Saturday, January 31, 2009


Here are some shots in natural light:
Clean poses - I wish I had a black codpiece with press studs that would work!

This is how I'm going to wear this suit in Palm Springs!

Naughty poses - this will be the look out of public eye!

Next up: red wrestling singlet!

Transparent teaser

First shots! How can I pick a favorite suit now? LOL

Better lighting experiments today. I have some things I want to try. Stay tuned!

Rebreather Testing

Sure you've seen it before, but have I posted it here? The sounds of panic are great!

That's some (inflated) balls!

Kinky King's stroll through downtown Chicago. Ballsy! People's reactions are so strange.

"What is that thing?"

Well, duh. Haven't you seen an inflatable rubberman before???

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I'm marking Thursday, January 29, 2009 as the day the number of visitors to this blog hit 50,000! Totally amazing! Traffic has been growing steadily over the past couple of years now to the point that consistently over a hundred people visit daily. I'm so happy so many of you make the point of dropping in from time to time. As always, I'm always open to suggestions on things you might like to see or things you'd like me to post here to make it more appealing to you. Now that there's so many people checking this place out, I gotta be more serious about posting things that will make you keep coming back and coming again!

Thanks for your support!

Invincible gear

Wow -- the gear was shipped from Nottingham on Friday and I was able to pick it up last night at the post office here in Calgary after a delivery attempt was made at home this afternoon while I was at work. Thank you air mail and globalization!

The transparent neck-entry suit feels and looks incredible. I had it on for a quick try out last night. I also attempted to put on my old transparent socks but they were so rotted and degraded one deteriorated into rubber rubble as soon as I tried to put it on. The other has a huge hole in the sole where the latex has rotted away. So, no transparent foot covers for the time being *sigh*

I will need to now look for a transparent mask and new socks to complete the suit.

The neck entry is a bit of a challenge to get on -- not so much if the inside of the suit and the shoulders are lubed up well. One trick is to throw some lube down the front once you have one arm in, pull the other inside into the chest area and spread the lube all around the chest, stomach, hips, back and shoulders. This makes getting the neck line up and over the last shoulder much easier. Putting the second arm in the right place is simple after that.

Initially I was more concerned about the process of getting it off. The trick? Doffing it in the shower is an absolute must. Working one arm out and into the suit is the easiest way to begin squirming your way out. Once one arm is free, you can use it to assist getting the other arm out of its sleeve. Once both arms are free and in the torso of the suit with the rest of you, you can start working the suit down your body. Sort of a complete reversal of the donning process. The neck reinforcement seems very durable.

Surprisingly, the codpiece on both the transparent suit and red tri-suit have six press studs. I was expecting three, so that was a bonus. On the sad side, the press studs on the red tri-suit are black...had I known that beforehand I probably would have ordered the suit with a black stripe on the sides to make it look extra sporty. It's sexy nonetheless!

Oh well, if you don't ask questions about these things, you'll never know. I'm going to try and get some pics done today or on the weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What type of person...

...has the audacity to complain to you that your video contribution is disappointing and doesn't show anything special, yet has no videos contributed to the site in question themselves?

Re: You're Killing Me!

I love Patrick. Our kinks are so similar, we can spend hours just talking about new suit logistics, ideas for new photoshoots or stories, etc. It's wonderful to have someone to bounce my kinkiest fantasy ideas off of.
Hey Patrick,

Another Spexter convert, eh? LOL It's a pretty sweet ride, that's for sure.

To answer your questions:

1. You mention that you sent custom measurements, but the suit is based on standard S-M-L sizing. How did you manage the glove and foot sizing? Head sizing?

Michael will send you a custom sizing sheet. Even though they use standard sizing, the tailor will use a 'best match' approach to putting the individual pieces together. The head is simply several measurements around the crown .. the hardest match was the gloves and socks. I find the gloves we agreed upon to be a bit on the smallish side (size M, I believe, but better small than too big IMO) and over a long period of time if I'm not keeping my hands busy my fingers will go numb. The hood fits surprisingly (perfectly) snug. My head is not proportionate to my body and I find a lot of standard size hoods too loose for my liking.

2. Should I be directing my order or my inquiry to a specific person? Can they accept a PDF of measurements vs. a fax?

Like I said, Michael will send you a standard pdf measurement form. I faxed it back to him. It's simply the best to keep the line of communication open. He is very good at responding to emails.

Contact info is here:
> From: SpeXter News
> Subject: Rubbersuit
> To:
> Received: Friday, December 19, 2008, 9:22 AM
> ......
> SPEXTER Handels GmbH · Müllerstraße 54 · 80469
> München
> Telefon: +49 (0) 89-260 24 864 · Telefax: +49 (0) 89-260
> 24 866 · Store:
> Geschäftsführer: Leonhard März · Michael Di Mugno
> Sitz der Gesellschaft: München · Erfüllungsort und
> Gerichtsstand: München
> Eingetragen im Handelsregister München HRB 116312 ·
> Ust-IdNr./
> VAT-Reg-Nr.: DE 186 677 516

3. Your really early Spexter posts mention 0.6mm rubber, but once you got it, you mention 0.5mm rubber. Which was it?

I think I may have been vague or confusing here. The Spexter suit is either .45mm or .5mm (regular weight) high-grade latex; the mention of 0.6mm might have been reference to my older (molded) fullsuit???? It smells and feels delightful.

4. How are the eyes? Do they fog up?

The eyes look great; they are simply plastic lenses with one-way silver reflective plastic sheet underneath. I have some rippling in the silver sheeting, but it is minor and you can normally flatten it out, so I don't really find it a big doesn't affect your vision at all. It appears it will even be possible to replace that layer at some point in the future, so I would think the most important thing will be to keep the top layer clear plastic lenses from getting damaged or scratched. The only air circulating around the lenses is what is being pulled up when you breath through your nose (yes, there are nostril holes) which is pretty sufficient until you get really sweaty, or put on a gas mask and that air flow is stopped. Occasionally I will pull the hood away from my face from the nose, do some deep inhaling which gets cool air back up to the lenses and clears the fog away somewhat. They aren't perfect though....after a long period of wear they will fog up and typically remain that way. Maybe not so much fun at the bar, but at home when you're with someone and getting all horned up, you're less concerned about how you look in the mirror, getting the complete sensory trip out of the suit, and the sight deprivation can be sort of exciting!

5. Does the suit have nose holes also?

Yes, good sized nose holes.

6. Is the nose regular length or long? Was it a good fit in that it didn't have space at the tip? Would you consider your nose "normal"?

I would consider my nose 'normal' girth and length, I find the nose fits fine. Maybe even a little bit loose. At with any mask/hood, to have the nose holes align perfectly with my actual nostrils would be fantastic, but isn't really possible. I have no problem getting poppers into my system with the current configuration so it's all good!

7. Would it be possible to reference your order and tell them "Same thing in size small, with these adjustments..." ??

I would suggest doing the measurements carefully and confirming sizes with Michael you are unclear of. Luckily I had previous measurement forms (Libidex, etc) that I was able to compare these measurements to which helped out a lot determining precise sizing. I suggest definitely get someone else to help you with the measuring and do all the measuring while you're standing up! I made the mistake with my Libidex sizing to do my knees, etc. sitting down, and found the end product a bit too loose (nothing hotter than calves/knees/quads perfectly form fitted in skintight latex!).

A few things struck me while watching the video:

1. I saw you had a collar on, too. Did it lock? You should consider locking the back and ass zippers together - that would add a bit of frisson to being forcibly enclosed until the time is ripe to remove the suit (never?? hahahaha!)

Yeah, you could definitely lock everything in and be stuck in that comfortable suit for quite some time.

A few comments on suit particulars...the sheath is nice and roomy for the cock and balls and the entrance to the sheath small enough that everything will generally stay in place. However if you lose a testicle back into the suit once you're already locked in, you can pretty much consider it lost; it's a nightmare to try and get it back into the sheath again! I'm sure patience is a virtue in such a situation. You can always use a cockring or lock around the base of the sheath to ensure everything stays in place. I'm not planning on cutting a hole in the penis sheath to allow for extended wear evacuation, etc. From experience, I find that once you cut a tiny hole it will continue to grow to a size you don't want, but this will effectively make the suit difficult to wear for extended times in a public place, unless you're somewhere appropriate to piss inside the suit, like at a piss party!

Staying erect in the sheath...the arousal is unyielding and consequently there is no way the codpiece that comes with the suit will ever cover up your manhood for any public display; if you're ever going out in this suit, a good whackoff prior to heading out the door will be mandatory.

The suit only has three zipper runners as opposed to four on most of my other 'easy access' suits. This means you are effectively pulling the runner to close the hood UPWARDS to the top and it remains at the top while the suit is closed. This is different from others that are in closed position as you zip the topmost runner DOWN the hood. Not a big deal, in fact, I like the idea that you are zipping up to enclose your head. I've been able to run earbuds inside the suit with the wire coming out the rear top of your head. Very bizarre...but I like that! LOL

The two bottom runners of course open the zipper between them, so you can only have one opening in the back of the suit, but when you're striving for total enclosure, you don't need any more than one, do you?

Like I mentioned before, the most constricting part of the suit is the limitations of the zipper in the back. The zipper is a bit short for my liking but this causes the zipper to go up flush against my perineum and high up the crack of my ass, so when you're bending over or crouching, everything is against your skin as closely as it possibly can which makes mobility of the lower body in the suit very comfortable. Unfortunately, the restriction of the zipper also makes things like looking down (at your cock) while hooded difficult (which is moot when wearing a posture collar - you can't look down anyways). The zipper is too tight across the small of the back so it doesn't go flush against my back at that point. This is a typical issue with most if not all total enclosure back zip suits, so......I wouldn't consider it a design flaw. I'm still shocked the suit fits me as well as it does considering I never did any measuring in person in-store.

2. I saw this combination ball gag/muzzle on the Mr. S site ( either in leather or rubber. There is a hole drilled through the ball gag, so breathing wouldn't be a problem, but damn, you'd look spectacular in the Spexter suit with the gag!

The gag also completes the total enclosure sensation; at the point the gag is on only thing exposed to the outside world is the nostrils!

The internal zipper skirt is double-skirted but short on both sides. This prevents the zipper from getting caught anywhere but seems to be just long enough to effectively seal the zipper from the inside of the suit. Amazingly, the suit will hold in most of the sweat/lube/come for a good period of time and it takes some time before you start to witness the dripping mess of fluid running down your legs, etc. As mentioned above, if you can keep your lenses fog-free, you can prevent a lot of sweat/lube buildup on the lenses as well.

I had problems with one of the armpits coming apart at the seam (no ripped latex). Probably a lack of glue at that point; I glued everything back together and all is right with the world again.

3. Love what you did with the dildo ... ever think of getting a big, black one and pushing it in?

Yes, and yes. I have been out of my anal fun zone mindset for awhile and this suit is helping me discover everything fantastically anal that I really enjoy. To put a nice thick dildo in and closing/locking the zipper for the duration of wearing the suit, adding the inflatable gag and shoving some rubber tubing up the nostrils completes the total rubberization fantasy with this impressive suit.

Let me know if you need to know anything else.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rubbered Crotch and Ass

I'm so horny right now!

Calgary Rubbermen Night/Calgary Gear Night

The next scheduled night out for the Calgary Rubbermen will be Friday, Feb. 6th at the Eagle. We're going to lube up, slip in, and get off.

The next Calgary Gear Night will be Saturday, Feb. 27th at the Eagle. Gear up and get out!


Hmmm...IE6 is showing Javascript errors every time it tries to load the main blog page, then displays a black screen. Not sure if IE7 is doing the same; I'll check that out today. Otherwise Firefox (and presumably the other third-party browsers) work fine. Strange things...

Update: Goodbye IE6, you're not cutting it anymore. The site displays fine with IE7 and Firefox. If anyone has issues with another browser, let me know.

Time to do more cleaning up -- new profile pic, time for a new blog banner too, possibly? I do like the black theme, and I don't have the time right now to create a new template for the entire site as much as I'd like to!

Dirty Rubber Games

My first contribution to the new Guyzingear site.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fetish: Generations

This entry has been a work in progress for a long time, as I keep wanting to find enough information on the generational differences to make some generalizations on how these differences could be applied to fetish. My thoughtstreams are all over the place in this one, apologies for that. If you have anything to contribute to this discussion, please comment! I'd appreciate any feedback or input.
I've been doing some work studies about the characteristics of the different generations, how they were shaped by the global events going on around them and how businesses are adapting work culture today to address the issues and desires of the generations after the Baby Boomers.

Of course, this got me thinking about how it seems certain age groups of gay men seem to be deeply engrossed in fetishism while others appear to not have these characteristics. Also, certain generations approach fetishism in different ways. I find the gap between the pre-Internet generations and post-Internet generations very interesting. You can just imagine how worldviews between the two groups are shaped -- most of us born in the pre-Internet era, growing up and discovering our kinky side generally felt pretty solitary, even lonely. I did for sure. This shaped how we view our kinky side (shame vs. pride, radical vs. conventional).

For the longest time, I thought I was the only one who loved rubber, breathcontrol and various latex, lycra and nylon 'activities'. I mean, who would be so mentally depraved to be sexually aroused by this stuff like I was? Lo and behold, the Internet opened up a whole realm of possibilities to me. My worldview was completely shaken by the sheer number of people that were getting off on the same things as me! My worldview needed to be reshaped to realize that. The post-Internet generations grow up with this understanding already commonly known. They don't have nearly the amount of hangups or shame of what they like to do; they know that lots of other people are doing it as well! For that, I see the post-Internet generations being very fortunate for something they probably don't even think about that much.

I think the younger generations are also more prone towards extremism. It comes naturally to get to a certain level of stimulation, and you want to know if you can take it just a little higher. As we become less significant in the world, people also find ways to distinguish themselves 'from the crowd' in extreme physical and behavioural ways. Recognition by individualism. The cultural explosion of tattooing, fetishes, everyone getting 5 seconds of fame on YouTube. All symptomatic. It's all so fascinating.

Could part of it be the generation they were born into? I'm not going to make sweeping stereotypes of people born between year x and year y; that's just stupid. But do you think some of that study into reward and cultural systems that businesses are taking very seriously in order to attract and retain good talent could be applied to how we approach kink and fetish?

Baby Boomers:
Key characteristics: experimental, individualism, free spirited, social cause oriented

Generation X:
Key characteristics: quest for emotional security, independent, informality, entrepreneurial, less optimistic, pragmatic, general cynicism

Generation Y (Millenials):
Key characteristics: quest for physical security and safety, heightened fears, acceptance of change, technically savvy, environmental issues

I hear from many gay volunteer groups that it is getting more and more difficult to retain members -- it seems that most of the Gen Xers like affiliation and face-to-face contact with people due to the fact they remember what it was like to feel vulnerable and alone, while Gen Yers are more comfortable communicating with people remotely and therefore have less justification to join social clubs that define them by their sexuality when for their entire lives their sexuality has been a relative non-issue in general society.

This might also apply to fetish-oriented socialization. Many people think that fetishism is only appropriate behind closed doors while others think by displaying it publically, people are exposed to the variations of human behaviour that are out there and this results in more open-minded discussion, behaviour and policy. As the doors of the 'fetish closet' continue to open wider and sexuality is less and less of a taboo subject for open, frank discussion (especially gay sexuality), maybe someday fetishism will be normalized to the point that the generations growing up at that point in time will consider fetishes more another expression of personality and less as aberration or imperfection that needs to be cleaned out of the system?

Rubberstud of the Week #39

Friday, January 23, 2009

Invincible order processing

Holy crap, Invincible sent my order today! That was quick -- I suspect they had everything in stock. And I was worried things wouldn't get here in time for WCR...

I'm already hard...a transparent rubber suit to climb into and a fun red wrestler for poolside!

STR, your silver surfsuit number and the new pervy harness are on the critical path now....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rubber Fuck

Okay, I lied. Guyzingear video embedding must be an option the uploader can select when adding their video. I'm glad it was turned on for this one!

This is one hot video. Shared air while fucking? Absolutely fantastic.

Meltdown Update

It sounds like Priape is going to run the events on both Friday and Saturday evening of the Mr. Rubber Calgary weekend, so the scheduling and planning of events by Collector and I are on hold while Priape figures out what their involvement is actually going to be. We will most likely still do some demos, but so far it doesn't appear that there will be any ability to solicit prizes from sponsors for draws, etc. All that sponsorship program design for nothing! Now my concern is the marketing. Oh well...that will free us to focus on some of the fun stuff - binding some cute rubberbois in inescapable latex! How delicious!

Reasons for Silence, Change

Ugh. The Arctic lows have pushed south and knocked our +15C temps of last weekend back down to -20C today. Talk about a bipolar existence...back into hibernation mode. Fuck am I ever getting fat. I hate winter so much.

I'm still in the gym five days a week trying to get bigger -- thank god for my workout partner's persistence -- no doubt some of the disturbing weight gain I've been seeing is partially attributable to that, but my running/cycling regimen this winter has been spotty to say the least. Definitely not enough cardio for weight maintenance. I'm trying to get back to running 3-4 days a week like previous winters but it hasn't been happening fast enough with the exceptionally cold weather we had in late December/early January. I'm starting a weekly 2-hour spin class next week and getting back to running at least 2-3 times a week. Hopefully that's enough to hold the cellulite at bay until spring when I can start shedding weight again.

So, I'm doing a bit of the silent thing on here recently for several reasons in addition to the weather, lack of daylight, an injured rotator cuff and exhausting workout and volunteering schedules.

The PC has been bogged down with a trojan horse virus so I'm spending most of the time backing up files to the end of December so I can do a restore back to January 1st before the virus showed up. Hopefully it works, as this one is particularly bitchy and would otherwise be almost impossible to purge out of the system. It likes its connection to the Internet so I've been keeping the plug pulled to prevent it from inflicting any more damage than it already has. I have never had a virus that my antivirus never caught, but for some reason this Virtumonde/Vundo one evaded detection. Fuck, I really lose faith in humanity when I think too much that people spend time writing these things. The conspiracy theorist in me also thinks that it all comes down to money; you know someone's paying big money to have this stuff designed; maybe even the antivirus software companies? Grrr...

I'm only getting on here on the occasional evenings when I pull out the work laptop to check out the gay site and fetish site profiles and messages.

Another reason for the silence has been very personal. I've made the final decision to walk away from my 8.5 year relationship. I'm moving into my own place on March 1st. I plan to sublet a friend's apartment until the end of August when he moves back from Edmonton to take his MBA. By that time I hope to have set up things for myself in Vancouver to make the transition out to the Pacific coast, finally. I'm tired of complacency, having things holding me back, and having ambition drained out of me. I am finally going to have the chance to live my life the way I think it should be lived, not the way other people expect me to live it. How exciting!!!

I honestly don't know if there is anyone out there that can keep up with me; I honestly think, at least for this point in my life, I'm better off alone than in a long-term relationship with someone. It's too stressful and disappointing, and not fair to the other person I'm involved with.

It's time to make lots of changes.

I've been in Calgary ten years; been there, done that. Was that it? This city has shown me all that it has to offer and it's time to go bigger and better. Time to break the silence and come out screaming!

Monday, January 19, 2009


I just had a close look at the new Guyzingear site doesn't look like you're able to embed the videos on other sites any more. Man, that sucks! Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. I'm just glad that Rubber Rebel is passionate enough to keep the service open and available for all the perverts out there to get their thrills.

Will there be any chance to see any of those kinky videos from the old Guyzingear Ning site ever again?

Things might be changing with the 'Rubber Meltdown' weekend format according to what I heard while out on Saturday night. Collector and I will be either forging ahead with the plans we've already started, or everything will be stopping and another party will be taking over the organization of both the Friday and Saturday night events. Looking at it positively, there are advantages to both, in my opinion. The word is already circulating, hopefully we'll have a clearer picture of what's going on in the next couple of days. Whatever happens, we'd better still be able to play in the rubber bondage gear on Friday night!!!

Rubberstud(s) of the Week #38

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Play Safe

So cute!

3XL found this first


I don't think I mentioned this, but for Halloween I bought a fairly high-quality Glock-like paint pellet handgun from a spy store that I fashioned into a military-style pistol with laser guide. Over the holidays, I actually made a latex gun holster out of spare latex to carry the gun around that I envisioned putting on my Sam Browne belt. I was surprised how well it turned out, but it needs one more fastener to secure the strap around the top of the grip. The strap is only a quarter-inch, and I'm out of ideas of what to use as a fastener except something temporary like tape. I wish there were press studs made that small -- or maybe there are? Any suggestions?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Latex 101

Does anyone know anything about Latex 101? I don't know why but I'm intrigued by some of their gear ideas. I also think the market they are trying to target with "kinky boywear" is interesting and that they're trying to get their niche in interesting ways; but is their stuff any good?


Oh yeah - and I also sent preliminary details to Rogerio at Libidex about the Northstar custom suit. That will definitely have to wait until later in the year - a MIR debut, perhaps? - but he seems keen to take on the challenge.

I might ask Bodisama of Devil Dog whether he would like to take on the challenge, but now it's basically come down to that perfect nightshade blue, which is the color for the main part of that suit. I think Libidex would do a fantastic job of attaching the white gloves and feet to the torso of this suit -- the main issue would be the matter of getting the sizing right.

Out Of Control

In addition to being one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite groups, The Chemical Brothers, it is a great summation of my life right now (thought I'd go personal there for a moment :-D ).

And what more to do than make some more completely insane rubber purchases?

In light of the trip to Palm Springs/San Diego for West Coast Rubber's Winter Warmup, I figured I needed some new gear that wasn't so much 'full coverage' as 'cute and cool' for poolside sexy at Helios in Palm Springs. So, in addition to buying the flight and making considerations for ground transportation, tickets for the events and booking accoms at Helios, there was a definite need for some gear too, right?

Well, I had figured awhile ago (which I mentioned here) that I wanted to get a surfsuit and a wrestler so I got both of those, but in addition I also bought some additional items. Yeesh! Why? The collection is almost growing so big now I should consider starting to sell some of the older stuff off.

Here's what I bought:
From Invincible:
Size: Medium; Colour: Red; Optional Side Stripes: None; Optional Rear Zip: None

Size: Medium; Colour: Natural; Optional Rear Zip: None

Yeah, okay, so I wasn't expecting to buy the transparent suit, but I've been admiring that one for a long time (or maybe it's the model wearing it!?) and the price is right, but how fun would it be to wear that at MIR with a black codpiece for modesty? LOL

The trisuit will be fun to wear at WCR, and I don't own a red one-piece yet.

From SkinTightRubber:
Rubber Full Body Harness (STR099)
Rubber Latex Thong (STR070)
Latex 0.45mm Gold Pearlsheen
Rubber Latex Surfsuit (Zip Entry) (STR051)
Size MT - Medium Tall
Latex 0.45mm Silver Pearlsheen
Neck Height 25mm (1")
Zip Option Rear Zip (Neck to Lower Back)
Zip Colour Silver
Codpiece 6 Popper 38mm (1½“) Hole

So, there's some sexy stuff. I've been dreaming of the silver surfsuit, and with a hot codpiece to boot. I got a back zipper again because I'm paranoid about neck entry (yeah, I realize the transparent suit is neck entry, but it's transparent, need I say more? LOL)

Why always Invincible and STR? Well, basically because I know I fit their off-the-rack sizes perfectly. An interesting note is that STR is now offering more options for suit lengths in their cuts, so I did in fact order a medium tall in the surfsuit.

I have a sexy black latex thong already, but I think the gold pearlsheen one will be fantastic -- plus it wasn't very expensive. I prefer a thong to a jockstrap too.

The harness? Well 'the good part' of my Human Workshop harness broke (ie, the heavy latex cockring). I've vowed only to buy built-in metal cockrings in harnesses going forward, and the price on the STR one is really good too!

Justification = isn't the price just too damn good on everything to just pass it up?

Some of you probably wonder how I can afford to grow my wardrobe at the rate I do (and I am a bit concerned about the future considering that I seem to have a hard time harnessing the urge to get new latex), however it hasn't been a great concern so far because my real-life expenses are actually very low. I don't own a car so I already have a lot of extra disposable cash right there, but also I don't own a house so I feel very little urge to spend lots of money on new or lavish furniture or furnishings. Because I am such an active person outside of my home, I still regard my abode as a place to crash rather than a nest that I want to make more comfortable. I like renting. Weird to some, yes, but not to me. It's all about experiences rather than things...well, things other than bikes, music, and rubber, of course. Pretty simple, eh?

So on that note, I've just dropped a couple grand on flights, travel, accommodations, and clothing for a pervy trip to California for a week. In addition to the (almost) grand I dropped on the Spexter suit. In my books, that makes things not so much out of control as perfect! Life is good...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Preparing the Ultimate Rubberslave

My new video -- a handy 10-step guide to developing your own obedient rubberslave!

Rubberstud of the Week #37

WCR Winter Warmup

Is anyone going to Palm Springs on the February 21 weekend? I'm pretty much set on going. It's just a matter of figuring out logistics. I plan on taking a week off of work, spending the weekend in Palm Springs, but not sure what I'm doing for the rest of the week. I might fly into L.A., rent a car to get out to the desert, then head down to San Diego for the remainder of the trip. Or I might fly directly into Palm Springs. The best plan would be to fly directly into San Diego and try and get a ride with 1LeatherLatexGUY and EagerLeatherPuppy to Palm Springs. Maybe I can convince them to go? They thought it was a hot idea to wear our latex for the car trip! I like that idea! :-D

Since it's taking place in a climate I don't normally hang out in, I'm thinking it's a good excuse to buy a couple of cooler items, specifically a surf suit and a wrestler. Here's what I'm thinking -- a neck entry surfsuit with codpiece in pearlsheen silver and a wrestler in some other color, maybe red? Once again, STR and Invincible have the best gear for the best price, so if I'm doing it I'd better get my act in gear. The party's only five weeks away!


I can't get enough of this suit. The cut and fit is incomparable. The feeling of being completely immersed in such a well-fitting suit arouses me even more than any rubber suit does. Trust those Germans to know what is the sexiest, kinkiest design to put forth into their craftsmanship!

Completely rubberized and closed off from the outside world....

I would've liked to have spent more time in the suit over the past week, but maybe it's a good thing; I don't want it to be showing wear and tear so soon like the STR suit it from overuse!

And like I said, to wear this thing out in public will be a challenge (well, not really...). There's no way that sheath is fitting into that codpiece chamber without a good toss off before hand to calm little me down! Shucks!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Hood For All Occasions

I love this hood! I would like to seriously consider getting some great hoods with built-in gags, blindfolds, breathing tubes, among other peripherals. You could use a great hood like this one for a huge variety of play scenes.

Monday, January 5, 2009


It looks like all the great old sites at Ning are bye-bye...

So I'm not sure what is going on there in Ning world. I was under the impression they were cleaning up the 'obscene stuff' and leaving everything else intact, but now I see that SlickStimulations and most of the other sites are down...maybe permanently? And M2MBC lost all of the vids too, apparently. Oh well, that gives me an excuse to reformat my vids I had had on Slick and some of the other sites for a Guyzingear re-release! Does anyone know how you can get vids posted on Rubberzone? I guess I can just email Tommy and ask...

Spexter's Here!

The postal courier dropped it off at noon today. It's fantastic! Fits like a glove; the hood fits perfectly - and those eyes!

The torso feels a bit short, but that's mostly due to the back zipper which makes it hard to do things like look down. No big deal. I like having the zipper hiked up my ass crack.

The suit is extremely comfortable. The socks and gloves fit beautifully and the C&B sheath keeps everything perfectly in place. I'm not sure if I'd be able to wear this out in public for awhile yet -- the codpiece does not conceal a hard erection - not even close! I'll be needing to get a handle on that issue before wearing the suit out anywhere.

There is a tiny bit of space available around the lats, shoulders and the stomach - but that gives me incentive to keep hitting the gym hard! Now to get my head back into running and cycling again to get rid of this stupid winter padding after a bit of a mental break.

There is one there, but the flap over the entire length of the suit zipper could be wider. Because the latex is 0.5mm I find that I end up sweating even faster than some of the thinner suits and without the effective flap, wearing the suit for extended periods is going to be a drippy mess. But the latex is very nice quality and smells heavenly...

Considering the suit was a combination of different standard size pieces, it ended up sizing very well. I'm sure a lot of attention was put into studying the custom measurements I sent, but I'm amazed yet again that everything fits so well using the measurements my partner took of me compared to the standard sizing. And in a total enclosure one-piece suit to boot. Lucky lucky lucky me!

I can't wait to get to know my new suit better.

As expected, I'm motivated to get in a photo/video shoot this weekend. I can't wait to show you guys what it looks like!

Rubberstud of the Week #36

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ning moves update

Rubber Rebel is still busy moving Guyzingear to new servers, however the new Male to Male Breath Control site is now up and running at

In with the new....

Since I found out that Libidex is having another sale on right now, I began to ponder new gear that I might like to search out in 2009. I am still waiting for the Spexter suit to arrive; it should be here any day now, but in the meantime here are some ideas for some new skintight gear in the new year.

1. Libidex has the potential to create some fabulous new gear for me this year, money being the limiting factor. As I mentioned in a previous wish list posting, I would still very much like to get a Libidex Male Extreme Catsuit in transparent smoky black.

2. Inspired by some of the superhero latex suits I've heard have been custom-made for some people recently, akin to Deceiver's Marvel Comic's Union Jack, and the fact that I'm still trying to think up something distinctly Canadian in a custom outfit, I think I have a few ideas.

What do you think of Northstar? He's Canadian (originally part of Alpha Flight), he's gay, he can theoretically fly at the speed of light, and his suit is skintight! It would be a custom challenge. I've seen the suit's dark component in both black and a very dark blue, and as a change I think I would like to try to find someone who has navy or midnight blue sheet latex that could be used for that part of the suit. So far, I think Blackstyle's the only one I've seen with navy blue latex, but I will start to inquire others about what they have in stock. I've talked to Ewa at Latexworks a few times about doing something custom; maybe this is the challenge I can present her with if he's got the latex?

I think this one would be a lot of fun, and a challenge to have custom made! It would look great in polished-up dark blue and white. I had considered Guardian as an option, however I figure the suit is too much white, not enough red although it would certainly be more patriotic.

3. Following on the military theme, Libidex has a Military catsuit that is absolutely gorgeous. This one looks very sexy and would certainly turn heads! Collar, pockets, epaulettes and insignia armbands on an olive green catsuit. Great stuff. Since I have thought about getting an olive green catsuit to start building another military outfit, this one would pretty much be exactly what the fantasy ordered! With the current sale on, the price on this isn't too bad. Maybe it'll be the first to order.

However I need to get the Spexter suit first. I'll enjoy that one for awhile before going on and getting some more!

Rubbery New Year!

Exhale the old year and inhale a fresh liberating 2009. In the process, may you be bound by restrictive latex or rubber applied by the hand of an experienced loving partner.

Set goals for your new year -- new experiences, new gear, new limits to your fetish and the sexual satisfaction you receive from it. Make a plan to achieve those goals.

I trust that 2009 will find you healthy and horny, financially and spiritually prosperous.

Happy new year, everyone.