Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is this ass for real?

A rear view of Roberto Bolle in tights....gawd what a sight!


Well, the final inspection of the penthouse was completed yesterday and we passed with flying colors. Three solid days of cleaning really do pay off! It's pretty surreal to see the old apartment completely emptied and no longer ours. It was a great pad and I'll miss it dearly.

But with that behind us the attention is now focused on getting everything of the Ex's unpacked in his new apartment and me getting everything properly packed for my trip on Saturday. I've been living out of towers of boxes in his spare room while sleeping on the couch. Telus finally transferred the phone line service to the new place this morning so I'm back on the Internet and don't have to go into the office today! Woo hoo!

I got my kitchen stuff packed last night plus the remainder of the clothes. Now there is the matter of errant open boxes of crap that were thrown together plus looking for things that I know exist but I'm not sure are packed. A few of those things might have to wait until I'm back in Calgary in November for Christmas and can drop by Joe's place to pick up or drop off whatever (that includes you, Xmas decorations).

The rubber will most likely get packed on Friday afternoon shortly before getting put in the U-Haul.

One more day of honest packing, tracking down people to take a few remaining donatable things, and that should be it. I hope to be free Thursday night to have one last evening at the Ship & Anchor (my local pub) and then pack the U-Haul truck on Friday. Right now, it's only me so if anyone wants to help...

Next report - most likely from Vancouver! How exciting! I hope the weather through the Passes will be tolerable...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rubberstud of the Week #52

Rubberstud of the Week is one year old!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rubbout 19 Report

Originally written 2009-04-12


Gawd, here I am in the airport, once again, waiting for a jet and spilling my observations online while they're still fresh. And this time I have a very fresh buzz from the Pumpjack Beer Bash -- more on that later.

Rubbout 19 was an astounding success. The organizers figured by today that it was undoubtedly the best rubber weekend Vancouver has ever had. On top of EVERYTHING, I found an apartment and some furniture, and was basically embraced by a community in Vancouver that I am completely excited to join and participate in. If Mitch would only

give me the go-ahead to become the Marketing guy for Rubbout 20, I'll make sure we double those numbers next year! LOL

I must say that by today I was completely exhausted but I am impressed by the fortitude demonstrated by the Vancouver guys to keep the party continuing after four days of rubber, play, socializing and sex. The events started on Thursday with the Carnival Party at the Pumpjack. I picked up Rubberbuck at the airport in the mid-afternoon and we basically had to start getting ready for the evening's events since they started so early. It was an early evening in order to catch the after-work crowd since this weekend was a long one. Rubberbuck and I decided we were going to do a 'Patsy and Edina' tonight and see what happened (ie, lots of Stoli). There were draws for prizes and a lot of crowd favours that made the evening an interesting one. The Vancouver rubbermen had thrown up the Rubbout gallows in the back room and this was available for photo ops, which was slow to start but ended up being frequented quite a bit by the end of the night. Rubberbuck, ChicagoPissBoy and I retired to the hotel fairly early - around midnight - and fooled around for awhile in the wee hours of the morning. This was based on the fact that we ended up at the bar around 5pm so I figure we did a pretty good shift there before calling it a night. Due to the vodka, the next morning didn't feel any better. Not that that changed the agenda or anything....

Friday morning and early after I spent finalizing my apartment lease (YES - I found a fantastic one!) and walking around the West End with Rubberbuck. We went back to the hotel, rested, fooled around, went out for dinner with another of my Vancouver friends and then got ready for the VML Party at Numbers at 8pm. We got there around 8:30 and the place was already quite busy. I found out later that the parties that are planned by Vancouver Men in Leather in conjunction with the rubberguys and other fetish crowds end up being the best attended when they occur. The bar ended up being quite full by 10:30 or so. There were guys dressed in everything from leather and rubber jockstraps to complete skintight rubber enclosure and drysuits. There was a 'Best Rubber Contest' which I won! I won a choice between a WCR weekend package or a massage package and I chose the latter (sorry WCR, I can't commit yet). I wore my tried-and-true pewter latex military get up which seemed to appeal to a lot of the guys that were there by the audience response.

After the Numbers party, everyone moved to the Pumpjack again for the Dark Light Party. I ran back to the hotel to chance into some more practical playwear (I bought a Polymorphe crotchless wrestling suit at Vancouver Priape in the afternoon). ChicagoPissBoy and I spent an inordinate amount of time in the back room and eventually made our way to M2M for some 'alone' time since the hotel was already occupied. M2M had a waiting list for rooms so we spent some time in the shower room before heading back to the hotel.

Saturday we got up went for brunch. CnCast, ChicagoPissBoy, myself and two of my friends from Calgary who were in Vancouver for the weekend spent the afternoon walking the Davie-Denman-Robson-Granville route before we went to Delilah's for dinner. Immediately after CnCast, ChicagoPissBoy and myself went back to the hotel to change for the M2M parties.

The 8pm party in the hospitality lounge had a few guys get into the vac-bed and get fondled. It was a fun intimate time. The majority of guys headed over to M2M around 11pm and spent the remainder of the night there. CnCast and I donned our rubber and masks and spent a few hours in the slime pit before heading back to the hotel and having some fun ourselves.

Sunday morning I finalized some furniture purchases for the new place and then CnCast and I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon at the Pumpjack Rubbout brunch and the Beer Bust in the afternoon. The Elenas ball came out for a demo in the early afternoon before the day crew for the Beer Bust arrived around 3-4pm. CnCast and I went back to the hotel for a quick meal, a quick change out of rubber and got our bags. We headed to the airport around 5:30 and caught our flights home.

It was a whirlwind weekend. There are lots of photos surfacing, thankfully since I didn't take my camera out much. I was too busy meeting all the new Vancouver guys that I hope to get to know better over the summer! Everyone was so friendly and accommodating. I can't wait to get out to Vancouver permanently!

This report's a little short, but the weekend was far too busy for a lot of reflection. Pictures will inevitably follow!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

More economic woes

Mr. S Los Angeles Store Closing

April 16, 2008 - After 8 spectacular years in Los Angeles, Mr. S Leather will be closing its store location in LA. This decision was not made lightly, but reflects today's economic realities.

Our flagship store in San Francisco which we expanded in 2005, will continue to be our company headquarters to carry on the 30 year tradition of Mr. S Leather.

The last day of store operations in Los Angeles will be Sunday, April 26, 2009. During this time, we will be selling all inventory in this store at 25% OFF. This sale is just for the LA store and is limited to just the inventory at hand. No orders for items to be made or ordered will be taken during that time at the 25% off discount. This is a great time to stop by and pick out the piece of gear you have been thinking about getting. The Mr. S store in LA is located next to the FaultLine bar at 4232 Melrose Ave. (323-663-7765). There is parking in the back of the store, and the hours of operation are Wed thru Saturday 2PM to 10PM and Sunday 2PM to 8PM.

Man, I wish I was in L.A. before the end of the month! Any of you guys down there want to pick me up some things?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Going Under...

...the radar, that is - for a few weeks anyways.

Rubbout 2009 in Vancouver was a fantastic time, so good in fact that I hit the plane back to Calgary on Sunday with chills and sweats and woke up with full-blown flu on Monday morning. Talk about overexertion! Work has been hell ever since but I'm recovering nicely today.

I have a detailed report about one-third written now and I hope to have that posted, if anything, in the next week or so. As for pictures, there will be tons on the Rubbout website eventually. I was so, um, busy over the weekend I hardly took any pictures at all. Meeting a whole new community of rubbermen that are soon to be my brethren was a full-time job and even then I only remember a handful of names at the moment.

I found a rockin' apartment while out there and I just found out yesterday that my move day has been moved up even two weeks further. I basically have two weeks to move the Ex and move myself. For complexities I won't explain here, I plan to be in Vancouver on May 2 now.

For that reason, I may not be as chatty on here as I normally am. I have a LOT of work to do in the next 14 days. I'm relieved in a way -- many people were talking about having farewell parties, while I just really wanted to quietly slip away from Calgary and start up fresh in Vancouver with no fanfare. With only two weeks to go, there will be little time for that anyways. I am on-call on top of that and have to work overtime at least one day this weekend.

So, I'm not gone, just on moving hiatus. Wish me luck. I'll post soon.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Artist Profile - Yvon Goulet

Yvon Goulet works as a visual historian, searching for cultural artefacts in Montreal's gay village. His paintings, which are inspired by festive and cultural events in that community, enable him to express daily reality, record the events in question and feature the male body as an active participant within the gay community. His studio is located nearby le village in Montreal. For a visit, you may contact at :

Monday, April 6, 2009

Rubbout 2009

The 18th annual installment of Vancouver's premier rubber party is only a few days away! I fly there on Wednesday, spend that day meeting my new work managers and doing some apartment hunting. The parties start on Thursday. Here's a list of the weekend events:

Rubbout 2009
Rubbout EASTER Weekend
April 9 - 12, 2009 Vancouver, BC

Rubbout is always a party weekend of rubber and leather for men. But this year, Rubbout will be an Easter long weekend blowout. For more information contact

Thursday, April 9
Carnival Party @ PumpJack 5 PM onwards
-Photo booth - try some rubber outfits on from Priape and get your photo taken.
-Rubberduck contest

Friday, April 10
VML Rubber Party @ Numbers 9 PM
-Hosted by Vancouver Men in Leather
-Rubber/leather/fetish dress code (men only)
-Door prize, 50/50 draw, rubberduck contest
-Best Rubber contest
-Jiffy Lube - get lubed by the rubber shine boys
-Meet rubber titleholders

Darkroom Party @ PumpJack 11 PM onwards
-Line privileges to 11:30 PM with Rubbout wristband.

Saturday, April 11
Rubbout Party @ Behind M2M 8 PM - 11 PM
-entrance is from back alley behind M2M
-Rubber/leather/fetish dress code (men only)
-Music, beer, refreshments
-Vac Rack demo
-Bondage demo
-Puppy play pen

Play Party @ M2M 11 PM
-Slime pit with watersports and dildo wrestling
-Sling room
-Rubber porn
-Snacks in video lounge

Sunday, April 12
Brunch @ PumpJack 11 AM - 1 PM
-Rubbout draw
Sunday Kegger @ PumpJack 3 PM onwards

Rubberstud of the Week #49

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Calgary Eagle Rubber Demo Night

Last night we held a rubber bondage demo night at the Calgary Eagle. It was a complete blast! The demos went without a hitch, the scene bottoms were excited and eager, and there were lots of guys dressed up in latex and leather on top of everything else! I met a lot of new guys and I think we did a great job of exposing latex/rubber bondage to people who wouldn't otherwise see this stuff and opening a new realm of possibilities to them. The bar owner/manager was very happy with how things went. We got so many positive comments on how things ran, and the questions....! I felt like an idiot at points trying to answer obscure, unexpected questions as eloquently as I could. There was one guy that came up to us early in the evening that was completely stressed out about the whole thing and needed some calming down. I wasn't quite sure how best to approach the situation, but he seemed okay with everything by the time he left.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

Around 10:45 we started with the vac-bed demo. We put the bottom into the bed and turned on the vacuum and invited anyone who wanted to to come up to the table and polish, touch, ice, heat whatever they wanted. The bottom was a first-timer and thoroughly enjoyed himself! In fact, he was in the bed for almost a half-hour, which was impressive for the first time.

At 11:15 we put Calgboi in the heavy latex sleepsack provided by GearCollector2. The same hijinks ensued; polishing, massaging and icing by many many eager hands. Calgboi was unhappy to get out 25 minutes later.

At 11:45 Gearcollector got Dean into the Elenas bondage ball. This was the item that got the most comments, obviously. It is such a strange looking piece once the inflatable hood is put on. Dean had a blast. We tried some vibration synchronization with four guys around the ball for awhile before Dean got out. Fun!

IMO this was a great pre-cursor to the Mr. Calgary Rubber competition on June 5. I did realize however that I won't be here (living, anyways) in June so I'm not even sure if I'll be around for the competition. However, the word last night was that Priape is hosting Mr. Calgary Leather on Saturday night (June 6) so it's going to be a fetish perv weekend and a lot of people from elsewhere are supposed to be coming for it so I don't think there will be any shortage of judges and organizers. The issue might be participants, and I tried my damnedest to sell the idea of competing to a few guys I think would do a good job of it. Hopefully it ends up being a great event. I might try to get back for it if I can get a cheap flight.

Alas, I got no pics of myself, although I know there are a few floating around. There were cameras everywhere, including the GayCalgary magazine photographers. Good exposure!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

P.H.A.R. (Pretty Hot and Rubbered)

Holy shit! Have you been to the Simon O. website recently? Their product line has practically doubled in the past six months, and their new model.....mmmmrrrroooaarrrr...fuck is he ever hot. And he seems to really like the rubber.....fantasy man, come take me away....

Friday, April 3, 2009

More Winter Warmup pics

We certainly need them; it's still bloody cold and snowy here. When is this damn winter going to end? Thanks to LatxDad, here are some latex pool cleaner pics from Sunday in Palm Springs. Ah, memories....

I have a couple of video clips from the pool fun on Sunday I will get posted soon, too.