Friday, October 31, 2008

Hot lycra stud of the day

Okay, just a special one! LOL

The Good Ol' Days?

Ahh, the 80s....when men weren't afraid to wear lycra. God I miss those days. Especially the fitness shows, vids and magazines...

Happy Halloween

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Rubberskin's in the spirit of the season with this vid. What a stud!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Week

I leave for the Mr. International Rubber weekend in Chicago next Thursday. Between now and then there are two Halloween parties to attend to. Friday night is the Halloween Party at the Eagle and Saturday is a party at a friend's house. I plan on wearing the pewter rubber catsuit with all the soldier accoutrements to these two parties; I wore this out last weekend to an early Halloween party to great fanfare. I think it freaked out a couple of not-so-enlightened guests -- I would be curious to find out what their true reaction to the outfit was. Everyone was truly keen to feel the material and ask questions about it, so hopefully it was a good first experience for those that have never thought about such things before. It was at a friend's place way out in the suburbs. I decided to stay the night and had to sleep in my rubber. Partly stimulating, partly weird.

I'm hoping there will be other rubbermen out at the Halloween Party on Friday; I've already talked to a few that are planning on going -- hopefully it will be a good time. We always seem to get a lot of good feedback on the nights that we go out in rubber; that is it opening some people's eyes to fetish possibilities and for others simply adding some zest to an otherwise boring scene at the local leather bar.

But of course all my focus is on getting to Chicago for next weekend. I'm still trying to figure out what outfits I'm going to wear, what I'm going to take for the gear swap, and what extra stuff I might bring for friends who might show up unexpectedly plus additional gear for play parties.

I've been asked to assist in the stage demonstrations on the 'Greet the Meat' Friday night...apparently they need good men to be bound up in rubber for extended periods during the evening. I was more than happy to oblige until I figured that it might impact my visiting time with all the rubbermen that are supposed to be at the MIR weekend that I have chatted online with for a long time. So, should I spend my Friday evening immobilized and at the whim of a hundred horny rubbermen, or should I just get rubbered up and socialize and flirt? Tough decisions, holy cow! LOL

I'm still pretty certain that I'm not going to compete this year. I still have until next Friday to get my application in but I really feel that this year I need to absorb and explore the event for what it is and come back next year with a lot more confidence that I know what I'm doing and what will need to be done to win the competition.

So far, I'm travelling alone. My partner and I have been going through a lot of turmoil over the past month so we've decided it best he not go for reasons I won't get into here (details in previous post). I have another friend who has shown interest in coming with me but hasn't confirmed whether he's going to go or not. I'm a little nervous about showing up at the parties by myself (in addition to walking down North Halsted every day in full rubber from where I'm staying to the host hotel...three or four blocks of stimulation???), but I guess the whole point for me about this weekend is getting out of my comfort zone and learning a few things.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Naked Honesty

I've been pretty quiet online for the past few weeks, for personal reasons.

My eight year relationship with my wonderful man is not working. We've tried to communicate better and be more sensitive to each other's needs over the past few weeks. The bf has even made the effort to play in rubber with me a few times in order to better understand where I'm coming from, but I think everything is summing up as too little, too late.

As much as I love him and have been completely devastated over making a final decision to stay or go, I honestly don't think I'm going to be able to commit to a relationship with him (or anyone) further until I get a stark view of what my options are and figure out what I am in fact all about. I've been having something of an existential crisis over the past month coinciding with relationship and work problems, and I think I need some time to myself to figure a lot of stuff out, as does the bf...we, as everyone else, both have a lot of issues we need to work through. It would be my hope of hopes that in a year or two, we'd both know that being together is what we want and fully commit to living the rest of our lives together. Or not.

All I know is that I need to get more perspective on my life, and I don't think I'm going to accomplish that by staying in a safe, comfortable, unchallenging relationship that is only partially fulfilling me. I incessantly ask myself what is not fulfilling about the relationship, and the reason that I can't fully answer that question is what is driving me to look at other possibilities -- that somehow getting into new situations with new people will open my eyes up to these possibilities, not only as a rubberman, but also as an intelligent gay man and human being.

The fetish scene for me is only a fraction of what I am and I always have tried to keep that in perspective. It is indicative of a larger change in my sexual proclivities -- I mean, I've always considered myself pretty kinky, but I've never acted on it to any large degree other than playing with myself in rubber and occasionally with the bf. I'm not going to say that this evolution over the past few years has not impacted our relationship but it is only a small part of all the issues we are contending with and trying to make sense of as we try to figure out how best to proceed with our relationship and with ourselves.

So, I'm scared shitless, yet excited about what the future might bring. I'm not looking forward to separating with the bf after eight years of living together and building a life together, but I think it is something I really need to do in order to get a better understanding of who I am now that I have been in a truly loving long term relationship and gotten a better vision of what I want/need in a relationship versus what I don't want/need.

In the immediate future, I think I'll just be glad to be on my own again. I've come to a realization over the past year that I am very independent and selfish, my bf is very emotional and sensitive, therefore due to my own behavior and actions there are some reasons why our relationship has gotten into the situation we now find ourselves in. It takes two to make or break a relationship. We've both been enablers to the other's bad behaviors and feelings and I feel that in order to break that pattern we need to separate in order to allow both of us to evolve.

What is really bugging me though is exactly that...I know deep down that if we both became a lot more sensitive to each other's needs and communicated much more effectively than we have in the past that there would be a good chance we could succeed. However, and as I've told him too, I still have doubts. I have fears that we will both fall back into the same patterns and behaviors that cause us problems, and that we'd simply find ourselves in the same situation again six months or a year or two years or five years down the road.

Even though right now I'm not sure why or what the answer to those doubts might be, I need to liberate myself to at least try and find some of the answers to my questions and figure out who I am.

I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing, maybe I never will. But if I don't make the move now, my window of opportunity will (and should) close forever. It's time to make up my mind.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rubberstud of the Week #26

BOO! Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rubberstud(s) of the Week #25

The Beautiful and the Sublime

Exerpt from "Prettier Than Napoleon"

Men Are Sublime

The predominance of female nudes in art can easily be explained by the centuries of overwhelming dominance of the fine arts by men. Access to art training was a major factor, as unchaperoned women were unlikely to be left alone with art teachers, for obvious reasons. Similarly, until relatively recently it was viewed as unseemly for women to hire male models at all, much less nude models. Female models were easier for male artists to come by and might offer the bonus of being an easy sexual conquest for the painter or sculptor. Male artists, the majority being heterosexual, had both motive and opportunity to produce female nudes.

Setting aside the issue of whether centuries of male dominance explains the preference for female nudity, is (it) correct to assert that naked women are prettier than naked men? My first reaction to this assertion was to draw the parallel between the beautiful and the sublime.

Intrinsic in this view is our historical perspective of women as the weaker, lesser sex. Beauty is a property of the balanced, the pleasing, the graceful. The smooth contours and tidier genitalia of the female body meet this standard. But like many beautiful things, a female nude is not threatening. She lacks power to affect the viewer beyond the stimulation of the gaze. She exists to please: a beautiful decoration. The male nude is messier, woolier, more angular. Muscles, like the rolling thunderheads in a Turner seascape, threaten and awe us. With power comes danger, but with danger, desire. If the female nude is a lush landscape of rolling English hills, the male nude is the jagged mountain range. The women here, in their pale languor, may be beautiful, but they are not dangerous. Here, the male body retains a sense of dynamism and coiled power even while sprawled and still. One need not find the male body sexually attractive to appreciate its sublimity, but by definition a sublime image is less comfortable and more challenging than a beautiful one. Between the confrontational subject matter and the preexisting biases toward production of beautiful female nudes which aesthetically and (for the majority of creators and viewers) sexually gratify, is it any wonder that we have a dearth of naked males in media?

This sums up the explanation for sexual attraction, at least for one sense (vision), in my opinion. Quote "threaten and awe us": this is the reason WHY I love men. They are physically challenging, powerful, dangerous, angular, rough. Those are the adjectives that describe why I (and pretty much every other gay man on the planet) love the male form so much!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hot Play

What a hot session with the boi last night! I was completely rubberized, outside and inside, with the new mask with shaded lenses. Without direct light, no one can tell who is inside. I even got tied up for awhile with the new wrist and ankle cuffs. We also took great video of the sex -- that big dick going in and out of my rubberized hole. Not sure if that's going to be posted, I'll let you know...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stride Fitness

The first lycra I've bought in a LONG time....

The racing speedsuit came yesterday. It's a tight fit, but I love it!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home-made suits

David6574 has been making his own latex suits for years. He's always been a big fan of neck entry suits in very thin sheet latex. The first video he's in a 0.18mm neck-entry transparent white latex suit. I'm amazed he was even able to get it on!

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He also made this sweet Adidas-like latex surfsuit that shows off everything! Talk about accentuating the positive...

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New Gear

I've been a little busy lately heating up those eBay auctions, hell bent on improving my bondage and breathplay scenes with some new gear.






I get hard just thinking about the set up I can do with this new equipment. I already have a russian gas mask and could potentially set this up for airsharing between two, even three rubbermen. Hot stuff!

Just another Saturday night...

Rubberpsyche, Deimospup and myself went out in full rubber last night. It wasn't for any special occasion; we simply wanted to dress up and then head out in public for a little shock and awe. When we walked in in head-to-toe latex, the bar almost went silent. It was great being hooded initially because no one knew who we were; eventually the hoods came off and our identities were revealed.

Rubberpsyche put his pup into the cage later in the evening. There was debate about pouring stuff on him but we didn't know who was going to be doing the cleanup so it was decided best not to create any more chaos than we had already done.

I can't wait until the next night out're welcome to join us anytime!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fetish Catalog

Well, I've officially made it to the big time! LOL

Priape's 2009 catalog came out earlier this week. I didn't know the Fetish 2009 catalog was coming out now, although I did know that they would be posting the winners of the regional competitions in that issue. Lo and behold, I get emails from friends around the country stating they didn't know I was Mr. Rubber Calgary. I ask, "how did you find out?", and they said, "the new Priape Catalog".

So I had to see for myself. I hadn't been asked directly to submit a picture for the catalog so they took what they had, which is sort of unflattering. But considering the general disarray of the entire national competition, I'm surprised they had a picture at all! And I'm sort of glad they didn't post my last name too. Good times.

Hopefully next year they can put together more city rubber competitions than just Montreal and Calgary. Toronto just had theirs, apparently, Montreal's 2009 competition comes up two weeks after MIR, and Vancouver is supposed to be doing theirs at Rubbout in April 2009. I have discussed organizing the 2009 competition for Calgary, however I'd be surprised if anyone even competes. I guess we'll see.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I find XORub's frantic layering and breathplay just a little arousing. He's got twelve rubberplay vids put up on Guyzingear in the past few days, all different!

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Find more videos like this on guyzingear