this partnership, but having no part in it must, Richard realised, have been difficult for Karl, who, to his credit, had fitted into the household as perfectly as he had envisaged. Karl's enthusiasm for his rubber life remained buoyant, and he had continued with his gym work, which he fitted around his domestic duties and his duties as rubber submissive to Richard. That Karl must have emotional needs of his own was a factor that had exercised Richard's mind ever since Karl joined the household, and Richard regarded it as the one weak side to the hitherto triangular shape of the household. Karl had never expressed himself upon the subject, and Richard had resolved that until he did, the matter could remain shelved. What, he had frequently asked himself, if Karl had become emotionally attached to someone to whom Richard felt that he could not permit Karl to be fully open about the secret side of the household's activities - in Richard's mind the complications arising from such an alliance just did not bear thinking about.

The reports from Hans upon the developing situation between Tom and Karl, and upon Tom's reactions to the tests and examinations being carried out upon him, had caused Richard's thinking about Karl's future within the household to include Tom. He got out and carefully re-read Tom's initial letter of application, in which he had clearly and concisely set out his previous rubber experiences as well as his aspirations for the future of his rubber life, and he had also added something of his own philosophy upon which he based his hopes and aspirations. There had been only one relationship of short duration, foundering principally because the partner was unable to accept Tom's need to devote much of his time to his academic life, and feeling shut out, he drifted away from Tom. Tom, Richard noted to his satisfaction, was currently unattached.

The more Richard thought about Tom during those exploratory weeks, the more he became convinced that in this latest of many candidates lay the possible solution to several weaknesses in the balance and stability of his household. In his mind, Richard identified two areas he considered to be less than ideal. First, he and Hans had each other for emotional as well as rubber fulfillment, whereas Karl had no emotional outlet, although his rubber life was fulfilled totally. This situation had led to a certain amount of suspicion within Hans, who despite Richard's best efforts remained deeply distrustful and wary of all but Richard himself, and Richard had become aware that Hans feared the possibility of an alliance between Richard and Karl. Involving Tom as Karl's emotional partner, either as a residential addition to the household, or at the very least, as a more or less daily visitor to it would, Richard realised, remedy that specific defect. Secondly, insofar as he himself was concerned, the possible addition of Tom to the household was an attractive idea because of Tom's academic background. Although intelligent, and diligent in all that Richard required of them, neither Hans nor Karl could be regarded as intellectuals. Richard felt a twinge of guilt as he admitted to himself that the prospect of having another academic in his household excited him, for he also acknowledged that both men had never once deviated from absolute loyalty to him in every respect of their rubber lives and their personal lives; both had sublimated all else to Richard's needs absolutely. As a bonus, he knew instinctively that Tom could be entrusted with all the secrets of the household.

As the weeks of Tom's preparation went by, Richard found himself dwelling on these prospects in greater detail. He resolved, therefore to adjust the weekend's events from his originally conceived plan to something that would at the same time severely test Tom's and Karl's feelings for each other, and yet contribute to their emotional bonding. Furthermore he intended to test Tom to the very limit as a rubber submissive; grimly he had told himself that Tom's failure in this respect would negate all else. There could be no compromise, Tom had to submit to Richard's rubber dominance absolutely or he would be dismissed at the conclusion of the weekend, and harsh though he knew it to be, he would consequently deny Karl any further contact with Tom. For several days, Richard wrestled mentally with the decision he had taken, but however he looked at it, he could not bring himself to abandon the basic principle of his own absolute rubber dominance over these other three rubbermen. He saw the whole thing as a matter of his own, and their total allegiance to rubber, and extreme rubber practice. He could not allow himself to contemplate the idea of any failure or shortcoming in this respect, and he made his plans accordingly. Success for Tom, on the other hand opened up for all four rubbermen an alluring prospect for the future. For Tom and Karl, emotional fulfillment within their rubber lives. For Tom individually, the prospect of an invitation to join the household as a full-time inhabitant. For Hans, an end to his anxieties about a possible move on Richard's emotions by Karl, and for Richard himself, an end to his worries about Hans in that respect, plus the hope of improved relations between Karl and Hans, and by no means the least of these advantages, the companionship of a fellow academic.

The outcome of the remainder of the weekend's program would be a testing time for Tom, for Karl, and perhaps most of all for Richard.

The feeding of the two rubbermen was complete, and Richard left his place at the console, and approaching Hans, began removing his feeding tube. For the moment, he left Karl as he was. He knew that Karl particularly enjoyed the gag and the tube, and this was evidenced by the sounds of his occasional sucking and swallowing noises against the rubber in his mouth and throat that he and Tom could hear clearly, as well as by the movements Karl made from time to time, as he did everything he could to maximize the sensations of the invasive rubber equipment. Richard boosted the activity in Karl's butt plug and cock rings before turning his attention to removing Hans' mask and gag, and then releasing him from his bonds. He allowed Hans out of the chair, and at once assisted him back into his regular gasmask and breathing gear, making sure he was once again fully connected into all the systems.

Tom, meanwhile could not take his eyes from Karl, a fact which did not go unnoticed by Richard, and indeed had been anticipated by him. The movements the big rubber muscleman was making, combined with the sounds he made were driving Tom wild with rubber excitement, which was what Richard had intended, and he did not hurry himself in freeing Hans for that reason.

As soon as Hans was fully back in circuit, Richard's voice came in Tom's ears, 'Keep an eye on Karl for a while please, Tom. You may approach him, but do not touch him. If he shows signs of having problems, please just call out, I will hear you. Do you understand?' Tom replied that he did, and as he approached Karl, Richard and Hans disappeared together. Richard's instructions to Tom were purely cosmetic, and designed in part to concentrate Tom's attention fully onto Karl, not that he needed encouragement, and to distract him from Hans and himself. Karl was fully monitored, any problems would set alarms going in Richard's ears, and in addition he could hear Karl anyway.

Richard and Hans left the room by an inconspicuous door at the far side of the room, and as the door closed behind them, Hans divested Richard of his mask and breathing equipment to enable Richard to take some much-needed refreshment quickly, and enjoy a few moments respite, after which Hans assisted him back into his mask and breathing equipment again. The two rubbermen returned unobtrusively to the operating room to begin preparing for the next stage of the proceedings, which was designed to test Tom's endurance to physical pain, and to encourage bonding between Tom and Karl.
Leaning against the far wall of the operating room, and concealed beneath a heavy rubber sheet was a double X-shaped cross, which when viewed from the side had an A-shape. Together Richard and Hans removed the rubber sheet and man-handled the cross into the room, positioning it over a steel ring set into the floor. While Hans remained with the cross, fitting and checking the restraints attached to it, Richard returned to Karl, nodding to Tom to step back from the chair in which Karl was trying desperately to writhe against his butt plug and was also flinging his head about in a state of ecstatic rubber arousal; his dick was throbbing visibly within its rubber sheath, and both Tom and Richard could hear him making almost delirious gurgling sounds. The sight of Karl so graphically enjoying his rubber extremity excited Tom to the point where his own rubber-sheathed dick was throbbing and pulsating, while the plug in his ass pulsed insistently at five-second intervals, keeping him hyped up, and tormenting him with the ever- present nearness of orgasm.

Carefully, Richard began removing Karl's mask. He withdrew the feeding tube with deliberate slowness, pausing when he knew the tip had reached the most sensitive part of Karl's throat, and gently twisting it first one way then the other, while moving it in and out of the area by about half an inch each way, knowing that he was exciting Karl in a way he had never known in another individual. The big muscleman writhed in his rubber bonds, and moved his rubber head so as to maximize the sensations Richard was providing for him, all the time moaning as if in an ecstatic trance. Eventually Richard withdrew the long red rubber feeding tube altogether, after which Karl's gag was removed. The big rubberman's tongue flicked out and licked his rubber lips appreciatively while Richard freed him from his bonds, and helped him from the chair.

Freed at last, Karl stretched his rubber limbs, and seeing Tom standing close by, grinned broadly and playfully put his rubber hand close to his rubber dick, from the eye of which a glistening ribbon of pre-cum slowly descended, and made a mock wanking gesture to indicate to Tom just how much he had enjoyed himself in the chair, but aware that Richard was watching, he was careful not to touch his dick, knowing that if he did, the consequences would be painful.

Part 13
Mindful that he was 'on duty', Karl slowly and tenderly broke away from Tom, putting his rubber hand briefly to his rubber lips, and then to Tom's as he stepped back. For a full minute neither man could take his eyes from the other; both men were in a highly emotional state, and for Karl there was a sense of bewilderment. Not having been briefed by Richard as was customary on these occasions, he was unsure of what was expected of him, and he tore his gaze from Tom to glance over to Richard and Hans. Richard saw Karl turn his head and told him to bring Tom over to the cross.
Hans stood to one side of the cross, while Richard remained on the opposite side.

Karl was told to go to Hans, and Tom to Richard. Richard pressed a tab on his belt, causing all activity within the cock- rings and butt plugs of both men to cease. Richard began a careful inspection of Tom's suit, while Hans did the same for Karl; satisfied that there was no damage to either man's suit, Richard checked his monitor, noting that the blood pressure and pulse rate of each man was well above normal, although at a level he would expect for two men whose emotions were highly-charged. Ideal, Richard judged, for what he planned.

Hans had been fully briefed, and knew exactly what to do to complete his preparation of Karl; following Richard's example with Tom, he bade Karl open his mouth, and fitted a black rubber shield over Karl's upper teeth, and then did the same for his lower jaw. The shields resembled boxers' gum shields, although they were less bulky. Each had been tailored exactly to the contours of each man's dentition, and were held firmly in place by suction. Karl and Tom grinned across at each other as they ran their tongues along their rubber teeth, Tom wondering idly if there was any part of his anatomy left to cover in rubber. Karl and Tom were each fitted with masks which at first sight appeared to be anesthetic masks, although closer inspection revealed several refinements to the masks which had been designed by Richard specifically for this stage of the proceedings, each man's mask having been made exactly to the contours of the individual's face. The masks had inflatable black rubber cuffs around the rim, the body of the mask was made of firm moulded black rubber, but was much more flexible than that from which a standard anesthetic mask was fabricated, while the aperture at the front of the mask was much larger than standard, and the inner rim of the aperture was finely threaded. The masks were identical except for a small hose connector located on one side of Karl's mask. The masks were strapped very tightly to the rubbermens' heads with heavy duty black rubber Clausen's harnesses.

Each man was led to his place on the cross, the feet were spread out to the far extremities of the base of the cross and shackled in place, after which the two rubbermen were told to extend their arms towards the upper extremities of the cross to which the wrists were shackled. The wrist shackles were secured to the cross by chains long enough to permit the two rubbermen to grasp each others' hands and inter-twine their rubber-gloved fingers.

Richard signaled to Hans to step back while he walked around the pair now face to face upon the cross, checking that all was as he required. Satisfied that both rubbermen were secure upon the cross, Richard approached them from one side, and placing one hand on the back of each man's head he gently guided the two heads together so that they were mask to mask and eyeball to eyeball. To Hans he said, 'Bring the ring and the wrench now.' The ring was a thin black steel locking ring with two threaded flanges, so that when placed between the apertures of the two masks, and turned two full turns, it securely locked the two masks together, and a final quarter turn with the wrench ensured that movements of the head by either man could not disengage the masks. When Richard had completed locking the two masks together, he reached up and pulled down a double black rubber corrugated hose and fitted the male connector into the female connector on Karl's mask; the two shackled rubbermen were now securely locked face to face in the masks and once again breathing pure oxygen.

Tentatively, Karl probed Tom's rubber lips and rubber teeth with his tongue. Tom responded; the two rubbermen found that they could just get the tips of their tongues into the other's mouth. Instinctively they tried to draw closer together to make contact with their lips, and discovered that slight pressure by each overcame the resistance offered by the semi-rigid bodies of the masks, which with a little effort from both, proved flexible enough for them to kiss within the masks. While the two rubbermen were enjoying this discovery, Hans had brought what appeared to be a pair of handcuffs on a longer than usual chain. The 'bracelets' of the cuffs were smaller than usual and were made of hard moulded black rubber. Getting to his knees between the two men, he ratcheted a bracelet tightly around the top of the scrotum of each man, taking care not to pinch or crush the active cock-rings already in place. Midway along the chain he clipped one end of a highly elastic rubber strap; the other end of the strap was clipped to a steel ring set into the floor. Immediately both men were subjected to strong downward pressure pulling their balls. The added stimulation in the scrotal area caused Karl and Tom to push closer together in the double mask; they gripped each other's rubber hands tightly while they kissed deeply within the masks, and they found that by gyrating at the waist they could increase the sensations in their scrotal areas as they worked themselves against the pressure exerted by the rubber strap. Animal lust was beginning to overcome the highly charged emotional state that had engulfed the two rubbermen, and each savored the combination of intimate physical contact and bodily restriction.

It was now that Tom realised fully for the first time that Richard was actively encouraging a bonding process between himself and Karl. He had until now imagined that when the weekend was over he would leave with just his memories of what had taken place - that, after all, had been the substance of Richard's promise to him, and until now it had not occurred to him to hope for more. He felt a soaring sense of elation, and he gripped Karl's fingers tightly in his as if never to let go, while he plunged his tongue as deep into Karl's mouth as he could thrust it. Karl, who dwelt much more in the immediate moment, and had given little, if any, thought to the future, responded, and the two men writhed together upon the cross glorying in the various sensations they gave each other, and in those rubber pressures imposed upon their bodies by their masks and the pulling at their balls. Karl had not given Richard's strategies a thought, he was, for the moment content to be this close to Tom, and he was making the most of it.

Richard, who had remained silent, watched the two rubbermen delighting in each other and in their condition. The spectacle before him of these two young vigorous, super-fit rubbermen shackled to the cross locked together in the rubber intimacy of the double mask, writhing against each other was in itself exciting enough, but for Richard the satisfaction went deeper. That the pair were made for each other was plain; Richard hoped that Tom would come through what lay before him, especially the final ordeal he had determined upon for the young rubberman. Not even remotely religious by nature, Richard came as close as he ever could to offering a up a prayer that Tom would not fall at the final hurdle. As he watched the two men enjoying each other, he flicked at a tab on his belt, reactivating their cock-rings and butt plugs. This time the pulses came much stronger than previously. There was a strong double pulse every five seconds. Richard watched the two as they became aware of this new sensation, which spurred them to renewed attempts to get even closer to each other. They swayed upon the well- anchored cross, there was visible tension in their rubber arms as they gripped each other's hands firmly and the two smoothly black rubber hooded, harnessed and masked heads betrayed by their movements the intensity of the experience for each man. Soon there would be more, much more, for them to share in the way of physical experience.

Hans approached; he carried two short handled whips, each equipped with fifty soft strips of rubber two feet long. In addition he held two flat rubber-surfaced paddles, and two very thin flexible canes. He laid one of each of the three pain-inducers on the floor behind each of the shackled rubbermen, then wheeled a bank of monitors and a control panel slightly to the side of, and behind Tom, then he joined Richard, who was concentrating upon the readings given by the monitors for each man on the cross. That both rubbermen were highly aroused sexually and emotionally was clear from the readings, however, a significant discrepancy in the data coming from Tom indicated a rising sense of anxiety which Richard correctly deduced as apprehension at the prospect of the impending flogging.

Tom's experience of corporal punishment consisted solely of one badly mishandled session several years earlier, in consequence of which he had not sought another, despite the fact that he was aware that many submissives found the experience wildly exhilarating. He knew that it was vital for the dominant to have the necessary skills in both the psychological and physical preparation of the submissive, as well as those required for the safe and satisfactory administration of the flogging. That Richard possessed these skills he did not doubt; Tom's anxieties centered upon what he feared was his own inability to cope with being flogged. He did not want to disappoint Richard, but most of all he wanted to be able to demonstrate to Karl that he could handle himself well in any rubber/erotic situation no matter what he had to endure.

Richard was enough of a psychologist to have worked out what was going through Tom's mind. He had at one stage been reluctant to permit Hans to flog Karl, fearing that Hans might allow simmering resentments against Karl to over-ride his judgment. Richard's objective in subjecting the two rubbermen to corporal punishment lay not within the realms of sado-masochistic motivation, or indeed from self-gratification as a dominant; he wanted to create simultaneously within each man, a strong endorphin reaction, after which he wanted to enable the two rubbermen to share the experience of bringing each other down from the intense 'high' they would experience. In Richard's judgment, it was Karl who would be the more difficult of the two rubbermen to bring to the stage where the endorphins kicked in, given Karl's proven ability to deal with pain. In this respect, Tom's tolerance of pain was something of an unknown quantity, therefore Richard calculated that even if Hans did somewhat overdo things with Karl, little if any harm would result, and he wanted to be in control of Tom himself. He wanted to keep the two on a par in terms of how they reacted, although he realised that there would necessarily be unevenness in the degree of individual flogging meted out to each man in order to maintain an even reaction, due to the differing pain thresholds of the two men; he would, he told himself, need to read the monitors with care.

Noting that as time passed, the level of anxiety in Tom was increasing, Richard signaled to Hans to begin. Hans following Richard's example, they began by running their rubber hands over the limbs and torsos of the two rubbermen on the cross, lightly the first time, beginning at the wrists, working down the arms, along the trunks of the two men then on down the legs to the ankles. They repeated this twice more, each time applying more pressure. The two men on the cross responded by moving and swaying, and Richard noted that the dicks of each man were rigidly erect and visibly throbbing. Checking his monitor, Richard noted with satisfaction that Tom seemed to be settling down and had relaxed a little.

Richard and Hans took up the canes and began a series of light but rapid strokes on the buttocks of the two men on the cross, moving gradually down the backs of the thighs, then back up again to the buttocks. A brief pause and then the cane was once again applied lightly but rapidly to the upper back of each man, well above the kidney area. At first Tom flinched once or twice, and the monitor showed a rapid rise in his pulse rate, whereas Karl's remained constant, although the latter had stopped swaying and writhing upon the cross, and had braced himself firmly against it, obviously in expectation of the cane being wielded with much greater force. That would not happen; Richard had instructed Hans to be as sparing as he himself was with the cane to avoid damage to the rubber suits, and in particular to the intricate network of tubing within the suits - this stage was merely to begin the process of sensitizing the skin of the two men, and to prepare them psychologically for a greater degree of pain later. The caning continued, and Richard saw Tom shift his position on the cross slightly and brace himself. His body language showed acceptance and readiness - all trace of anxiety now vanished.

The two floggers paused, set down the canes and took up the paddles. The rubber breathing bladders on their backs were showing signs of their exertions, and were rising and falling rapidly, and each man was wildly excited by the sight of the black rubber bladder on the back of the other filling and emptying as they breathed heavily in their monstrous looking gasmasks. During the pause in the flogging, the room filled with the sound of their breathing and of the breathing of the two men on the cross. The flogging resumed as the paddles were applied lightly at first to the buttocks of the two shackled rubbermen. Gradually the intensity increased; Karl moved not a muscle, but Tom flinched and shifted his position several times as the pain increased. Richard knew Tom's suffering had begun, and the thought touched him. He reminded himself that what Tom was enduring now was not the end, but merely the means to the end; he found himself willing the lad safely over his pain threshold and onto the high plateau of joy and ecstasy that the onset of the endorphins would bring.
When the paddling began, Tom thought he would be unable to bear the pain; his buttocks stung, and no matter what he did to adjust his position upon the cross, he seemed unable to make the stinging sensation easier to bear. He gripped Karl's hands ever more tightly, and the muscular rubber hunk who shared his ordeal responded by squeezing back with his fingers tightly, and running his tongue along Tom's rubber lips. Tom pressed his masked face into Karl's and tried to obliterate the pain by concentrating on the sensations he was getting from the contact with Karl in his hands and as their rubber lips and tongues met within the rubber confines of the double mask they shared so intimately.

It was a couple of seconds before Tom realised that the paddling had stopped, and it only took another second before he realised that the stinging sensation in his ass had not. It seemed worse now than when the paddle was pounding his flesh. Incredibly, he found himself longing for it to begin again. His entire rear-end felt like a huge itch that he desperately needed to scratch, but couldn't.

The pause in the onslaught of the paddle was brief; with startling suddenness it began again, this time the strokes were ferocious. The shock of the intensity of the renewed pain caused Tom to inhale deeply and then exhale with such force that his breath rushed into Karl's mouth, causing the startled rubberman to pull back from Tom involuntarily. Hans was laying into Karl with as much force as he could muster, so that even Karl with his greater tolerance of pain was beginning to seek solace from Tom. Inside the double mask the mouths of the two rubbermen worked furiously together, tongues probing as deep as they could be thrust into each other's mouths; saliva-covered rubber lips slipping against each other and then becoming locked together in sensual suction. Both men were breathing deeply, and as they pulled in the oxygen the room filled with the rasping sound of their breathing as the equipment fought to keep pace with their demands upon it. The pain the two rubbermen felt in their butts was almost equaled by that caused by the rubber pressure of the rims of the masks on their rubber faces as they strove to enter each other's mouths.

Part 14
The black rubber butt plug in Tom's ass pulsated insistently; still heavy with sleep, he thought how good it felt. He stirred, wakefulness returning rapidly; the rubber cock rings were active too; his dick was rampant and throbbing. He reached for it instinctively, but his hand would not connect with his dick. Puzzled surprise brought full awareness followed swiftly by recollection of the heavy black rubber sleep sac and the rubber hammock in which he remained cocooned.

Refreshed by deep and sound sleep, he felt good. He stirred again, this time consciously; he flexed his leg muscles, moved his head and clenched and unclenched his fists within the layers of rubber, further movement was impossible. He thought of Karl, wondering if he was awake, if he too had slept well. He smiled to himself in his rubber mask at the thought of the handsome rubber-clad body builder, and he would have been content to lie there day-dreaming about Karl had not Richard's low, musical voice come softly into his ears, 'Hello Tom, I hope you have slept well'. The words were superfluous, Richard knew perfectly well that both Tom and Karl had enjoyed several hours of uneventful natural sleep, he and Hans had taken turns to man the monitors and get some rest themselves. All had been well.

Richard did not wait for a responding pleasantry from Tom, who could feel the movements associated with the opening of the hammock. 'We are letting you out now, and then you can take a little exercise to limber yourself up and get your circulation going.' Within seconds the hammock was opened up, lowered to the floor, and Tom felt himself being helped to his feet. The sleep sac was opened, and with a caution to close his eyes from Richard, Tom was liberated from his rubber confinement. He felt steadying hands upon his shoulders as Richard told him he could now open his eyes. He did, and saw Hans standing immediately before him holding a big black rubber oxygen mask, the type with a black rubber bladder. While Hans strapped the mask onto his face, Tom looked about him expecting to see Karl; there was no sign of him or of his hammock. As Hans tightened the mask Richard told Tom, 'Mark time on the spot for a few minutes, and lift your knees up high and swing your arms.' Tom complied, wondering all the while what had happened to Karl. Richard said, 'OK, Tom, now just walk about for a while.'

Concentrating so as not to foul up the hose from his mask or the connections from his suit back to the monitor console, Tom was about to step out, when into his ears came the sound of soft ecstatic moaning; he recognized the sounds of Karl mingled with the sound of regular breathing. Richard's voice came again, 'Turn around, Tom.'
Tom turned, and gasping in amazement, froze in his tracks. Richard and Hans, close by, grinned into their black rubber gasmasks as they heard Tom blurt his 'Ohmigod!' reaction to the sight before him. The figure in the elaborate and awesomely equipped dental chair was Karl; the muscular physique, clearly defined and accentuated by the skin-hugging gleaming black rubber suit dispelled any doubt there may have been about that. The chair had been tilted right back, placing Karl in a position similar to that of an astronaut awaiting lift-off. He was strapped securely in the chair by a complex network of heavy broad black rubber straps, and although he was virtually immobile, he was nevertheless able to move slightly within his bonds, and as Tom began to absorb the details of the scene before him, he could see that the whole of Karl's torso was making an ecstatic undulating motion within the depths of the chair.

He was unable to move his head, which appeared to be gripped firmly by the wrap-around moulded rubber head-rest of the chair.

Rubber tubes, some of them black, others red; thick corrugated rubber hoses and thin smooth tubes all sprouted in profusion from Karl's body. To Tom they appeared to be living extensions of Karl, moving as they did in consequence of Karl's own limited movements. Karl's dick was encased within a heavy moulded black rubber sheath from which more tubes protruded; the sheath was pulsating slowly and rhythmically, no doubt, Tom thought, the cause of Karl's ecstatic movements and the soft moaning, which still filled his ears. From beneath the seat of the chair still more tubes and some wires were visible.

Turning his attention to Karl's head, Tom conceded to himself that he had never before seen such bizarre and exciting headgear. The black rubber mask was unlike any Tom had seen before; it had design qualities attributable to a fighter pilot's oxygen mask, and to an anesthetic mask. From the bridge of Karl's nose the profile of the moulded black rubber mask curved gracefully forward and outward in the manner of an oxygen mask, however the overall shape of the mask was narrower and did not cover the whole of Karl's cheeks. Around the rim of the mask was an inflatable black rubber cuff, the extent of which was limited to the minimum necessary to avoid undue discomfort over a long period. The mask was secured by means of a black rubber harness which, so far as Tom was able to see, consisted of a rubber strap from the front of the mask going around the nape of Karl's neck, plus two additional rubber straps which ran along the outer edges of the mask, meeting and crossing at the bridge of Karl's nose, and then over his head and were secured behind, also at the nape of the neck.

Twin corrugated black rubber hoses led from the mask to the anesthetic machine located in front of the console, between it and the chair occupied by Karl, and the vacant chair facing it. Tom allowed his gaze to travel along the hoses to the machine where he could see the black rubber breathing bladder rising and falling regularly as Karl breathed within the system. The motion of the black rubber bladder had an almost hypnotic effect upon Tom, and it was several seconds before he noticed that beside the lively bladder hung another - inert, lifeless, perhaps waiting. Tom's hopes soared - waiting for him he hoped. Oh! How he would love to be in the same situation as Karl, to share that experience with him. His wish was to be granted - and then some.

He stared once again at Karl's head. In addition to the twin hoses connecting to the anesthetic machine, the mask carried other tubing. On each side, midway between the bridge of the nose and the chin was a slender smooth red rubber tube; these trailed away on Karl's far side and out of Tom's line of vision. Right on the front of the mask was a steel manifold set right into the rubber body of the mask. Attached to the manifold was another smooth red rubber tube, larger than the pair at the sides of the mask, which Tom recognized as the feeding tube. Additionally there was a clear plastic tube and a pair of smooth black rubber tubes, all of which disappeared out of sight to Karl's far side. Over each of Karl's nipples was a black rubber dome from each of which smooth black rubber tubes and what appeared to be a pair of wires protruded. Over his eyes Karl wore a pair of heavy goggles, secured with a wide rubber strap, and fitted with large rubber eye-cups. The rims of the eye pieces were of glittering steel, while the lenses were of black glass which possessed a strange luminescence. From the side of each lens trailed a smooth black rubber tube and a wire. Tom could truly say that he had never seen anything so bizarre or exciting.

Tom's excitement was plainly visible to Richard and Hans. His breathing rate had increased appreciably; the black rubber bladder on the oxygen mask was filling and emptying rapidly, his dick throbbed visibly, and a ribbon of pre-cum was heading for the floor. Although it seemed to Tom that he had been enraptured by the sight of Karl's condition for a long time, in fact only just over a minute had elapsed, and Richard's voice came sharply, 'Come on ,Tom. Don't dawdle, get yourself limbered up, we have a lot to do.' Tom wasn't really sure just what Richard expected him to do, he remembered he had said something about walking about, so he walked to the far side of the room and back again three or four times, while Richard checked Karl's monitors and Hans busied himself with stowing Tom's sleep sac and the hammock.

'Alright, Tom - that's enough - get yourself over here.' Richard's voice still had a sharpness to it, and Tom hurried over to where Richard now stood by the operating table. Richard handed Tom a small beaker half full of a creamy substance, which was a low-residue concentrate of nutrients and sugars, telling Tom to swallow all of it. It tasted good, and only then did Tom realize how hungry he had been. Hans arrived with a glass of mouthwash and a steel kidney dish, telling Tom to rinse out his mouth two or three times to freshen himself. To his surprise, Tom felt no need for the toilet, even after so many hours. Richard, of course knew that as Tom had had only low residue refreshment since his arrival, as well as a radical enema and catheterization, his body contained no waste products.

Tom's refreshment complete, Richard instructed him to take a pace back from the table, lean forward and place his hands wide upon the edge of the table, then to stand with his feet wide apart. Removing the rubber harness from Tom's loins which had secured his butt plug and disconnecting it from the system, Richard handed the harness and plug to Hans who had arrived bearing a new rubber harness and a small black rubber dildo, together with a pot of lube, which he laid upon the table in front of Tom. Tom eyed the dildo with some disdain; he thought it pitifully small, and wondered if he would even notice its presence after it was inserted.

Richard began fitting the new harness to Tom, saying as he worked, 'Go on, pick it up and have a good look at it.' Tom obeyed, the dildo was surprisingly heavy, and closer examination showed two distinct differences from any dildo Tom had seen previously. The head was segmented and resembled the central part of a lemon squeezer. Tom ran his fingers along the edges of the segments, the edges were slightly rounded, and the feeling at first pressure of his fingers was of softness, but there was an underlying firmness. Further pressure on the head revealed that it was capable of rotating, and looking at the dildo closer still, Tom could see that each segment was separate from its neighbor, there was a fine dividing crack between each one. Moreover, the entire head was separate from the shaft of the dildo. The shaft itself was slightly curved, while located on the base were connections for wires and tubes. Tom was very intrigued, but was too nervous to ask any questions of Richard, who having completed the fitting of the harness, asked Tom to hand the dildo to him, which he smeared with lube, and carefully inserted into Tom's ass. As he expected, Tom barely felt it enter, and within minutes all awareness of it had dissipated. Richard completed securing the dildo in place with the harness, connected it to the system and, while Tom noted that it had begun to pulsate much as his butt plug had, Richard bade him follow.

Richard led him to the vacant dental chair opposite that which was occupied by Karl, who, as Tom glanced in his direction, was still apparently in a state of permanent ecstasy. Telling Tom to pause alongside the chair, Richard disconnected his suit and the dildo from the system and told Tom to get in the chair. Tom noticed that there was a small aperture in the seat of the chair, and while Richard reconnected Tom's suit back into the system using connectors built into the chair, Hans got down, and telling Tom to move first a little one way and then the other until the base of the dildo was aligned with the aperture in the seat, proceeded to reconnect the dildo into the system, and also connected several tubes and wires to the base of the dildo at the same time. Tom settled himself back into the chair; it was very comfortable; he felt a thrill of anticipation as he laid his rubber hooded head back against the soft rubber head-rest.

Tom's sense of anticipation was well founded; as steel restrains snapped shut around his ankles and wrists, and Richard and Hans began the intricate and lengthy strapping-in procedure, Tom felt good. The big black rubber oxygen mask on his face felt wonderful, and once again he breathed deeply of the pure oxygen it delivered. With every minute that passed, and with every broad black rubber strap that was tightened on his body, the frisson of excitement within him built. Two straps between his ankles and knees, two over each thigh, one across his abdomen, and two more from behind, over his shoulders, crossing over in the middle of his chest, and anchored firmly to the chair. He could feel the pressure of each strap; not enough to constrict, merely to be aware. The ensuing hours, as every accessible part of his anatomy was invaded by the touch of rubber, thrilling, teasing and seducing him to heights of rubber ecstasy he was incapable at that moment of imagining, would change his perception of the world of rubber forever. He would experience undreamed of moments of rubber intimacy with Karl, and yet he would not touch him, nor be touched by him; although feet apart they would share and experience a communion through rubber that would render speech redundant.

These things lay ahead of Tom; he could not know of them, he could only guess, hope even, that there would be erotic rubber thrills ahead. Mercifully he could not know either of the chilling terror that also lurked in the near future.

Part 15
The strapping-in procedure at last complete, with the final straps securing Tom's arms in place, Richard asked Tom if he was comfortable, and upon Tom's assuring him that he was, Richard instructed him to attempt as much movement of his limbs and body within the bonds as possible. Tom found that leg and arm movements were impossible, but that he was able to move his body to the same extent as he had previously seen Karl moving.

'Good, Tom - that's fine. Now you have seen Karl, and I think you will agree that he looks pretty good in his gear.' Tom nodded his agreement to that - he had never before seen such an exciting array of rubber gear and equipment on one man all at the same time. 'Well, by the time we have finished with you, you will look exactly the same. You have only seen on Karl what is outwardly visible; there are, as you are about to discover, several items of gear that you cannot see. We are going to fit you out with the same, and I will be explaining to you all about them as we go along. Karl is also wearing a dildo exactly like the one you have been fitted with. His and yours differ only in that each has been individually tailored for you. Perhaps I should caution you not to under-estimate this clever little device. I noted that you did not appear to be unduly impressed with it when you had the opportunity to inspect it, but I assure you it is a masterpiece of miniature engineering and design, and I promise you that although you may not feel much from it now, by the time you leave this chair, it will have worked its unique magic upon you.'

Tom nodded, but said nothing - all the time Richard had been speaking, he could hear Karl's moans and breathing in the background. Hans brought a trolley to where Richard stood before Tom; on it was laid out a heap of tubing, a long catheter, far longer than any Tom had seen before, a beaker of clear liquid, a pot of sterile gel, a syringe and a couple of steel kidney dishes. Richard removed the long catheter from its sterile pack, taking care to avoid touching the tip or any part of the long tube within twelve inches of the tip. He dipped the catheter into the gel, immersing the first foot from the tip, then as he held it up to allow the surplus to run off, he explained to Tom, 'I call this an active catheter, Tom - another product of the fertile brain of a very useful colleague. You won't have encountered one like this before, but you will find it very stimulating.' Tom could see that the open end of the tube was equipped with a rather complex-looking connector, and there was also a short length of wire embedded into the rubber. Richard continued as he began inserting the catheter into the eye of Tom's rubber sheathed dick, 'As you are already aware, there are limits to the degree of manipulation possible with a conventional catheter, whereas this little gizmo has some features built into it that will give you some surprises, not to mention some thrilling moments.'

His interest and curiosity stimulated, Tom strained to look at the tube; it was flesh-colored, and apart from the additional length and the elaborate connector, the only way in which it appeared to Tom to differ from a normal catheter was that there appeared to be some dark rings in the first few inches running back from the tip. Richard offered no further explanation, and continued carefully with the insertion. Tom felt it slide in easily, and shifted slightly back in the chair, wanting to wriggle with the pleasure of the sensation. He felt the tip encounter his sphincter, then the movement of the tip through it as Richard eased it onward into his Bladder. Hans was ready with a kidney dish to catch the brief spurt of piss from Tom as the tip entered the bladder. Richard knew that Tom's bladder would be almost empty, so he was careful to close the valve on the catheter to prevent further escape, and satisfied that the tube was primed, and that there were no air bubbles present, he took the syringe that Hans held ready, and inflated the balloon, locking the tube into Tom.

Tom looked down at his rubber sheathed dick, it looked very exciting to see several feet of tubing protruding from it, the light color contrasting sharply with the blackness of his rubber gear. The feeling was great, and his dick became hard, beginning once more to throb insistently; he desperately wanted to come, a feeling intensified by the fact that Hans had brought a heavy moulded black rubber cock- sheath and had begun threading the open end of the catheter through a hole in the side of it. The movements created by this procedure were transmitted along the length of the catheter and right through Tom's rubber dick, causing him to writhe with the intense pleasure, and, without realizing it, to begin moaning softly into his mask. Hans ran the sheath along the tube, and telling Tom to keep still, slid it over his dick. The sheath was well-lubed and slid on easily with a squelching sound. The fit was snug, and it felt wonderfully cool on Tom's dick.

The diameter of the hole in the sheath through which Hans had brought the catheter was large enough to leave a sizeable gap between the edges of the hole and the tube. In order to fill this space, Hans began inserting into the gap a rubber grommet which was fitted on its inner surface with a trio of rubber ball bearings, which when the grommet was finally snapped into place, would rest on the surface of the catheter exerting enough pressure to ensure traction, but not so much as to crush the tube; Tom could see that yet another wire was attached to the grommet. Hans completed fitting the sheath by attaching it to Tom's harness by means of press studs, and as he finished he gave the sheath a couple of playful tugs, which caused Tom to wriggle within his bonds, and make the need for orgasm seem more urgent than ever.

The open end of the sheath was fitted with a male connector, and to this Hans now fitted the female connector on a long length of black corrugated rubber hose. Tom could see that the hose was itself connected to several other hoses, creating a system of hoses which disappeared out of Tom's line of vision, although he could see that the central length of this potential rubber tangle connected directly to Karl's cock- sheath. The complexity of the network of hoses was added to by the fact that at each point where the various hoses connected, there was either a 'T' or a 'Y' connector incorporated into the system, and from each connector there ran a smooth black rubber tube and a wire, these would enable a series of valves located within the connectors to be used to control the various modes in which the entire system could function.

Hans moved over towards the electronic console, and bending, began lifting and sorting out what appeared to Tom to be an impenetrable tangle of tubing from the far side of Karl's chair. As far as Tom could discern, all the tubes were connected either to Karl or the console, and to his amazement, Hans seemed to be able to bring some order to the apparent chaos quickly by connecting loose ends to some of his own tubes, and others to the console. Richard returned, and standing so that Tom could no longer observe Hans' activities, removed Tom's oxygen mask, saying as he did so, 'While Hans finishes connecting your lower regions to Karl's, and into the system, I'm going to sort you out up top.' He rummaged among the tubing on the trolley and from beneath it produced a rubber gag that resembled the feeding gag Tom had worn earlier. Like that item it was in two sections, an upper, and a lower section.

Richard continued, 'Although this looks similar to the gag you wore before, it has a couple of additional features. It has been made to fit you, and like other items you are soon to experience, it is a marvel of ingenious engineering. Now open your mouth.' Fitting the lower section first, then the upper part, and locking them together as previously, Richard told Tom to bite down on the gag, then asked if it was comfortable. Tom nodded, and Richard went on, 'Be absolutely certain about that, Tom. You will be wearing this for many hours and we don't want an aching jaw to spoil your enjoyment. Tom nodded again, and made what he hoped were affirmative noises. The gag felt much the same as the previous one, except that his tongue felt slightly more depressed, and the whole area of his middle mouth felt fuller than before. Richard asked Tom if he could swallow easily, and bade him demonstrate that he could. 'Fine - you seem to be OK in that department.'

Turning to Hans, who had finally got all his tubes under control, Richard asked for the mask. Tom's eyes widened when he saw the mask. It was identical to the one Karl wore strapped to his face. A big black rubber anesthetic mask with a large inflated rubber cuff round the outer rim, it had all the tubes sprouting from it that Karl's had, but it was the tubing inside the mask that had excited Tom. First there was the red rubber feeding tube, then two slimmer red rubber tubes, and two slender smooth black rubber tubes. There were also two wires. While Richard held the mask, Hans connected the two smooth black rubber tubes to connectors at the front of Tom's gag, then carefully inserted the feeding tube into the gag as before, but leaving the tip in the gag itself. 'We're going to intubate you now Tom, and this may be a little uncomfortable for you for a few seconds. Can you remember how to swallow the feeding tube?' Tom nodded to Richard that he could. 'Good, well we're not putting that down just now, but we are going to fit you with your nasal tubes.' He indicated the two red rubber tubes sprouting from inside the mask and passing on through it. You must breathe normally through your nose, I realize that at the moment you have no choice about that, but even so, don't attempt to breath through your mouth. As you feel the tubes moving in, try to sniff them up right into your higher nasal passages. As the tips of the tubes pass into the more sensitive areas of the passages you will want to 'gag', you can overcome this by rapid swallowing over and over again; keep this up until the tips of the tubes have passed the sensitive area, and then you will feel comfortable. You will still be aware of the tubes, but hopefully it will become a nice sexy feeling. Are you ready?' Tom nodded, despite the fact that the prospect of his head, throat and upper chest being invaded by rubber tubing in this way filled him with as much apprehension as it did excitement.

Richard moved away and took up position behind the console, telling Hans to begin inserting the rubber nasal tubes. He watched the monitor carefully. There was a small X-ray camera behind the monitor trained on Tom's head, and Richard switched it on. Because the tips of the tubes each had a small dab of barium paint on them, Richard was able to observe the passage of the two tubes into Tom. Hans moved with his customary dexterity, and Tom obeyed Richard's instructions, making it unnecessary to make a second attempt, or for Richard to intervene. Despite the expected moment of extreme discomfort, and near panic by Tom, the procedure was accomplished within seconds, and Tom began savoring the feeling of having these rubber tubes in his body.

Richard switched off the camera, and returned to Hans who handed the mask to Richard. Working slowly, Richard began moving the mask toward Tom's rubber face, allowing Hans time to pull the surplus lengths of tubing out through the body of the mask, pausing only to allow Richard to reach into the mask and slide a rubber grommet along each of the nasal tubes and locating them just inside Tom's nostrils, thus packing out the space between the tubes and the nostrils themselves, ensuring that Tom breathed only through the tubes and not around them, until finally Richard was holding the mask firmly to Tom's face.

Telling Tom to lift his head slightly from the head rest, Richard took the mask harness from Hans who had threaded it up along the outer tubes of the mask, and snapped it into place over Tom's head, holding the mask snugly, but not tightly in place.' Feeling good, Tom?' Richard enquired. Tom nodded, and made a sound that Richard easily interpreted as 'yes.' 'OK, Tom, I understood that, despite the gag, and all the other gear. So you can communicate; remember that, because Karl can communicate too, and you can hear each other, and by using the same inflections in the sounds that you are able to make, that you would normally employ in speech, it should be possible for you both to interpret the sense of what you wish to tell each other.'

Instantly into Tom's ears came unmistakable sounds from Karl, 'Hi, Tom - I love you', was how Tom correctly interpreted the message. 'Be quiet, Karl!.' was Richard's rebuke. Tom longed to respond, but the forbidding tone of Richard's voice kept him silent. Richard's attention returned to Tom, 'Look about you Tom.' Tom did; his head was still quite mobile. He looked first of all over at Karl. The tilt of the chair permitted him to see only Karl's knees and lower legs and feet, although he could see the forest of tubing that appeared to flow from him. He remembered that Richard had said that he would look just as Karl did, and looking down at his own rubber body, he saw there were tubes everywhere. They branched out from his mask and from the moulded rubber sheath on his dick. He found it difficult to unravel in his mind where each tube went to, or to which other tube it was connected, so intricate was the network.

The best he could do was to establish that there were several tube connections between himself and Karl, and that he and Karl were both linked to the console and to the anesthetic machine. He could see the twin black rubber bladders, now both active.

For a second he held his breath and watched his own bladder become still, and then return to life as he resumed breathing. As he looked about him, he saw Hans approach with a clear plastic bag containing a clear liquid. The bag was like an enema bag with a clear tube emerging from the bottom. He watched as Hans suspended the bag from an overhead hook between himself and Karl. Hans began connecting the tube from the bag to a three-way connector in the tube linking Tom's and Karl's catheters, taking care as he did so to purge all air from the tubes, leaving them fully primed with the clear liquid.

Richard resumed, 'Quite a tangle, isn't it, Tom. Well its much more orderly than it looks, and as Hans has just put the finishing touch to this tubular circuitry, we may as well begin with that. As you know, you are catheterized. You have passing through your urethra and locked into your bladder, a variant of the Foley catheter. There are two principal modifications, the first is that it is much longer than is customary, and secondly, it has built into that section that is now in your body, devices that will, I hope, enhance your pleasure in having that part of your anatomy fully rubbered, in other words it has the capacity to stimulate you in ways other catheters cannot. We have discussed your dildo that also has unique stimulating properties, but to return to the catheters. Your bladder is linked directly to Karl's, however as you can see, the direct tube link between you is bisected by a number of connectors linking with other tubes. Each connector contains valves, which can be opened and closed as I decide. For example I can cause fluid to flow simultaneously into both your bladders. I can cause it to flow from one of you to the other, and there are several other variations; perhaps you have realised that there is also a link between these tubes and your feeding tubes. Another feature of this network of tubing is that your catheters, your nasal tubes and your feeding tube can all be withdrawn or re-inserted as I decide from the console, and this can be accomplished without interfering with anything else you are wearing.'

'Let us turn now to your mask. You are, as you have been apart from brief intervals, breathing pure Oxygen through your mask now, and you have already observed from the action of the re-breathing bag on the apparatus beside you that you are connected directly to that apparatus. Your mask is not actually for breathing through in the usual sense, you are breathing now solely through your nasal tubes, and apart from brief interludes in the coming hours, you will do so most of the time. The mask is primarily an anchor point for the tubes, and anyway, Tom, it feels good doesn't it?' Tom nodded his agreement, and Richard continued Tom's conducted tour of his own gear, 'Well, I can promise you, it gets to feel even better than it does now. The hoses and tubes associated with your mask are all linked to Karl's, and to the console and breathing apparatus. In these circuits, as in those we have just been discussing, there are valves which enable me to control your breathing in a variety of ways. You and Karl can, for instance breathe directly into each other's lungs; in another mode you can use the power of your lungs to massage each other's dicks. So don't sit there in the comfort of that chair imagining yourself on some magical rubber rollercoaster with nothing to do but sit there and enjoy the thrills - you have to work. Karl is depending upon you for some his pleasures, and you upon him for some of yours, so you need to be alert enough to interpret what is happening, which modes the equipment is being switched into, and to respond appropriately. As already stated, you can communicate with each other as much as you like, you can even compete with each other, like when you feel there is not quite enough air for both of you, but you must read the signs.'

Richard moved away, making room for Hans who carefully placed a small black rubber dome over each of Tom's nipples. Each dome was fitted with tubes and wires, and as soon as Hans placed them upon Tom's chest, he could feel the suction of the vacuum holding them firmly in position. Tom found himself with a moment for reflection. Earlier he had thought he had reached the pinnacle of rubber experience during his time on the operating table, but this chair, and all this gear and equipment, plus the thrill of sharing it with Karl was almost overwhelming. His dick felt massively swelled within the sheath, he regretted that he had no awareness of the dildo in his ass, but his mask and gag felt good, and the tubes in his nose felt good too. Richard had promised that all this would feel even better, Tom found that hard to believe. He wondered what 'the signs' that Richard had referred to would be, and he hoped he would indeed be able to read them.

Part 16
Richard reduced the level of Entanox Tom was getting, and held him at a level where he was just barely aware of the effect. The strapping-in procedure had been lengthy, and now he wanted Tom to have the opportunity to settle down before beginning the program of procedures he had planned for the next few hours. He left Karl on a full dose of the gas; he knew how much the big muscleman enjoyed it. He checked the monitors before him, and was reassured to find that Tom was in a very relaxed condition. He glanced over to Tom, who sprouted so many tubes and wires from his rubber gear, no one looking at him would have believed that it was possible, at the press of just one button, to free him from his bonds in a matter of seconds in the event of his becoming in any way seriously distressed. Richard glanced over to Hans, sitting beside him at the console. They both enjoyed this part of the proceedings, watching the reactions of the subjects as the program got under way. Karl always reacted well, even Hans, despite his deep-seated reservations about the bodybuilder, got a thrill out of seeing Karl put through the coming routine. Both men were eager to see how Tom would shape up. He would be the center of their attention, and he would be the one to be tested to his limit.

A testing time lay ahead for Karl too, but the test for him would be one of loyalty and emotion. Richard speculated on the outcome; would Karl's loyalty to himself prevail over his love for Tom or, as he hoped, would Karl be able to strike a balance between the two. Although Karl knew what lay ahead, the test was to be a true one, Richard had not pressured him either way although much was at stake for him also. Tom meanwhile was blissfully unaware of the pivotal role in which he had been cast.
The heavily oxygen-diluted gas gave Tom a sensation of floating lightness; he was aware of the grip in which the mask held his face. There was just the right 'feel' to it, and the slight pulsing kept him continually aware of the erotic pressure the mask was exerting upon him. He still had the two black rubber breathing bladders in view. He held his breath momentarily so that he could see his own bladder become briefly stilled. Karl's was rising and falling regularly; the big rubber guy was in his element on the Entanox. Unlike Tom, he had had his feeding tube fully inserted ; apart from the tube, and the fact that he was on a stronger mix of gas, his situation was identical to Tom's, and Richard decided that he was ready to begin the program in earnest, and that the moment had come to stop the gas for both men in the chairs.
The scene before Tom's eyes moved gradually away from the bladders, and once again he found himself gazing at himself. He heard Karl moan softly, and at the same moment he became aware of movement in his ass. At first the movement was barely perceptible; the sensation was one of gentle internal massage. He found himself moaning with the exquisite pleasure that was building up within him as the movements slowly and gradually increased in intensity. The segmented head of the dildo had opened out like the petals of some tantalizing erotic flower, and it had begun to rotate back and forth just half a turn, causing the rounded edges of the rubber segments to massage his prostate lightly. He writhed in rubber ecstasy, and could see himself writhing within his bonds. The image before his eyes drew away, and now he could see himself and Karl, who was also writhing with the same intense anal pleasure he himself was experiencing.

The prostate massage had made Tom's dick swell within the moulded black rubber sheath, and his dick seemed to fill it totally; he felt perilously close to orgasm, and powerless to hold himself back from it. His rubber cock ring ceased pulsing and gripped the base of his dick tightly, and as this change occurred, the image in his black rubber goggles drew down to show his own and Karl's cock sheaths. Tom's cock sheath suddenly gripped his dick and then relaxed, at the same moment he became aware of a restriction on his breathing, and although in no sense did he have to fight for oxygen, he did have to consciously exert himself to inhale enough to fill his lungs. Remembering Richard's caution never to fight what he was experiencing, but to go along with it, he settled into a slow but deep pattern of breathing, taking his cue from the sensation on his dick, for he realised that his own breathing was stimulating Karl's dick in the same way that Karl's breathing was working upon his.
Once again the image before Tom changed; now he knew he was looking at Karl, and correctly he deduced that Karl was probably looking at him. To test his idea, he attempted a wave with one hand. Karl responded immediately, and he knew he was right. Being able to see Karl, and to know that Karl could see him added a new dimension to the sensations he was experiencing on his dick as Karl breathed. Tom decided to inhale, then try to hold his breath, reasoning that this would result in Karl's dick being held firmly in the grip of the rubber vacuum his lungs would have created. As soon as Tom began holding his breath, Karl immediately did the same, and now a contest ensued between the two rubbermen as to who could hold the other's dick in a rubber vice-like grip longer. Karl had no trouble in winning, and as both men resumed their regular breathing pattern, Tom heard Karl gurgle with amusement. The masks on both men were still gripping their rubber faces tightly, and Tom remembered that he was breathing now solely through the rubber nasal tubes. The thought excited him anew, and he flexed the muscles in his nasal passages against the intruding tubes, enjoying the sensation of this element of the totality of rubber.

Karl, who was, unlike Tom, fully intubated, and who during his time under Richard's rubber guidance, had learned to overcome the reflex action of his throat muscles, and had achieved conscious control over them, swallowed repeatedly against the tubes in his throat, in effect caressing the tubes with the muscles. For him, this area of his body had become a highly erogenous zone, and the rubber invasion of this area of his body, a sensation unknown , and probably also repugnant to, most rubbermen, was symbolic of the totality of his rubber needs. He fantasized about sharing this wonderful feeling with Tom, who he knew had yet to acquire his own skills in dealing with this unusual aspect of rubber. How wonderful, he thought, it would have been to have shared the double mask with Tom while both were fully intubated, their sensual rubber lips locked together, but impeded slightly by the invading feeding tubes, around which each would entwine their tongues, feeling and tasting the rubber, as they felt and tasted each other. The mere thought of such a prospect sent a thrill of added excitement through him. He knew, of course, that Tom was nowhere near ready for such an experience yet.

As Karl's thoughts dwelt upon Tom, and future rubber events in his own, and he hoped, Tom's life, his rubber excitement gave way once again to the anxiety that had lain leaden in his stomach since the moment, while he was being prepared for the chair, and while Tom still slept, that Richard had told him of his own hopes concerning himself and Tom. Unaccustomed as he was to responsibility, or to the need to give profound thought to any matter, the situation in which he now found himself consequent upon what Richard had told him had at first been an alarming one, and within Karl it wrought a fundamental change. During these hours in the chair he had thought deeply and carefully about his relationship to Richard, and the attendant brittleness in his dealings with Hans, and now the added dimension of his emotional involvement with Tom. A stranger to dilemma, Karl had, on learning of what Richard had imparted, felt alone and vulnerable in a way he had not experienced since his early days at home in Hamburg.

It was the rare experience of recalling those comparatively lonely and bleak times that had stiffened an hitherto untried resolve within Karl, and quite suddenly he found himself able to think with uncharacteristic clarity upon this complex problem. The fact that he was undergoing a maturing process went unrealized by Karl, what did not escape him however, was the fact that for the first time since he had joined Richard's household, a situation had developed over which Richard was not overtly exercising control, at least for the time being.

Karl's reasoning told him that the final outcome for himself, for Tom and for Richard would be determined by Tom's reaction to Richard's final test, and to a large extent, to how he himself handled the situation. In that moment he made his decision; the feeling of resolve and determination within him was so strong that he involuntarily straightened himself up in the chair, subconsciously reinforcing his decision, and realizing that whatever the final outcome, there would be no escape from some degree of emotional pain. He would face it, he told himself, like a man, then mentally correcting himself, he almost mouthed the words, 'like a rubberman.' For years now he had gloried in his manliness, his superb physique, and his ability to enjoy the most extreme of rubber procedures, and he knew in that instant that as a rubberman he was supreme. The rubber metamorphosis of Karl was complete, his decision made, and his resolve firm, he turned his attention to the enjoyment of his immediate situation.

Part 17

The primary pleasure to which Karl turned his attention was the thrilling sensations beginning in his ass, sensations which caused him to writhe and squirm with erotic rubber ecstasy. He could see that Tom was moving in his own chair, and he knew that they both shared identical pleasures of the pulsating of the tightly fitted rubber masks, the similar pulsing of their rubber cock sheaths and now the increasing activity of the dildos.

Tom would not have believed a dildo of such diminutive dimensions was capable of giving such wild anal stimulation. He and Karl had been enjoying a period of prostate massage which had driven both men into a state of sexual rapture, but now the segmented head had closed slightly, and had begun to travel slowly deeper in the bowels of each man, propelled hydraulically away from the main shaft of the dildo itself mounted upon a telescopic flexible steel inner shaft. The progress inwards and upwards into each man simulated a fucking action. The strokes were slow, regular and very positive, each stroke taking the rubber head a little deeper. The rotating motion of the head continued, enhancing the stimulating effect of the movement of the rubber head. Tom was feeling an effect akin to that of having a much larger dildo within him due to the fact that the head had now opened fully once more, and continued to rotate back and forth within him. The fucking motion changed; the dildo advanced no further, but continued to fuck as with each stroke it seemed to Tom that it was swelling within him. He was beside himself with anal pleasure. He was unable to sit still, and saw, looking at Karl, that the big rubber guy was experiencing the same. He could hear Karl moaning with pleasure, suddenly realizing that he was doing the same quite unconsciously.

A new, wildly exciting sensation stopped his moans, and those of Karl. Something was happening inside his cock. It felt as if something was massaging it from the inside. Richard's 'active' catheter had sprung into life. The dark rings that Tom had noticed along the length of the catheter were in fact the divisions between inflatable rings along the length of the catheter. Each ring was inflated in succession to the previous ring, and after momentary inflation, deflated, causing a wave effect to travel the length of the tube. The speed and intensity of the effect could be varied and the feeling was one of gentle massage along the sensitive lining of the urethra. Richard allowed the two men in the chairs to accustom themselves to this new sensation before stepping up the speed of the 'wave'. The effect inside each man's cock, combined with the anal sensation they were experiencing simultaneously was exquisitely erotic. In order to allow both men to feel the full effect of the catheter, Richard caused the pulsating of the rubber cock sheaths to stop, and also stopped the masks from pulsating, at the same time reducing the suction effect of the masks upon the men's faces.

Richard allowed the men a few minutes of the intense sensation in their cocks before he reduced the speed at which the wave traveled along the catheter, and then he nodded to Hans, who had on the console before him a small pad from which protruded a pair of rubber nipples. He began very lightly to manipulate the nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, his touch was feather light. Tom and Karl responded instantly to the new stimulus, for within the rubber cups held over their own nipples were firm rubber 'fingers', linked through the console and computer to the nipples on the pad before Hans; every movement Hans made, and the pressure exerted in each move was immediately reproduced upon the nipples of the two men. Both Richard and Hans watched the monitors closely, assessing the reaction of the men to the stimulation, and as soon as Richard noticed that the reactions had stabilized, nodding once again to Hans, the activity of the dildo and of the catheter was again increased while at the same time Hans began to exert quite hard pressure on the nipples before him.

Tom felt ecstatic, and at the same time some relief. He was grateful for the release of the pressure on his mask, although he remained aware of it, and the cessation of the pulsing of his cock sheath had relieved him of the urgent need to ejaculate, and despite the intensity of the internal stimulation he found it easier to relax and give himself up totally to the intense sexual pleasure he was now experiencing.
Tom's body had now fully adjusted to the contours of the chair, and his limbs had settled comfortably in the rubber bonds and he gave himself up entirely to enjoying all that was happening to his body. Hans was slowly increasing the pressure of his nipple manipulation, and in addition to the other delights, Tom was now beginning to enjoy the pain on his nipples, which was increasing now by the second as Hans continued kneading the nipples on the pad. Richard, meanwhile was observing the monitor, and when he judged that the pain in Tom's nipples had reached the point at which pleasure would begin to give way anxiety, he reactivated the suction on Tom's mask, but this time there was nothing gradual about the change. The mask gripped Tom's rubber face with sudden savagery, causing him momentarily to forget the pain in his nipples, and he instantly became alert to the fact that something new was about to happen. A few seconds later he felt the suction on his rubber cock sheath increase until he felt as if his cock was being gripped by a rubber vice. Before he could adjust to these new sensations he became aware of the smell in his mask, the tingling in his limbs and the roaring sound in his ears. The image before his eyes moved into close-up of his own mask. He thought, 'Ether! They've put me on Ether.' Although Tom had never had Ether before, he knew something about it, and its panic-inducing properties, and now for the first time, he felt a sense of real alarm. He felt unsure if he could cope with Ether in this situation, and instinctively he held his breath.

Richard had noted the sudden increase in Tom's heart rate, and guessed correctly how Tom was feeling, and the fact that Tom had now held his breath confirmed his guess. He waited for Tom to exhale, and instantly switched him back to oxygen. Tom took another breath, relieved to find that it was once again Oxygen. The Anxiety persisted until once more he remembered Richard's oft repeated caution about panic, to 'go with it' no matter what he might think was happening. Tom fought to control himself; there remained in his mask a residual odor. It was not unpleasant, he told himself, and feeling slightly foolish for having held his breath, something he realised that Richard would be aware of, he found himself looking forward to the next blast of Ether, which he had decided was nothing like he had imagined it would be.

What Tom had breathed was, in fact nothing like Ether, Tom had mistaken what he had thought was the smell of Ether for that of Chloroform. Richard had given him some Halothane, sometimes known as Fluothane, and which has a smell similar to Chloroform. For someone with Tom's relatively limited experience, the mistake was a natural one, but it would be the last time he would ever make it; by the time he left the operating room in a few hours he would have become fully acquainted with Ether and its smell, not to mention its propensity for inducing terror. He had no way of knowing at this moment that before he left the room, Ether would be the agent that would determine the course of the rest of his life.

Halothane is a very controllable anesthetic agent, which is pleasant to breathe, and which does not cause any appreciable loss of physical sensation until full anesthesia has been established. Given in the minute dose that Richard uses on these occasions, and liberally mixed with Oxygen, the effect upon a man breathing this agent can be very pleasant indeed, and the pleasant effect can be varied somewhat by the occasional addition of a little Nitrous Oxide to the breathing mixture, although during this stage, physical sensation will be lost to some extent, once again depending upon the strength of the dose.

Richard would be using his considerable skills as an anesthetist during this phase, and while Tom was mentally kicking himself for being foolish, Richard was giving the settings for levels and flows a careful final check out, as well as checking Tom's signs on the monitor that all was well with him. The bulk of Tom's breathing mixture would be Oxygen, the levels of anesthetic would be very small compared to that which would be administered to a surgical patient, although Richard would be contriving to convince Tom otherwise. His checks completed, Richard re-introduced the Halothane.

Once again the volatile odor filled Tom's mask. This time there was no panic, and he breathed deeply and appreciatively of the mixture. The tingling returned, and his ears rang; as he breathed, he expected unconsciousness to overwhelm him, and to spin and fall into blackness. It was not like that, there was a slight sensation of spinning which lasted only briefly, and instead of falling he felt that he was floating. Everything acquired an unreal quality, and as he gazed at the image of his own mask before him, it seemed to advance and retreat before him alternately, but all the time the mask grew gradually larger in his vision until it was so close that it blacked out the image altogether. This was an illusion created by Richard's careful manipulation of the image designed to disorient Tom's perceptions. Richard had also once again increased the activity of the dildo and of the catheter, knowing that Tom's feeling of physical sensation remained unimpaired, while at the same time Hans increased the pressure on the nipples. Tom was getting the best of both worlds, he was enjoying all the heady sensations associated with light anesthesia together with all the highly erotic sensations that assailed his cock and his ass, and the delicious pain on his nipples.

As always throughout these sessions, Richard continually checked his monitors; he was especially vigilant now because Tom was on Halothane, albeit only a fraction of his breathing mixture, nevertheless, care was essential because Halothane has a tendency to cause a reduction in blood pressure. Tom's vital signs, were, however, reading normally on the monitor, and Richard decided to let Tom enjoy himself with things as they were for the time being. He turned his attention to Karl, who was now receiving slightly different treatment. He was sharing Tom's experiences in his ass and his cock, but he was not on Halothane. Richard had administered Halothane to Karl on several occasions recently, and because another side effect of this agent was the possibility of permanent damage to the liver, he had decided that Karl should now go several months before having any more, just as a precaution, and Karl was therefore on just enough Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen to keep him feeling good.

For Tom the feeling of floating continued, and the blackness now before his vision accentuated the feeling. His rubber world had become one of tantalizing twilight in which the sensations in his cock and in his ass flowed over him in successive waves, while the pain on his nipples, and the constant pressure of his mask combined to penetrate his consciousness, and spike up his awareness of his whole rubber covered body - he wanted to remain like this forever, and because Richard knew that this was a particularly enjoyable phase, and allowed it to continue, it began to seem to Tom that this would be so. He no longer had the capability to reason, and his mind drifted in and out of rubber fantasies. It was a strange sensation to be so acutely physically aware, and yet to retain no will for coherent thought.

The rubber idyll was not to continue, however, for although Tom may not be thinking profoundly about his situation at the moment, Richard was, and although he was pleased that Tom was enjoying himself, he had not forgotten that his primary purpose was to test Tom's rubber capacities to the full - not to provide him with entertainment and sexual thrills solely. He operated a switch on the console, causing the anesthetic machine to take control of Tom's breathing. Tom reacted instantly, and Richard's monitors showed a few seconds of profound anxiety mounting in Tom. He knew that Tom would be incapable of adjusting to the change as rapidly as normally, and indeed, the change brought Tom out of his reverie rapidly, but it took him a little longer than usual to asses in his mind what was happening, and to recall Richard's caution always to 'go with it'. He struggled to focus his mind; it was difficult for him to do this because of the effect of the Halothane, but after a few minutes he managed it, and settled down once more, and when Richard was satisfied that Tom had accepted the change and adapted to it, he re-started the pulsating of Tom's mask to synchronize with the breathing cycle, then he did the same with Tom's rubber cock sheath. Hans meanwhile had increased the pressure of his manipulations on Tom's nipples, and the combination of the increasing physical stimulus on his body, once more made Tom feel a rising need for orgasm, and despite his awareness of the catheter he convinced himself that he was on the verge of coming. He made no resistance to what felt to him like an approaching engulfing wave of sexual climax; he felt totally unable to control the overwhelming sexual urge, and the feeling in his loins was of an intensity he had never before experienced; never before had the prelude to orgasm felt so good nor lasted so long. He felt himself to be at the pinnacle of manhood; maleness had never felt so intensely wonderful, or so exciting, and he longed for the masculine explosion that was building within him.

Watching his monitor, Richard was aware of the nearness to sexual climax to which he had enticed Tom. But he could not allow the climax yet; gradually he increased the Halothane in Tom's breathing mixture, and noted that it calmed Tom instantly. The heady volatile vapor once more pervading his mask, Tom gently descended from his sexual 'high'. The descent was not unpleasant, there was no sense of a 'hard landing' or of 'come down', partly because of the insulating effect of the Halothane, and partly because simultaneously, Richard had introduced an new physical sensation. He had activated Tom's nasal tubes which were possessed of the same capabilities as the catheter in his cock. Tom, who had already been delighted by the discovery that his nasal passages were a powerful erogenous zone, relished this new sensation, of which, despite the sexually calming effect of the Halothane, he was fully aware. He could not resist flexing the muscles in the passages against the undulating rubber tubes
Richard had timed the introduction of the new sensation for Tom carefully, for he intended to introduce the big rubber feeding tube into Tom's stomach without recourse to further sedation, and the activity in the nasal tubes were to provide Tom with some distraction. Richard's intention was to introduce the tube slowly, which he knew could cause Tom some distress as the tip of the tube negotiated the more sensitive areas, and he had taken the precaution setting the anesthetic machine so that at the touch of just one switch, Tom's breathing mixture could be changed from a mild dose of Halothane and Oxygen to one of a strong dose of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen.

Richard saw this stage as a further test of Tom's capabilities, and hoped that it would not be necessary to change the breathing mixture, however he was not prepared to risk Tom becoming so distressed that a panic situation would result, possibly jeopardizing the remainder of his plans. Richard allowed Tom several minutes of pleasure with the nasal tubes, and then watching his monitor very closely, he began the insertion of the feeding tube. Predictably, Tom's reaction was immediate; his body stiffened in the chair, his heart rate shot up and so did his blood pressure. Richard knew there was no risk of Tom vomiting because all the sustenance he had taken had been of low residue, and would already have been absorbed into his system.

For several tense seconds, Tom remained rigid in the chair, while Richard's hand hovered near the switch on the console that would bring instant relief to Tom.

Tom had had no trouble in re-adjusting to having his breathing regulated by the machine, he was enjoying the heady odor of the Halothane; it was a constant reminder to him that he was breathing a mixture, or 'cocktail' of gases determined for him by the Formidable Rubber Master who was in total control of his rubber body, his rubber mind, and who held his rubber life in his hands. The thought so thrilled Tom, that when he realised that his anticipated orgasm would be delayed, he felt no sense of disappointment. That Richard had willed it so was enough for him; he knew that Karl had submitted to Richard's rubber will for years, and had come to no harm, and now as he felt the feeding tube begin its progress through his throat, his alarm was short-lived. It had taken him by surprise, but quickly he remembered Richard's instructions, and, although he was not practiced enough to relax through the procedure, he was able to control his instinctive desire to fight the tube long enough for the tip to pass the danger point without mishap. Now fully intubated, it took him several minutes to settle to the new sensation, but mentally he was helped by knowing that Karl had already been fully intubated for several hours, and he knew how much Karl enjoyed that condition, and he had long since decided that what Karl liked, he also wanted to be able to share with him. He tried swallowing against the tube, and it felt good. He did not yet have the ability to derive the same intense pleasure which Karl enjoyed, but he was no less pleased with his achievement for all that.

Hans was aware of Richard's visible sigh of relief as he withdrew his hand from above the switch. Richard told himself that Tom had managed remarkably well; he was impressed with Tom's ability to adapt quickly to continually changing situations, despite the fact some of the changes were unexpected, and that he had no control over them. Richard accepted that as being indicative of Tom's dedication to his rubber life. Checking his monitors yet again, and assuring himself that Tom was relaxed and enjoying himself, Richard slowly withdrew the Halothane from Tom's breathing mixture, and returned him to pure Oxygen. At the same time he also put Karl, who had not been breathing Halothane, but Entanox, back onto pure Oxygen, and checking that the masks of both men were exerting maximum suction upon their rubber faces, also slowly caused the image before Tom's eyes to show a scene depicting both men, panning slowly and evenly between them, suggesting to them both that new rubber links between them were about to be established.

Both men became alert, and Richard waited before making his next move, and on cue, Karl called out to Tom, who responded, making noises and inflections to convey to Karl that he was fine and letting him know how good he was feeling, not only because of his condition, but because they shared the experience.. Richard used the brief interval to check that the active tubes were functioning, that the cock rings were pulsing and that the dildos deep inside each man were doing their work; all was well, and Richard, flicking a switch initiated the next phase, which was a two fold link between to the two now highly stimulated young rubbermen. Both men were now breathing pure Oxygen, and the breathing of both men was controlled by the machine. What Richard had done was to maintain the control of the machine over their breathing, but instead of pure Oxygen being pumped into the lungs of each man separately, the Oxygen was being pumped from the lungs of one directly into those of the other. Because the two men were breathing pure Oxygen, the inevitable build up of Carbon Dioxide in their breathing mixture took much longer than it would have done had they been breathing atmospheric air, and it was therefore some time before Tom and Karl felt the effect of the Carbon Dioxide. The slow onset of the effect was especially exciting to Tom when he finally realised what was happening; he began to feel that he could 'taste' Karl in his breathing. Richard added to the effect by slowing the flow of the oxygen, creating an overall effect of prolonging the Carbon Dioxide build up, and thereby achieving maximum effect for both men.

Part 18

Tom sensed that the back flapping object above him had begun to descend toward him, and as it came closer he discerned not only that the object was a rubber clad masked man, but that the man was Karl. The impression of flapping was created by the fact that Karl's rubber suit was equipped with great rubber membranes attached to both sides of his body which ran from his wrists, along the length of his arms, down each side of his body and legs to his ankles. The membranes undulated enabling Karl to hover over Tom, who upon looking more closely could see quite clearly that the tubes sprouting from Karl's mask and from the heavy moulded rubber sheath over his cock were joined to his own.

With startling suddenness Karl descended to Tom, gripped him in a hug and lifted him from the chair. Clutching Tom tightly to his massive rubber chest, Karl soared upwards. Karl's voice came clearly into Tom's ears, 'Hold on, Tom, we're off and away!' Tom needed no telling, the sensation of rapidly soaring ever upwards terrified him, and after a few seconds his terror was absolute as he felt Karl's grip upon him slacken, and the soaring sensation give way to one of floating. Karl spoke again, 'Come on, Tom, you can fly too - just hold out your arms and the wind will do the rest.' For the first time, as he spread his arms, Tom became aware of a gentle but steady breeze blowing. Karl was right; amazingly he could fly, and with that realization, Tom's fear left him and he began to look about him. He was flying just below and slightly behind Karl. He could see that they were still joined by the various tubes as they had been when in the chairs. Tom could feel his rubber cock sheath pulsating, and looking up, he could see the spasms in Karl's cock sheath clearly. He looked down but there was no discernible landscape below them, and looking about him as they began to soar, wheel and dive alternately, he realised that there was nothing but blackness in which they flew. He could see perfectly despite the blackness, for the blackness, absolute though it was, was not darkness, and the new sensation of being able to fly freely was too exhilarating for Tom to waste time upon pondering that particular puzzle. Nothing mattered to him now but this thrilling new sensation he was sharing with Karl as together they flew with ever increasing swiftness, up, down and around the endless black void, like two huge Swallows.

Gradually Tom became aware that with every breath he took the smell of rubber became stronger until he could almost believe he was actually breathing rubber itself, and then for the first time since the flight had begun, he could see something solid and tangible ahead of him. Like everything else about him it was black - a wall of black rubber. He was following Karl's lead, and as each second passed, and they flew closer to the rubber wall, he was expecting Karl to veer away, but the big rubbered muscleman flew straight at it. Tom anticipated skull-crushing impact, but contact with the rubber was soft; they did not penetrate the vast expanse of rubber in the sense of passing through it, for it proved to be highly elastic. As they flew onward, they drew the soft stretchy black rubber along with them. It adhered tightly to their suits and enveloped them, adding another layer of rubber to that they already wore, but leaving their flight capability unimpaired.

On and on they flew, occasionally passing though yet another veil of rubber, each time adding a further layer of rubber to their bodies, until eventually Tom felt himself being drawn towards Karl by an unseen force. The tubes connecting them shortened as they drew together, and Tom became aware that as he approached Karl he was flying directly beneath him on his back. Tom and Karl flew face to face closing slowly with each other like two spacecraft docking, until there was contact. Rubber mask merged into rubber mask, rubber arms clasped rubber bodies while the rubber membranes that had borne them aloft enfolded them, tightly binding each rubber body to the other. Flight was no longer possible, and the two rubbermen, resembling a large rubber chrysalis, plunged down through the black rubber void. Both rubbermen thrilled to the speed of the descent, each heady on the strengthening smell of rubber. There was pressure upon their masks as they clasped each other tightly within the rubber cocoon, and as they sped downwards, now so fast that they were spinning like a huge rubber projectile fired from a rifled barrel, the masks merged into one, enabling rubber lips to meet, and tongues to caress rubber tubes.

The physical contact with Karl combined with the sense of speed and the continually strengthening smell of rubber created within Tom a feeling of elation unlike anything he had previously experienced. Throughout his body Tom was gradually becoming aware of increasing warmth; his body was making firm contact with Karl's at every point of limbs, torso and head, and he could feel the strength of Karl's massive muscles flooding into his own body. The layers of black rubber binding their bodies was tightening with every second, while the smell of rubber had become stronger than ever. Tom's rubber union with Karl was total, and he knew instinctively that together they were hurtling through a vast spatial environment where terrestrial physical laws had no place, in which the only element was rubber. A roaring, rushing noise, faint at first, but growing louder as they sped onward, was followed by a sensation of something brushing lightly along Tom's back; it felt as if the rubber cocoon was moving along in contact with yet more rubber. The roaring in Tom's ears grew louder until it was deafening, while the brushing sensation from outside the rubber cocoon gave way to a feeling of being completely engulfed and enclosed by something that had the soft yet firm feeling of heavy moulded black rubber. Still they plunged onward, but now the feeling was different; there was no longer a sensation of hurtling through rubber space, rather one of having glided on to the surface of a vast rubber ocean into the depths of which they had begun to dive. The roaring sound continued, and Tom could feel the pressure from without steadily increasing, forcing his and Karl's bodies ever more firmly together. Tom felt Karl's arms grip him tightly, and his rubber mouth clamp tightly to his own, and then there was only the total blackness of surrender to rubber oblivion.

Richard had no means of knowing the nature of Tom's hallucinatory experience. The evidence from the monitors showed a high degree of brain activity, and there was fluctuation in Tom's blood pressure and heart rate. The episode, which Tom would recall as having continued for hours, was in reality of only brief duration; Richard's estimate was that it was over within a minute, after which Tom's vital signs stabilized. Tom had shown no signs of agitation or distress, bringing Richard to the conclusion that the experience had not been unpleasant for Tom, nevertheless Richard took the precaution of deepening Tom's anesthesia and allowing him a few moments of oblivion.

Richard meanwhile checked on Karl's monitors that showed that all was well with the big rubberman, who, when Richard glanced in his direction showed every sign of enjoying the twilight world of rubber fantasy induced by the gas, but as Richard mused to himself, Karl always did. Turning his attention back to Tom, he began gradually to reduce the gas and bring more oxygen into the system. Because Tom and Karl were still sharing the same breathing circuit, Karl began to come out of his own anesthesia simultaneously with Tom. Being uncertain of the nature or the exact intensity of Tom's hallucination, Richard brought the two men back to full consciousness very gradually, while at the same time allowing Tom to see Karl through his lenses, by way of re assurance.

As consciousness returned, Tom felt momentarily bewildered; the memory of the dream was crisp and clear in his mind, and it was a few moments before his mind re-oriented itself, and he worked out that his recent thrilling experience had been no more than a dream. He said the phrase 'no more than a dream' to himself, and at once rejected it. No, he told himself, it had to be something symbolic of his feelings for Karl, and forgetting for the moment that Karl had not shared the dream, he also saw it as representing something of Karl's feelings for himself. Ignoring the inconsistency, he relaxed back in the chair contentedly waiting for whatever Richard had in store.
Richard had reached the point in the program he had designed for Tom where he was ready to build up for the climax, and the final deciding test for Tom. It was, he reflected, unfortunate that as events had developed, Tom's testing time would also be an ordeal for Karl, but he told himself philosophically, there was now nothing he could do to avoid that, although deep down he was anxious about the outcome - would Karl prove to have the emotional strength to follow right through, and would Tom prove equal to the test to come. Richard knew there was only one way to find out, and that was to proceed as planned. He was so far satisfied with the way in which Tom had reacted to the full intubation, to the variations that had been imposed upon his breathing, and that he had obviously enjoyed the active catheters and the cock sheath and hydraulic dildo.

Both rubbermen in the chairs were now fully conscious and breathing pure oxygen once more. All systems had been reactivated which meant that all active tubes were working, the masks were pulsating on the men's faces, as were the heavy rubber cock-sheaths, and the dildos were in action as before. Hans had resumed his work on the nipples, and each man could see the other. Richard had discontinued the transfer of fluid between Tom's and Karl's bladders, and his next step was to deactivate the catheters in their cocks and cause the catheters to withdraw. After that he returned both men to natural breathing, but he maintained the function of them breathing to and from each other's lungs, together with the occasional oxygen supplement into the system.

Richard nodded to Hans who immediately stepped up the nipple action, while Richard increased the activity of the cock sheaths gradually, and increased the dildo activity. His intention was to bring both men to simultaneous orgasm. He knew both were ready for it, and he intended that the build up would be slow and relentless; he wanted both men , but Tom especially, to experience gut-wrenching orgasm, and he instructed Hans to get really heavy on the nipple work. The reaction of both men was immediate. They began writhing in their rubber bonds, and the rate of respiration between the two men increased rapidly, and as it did so Richard gave them a good blast of Amyl, and at the same time set the cock sheaths to a slow but tightly gripping pulsating action.

Tom, who by now had recovered his senses fully, and had, so far as was possible in the time that elapsed, rationalized his dream experience, and for the moment put it behind him, now realised that Richard wanted to go for orgasm. He wondered if Karl would also share this experience with him ,and he looked at the big rubberman, and could see that his cock sheath was pumping just as hard as his own, and decided that they would shoot together. His nipples felt wonderful and his cock was rampant within the heavy rubber sheath, while his ass was alive with sensation. Yes, he told himself, I am ready for this, but Richard was not going to let either man shoot without a long slow build up; he wanted them to experience that tingling feeling in their loins that would merge into ecstatic anticipation that would in turn cause their cocks to throb involuntarily, until finally, that feeling coupled with the wonderful feeling emanating from their prostates would culminate in a long and profoundly satisfying ejaculation from each man.

Richard managed his men expertly, and the climax came just as and when he had determined. Tom thought that he would lift bodily out of the chair when the amyl hit, and Hans began to lay into his nipples really heavily, but it was the insistent throbbing of the cock sheath that really drove him wild. He felt that he was being milked slowly and without mercy. The whole of his lower body was tingling with sensation, he felt his scrotum tighten up and then suddenly he felt the wonderful surge begin deep within himself. He felt the muscles of his ass grip the pulsing dildo as the spasms of pure male sex urge began to rampage through him and erupt time and time again into the unrelenting cock sheath. He was breathing heavily, and because his breathing was still directly linked to Karl's he knew that Karl was sharing the same experience with him, and that they both shot together.

Richard and Hans, watching from the console thrilled to the sight of these two fit young rubbermen in sexual extremis. Both reacted visibly, writhing about in their chairs in paroxysms of sexual ecstasy. Richard knew from past experience that watching Karl when he was at orgasm was always almost as exciting as having the orgasm himself, and Tom did not disappoint in this respect either. Richard knew that some relief was essential for both men immediately, but he planned only limited relief. He stopped the action of the cock sheaths, eased the pressure of the masks and stopped them pulsating. He also suspended the activity of the dildos, although he did not withdraw them, nor did he withdraw any of the intubation, although he was ready to withdraw Tom's stomach tube if necessary. Richard restored both men to breathing independently of each other and of the machine, and having satisfied himself that all was well with both men, sat back with Hans to relax, both were beginning to feel the strain of concentration and were glad of a few moments of inactivity.

The two rubbermen, for the moment spent, lay back calmly in the chairs. Tom was thankful for the respite that Richard had provided. He closed his eyes and relaxed; orgasm had never previously been like that, and he wondered idly if it ever could approach such an intensity ever again. He did not know it, but he was very soon to find out. Karl would not come again, Richard wanted him to be as fresh and alert as possible for the final stages of his planned program.

Over the ensuing hours, the two Rubbermen would again experience several times all that had gone before since they had been strapped into the chairs, except that Tom would be brought regularly to orgasm until he reached a point when he was beginning to feel he could endure no more. He had, alas, no power of decision in this matter, Richard demonstrated this to him time and time again, and despite the feeling of exhaustion that was beginning to creep over him, Tom was brought to robust and thrilling orgasm time after time, until, having read the signs in his monitors, Richard decided that for the moment, enough was enough. He initiated the feeding process for each man once more, and then conscious of his own, and Hans' need for rest, he stopped all systems, withdrew all intubation and blacked out the lenses in the men's goggles and settled them for sleep, while he and Hans took turns to rest and to monitor the two rubbermen who both fell into natural sleep while still bound into the chairs.

Several hours later, Richard, refreshed after sleep and food, gently reactivated the heavy black moulded rubber cock sheaths on Karl and Tom. The gentle rhythmic pulses brought both men slowly to wakefulness. Tom's attempts to yawn, stifled as they were by the impediment of his huge rubber gag and his mask brought him quickly back to the reality of his situation. Opening his eyes he could see the massive rubber figure of the masked Karl stirring in his chair. He put his hand up in greeting; the big muscleman responded, making some 'good morning' noises into his mask which Tom was able to interpret.

Allowing the two chair-bound rubbermen a few minutes to re- orient themselves, Richard set about his routine check of his monitors and the systems, and finding that everything was in order, began the day's work by reactivating the dildos deep within the two rubbermen. He had decided against a further feeding interval for them, although he re- inserted all the intubation into the two men as it had been the previous night. His strategy was, by repeating several times all that the two had been subjected to earlier, to render Tom into a state of near- exhaustion. His first objective was to find a point at which Tom might feel forced to admit that he had had enough and could take no more. The point at which this occurred, if it occurred at all, would give Richard a finite indication of Tom's tolerance, which, he had to acknowledge, had so far proved to be prodigious, and was, so far as he was able to determine at that stage, very nearly the equal of Karl's. His primary purpose, however, was to engender within Tom, by wearing him down, physically and mentally, a sense of vulnerability.

The procedures of the previous day re-commenced, the only differences being that there was no interval for feeding, nor was there any use of gas until right towards the end, however Richard did, as part of his wearing-down technique, use amyl much more frequently on Tom, who by now had lost all idea of time and date. It was in fact well into Sunday when Richard began the final phase of Tom's program. Richard brought Tom to orgasm as often as he detected that Tom felt a need; no longer did he tantalize him by using tactics to delay orgasm, or divert Tom's attention elsewhere. He was determined that by the time Tom left the chair he would be totally spent sexually, and that his fatigue would be psychological as well as physical.

The hours went by, and with the approach of evening, it was clear to Richard that Tom was no longer in the first flush of sexual condition; although he was showing signs of wilting, Richard was surprised by Tom's physical and sexual stamina, which went far beyond his expectations. Karl, meanwhile had once again begun wrestling with his own dilemma, and the day passed agonizingly slowly for him. Richard sensed this, and for much of the time he kept the big guy on Entanox, which he knew Karl loved.
Tom's final orgasm was, in contrast to his earlier, more vigorous displays, a long, drawn out business, and Richard knew that his objective had been achieved. Signaling to Hans that Tom was incapable of further orgasm, the big German began his preparations for sorting out the various tubes and valves and other items of equipment as they were disengaged from Tom and Karl, but not before Richard gave Tom a gentle dose of Halothane. He knew Tom really liked the Halothane, and as the first whiffs hit him, he let out a contented sigh. There just enough to give Tom a pleasant 'buzz' before Richard put him back onto pure Oxygen, which Richard allowed him to breathe for about five minutes, as he gradually increased the pressure on Tom's mask once more to savage tightness. Watching the monitor, Richard could see from the increase in Tom's blood pressure and the accelerating of his heart rate, that in his worn down state of mind, this was almost too much, and that for the first time, Tom was showing signs of agitation. Hans paused in his preparations, and together with Richard, noted with satisfaction that Tom's reaction was exactly as they had hoped.
Richard and Hans looked at each other, a moment for them to savor was imminent; a rubberman's introduction to Ether always excited then both, and Tom's introduction was only seconds away. With consummate artistry, Richard quickly threw one switch and then closed it immediately. This gave Tom a lungful of his beloved Halothane, but by the time he drew his next breath, Richard had already thrown another switch which gave him a lungful of Ether. The potent vapor overwhelmed Tom, and he began to struggle in his chair, fighting frantically to free his arms, his one thought being to rip the mask from his face. The panic induced within him by the Ether was exacerbated by his state of exhaustion, and so overwrought did he become that it was several seconds before he realised that there was no more Ether, he had had only one breath, and as far as Tom was concerned that was enough, and he subsided into his chair totally exhausted, and really wondering if he could take any more. His morale had sunk to an uncharacteristically low level, and when he looked over to Karl, who appeared quite calm and relaxed, for he was unaware that Karl had not shared his exhausting routine, he felt even lower.

Tom had got this far without protest to Richard, but he felt now that he had taken as much as he could, and was wondering what Richard's reaction would be if he used the safe word and asked to be released. He would never know the answer to that, for as he was about to give the sign, Richard's voice came into his ears, ' That's fine, Tom. We have now completed the program, be patient while Hans releases you. When you are free, make your way to the ante-room, and the boys will come and help you out of your suit. You may shower there, after which refreshment will be available for you upstairs, and the boys will show you to your room. Get a good night's sleep, and when you are ready, you are free to leave when you wish in the morning. Thank you for your co-operation.'

The voice had been crisp and unemotional; there had been no warmth, no hint either of approval or disapproval. The words uttered had been those of dismissal. The sense of anti-climax within Tom was total; his normally buoyant spirits were lower than he had ever known. He looked toward Karl for some sign of re-assurance, but the big rubber guy sat motionless in his chair, giving no sign; Tom could not know that he was struggling with his own spirits; that he was summoning all his physical and mental strength to carry him through the ordeal he knew lay ahead for himself and for Tom.
Methodically, Hans began the intricate process of disconnecting the equipment from the two rubbermen prior to their release from the chairs. He worked carefully, and somewhat to Tom's irritation, with maddening slowness. While he was waiting for release Tom had time to reflect upon what he had experienced. His first thought was that it had been an incredible amalgam of enjoyment and endurance, although he had to admit that the enjoyment far outweighed the endurance. Why then did he have such a depressing sense of failure, he asked himself over and over. His ruminations were interrupted by Hans indicating that he was now released from his bonds and that he was free to rise from the chair. Movement at first was almost painful for Tom. His limbs felt stiff and heavy, and as he stood he swayed slightly, steadying himself by gripping the arm of the chair. As he unplugged Tom's umbilical cord, the final act of disconnection, Hans gestured with his hand towards the ante room. Slowly Tom made his way towards the big double doors glancing, as he moved, towards Karl who remained motionless in the chair, now freed of all his tubes and mask, but still strapped in; there was no sign from Karl.

Alone in the ante room, Tom sank thankfully onto the bench, occupying the spot he had sat on the previous Friday, when the two magnificent rubbermen had entered silently and proceeded to dress him. How high his hopes had been then, he thought to himself, how low he felt now. Wearily he placed his elbows on his knees, noticing as he moved that the suit felt less comfortable than it had - he had almost forgotten he was wearing it. He shivered despite the fact that the room was warm, and he felt a clamminess upon his skin. The suit was no longer air-conditioned after the umbilical cord had been unplugged, and now all he wanted was to be out of the suit, to shower, and if he could manage it, escape tonight from this house. He thought of Karl, he felt that if he left tonight, and Karl cared anything for him as he professed, the big guy would find him somehow, now he just wished that Karl and Hans would get a move on and get him out of this suit.

Tom sat with his head in his hands dejectedly for what seemed like ages, although it was less then twenty minutes. What, he wondered, can be keeping them. Suddenly everything felt different. One elbow slipped off his knee, he felt slightly dizzy and found it was difficult to regain his position, and for one awful moment he feared that he was going to pass out, the floor beneath his feet felt as if it was moving, and coming up to meet him. He swayed, and tried to grip the edge of the bench to stabilize himself, but could not manage it; he had lost his sense of balance. He looked up frantically, intending to call out for help. The words died on his lips; before him stood the massive rubbered and masked figures of Hans and Karl. They leaned forward and seized Tom under the arms and hauled him roughly to his feet. Tom had not heard them enter, he began to babble his relief at seeing them, but again the words died. With a chill of horror, Tom realised that he could hear nothing, not even the sound of his own voice. Upon entering the room, Hans had activated a tab on his belt which had caused the plugs in Tom's ears to block all sounds to his auditory nerves, rendering Tom profoundly deaf. The electronic silence produced the same conditions that would be experienced by an individual who was congenitally deaf. The effect upon Tom, apart from robbing him of his balance and his hearing capability, was to create the perception within him that Karl and Hans were menacing rubber automatons who intended him no good. They, of course knew this, and so they moved with deliberate slowness to reinforce the impression upon Tom; that to Tom they moved in total silence made the encounter all the more unnerving. He looked first at Hans and then at Karl. They were different, and seeking out their eyes, as do all victims of their tormentors, hoping to see a spark of compassion perhaps, or a clue to motive maybe, Tom saw neither - just hard, uncompromising determination. That was it! He realised in a flash - he could see their eyes through the lenses of their masks, whereas before Hans had black eyepieces, and Karl had silver ones. Realizing that both men now had clear lenses, Tom sought to make eye contact with Karl, but his pleading look met with an unflinching black and stony stare. The rough handling went on, and Tom wondered why they were taking him to the shower while he was still in his suit. Having dropped his head in his despair, it was several seconds before he realised that he was being dragged back into the operating room.

Tom's attention was drawn to that unwelcome fact by the huge light over the operating table which cast its cold and clinical glare in a huge oval beam over the whole area of the table and its immediately surrounding area. The rest of the room was in darkness. He could see only steel and rubber, the former glittered while the latter gleamed; there was an aura of menace about everything Tom could see - erotic menace to be sure, but Tom was in no condition to appreciate that, and as he was dragged, now struggling, towards the table he saw the rubbered and masked figure of Richard sitting motionless at the head. By his side was the pristine anesthetic machine and cupped in one hand was a huge black rubber anesthetic mask. His own mask also had clear eyepieces now, and the stare from within the mask was cold and unblinking; Richard moved not a muscle.

At the table Hans and Karl made short work of hoisting Tom up on to it. Both men were big enough and strong enough to be able to hold Tom's upper body with one hand, while getting a leg each into the stirrups, and with one click of a broad strap, secure it. That done, they could concentrate on subduing Tom's upper body and flailing arms. His exhaustion forgotten, Tom felt as though he was fighting for his life. He was shouting his protests, but being unable to hear them himself, he instinctively shouted louder and louder until he was shrieking at them to let him go, that he had had enough and could take no more. His screams and shrieks appeared to fall upon ears as deaf as his own.

Richard was taken aback by the fuss Tom was making. He understood that the lad was sated with sexual experience, and that he neither needed or wished for further sexual stimulation; he himself had been the deliberate instigator of that condition. What surprised him was that Tom still had enough energy to struggle and protest with such vigor. He waited while Hans deftly with one hand restraining the still struggling Tom plugged an umbilical cord into Tom's suit with the other hand, whereupon Richard was able to consult his monitors. Predictably the reading showed that Tom's blood pressure was very high and that his heart rate and respiration were also well up on normal readings, they were however well within normal levels for a man of Tom's age and fitness when the degree of stress was taken into account; Richard deemed it safe to proceed. He did not hurry; the induction of a candidate such as Tom into the experience of the erotic pleasures of black rubber anesthesia through the medium of Ether never failed to excite Richard. He regarded Ether as the king of anesthetics. His long clinical experience in the discipline had taught him that although it was one of the oldest and, in the view of many of his professional colleagues, crudest agents, and that despite the development of many sophisticated and, from the patient's viewpoint, much more palatable agents, Ether remained one of the safest and most effective anesthetics available. For the patient, upon induction there was the terrifying sense of panic when the Ether was first inhaled, and upon recovery there was frequently an unpleasant feeling of nausea. These side-effects were minimal when compared to those which could arise from certain more modern agents - 'designer' anesthetics, Richard called them. There was also the problem of dealing with the highly explosive properties of the Ether vapor, easily overcome however with sensible precautions.

Professional considerations to one side, as a connoisseur of the eroticism of anesthesia, Richard's opinion of Ether was equal with his professional evaluation of it. There was of course, a psychological dimension; mention anesthetics to the lay public, and most will think immediately of 'gas' or 'Ether', the names of the other, modern, specialist agents are unknown to them. Add to that, Richard opined, the fact that the majority of people dread the idea of having an anesthetic; he firmly believed that in cases where patients presented themselves for routine, corrective surgery, as opposed to those unfortunates who needed radical, and possibly maiming procedures, the overwhelming majority feared the anesthetic far more than they did the surgery, and the anesthetic they feared most of all was Ether. They had all heard tales of the overwhelming, suffocating effect patients experienced when given Ether; tales of terrified, struggling patients being held down while they were put 'under'. In the minds of the uninitiated, Ether had a formidable and terrifying reputation, a reputation that had obviously firmly implanted itself in the mind of Tom, as he demonstrated when given a sample of it while in the chair.

Richard's purpose was to disabuse Tom of these fallacies, and to educate him into the delights that were attainable through the carefully controlled administration of Ether in an erotic context, and more specifically, so far as Richard was concerned, in a black rubber erotic context. He had deliberately worn down Tom's physical and mental resistance knowing that when he came to administer Ether to him, his perception of the horrific effect would be heightened. There was no malicious or sadistic intent in Richard's motivation, on the contrary, if all went according to plan, and he had taken every available precaution to ensure that it should, once he had guided Tom through the threshold of the horror, then the exciting erotic experience ahead of him would be thrown up in even sharper contrast; as he prepared to act now, Richard savored the prospect.

Part 19 (the last chapter)

Richard remained motionless, seated upon his stool at the head of the operating table, the huge gaping black rubber anesthetic mask cupped in readiness in his hand, while Hans and Karl continued their efforts to subdue the still struggling Tom. Richard's stillness belied the turmoil raging within him; his natural sexual arousal stimulated by the prospect of inducting, for the first time, a virile and vigorous rubberman such as Tom into Ether-based black rubber anesthesia conflicted with his anxiety centered upon the outcome. There was much at stake for himself, for Tom, and for Karl, and Richard admitted to himself that the unforeseen circumstance of emotional involvement between Tom and Karl, coupled with his own acknowledgement of the fact that he needed someone like Tom as an additional member of his team had created less than ideal conditions for this final test of Tom's dedication to extreme rubber practice.

Tom's cries and pleas for release rang around the room as he continued to fight against restraint, while his three rubber clad and gas masked captors appeared totally impervious to them. Richard straightened himself, leaned forward and with his free hand cupped Tom's chin firmly in his grasp. There was immediate eye contact between the two. Tom saw a formidable unblinking gaze from within the black rubber gasmask, while Richard looked upon eyes that pleaded pitifully. Richard lifted the mask high above Tom, allowing him to see it and the two long black rubber corrugated hoses trailing back to the anesthetic machine. He paused briefly and then slowly, in the manner of an Archbishop at the moment of crowning a monarch, he lowered the mask to Tom's face. Tom's struggles had ceased, he appeared to be hypnotized by the gaping blackness of the interior of the rubber mask as it descended inexorably toward him.

Tom could not take his eyes off the mask as he watched it come closer; as it was lowered toward him the mask seemed to increase in size until it seemed as though it was large enough to devour his entire head. For a few seconds the descent stopped, the mask was still far enough away from him to enable him to see the three gas masked faces above him, and the three pairs of eyes from within those gasmasks staring at him without pity or compassion for his terror. As within Richard, so turmoil raged within Tom. Why, he asked himself, had he been so foolish as to allow himself to be inveigled into this terrifying situation from which he had no hope of escape, and why had the man he loved so much, and whom he had believed returned his love, now allied himself with these two sadists. For the moment those questions remained unanswered; with savage suddenness the mask was upon his face, and was being held there with ferocious strength. Richard had artfully applied the mask at a moment when Tom had exhaled. His struggles having left him breathless, Tom unwittingly inhaled deeply, receiving as he did so a full blast of Ether vapor. Instantly he renewed his struggle as the overwhelming power of the vapor and the realization that there was no escape from it induced within him a sensation of panic unlike anything he had previously experienced. Karl and Hans allowed him to struggle to a limited degree, for they knew the expenditure of energy would force Tom to inhale again almost immediately.

When Tom inhaled the second time he believed that the full blast of Ether he was getting would put him right out - he had reached the stage where, terrified as he was, the prospect of oblivion was preferable to his present predicament. His second breath in fact contained very little Ether vapor, and a lot of Oxygen. Richard had no intention of allowing Tom to go 'under' just yet. He needed a short interval to allow the Ether that Tom had inhaled in his first breath to become absorbed into the tissues of Tom's body, and he therefore kept Tom on a mixture containing just enough Ether to flood Tom's body tissue but insufficient to induce unconsciousness.

Tom's ears roared, the first sound he had heard since his hearing had been electronically disabled; he felt a tingling sensation in his limbs and a glowing feeling was slowly suffusing his body. He could no longer feel himself being held down by Karl and Hans, that sensation had been superseded by a feeling of weightlessness, and his head swam. He could feel the black rubber mask upon his face, now it felt that it was being held onto him with less force, and it seemed to be moving about on his face. The mask had become the focal point of his consciousness; he opened his eyes and looked up. He could just see around the rim of the huge black rubber cuff of the mask. He saw Richard above him, and looking around his limited field of vision he saw the gas masked faces of Karl and Hans. The urge to struggle returned, but his attempt was feeble, and anyway, he told himself, why struggle now when they are moving away. He could see the two gas masked faces recede from him, but just as quickly they loomed large above him once again. Tom looked back to Richard, he too was moving, first away from him, and then back toward him again. He looked up at the light above him, and that too appeared to rise and fall, nothing seemed real any more, except, that is, the feeling of the mask moving upon his face - that felt good, so good that he moved to bury his face deeper within its black rubber confines.

He could think of nothing but the mask now; it was the center of his universe; the one thing that remained stable while everything else around him seemed to come and go, the world about him pulsated, but the feeling of the mask was constant. All terror gone from him now, he moaned involuntarily with pleasure as he attempted to lift his hands to the mask, not to rip it off as he had longed to do a few minutes ago, but to hold it on ever tighter.

When he heard the moan escape from Tom, Richard knew he had won, and that all would be well. He saw Tom's attempt to lift his hands to the mask, and he signaled to Karl and Hans to allow Tom the freedom to do so. Tom seized the mask and Richard's hand with it, and forced it onto his face, writhing with pleasure on the table as he did so. He felt intoxicated with pleasure as the effect of the Ether permeated throughout his body tissue. He glowed with a sensation he had never known before, and although Richard had now stopped the Ether and put Tom back onto pure Oxygen, Tom's system was now so saturated with Ether that he believed he was still breathing it. He looked up to Richard, who turned to the console, flicked a switch which gradually brought Tom's hearing back to normal, and at the same time signaled to Karl and Hans to stop restraining Tom, and merely to steady his unsecured upper body. Tom was unable to speak, he was in a strange limbo, not fully conscious, but not unconscious, nor was he in the twilight world that he knew from a mild dose of nitrous, or from breathing Entanox; this was a totally new sensation, and he liked it.

Richard leaned close to Tom, Tom looked up right into Richard's gas masked gaze. The eyes were no longer hard and cruel; from a vast distance, Tom heard Richard's voice, low and seductive, 'That's better now, Tom, isn't it?'. Tom could only nod his agreement. Testing for reaction, Richard attempted to lift the mask from Tom's face, but Tom, who still held the mask in his hands resisted. Satisfied, Richard desisted, and leaning close to Tom's head again, said, 'Alright, Tom, you can keep the mask. Now just breathe in deeply.' Richard began giving Ether to Tom again, but only enough to keep him at his present level of consciousness. Tom attempted to look about him; his powers of reason were inhibited by the Ether, and although he tried to gaze about him, he was not sure what he was looking at, or what he was looking for. Everything in the room appeared to be unreal, there was a golden glow about everything. The figures about him kept receding and then coming close again, and there was a strange rhythmic noise in his ears. His body glowed strangely and the rubber figures around him that he had fought against so violently, and for whom he had briefly felt such fear and hatred had become benign.

Richard slowly eased his own hand from the mask and from beneath Tom's hands which still held the mask tightly to his own face and began strapping the mask tightly to Tom with the Clausen's Harness previously placed on the table beneath Tom's head. As soon as he felt the tightening of the harness straps on his mask, Tom allowed his hands to fall away from the mask, whereupon Hans and Karl, upon a signal from Richard, began securing his wrists to the table, after which they placed a broad rubber strap across the lower part of Tom's chest. Tom was once more bound firmly to the table, and it was safe for Karl and Hans to turn their attention to other parts of Tom's anatomy, while Richard gripped Tom's rubber head between his rubber-gloved hands and gently turned it to one side so that he could see the black rubber bladder on the anesthetic machine into which he was inhaling and exhaling.

Despite the euphoria induced by the Ether, Tom was still sufficiently aware of his surroundings to respond to the stimulus of the sight of the big black rubber bladder inflating and deflating as he breathed; it had always been one of the rubber sights that had excited Tom almost more than any other. Richard leaned forward over Tom and began manipulating his nipples, and instantly Tom's black rubber cock sprang to erectness.

One of the many factors that had influenced Richard in his decision all those weeks ago to accept Tom's candidacy had been his discovery during the tests he had carried out upon Tom, that Tom's testosterone level was exceptionally high. The indication of extreme sexual vigor was so unusual that, to confirm it, Richard had ordered the test to be repeated on three separate occasions, each one of which resulted in the same high reading, and it was therefore no surprise now to Richard, despite his having brought Tom to repeated orgasm in the chair, to see Tom's dick once again rampantly erect.

Briefly the eyes of the three gas masked rubbermen grouped about the operating table met in an 'I-told-you-so' glance, and while Richard continued his manipulation of Tom's nipples, Hans gripped Tom's rubber dick firmly in a rubber-gloved hand and began long slow wanking strokes. Tom moaned and writhed his pleasure, and removing one hand from a nipple, Richard cut the Ether to Tom completely and put him back on pure Oxygen, knowing that the level of Ether already in Tom's body would maintain his euphoric state for several minutes, after which he would slowly and gradually emerge to a more realistic appreciation of what was happening to him. Karl meanwhile had lowered the foot of the table to gain access to Tom's ass, and had begun lubricating his own rubber dick and then Tom's ass.

Richard was by now manipulating Tom's nipples very hard, while Hans was maintaining long, slow and even strokes on Tom's dick. Karl was ready, and easing his huge rubber dick against Tom's ass, began exerting pressure against Tom's well-lubricated asshole. The head of Karl's dick entered Tom with surprising ease, causing the big muscleman to pause with the head just inside. Karl looked to Richard for a further signal, which was given only when Richard was satisfied that Tom had regained sufficient awareness of what was really happening to him.

It was when Tom turned his gaze away from the black rubber bladder and looking toward Karl, attempted to move his body onto Karl's dick that Richard nodded to Karl to proceed. Karl began to plunge his rubber dick slowly and relentlessly deep into Tom until his balls were hard against Tom's asshole. He paused momentarily before beginning a slow withdrawal; there was a perceptible tenderness in his movements, for the experience was an emotional one for the young rubber-clad bodybuilder for whom rubber sex had hitherto been equated in his mind with lust, and now as his eyes met Tom's, his sexual appetite was seasoned with the spice of love. He continued his gentle fucking for several minutes while Tom's body responded with sensual undulations.

Richard and Hans recognized, as they watched, that they were witnessing a moment of consummation. For them both, the union of these two rubber soul mates was a source of deep satisfaction, it would, each hoped, be the solution to many of their day-to-day problems. For Richard there was some sense of vindication. As a man who had spent his life exploring the deepest, and, he was happy to acknowledge to himself, the darkest recesses of the world of rubber in particular, and that of sexual deviancy in general, he had from time to time become deeply perturbed when the pursuit by men of deviant sexual satisfaction degenerated into abrogation of their own basic humanity to the extent that all emotional energy, whether latent or actual, was directed solely toward the objects of deviant interest, in this case rubber, at the expense of the civilized need of man to care for man. Richard felt that such individuals denied themselves not only man's natural progress toward emotional maturity, but also a necessary refuge from the fantastic world of rubber extremism inhabited by himself and Hans and Karl.

Richard's belief was that a sense of proportion was vital for extreme fetishists wherein the individual fetishist could maintain a healthy balance between his fascination with the inanimate fetish objects and the natural and responsive love of another man. That Karl and Tom were able to demonstrate this balance before him now in the midst of a profound rubber experience was proof to Richard against those who would condemn the fetishist as merely corrupt and perverted, and he continued watching the consummation of the love of the two young and vigorous rubbermen with deep satisfaction.

As he continued his gentle fucking of Tom, the strokes long and full and rhythmic but, for the moment lacking lustful thrust, Karl leaned forward and stretched his arms to caress the lower part of Tom's body, then leaned further still onto Tom, and causing Hans to withdraw his hand from Tom's dick, he gripped Tom's secured hands as he maintained his gentle fucking strokes deep within Tom. Tom responded to Karl's grip by holding Karl's hands tightly in his own rubber-gloved hands. The eyes of the two rubbermen met. Tom could see that Karl was smiling within his gasmask; he smiled back and nodded to Karl who, the moment of communion having passed, released Tom's hands, straightened his body and placing his hands firmly on Tom's hips, began to fuck with greater vigor. The strokes became stronger and deeper and faster, and as Tom began responding to the change, Hans once again gripped Tom's dick, this time firmly, and began long slow wanking strokes. Soon the big black rubber bladder on the anesthetic machine showed, by its agitation that Tom was approaching orgasm, so Hans slowed his strokes, and gripping Tom's dick firmly with one hand began with the other to stimulate Tom's dick just behind the head. Tom responded by writhing about in ecstasy, until Hans could see that Karl was approaching orgasm. Timing his movements carefully, Hans resumed his wanking strokes, and was able to bring Tom to orgasm simultaneously with Karl.

Tom felt as if the moment of shared orgasm would rip himself and Karl apart. The big muscleman's rubber dick moved within him like a great rubber piston finding the deepest recesses of his bowel, plunging time after time to it's limit, slapping Karl's ball sack against his ass with each stroke. Hans had Tom's dick in a vice-like grip, relentlessly wanking him towards orgasm, which he felt rising from deep within his loins yet again, and exploding from the eye of his dick in spurt after spurt of thick white spunk while he felt Karl's dick pulsating within him as it drove the big rubberman's seed deep within him.

Totally spent, Tom lay on the table while Hans mopped the spunk away, feeling Karl's massive erection still within him. Karl made no move to withdraw, and Tom savored the knowledge that he now carried the life-essence of this huge and beautiful rubberman within his own body. He closed his eyes, his tired mind almost blank; he could think only of how much he loved Karl, and before his mind's eye he saw Karl's handsome features, the wide boyish grin and the laughing blue eyes, and while he was telling himself that such a man would be impossible not to love, his blissful thoughts were interrupted by Richard tightening the straps on his mask. Startled, he opened his eyes, and as he did so, Richard gripped his rubber head firmly between his rubber hands and forced his head to one side towards the anesthetic machine and its big black rubber bladder. He could feel Karl resuming his fucking, but Richard's grip on his head prevented him from looking again at Karl. Instinctively, apprehension began to rise within him again, and as it did so and his rate of respiration increased, he could see his own anxiety reflected in the agitated movement of the black rubber bladder. Tom was breathing fast and deep, the mask bit savagely into his rubber face, and then suddenly there was nothing to breathe. The terror returned; Richard's voice, hard and flat came into his ears, 'Remember my orders - go with it, whatever happens.' Then came the profound silence once more. Tom instinctively began to struggle; for a few seconds he struggled fiercely, but now physically exhausted and mentally worn out by the emotional rollercoaster he had been riding, his struggle was brief. It seemed like a lifetime before he could breathe again, but in reality only a few seconds elapsed before he was able to inhale again, and when he did, his head swam, his ears roared and his limbs tingled. The ether vapor overwhelmed him yet again, and he felt terror, but was too exhausted for the panic to take hold as it had before. He tried not to breathe, but he knew he would have to, he wanted only for his torment to end now. He really had had enough, maybe, he told himself, one more breath of the ether would put him out and end his misery; he breathed deeply, and got oxygen, although Tom was unaware of the change, so overwhelmed were his senses by the first blast of ether. He was aware, however, of yet another convolution in the cavalcade of emotion that veered from soaring elation one moment to unremitting terror the next. As soon as he tried to take a third breath - nothing. Something was different about the black rubber bladder on the machine. It was empty as usual when he had inhaled, but now that he had once again exhaled, it had not expanded. Richard released Tom's head momentarily, and then with one rubber arm cradled Tom's head with his hand on the mask, forcing it even harder to Tom's rubber face, still compelling him to look at the rubber bladder.

Tom thought his lungs would burst as he pulled desperately for something to breathe within the forcibly held mask. His eyes rolled back in his head. Quickly Richard glanced at his monitor, noting that Tom's heart rate was now very high, although it was no higher than he would have expected in the circumstances. From the monitor he looked along Tom's body to Karl, now fucking once again with great vigor, while Hans had his rubber hands deep into Tom's groin either side of Tom's dick.
The sensations in his ass and groin barely distracted Tom from his efforts to breathe; hoping almost against hope, he looked again at the black rubber bladder, and having looked he could not take his eyes from it. The black rubber bladder was swelling slowly; Tom watched it until it bulged, then suddenly he could breathe. He filled his lungs with the life-giving oxygen, emptying the bladder as he did so. He head was clearer now, and this time he would not be caught out again. He held his breath for as long as he could, then slowly let out a little of the oxygen, expecting to see the bladder begin to fill again; to his dismay, the bladder remained lifeless on the anesthetic machine. He let more gas escape from his lungs, but still the bladder remained inert.

It was at the moment Tom emptied his lungs completely that he at last saw the bladder begin expanding once more. Tentatively he tried to inhale, but as he expected, it was impossible, and he realised that Richard had rigged the machine so that oxygen was only available to him at the moment the bladder was full. Conserving his energy, Tom abandoned any thought of attempting to breathe until he saw the bladder was once again full. Having worked out Richard's strategy, and having told himself that Richard was surely possessed of some sadistic rubber demon, his confidence returned sufficiently for him to begin once more enjoying the sensuous sensation in the lower part of his body. Karl's fucking felt so good, and the movement of Hans' rubber hands in his groin was exciting him, but not enough for him to even think about looking away from that life-giving bladder.

The bladder had filled again, and Tom breathed deeply; this time the oxygen was mixed with enough ether vapor to make him tingle, and to cause his head to swim. He told himself he would have to concentrate hard on the bladder now so as to be ready to inhale when it filled next time.

Richard had programmed the machine to give Tom a minute increase in the dose of ether each time the bladder filled. He had also arranged matters so that as Tom became more and more saturated with ether, the bladder would fill more rapidly with each cycle to compensate for the reduction in oxygen as the level of ether was slightly stepped up each time. It was his intention to make full use of the hypnotic effect of a partial dose of ether for as long as he thought Tom could tolerate it. Tom was unaware of all of that. The wonderful glowing feeling was once more suffusing his body, and it felt wonderful how Karl's cock had grown so huge in his ass as it pumped in and out of him relentlessly, while Hans' hands had acquired a magical touch in his groin, and the forcibly held black rubber mask on his rubber face combined with the awareness of Richard's strong rubber arm cradling his rubber head felt so safe.

It was not long before the mild but repeated dose of ether had its hypnotic effect upon Tom's perception of his surroundings. Already he believed that Karl's dick was growing massively within him, and that some magic lurked within Hans' rubber hands as they massaged his groin, and now that black rubber bladder that so fascinated him even in moments when he was unaffected by ether or any other inhalant, was visibly growing in volume before his eyes. Each time the bladder swelled it grew bigger and moved a little closer. He knew that soon it was going to consume him, and as the ether, now being given in a gradually increased does by Richard, did its work, and total black rubber anesthesia approached, the blackness it brought with it was, it seemed to Tom, the blackness of the now all-enveloping rubber of the bladder. He fought to concentrate upon the bladder, but his eyelids grew heavy, his eyes rolled back in their sockets, his eyelids fluttered briefly and then closed.

The moment Tom relaxed into unconsciousness, Richard released his grip on Tom's head, and turning his attention immediately to the anesthetic machine, he cut the ether completely and put Tom on just enough nitrous and oxygen to keep him 'under', and then he slackened the straps of Tom's mask, but left it in place. Karl withdrew from Tom, and he and Hans lifted the foot of the table, unbound Tom's legs, removed them from the stirrups before finally releasing the remainder of his bonds and leaving him fully prone upon the table. Richard meanwhile had filled a hypodermic, and had come around to Tom's right-hand side. Hans lifted Tom's arm and searched for a hidden seam in the suit which he pried open with great care, then did the same with the inner suit while Karl wrapped a thin rubber tube around Tom's bicep, and finding the vein, Richard injected Tom with a sedative concoction prepared by a boffin friend which had the properties of giving Tom several hours of near-natural sleep instead of narcotic-induced stupor. Richard allowed five minutes for the sedative to become effective before taking Tom off the nitrous. He left Tom's mask in place and gave him pure oxygen for the next half-hour while he and Hans and Karl began tidying the room, and then getting Karl out of his rubber gear. The oxygen would ensure that when Tom awoke in the morning he would have no feeling of being 'hung-over' and all being well he should have a clear head, and awake well-rested.

It was not an easy matter for the three rubbermen to divest the sleeping Tom of his outer suit and then the thin inner suit, but they managed it, and Karl hoisted Tom over his shoulder in a fireman's lift and took him upstairs to bed.

* * * * *

Something soft was brushing Tom's lips, and gradually he became aware of warmth above his body. He stirred in the big double bed, and opening his eyes he found himself looking straight into the smiling blue of Karl's eyes. Karl grinned, and sat up astride Tom, 'The sleeper awakes!' he laughed, and then throwing back the bedclothes launched himself onto Tom, who by now fully awake, and laughing too, seized Karl in bear hug as their bodies and mouths met in a long and probing kiss. Five minutes later, panting with pleasure, they pulled apart, and lay facing each other on the bed, both men grinning at each other silently just so happy to be alone together at last. Slowly they drew together again, and this time the kiss was tender while their hands explored each other's bodies. Tom was marveling that a man so big and strong as Karl could have so light a touch when the door opened and Hans entered bearing a large breakfast tray.

Hans was dressed in his customary houseman's white jacket and dark trousers, and when the two men on the bed turned toward him at the sound of his entry, he flashed a bewitching smile at them. Neither Tom, nor even Karl, who knew Hans so much better had seen him so relaxed. Tom could not get used to the idea that a man who in repose could look so brutish, could also when it suited him light up and become so handsome. Hans said, 'The doctor is very pleased with you Tom - he has sent you a message.' He set the tray on the bed, grinned again and was gone. Tom realised he was ravenous and began examining the contents of the tray enthusiastically. Among the dishes he found a small red leather box. Pausing in his search for food, he opened it and found a small gold padlock and a card. 'Well done, Tom. You have earned this. Let us talk when you are rested. R.' The hasp of the padlock was open -there was no key.


Tom moved into Richard's household. He and Richard became good companions, while Tom and Karl settled into life together. Hans became more relaxed in his relationship with Karl, and the four men enjoyed many rubber adventures together, and with other of Richard's 'candidates' as he liked to term them. Hopefully, we will join them all again sometime.


Anonymous said...

This is genuinely the greatest rubber story I've read in my life...is there even such a facility in real life? It sounds far too good to be true...

Unknown said...

I wish! I would've applied for a position there working for the doctor a decade ago! ;)

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I remember reading this years ago, and I printed out some of the story and saved it .. Still have it tucked away somewhere. Great pictures on your blog!

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AirSeaRescue said...

What an absolutely wonderful story, one felt as if one was Tom all the way through, very well written by a clearly very knowledgeable and intelligent guy and one who, as I do, loves every aspect of the concept we are talking about here. Very well done